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Refer To Variable Cell Row Number

is it possible to refer to a cell by a variable cell number? For example suppose i want to refer to a cell on column B, by a value which is in cell C1, so the if C1 has the value 7, i would refer to cell B7, abd if it has the value 87 i would refer to cell B87.

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Pass Cell Value Using Variable Row Number
Following statement works for me:

bdcTerm1 = ThisWorkbook. Sheets("ws2"). Range("A1").Value

But instead I want to parse through 50 rows and dynamically get the value instead of using a static Range("A1"). So I am trying to do the following:

For Row = 1 To bdc_rows
bdcTerm1 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("ws2").Cell(Row, 1).Value
bdcTerm2 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("ws2").Cell(Row, 2).Value
Next Row

But I get errror.

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Find Row Number Of Cell & Pass To Variable
I am trying to create a macro (please look the attached excel what I have done), I have already crwated a macro that after 5 seconds is gonna change the background color of the of the cell en function of another cell.

That means if F3:F4 change the background color F8:is going to change the backgorung color also, every 5 seconds. The macro I wrote is also include in the excel attached file.

Now this is my problem... I have a variable cell that is give for D6 which could be A,B,C,D,E,F (Range F2:K2).

If the variable cell D6 is A the background color of F8:F9 should be the background color F3:F4 .

If the variable cell D6 is B the background color of F8:F9 should be the background color G3:G4 .

If the variable cell D6 is C the background color of F8:F9 should be the background color H3:H4 ......and etcetera.

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Set Range Variable Using Variable Row Number
I am using a variable named " Totals" as a range type to refference the range in a formula. It works the way I have it.

Dim Totals As Range
Set Totals = [U37: AE37]

Now instead of the absolute refference, I would like to change the row refference by an offset of my current row, using a formula with a varriable. The columns stay the same.

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Pass Row Number Of Last Used Column Row To Variable
This line in my code is causing an invalid qualifer error message:

lngNew = wsNew. Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Row.Offset(1, 0)

Option Explicit
Sub Disney_DumpData()
Dim wbBook As Workbook
Dim wbNew As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim wsNew As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range
Dim rngNew As Range
Dim rngUnit As Range
Dim rngUnitPaste As Range
Dim lngNew As Long
Dim Cnt As Integer
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Set wbBook = ThisWorkbook
Cnt = 0
'Dump To New File
'/Define new workbook
Set wbNew = Application.Workbooks.Add.....................

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Variable To Refer To A Worksheet.CodeName
This is a simplified version of an earlier, long winded post that clouded my actual question.
Can I use a variable to refer to a worksheet by its CodeName? For example, let's assume I have several worksheets, with CodeNames of mySheet1, mySheet2, mySheet3, and so on. I understand that I can refer to them directly,

mySheet1.Range(myRangeName).value = someValue
mySheet2.Range(myRangeName).value = someValue
mySheet3.Range(myRangeName).value = someValue
but what if I want to do this using a loop? Is it possible to preload an array of CodeNames and do it that way? I'm thinking along the lines of something like...

Dim CodeNames
CodeNames = Array( mySheet1, mySheet2, mySheet3 ...)

For x = 1 to HoweverMany
CodeNames(x).Range(myRangeName).value = someValue
Next x

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Refer To An Array Variable In A Formula
I'm trying to use arrays in a macro!

Here's my
Sub ArrayTest()
' ArrayTest Macro
Dim Array1() As Variant, Array2() As Variant
Dim R As Integer, ilR1 As Integer, iLR2 As Integer
ilR1 = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
iLR2 = Cells(Rows.Count, 7).End(xlUp).Row
ReDim Array1(1 To ilR1)
ReDim Array2(1 To iLR2)
For R = 1 To ilR1
Array1(R) = Cells(R, 1) & Cells(R, 2) & Cells(R, 3)
Next R
For R = 1 To iLR2
Array2(R) = Cells(R, 7) & Cells(R, 8) & Cells(R, 9)
Next R
For R = 2 To UBound(Array1)
If WorksheetFunction.CountIf(?????, Array1(R)) > 0 Then Cells(R, 4) = "old" Else Cells(R, 4) = "new"
Next R
End Sub

Basically, the macro concatenates the content of three columns from two different tables into two arrays. Array1 contains the current stuff and Array2, the old one. If I CountIf items from Array1 into the content of Array2, I should get what's new (count 0).

