Multiple Criteria Sumifs In Multiple Columns

Mar 4, 2014

I am trying to improve how I write my formula. In this case I have replaced this horribly long formula:


[Code] ....

with this nice shortened version:


I have pieced this together using information on various forums and it appears to work, but I have a question:

What is the difference between using a comma and semi-colon in this new formula?

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SUMIFS With Multiple Criteria

Apr 11, 2014

Here is a sample of the formula I am currently using.



This works perfectly for what I was needing but I am adding more criteria and running into a problem. I am rolling together usage for parts with different part numbers but the same function in order to reduce SKUs (as well as capture replaced SKUs) needed. These are located in Columns A:G. what i would like to add is more conditions to where the parts are going. Currently I have one location located in cell B2. To analize my usage further, I want to add another location in C2. So i want my formula to look like this.


[Code] .....

when I use this it still only adds up with what matches in B2 regardless of the value in C2. Conversely, I can get the formula to work if I take out the extra part numbers.


[Code] ....

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Sumifs With Multiple Criteria?

Jul 12, 2012

I created the following formula and cannot get it the correct result. The return result is only adding column "P' with "275". How can I get it to recognize "276,"278"?

=SUM(SUMIFS('Supplies Only'!N:N,'Supplies Only'!E:E,{"2","26","27","59","86"},'Supplies Only'!P:P,{"275","276","278"}))

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Multiple Criteria Parameters In SUMIFS

Apr 29, 2014

I have a below table as below

a aa 1
a aa 1
a dd 1
a aa 1
b aa 1
b bb 1
b aa 1
b bb 1
c cc 1
c bb 1
c bb 1
c cc 1
d cc 1
d aa 1
d bb 1
d cc 1

When i put the formula


it returns 12 However when i put


it returns only 5

I don't want to use multi formula like

=SUMPRODUCT(SUMIFS(C1:C16,A1:A16,{"a","b","c"},B1:B16,"aa"})) + SUMPRODUCT(SUMIFS(C1:C16,A1:A16,{"a","b","c"},B1:B16,"bb"}))

I want to achieve this using SUMIFS only

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Sumifs / Multiple Criteria / One Of Them Being A List?

Jan 16, 2014

I will take out the different sheet references and instead show it as if it all on the same sheet.


Im trying to get this too work.

So F7:F1000, is the data to be added together

D7:D1000 = the year

C37 = 2014

I7:I1000 = category, so this has stuff like (food shopping, fuel, car, bills, utilities etc)

P2:P5 = three criterias ([Balance], [Cashback], [Transfer])

Im trying to sum together the values which is 2014, and has the text [Balance] or [Cashback] or [Transfer] in the category column.

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SUMIFS With Multiple Criteria Between Sheets?

Mar 21, 2014

I'm trying to sum data based on a the criteria of a date being between a certain range and sorted by a particular name.

I have included a sample sheet with two tabs:

Totals-I would like to get the sum of the hours a person worked in the range of dates being 1/1/2014-1/24/2014 (which is D1 and E1 in the current charges sheet) Current Charges-this is the page that I would like to gather the information from.

Below is a sample of the formula I was trying to use, but I get an interpretation of what I was trying to input is as follows: Sum C2:C34 in the current charge sheet if B2:B34 is greater than or equal to D1 on the current charges tab (which is 1/1/2014) and B2:B34 is less than or equal to E1 (which is 1/24/2014) with A4:A34 in the current charges sheet equal to A2 on Totals sheet.

SUMIFS('Current Charges'!C2:C34,'Current Charges'!$B$2:$B$34,">="&'Current Charges'!$D$1,Current Charges'!$B$2:$B$34,"<="&'Current Charges'!$E$1,'Current Charges'!$A$4:$A$34,A2)

Test Data:

SUMIFS Test Data.xlsx

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Sumifs Formula Does Not Contain Multiple Criteria For Same Range

Nov 10, 2013

I'm working on a formula for calculating shipment weight per city it goes to per weight scale of the shipment pricelist. Although we have 4 customers with customer codes which we ship with our own trucks and some customers pick up there goods.

