Personal Macros No Longer Opens At Start Up

Aug 13, 2014

I can't find it on my computer either, where is it hidden?

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Global Macros In Personal Workbook

Mar 7, 2008

How do you get macros to be universally accessible as functions without using the "personal.xls!" prefix? For instance I have the macro testmacro(), and if I do "personal.xls!testmacro(...)" it works fine, but if I just do "testmacro(...)" it gives me a "# NAME?" error. I have PERSONAL.xls (which is in the XLStart folder) as a hidden window. I tried unhiding and re-hiding it

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Excel 2010 :: Macros No Longer Work When Workbook Shared

Aug 22, 2012

Using Excel 2010.

I've created a spreadsheet at work that has two summary tabs which contain hyperlinks to around 30 separate sheet tabs.

On each sheet tab there is a list of unique values in column A (and other information relating to each value in columns B to D which are repeated for more than one unique value). In column E, users enter a test script name against each unique value they wish to 'reserve', and the macro picks out the unique test script names and via the COUNTIF formula counts the frequency of each test script name for each of the different values in column B.

My problem is that the macro seems to work fine if the workbook is not shared, but errors if the workbook is saved as shared. The error is 'Run time error 1004 - Unable to select the MergeCells property of the Range class'.

Here is the macro code:

Sub Get_Policies_Per_Script(updCol As Long, ShtName As String)
Dim rowctr As Long
Dim tgtrow As Long

Const ppsformula As String = "=COUNTIFS($A$3:$A$65000,I$24,$E$3:$E$65000,$G"

If updCol = 5 Then 'test name column has been modified

[Code] ..........

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A Few Macros Dont Work Properly With Personal.xls

Jun 18, 2008

I wondered if I could pick your brains and hopefully get some answers to my problem. I have recently been using the Personal.xls worksheet to make all my Macros available to all open workbooks so that I don't have to cut and paste Macros each time I wanted to use them.

Now I know you sometimes have to make certain adjustments to Macros in order to make them work globally. I wondered if I could find out how to amend the codes below to make them work properly. Thanks.

The first code Macro below deletes all worksheets in a workbook except for the currently active sheet. However it no longer works.

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Personal.xls: Save Macros And Open In The Background

Feb 27, 2009

Everytime I open Excel, the personal.xls file opens. What does one need to do to have the personal.xls file available as an option to save macros to, and have it open in the background only - not as an active file you can see?

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Saving Macros As Global Addins Or Personal.xls Files

Jan 12, 2010

So i have a macro that i wrote that willclean up these datafeeds that i get. i want to be able to use them for each spreadsheet. So the first bit i tried was saving a personal.xls file in the xlstart folder in XP (MSE 2003) . That would automatically pull up but when i tried to run the macro on other worksheets i get the generic 400 error.

the next thing i tried was copying the macro to a module and adding function tags and taking out the sub tags. i then "saved" that in the addins folder then tried assiging my custom button to is through the macros prompt. When i gave the title box the absolute path to the addins folder with clean.xla cited it said it was invalid, so i tried saving it just as clean.xla expecting it to locate the file there anyway.

this far each time i try to run the macro globally it says it cant find the current sheetname!macroname So i must be missing a step somewhere... can anyone give advice, i have searched the forum and couldnt find a similar problem for solutions.

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Excel 2007 :: Imported Personal Macros Not Working

Sep 6, 2013

I recently had a virus on my computer and had to replace it. I had a ton of macros saved in my Personal.xlsb workbook, so I exported those modules and have now imported them to the new Personal.xlsb file. Now for some reason those macros no longer work in other files. Most of them are basic, like I have a macro to paste values or paste formats, etc. but I have some others that are very complex. The macros work fine as long as I am in Personal.xlsb, but if I try to use them in another open workbook I get the "all macros may be disabled or the macro may not be available in this workbook" message. I am using Excel 07 and have verified that macros are enabled.

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Copy Macros From Personal Macro Workbook To New Workbook?

Mar 28, 2014

I need to copy several macros from the Personal Macro workbook to a new workbook that I need to take to another computer. I need to be able to run the macros on that computer. I can only record macros and make minor changes in the VB editor. I do not know VB code.

