Message Box In The Middle Of Macro Requires A Mouse Move To Appear

Jul 9, 2009

Message box in the middle of macro requires a mouse move to appear, does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?

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Adapting Mouse Move Macro

Feb 14, 2008

Is it possible to display a name on a chart that is not the X or Y value?

I've been sent this macro which displays the school name on a chart when the mouse is on the data point - its all well and good but on the graph I am working on, the X and Y value are both values and I want the school name to come up as well.

Private Sub Chart_MouseMove(ByVal Button As Long, ByVal Shift As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long)
'macro that gets chart to show user details of a point on the chart when the mouse is moved over it
Dim ElementID As Long, Arg1 As Long, Arg2 As Long
Dim myX, myY As Variant

With ActiveChart
.GetChartElement x, y, ElementID, Arg1, Arg2

If ElementID = xlSeries Then 'checks to see which part of the chart the mouse is over

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Disable Middle-mouse-click Scroll On Inherited Excel File

May 7, 2014

I've just inherited a load of Excel files I need to continue using, but my predecessor has done something that disables the middle-click scroll ability.

I can still scroll up and down by turning the wheel, but I want to be able to click it and scroll in all directions at speed - I didn't realise how much I used this until I couldn't. Can't see anything in the VBA sheet properties, and they are all .xlsx files. Nothing leaps out of the settings either. If I create a new file or a file of mine within the same session, they work fine.

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Can A Message Box Be Brought Up In The Middle Of Code Asking For Criteria?

Jun 28, 2009

I have a worksheet with several columns (30+). One of these columns is "Date Opened". This "date opened" column can have dates as early as 01/01/89 and as recent as today.

Can a macro be made that does this

1. Data/Sorts the whole worksheet by the "Date opened" column
2. Brings up a message box in xx/xx/xxxx where format saying "Please enter the earliest date opened you would like to use, all other rows will be deleted"
3. Do just that, delete all rows that have a date earlier than the date entered in the message box.

So if the date of 01/01/2009 were entered into the message box, the macro would delete all dates in the "Date Opened" column that were older than that date.

And then, continue on with the rest of the sub, if neccessary.

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Pop Up Message On Mouse Over?

Jan 20, 2012

I have a shape with a macro assigned to hide certain columns when clicked. I want to have a box pop up when you hover this button which explains what clicking the button will do.

I know the VBA code is called MouseMove but I am new to VBA and don't know where to even start.

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Pop-up Message For Cell Selection Or Mouse Over

Jun 26, 2008

I was just wondering if it was possible to get a collapsible menu/dialog box
for excel when a user clicks on the cell of interest. I don't want to use
the collapsible list function as I would rather the user be able to click on
the cell of interest and then have that cell produce maybe another
window/dialog box which will show the user what I have put in there - maybe a
chart or table or just a set of data - and perhaps allow them to cut and
paste the data as well? However, most importantly, I just want a
dialog/window box to appear rather than having to group and use the
collapsible list function. I've attached an image of what I have in mind.

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Button That Requires Password And Then Runs Macro

Sep 16, 2006

I need to create a button in an Excel workbook that does the following.

1) Asks for password
2) Uses that password to unlock the workbook
3) Runs a macro that does the following
a) Shows sheet tabs turned off via unchecking the box in options
b) Unhides 3 hidden tabs

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Excel 2007 :: Pop Up Picture When Mouse Move To Object In Sheet

Nov 10, 2012

i am totally new in excel and i am using excel 2007, my question is : how can i create an object in an excel sheet, so that when the mouse cursor move to it, it pops up anohter image?

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Macro - Fill Series Requires Two Rows Of Data!

Aug 18, 2007

regards the two attached files (both are identical) except '1' has TWO Rows of data above the Macro Button and works correctly whereas '2' has only ONE Row (the desired option but does not work correctly!( Inserts Row in wrong place and incorrectly fill series)).

basically the program inserts a additional row below the last data entered, copies a formula cell from above and finally (the problem area) Series Fills a cell from data above.

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Macro Stops Running The Macro Completely And Hangs In The Middle

Jul 3, 2007

Here in our department we made a pretty elaborate macro that takes a report and sorts them out to 17 different sheets in a one workbook. This Macro pulls a file from a specific location on our server and then opens the CSV sorts it out color codes all the important information and saves it back onto the server under you specific initials.

They are four PC's along with our Managers laptop that run this Macro daily.

About 3 weeks ago my Managers laptop stops running the Macro completely and hangs in the middle of the whole thing. Eventually crashing Excel.

We try to remove the modules and re-import them back into the personal macro workbork but this does not work. The Macro's did not change and still fully function on the other four desktops to this day.

I uninstall Office on my Managers laptop and reinstall. Import the Modules again and still hangs up in very same spot it did 3 weeks ago.

I've tried to lower the macro security to the lowest level also and I've still had no luck with this laptop. I don't understand. The Macro's function perfectly on other PC's but will not function on this laptop.

