Matching And Cell Referencing

Jun 17, 2009

I'm trying to grab data from two sheets by first doing a match. The match works, but how can I now reference ws2 so that I can pick up data if this match is true?

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Matching Cell Formats Based On Matching Cell Values

Jan 28, 2010

I have a cell (A1) that contains text.
That text will match a single value in a reference list (i.e. range of cells e.g. Z1:Z26).
When the match occurs (e.g. A1 = Z16), I want the format of the reference cell (fill color, text color) to apply to the cell of interest (A1).
The reference cells are manually formatted.

I know that I could create a long list of conditional format formulas instead of using the reference, but it seems that there must be some way to tell excel: if the cell value contents are equivalent, the formatting should be as well.

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Bank Reconciliation - Many To One Matching And Partial Cell Matching

Nov 19, 2009

programming 2 macros in a bank reconciliation sheet I am trying to create.

Basically the data consists of two sets: the ledger side and bank side. Both sides consists of multiple columns that include date, description and amount.

The following two situations can occur and which need to be covered with a macro.

Many to one matching
When we make payments to say 100 different suppliers at once, the ledger side will show 100 lines with the different amounts. However on the bank side it will only show one line with a total amount for the transaction. As the description on the ledger side is the same for all transactions done at the same time, it should be possible to have a macro add these lines and compare the total with entries on the bank side. Once a matching amount has been found, the macro should place an ‘x’ next to all entries on the ledger and bank side, in order to show that these transactions have been reconciled.

Partial cell matching
In this case we are only dealing with one line on both the ledger and bank side. The issue is that the description does not always perfectly match with one another. The ledger side might say ‘Brown Corp.’ and the bank side might say ‘Brown Corporation’. I want to come up with a macro that can recognize this partial match and still reconcile the lines by placing a ‘x’ to both the ledger and bank entry. The match however should be done with a combination of description, date and amount as several different bookings might be done for the same supplier in the same month.

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Excel 2010 :: Cell Summing Through Referencing Neighbor Cell Contents?

Feb 12, 2014

we have a Excel 2010 worksheet containing multiple tables.

ColumnA ColumnB
1 Blue 12
2 Orange 14
3 Red 10

ColumnA ColumnB
1 Blue 11
2 Black 13
3 White 10

On a separate worksheet we want to calculate with the first worksheet's values.

For example: Calc1: Sum ColumnB IN Table1 WHERE ColumnA = Orange

How do we do such a calculation/formula?

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Referencing A Cell By Tab Name

Feb 8, 2012

Here is a formula I am trying to use to access another woorksheet to compare the values in J13 in each worksheet.

=IF(J13=INDIRECT("'"&$O$4&"'!"&"J13"),"â–¬",(IF(INDIRECT("'"&$O$4&"'!"&"J13")=" ","â–¬",(IF(J13=" ","â–¬",(IF(J13>INDIRECT("'"&$O$4&"'!"&"J13"),"â–Ľ","â–˛")))))))

Where O4 contains the name of the first worksheet.

I want the formula reference [J13] to chage to J14, J15 and so on.

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Referencing One Cell From Another

Nov 30, 2006

I'm dealing with a DDE link and have a cell that works when I type in the value =WINROS|AVEVOL!XOM . But I don't want to manually enter each value. So I have tried to use =INDIRECT("WINROS|AVEVOL!" & A2) where A2 contains the value 'XOM', but I get a #REF! error.

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Referencing Cell And Filtering Causes Cell Referenced To Change

Jul 10, 2014

Warhammer Quick Reference Desktop.xlsx

Its on book 2.

I'm trying to reference the Cryptek total that I got in the previous area, and put that result into the grand total army point formula. When I reference the solution cell, or even copy and paste the very same equation into it, and then proceed to filter the referenced cells change...

The obvious solution that i thought would work is write =D45 next to Cryptek in the point value column, then if I filter it SHOULD maintain the information from D45 except it doesn't.

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Blank Cell Referencing

Mar 2, 2009

On the spreadsheet Im creating I am using cell referencing. The user will input data into the blank cells, and cell referencing will put them into another table. Then I add these using an IF(OR(ISBLANK formula.

However, the empty cells come through as 0's rather than a blank cell. As they're coming through as 0's, they're being calculated into the formula, and this is causing problems in my main table.
Is there a formula I can use to ensure that the empty cells being copied over do not give off any other value?

I tried to use a few different IF formulas to only let specific data go through, but it didn't work. I tried to have the blank cells produce a letter so that they wouldn't be calculted in the formula, but letters are also counted as measured values.

