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Meter Reading Calculator Based On Date

As part of a project, I need to come up with a meter reading calculator. I start of with 3 base meter readings (A2, F2, K2), which would be read from the meter. 3 reads are needed in case the consumption changes dramatically at some point. I then need Excel to work out the reading for dates in between. The formula needs to be dynamic enough so that I can change any of the grey dates to what I want.

The estimates need to be calculated using an average daily consumption. This figure needs to be displayed in D9.

It would be preferable if macros weren't used. If its possible to explain what to do without an attachment, that would be good too.

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Date Calculator
I'm building a calculator of sorts for dates. I have a start date in A1. Next to the start date I have a list:

10 days from -start date- is:
15 days from -start date- is:
20 days from -start date- is:
and so on...

I need a formula to return a date that is however many days specified from the start date. If that date lands on a sat or sun I need it to return me the date for the monday after. For example, if my start date is 10/15/09 (thursday) and 10 days from that is 10/25/09 (sunday) I need it to return the date of 10/26/09 (monday). I also need it exclude a range of holidays i have listed.

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Age Based Calculator
I am trying to put together a spreadsheet that works out values based on a persons age or service length.

So in I have the following data in columns starting at B4 and ending at k4:

Date of birth; start date; text; text; text; text; Weekly Pay; Start age; Current Age; Years Service.

The formula I need to provide in l4, m4 and n4 comes from the following rules:

* 0.5 week's pay for each full year of service where age during year less than 22
* 1.0 week's pay for each full year of service where age during year is 22 or above, but less than 41
* 1.5 weeks' pay for each full year of service where age during year is 41+

So in l4 I have:


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Formula Not Reading Date Format
I have a formula that reads the date in Colum B on 3 different sheets. The data on the seperate sheets is pulled from a SQL data base and formats the date wtih the time after it.

11-13-2006 10:47

My formula is looking at dates and subtracting them to give a total count of the occurance of the word "Yes" between dates.

My Formula:


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Calculator Compute Automatically After Inputting The Date
i m making a very small calculator. It's a little hard to describe, but I need to look like the following
Let's say the individual got here on 1 Jan

Phase 1 is for days 1-14 last for 14 days
Phase 2 is for Day 15-35 last for 21 days
Phase 3 is day 36+

This is what I need it to look like: All the phase information will compute automatically after inputting the date arrived. In addition I would also like to be able to change one of the phase dates and the remainder of the phases compensate according to the newly entered date.

Date Arrived = 01 Jan 09
Phase 1 = 01jan09
Phase 2 = 04Feb09
Phase 3 = 05 Feb09

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Shipping Charge Calculator Based Upon Weight To A Worksheet
I’m trying to add a shipping charge calculator based upon weight to a worksheet. I was trying to do with with VLOOKUP (my first attempted use of this) so I created a second worksheet called ‘Shipping’ which has the weights in column A (Weight) and the corresponding shipping cost in column B (Price). Up to 70 pounds, column A increases in two-pound increments (A2 through A36, 2 through 70 lbs); from 70 through 150 pounds, the increases are in five-pound increments (A36 through A52, 70 through 150 lbs). The total weight to be shipped is derived from SUM(D2:D30), located on the first worksheet called ‘Order’ in cell D32. In cell E32 I have entered this formula: VLOOKUP(D32,Shipping!A2:B52,2).

My problem is if Order!D32 returns something like 4.5, the value for four pounds is the result, while the six-pound charge should be the result. If I round this value up to 5.0, 5.5 or even 5.9, I get the same result.

I know I’m not supposed to guess at what I need to do, but these are my thoughts: 1) I need to modify the VLOOKUP formula to select the next higher value, i.e., so the 6 lb charge is selected for E32 when D32 contains 4.5 lbs, or the 85 lb charge is selected for E32 when D32 contains 82 lbs, 2) I need to add a ROUNDUP function to the SUM formula; this would need to round up to the next even number up to 70 lbs and then in increments of five above 70 lbs. I don’t know if either approach is correct, and in any case, I couldn’t figure out the syntax for either of these.
I’ve attached a sample spreadsheet, Shipping_Charge.xls.

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Andy Popes XP Bar Progress Meter
I am trying to incorporate one of Andy's Progress Meters from the DN workbook.