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Macro To Find Middle 3 Numbers

Apr 7, 2008

Dim varUserInput As Variant
varUserInput = InputBox("Enter 3 Digit Number:", _
"Project Number", "")
If varUserInput "" Then Exit Sub

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Run Mouse Right Click Macro From Add-In

Feb 5, 2010

I have a large project that I've been able to move all code from the workbook to an Add-In (except code that's sheet related).

I have one module that refuses to run from the Add-In. In this code

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Run Macro On Cell Mouse Over

Jul 27, 2007

is there a way to launch a macro when your mouse is over a specific cell or a specific range of cells ? The idea behind is to update a chart based on the cell value, in case a name, with its associated values

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Mouse Macro (right Click Not Working)

Mar 12, 2008

my right mouse-clicker doesn't work in excel anymore. something with macros happened I guess.

has anybody an idea to activate it again?? it's just in the workfield, to change worksheets-colours and stuff at the worksheet-registry it works as usual.

it's very nasty to work in cells without mouse..

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Mouse Over A Cell Execute A Macro

Feb 2, 2009

On my worksheet, i want to execute a macro to calculate and display some informations when the mouse is positioned over certains cells. I look around but did not found how to do it.

I want the information to be displayed above that cell and disapeared when mouse pointer moved away.

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How To Push A Macro Button Without Using Mouse

Nov 23, 2009

i have a Macro Button which overlaps the cell G2 (a merged cell)...

is it possible that "when Press Enter Key on cell G2 then Launh a Macro.


when press space bar on cell G2 then Launch macro"... Macro is same as the Macro Button that overlaps G2...

this would prove to be a faster way than using a mouse to click on a macro button.

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Macro To Simulate Mouse Movement To Stay Idle?

Jan 29, 2014

Does someome know a macro to simulate mouse movement to stay idle to prevent communcator (Lync) from turning off? I need this to run for 2 hours only.

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Retrieve Data From Web That Requires A Log In

Aug 25, 2006

I have a webpage with a form, where user can enter their login info and a location number.

- Based on these information I would like the location number to be fed into a Macro, when the user was authorized. The Macro then extract required information and give it back as txt-file ( this Macro is already written).

- The result txt-file need to be convert to an excel file and be availabe on web for downloading.

- -> All of this process must be automatically done. <--

My question is, which language (VBA, PHP, Perl,...) should I use to do the work and how can I do it?

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Application That Requires Multiple Statements

Feb 1, 2009

I want to have cell C8 in Worksheet1 to equal cells A25-A29 in Worksheet3 and also when cell F33 in Worksheet 1equal the Cells A35-A37 in worksheet3 a calculation is done based on the info in cell D18 in worksheet 1 and if it returns a limit under a set value the set value is returned…... Example;

When cell C8 in worksheet 1 = A25-A29 in worksheet 3, and Cell F33 in worksheet 1 = A35 in worksheet 3, I want it to do an equation where it takes the amount from cell D18 in worksheet 1 and multiples it by 2 then divides it by 1000, but if the answer is less then 550 I want it to return 550.

When cell C8 in worksheet 1 = A25-A29 in worksheet 3, and Cell F33 in worksheet 1 = A36 in worksheet 3 I want it to do an equation where it takes the amount from cell D18 in worksheet 1 and multiples it by 2.42 then divides it by 1000, but if the answer is less then 600 I want it to return 600. **** Only exception in this one is when C8 in worksheet 1 = A29, the calculation of D18 is still 2.00 not 2.42)

When cell C8 in worksheet 1 = A25-A29 in worksheet 3, and Cell F33 in worksheet 1 = A37 in worksheet 3 I want it to do an equation where it takes the amount from cell D18 in worksheet 1 and multiples it by 2.70 then divides it by 1000, but if the answer is less then 650 I want it to return 650. **** Only exception in this one is when C8 in worksheet 1 = A29, the calculation of D18 is still 2.00 not 2.42)

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Get Data From Website That Requires Login

Jun 28, 2012

I need to get data from a website that requires to log-in, so i set this Vba, and i get an error "object dosent support this property or method"?

Sub GetTable()
Dim IEApp As Object
Dim IEDoc As Object
Dim IETable As Object
Dim clip As DataObject
Set IEApp = New InternetExplorer
IEApp.Visible = True


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Mouse Scroll WITHIN A Data Validation List &amp; Option Macro Assistance

Jan 7, 2010

I'm trying to do a few things actually. I am somewhat a newb at programming, although I do understand how C++ and the coding works within Excel. To me, it's like the English language...knowing all of the vocabulary and formatting it right is important. If I don't know the vocabulary, I don't know what options I have.

This tool is being used in the call center I work in. It is to help eliminate repititious information used to notate accounts. I have attached a picture of what the tool looks like so you can have a better idea of what I'm working with. Here are a list of things I'm trying to do which I have searched and not found answers to:

1. I am trying to use a middle mouse scroll to scroll through validation list. This list information is located on a different locked tab. Basically, I have a few rows where a drop down selection can be made and it would be easier to scroll rather than manually moving the slider within the validation list.

