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Merge Values From 2 Columns Into 1

I'd like to perform a merge of value between columns D and E.
So if D9's value = 2 and E9's value = 15
then the result will be

I've tried the following but I haven't gotten it to work.

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Merge 2 Columns
i am trying to create a macro that merges two columns in excel.

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Merge Columns A And B To C
I have a need to get the data from columns A and B and transfer to C but one line from A and second line from B and this successively until the end of A and B. They will have the same number of lines.

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Merge Rows Into Columns With More Than One Variable
I have been scanning web forums for days and have not found a solution to my question. I have found similar, but unfortunately am not clever enough with Excel VBA to adapt.

I have two columns of data which I want merged into rows (a) by survey number and (b) by time slots. The data I have is similar to:

Survey No.....Results
12345...........No answer

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Concatenate Function To Merge Certain Columns
I have a worksheet with 10000 plus entries in ten columns From K to T. I wish to have a macro with Concatenate function to merge certain Columns from these ten columns, in one column with help of input boxes which may ask inputs, about range (from and to ), and number of digits to concatenate in the required column. I use Excel 2003 XP in work but an example is 2007 attached.

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Merge Bill Of Material Columns
I use CAD software that generates Bills Of Material. I cut & paste these to an Excel template that has column headers in row 3, for example:

U3 = Item name
V3 = Manufacturer
W3 = Reference_item_name
X3 = Reference_item_ID

Starting from row 4, I would like to add the content of columns V, W and X to column U, separated by comma's. No superfluous comma's should be added when columns are empty. It would be nice to have a macro that uses the row 3 column names, so it still works if someone changes the column order.

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Take Two Columns And Merge Them Without Losing Data
I've got two columns:

A, B
abc, def
qwe, rty
asd, fgh
zxc, vbn

And I need to bring these together in one column so it looks like this


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Merge Columns & Create New Row Layout
i have a table looking something like this

1---Destination-----Country_Code---Area_Code------ Price_Per_Minute
2---Armenia--------99--------------58, 59, 566------0.098

what i actually need is to turn this table into 3 columns table, the first column is the destination, the second one is the destination code which consists of the concatenation of the country_code and the area_code columns, and the third column will be the price_per_minute, the main problem is that the Area Code column contains many values and each value should be attached to the country_code and then i need to create more rows for each country, so the my table should look like this:


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Merge Columns B,C,D,E And F, If Duplicates Exist In Column A
i have got a wordlist in worksheet "original" which looks like:


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Moving Duplicate Rows To Columns For Mail Merge
to prepare an excel spreadsheet for a mailmerge but as all of the info for 1 recipient needs to be in columns instead of rows. I need to convert 2 columns' data into columns but only when there are duplicate invoices, see below;

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Mail Merge Of Information In One Cell To Numerous Columns
I have a report that the name and address was put into one cell. I need to put this into numerous columns so I can do a mail merge.

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Merge Duplicate/Similiar Rows Keeping Data In Same Columns
After sorting and filtering rows with in a set range I will have several rows that are almost duplicates. This is normal and expected due to how the workbook is used. Among these rows also will be several single rows that are not duplicates. It is important that I combine any two duplicates into one row. Example:


1 NameA 0XX15930777PS101300PS9

2 NameA0XX15930777PS91200PS10

3 NameX1159XXP555FBX1545PS9

4 NameB0A1234P123PS101263PS9

5 NameB1A1234P123PS90512PS10

What I need is this end result:


1 NameA 0XX15930777PS91200PS10PS101300PS9

2 NameX1159XXP555FBX1545PS9

3 NameB1A1234P123PS90512PS10PS101263PS9

It’s important that the data in each column stay with in that same column. Also of course it needs to be on the same row with the same person (NameA and NameB). The Columns that would determine if it’s a duplicate are D and E –. I would need this to be preformed via macro or some easy way so that others will not have a hard time. It will be on a protected Shared Workbook with Excel 2003. I've enclosed a Sample. How can I sort these or accomplish this and maintain the data where it needs to be?

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Counting Formula (compare Values In 2 Separate Columns To See How Many Times The Same Value Appears In Both Columns)
I'm trying to compare values in 2 separate columns to see how many times the same value appears in both columns. Ideally I would be able to insert a range function to compare the values in the column "ID 1" against the values in column "ID 2" and return the count of times that a value appears in both columns. For example 2122, 1112 and 1718 appear in both columns and I would like the formula to return a count of 3.