There is so much code in the workbook that i don't have a clue where to start in terms of how to extract just what is needed for the XP bar and incorporate that into my code

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Prevent Screen Flicker & Show Progress Meter
I have a VBA code that copy data from multiple files into my workbook.

I find the first file, copy the ranges I need into my workbook and continue to the next file until all files are done.

The copy operation in each file is - row by row - because I need to ask questions about each row.

As you understand - what the user sees is a flickering window because I activate the source workbbok -> copy the data -> activate this workbook-> paste the data.

I want to avoid the flickering.

An acceptable solution could be to generate a pop up message box that will say "data is being copied. Pleasd wait while operation is completed". BUT - I don't know how to identify that the action is done and message box can be closed.

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Compare Dates To Date Range & Return Date Based On Outcome
I need to compare three cells of random dates shown in Column E, F,& G with Row's H5:AK5, H7:AK7, H9:AK7 (the Dates to these rows is Static on row H3:AK3.) EX: ROW 5 has Start Date, End Date (1) and End Date (2). Compare Cell H3 between Start Date & End Date (1). If H3 falls between or equal to Start and End Date(1) then highlight cell H5. Proceed till AK3 (higlighting only the cells H5:AK5). Then compare cell H3 between or equal to End Date (1) and End Date (2) (higlighting only the cells H5:AK5). Then do the same for ROW 7 and ROW 9.

To make things a bit more difficult I need to have " WK#" in Row 14 (these WK# is on another tab called "Task" of the workbook) needs to be displayed in Row's H4:AK4, H6:AK6, & H8:AK8. EX: Compare Date in D15 between or equal to Start Date & End Date (1) then display Wk# in D14 in H4. Continue till all dates in
D15:Z15 are compared to Start Date & End Date (1) and WK#'s in Row D14:Z14 are inputted if applicable in Row H4:AK4, H6:AK6, H8:AK8. I hope this is not confusing. I can't seem to use the upload option so here is alink to download a jpg of the sheet

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Fill Table Based On Another Within Date Range & Cut Off Date
I have an 'existing results table' as per my attached sample.

I have had help previously from this forum to create lists of 'sold' stock within date ranges (tax year periods) and these are represented as 'sold list' in my attached sample.

I now need to create a list of 'unsold stock' for each annual tax year end date; i.e. populate my table with items that have been created before the end of the date range and that have not been sold by the end of the date range.

Please can someone show me the formula on my attached sample?

Please see my example in red.

I am working with Excel07 however my attached sample is in Excel03 because I couldn't upload an XLSX file.

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Text Based On Date Being Year From Current Date
I am having a problem which I imagine will be fairly simple to resolve but I can't figure it out!

Cell A1 contains a Date eg (01/01/07)

In Cell A2 I want to write a formula that says: Insert 'Warranty' if the system date is within 365 days of the date in Cell A1.

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Number Of Days To Add To Date Based On Weekday Of Date
I need to create a formula that states a delivery date when the order date is entered in an adjacent column. Items ordered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be delivered the Friday of the following week, eg. ordered 23rd April 2008, delivered on the 2nd of May 2008. Items ordered on Thursday or Friday will be delivered on a Friday 2 weeks later, eg. ordered on the 24th April, delivered on the 9th of May 2008

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Extract Certain Records Based From List Based On Date
In sheet1 I have the following

1. Names (Column A)
2. Date (Column B)

My current list if from A2:B300

I am trying to have a piece of code go through all the records in this list, if any of the dates are within the next 2 weeks (from now()) then copy this record (name, date) and put in sheet2. And loop through all 300 records or possibly additional records.

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Reading Data In Each Row
I'm trying to write code that looks at the range W(rowid):Z(rowid) and lists each cell value in a listbox. The row id is coming from the listindex of combobox1. I know the rowid part is correct and working because other operations in my worksheet are using it fine. Here's what I've written so far:

With Worksheets("DATA")
For I = 0 To 4
ListBox3.AddItem .Range("W" + I & rowid)
Next I
End With

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Reading In CSV Files
I'm using the following code to read in any number of CSV files into a single worksheet and concatenating them together

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Birthday Calculator
I am hopeless at remembering birthdays tbh - so rather than rely on family to remind me, I decided to make a spreadsheet that shows: D.O.B, current age (in years, months, days), and number of days remaining until next birthday.