Therefore, my sumifs formula currently looks like this:

=SUM(SUMIFS('Freight SH 13'!$R$7:$R$14176,'Freight SH 13'!$R$7:$R$14176,"

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SUMIFs Using Multiple Criteria Or Array Formula

Jan 7, 2014

I am trying to do a sum of data that contains three requirements - The country has to match either the USA or Canada and then it needs to pull for only a certain month (i.e. Jan, Feb, Mar) and then for that month only pull either Airfare, Hotel, Per Diem, or Car Rental. Basically looking for a way to Sum only the specific category for a specific time frame.

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SUMIFS With Multiple Columns?

Jul 29, 2014

SUMIFS formula where it calculates multiple columns as SUM RANGE

Currently I've got this formula:


The above mentioned formula works great, if I use it for one specific month, but not if I want to have my figures Year to date.

If I want to calculate the sum of multiple columns, and the sum is defined by the month I choose. How should the formula be?

For example: If I choose month 5, I want to calculate column C up till and including G (so only the first 5 columns), and if I choose month 8 it should calculate the sum of column C up till and including J.

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SUMIFS Multiple Criteria Including Blank Cell

Mar 13, 2013

I am trying to create a SUMIFS function to sum estimated hours for specific systems that do not have a Completed date. I do not want to sum remaining hours if it has been completed. i.e.

=SUMIFS(Hours, System#,"110-000-00, Complete (Date), ISBLANK)

System #
Complete (Date)



[Code] .........

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Formula Or VBA To Do Sumifs On Multiple Columns

Oct 31, 2013

On the attached work book I have 2 sheets on the total minutes sheets I need to run either a VBA or sumif formula that looks at all the Init columns and if it finds that name then it sums the duration cells corresponding with that name.

Picking log-Rev6.xlsm

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Use Sumifs On A Range With Multiple Columns?

Aug 13, 2014

I set my range as follows :


This gives me two ranges with multiple columns of data, which should work fine.

Then try to gather my data as follows :

[Code] ........

But this DOESN'T work - it seems like SumIfs doesn't work with a range with multiple columns... ?

The code DOES work if the rng2013/rng2014 ranges have only one column of data instead of more...

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Sumifs Utilizing Multiple Date Columns

Mar 19, 2013

Is it possible to use Sumifs to calculate multiple columns i.e. if a summary were able to sum Part No. 742810 O-rings for March it would arrive at 24 O-rings and 20 of the same for April. I tried it using

(Example) but it seems that Sumifs may have restrictions on the number of columns.

******** language="JavaScript" ************************************************************************>
Microsoft Excel - Parts Distribution.xlsm___Running: 14.0 :
OS = (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutL2L3L4L5=ABCDEFGHIJKL1Parts Description Part No.EquipmentMar1Mar5Mar12Mar30Apr6Apr17Apr27May3

[Code] .........

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Populating Fields In Multiple Cells Based On Criteria In Multiple Columns?

Feb 24, 2014

Im struggling to find a formula to populate cells based on values to be checked in two fields (ICODE, COMPANY) as shown below.

In the example here, all records where ever the ICODE = 49, i need to populate the fields(columns) AD1,AD2,AD3 or AD4 with the product name of the same company where the ICODE <> 49. There could be between 1-7 products per company.



The attached example file may be a better alternative to view this problem.

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Copy Rows Meeting Multiple Criteria On Multiple Columns

Dec 18, 2006

1. Copy data from original file (I do not want to do anything in the original file) into the spreadsheet (Target worksheet)where the code should run.
2. In sheet 1 of Target Worksheet, there are 2 columns which I need to set criterias on namely Column D and Column L
3. In Column D, I want to specify 3 criterias namely A, B and C
4. In Column L, I want to specify 5 criterias namely London, Frankfurt, New York, Sydney and Tokyo
5. If Criterias in 3 and 4 are met, copy all rows into Sheet 2 of Target Worksheet

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Multiply Multiple Columns Based On Multiple Criteria

Jan 23, 2012

So, another question with regards to this sales sheet that i am setting up. I want to be able to take the information below and for each of the people listed (i.e. by their initials) i would like to...

1.) Take their associated % (Columns C, E, G)
2.) Multiply the % by the Revenue (Column H)
3.) Sum up the total for each of the names (Locatedin Columns B, D, F)
4.) Only sum up the ones that occur in Month 1 of the Year 2012

I have tried multiple ways with a Sumproduct but none of them have worked. I would love to be able to do this with a single formula without having to add another column, for instance, to track what MonthNum it is. I tried using some kind of offset, but i could never get it to work.. For instance to look through the range, find the initial go over 1 column to the right and multiply that % by the revenue if the Month is 1..