ID 1ID 2

In my actual project I'm comparing 2 columns in the same worksheet. The column are column B with data in cells B2:B10266 against column C with data in cells C2:C18560.

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Delete & Merge Columns,Delete Rows With Filter, Etc
1. Remove J,K,N,A Columns,

2. In the last O (TIMESTAMP) column, the date is 14-Jul-09 format change it to 07/14/2009 (this format mm/dd/yyy

3.Filter L column (VAL_INLAKH) Remove all rows from whole sheet which has 0 value

4. Column C (EXPIRY_DT) date format is 24-Sep-09 , "dd-Sep-09" change to "Sep" only

respectively )

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Look Across Values In 12 Columns, Return The Number Of Unique Values
I have 12 columns of data. In those 12 columns of data I have 3 digit numeric IDs. I want to count the unique number of IDs for each row. I have about 14K rows.

What would be the best way to do so?

Some rules about how the data is stored. I have 12 columns of data with anywhere from 1 to 12 columns having data for each respondent. Data always fills left to right and never skips columns.

I have attached an example file that represents how the data is stored and the output I would like (Unique Count).

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Merge Cell Values If Common Value In Adjacent Cell
I have data in two columns

Column A has values with names like -

John, Paul, Hena, Kumar, Paul, Hena, John in different rows

Colum B has day values - eg , sun, mon, tue, wed , thu, fri and sat

I want to insert a new column C with formula that returns

1. for every John, concatenate of all the day values adjacent to row of John eg "sunmonfri"

Similarly for all the values in Column A, Column C should reflect the concatenate values of Column B.

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Add Row If 2 Columns Have Certain Values
I am trying to utilise a spreadsheet i set up to monitor annual leave to work on desk allocation.

The problem is i want the bottom of a column to sum or count based on the entry above it as long as another column had a certain value.

To explain.

Column C says if a person is an advisor and has the value "Y" if there are and if not it will be blank.

Now there are another 30 odd columns after that and i need a total at the bottom of each seperatly to say if a row above has an "a" in it & the C column has a Y

So i want to total all the entries in the E column that have and A entry & a Y entry in the C column.

I will then continue this over the F ,g etc

I am sre it is much easier than i have explained it

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Compare Values In Two Of The Columns
I have a worksheet where I want to compare values in two of the columns.
In column B there are EAN codes consisting of 13 digits.
In column E there are 5-digit numbers.

What I want to do is to compare the 5 digit number with the EAN code where these digits should be in position 7-12 in the EAN code. Those numbers in column E that doesn't have a match in column B should be marked (for example that the background color of that cell is set to "red").

XXXXXX12345X 12345 (match - do nothing)
XXXXXX12346X 12346 (match - do nothing)
XXXXXX12348X 12347 (no match - set background color to red)
XXXXXX12349X 12348 (match - do nothing)
XXXXXX12350X 12349 (match - do nothing)
XXXXXX12351X 12352 (no match - set background color to red)

There are more values in column E than B.

In all there are close to 4500 rows so I really could use a nifty macro to do this job.

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Copy Next Columns Values
This is part of my sheet that I am copying from: ...

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Return A Value From One Of The VALUES Columns
I have 8 columns of data, the first 4 and the last four columns have the values which correspond to each other.. Here is an example:


So value 1.345164 corresponds to 321 and 1.28622 to 370. I need a function that will return a value from one of the VALUES columns which corresponds to the second smallest cell value from the NAMES columns. For example – here the second smallest number in NAMES column is 325 so the function would return the corresponding value of 1.338358.

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Sumproduct - Values Across Three Columns
i have information across three columns the first has user-names in each row the whole way down, the second has between 1-7 activity codes (when not eacher user will use), the third has the times they have been on these codes.

what im trying to do is match the name, code and get the time to be displayed in a fix table, as the reported information is not always in the same structer


user1 code 1 0:02:00
user2 code 3 0:05:00
user2 code 6 0:20:00

now i've got it in my head that sumproduct iwll be the best way to get it, but i cant seam to get the third array to work properly, and always comes up with either value or NA

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Return Values From Several Columns
If I am creating a vlookup forumulae, and I want to return values from several columns, I have been manually changing the column it's returning the value from when I drag the formula across the columns. This is ok for a few columns.

eg =VLOOKUP($D2,$AB:$AJ,1,FALSE), dragged across columns, and then manually edited in each column to read



The value doesn't increase when you drag it.

is there a short cut for doing this automatically?

