Post Result In A Different Cell

May 2, 2007

Is there a way with a formula to have a result of one cell pasted in a different cell? ie. C1's formula =if(and(isnumber(a1),isnumber(b1)),b1-a1,if(and(isnumber(a1),isblank(b1)), b1 = d1,"")

12/18/06 formula above =today()

if b1 isbalnk it will copy the value of d1 to b1. I dont know if this can be done i have looked at offset and a few others but it doesnt look like this can be done but want to see if i have over looked domething

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Use VBA To Read Cell Value And Post In Another Sheet?

Feb 11, 2013

I am trying to read a value in a cell to post in another sheet.

Once the value has been copied, end. However, if the cell to the right of the copied has a value, then that value should be copied instead.

If the cell is blank, then the information should not be copied.

Basically I have a string of data from left to right being populated, with the most current value being copied to a differnt sheet.

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VLOOKUP Formula Dragdown Copies Previous Cell Result Instead Of Unique Result

Jun 10, 2014

When I drag my VLOOKUP formula down a column in Excel 2010, the return value copies the formula result from the original VLOOKUP formula result. For example, if the first VLOOKUP returns a value of 0.5, I expect to see 0.5 or 1 in the cell below that one. However, I get 0.5 which is not the expected result for the cell below.

When, I click the fx on the cells below, the expected return values appear in the formula result. After I click OK, the expected formula results updates and now appears in the cell.

I'm not sure what is causing this issue. My computer was updated recently from an old machine to a new one. I have never experienced this issue before.

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Select Range Of Cells And Post Them Into One Cell

Sep 22, 2008

I’d like to copy a range of cells: (A1 – A4) and paste them into Cell A5, but here’s the rub: I would like the values after I paste them to be separated by commas.

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Post Codes To Autofill Suburb Cell And Matching More

Apr 7, 2008

I am working on a large volume spreadsheet comprising of the usual mailing list fields such as first name, surname, company, address1, address 2 , suburb, state, postcode etc etc

Is there a way for Excel to auto fill a line of details (or display a list the matching entries)?

this way, i can start to enter a semi-unique field such as surname, company or address and a list of matching entries pop up for me to select the best fit.

I then would fill in the remaining data.

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Copy Top Cell Post Autofilter And Reapply Autofilter Based On Cell Value

Aug 20, 2014

I can select the top cell in column "F" after filtering by multiple columns using VBA and arrays, but now want to I want to use the top cell in column "F" to search for all other equipment that uses this item.

E.g. remove filter, and reapply autofilter to column "F" based on selected cell as per below VBA

Note: Row 1 contains command buttons and row 2 Headers.

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1 Row For Every Post Save?

Mar 12, 2014

In my file i can insert text to a certain cell and column but this is for one entry only. I am wishing for a run that for every entry, there is a new row.

Here's my file sample project.xlsm

You can see there the user form for a post entry. The user should fill-in code and description and if he hit save, the code and the description should be recorded on list provided the sheet.

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Post Values In The Next Row

Aug 14, 2008

I'm not that clued up on VBA or macros but I do have a few i regularly use, I’ve found a thread related to my problem but cant make much sense of it.

Basically i want to post the 3 cell values (C5,C7,C9) into row B20,C20 and D20 respectively. However I want these values to form a list staring with row 20 and working down onto the next available/empty row.

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Marking My Post As ?

Feb 10, 2007

Marking My Post As? How do i mark my post as solved?

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Print Result Cards Automatically From Result Sheet

Apr 25, 2014

I have excel result sheet which contains students information. i.e. name, subjects and their corresponding marks, grade, percentage etc. So from that sheet I want to print result cards for each students separately from the data (result sheet).

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Option Button To Post Value

Mar 18, 2009

Not sure how too do this, here is a simple example of what I want too do. Just using different buttons to post a number.

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Filter UK Post Codes

Feb 7, 2007

I have a list of UK Post Codes that I wish to filter but because of the format I'm getting problems.

The reason is that I'm only interested in the first part of the post code.

Example: Using IP7 6NH and IP32 8LR. If I tried to filter those using greater than then Excel would treat IP7 6NH as larger then IP32 8LR because 7 is larger then 3.

The post codes are all imported from another piece of software and are always in the format of 3 or 4 chracters, then a space and then 3 more chracters. I wish to create another column which only has the first part in it. So I wish to crop IP7 6NH down to just IP7 and IP32 8LR down to just IP32.

Then I want to make a further column which looks at the value in the first new column and returns "In" or "Out" based on some conditions.

