SUMIFS With Multiple Criteria Between Sheets?

Mar 21, 2014

I'm trying to sum data based on a the criteria of a date being between a certain range and sorted by a particular name.

I have included a sample sheet with two tabs:

Totals-I would like to get the sum of the hours a person worked in the range of dates being 1/1/2014-1/24/2014 (which is D1 and E1 in the current charges sheet) Current Charges-this is the page that I would like to gather the information from.

Below is a sample of the formula I was trying to use, but I get an interpretation of what I was trying to input is as follows: Sum C2:C34 in the current charge sheet if B2:B34 is greater than or equal to D1 on the current charges tab (which is 1/1/2014) and B2:B34 is less than or equal to E1 (which is 1/24/2014) with A4:A34 in the current charges sheet equal to A2 on Totals sheet.

SUMIFS('Current Charges'!C2:C34,'Current Charges'!$B$2:$B$34,">="&'Current Charges'!$D$1,Current Charges'!$B$2:$B$34,"<="&'Current Charges'!$E$1,'Current Charges'!$A$4:$A$34,A2)

Test Data:

SUMIFS Test Data.xlsx

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Using SUMIFS Across Multiple Sheets?

Jun 21, 2014

Using the SUMIFS function, I could successfully get the expected results from extracting data from 15 base separate excel files (from where the data will be extracted). However, whenever I am re-opening my master sheet(where I want the data to reflect) it gives me #VALUE!

Only after opening all my 15 base sheets, my master sheet fetches data.

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SUMIFS With Multiple Criteria

Apr 11, 2014

Here is a sample of the formula I am currently using.



This works perfectly for what I was needing but I am adding more criteria and running into a problem. I am rolling together usage for parts with different part numbers but the same function in order to reduce SKUs (as well as capture replaced SKUs) needed. These are located in Columns A:G. what i would like to add is more conditions to where the parts are going. Currently I have one location located in cell B2. To analize my usage further, I want to add another location in C2. So i want my formula to look like this.


[Code] .....

when I use this it still only adds up with what matches in B2 regardless of the value in C2. Conversely, I can get the formula to work if I take out the extra part numbers.


[Code] ....

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Sumifs With Multiple Criteria?

Jul 12, 2012

I created the following formula and cannot get it the correct result. The return result is only adding column "P' with "275". How can I get it to recognize "276,"278"?

=SUM(SUMIFS('Supplies Only'!N:N,'Supplies Only'!E:E,{"2","26","27","59","86"},'Supplies Only'!P:P,{"275","276","278"}))

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Multiple Criteria Parameters In SUMIFS

Apr 29, 2014

I have a below table as below

a aa 1
a aa 1
a dd 1
a aa 1
b aa 1
b bb 1
b aa 1
b bb 1
c cc 1
c bb 1
c bb 1
c cc 1
d cc 1
d aa 1
d bb 1
d cc 1

When i put the formula


it returns 12 However when i put


it returns only 5

I don't want to use multi formula like

=SUMPRODUCT(SUMIFS(C1:C16,A1:A16,{"a","b","c"},B1:B16,"aa"})) + SUMPRODUCT(SUMIFS(C1:C16,A1:A16,{"a","b","c"},B1:B16,"bb"}))

I want to achieve this using SUMIFS only

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Sumifs / Multiple Criteria / One Of Them Being A List?

Jan 16, 2014

I will take out the different sheet references and instead show it as if it all on the same sheet.


Im trying to get this too work.

So F7:F1000, is the data to be added together

D7:D1000 = the year

C37 = 2014

I7:I1000 = category, so this has stuff like (food shopping, fuel, car, bills, utilities etc)

P2:P5 = three criterias ([Balance], [Cashback], [Transfer])

Im trying to sum together the values which is 2014, and has the text [Balance] or [Cashback] or [Transfer] in the category column.

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Sumifs Formula Does Not Contain Multiple Criteria For Same Range

Nov 10, 2013

I'm working on a formula for calculating shipment weight per city it goes to per weight scale of the shipment pricelist. Although we have 4 customers with customer codes which we ship with our own trucks and some customers pick up there goods.

Therefore, my sumifs formula currently looks like this:

=SUM(SUMIFS('Freight SH 13'!$R$7:$R$14176,'Freight SH 13'!$R$7:$R$14176,"

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SUMIFs Using Multiple Criteria Or Array Formula

Jan 7, 2014

I am trying to do a sum of data that contains three requirements - The country has to match either the USA or Canada and then it needs to pull for only a certain month (i.e. Jan, Feb, Mar) and then for that month only pull either Airfare, Hotel, Per Diem, or Car Rental. Basically looking for a way to Sum only the specific category for a specific time frame.