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Referencing Last Cell >0 In Range

Jul 10, 2009

I have a row with month titles. I manually fill this with data as the year progresses. I need to automatically use the last month updated in the row in a formula. i.e. theformula is in one cell and calculates on the last figure in the row e,g, data is in january (say C3) - when I input Feb data in C4, I want the formula to automatically reference the last complete cell (ignore january data and calculate on Feb data), and so on through the year.

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Referencing A Cell Value In A String

Dec 14, 2009

I have a drop down list that references a few cells in another worksheet. When a value is chosen from the list, the adjacent cell give a description. Basically THe drop down is a list of clinic codes and the description gives time, day etc.

In order to do this, I have written modules as necessary for each drop down list like in the example below: .....

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Referencing To Cells Next To A Given Cell?

Nov 20, 2008

My current worksheet is being built for use in Eve-Online, a game I play. In specific, I am keeping track of profit made by manufacturing different items in the game. I am trying to build it like this:

Column 20 is a list of items, and the next 7 cells to the right of each item contain the mineral requirements for that item. So C20 says Bantam Frigate, C21-C28 will all contain numbers. Now, I am trying to create a function in the upper-right cells (like A1-A8) where if I type in "Bantam Frigate" into A1, A2-A8 will fetch the numbers that I put into C21-C28.

Now, I will be working with thousands of items, so I have to make sure I name both the 'database' and the query exactly right, but that's not a problem to me. Can I make something that will reference a value from (cell+1 column right) or (cell+2 columns right)

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Referencing Same Cell After Sorting.

Apr 16, 2009

Say cell A1 has 55
Cell B1 has the formula =A1

Sort only column A (the 55 now becomes in a different row)
Cell B1 chnages value because it is referencing cell A1 which has now a new value.

I want cell B1 to ALWAYS get the value from that orginal cell (i.e. 55) no mmatter where that cell gets located after sorting.

INDIRECT, and Nammed Ranges don't seem to do it.

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Referencing Cell Value In A Formula

Apr 16, 2013

Here is what I have

1. Have a COUNT value in a cell (counted the number of rows with values in them).
2. A formula that needs this value (sums another set of values in another column that has the same number of rows).

Example: the COUNT value is 12, and is located in cell G5.

For simplicity sake I have a formula in cell I5 SUM(F1:F12).

Instead of directly referencing F12, I want the formula to be SUM(F1:F(G5)).

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Referencing 2 Outcomes From One Cell

Apr 20, 2007

Formula that if the cell (C1) looks up C5, and the range in C5 is 1-10000, I want C1 to show 10, or if C5 has less than 1, then I want C5 to show 0.

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Referencing A Cell In A Worksheet.

Jul 25, 2006

I used to think I was moderately intelligent. Certainly, I thought I knew my way around a computer. Then I got the bright idea to try and learn VBA. Since then every attempt I've made in trying to produce the most basic of code results in mad fits of rage and me wanting to slit my wrists. I've read half a textbook and I keep trying to write simpler and simpler code to get some sort of result, just to give me the drive to carry on but no matter what I try it always goes completely wrong.
So before I stick me head through the computer screen, here is today's attempt. I want to select a worksheet. I then want to copy the contents of cell A2 down to A1200.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Sheets("Calls Outcome").Visible = True
Worksheets("Calls Outcome").Activate
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A2:A1200")
End Sub

I’ve stepped through the code and I get an error on “Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A2:A1200")”. After spending several eight-hour days trying to get something out of VBA I have zero energy and zero patience.

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Referencing The Value In A Cell For A Max Equation

May 20, 2007

I have a cell on ' Sheet 2' with the following formula:


ie. it chooses the maximum value from column C between rows 3 and 10 on "Sheet 1".

Lets say the cell reference C10 is now entered into cell B1 on Sheet 2. How do I modify the above formula to reference B1?

I have tried INDIRECT function but can't get it to work.

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Referencing A Cell Based On Position Of Another Cell

Jan 23, 2009

Right now cell B7 is referencing cell D3. However I want this to be dynamic in the sense that suppose I change the Phase 2 (which starts from ww3 (cell D3)) to ww5 (cell F3) then I would like that B7 should also get updated to F3 instead of D3.

Basically the Development phase of "Support" Project starts only when Phase 2 of "Project 1" starts.

ww = Work Week.

In short cell B7 should always be in sync with the ww of Phase 2 of Project 1.

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Referencing Cell Based Upon Data In Another Cell?