Date (A)Rec1Name (B)Rec1Pct (C)Rec2Name (D)Rec2Pct (E)Rec3Name (F)Rec3Pct (G)Revenue (H)1/1/12AD25.00%RU25.00%BF25.00%1000.001/1/12AD25.00%RU25.00%PNF25.00%2000.001/1/12BF50.00%00.00%00.00%1200.002/1/12BF50.00%00.00%00.00%1000.002/1/12BF50.00%00.00%00.00%1000.003/1/12AD25.00%RU25.00%00.00%1000.003/1/12AD25.00%RU25.00%00.00%1500.004/1/12AD16.67%RU16.67%BF16.67%1500.004/1/12BF50.00%00.00%00.00%1500.00

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Sum Multiple Criteria In Multiple Columns And Rows

Jul 10, 2013

create a formula,for multiple criteria with multiple results in rows.


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Sum Multiple Columns Using Multiple Criteria?

Jan 25, 2012

I'm looking to create a formula that I'm not sure is possible. In my spreadsheet template I have company departments in Column C4:C500 and projects in rows F3:AZ3. The actual proj ID in F3:AZ3 will vary by spreadsheet, but I have a separate Master sheet that has all projects and all departments listed in a pivot table-like format. Since there are far more proj IDs than departments, in this master list the depts are all in the same row and proj IDs in the same column. Due to the input, I cannot change the template setup.

I will be pulling many spreadsheets together and want to calculate the total where the company dept and proj matchup.

The SUMIFS statement I am attempting is =SUMIFS(C5:AZ500,"Project",cell w/ project,"Dept",cell with dept) - but the issue is you cannot do a sumif using multiple columns.

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Multiple IF Criteria Across Multiple Columns?

Apr 1, 2013

I am trying to create a formula that will populate a cell with text depending on an entry in 7 other columns. Only one of the seven columns will have an "Yes" entry. This is what I have so far that is not working:

=IF(C:C="Yes","Injury",IF(D:D="Yes","Illness",IF(E:E="Yes","Property Damage",IF(F:F="Yes","Motor Vehicle",IF(G:G="Yes","First Aid",IF(H:H="Yes","Near Miss",IF(I:I="Yes","Other")))))))

So if there is a "yes" in column C, I want "Injury" to be displayed in my destination cell; if column C is blank but there is a "yes" in column E, then display "Property Damage" and so on. I am completely flummoxed.

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AverageIfs Multiple Criteria In Columns

Feb 5, 2014

So I have 3 columns in this example. I want to average column K if certain criteria are met in Columns G & I.

Columns G & I have text values and Column K is a number value.

Does that make sense?

If I'm simply counting how many meet both criteria, I have this: =COUNTIFS(Data!I2:I282,"Waiting",Data!G2:G282,"Sev1")

but I want to now take those and average the values for Column K.

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Count Multiple Columns And Criteria

Mar 13, 2014

What I'm trying to do count the TRUE values in multiple columns, if the criteria is correct in another column.

I've tried countifs but end up having the company included into the count, or only count the row that matches all the criteria.

If I do =COUNTIFS(A2:A7,"A",B2:B7,"TRUE")+COUNTIF(C2:C7,"TRUE") then I get 5.

When I change it to +COUNTIFS(A2:A7,"A",C2:C7,"TRUE") it works but there's a time where I need to check up to 8 Options.

Option 1
Option 2







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Return Max Value Considering Criteria In Multiple Columns

Jan 10, 2014

I would like to return the value in column D (Store Name) that corresponds to the Max value in column N (Units Still Required). However, this Max value must meet certain criteria. That is, the State (column J) and Style Code (column Q) must be the same as that of the row being considered.

I have tried the below formula, and it appears to work the majority of the time, however, occassionally it does not adhere to the criteria (i.e. same State and Style Code).