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Multiple Criteria Sumifs In Multiple Columns

Mar 4, 2014

I am trying to improve how I write my formula. In this case I have replaced this horribly long formula:


[Code] ....

with this nice shortened version:


I have pieced this together using information on various forums and it appears to work, but I have a question:

What is the difference between using a comma and semi-colon in this new formula?

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SUMIFS Multiple Criteria Including Blank Cell

Mar 13, 2013

I am trying to create a SUMIFS function to sum estimated hours for specific systems that do not have a Completed date. I do not want to sum remaining hours if it has been completed. i.e.

=SUMIFS(Hours, System#,"110-000-00, Complete (Date), ISBLANK)

System #
Complete (Date)



[Code] .........

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Excel 2010 :: Counting Cells With Multiple Criteria On Multiple Sheets In Workbook

Aug 5, 2012

I am using MS Office 2010. I want to count---on multiple sheets---the number of times that a given cell is greater than another cell if and only if a third cell is equal to a given value. I want to do this for 4 sets of data on each sheet. I thought I had it figured out with this formula---


but it returns a value of zero each time. Clearly there is an error in the formula.

Here is some background:
-- $H$1:$H$43 is a block of cells that has the names of the sheets in the workbook
-- E1 and F1, G1 and H1, I1 and J1, K1 and L1 are the four groups of cells that I am comparing.
In the entire workbook, I want to add 1 (counting function) only when:
R1=2 AND E1>F1 or
S1=2 AND G1>H1 or
T1=2 AND I1>J1
U1=2 and K1>L1
on each appropriate sheet in the workbook.

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Excel 2003 :: Formula For Counting Values Across A Range Using Multiple Criteria Across Multiple Sheets

Feb 9, 2014

I have saved this on a 2010 workbook as I am at home but this will be used on a 2003 workbook.

I have several projects on one spreadsheet which multiple users will be working and I am trying to create a summary sheet of the work carried out.

Each user is expected to carry out a task on each row of the data held in each worksheet (research, call, update etc) and each task (Option 1-5) is assigned a value. Each user is expected to meet a certain level of points per day to calculate productivity.

I am looking for a sumproduct along the lines of the summary sheet attached but mine just takes one sheet into consideration and I need one for all sheets.

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Excel 2010 :: Lookup Multiple Criteria Across Multiple Sheets?

May 28, 2014

I have a Excel 2010 workbook used to rota in a large amount of staff for a call centre, which is split into four teams. Each sheet corresponds to a month of the calendar year eg Jan201, Feb 2014 etc..

What im trying to do is put in a sheet at the front of the workbook that I can select the team, which populates the list of staff in that team and then checking across a specified date range gives the shifts that those respective staff will be working for the set time period (probably be looking at a seven day period and a 1 month period). (This in turn will be printed out to give to the staff members.)

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Grabbing Data With Multiple Criteria Across Multiple Sheets

Jun 24, 2014

I've attached a sample sheet to this message.

What I'm trying to do is grab data from the raw data sheet and paste it into the master sheet based off of certain criteria. I want to list any accounts that are not correct.

For example, I want to look through the Raw Data sheet, find the account that contains campaigns which are not correct, and then list the name of the account on the Master sheet. I only need the account name listed once on the Master sheet.

Sample Data.xlsx‎

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Sum Of Multiple Cells Within Multiple Sheets With Varying Criteria

May 5, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that has about 50 sheets and a summary sheet at the front the layout of the summary sheet is column A has skill sets from A4 to A20 and across the top it has week commencing dates from F3 to about BA3 (dates go from w/c 06/05/13 to 08/12/14). On the other sheets they have the dates in the same columns but the skill sets vary as to each project, some projects may have two of the same skill set in column A because there is two people needed who can do the same thing, I need to total up the days over the sheets for each week and skill set.

I have been using the SUMIF formula as follows:


And so on for each sheet and then change the formula for the next skill set and then again for the next column.

Is there a way of doing this without having to enter a formula into each cell, at the moment I am coping and pasting the formula into word to do a find and replace to change the SummaryA4 to SummaryA5 etc and then into the next cell for the corresponding date.

