Randomly Sorting List Of Numbers Into Different Permutations

Mar 1, 2014

with this problem (which I've been trying for weeks to solve).

I have a column ("C") of 640 numbers, which I need to randomly sort and place into the adjoining (ten thousand) columns. I then need to correlate each of these 10k columns with column "B".

The problem I have with the attached (which works for small numbers), is that when I increase the table size to 640 rows and anything more than a dozen or so columns, it takes forever to calculate and Excel often crashes.

random ver 1.04 280214.xlsx

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Sorting A List Randomly, And Fairly.

Jul 17, 2007

I have a list of potential competitors in an event, and am using both RAND and ROUND to sort them into a list of 1's and zeros. My formula is as follows: =ROUND(RAND()*1,0). My problem is that I get an uneven distribution of players, out of a list of forty, I may have 38 people that are 1's and 2 people that are 2's. I'd really like the list to be randomized, but evenly to allow for fair competition.

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List Permutations Of FOUR Groups From SEVEN Numbers

May 21, 2013

I have SEVEN numbers and FOUR groups.

What I would like to do is list ALL the PERMUTATIONS of those SEVEN numbers in FOUR groups.

So basically, the groups would look like...



...and EACH group would add up to SEVEN etc.

I think there are a total of 840 different PERMUTATIONS available, from anything from 0 numbers in a group to 7 numbers in a group.

I need ALL these groups listed individually .Is there some code that will do this?

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Sorting List Of Numbers - Some Are Larger Than Others

Jun 7, 2013

I'm having some problems sorting a list of numbers that some are larger than others, but it would sort it by how large the number is in regards to 123 or 45... 45 would go first instead of 123... I tried to change the column to numbers but it still won't work. as well as in the custom sort section. I'll try to upload a sample...

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Sorting A List Of Numbers By Multiple Columns

Oct 13, 2008

I want to sort the list like this:

1) If there is a zero (null) value in all 3 months, these records should be at the bottom sorted by record name (I did not show this field in my file).
2) If there is a non-zero (non-null) value in any of the 3 months, the records will be sorted with each other by total change.

Is there a way to do this without me doing sorts multiple times and manually moving rows of data around (which is what I have done to arrive at the list I have attached)? I am not experienced with VBA or Macros, and would prefer a detailed explanation if a solution is using either method.

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Excel 2007 :: List Of Numbers Not Sorting Correctly?

Oct 29, 2013

Using Excel 2007, I have a very simple spreadsheet made up of only two worksheets that I am using to track the songs played by a band during a current tour.

One worksheet is called "Summary" and the other is called "Setlists". In the Setlists worksheet I list every show played (10 shows so far), and every song played from each show. In the Summary worksheet I have very song listed that has been played during the tour in one column (A), then the number of times that song has been played in another column (B). Column B, the number of times each song has been played, is populated by a COUNTIF function that looks at the Setlists worksheet and counts each instance of each song.

What I want to do, very simply, is to sort on column B in order to display the list of songs from the most played to least played. That is where I run into a problem. When I sort my list of numbers, I end up with a seemingly random list that certainly isn't from most to least and I can't figure out why.

Is it possible that the COUNTIF function which populates that column of numbers is somehow throwing off the sort?

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Permutations Or Combinations Of A Set Of Numbers

Mar 11, 2009

I want to output every combination of a set of numbers. These permutations must include combinations that use only a few of the numbers as well as all eight...ie.

as well as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

The macro below is from
This only produces combinations using every number. I'm not sure how this macro works but hopefully someone with better know how could run with it or break it down for me!

I only need to achieve this once but am pretty sure doing it manually will cause error and or madness

Dim CurrentRowSub GetString() Dim InString As String InString = InputBox("Enter text to permute:") If Len(InString) < 2 Then Exit Sub If Len(InString) >= 8 Then MsgBox "Too many permutations!" Exit Sub Else ActiveSheet.Columns(1).Clear CurrentRow = 1 Call GetPermutation("", InString) End IfEnd SubSub GetPermutation(x As String, y As String)' The source of this algorithm is unknown Dim i As Integer, j As Integer j = Len(y) If j < 2 Then Cells(CurrentRow, 1) = x & y CurrentRow = CurrentRow + 1 Else For i = 1 To j Call GetPermutation(x + Mid(y, i, 1), _ Left(y, i - 1) + Right(y, j - i)) Next End IfEnd Sub

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Permutations For Defined Numbers

Dec 13, 2007

I have a set of numbers 1-24, what I would like to have is to list every 4 set combination of 24 numbers. I believe this is 10626 combinations. I would like the combinations to display in seperate cells.