Now, ? in the code should refer to the content of Array2. How do I do that?

The errors I get are 424 object required [Array(iLR2)], 1004 method 'Range' of object '_Global' failed [Range(Array2) or Range(Array2(2), Array2(iLR2))], or type mismatched [Array2].

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Select Row Using Variable Row Number
I don't know how to concatenate a string within the Rows function. I want to be able to vary the row number with a variable, but I don't know how to construct the string, especially given that one of the delimiters within the function is ".

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Use Variable For Row Number
how can i assign the refrence to the rowa using variable. I am getting an error due to line Rows("j:k").Select in the below mentioned code

For j = 2 To 2000 Step 2
k = j + 2
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
Next j

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Variable Row Number Macro
This works: row(x).select But this doesn't: row(x:"100").select. I also need to do substitute both beginning and end range with a variable: row(x:n).select And multiple ranges: row(x:n, a:b)

I've tried tried numerous combinations of quote marks and parentheses and nothing works. What is the proper syntax?

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AutoFill Code With Variable As Row Number
Just a niggling problem, I've got lstRow as a Long and it contains the value of the last row offset by (1, 0). The problem is i'm trying to add it into a range

Selection.autofill Destination:=Range(C" & lstRow &":K" & lstRow &")Type:=xlFillDefault

Like that.. Except i've tried a million different combinations of " and & in different places to try and get it to compile. It refuses too. It always gives the error "Expected list seperator or )" I know I could just do it individually from C to K but I'd like to learn how to do it this way as well.

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Select Rows With Variable Last Row Number
I'm trying to write a macro that will validate data in variable amount of rows but will always be in a specific column. what i'd like to do is count the amount of row entries in Column A to give me "iRows." Then validate data in column E from E1-E"iRows." Currently my data validation runs for the entire column which means i can not validate blank entries. Once I can limit the validation process from E1 to E "iRows" then I can consider blank fields and mark them as invalid.

With Selection.Validation
.Add Type:=xlValidateDecimal, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop, Operator _
:=xlGreater, Formula1:="1"
.IgnoreBlank = True
.InCellDropdown = True
.InputTitle = "Award Amount"
.ErrorTitle = "Award Error"
.InputMessage = _
"Please enter the current expected total value or current award amount for this contract."
.ErrorMessage = _
"Award amount may not be set to 0.00. If you do not have an amount awarded simply make the award amount equal to the paid amount."
.ShowInput = True
.ShowError = True
End With

I've tried using different ways of counting the rows and have been able to define "iRows" the problem is defining the range to only column E from E1 to E"irows."

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Use Variable Row/Column Number In Formula Via VBA
I want to create a custom updating formula that finds the last data element on a different sheet and then updates it's own formula. I have to do this because I want to find all of the blank cells and count them up (for missing data purposes). How can I go about putting the last row number in the formula?

This below is the best I can get but it 1004 errors out, I'm assuming because of my "Row" variable. Should I try a concatenate and custom build the formula each time within the macro?

Sub MacroToRun()
Row = Selection.Row

Sheets(" Chart Data").Select
Range("B2").FormulaR1C1 = "=COUNTIF(CleanData!R[-1]C[17]:R[row]C[17],"""")"
End Sub

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Identify Row Number Based On Value In A Cell And Use That Row Number In A Macro
I have Sheet with 40 employees who each proposes their work schedule, so I have to give each Employee access to the same sheet and want highlight and unlock only those cells that specific employee can use.

Each employee has to login from a drop-down (sourced from Sheet.Employee Master), so their unique Employee Number is in "A13" of Sheet.LOGIN

Can I identify the ROW number and then use that ROW number in a macro to highlight and unlock specific Range of Cells in Sheet.PROPOSED SCHEDULE?
---where "Sheet.LOGIN("A13") = (the value in the cell Col A:"row" of Sheet.PROPOSED SCHEDULE)

I have attached a scaled down version of the Workbook.