These are the conditions. If the cell begins with CO or NR or CB or CM or PE, regardless of the rest of the value, then "Out" should be returned. If the value is between IP1 and IP6 inclusive then "Yes" should be returned.

If the value equals IP7 then "No" should be returned

If the value is between IP8 and IP17 inclusive then "Yes should be returned.

If the value is between IP18 and IP29 then "No" should be returned.

If the value equals IP30 then "Yes" should be returned.

If the value is bewteen IP31 and IP33 inclusive then "No should be returned"

I'm think that it's quite complex and maybe the way to go would be to have two other columns, one containing the "In" values and the other containing the "Out" values, that a formula can refer to when making it's yes or no choice but I don't know how to do that.

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'Post Formula' Button

May 14, 2008

I may have missed it, but I can not seem to find where I can customize Excel to add a "paste formula" button. (I have a fair amount of copying to do where I do not want the formats being changed at the same time.)

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Macro To Post To Another Sheet

Feb 23, 2007

I have the following code. It takes data from one sheet and inputs into another. When I enter a Customer ID in cell G12, starting on Row 18 and proceeding down, jobs are listed. When the macro posts into the history sheet, it posts the jobs in rows. I wish for each time I run the macro, the info is all in the same row whether theres two jobs or 20 for that customer ID. Right now it is posting like this (two jobs listed):

CustID(G12) | Name(B12) | Address(B13) | Job1(A18) | Job1Date(D18) | Job1Price(G18) |
CustID(G12) | Name(B12) | Address(B13) | Job2(A19) | Job2Date(D19) | Job2Price(G19) |

Im trying to make it look like this:
CustID(G12) | Name(B12) | Address(B13) | Job1(A18) | Job1Date(D18) | Job1Price(G18) | Job2(A19) | Job2Date(D19) | Job2Price(G19) |

Sub InvoiceUpdateHistory()..................

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Vba Code To Post To Formula Bar

Jun 20, 2007

If the user clicks on a cell within a specified range ("DataEntryWindow") which contains formulas, I want the formula RESULT to be copied on to the formula bar for that cell (not in to a cell) - the user can then press enter to replace the formula with the result, or escape to cancel

- you can do this manually by copying the cell as values to another cell, then copying that value to the clipboard letter by letter, then clicking on the original, clicking F2, selecting all the formula text, then pasting the clipboard!

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("DataEntryWindow")) Is Nothing Then
curval = Target.Value
Application.SendKeys "{F2}"
'Application.SendKeys "???" ' some keyboard combination to go left, left, left
Application.SendKeys curval
End If
End Sub

Needless to say, it doesn't work. sendkeys seems to do nothing at all. is there an object in worksheet for the formula bar that i can paste to?

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Userform To Post Inputted Data Into New Row

Oct 24, 2013

I am creating a 'add supplier' userform, in which i open the userform, type in the new suppliers information, then press submit.

The problem is that the data i enter deletes the data that i previously entered into row 26 instead of posting the data into a new row (I wish it to be 27, then 28, etc)

Here is my current code for the userform


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
nextrow = 26
Sheets("Suppliers").Cells(nextrow, 3) = UserForm5.TextBox1.Value
Sheets("Suppliers").Cells(nextrow, 5) = UserForm5.TextBox2.Value
Sheets("Suppliers").Cells(nextrow, 6) = UserForm5.TextBox3.Value
Sheets("Suppliers").Cells(nextrow, 7) = UserForm5.TextBox4.Value


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How To Count The Number Of Staff In Post

Feb 25, 2014

From the attached data is it possible to create a formula to count the number of staff in post that are line managers?

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Double Post Find And Display

Apr 26, 2007

is there a function that will return the specific content of the cell. like for example, i have a cell that contains the word DOG(a1), and on the other one is a sentence like THEDOGBARK(b1)...the function must find the word dog and must put it in another cell(c1).

find (a1) to (b1) and display the word in (c1)...

a1 = dog
b1 = thedogbark

b1 = thedogbark

b1 = thedogbark

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Macro To Post Data To Next Line

Jun 20, 2012

I am in a process of creating a excel based productivity for my team. This workbook has 2 worksheet, one is QA productivity tracker which is accessible to all, after the information is filled i want to store it daywise in a master tracker (next worksheet).

I have created a macro which copies the information to master sheet, but the challenge i am facing is that at every execution, macro should paste the data in next row.