Feb 5, 2013

In cell H1, I want to multiply the value in cell B[x] by $G$1 where x is given in cell A1. For example, if A1 is 4, I want to to multiply B4 by $G$1 and have the result in H1.

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Conditional Formatting Referencing A Second Cell?

May 22, 2014

If the value in column AE falls below 100 it needs to turn yellow. If the value drops below 50 it needs to turn red.

But if the figure in column AB is 0 then i dont want it to do anything at all.

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Worksheets & Cell Referencing #REF! Error

Mar 18, 2009

I have 3 worksheets:

Lets call them RED, BLUE AND GREEN

Essentially GREEN pulls Values from BLUE and BLUE pulls Values from RED. Red being the base worksheet from which everything is calculated.

In my GREEN workbook I have the following =MIN('BLUE'!H14,'BLUE'!L14)

And this will work fine.....Until I press a clear Worksheet button that has been implemented on the RED worksheet (button was not implemented by me and I do not wish to edit anything with respect to that button)

When RED is reset the #REF! Error will appear in GREEN. This is fine because it cant find any values From BLUE. However when I do input new values into RED, which in turn updates BLUE which is where GREEN in theory should then be able to pull the results from.... But it just stays with a REF! error.

Is there anyway i can permanently set a CELL to have the following code =MIN('BLUE'!H14,'BLUE'!L14), no matter what happens to other cells?

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Referencing Certain Character Places In A Cell

May 19, 2009

I'm trying to speed up some work on an excel sheet. The sheet converts degrees latitude and longitude to Northing and Easting coordinates, but right now we have to type them in directly.

For example, the degrees would be 81.0056 and I want to reference just the .0056 from the cell that contains the whole 81.0056 degrees. Is there any way to just reference character place three through seven of that cell? All I'll need it to do is copy it over, the rest of the program will convert it for me.

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Referencing Value From Active Cell Of Another Sheet

Feb 24, 2013

I want value in Cell "B2" of "Sheet2" and "Sheet 3" to have the value as active cell in "column C" of "Sheet1".

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Cell Referencing In Header / Footer?

Mar 3, 2014

I would like to reference Cell values in my header/footer. I currently have the following code:

[Code] ......

The problem im having is that i would like to have multiple lines in my header/footer. Eg. i would like cell A1 to be displayed on the top left, and A2 displayed on the top left, but below the A1 value.

How can I do this?

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Referencing Active Cell's Value From Another Sheet

Oct 23, 2008

I'd like for users to click in a cell in col A in a sheet named "Period7", have the cell value placed in cell C11 in a sheet named "Per7Report," and change the focus or active sheet to sheet Per7Report.

Can this be done simply by clicking in a cell, or must a command button be inserted into each cell (note - odd rows only) in col A in Period7.

on the code to do this?

Note that there is a formula in col A in sheet Period7

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Macro Referencing Text From Another Cell

Nov 3, 2008

I'm having some trouble figuring this out, although it's probably an easy fix. I'm trying to create a macro that when run, will enter text specified in the code in a cell of my choosing, and enter other information at the end of the previously entered text pulled from a different cell. I've attached at example of what I'm trying to do.

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IF Statement Referencing A Cell In Different Sheet

Oct 18, 2013

I am trying to reference a cell in a different sheet and am having a hard time getting the formula to return correctly. The IF statement is currently written like this,



The current formula is returning $0 only, it should return a number in some cases.

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Referencing Cell When Looping Through Worksheets?

Jun 10, 2014

I'm getting an "Invalid or Unqualified Reference" error at the 'division=.cells' line when I try to go through each worksheet and paste some info from there onto a summary sheet. I know there is probably a simple solution that I am oblivious to.

For Each sheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
i = 1
division = .Cells(2, 1)


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Referencing A Cell's Contents As Range()

May 14, 2007

I'm trying to figure out the best way to reference a cell's contents as a range in VBA code. So essentially it would be simple like this (except of course this doesn't work)... Range("cell(contents,A1)").Select

I always look in my CD of old forum posts, Mr. Excel articles, Mr. Excel books I have etc. before I break down and ask.

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Referencing Cell Above In Custom Function

Apr 27, 2008

I’m trying to write a custom function that always references the cell above it but I can’t figure out the proper syntax to do so i.e.

Function Multiple_Cell_Above()

Multiple_Cell_Above = cellabove * 10

End function

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Tab Named By Referencing A Cell Within A Worksheet?

May 6, 2008

Is it possible to have a tab named by referencing a cell within a worksheet?

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