Following code is scaled down-- this is for Employee 02 who appears on ROW 16 of the sheet. (macro is same for each employee, just uses a different row)

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Refer To The Last Row In A Selected Area Using VBA..?
I'm trying to do is add a signature box (for inventory-taking accountability) directly below the pasted area after I paste it. Now, of course, the copied and pasted area could have 5 rows or it could have 15, and when I copy it from the first sheet and paste it into the second it doesn't preserve the name of the range on the second page, so what I really need to do to add the signature box directly below the last row in the pasted area is specify the location in relation to the last row in the pasted selection, but I don't know how to do that. Using ActiveCell always refers to the top-left-most cell in the selected area. So...

If I have an area selected, how do I refer to the bottom-right-most cell in that selection (in the same way that ActiveCell refers to the top-left-most cell)? Or at least the bottom row? Or, even better, the row below the bottom row?

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Send Row Number Of Changed Cell To Cell Where Row Resides In Cell
I have the following range of cells B2:Y3700. I want that when a value from 1 to 9999 is inserted in one cell of the above mentioned range, to copy the row number of that cell in the cell that is located in column Z and row is the number inserted in that cell. For example, if the number "1234" is inserted in one cell from range B2:Y3700, to enter in cell Z1234 the number of the row where is located the respective cell. At same the time is very important to me to not permit to insert the same number in B2:Y3700, so i believe that is need a macro code to check the cell from column z to see if value already exist .

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Remove A Variable Number Of Characters In A Cell
way to remove a varible number of characters in a cell? My example is in cell range A1:Z1 and each cell could have a different number of characters.

Smith, Sally 5348
Jones, Johnathan 7893
Doe, Mike 2223

What I would like to do is remove the second space and the numbers that follow to get a result of

Smith, Sally
Jones, Johnathan
Doe, Mike

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Find Cell Value Row Number & Use For Column Number
to update these values via a form in this sheet. I can find the correct row to be edited by entering a value from column A and B. The problem is if I want display the values of that row first and then change it. If I want to change row 10 data how can I bring back the value in ROW 3 AND THE COLUMN VALUE? The next step would be to do the actual update if I want to change ROW 10 to "Ooi" and a sales value of 200?

This is what I have done so far:

Dim myRows As Integer

With Sheets("Mrt")

'Retrieve history information for row
For myRows = 4 To 49
If comboxDay.Text = Range("A" & myRows).Value And textboxdescription.Text = Range("B" & myRows).Value Then
textboxbedrag.Text = Range("C" & myRows).Value
chkBTW_Ja.Value = Range("D" & myRows).Value
txtNota.Text = Range("S" & myRows).Value
End If
End With

Picture attached to show how sheet looks like.

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Increment Cell By One Row In Variable
I am working on a Loop, I have most of it working except incrementing the cell.

I have this,

PartN = Worksheets("Parts").Range("A3").Value

then the loop. what I can't figure out is I need for A3 to increment by one row until the loop is done. i.e. loop runs as A3, then A4, then A5 etc.. until the specified number of the loop is reached (which is basically the number of rows I have)

I tired something like

Dim CellN As Variable
CellN = "A3"
Do Until xxx
PartN = Worksheets("Parts").Range(CellN).Value

then before the Loop statement at the bottom I put

CellN = CellN + 1

but I get a type mismatch error

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Use Row Number Stored In Cell As Formula Row Reference
Column A contains numeric values that refer to a row number in column B. I need the value in column B to be outputted in column C. eg. if the value in Row 1 Column A = 55, the value in row 55 column B will be outputted in column C

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Insert A Variable Number Of Rows And Copy And Paste From And To Variable Positions
On the attached Excel file, I have code that will insert a variable number of rows and copy and paste from and to variable positions. That all works fine when run from a command button, but when I try to run it from the Worksheet_Calculate by entering 1 in J1 or K1 (inrange cell is J1+K1 for testing purposes) the CommandButton1_Click sub runs continously until an error occurs.

