Move Row Titles And Use As Column Titles

May 22, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that has a list in column A 219 rows long. what i want to do is, if possible is move them so that they run accross the top of the spreadsheet as column headings.

As is:
1 ?
2 ?
3 ?
4 ?
5 ?
6 ?


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First Row (for Column Titles) Not Move

Aug 23, 2009

I have been given an Excel file. Upon opening it, I see that the top four rows do not move even if I scroll down. What I'd prefer is that only the first row (for column titles) not move. If I can learn the name of this feature, I'm sure I can figure out how to change the file.

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Convert Column B As Multiple Column Titles And Move Data In Column C Into New Columns?

Jun 30, 2014

I have a excelsheet that looks like this:

Column A | Column B | Column C
Los Angeles | Fire Dept | 3
Los Angeles | Health Services | 12
New York | Fire Dept | 8
New York | Health Services | 22
New York | Internal Services | 100
New York | Public Works | 7
Chicago | Health Services | 15
Chicago | Public Works | 56
Chicago | Social Services | 4

And I am trying to make it look like this:

Fire Dept
Health Services
Internal Services
Public Works
Social Services

Los Angeles

New York




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Specified Dates As Column Titles In Bar Graph?

Jun 27, 2014

It appears that the bar graph automatically turns all dates into the first day of the year in question.

For example, what I have in the source chart is the following 3 dates: 6/11/14, 6/11/13, 6/11/12, however when I convert the table into a bar graph, it changes the dates to 1/1/14, 1/1/13, and 1/1/12.

Here's a snip of the table: Data source.JPG

And here's a snip of the chart: Chart.JPG

I've tried going into the advanced settings and making the intervals fixed (starting at 6/11/12 with 1 year intervals), however it does not seem to change the display.

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Keep Column Titles Visable As Screen Scroll Down

Mar 17, 2009

I have a table with 500 rows. Is it possible to make so my header row which actually on row 9 of my excel chart stays visiable as I scroll deep into my rows. This is need due to the fact by the 50 row or so you can no longer see the column titles which makes it harder to fill out the data.

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Lookup Doesn't Work Because Column A Has Titles And Lots Of Blanks

Mar 30, 2014

I have titles in column A and multiple codes per title in column B.

I want all the codes for a single title copied onto another sheet.

I can't use =B1 as the sheet gets updated every week and the amount of codes per title changes.

I was thinking using lookup but the majority of column A is blank and I don't know how to make it look in the row above if blank, or if that is even possible.

Another option would be to look for the title in column A then copy column B until the text "Group Total" which always appears at the end of a titles codes.

Attached File : Practise sheets.xlsx‎

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Titles And FIll In

Jun 6, 2006

I am entering a tremendous amount of data and as I get further doen the spreadsheet I can not always remember the column headings, is there a way to have the headings (Example: product name, code, price, etc) appear at the top of the screen so I do not always have to scroll all the way to the top again.

Second, My commerce system requires a short and long description, I want to have the short desctiption feild grab the first 200 characters of the long description and then follow it up with three periods (...)

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Countif Sequencing Of Titles?

Jul 24, 2014

I need a column to autopopulate based on quantities of title entered by a user.

Each row has a Type (Column A) and a Sequence # (Column B), and I can get as far validating if a given row has same Type and Sequence# <= the sum of the quantities.

Now I'm struggling with counting down through the quantity of each title.

Each title should exhaust itself before moving on.


COUNTIF Sequencing.xlsx‎

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Search For Words In Row In Other Row With Titles?

Jul 20, 2012

I need a functionality in Excel, but I can't get it done. I want to search multiple titles on multiple words.

1. I have a list with titles (tab A)
2. I have a list with words (tab B)

Now I want to scan all titles on words that appear on tab B and return the value of the word.


Title (tab A - column A)
Return (tab A - column B)
Words (tab B)
BrandX Shampoo Big
Eau de Toilette
BrandX Nailcutter
BrandX Eau de Toilette
Eau de Toilette

So for row 1 the word "shampoo" is reconised in the title and returns this value. Same for the other rows. I need the functionality like the formula below, but then with more words (from a list). I don't want to work with "OR" because the list with word is about 200+ and will be more in future.


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Wildcard Search - Titles To Appear In Another Cell

Dec 10, 2013

I have a list of titles that I would like to see if these titles appears in another cell.