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Compare Values In 2 Columns To Another
I have two columns with numbers. For every row I want to find out if either of the numbers in the two columns is in a third column that I have with numbers. Does anyone know hoe to write a formula for this?

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Matching Up Values From 2 Columns
I have two columns of data, in A and B. Column A has about 500 rows of numbers, while column B only has about 150. All the numbers that are in column B exist in column A.

(Column B is a monthly product production list, while column A is a "master list" of all products that can be produced)

I need someway to match the data in Column B with Column A so they line up.

I was thinking something like this, but don't know how to do it:

"Where value in column A = value in column B, then copy this data into cells D1 and E1" (so the values line up next to each other)

is this possible? Maybe with some advanced filter? Or a macro? It seems kind of silly, but I just need to have the data next to each other without doing it manually.

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Use Values From Two Columns To Retreive A Third Value
I have been trying without success to use Vlookup to lookup a value in one column, say the number 15. 15 in this column will fill cells in several rows as it refers to several different values in the second column. The second column only has one instance of each value, for example 42. Then with this information I have been trying to get Excel to retrieve a third value and return it to the cell from which I am entering

the formula......An example...
15............. 42 ................ yellow
15............. 42.5 ............... blue
15............. 43 ............... red
16............. 42................... purple
16............. 42.5................. green
16............. 43.................... pink

Is this asking too much of VBA? I don`t think so but cannot figure out how to properly enter a formula that will do this. I have tried Vlookup several different ways with no success. If I could get it to return the cell reference instead of the cell value on the first lookup excersize I could then make the second vlookup start at this cell reference to get the third number but I can`t even figure out how to do that.

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Match Values In Two Columns.
I have one excel file which is kind of a database. Now I need to lookup two columns in that file, currently, they are columns A and G, and then copy the value in column H on that row to another worksheet. Because the "database" file is pretty big, I cannot simply go through each row and compare the values. Is there an easier way for this? I checked other posts in this forum and notice other people suggested "lookup" function, but I don't exactly understand that answer.

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How To Pull The Duplicate Values From 2 Columns?
I have this problem I have 4 columns which contain data. The first column is a list which contains random values from the third column. Now what i want to do is to pull the duplicate values from the second list without agitating the data from the 4th column because it is corresponding.In the example i have attached i would like to take the values from column A and find them in column F then extract them together with corresponding value from column G

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Macro To Adjust Values In Columns
I'll admit I know very little about creating a macro in Excel so I hope someone can help me out with creating what I consider a fairly simple macro to adjust values in a column or columns.

What I am using this worksheet for is a merchandise database that contains 3 columns of pricing values, ie. Column headers Small, Medium, Large.

The columns are approximately 2000 rows deep.

I need to change the pricing values in all 3 of these columns by a specific amount. However there are some values in the "Large" column that will not be adjusted. Those values not adjusted will be based on the contents of another cell in the same row that would only contain the data "OT,JB" or only "JB".

I've considered using find/replace but think it would be very inefficient.

Right now I am looking to lower the price values by 2 dollars. All values are numerical and formatted as Number/General. ie, 11.95, 7.95

I've considered creating another column or linked worksheet and forumla-ize it and then copy/paste my value results back, but I am hoping for something less cumbersome, something that is expandable as the worksheet grows, etc. I think a macro, but I do not have any idea what to do or how to get started.

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List Non Common Values Between 2 Columns
I have 2 columns of data looks like this:



What I'm looking for is a formula to compare col-a to col-b and create col-c to look like


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Assign Values From Multi Columns
I have a large excel sheet with the following format:
ColA ColB ColC...
55430 4 45
55431 5
55432 4 7 25 36

and i need to convert it as...
ColA ColB
55430 4
55430 45
55431 5
55432 4
55432 7
55432 25
55432 36

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Count Two Different Text Values Within Two Columns
I need to count two different text values within two columns.

Column A contains sentences and Column B contains various values.

Example of small sentences in Column A:
Custom XX Upgrade
Printing reports on XX
Custom YY Upgrade

Example of values in Column B:

What I need to do is count groups of records, like only counting the records
that contain “XX” anyplace witihin Column A plus have “XXXX” in Column B.

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Show Unique Values From Two Or More Columns
For input I have 2 columns:
I need for output column C:
It's possible to do that using one or more function ?

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Sorting Columns With Common Values
I have two sets of 2 columns. One column in one set is identical to a column in the other set, but they are arranged in different orders. I would like arrange those two columns side by (matching their numbers) so that I can find the average of the two non-identical columns.