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Give Cell A Value Based On Length Of Row (variable Row Length)
My worksheet contains data with the reaction times on a psychological test. Each respondent in the test has 280 rows in my excel sheet.

The 'perfect' length of the row, is from A to M. When an error is made in the test, the length of the row will increase. So the error length can be A to AA.

For me it is important to analyse the error. So I would like to give a perfect row length, the value 1, and an error row length a value 2.

So, in conclusion:

Cell length = A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B Cof that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 1

Cell length >= A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B C of that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 2

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Variable Cell Row Reference In Formula/Function
I will show with an example of what I would like to do. I italized and underscored the part of the formula.

1 24 formulaB

formulaB = "= CELL("contents",DifferentSheet!G(A1))"

I want B1 to contain the value from the cell G24 in sheet "DifferentSheet". I want to use the value in A1 to determine what row on "DifferentSheet" I should use.

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To Merge Variable Number Of Cells Into One Single Cell Based On Criteria
Here’s an example of my data:


I need your help to figure out how to merge the above data to look like this in new blank worksheet using a VBA macro:


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Set Variable To Row & Active Cell Column
I have a sort procedure I have been working on. Sort By Active Cell Column
Now I would like to make sure the row of the activecell.column is row 7. I tried

Private Sub comp_myMonthlyReport_SortAscend()
Dim rng As Range
With ActiveWindow
rng = .ActiveCell(7, .ActiveCell.Column)
End With
Selection.Sort Key1:=rng, _
Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlGuess, _
OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom
End Sub

But I receive this error: Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set

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Autofill With Range That Is Column Variable And Row Variable
I am trying to autofill dynamic ranges that have column variables (d) and row variables (x)... I am having a hard time with the syntax on this

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Too Many If Statements: Refer To A Cell And Use The Value Of That Cell To Print The Range
I use macros to print pages, depending on the number of entries I have. If I have 1500 entries, I have to have 1500 If statements. Is there a way to write VBA in a macro to where I can refer to a cell and use the value of that cell to print the range.

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Refer A Macro Back To A Cell Value
macro which can paste the value from A1, to another B1 and when A1 is edited again, pasted it in B2. This will probably go on and on until B30. I have tried the if else then in Macro, and even the if elseif, but both don't go futher than B2. E.G A1=1 B1=1 A1=4 B2=4 A1=3 then nothing happens to B3. If there is a way to make this work, it will be great. The way i am tryin to get it is to have =if(B1="","",1) for each cell from C1:30 and with C31 the formula "=count(C1:C30)+1". Then i formated C31 to a custom and make it so that before numbers, there is an B. This means that if B1,2,3 and 4 and numbers in them, then C31 will read B5. That will be the cell i want my next record to go. I would prefer it if there is just a code that i can enter that will go to the next cell when it knows the current cell has a digit in it but if i have to, the count way will do,

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Autofill; Copy Down It Doesn’t Automatically Update The Cell References Because It Want To Update Them By Column Number Instead Of Row Number
I have a basic formula =C17+'Asset Depreciation 2008 Onwards'!C24, and I want to copy it down just using the drag function. Problem is that the second reference range of cells are in rows and hence when I copy it down it doesn’t automatically update the cell references because it want to update them by column number instead of row number. IE I want it to display =C17+'Asset Depreciation 2008 Onwards'!
D24, instead of C25. Do you know if there is any way of telling Excel that I want it to increase the column number by 1 every time, instead of the row number for this part of the formula?

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Combo List Refer To Any Cell In The Worksheet
I need a list in my form, simple "Name/Number" list (only two options) but i don't want it to refer to any cell in the worksheet.
I want to input a text in a textbox and with the selection in the list above i want to have multiple choices at how to approach the text (if i input a name i want it to be different than if i input a number). All the info i came up on the web refers to lists made upon a range of cells.
How can i make a list without involving ranges of cells?

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Dynamically Refer To A Cell In A Macro Formula
I want to write a formula that inserts a column and then does a vlookup in that new column using the cell just to the left of it as the first variable. The problem is, this could be in any random column so I can't do a static reference to $A2 as an example. So, my question is...