So to make this seem like it makes any sense I am looking for say an 'Administrator' in all the project sheets over all the dates and for it to add it up for the summary sheet. Under the corresponding week against the skill set.

So it would be F4:F20 for w/c 06/05/13, G4:G20 for w/c 13/05/13 and so on until all skill sets.

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Sum With 2 Criteria Across Multiple Sheets

Dec 29, 2006

My question is similar to the thread Count/ sum with two criteria from multiple sheets. For example, I would like to use SUM Formula the number of widgets sold by store (Column A) by month (Row 5) for each salesperson (sheets Homer, Marge, and Lisa). I'm using the following Count Or Sum Two Criteria From Multiple Sheets equation to achieve the desired results: =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&$A$1:$A$3&"'!A:A"),$A6,INDIRECT("'"&$A$1:$A$3&"'!b:b")))

where my worksheet names are in range A1:A3, the store names are in range A6:A10, and the months are in B5:D5. However, for each month, I have to manually change the column ie. from "'!b:b" to "'!c:c", "'!d:d", etc. In my real worksheet, the columns extend down to ED so to manually change the range would be extremely time consuming.

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SUMIFS With Two Or More Criteria?

Aug 11, 2012

I have the following formula in Col C

=SUMIFS(C$275:C$379,$A275:$A$379,{"Idle Time","Oil stock *"})

The criteria "Idle Time" & "Oil stock losses" are in Col A.

I would like to add the values in Col C based on "Idle Time" & "Oil stock losses" which are in Col A

The formula =SUMIFS(C$275:C$379,$A275:$A$379,{"Idle Time","Oil stock *"}) adds the idle time value correctly, but ignore the values of Oil Stock losses

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Search Multiple Sheets For Criteria In Col A?

Oct 30, 2013

I have thought about recording a vlookup but this might be messy and prone to errors. Is there anyway to search through multiple sheets for a value (code) in Col A sheet 1. And return X in sheet 1 in the next column.

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SUMIFS With Criteria Range

Oct 31, 2013

Having issues trying to do a sumifs function using multiple criteria to get a final total. I want to sum a list of values that have different transaction types from a transaction table. The only working way I have found is to do a sumif and create a CSE formula for it and drag it down and sum to the total. I am looking for a way to sum the the entire list of transaction types I need from the transaction tab and get to the total value rather than have to use a CSE and then sum. Basically I want to take out the sum of the CSE results....Is there anyway to do this?

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SUMIFS More Than One Criteria And A Month

May 24, 2014

Attached is a spreadsheet. The first worksheet is a summary of the data inputted in the second. I am trying to total the "total spend field depending on whether it is "Extra Works", "Spares & Materials" or "Other" which works fine. I would now like to sum depending also on the month that it was spent.

Order Tracker 2.xlsx‎

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SUMIFS - Cannot Use The Same Criteria Range?

Dec 23, 2013

Following the syntax of the SUMIFS formula --> Can "criteria_range1" be the same as "criteria_range2" ?

It didn't work for me and I got the result as 0.

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SUMIFS With Criteria Range?

Dec 19, 2012

I have the following formula that I did:

=SUMIFS(Sheet2!L:L, Sheet2!B:B, 1, Sheet3!A:A, Sheet3!A5, Sheet2!X:X, "LOL", Sheet2!R:R, "delivered")+SUMIFS(Sheet2!L:L, Sheet2!B:B, 1, Sheet3!A:A, Sheet3!A5, Sheet2!X:X, "LOL", Sheet2!R:R, "shipped")

As you can see I have exactly same thing in the first SUMIFS function, and the second one except for the "delivered" and "shipped" criteria. Now, what I would like to do is to create a range that would be used instead of a single criteria.

Actually, I have more than 20 criteria but I don't want to do 20 separate SUMIFS and then adding them. Best would be if I could select a range of criterias (I would like to be updating that list easily in the future).

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SUMIFS Using Arrays As Criteria?

Feb 28, 2014

The below formula is working fine:

=SUM(SUMIFS(YTD_GBP,Region,"Central Budgets",Cost_Desc,"Hardware",Non_Billable_Project,{"Non Billable","Central Budget"}))/1000

but if I try to add in a second criteria for Region, as below:

=SUM(SUMIFS(YTD_GBP,Region,{"Central Budgets","Corporate Services"},Cost_Desc,"Hardware",Non_Billable_Project,{"Non Billable","Central Budget"}))/1000

I get zeros.