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Comparing Columns For Values Greater Than Each Other
I have two columns A and B. I need a count of how many times a value in B is greater than the same row in A. I don't want to insert a new column (e.g. for if statements to add up).

Can I insert a countif at the top to do that? I tried various countif variations but could not find the right one. Additionally any other option that does not involve adding new columns/rows.

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Cross Reference Values Amongst Columns
I have these data arranged in three columns as follows:


(where *** stay for blank cells)

I need to "report" somewhere and somehow within the spreasheet hopefully by means of some formulas the following data:

1. for column "C" the maximum value within first group of consecutive numbers that are exceeding 180: in this example equal to 201

2. for column "C" the total number of values within first group of consecutive numbers that are exceeding 180: in this example equal to 4

3. for column "B" the first number corresponding to the first group of consecutive numbers that are exceeding 180: in this example equal to 1

4. for column "A" the corresponding number to the maximum value within first group of consecutive numbers in column "C" that are exceeding 180: in this example equal to 5

and most of all I would like to generalise the problem so that to "report" the same data for all cases that are appearing in the above example;

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Extract Values That Exist In All Columns
Each column represents a user and each row represents an application the user has. I would like to extract all the applications that are common to all the users and place it in an arbitrary column.

For example


The above list should generate Office and Adobe since every user has Office and Adobe.

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Counting Text Values From Two Columns
I have an Excel document that I want to count the number of rows that meet a text value in two columns.

Column B has a value of either "Open" or "Closed".
Column C has a value of either "High", "Med", or "Low".

I want to count the number of rows that are "Open" "High", "Open" "Med", and "Open" "Low".

I've been studying a number of different formulas, but I can't seem to get my head wrapped around this functionality.

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Macro To Move Values Into Columns
I'm creating a mailing list by pasting text into a spreadsheet, then spending hours cutting and pasting the company name into column c, address into column d, city into e...and so on. Then move down 5 rows and do it again.

I'm not sure where to start, I recorded several macros but none have worked.

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List Values That Exist Across 2 Columns
I am trying to use the function Match into the Index function but as a Result I have nothing than N/A#, I would like to be sure that I'am using this function in a proper way


Range("B" & dercell_appli, "C" & première_ligne).Select
Set Rango3 = Range("B" & dercell_appli, "C" & première_ligne)

Range("C" & dercell_appli, "C" & première_ligne).Select
Set Rango4 = Range("C" & dercell_appli, "C" & première_ligne)
dercell_unit2 = Range("C65500").End(xlUp).Row
For y = 4 To dercell_unit2
Coincidir = Application.Match(Rango4, Cells(y, 3), 0)
Cells(y, 2) = Application.Index(Rango3, Coincidir, 1)
Next y

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Count Combinations Of Values In 2 Columns
Have a monthly report process in which I need to count to combinations of values in 2 columns. Example:

A 1
A 1
A 2
A 3
B 2
B 1
B 3
B 3
B 4

Count results: A&1 = 2, A&2 = 1, etc. I'd like to get a summary table of the results. I see how to use sumproduct to count combinations, but that requires a sumproduct formula for every combination. The 2 colums are lengthy and the contents vary each month, so building the formulas each month will be a fair amount of work. Is there another way?

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Compare Values In 2 Columns And Find Corresponding Value In 3rd
I have gone through various posts but am unable to get the answer. What I'm trying to do is find if a value (text or number) in Col. A exists anywhere in Col C. and if it does, find the corresponding entry in Col. D and paste it back against the value of Col. A in Col. B. To explain better I have attached a sample excel file Ex1. In the file, the entry "sun" in Col A is present in Col C and the corresponding value in Col D is 24 which should be pasted back against "sun" in Col B.

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Validation List To Change Columns Values
So I've got a drop down list in cell B73 That when I change the selection I want it to copy the cells below it (B74:B94) from one of the charts above it. Through the power of Google I found this:, someone who had the same need as me, and edited it accordingly to my needs. It however, is not working. I started with Case 1-7 and changed them thinking they need to be the same as the list but that hasn't fixed it either. File is attached, and below quote is what the VBA coding currently says.

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Sort Columns With Multiple Values In Cells
My columns are labeled A B C D etc... If the product I am creating the table for falls into one of those categories I place a 1 in the cell. For instance, ProductA falls into the A and B categories, so column A will get a 1 and column B will get a 1. This is so I can sort all of category A's Products etc...