Instead of using =vlookup($A2,Sheet1A1:B50,2,false)

How do I replace the $A2 part with some code that says, "the cell to the left of here..."

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Sheet Name Stored In Cell - Refer To In Formula
Sheet names in Col B
B2 : Sheet1
B3 : Sheet2

I tried


at C3 where $J$58 is the cell I would like to reference on 50 different sheets

Formula returns #REF!
Col C ref's $J$58
Col D ref's $L$58
Col E ref's $N$58
Col F ref's $P$58

So as I copy the 4 formulas down, the ref to the correct sheet should update but the cell ref's should remain

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Use Cell Data To Refer Worksheet In Closed Workbook
At the moment, I have a project where everyone is putting work data on seperate workbooks. Each months work is placed onto another worksheet within that workbook.

The supervisor has his own workbook, that grabs data from each of the workers books. Getting the data is easy enough, however because the supervisor has barely any knowledge of computers, I would like to make it as easy to set up for future months.

Right now, data is collected in each cell using the following formula:-

='[otherusersworkbook.xls]December 2009'!$C$620

Is there a way of getting that phrase to substitute the part that says "December 2009" with whatever is put into column A on the same row?

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Hyperlink Cell To Another Sheet Where Row Number Is In Cell
I have two worksheets. A data sheet that can stretch to thousands of records which each span around twenty (ish) rows; and a sheet I arrive at via a macro which contains rows with selected data from the records in the first sheet. Column A in the second sheet contains row numbers corresponding to the start of a chunk of data in the first sheet. I need to hyperlink (or create a macro to link) from the row value in sheet2 column A, to the corresponding row in sheet1.

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Get Row Number From Cell Value
I am using the following macro to fill out a table and then goal seek a solution based on input. The macro works in its present state, but I need it to do more.

I want D84 to be dependent on the value of another cell (G8), so that the number of rows is equal to the value of G8. In this example, G8=84, so the last row is set to D84. If G8=2079, then I would want all occurrences of D84 in this example to read D2079.

Sub Macro2()
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A3:D84"), Type:=xlFillDefault
Range("D84").GoalSeek Goal:=Range("C2"), ChangingCell:=Range("B2")
End Sub

In other scripting languages such as lua I would simply use Dx and then define x=G8, but I do not know how it works in Excel. I have attempted to define a variable and then use Dvariable, but this does not work. Perhaps there is some way of saying that the column should be D and the row number should equal the value in G8? If so, how would that be integrated into the script above? If not,

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Refer Folder/Filename In VBA Code Through Named Cell Reference
I have the following codes in which I am to refer a file and folder to do some further processes.

myfilename = "C:Documents and settingsacsMy DocumentsEntrymyfile1.xls"
folderPath = "C:Documents and settingsacsMy DocumentsEntry"

I want to enter these two paths in a sheet in my excel report file (For example, I am running the report from Report1.xls, in which there is a sheet name "Filepaths". In this,

in B5, I would like to enter the Filepath (B5 named as "FILEPATH")
in B6, I would like to enter the Folderpath (B6 named as "FOLDERPATH")

So that, if I am copying the folder to another area, I no need to change the code every time in the VBA editor. I can do changes in these cells and it will be taken as the path to run the code further.

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Hide A Row With Number In Cell C2
I have a button from the Forms toolbar.

If I enter a number in cell C2 "say 1859' then hit a button... An input box comes up I have to enter Team number Once entered, I would find the 1859 in a list of data Go to the Column with "teams" (Column Q) enter the input number then hide this row that has the 1859.

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Delete Row If Cell Value Is Not Number
I search the board and found this VB. Is doing what I want, which is deleting any rows for which the cell in coulum E is not a number. But also is erasing the content of colum D.
Sub DelTxtCell()
On Error Resume Next
With Range("e1", Range("e" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Offset(, -1)
.Formula = "=if(isnumber(left(e1,1)+0),"""",false)"
.SpecialCells(-4123, 4).EntireRow.Delete
End With

End Sub

I tried deleting the Offset and the SpecialCells; but as you can see by now, I do not know what I am doing.