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Code That Copies A Range Opens Notepad Pastes The Range Opens Save Dialog And Types The File Name

Nov 6, 2009

I currently have the following code that copies a range opens notepad pastes the range opens save dialog and types the file name. The problem I have is with overwriting the existing file.

Shell "notepad.exe", vbNormalFocus
SendKeys "^V"
SendKeys "^s"
SendKeys "Total_IEDs_Hour_Of_Day_2009.xml"
SendKeys "{TAB}"
SendKeys "a"
SendKeys "{ENTER}"

Everything works fine to this point. Then it opens the do you want to overwrite dialog and I cant get it to hit yes.

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Text Longer Than A Column

Apr 17, 2009

I just reinstalled windows (XP) and Office 2003, SP3.
When entering text in a column and if it was larger than the current column, it used to just display into the next column unless there was data in that column.

Now, it just displays a few letter from the end of the first word. How can I change this back as default?

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Text Can Be No Longer Than 80 Characters

Mar 17, 2014

I am submitting a book CSV file to my website. However, the website will not accept any cell that contains more than 80 characters. The error states the following. "WARNING: Title should be less than or equal to 80 chars; your Title was truncated to 80 chars" repeated 13 times.

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VBA - Fill Until String Longer Than 10

May 23, 2012

this is a hard nut I've been working on for a while. I have a worksheet that in column A has the following rows:

| A
1 | 21432 - Accessories
2 | SortPrice
3 | 1
4 | 2
5 | 3
6 | 4
7 | 5
8 | 6
9 | 21440 - Furniture
10| SortPrice
11| 1
12| 2
and so on...

What I'm trying to do, is to make a macro that will fill the value "21432 - Accessories" down until the next which is "21440 - Furniture", which then should be filled down until the next 5 digit value..

In my opinion the best way to approach it would be to search for a string longer than say 10 characters, then fill it down until the next string that's longer than 10 characters..

This is what I'd like it to look like after the macro has been run:
| A
1 | 21432 - Accessories
2 | 21432 - Accessories
3 | 21432 - Accessories
4 | 21432 - Accessories
5 | 21432 - Accessories
6 | 21432 - Accessories
7 | 21432 - Accessories
8 | 21432 - Accessories
9 | 21440 - Furniture
10| 21440 - Furniture
11| 21440 - Furniture
12| 21440 - Furniture
and so on...

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How To Add VLookup To Longer Macro

Jul 25, 2013

how to add a vlookup to a longer macro I'm working on but I keep running into a variety of errors. I ended up creating a new Sub () to test out a very simple vlookup macro in the hopes of figuring out what's going on.

I went to this website VLOOKUP In VBA and copied exactly a sample code they provided there (only thing I changed was substituting in my own lookup value and range), but I'm still getting an "object required" error. Is there something wrong with the provided code, or do I have a setting off on my computer? I've tried to use vlookup in a macro several different ways but I keep getting assorted errors (including object required)


Sub Fustrated()
Dim E_name As String
E_name = "Lira"
Sal = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(E_name, Admin.Range("AF3:AG12"), 2, False)
MsgBox "Number" And Sal
End Sub

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Replace Part Of Longer Function

Mar 14, 2014

I am working with a lot of data and have been making a table of statistical analysis for several rock types. I have it worked out to where i can filter the data and with the use of a bunch of IF functions, below, and it keeps everything the way I want.

{=MAX(IF($H$2:$H$22="sedimentary rocks",$W$2:$W$22))}

The problem is I have to introduce new rock types, but if I just copy the formulas over i then have to go through hundreds of cells and switch sedimentary rocks to volcanic or whatever new class i have.

How this can be done faster. Maybe some way to say "find "text" within this range and replace" i can do it for actual values but when its embedded in a function im not sure.

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Longer Text Entry Turns Into ####..

Nov 26, 2008

I have a form in Excel that has comments fields. Each comments field is a merged cell consisting of four rows and four columns. My understanding is that Excel should be able to display 1024 characters. The input that's causing me trouble has 360 characters. At around 300 characters, the text box gets filled with ############################# instead of text.