I am looking for a formula to put in a column that would Say what categories ProductA falls into. ie Since ProductA falls into the A and B catergories but not the C and D catergories, This final column would say something like AB, or A,B or something.

Alternatively, I could make a single column entiltled 'categories' and put something like 'A B' in ProductA's column. In this case I would need a way to sort all A's or sort all B's and not just sort all 'A B'

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Looking Up A Sum Of Data In Several Columns For Specific Values Of Another Column
=(SUMIF($J:$J, "Player1",$K:$K)+SUMIF($L:$L,"Player1",$M:$M)+SUMIF($N:$N,"Player1",$O:$O))-SUM($I:$I)

This looks up if Player 1 was in the top 3 scoring zones and adds up the players total score.

I have another column in this table of data labelled 'Number of Players'. I was wondering how to lookup the total score for this player in the games he played under 6 players for example and the games he played in where there were other six players.

I've tried using that formula ^^ with variations of IF and SUMIF formulas to try and figure it out, but I keep getting formula errors or it just returns with the total score, and not just with the total score under 6 players.

I am also trying to create a graph of date on the x axis against score to date on the y axis - everytime I try, the x axis is always numbers instead of the date?

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Compare Two Columns And Show Only Non Matching Values
Basically I have Two Columns.

Column A: Column B:

GN0001 DB0002
DB0002 DP0012
GE0025 GN0001
GR0026 GE0025
DR1235 GR0026
DP0012 DR1235

Column A is the master codes list for a unique product.

Now every time a product is sold, its unique code number is entered into column B.

What I want excel to do is compare Column A and Column B and show me only the codes that DO NOT match.

This way I know which items should be present in store when I do a physical stock check.

So the end result should be:

Column A: Column B: Column C:

GN0001 DB0002 GS0025
DB0002 DP0012 PC128
GE0025 GN0001
GR0026 GE0025
DR1235 GR0026
DP0012 DR1235

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Sum Of 3rd Column Values Based On Nested If On 2 Other Columns
I have three columns as follows:

ItemsWeekEnding Count
a14/7/2007 10
a34/7/2007 3
a14/14/2007 11
a14/7/2007 5
a44/7/2007 6
a24/7/2007 6

I want to Sum Count values (column 3) for matching WeekEnding (Column 2) and Items (Column 1), example:

a1 4/7/2007 15
as a1 for this weekend is occuring twice.

I need the formula to do it in excel.

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Code To Look Values In Columns And Copy Every Entry
I have a sheet which is a reconciliation exported to excel from our in house system, what i am after is for the code to look at the values in Column F and Column I and copy every entry which is equivalent to $1million AUD TO Sheet AUD1M, I do have a sheet called Exchange_Rates in which the code can look into, they are all equivalent to 1 AUD. I have provided an example in Sheet AUD1M what the macro should do....

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2 Columns And The Formatted Values Sholud Look Like In The 3rd Column
I have 2 columns and the formatted values sholud look like in the 3rd column, how to do this? see the Excel attachment. 2nd column has different length of characters, but in the 3rd column when it is formatted it should be 7 characters only.

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Vlookup Values In 2 Columns Returning Value From The Third Column
My Data

Service 1 | 100 | 1.5$
Service 1 | 200| 2.5$
Service 1 | 300| 3.5$
Service 2 | 100| 11.5$
Service 2 | 125| 21.5$
Service 2 | 300| 30$

I need to extract the value in the third column according to an exact match of the first column (the service name) and a range match of the third column.

I tried SumProduct but the problem with my formula was:
Let's assum I ask for
Service 1, 200

The formula summed up 1.5 and 3.5 and returned 5

When I wanted to return one value from this table.

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Counting Unique Values, 2 Columns, Alphanumeric
I have two columns of data: 1 column can be possibly anything, either numeric, alphanumeric, or alpha only (VINS or vehicle numbers). The adjacent column are four different types of vehicles. I've tried concatentating the two to try and count the unique combinations (a truck maybe used more than once during the day), which I can get unique values, but not unique values for each type. Also, the range sizes are variable, but no more that 65 rows.

An example:

5CZ975 Van
25RW04 Straight
5CZ975 Van
ZJ6026 Van

So, the result I am after is 2 vans, 1 straight truck

I found an array in a another post, but it is not working properly (see cell F7 in the attached):


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Sum Cells Which Meet Certain Values In Non-contiguous Columns
I'm trying to sum cells which meet certain values in non-contiguous columns. It's difficult to explain so I've attached a sample wookbook.

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