Please see attached - I can't figure out why the current age calculation is a month out. e.g 'Sebastian' was born on 16 Nov 2008, which makes him 3 months and 11 days old - but '=TODAY()-C16' yields "00 Years 4 Month(s) 12 Days"

Also, 'Leah' has just her birthday - but now where it is supposed to give 'days until next birthday' it gives an error with the formula: '=DATEDIF(TODAY(),EDATE(C4,(YEAR(NOW())-YEAR(C4))*12),"d")'

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Freight Calculator
I'm building a freight calculator and am considering some professional consulting options, but before I do that I wanted to see if I could overcome this one problem. If I can, I think I might be able to complete the calculator myself.

Here's my conundrum:

A potential customer enters "80802" for zip code and "Solomon" for store.

StoreLocation_________ City_______ State_____ Zip______ Distance
Solomon__________ Arapahoe _______CO ____ 80802_____ 270
Garden City_______ Arapahoe_______ CO _____80802_____ 143

The formula (or series of formulas) I'm looking for would then refer to the following hidden sheet and return Arapahoe, CO and a distance of 270 miles from Solomon.

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Making A Calculator From To Vba
i made a claculator in, and now i have to make one in vba, what i did was as follows, first ill post the code from last year, then my vba attempt;

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12 Digit Calculator
Is there a way to build a 12 digit calculator in excel?

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Golf Calculator
Not sure if this is do-able but I figured I would try. For a golf league coming up later this year I want to figure out how many Birdies, Pars, Bogies, Dbl. Bogies and Others each (20) golfers have during the season. After each round I would input their scores and I am looking for a program that would look at the score of the hole and the par for the hole and figure out what they got 1 under par = birdie, even par = par, 1 over = bogie, 2 over = dbl bogie and 3 over = other.

I started by creating a simple if statement but it ran out too long and my other issue is adding up the number of birdies, pars..etc for each round. Meaning a golfer can have bogies on hole #1 and #2 and the if statement can take care of that but how would get a total saying the golfer had 2 bogies.

Something like this with the - meaning a column.

birdies Pars bogies dbl bogies others total holes
4 - 5 - 3 - 4 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 5 - 8 1 4 2 1 1 9

I would do this each week and total the number of each to keep a running total at the bottom of each column. We play on the same course each week so the pars for each hole can be hard coded.

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Absence Calculator
im trying to put together a system on worksheets that checks 'Absence' in a rolling 12 month period. The 12 month period is any 12 months and not a financial period (eg 25/12/06 -25/12/07).

I have 36 employees and want to have their names in each sheet, calander dates across the top, will mark either a 'S' for sick or 'L' for late ect against the dates if not at work.

Once an absence has been entered, on the sheet somewhere it will show how many days that person has been off (eg, 10th Oct, 16 Nov and 22 Dec would = 3 Days absence).

How do I set up the sheets to work out how many days each person has had off in a rolling 12 month period (so that it does not calculate beyond the 12 months).

I have looked on here to see if there are any programs, formulas which may work but some have lost me in my tracks.

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Get Rid Of The Calculator Toolbar
I downloaded the calculator toolbar, and for some reason it doesn't look right, it doesn't resemble a calculator layout at all.

The numbers are skewed, as though the layout is in landscape view instead of portrate. I've tried repeately to delete it from the toolbars menu option, with no success. It's become annoying.

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Billing Calculator
I'm working on a 4-week billing calculator. I rent equipment on a day,week & month rate system. For example: Equipment 1 rents at $30 Day, $90 Week, & $270 a month. If you keep Equipment 1 for 4 days the calculator computes 4 days at a total of $120. The way a 4-week cycle works is the customer will receive the cheaper rate once the daily rate meets or exceeds the weekly rate.

So instead of $120 for 4 days, the calculator tells me to bill him for 1 week at $90 instead and the customer essentially will get the following 3 days at no extra charge until the cycle starts over. As the cycle continues, the same rules apply for the monthly rate in relation to the weekly rate & daily rate combined.

Once the weekly + daily rates add up to equal or more than the monthly, then the monthly rate is used and that's what the customer pays. What I'm trying to do is make a calculator that I input the rates and the rental period and the spread sheet will tell me (based on those rules) how many days, weeks and/or months the customer needs to pay and how much his total dollar amount will be.

