Replacing Text With Cell Values?

Nov 8, 2012

I have a data starting from column D. And the list goes like below:

D1: TO
E1: CC
G1: Body
H1: Text1
I1: Text2
J1: Text3

I would like to obtain the final body in column K after replacing the text with column H, I, J.

Below is how my data looks and How i would like to obtain the final body.
Final Body

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Replacing List Of Values In Just One Column With Certain Text?

May 18, 2014

I am creating a template for formatting data that I download from a wholesaler to upload to a platform. The large database of around 1300 records that comes with category and subcategory names, among all the rest of the data, that I download There are more column titles and information than I need, so my template will have blank headings that I will know to simply delete after I paste. Maybe there is a Macro for that too.

The category and subcategory names to appear in certain columns. I want those names to appear in multiple columns within the same records. How to create a formula/macro to copy all of the data in one column to a different column with a different heading and keep those headings different and save them within my template. I have a list of the 240 with CategoryID, ParentID, Category and Subcategory all corresponding. These always come and go in CSV format, so I cannot create additional sheets to save within my template without a hassle.

In two ID number value columns, I would like all of the text names replaced with corresponding numbers for upload to the platform that requires them. I have been trying to figure out the best way to create a macro to save within my template for daily use, but so far I have not been able to figure it out. I have been watching videos on vlookup, index & match, find & replace...I have not seen what I need just yet


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Replacing Matched Cell Values

Jun 8, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with around 1000 rows on data. in each row of data there is a number e.g. 2673 (all in their own cells) so in column A you would have a list of just numbers in another workbook, the number thats in each row corresponds to another value e.g. 2673 = CE103. So this workbook has 2 columns. In column "A" you have the numbers(2673) and in column "B" you have what that number matches with (CE103) i need a way of replacing all the numbers with what they equal
Workbook 1
2673 XXX XXX
5107 XXX XXX

Workbook 2
2673 CE107
513 CDR57
5107 QV906
604 MNT57

There is an example of what i have (hope its understandable) and what i need is, the data from workbook 2 put in to workbook 1. So instead of having 2673 in workbook1, i would have CE107. And the same for the others e.g 513 would be CDR57.

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Excel 2010 :: Replacing Part Of The Text In A Cell

Jun 1, 2014

I'm running Excel 2010.

In a field containing this: Bergamot, Orange*(11,16) I want to put a space before the asterisk. There are hundreds of these in the spreadsheet with other text before and after the text to be replaced. I made sure the field is defined as a text field.

I searched on "*(" and said replaced with " *(" and ended up with " *(11,16)" - the Bergamot, Orange was removed from the field.

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Replacing XML Values With Cell Values?

May 2, 2012

So I have sheet with various values.

I have a rather big XML type column where I want to replace values (in green) with thier corresponding cell values. Im pretty sure this can be done but have tried with no success!

item>TEST POST StuffCan Be ListedLike ThisOkay StuffCan Be ListedLike This
Bad StuffCan Be ListedLike This]]> 102011-07-07 19:41:16 2011-07-07 19:41:16openopengrand-canyonpublish 00post0
_edit_lastkeya:6:{s:4:"zoom";s:2:"14";s:8:"latitude";s:8:"36.34313";s:9:"longitude";s:10:"-112.51339";s:11:"address_one";s:12:"Grand Canyon";s:11:"address_two";s:12:"Williams, AZ";s:6:"bg_img";s:0:"";}]]>_thumbnail_id

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Replacing Cell Values With Values From Another Cell?

Apr 21, 2014

I have done this before, but it has been a while since Ihave had to use VBA code. What I want to do is find and replace every occurrenceof a test string within a formula with a text string in the first column ofthat row. In the example (I have omitted the formula and left just the word toreplace). I used to have a simple VBAMacro, but not sure what I did with it!

Bob David David David --Every Davidreplace with BOB
Tom David David David --Every Davidreplace with TOM
Fred David David David --Every Davidreplace with FRED
Matt David David David --Every Davidreplace with Matt

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Excel 2010 :: Macro For Replacing Text In HTM Document - Text To Change Different Every Time

Mar 18, 2014

I am my excel worksheet (excel 2010) I have one cell that changes every day (number). I want this number to open my htm document and replace the same number in a string in the htm and save/close this.

An example:
My htm document is located at C:/ and named XX.htm

The number I want from excel is in cell A1 in sheet1, and the worksheet is located in D:/ named yy.xlsx

And the text(number) I want to replace is in the following string in the htm document, in this string it is 72, next day it can be 30:


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Replacing Text Through VBA

Apr 29, 2009

One of my friend send me a problem. I got frustrated and scold him lot to do work like this but then I tried to work on it. Although my Vb experience is not good enough.