For example: Rows 1, column 1, 2, 3, and 4 would look like 1 2 3 4. No two numbers can be the same within that row. Row 2 would have 1 2 3 5 and so on untill all possible combinations are exhausted.

How does one do something like this within excel?

Also, I would like to be able to change the value of 24, so instead of entering 24 I could say I have a set of 32 and want a list of 4 or 3 permutable combinations. I want to be to make this as custom as possible.

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Permutations Of A List (groups Of 3)

Aug 31, 2007

Is there any way to determine all possible unique combinations (or sets) of any 3 strings in a table? I need to make a master set list from a list of strings which could be over 100 elements long.

Once I have a result set, I need to get rid of any groups which have a value contained in another group.

cells A1 through B100 contain:
Item1 45
Item2 50
Item3 98
Item100 75

Result set would contain groups of any 3 item combinations where the corresponding "B" value is within a certain range (between 40 and 80), while also trying to create sets with the lowest possible sum (placed in the 4th column) of the 3 numbers.

One possible combination would be:
Item1 Item2 Item100 170


I need to list all possible combinations, without re-using an element from a previous (lower sum) combination that matched the criteria.

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How To Pick 50 Numbers Randomly

Dec 10, 2013

In sheet1 columnA I have some data from that i want to copy randomly 50 rows to sheet2.

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Randomly Choosing Between 4 Numbers

Feb 9, 2007

Is there a function in Excel that would randomly select one of the 4 specified numbers?

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Randomly Sort Set Of Numbers

May 8, 2012

I have a 1x20 array with the numbers 1 thru 20 inside. I want a piece of vba code to randomly sort them. I will do this in a loop to create different "starting arrays" for an optimization code. I just need to be able to randomize the beginning. How is this done? I cant have duplicates.

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Arrange Numbers 1 To 11 Row Wise Randomly With No Repetition

Mar 29, 2014

Arranging row wise an array of numbers from 1to 11 randomly with no repetition. I need it for 700 rows.

Sub test()
Dim a1(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double, a2(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double, a3(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double
Dim a4(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double, a5(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double, a6(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double
Dim a7(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double, a8(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double, a9(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double
Dim a10(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double, a11(1 To 11, 1 To 2) As Double, i As Integer

[Code] .....

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Find Difference Between 2 Numbers In Same Column Arranged Randomly

Nov 29, 2012

I am trying to calculate Change for following set. The Calculate field below shows how to arrive at the change. Any logic that I can use to get to Change? Match AccountID and find change in Value from Wk =1 to Wk= 2 without using pivot table option



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Randomly Pairing Wrestlers In A List?

Nov 23, 2013

I want to be able to input wrestlers names and pair them up for 2 matches randomly. Is there any way to do this? I am not advanced in excel, but not a novice either. I need to make sure they don't wrestle the same people in each round. Also there will be wrestlers from the same team, so is there any way to try and not pair them together unless it is necessary?

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Randomly Pick 1 Set Of Initials From List

Apr 22, 2012

cell a1 is blank
cell a2= "sb"
cell a3= "db"
cell a4 is blank
cell a5= "rm"
cell a6= "kw"

I want to randomly pick 1 set of initials from the 4 listed in the 6 cells and put the result in cell a7.

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Randomly Select One Of Two Cells To Populate From List?

Oct 16, 2013

I am wanting to randomly select one of two cells and then populate that cell from a list I have on a different sheet.

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Randomly Display Text From List Without Repeats?

Dec 11, 2013

I am trying to create a schedule that will randomly populate with names from a list. I have learned how to do this with numbers. How can I do this with a list of names? How can I make sure that no names repeat?

In one column, I used =RAND()

In the cells where my numbers display, I used =INDEX(ROW($A$1:$A$24),RANK(Z17,$Z$1:$Z$24))

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Children Name Randomly Selecting From Predefined List

Jun 25, 2012

My wife is a teacher and she has asked me if there was a way of randomly selecting a child's name from a pre-defind list and for that child not to be selected again during that session.

Some criteria:

Up to 35 children in the class (selected from a pre-defind list)A child can only by picked on once during the lessonA method needs to be in place for seelcting the child's name (either a button that can be pressed, or another option).