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Timesheet Calculator
See workbook attached.

I'm looking for help to detemine rates so it automates in the sheet.

Can you give me assistance and code perhaps ? I'm pretty basic at V-Lookup and If functions. Is this the best route to take ?

All is explained within the workbook.

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Little Calculator Wanted
I've been trying but excel does not seem to recognise x and y

so here it is

2* X = Z

Where 2 is changable
X = Z-2

Now i just want to find what Z is.

Here's an Example
1.3x - z
1.3(x-.06) = z
1.3z - .078 = z
1.3z = z + .78
1.3z-z = .78
.3z = .78
z = .78/.3
z = 2.6

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Progress Tax Calculator
I'm trying to come up with an efficient formulae or function to calculate tax

The problem I have is that the tax is progressive. As below

the first 20,000 is taxed at 5%
the next 20,000 is taxed at 6%
the next 20,000 is taxed at 7%
the next 20,000 is taxed at 8%
the next 20,000 is taxed at 9%
more than 100,000 is taxed at 10%

I'm trying to do a formula like below

Cell B3 is my taxable amount
Cell B5 =IF(B$3>20000,20000*0.05,B$3*0.05)
Cell B6 =IF(B$3>40000,40000*0.05,(B$3-20000)*0.05)

This gives me a problem in that for 35k say, I end up with a negative number for the second part in cell B6. My other issue is that each calculation will take up 6 rows on my
spreadsheet. I was hoping to set up a function that could do this in a cell, but even the simple stage defeats me at the moment.

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Staffing Calculator
I've been trying to create a Staffing calculator for a call center. Basically the calculator should be able to add up the number of agents for the next 18 intervals based on the login time that is entered by the user. I've just outlined the functioning below:

Suppose 10 agents login at 8 AM (thus logout at 5 PM), the intervals right from 8 AM till 5 PM should show up the 10 agents. Now suppose 10 more agents login at 9 AM, we would then have 20 agents logged in till 5 PM (since agents logged in at 8 will logout at 5) & the remaining 10 till 6 PM. Thus if we have 10 more agents logging in at 10:30, we will have 30 agents till 5 PM, 20 till 6 PM & 10 agents till 7:30 PM & so on. I have attached an excel file to explain the example & the way the calculator has to be built. It is preferrable that the cells containing the login time aren't fixed, but the user should be able to input any login time in any cell.

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Commission Calculator
Attached is sample data. Target payout is the amount of the base salary a salesman can earn if all goals are reached. Commissions are payed quarterly. Listed on the left are 7 goals, each with a weight of importance toward the target payout amount. The percentage achieved can only be 100% or 0%, nowhere in the middle, although they are allowed to make up a goal later if they do not make it at first. This is where I get stumped. For example, if they don't make a goal in quarter one but make the goal in quarter two plus what they missed in one, they get two quarters worth of commission in quarter 2 for that goal. I am having trouble figuring out the easiest way to go about this.

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One Cell Reading From Different Locations
the attached workbook, I am looking for M19, N19 & O19 to read from different locations depending on how many cells are called on when info is entered in P8.

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Reading A .txt File In Excel VBA
I need a little bit of help here ... I can read and process a .txt file from my Excel VBA program, but I am having trouble as follows :

The file I am reading contains a number of heading lines, followed by a number of data lines.

All of the data lines end in a date, so I can use the code ...

If IsNumeric(Right(MyDSRec, 1)) Then
... to pick up the data lines & ignore the heading lines. This is fine and works perfectly.

However, the .txt file that I receive is out of my control, and is prone to error, in that the data line occasionally has what I assume is a "Tab" character after the last date, which means that the line above does not recognise the last character as being numeric.

If you double click "06" at the end of each line on the example below, you should be able to see what I mean (in the .txt document, if I place the cursor at the end and press backspace, all characters at the end are deleted, back to the 06, so they are not individual spaces) ...

SHAKESPEARE 1102/0609/0609/0618/06

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Reading From Clipboard Before Pasting
Is it possible for VBA to read data from a clipboard so that it knows what sheet to paste the data to? Currently we run a financial tool and 2 reports are ran and I put in a bottom so users could easily just paste special values into the correct place. Sometimes the users forget if they copied the balance sheet data or income statement data and currently its not a big deal because there are no columns to the right of where it is pasting so it isn't screwing anything up and they just delete the data and paste it to the correct sheet.