The problem is this that we have different things written in cells in column A like this “SET-EDT SPRAY 3.4 OZ & BODY LOTION 3.4 OZ & TOILETRY BAG “ and in some cells “EDT SPRAY 1 OZ”

Now we want to replace value Oz with value Oz / (Value * 3.75) ml. the below example will clarify the situation: ...

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Replacing Values Between Xls Files?

Apr 14, 2009

I have a file with some statistics on how agents at work performed. This file gets sent to all of them, but before we send it we change the names for a number, so that they don't know how the other agents are doing (avoiding comparisons). People had been doing this manually, but it's getting really complex as the number of agents is increasing. I know that this can be automatized, but I have no idea on how to do it. A simple formula with an IF statement wouldn't be sufficient. Here's an example of the data. The file that is to be modified to be sent to all the agents looks like this:

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Replacing Text Just Typed?

Mar 6, 2014

I'm currently building a large spreadsheet which will require numeric codes to be within certain cells. At present these cells are filled with alphabetical codes and the person using them has little knowledge of the numbers, is there a simple way for them to type in the alphabetical code and it to then auto-replace it with the numberical?

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Replacing Text According To A Table

Jun 22, 2009

I'm working with a lot of documents where I need to replace numberID:s with words.

I have a table of 2 columns, where each number has a corresponding number that it should be translated to.
For instace:
1 - cpu
2 - fan
3 - bus

Is it possible to use this list to automatically Replace all the numbers in a document with their corresponding words?
(Without having to spend time on manually program some kind of macro)

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Text Replacing In Excel

Apr 23, 2013

I need in every column in every rows (that is in whole document ) change symbol, to, (that is before every comma, I need add back slash ).

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Replacing Text With Formula

Jan 23, 2009

Replacing text with formula
I have this so far

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Replacing Text In TextBoxes

Oct 26, 2007

I have WS with over 100 text boxes. Many of them contain text "Current Program".

I would like to replace text "Current Program" in all these Textboxes with text "Testing".

How can I do it without opening each Textbox and replacing text manually?

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Finding And Replacing Multiple Values?

Jun 14, 2014

I'm currently doing a project which requires me to find and replace a large number of values.

ie. Column A Row 1 = 80099, Column A Row 2 = 554441, Column A Row 3 = Z5478, CAR4 = B89877 etc...

I need to replace these numbers with meaningful values and I have a reference table to tell me what these codes mean ie. 80099 = apple juice, 554441 = orange puree, Z5478 = pumpkin soup, B89877 = banana smoothie. The reference table is in a separate excel spreadsheet and is tabulated in two columns ie. Column A = "the code", Column B = "the value".

There are like 1000+ codes I need to find and replace which I know is going to kill me if I did it manually. How do I find and replace all the values?

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Formula For Finding / Replacing Values?

Jan 14, 2013

I have two pairs of columns, A B and E F.

Column A contains one numeric value in each row. Column B lists one person's name in each row.

Column E contains a distinct list of the names found in column B (no repeats), with one name in each row. Each row of column F contains one alpha ID that belongs to the adjacent name in column E.

I need to replace each name in column B with its respective alpha ID from column F, effectively pairing each numeric value in column A with an alpha ID from column F.

Have I stated my goal clearly enough? I could Find/Replace a few hundred times, but I thought there might be a better way using an Excel formula. I'm a beginner-intermediate user, and I clearly don't know enough about Excel to even ask about specific functions for this task.

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Comparing Two Rows Replacing Values In Columns

May 29, 2014

I am facing a problem in evaluating a problem. I am referencing from the screenshot of excel file. I want to replace the values of Column-C for which column-A matches with column -G. And, the remaining will remain same.


I am also attaching the excel file.

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Replacing Referenced Cells With Static Text?

Feb 26, 2013

I'm making a vba macro that takes a workbook and splits and saves it as individual sheets. In this process I need to find all the referenced cells (ie =E5) and change them to their text or numeric value. A few things I've found on the form and tired with no success:

Selection is a column selected from the top to the last used cell (I know there is only 4 columns that have references)

Selection.PasteSpecial Paste = xlPasteValues

Also tried:

ActiveSheet.UsedRange = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Value

I feel like one of these should be working. But even after the paste the values are still references.

Edit: An afterthought, if I were to select the whole sheet and do a copy/special paste would it replace all formula cells with their calculated value?

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Replacing Text Selected In Dropdown List?

Feb 20, 2014

I have a drop down list of locations, which when one is selected I would like to show an abbreviated version in a different cell (say B5). I have tried the following so far:

=IF(A5 = "London", "LON")

But I would need to do this for around 30 locations and would need the abbreviated version in the same cell.

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Replacing Special Characters When Importing Text

Jun 18, 2009

I have inherited a spreadsheet that will prompt the user for a text file to import and it will split each line into different cells based on column widths. The problem is that one field can contain non-printable characters that are causing the macro to split the data into 2 lines.