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Command Button To Randomly Pick From List Of Names

Aug 17, 2014

I am trying to create a quiz for myself for studying a foreign language. and I am trying to create a command button, so that when clicked, it will randomly pick from a list of names (located in another sheet) and place the name in a desired cell.

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Randomly Select Varied Amounts Of Data From A List

Sep 10, 2008

I have a list of people in column A and a list of Cities that they have visited in column B.

I need to check some of the cities they have visited monthly but don't want to check them all.

I have attached a sheet as an example (this has been scaled down).

The number of cities i want to check for each person varies each month depending on how many cities they have visited.

For example, John has visited 16 cities and i want to check 5 of them. I therefore want 5 random cities that he has visited to appear next to his name at the top. The real list of data is massive so this would be really useful if it is possible.

I have looked at rand but i can't get it to randomly give me more than one city, and i don't understand how to get it to give me say 5 cities one month and say 8 cities the next month purely based on a formula from another cell.

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Randomly Select Four Names From List Of Names

Jan 22, 2014

I need to create a function that selects 4 names randomly from a list of 15 names and displays the 4 randomly selected names in the one cell. Also, you cannot repeat the same name in that cell, (i.e. bob cannot be selected twice in his group of four)

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Sorting Numbers Like, Etc

Aug 26, 2009

I should sort numbers in ascending order from left to right, but the numbers sort only from right to left.

This is what I want:

And this is how it goes:

There are also numbers that have letter at the end (1.2.3a), and the cell format is text.

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Sorting The Numbers

Feb 25, 2009

I have three columns that are added together. Depending on where I need them to go, I need three options. For example, E6,E7,&E8 are added up, on E9, I need to be able to direct it to "A @ E10", "B @ E11", or "C @ E12"

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Sorting A Range Of Numbers?

May 28, 2014

I'm attempting to create a formula that'll sort a range of numbers and then return the corresponding values based on a specific place within the sorted range.

In this case, I'd like the following numbers sorted smallest to largest:

15, 9, 11, 19, 22, 17, 24, 19, 17, 24

The result would return something like:

9, 11, 15, 17, 17, 19, 19, 22, 24, 24

Then I'd like it to return the value based off of the formula in cell U13 & U14. In this case, it'd return the value in the 2nd and the 9th position (bolded above). I tried to use INDEX(), but it's returning the values in the unsorted list. I'd like it to return values from a sorted list. Also, I'm trying to solve this using a formula (not Sort & Filter) or VBA.

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Sorting A Table By Numbers

Oct 15, 2008

I have managed to produce a table which uses formulas to calculate the amount of 'points' someone/a team has accumulated over a period of time however it seems that for some reason or another I cannot sort the table into order of 'who has the most points'


above is the final standings but as you can see the 'sort' function isnt working, and if i do any other sort the name of the person and the points no longer correspond... i.e. it ends up putting the names in alphabetical order and leaving all other columns as they currently are, or it changes the points column, leaving the names in the same place...

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Sorting Numbers With Text

Nov 13, 2008

I have a list of 2,000 plus numbers and the list contains numbers and text. When I sort or filter, the only option is sort A to Z (or Z to A), but the result is all of the numbers are sorted, then the numbers with letters are sorted. How can I sort both? I attached a excel example of what I am looking for.

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Sorting Numbers With #div/0! In Column

Oct 20, 2009

I have some numbers in a column which due to other cells not yet being filled in are returning a supressed #div/0! error. This is fine, but when i go to sort the column it puts them in the wrong order. I would like to record a macro, and assign it to the column header in order to sort the column.

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Numbers Not Sorting Correctly

Jul 31, 2013

I have three columns expressing death dates (date, month, year). The months and dates are finally sorting correctly within the same year, but I have it set to sort by year first.

The column starts off fine with 1860, goes up to 2013, then starts back at 1884 and goes back up to 2009. I can't find any difference between the two groups: there are some of the same years represented, there are blank month and date cells in both. I have a worksheet with birth dates that sorted fine; the only difference I can find is that birth dates only go up to 1997, but the column is formatted as General, so the turn of the century shouldn't be a problem.

I've tried highlighting the whole thing before sorting as well as selecting one cell as usual. I've also tried formatting the column as Text. I can't think of anything else.

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Sorting Repeat Numbers

Apr 14, 2008

I'm trying to develop this formula for days now.
how can I not list repeated nums from a array example:

675 863 765 982 856

no repeat nums: 675, 863, 982, 856

as 765 was repeat of 675 it should not be used.
keep in mind same goes of 3-4-5... repeats,

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