For example in cell M7:
=IF(L7=0," ",INDEX(D$7:D$999,MATCH(MAX((IF((J:J=J7)*(Q:Q=Q7),N:N))),N$7:N$999,0)))

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VBA Delete Row If Criteria From Multiple Columns Are Met

Aug 19, 2014

I'm trying to create a short script which performs the following:

Searches for a specific name in column C on my "Resource List" sheet, then When this is found, check column H to see if this is populated,Then when both criteria are met delete the entire row.

Using a link I found here [URL], I've put together the code below:

[Code] ....

The problem I have is that although the criteria are being met the row is not being deleted.

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Delete Multiple Columns If They Fit Different Criteria

Jun 17, 2009

Macro below would be to only go down to the cell = to the bottom-most cell with data in column A.

These columns below are all in row A (the title row)
If column named "paper" says "white" OR "grey" AND
column named "pizza" says "mushroom" AND
column named "size" says "large" AND
column named "flavor" says "butter pecan"..
(again, only going down to the same matching cell with any data in column a)

Then delete these columns.

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How To Hide Multiple Columns Via VBA With Criteria

Jul 1, 2013

I have a data ranging from J:EW with a heading in row 2 e.g. J2 the heading is "OT1 Hrs"; K2 the heading is "OT1Amount"; L2 the heading is "OT2 Hrs" and so forth. My difficulty is, it is too much multiple columns from J to EW, how can I draft the vba to hide a column that has "Hrs" in row 2 heading instead of doing it one by one.

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Count And Sum For Criteria In Multiple Columns

Aug 17, 2007

I am trying to figure out how to create a formula using multiple criteria in different columns. Ideally, I need to use the whole column (i.e. E:E rather than E2:E400) because I don't want to have to update the formula every time I input data.

I will simplify my spreadsheet for example purpose. Basically, column A has a unique identifier that either begins with an "M" or an "R." Column B either contains a person's name or a "-". Column C contains a dollar amount.

1. I need to be able to count all the cells in Column A that begin with an "M" AND have a "-" in Column B.

2. I need to be able to SUM the $ amounts in Column C ONLY for the items that begin with an "M" in Column A and have a "-" in Column B.

Is there any sort of formula that might do this? I have tried SUM arrays but as I said before, I would rather be able to use the whole column.

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Oct 25, 2007

I am trying to run a lookup on a rather large table.

Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Column F

Postal code City Province Postal code City Province

I am trying to look up the City and Province based on the Postal code and can't figure out how to do this.

There are too many Postal codes to fit them all in Column A, I have tried V Lookup, Index Match and can't get it to work.

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Averaging Multiple Columns / Rows If Two Criteria Are Met

Apr 30, 2014

I have a dataset consisting of concentrations of parameters (alpha and beta) at different locations over multiple years. I've included an example dataset here.

I need to calculate an average and standard deviation for each parameter that spans multiple locations and years (but not all locations and years).

Example 1: Calculate the average and standard deviation of alpha values from years 2009 to 2012 at locations A and C.

Answer should be: Average of {0.84, 0.47, 0.27, 0.14, 0.36, 0.65, 0.66, 0.85} is 0.53. Standard deviation of {0.84, 0.47, 0.27, 0.14, 0.36, 0.65, 0.66, 0.85} is 0.26.

The real dataset is large, including 7 different parameters and more than 30 locations. I need to perform these calculations for many parameters, so am looking for a formula (or array formula) that will do this in as little cells as possible. Can this be done by formula or will I need a macro?







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Sumproduct For Multiple Criteria Across Columns And Rows

Jan 10, 2014

I've not used SUMPRODUCT previously and can't understand how to get results for the attached.

I've tried SUMIFS but it doesn't work because I'm looking down columns and across rows, I'm assuming.

I've attached a summary of what I'm trying to achieve. I want to sum all costs with an R,P,I,G, etc. in column C for December '13 (E3) in the top table.

The second table is actually in a different sheet but is the source of the data I need added.

Sumproduct P&L.xlsx‎

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Formula For Counting 2 Different Criteria In Multiple Columns?

Jun 17, 2014

Fixed data labels over a number of columns and i want to count the number of times 2 of these appear however when ive tried to use the countifs function it will only count if in the first colum of the range selected and for example if A2 says 'FRANCE' and D1 'RED'

Ie i have been using COUNTIFS('Datasheet'!BB:BE,A1,'datasheet'!BE:BH,D1)

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