I think one of the special characters is a new paragraph but there could be others.

I need help with replacing these special characters with a space prior to spliting the line into an array.

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Excel 2013 :: Replacing Values In Existing Functions With Newly Defined Names

Jan 6, 2014

I'm trying to simplify a spreadsheet i've been given by defining names for certain values. I'm using Excel 2013. Is there any way to have all of the newly defined names I've created for cells automatically be inserted into all of the formulas that exist in the spreadsheet?


Old formula in one sheet of a workbook looks up a cell in another sheet with the value of ='sheet1!A1

I've given the value of cell A1 in Sheet1 a name of dgwd.

How do I get every formula in the workbook that references 'sheet1!A1 to change the value within that formula to dgwd?

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Replacing #N/A Values With Zero Values

Feb 16, 2006

I have a cell that is looking up values in another sheet using HLOOKUP.... when it doesn't find a value it returns a #N/A value.... I have tried using an IF statement with an imbedded ISNA or ISERROR or ERROR.TYPE function to have it return a zero in the event of #N/A and the actual value if it is able to find what it is looking up.... I need to convert the #N/As to zeros so I can use the sum function by merely highlighting a range with my mouse...

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Replacing Old Values With New Values?

Nov 7, 2013

I have a large data set of alphanumeric values (e.g. WUGTI56G36B879568). I need to remove the last six digits from each value and replace them with "XXXXXX". I've already learned that I can insert a column next to my data set and use this formula =LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-6)&"XXXXXX" to remove the last six digits and replace them with my preferred text. However, now that I've done that is there any way to paste the new values from Column B into Column A without having the formula get all screwy? I don't necessarily want to hide Row A, but instead get rid of it and make Column B into Column A.

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Replacing A Value With A Cell Name

Jun 12, 2009

I want to be able to replace the bolded and underlined areas of this javascript i have pasted in a cell with the value located in another cell. This means that those numbers would be replaced by a similar thing located in another cell. how can this be done? The way I would think you would do this by defining that say =b8 (an example of where the data could be coming from is ann excel formula, but not sure how to do this ...

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Replacing Exact Value On The Same Cell?

Jun 4, 2014

Have a column of cells (521 rows), on the column each cell contains a group of number

27, 539, 484, 485, 506, 594, 523, 502, 505, 525, 541, 526, 527, 529, 542, 533
28, 540, 493, 494, 506, 594, 523, 502, 509, 525, 541, 526, 527, 529, 542, 530
28, 540, 493, 494, 506, 594, 523, 502, 509, 525, 541, 526, 527, 529, 542, 533

Let's say I would like replace 27 to 163 but when I find and replay the "527" also changed to 5163. How can i filtered out 527 and just change the 27. I tried Match Entire Cell Content, it doesn't work.

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Adding Value To Cell Instead Of Replacing?

Jun 6, 2014

I created a custom ribbon with tickmark button. The problem is that at sometimes, i will need 2 tickmarks in the same cell.

Actually in using the simple line :
ActiveCell.Value = "a"

And when i click on a second tickmark, it replace my "a" by ei. "b" to make it "ab" instead ?

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Replacing/Moving Within A Cell

Sep 8, 2008

XL=2003 SP3

I need to move data within a cell. Is there a formula that can accomplish this? Here is an example of what I'm trying to do..

Column A
/ TN14YP244f
/ TN15YP245j
/ TN16YP246h

What it would need to do is take the last character in each cell and move it to replace the P in that cell. It should also capitalize the letter. ie: / TN14YP244f would become / TN14YF244

The letters at the end of the cell are always different, however the letter they replace is always the same (P).

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Replacing A Blank With Info From Cell Above

Apr 17, 2009

I have a long spreadsheet that is formatted and organized with six digit codes on the left, and then several lines of information on the right, in order to sort and compare to another report, I was trying to replace the blanks in the digits on the left....

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Replacing One Cell With Another And Controlling Its Attributes

Jan 24, 2010

1) What function can I use to replace a specific cell in spreadsheet 2 with what I type in a specific cell in spreadsheet 1 (e.g. type red in spreadsheet 1 in A1 and it will replace a blank cell A1 in spreadsheet 2 with red)? I have around a hundred spreadsheets which I need to name by typing a name in cell A1. Rather than doing this, I already have the names of the spreadsheets in a column.

2) Is there anyway to control the attributes of cells in another spreadsheet? E.g. change to bold, red and specific size font in cell A1 in spreadsheet 2 using cell A1 in spreadsheet 1.

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Replacing A Date Cell With Expired

Aug 6, 2014

I have a row of different dates in a speadsheet all in the same column e.g A1 to A10 What I am trying to achieve is that when it reaches todays date it will automatically change that cell to read Expired.

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