But if I do two separate formulas and add them:

=(SUM(SUMIFS(YTD_GBP,Region,"Central Budgets",Cost_Desc,"Hardware",Non_Billable_Project,{"Non Billable","Central Budget"}))+SUM(SUMIFS(YTD_GBP,Region,"Corporate Services",Cost_Desc,"Hardware",Non_Billable_Project,{"Non Billable","Central Budget"})))/1000

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Use Forumula As Criteria For Sumifs?

Nov 22, 2008

I'm trying to sort out an accounts receivable ageing into various age categories For example, for a customer with 3 months credit term, i've used the formula =SUMIFS($C3:$AA3,$C$1:$AA$1,">=4",$C$1:$AA$1,"<=9") to sum up amounts that are 1 to 6 months past due. For the next age category 7 to 12 months past due i've used =SUMIFS($C3:$AA3,$C$1:$AA$1,">=10",$C$1:$AA$1,"<=15").

As my customers have different credit terms (30 days, 60 days etc), i've to adjust the above formula accordingly e.g. instead of ">=4", I'll have to change the criterion to ">=7". This is time consuming as i've got a long customer list.

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SUMIFS With Alphanumeric Criteria

Jul 7, 2014

I am trying to create a SUMIFS statement with an alphanumeric criterion. I have found formulas that delete specific alpha-strings from the alphanumeric criterion before summing, but I have multiple different alpha-strings for the different departments.

Right now I have:


But I need to add in that the alphanumeric values in C4:C100 are >= 3000. There are always 3 letters at the beginning of the course codes and then a space before the 4-digit number.

I tried

=SUMIFS(E4:E100,G4:G100, ">1.67",C4:C100,">=*3000")

But that, alas, did not work and it does not appear RIGHT works with SUMIFS.

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Print Multiple Sheets Based On Criteria

Sep 5, 2007

I am trying to find a way to select and print multiple sheets based on a criteria or a list. I have a large worksheet with many sheets. Each sheet falls into one of three categories, and I want to be able to automatically print all tabs in each category. I have all of the sheets rolled up into a summary where I have access to all of the sheet name and print criteria.

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Use Sumifs Function Applying 2 Criteria?

Aug 21, 2013


Attached is the example of the data, I am trying to sum the amount applying 2 criteria, within a particular month and other category. The formula tried is


However it is giving a value of zero only. I have tried other combinations as well.

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SUMIFS Function With OR Statement In One Criteria?

Apr 20, 2014

I need to do a SUMIFS with 2 sets of Criteria, but I need the second Criteria to be an OR Statement. The numbers I am adding up is in Column E, with any where from about 20,000 to about 60,000 records (will fluctuate all the time). The first Criteria is easy - match up the name in AG12 with any of the names in Column C. The second criteria is to match up the numbers in Column A with any of the numbers in AD1 through AD40.

I tried this but it didn't work: =SUMIFS(E:E,C:C,AG12,A:A,AD1:AD40). I've alos tried a million other variations of that, imbedded SUM(IF( statements, SUMPRODUCT statements, and DSUM statements and no luck. I can't find anything that allows me to make that second second criteria look at the numbers in Column AD as being AD1 or AD2 or AD3 so on and so forth.

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How To Use Sumifs To Meet 2 Criteria And Then Sum One Column

Mar 13, 2014

How can u use sumifs to meet 2 critera and then sum the one column..

=SUMIFS('[South Pac Load Tracker - MAR14.xlsm]SPECIALS TEAM NZ'!$M$8:$M$100000,'[South Pac Load Tracker - MAR14.xlsm]SPECIALS TEAM NZ'!$C$8:$C$100000,B5,'[South Pac Load Tracker - MAR14.xlsm]SPECIALS TEAM NZ'!$B8:$B100000,$A$2)

That is the formula i used and it worked, yet when i try to use it for other names (where b5 would be) the numbers skew and do whatever they want..

I just want to sum all of the values in M:M which have B5 or "fiona" in columns C:C and also match the date from B:B with A2.

I believe ive done it right and as i say it does work with the first name in b5 but when i pull the formula down it doesnt work anymore...

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Using Absolute Value For Criteria Range In SumIfs

Jul 8, 2014

So I have a formula as follows:


Although it is not working because I cannot use ABS() on a criteria range. is there any other way that I can have this formula sum the values if the absolute value of the number in that row is equal to the absolute value of 1 or more values in the same column but a different row?

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