I have thought of 2 approaches I am going to take, but started to wonder if one could read the data from the clipboard before the paste.

My 2 options would be:

Option 1. Paste data to newly created sheet and check if it is balance sheet or income statement and then move from newly created sheet to correct sheet and delete newly created sheet. The user wouldn't see any of this because I would disable screen updating.

Option 2. Learn how to use Undo within my VBA or keep the Undo cache with items in it as it typically clears when VBA is executed. That way if they paste it and it is wrong I can just undo the VBA paste.

Option 1 I am confident I can handle. Option 2 I can research and feel I could do, but if it comes a time when a sheet has data I do not want to paste over then this option is no good.

I would like to hear any comments or feedback on this and if it is possible to read data off the clipboard so it knows where to paste.

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Reading Into Merged Cells
I have a table where sometimes cells are merged. To the right they are not merged, but I need to link to the value of the merged cell. How can I do it if I don't want to do it manually?

Say A1:A4 is merged, A5 is just normal. I want a formula using those values, say in B1:B5. Now just filling down the formula would reference A1, A2 and so forth. This is wrong.

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Reading Text From Right To Left
I am using the find or search function but I need to read my text string from right to left (from the end of the string, instead of from the beggining). Is there a way to do this?

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Reading From Drop Down Lists
I have a drop down list in my excel sheet that contains names of manufacturers. What i would like to do (using vba) is display some details of each manufacturer that will be copied from a different sheet.

So my question is, how can i read the string from the drop down list on one sheet and then copy a cell from another sheet.

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Error When Reading Checkbox Value
I have a spreadsheet with about 200 lines or records and I have added a checkbox to the end of each record. I need to the code to check the checkbox on each line to make a decision on how to process the data, but I do not want to read in a True or False value for 200 check boxes in every step of the loop. I think I'm close but I can't get the following to work...

This is basically what I want:

For i = 1 to x Step 1

IF me.Shapes("Checkbox" & i).Value = True Then

'Perform Action


Next i
I get an error when I hit the IF me.Shapes..... line

"Object doesn't support this property or method."

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Reading One Character Of Text
The following code reads text one character at a time, and each character is determined either to be a blank space or to be any other character. If it's determined to be any other character, then the character is added to the active cell. If it's determined to be a blank space, then the active cell becomes the cell one column over. The idea is to have different words written in columns next to each other.

The sample text file I'm reading from reads: "text file". The file has only those two words. One space between them. No space before the first word, and no space after the second word. The following code compiles and runs. BUT the result is that the word "text" is in column k, not A. And the word "file" is in column J, not b.

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File Name Reading Through Macro
i am trying to read the file name in a specific folder through macro of my EXCEL application. i wondered that it is reading that file name in all Lower case.
Ex: the file name in the folder is "Ford of Pompano.xls" when i am reading that name from macro, it is giving me as "ford of pompano.xls". Do i need to change any default settings in EXCEL so that it can read the files names what ever is presend in the folder

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Reading Binary File Bug
I am running into one of the strangest issues I have seen in a long time. I have a user defined type that I utilize in VB6 and write out to a binary file....

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Reading A Cells Value And As A Range
I'm trying to use the contents of a cell as a range in my code

Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()
Dim Target As Range
'the cell containing the contents i want
Target = ActiveCell.Value
Range("P9").copy Target
End Sub

Does it read in the value as a string? If so how do i get around this?

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Reading Consecutive Dates As One
how would you read consuctive dates as one


person is sick on 10/9/06 and on 10/10/06 . i want that to be read as one sick. now if the person is sick on 10/09/06 and then sick on 10/11/06 that would be read as 2 sicks.
what i need is the consective dates to read then one to read the dates that are not consectutive . giving a total for each one.

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Reading Values Into An Array
I am have a 4x2 table and would like to use the values in the table in numerous procedures. i feel the best way do to this is to record the table as an array and be able to 'paste' or call the array anytime i need to. However, i am unable to read the table into an array.

1. how the array works,
2. how i can read values into an array and
3. how can i 'paste' or call the array at a later stage.