If I size the font down significantly to where there would be absolutely no question that the text would fit, it is still #######. I may have to end up using text boxes, but they are a bit troublesome for the less Excel-savvy users of the form.

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Make Validation Lists Longer Than 9?

Feb 8, 2010

Can you make validation lists longer than 9 items?

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Workbook No Longer Fits Screen

Jan 5, 2007

I've tried the F1 Help screens and searched the board with nothing that applys to my problem popping up.

I have several Workbooks that I use regularly. Without making any changes that I know of, recently several of the workbooks began opening too long and a little off to the right.

I can grab the top header and move them back to the left but I have no visible bottom slider bar and the side slider bar when at the lowest point that I can pull it down to is about 1000 rows from the last entry. I have other Workbooks that are working perfectly. Its like my Monitor needs to be two inches taller.

I have checked View settings -- Format Settings -- Resizing and all other things that I can think of, all to no avail.

Using Control G and trying to mentally keep track of my current last line number to enter a new row is really getting Old.

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Displaying Images Whose URL Is Longer Than 255 Characters

Apr 3, 2008

Is there any way to do this, using VBA etc? I can't make the filename shorter since it's a thematic map from Google Charts.

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Finding Text Within A Longer String

May 21, 2008

i need help with 2 formulas to return text within a longer string.

the first result i need is a style #. this will always start at the 5th character, but the length is variable. it will always end right before the last "/" or "" in the string (there may or may not be a / or within the style number)

the 2nd result i need is a description of the style. this will always be after the last "/" or "" in the string and end before a ".", but there may not always be a period in the string.

Text string: ABC123123BASIC
Style # result: 123123
Description result: BASIC TEE

Style # result: 4567LEAH
Description result: FLORAL TANK DRESS

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Macro With Delete Row - No Longer Runs

Apr 6, 2007

This macro ran fine until I started using Offset on ranges to have them extend. The macro replaces "L" with blanks but does not go on to delete the rows. The name "Type" refers to =Offset(Mem05!$A$2,0,0, CountA(Mem05!$A$2:$A$270),10)

Relevant part of Macro
Application.Goto Reference:="Type"
Selection.Replace What:="L", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlWhole, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=True, SearchFormat:=False, _
On Error Resume Next


Is it using Offset that could be causing this error?

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What's In Your Personal.xls

Jun 15, 2009

After using =Char(Mid(A1, 15, 1)), =Char(Mid(A1, 16, 1)), =Char(Mid(A1, 17, 1)), ... a few hundred times in years past, I made a form and wrote some code to list the contents of a cell in binary. It's been handy.

I recently added support for Unicode, so it may not be fully cooked (or maybe reheated), and double-width Unicode characters are problematic.

In addition to adding the attached form to the workbook, this needs to go in a code module.

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Can No Longer Get LOOKUP To Work As Expected! (2007)

Jun 17, 2009

I have used the LOOKUP formula several times with no problem.

Now -- even in the simplest example -- I can't get it to work as I expect.

Rather than explain, attached is a very simple spreadsheet that shows how the LOOKUP formula is returning a different value than I would expect.

As mentioned on the spreadsheet, the value I would expect to be returned is "euro", not "other sam".

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Excel No Longer Opening CSV Files Correctly

Feb 7, 2013

All of the sudden, I've started having issues on one PC with Excel opening CSV files.

I work with these files every day and they work on other computers.

The problem is that if the field value starts with a dash, Excel will not show any records before that. Meaning, if there is a record on line 50000 that starts with a dash, it will not show the previous 49000 records.

I can open the file in Notepad++ and find all '- and replace it with ' and it will work fine. But I have hundreds of files.

This just started. I'm using using Office 2010 x64. I'm tempted to get Office 2013 to see if this will resolve it as something has obviously went wrong.

In the past, I would open the CSV files just like any Excel file and NEVER any issues. I would do this with multiple files each day but even the file that I use to not have issues with in the past is now an issue if it has a dash in a field.

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Macro No Longer Works - Getting Compile Error?

Jul 30, 2014

I created three macros to work with reporting for my company.

One sorts a field, another deletes unwanted columns, and the third double checks columns for answers--I work for a telecom polling firm.