2. As you can see, this "tool" an employee and I have created has many buttons. What I would like to do is to be able to click a button on the right and have it "stack" text within a single cell. In other words, if I click the button once, the text may be entered into the "actions taken" cell. If I click another button, I can have the option (or maybe a little "+" next to the button) to add this button's information to the end of the information already entered within the "actions taken" box. I've tried recording and using the keyboard and selecting "end" and then having the text added, but it didn't work. I've seen "loop" VBA code, but I don't want something to repeat, I want it to stack in the cell when clicked manually.

I'm sure there is a way to make the tool much better using VBA code and not use Excel, but I don't have an extensive knowledge of Excel to do something like that. I'm a very fast learner and understand how the coding works, so if you have an idea which may help, and you understand what I'm trying to do here, please provide your .02.

Basically, it's used so the Customer's name and phone number are entered manually, and then just about everything else is automated by the use of the buttons on the right. If I could get the 2 above options to work, it'd be perfect. I just figured out I could eliminate screen flicker and hide the macros working by using:

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Requires To Distinguish Between Xl2007 And Previous Version

Jun 4, 2009

I know I have asked this question before and in that occasion for the safety copy creation I got a good solution, but now I have another issue which requires to distinguish between xl2007 and previous excels. Based on advice I have tried this:

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Index Function - Row Criteria Requires Two Factors

Mar 28, 2012

I was hoping to use the index function, but I'm having difficulty because the grid or table I'm pulling from, one of the row criteria requires two factors. It would be something like:

[A] / [B] / [C] / [D]
Numerical value / Dogs / Birds / Whales

1: 500-599 / Doberman / Parakeet / Grey
2: 400-499 / Rottweiler / Lovebird / Killer
3: 300-399 / Cocker Spaniel / Cockatoo / Baluga

So essentially, whenever a number falls within that range, it would pull the corresponding animal

450/Birds = Lovebird
320/Whales = Baluga

I wish I can show an excel spreadsheet on this, but not sure how.


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Formula Requires Parameter In Quotes, Indirect Doesn't Work

Aug 13, 2008

I've been given a formula to use (embedded in an add-in that is password-protected). One of the parameters REQUIRES quotes.

The formula goes like this: =MYFORMULA(1,2,3,"ABC")

If I put ABC in a cell (say C5) and use the formula =MYFORMULA(1,2,3,INDIRECT(C5)), the formula doesn't work.

If I put "ABC" in cell C5, the indirect function still work make the function work.

Even if I have ABC in cell C5 and use =MYFORMULA(1,2,3,""""&C5&"""") or =MYFORMULA(1,2,3,""""&INDIRECT(C5)&""""), these won't work.

I wish I could just change the UDF behind this, but that isn't possible.

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Macro Request - If Macro Is Unable To Perform One Of Its Jobs Then Move Onto Next Line

Oct 3, 2012

I have a macro which refreshes a query when the spreadsheet is opened. This works fine when online.

However, if the user is not online, the query is unable to refresh and the macro just hangs.

Is there a code which will enable me to say " if unable to refresh then move on to the next line"?

here's the code below.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Selection.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False
End Sub

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Suppress Message When Macro Called By Another Macro

Aug 15, 2007

I have a Macro (AutomateReport) that, among other things, calls and runs a macro (ReportStep1) in another workbook.

ReportStep1 includes three prompts asking the user to press "OK" to confirm that the data included is correct. When I call ReportStep1 as part of my larger macro I would like to suppress these prompts or automatically respond "OK" so that I don't have to be bothered with them.

SendKeys works sometimes, but I am hoping for a more reliable method.

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Error Message For Macro

Jan 11, 2009

I have one line of code that I need an error message for:

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Macro Reset If The Message Box Comes Up

Mar 11, 2009

If I run the macro and get the message box too pop up because I did not move, the macro will not run. I have too choose another one before I can get the one I want to work. I guess it needs a reset if the message box comes up.

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Macro To Display Message Box

Mar 2, 2007

I am just having a problem where at the end of my macro, the macro is looking for a value in a cell and there is no value at the end of the game for it to paste so I get an error. Instead of getting an error, I would like the macro to display, "You win!", if cell e1 is =1, "You lose!", if cell e1 is =2, and "tie game", if cell e1 is =0.

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Print The Worksheet On Different Paper Which Requires To Go Into The Properties And Change The Paper Source From Automatically Select To Manual Feed

Jun 30, 2006

When I hit the print button the worksheet prints on the paper in the bin. However, there are times when I need to print the worksheet on different paper which requires me to go into the properties and change the paper source from Automatically Select to Manual Feed. I have been trying to created a macro what will switch to Manual Feed, print the worksheet and then switch back to Automatically Select but have been unsucessfull.

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