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Build A Working Day Calculator
I need to create a calculator that tells me how long a invoice will take to be paid using my current processes at work, working days only.

I need to imput the date the invoice is received and then for the rest to be worked out automaticly

I need it to do the follwoing ....

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Night Payment Calculator
Not sure if this is the correct section for this kind of query but I'd like some assistance with a calculation that I can't seem to figure out.

Essentially it's for calculating night payments for our employee time-sheets. Our staff have very sporadic shifts and are paid extra for working between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00, basically when employee's enter their start and end times I'd like the spreadsheet to automatically calculate how many hours they have worked between those hours, I imagine it's very simple but I cannot figure out which function to use.

To complicate matters, because staff can work shifts which start on one day and finish the next we work on a 48:00 clock basis so its' not only between the hours of 00:00 - 06:00 where they qualify for night payments but also from 24:00 - 30:00 if that makes sense?

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CommandButton, Text Box, Calculator
I am trying to make a calculator inside of Excel...learning how Text Boxes work in conjunction with CommandButton. I am trying to code the button to display inside of the text box. I have never coded a text box before to do anything like that

note: For right now i am just looking at being able to click on a button [numbered 0-9] and have them dsplayed inside the text box. After that I want to be able to set up an addition, subtraction, etc button to actually have the math done.

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Financial Calculator Functions
I would like a user friendly form where I could enter

£50 15% discount and it would add 50% plus VAT and produce POR & POC which would adjust if the suggested price was changed.

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IF/AND Statements In Comp Calculator
Almost done with this but I'm stumped on the last remaining formula. The
way this compensation plan will work is if reps are between 0-25% growth they
will get paid $100 per point, 26-50% $150 per point, 51-75% $200 per point.
Growth is calculated monthly vs. a monthly #. My problem is that if the rep
is at 40% they get the first 25% at $100 and the next 15% at $150. My
formula is an either or thing. The following are my formulas for 0-25%,
26-50%,51-75% respectively:


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Quote To Sale Calculator
I work in sales and when under target I need to know how much more i need to sell to hit target. e.g

quotes 10 sold 1 currently at 10%

my target is 50%

at the minute i would have to work this out manually

like i need to quote and sell the next 8 to hit the 50% target.

What can i use on excel putting my current quotes and sales and my target in so it gives me the quotes and sales i need to do?

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Fee Calculator Sheet Formatting
I am designing a basic front end using formulas as the work computers dont like VBA script.

I need the calculator ( attached) to replicate the 'calculations' sheet based on the number of accounts specified in 'Investor Details'. Ideally, I would like to use a button or similar to make it user friendly.

I also need to be able to hide rows based on a condition being met and conditional formatting doesn't seem to work (eg. 'Investor Details' 10-14 if C8 = Yes.)

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Create A Football Calculator
i m just trying to create a football calculator, just a real basic one, my excel is ok. Just doin it for a mate as he is arranging some charity football event. i have inputted the teams and that and worked out goal differences but would like to calculate games played, wins losses draws and points, can someone advise or quicky have a look, see attachment.

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Bank Interest Calculator
I'm an amateur to macro as I'm only in a low level class at a university... But I'm attempting to make a macro for a bank interest calculator. It asks your type of account(which then assigns an interest rate to it), how much money is in the account, and also how long th emoney will be in the account. I used a "Select Case" for the account types, but I seem to be struggling for it to work, it won't put the value of the total into the assigned cell, or it's just not computing it(as I get "0" each time I run it)...

Public Function BankCalculator()
'Bank Calculator for different accounts
'declare variable
Dim shtBank As Workbook, strAct As String, intMon As Integer, strLong As Integer, intTotal As Double
Set shtBank = Application.Workbooks("Bank Calculator.xls")
'input box for amount of money, assign address
intMon = InputBox(prompt:="How much money do you currently have in the account?", _ ......................................

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UK Bank Holiday Calculator
I found a link to a website on one of the forum pages. I had a look in the website and it showed a formula for calculating when Easter falls - I didn't know it could be worked out, but it can!!

I therefore decided to investigate further. I picked up another formula to calculate the first MOnday in May and I have now put together a little spreadsheet that will calculate all bank holidays in the year entered in cell B1. It also takes into account additional bank holidays that exist when Christmas Day and/or Boxing Day fall on a weekend.

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