It was working last week on my computer, and it still works on another computer at the office. However, I keep getting an error message when I try to run it.

The message is "Compile Error: Expected Function or Variable". The code is below, and bolded where it breaks down.


[Code] .......

What could be the rationale for the sudden breakdown? I was testing it on a file that I have tested with before without issue. I also tried a second file, and even restarted my computer. I am currently trying to write a fourth macro for counting responses and giving percentages, so while I don't need to have the perfectly cleaned data to do so it would be nice to have.

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VBA No Longer Working - Filters / Arrays / Lookups

Aug 8, 2014

I can't attach the file as it is too big for the site. The file has a front sheet called "Viewer". The filters at the top used to work. They would reduce the results in the table underneath. For some reason this is no longer working.

It uses the lookup tables on the Lookup tab but then uses arrays I think.

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A Custom Sort List Longer Than 255 Characters?

Apr 30, 2009

I have a large list of parcels to be delivered which have names, the last 2 letters of the postcodes, addresses tel. no. etc. I have created a custom sort list of postcodes in the order I want to deliver them. I can only list a total of 85 postcodes since there are 2 characters in each postcode and a return at the end of each line, hence 85*3=255.

Is there any way I can make excel sort my list of parcels using a spreadsheet list of the 2 postcode letters of unlimited length? There is a theoretical maximum of 676 postcodes in my area (26*26) so I would need it to be at least this long. It would also be more convenient if it were an excel based list since the editing of such a list would be more convenient.

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Formulas No Longer Work After Converting To Table

Apr 27, 2013

I'm working on a spreadsheet which will sum values from two source worksheets based on the month and year in certain columns. I put together a summary worksheet and was able to successfully pull the data I wanted. So my next step was to convert the Summary data into a table (because I prefer the aesthetic value of the "greenbar" effect in Excel tables). But as soon as I converted the cells to a table, the formulas returned nothing.

After playing around with it, I determined that the problem seems to be the fact that I use the year criteria as a cell reference (that way, I can later change the year in one cell and update all the dependent formula). I've got "2013" in Cell A1 in General format, and all the formulas use a YEAR=$A$1 criterion. I found out that if I changed the formulas to YEAR=2013 instead of using the cell reference, I got the desired result again. But I cannot quite understand why changing the data into a table would alter the way Excel interprets the formula (plus, I still want to be able to change the year by updating one single cell).

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New Book Macro Creator No Longer Working

Nov 25, 2013

I have a macro that used to create a new book for each of the worksheets in a workbook that would name them the same as the worksheet.

Since our company upgraded to Windows 7 the macro, more often than not, fails to work.

The code for the macro is


Sub NewBook1()
Set wbSource = ActiveWorkbook
For Each ws In wbSource.Sheets
Set wbDest = ActiveWorkbook
wbDest.SaveAs strSavePath & filePrefix & " " & ws.Name & " " & fileSuffix
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Excel Macro No Longer Function After XP To Win 7 Upgrade

Jan 17, 2014

I was using some Excel Macros as shortcuts to go to and log into some common web sites I use everyday. After my company upgraded us from XP to windows 7 the macros stop in the middle on a line of code(in bold) and I am not sure why. Do I need a pause or delay to give it time?

HTML Code:
Sub Button1_Click()
Dim IE As Object
Set IE = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application")


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URL Longer Than 256 Characters - Importing From Web Excel Sheet

Jun 20, 2014

When trying to import an excel file (.xlsx) from the web to a local excel file on my computer, I have tried to set up a macro to automate this process. I recorded a macro using the "record macro" function, but when trying to import the .xlsx file, the URL was too long and Excel does not allow for such long URLs.

The URL in question is:


One solution which I thought of was to shorten the URL with, which converted the URL to: [URL] . I then used this in the macro recording and it indeed worked. I then tried to substitute all instances of the tinyurl in the VBA code with the long URL, but the

.SourceDataFile = ""
was regarded as an invalid cell/argument.

Is there any way in which I can make this work? I need to have the whole URL, as in the end I plan to have an automated process with the URL changing every 10 seconds with the system clock (and thus refreshing the imported table every 10 seconds), so going through tinyurl every time is not an option.

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