Here is the example:
Assistant Manager
Manager, II
Vice President, Sales

I would like to see if it appear in this cell, regardless where it is the exact text match
Manager, Assistant, VP, Sales

So the result will be like: Screenshot_1.png

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Converting Reference Numbers To Titles?

Feb 3, 2014

I have exported a dataset with references numbers and I want to convert those reference numbers into the titles they refer to. I have a separate sheet that matches the reference number to the title and would normally use a LOOKUP function [=LOOKUP(A2,Key::Table 1::A,Title)] to do this but, in this instance, I have multiple reference numbers in a cell separated by commas. How can I get the function to lookup multiple numbers from the same cell?

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Selecting Columns With Specific Titles?

May 26, 2014

I am looking for a way to select specific columns in excel that have specific characteristics in the header titles. For example, I have a very large worksheet with columns that specify the year and month (ie. "1900-8"). The years range from 1900 to 2011 and each year has "-1" to "-12" to represent the months of the year. Specifically, I am wanting to pick out all of the columns ending in "-8" (August).

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Ranking Top 5 Including Text Titles

Mar 13, 2009

I have a list of cities with a number of entries from each city. I want to rank the Top 5. I have got the Top 5 numbers, using =LARGE($B$6:$B$107,1), but I also want it to list the actual city name (Column A6:A107) in the adjecent corresponding cells next to the numbers.

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Creating Full Titles Using Table?

May 13, 2014

I am trying to create a system to organize my company products. Up until now we had no part numbering system so I created one. The part numbering systems goes as such

Brand Code.Product Code.Bike Code.Color

These are examples



What I would like is to create a formula to expand the part number back to its full length name using tables on other sheets. I have tables for the brand code, product code and bike code. What I would like to have it do is Lookup the first part of the code "S7R" on a column from the following page and return the data from the cell next to it. Then continue on to do the same for the second part "cs" and the third"101" and so forth.

Basically the top example above would expand to be

Strada7 Short Folding Aprilia RSV4 Black
S7R = Strada7
SF = Short Folding Levers
101 = Aprilia RSV4
Black = Black

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Bank Transactions - Grouping / Totaling Like Titles

Jun 1, 2014

I'm trying to group a year's worth of bank transactions. The initial data that was cut from pdf files is a date, payee and amount

1) how can I search down col A and give the sum of all like Payees, then total each set of similar payees? Maybe if first 6 characters match, then total until it comes to a different set.
Total each set.

2) then, I need to assign a category to each set of payees, so if contains usps, then add category "postage"

3) formula to find all postage totals and combine for a grand total per category.


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Copy Format And Bold Titles In String?

Apr 24, 2014

I'm working on a Excel template where 6 cells are filled with text. Now I want to put all the text in those cells into one 'result cell'. I already know how to put the cell values into strings and paste them beneath each other.

My problem is that I don't only want to copy the cell values but also the formatting, because all of the separate cells have a bold title. If I only copy the values the formatting isn't copied with it, so my question is:

How do I copy the cell formatting (bold titles) with it or how can I make a string bold?? Beneath is my code:

[Code] ....

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How To Copy And Paste To Another Sheet By Matching Titles

Jun 24, 2014

I have two sheet one is copy sheet and other is past sheet. In Paste sheet Header Title is fixed values , copy sheet header title also same but its not proper aligned & few header title not available. I want to transfer entire data from copy sheet to past sheet matching with header title. No need to change paste sheet Header title & alignment order.

Attached File: Data Transfer.xlsx

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Harvest Data From Workbooks With Inconsistent Titles

Dec 8, 2009

I have to pull data from a workbook poasted on a Sharepoint site on a weekly basis. The name of the spreadsheet changes each week, based on the date, and may not be consistent (ie: WBook12_4_9.xls, Wkbook12_04_09.xls, WBOOK12_4_09.xls). My users will have the spreadsheet open, and I'll tell them to ONLY have that one open, but how do I tell my macro to pull from that workbook?

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Creating An Array To Output Titles(text)

Jan 8, 2010

i am trying to create an Array that will print the stock number as a title on row A. e.g. "Stock 1" in A2 "Stock 2" in A3...etc. here is what i have attempted:

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Copy Cell Value Into Worksheet Chart Titles

Sep 12, 2008

I work with several graphs in three Worksheets in a Spreadsheet.
I want to use text value 'Home Run', say, from Worksheet#1 CELL $A$5 into my Excel Graph Title;
text value 'Score' as Y-Axis titile;
text value 'Player Name' for X-Axis title.