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Post Formula From Input Box - Or Similar

Jul 3, 2012

I want a user to be able to manually enter a formula into an input box which will then be used for other code elsewhere?

I have the following code but it does not want to work

HTML Code:
Dim fFormula As String
On Error Resume Next
Application.DisplayAlerts = False


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Post To Lock Cells With Data

Jul 12, 2007

I believe it was yesterday this board had a post how to lock and protect cells with data and leave them unlocked and unprotected if they're blank, but I can't find it. Does anyone know where it was?

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Post The Values Of The Results In A Column

Sep 25, 2006

I have an excel calculator that I use daily (mostly written in VBA). I change some of the values to get a new result. Is it possible to post the values of the results in a column so that I can see what the old values are? For security reasons I cannot disclose the calculator but I guess I can post an example of how I would like it to work.

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Regexp Pattern For Post Code

Apr 19, 2007

I need to write a pattern for a postcode. I have the below (very basic I know and loses lots of combinations but i'll deal with that later) but no matter what I enter in the box I get mt error message saying the input in incorrect....

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Updating Spreadsheet Post Userform

May 22, 2007

(1)I am using a userform (this contains a listbox) to update cell A1 which in turn updates a cell B1.

(2)I then run the next userform on cell A2 which should update its listbox from column B (which has just been updated previously).

My problem is that following step (1) the spreadsheet gets updated but when I processed to step (2) the listbox within the userform is not updated to show the information now in column B.

Finally, if I run the user form again (same as step (2)) the listbox has been updated .

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Difference In Days For Pre & Post Date

Dec 11, 2007

I'm setting up a spreadsheet to calculate redundancies. Part of this is calculating a person's number of days of service. The trick is that I need to calculate if any service is before 01/07/1983 and note that separately to any service after 01/07/1983.

For example, if someone commenced work on 07/03/1980 and finished 15/08/2004, then I need the result to be:

Pre 01/07/1983 - 1211 days
Post 01/07/1983 - 7717 days

I've used IF formula, but just can't get them to work properly.

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IF Formula That References A Cell And Returns A Different Result Dependant On The Number In The Cell Being Referenced

Oct 2, 2009

I'm trying to do a formula that references a cell and returns a different result dependant on the number in the cell being referenced.

For example I've said if A1 has a 3 in it then put the word TEST as the result, plus if it has a 4 put the word RESULT.

What I wrote as my formula is as follows-


It works fine when I only use one result but goes wrong when I add two. If I change the words I want to show to numbers it comes up fine but with words it just returns a Value error.

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Change Result Cell Format Based On Input Cell Value

Mar 24, 2007

Macro Based on an input cell’s (e.g. B12) setting of “yes” or “no”, format several other cells (e.g. B20:G20, B23:F23, C26:J26) as follows: keep the existing yellow shading if input cell is “yes”, change to grey shading if input cell is “no”. I would like this macro to run automatically whenever the input cell value is changed.

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Result Based On Existance: If Coulmn Contains A Anywhere Then The Result Should Be A

Dec 4, 2009

I have 4 categories A, B, C & D. These are in desending importance, means A is most important and D is least important. Now there could be many A, B, C & Ds listed in a column. The challange is if coulmn contains A anywhere then the result should be A. If A is absent, then search for B, if present anywhere then display the result as B. It doesn't matter how many times A or any character is listed in column. I am attaching a sheet for better explanation.

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Copy Formula Result & Paste Value/Result Only

Sep 3, 2006

I created a simple auto numbering function whereby Cell A7 contained =Row()-6, and Cell A8 contained =(A7+1). I then shift, and pasted the contents of cell A8 until cell A600. My aim is to simply copy the increments of 1 - 600 into another column. However when i copy and paste i'm also copying the initial underlying formula ie: =( A?+1), Is there a way to copy the results, not the formula?

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Refernceing Cells: Formula That Looks At A Cell On A Front Sheet, And Then Returns The Contents Of That Cell As The Result If It Meets The Criteria

Apr 5, 2009

I have a formula that looks at a cell on a front sheet, and then returns the contents of that cell as the result if it meets the criteria. So for example this formula would be in Cell A1 on Sheet2 IF(SHEET1!A1,"New",Sheet1!A1,"-")

This formula is always in the same cell (different sheet) as the cell that it is looking at, down 1500 rows. Instead of having the formula named for each cell is there anyway to ask excel to 'look at this cell but on this other sheet'.
e.g IF(Sheet1!"This Cell" etc). That way no matter what cell you put the formula in it is always referencing the correct cell for the formula?

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