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Use Active Cell For Row Number
There is a chart encompasing column A, B and C. The column D has certain numbers stored in its cells. All I wont is to build a code which would check the value of the cell in column D which is in the same row as the active cell, and then paste certain date into the active cell - basing on the value of the cell in column D.

Here an example:

Sub pasteif()
first one) column D has
'if the value is i.e 2 then it should paste into the active cell whatever there is in Range F1:G1
'if other value is present in this case in cell D1 (it is always the D column) then other range would copied into the active cell
ActiveCell.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
End Sub

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Row Number Of Active Cell
I need to write code which would find the row number of my selected range (named 's')and then select the row beneath that.

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Combining Two Values In Two Separate Cells To Make A Cell Reference Or Index Refer.
I want to use a value in one cell as a row designation, and a value in another cell as a column designation. Ultimately, the values will be text which will refer to row and column headers. What formula would allow me to do this? example:

A1 contains B
B1 contains 2
B2 contains "tribbles"

An imaginary function might go like this........

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Extract The Highest Number In A Row To Another Cell
I have a list of names in one column and in the next column I have a list of numbers. The names and numbers go together. In anohter cell I would like to extract the highest number and the name related to it. The list changes often.

I would like to be able to put a heading saying that "name" (in anohter cell) made the highest score and the name is entered into a cell automatically.

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Use Row Number In Cell For Reference Formula
I have five workbooks, one for each week of the month, and in a cell M9 in workbooks 1 to 5 I reference the value of a cell in another workbook called counter.xls.
The cell I need to reference changes each week by one row.

At the start of a month I need to have a macro that will go and find the first empty ...

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Finding Row Number Of A Cell Based On A Particular Value
I need to find the row number of a cell based on a particular value. I am populating a row within a spreadsheet with a value (the columns have unique identifiers). After that is done, I need to go to a different spreadsheet, grab different values, and place them in a different column in the above referenced spreadsheet. So, what I want to do is find the row number for the unique identifier, then place the value in the column.

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Macro: Base Row Number On Cell Value
I have a macro that has following line


I want to dynamically change the C38 to may be C37 depending on a value in a cell i.e. F1

so if the value in cell F1 is 31 then I want this statement to look like


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Copy Range Where Last Row Number Is In A Cell
I have this statement


In X1, I have 400 and wish to use this cell value as a varible in the copy range statement. This would make the new Range("J4:J400)

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Use Cell Number In Formula Row Reference
In cell A2, I have the number 10. In cell G10 of a different sheet, I have a number I want in a third location. Is there a way to do something in the third cell like =G(A2) so that the value of cell A2 is entered into the formula, referencing the value of G10 in the third cell?

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Bring Data From Certain Row Based On Cell Number
I'd like to bring data from Sheet2 to Sheet1. If value at Sheet1 f2=5 it should copy from sheet2 b5:k5 tosheet1 a2:j2 If value at Sheet1 f2=10 it should copy from sheet2 b10:k10 tosheet1 a2:j2 etc.

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Match Function For Cell Reference Row Number
I am trying to acccess a cell value from a seperate worksheet. The cell reference needs to be generated by a seperate formula. In this example

=DSInfo!C28 // provides the correct result i.e the contents of cell C28 on worsheet DSInfo =MATCH(A4,DSInfo!C1:C35,0) //provides the correct row number - in this case 28

However on trying to combine the two =DSInfo!C&MATCH(A4,DSInfo!C1:C35,0) // provides only a formula error. I'm guessing this is a simple syntax error on my part but after hours of trying various ways I'm still having no luck.

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Row Number Of 1st Empty Cell In Column
MATCH(3, A:A, 0) will return the row number with the first number '3' in column A. I need to search for the first empty cell in column A.

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Determine Row Number Of Active Cell In CurrentRegion
I'm trying identify the active cell row number in a current region for viRows below. Currently I'm getting the active cell row number on the total worksheet.

With ActiveCell.CurrentRegion
viCols = .Columns.Count
viRows = .Range(ActiveCell.Row).Count
End With

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