Can it be done with Macro or VBS?

Attributes of Title are:

Font 14, BOLD
Times Roman
Automatic Resizing to sencond line if Title is long (but, less than 127 characters).

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Create A GUI For Search Engine To Show Titles

Mar 3, 2010

I have a worksheet with simple titles of books in a single colum, but want to create a user interface that is like a search engine to show titles.

Just a simple search window and search button. If I have a book named Mother Goose, and the user types in Mother, the search will show every title with that word in it. I have tried to do the advanced lookup I found here but I think I am not excel oriented enough to understand how to use it nor do I think it would do what I am looking for.

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Transpose Columns To Rows Based On Titles

Jul 9, 2007

I have a set of data which in one column, includes 500 countries, each followed by a list of 43 entries. I want to transpose the data into rows, so that the countries are all in one column, and the 43 entries are in rows as well..

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Sheet Names As Embedded Chart Titles

Jan 9, 2008

I have a spreadsheet that has multiple sheets and each sheet has a graph, at oresent if i have to add a new sheet and graph i copy the last sheet, rename the tab then off we go, but i alway have to remember to also change the sheets graph title. is a mechanism so that if I change the Sheet Tab name then the chart will use the sheet tab as a chart title.

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Building Legend Of Chart Titles Linked To Charts

May 14, 2014

I have a sheet with about 50-60 charts and I am hoping to have a master list of chart titles on the side, how can I link these titles with the charts themselves?

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Employee Titles Matching Office Types Verification

Apr 17, 2014

I am trying to have a column that returns either "secure" or "re-assignable" depending on whether the employees title matches the appropriate office/ space allocation.

e.g. an employee who's title is "CEO" and office type is "Large Exterior Office" would return a secure. However an employee with a title of "Admin Assistant", who's office type is "Large Exterior Office" would return "re-assignable"

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Automate Multiple Copies Of Worksheet And Titles Of Each Sheet?

Aug 6, 2014

I'm looking to automate the process of repeating an excel worksheet (which is set up with various tables and formulas) for various countries.

I have a referenced list of countries set up in worksheet 1. So for example: in worksheet 2 I have a sheet set up for Albania - and I want to repeat this for another 100 countries. . Can I use the reference list of countries to auto-repeat worksheet 2 for worksheets 3 - 102 and auto-title the worksheet tabs? (E.g. Brazil, Canada, Chile..............)

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Selecting Multiple Discontinuous Columns With Two Lines Titles

Jan 24, 2014

I have quite a long sequence of column for which the headers are all two-lines titles (with a line break). I need to copy many columns that are discontinuous, and the operation would save me a lot of time if I could select them at once. Of course, I know about selecting the columns holding CTRL, but here is the snag: as soon as a two-line title column is selected, the formula bar displays the content of the header, obviously on two lines, and I can't select any more columns. I tried many things, but nothing could solve this...

Is there anything I can do besides copying the columns one by one (which would take a long time) or renaming them?

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Copy Info Between Cells And Sort By Horizontal Titles

May 25, 2014

I have a column of Data (A1:A20584) that includes information for different contacts


I need the information to list as Row Titles (horizontally) so I can sort. I hope I am saying this correctly.

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Deleting Rows Below Current Cell Without Using Absolute Row Titles

Mar 21, 2012

What would be a line of code that could delete rows below a current cell without using absolute row titles? For instance, I pick a random cell and I want it to delete the three below regardless of what cell I pick.

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Excel 2007 :: Transferring Columns With Same Titles To Another Sheet Automatically?

Aug 18, 2014

Excel (2007) user however I'm not very well versed with VBAs and Macros.

I have three sheets and on each sheet the first 5 columns (A - E) have the same title (all in row 1, frozen top row and with filters) there are other columns but I only need A -E to auto transfer.

Sheet 1 is named "Total"

Sheet 2 is named "Management Referral"

Sheet 3 is named "Health Assessments"

What I'd like is for any entry that goes into any row in both sheet 2 and 3 to automatically transfer to sheet 1, but only the information from columns A - E.

There will be dates (dd/mm/yyyy) in column A in each sheet and when transferred to sheet 1 they must be listed chronologically oldest to newest.

I also need all the information in columns A - E that transfer to sheet 1 to stay in their respective sheets.

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