Comparing Two Rows Replacing Values In Columns

May 29, 2014

I am facing a problem in evaluating a problem. I am referencing from the screenshot of excel file. I want to replace the values of Column-C for which column-A matches with column -G. And, the remaining will remain same.


I am also attaching the excel file.

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Copy Rows Based On Comparing Values In Columns

Nov 26, 2012

I'm new to macros and VBA so I am wondering if it is possible for a macro to compare values in column B of sheet2 and column B of sheet3 and for the values that DON'T match i.e. unique values to column B of sheet2, copy row from sheet2 to sheet4? This will aid my processing time drastically if I can copy all the rows from sheet 2 to sheet 4 where the model number in column B of sheet 2 doesn't appear in column B of sheet 3!!

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Comparing Values In Two Columns?

Jul 13, 2013

There are two columns A and B and values there in

1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
9 5
10 6
11 13
15 15

As you can see there are certain numbers that are missing between column B and A. I want to know which of the numbers that are present in column B are missing in column A ...any handy calculation ?

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Comparing Columns For Values Greater Than Each Other

Apr 27, 2009

I have two columns A and B. I need a count of how many times a value in B is greater than the same row in A. I don't want to insert a new column (e.g. for if statements to add up).

Can I insert a countif at the top to do that? I tried various countif variations but could not find the right one. Additionally any other option that does not involve adding new columns/rows.

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Comparing The Rows In Different Columns And Displaying The Results?

Jul 18, 2013

I have two groups of lottery results. The first group has the last year results of 200 rows, and the second group displays this year results of 100 rows. I want to start comparing the first row of the second group (green group) with all the rows of the first group( blue group)

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Comparing Two Columns Of Data And Returning Values That Do NOT Appear In Both

Apr 22, 2014

I have an attendance sheet that employees scan their badge number, and returns their name and time/date stamp using a simple VLOOKUP.

I want to create a report that compares the names in the attendance sheet against the all the names in the master sheet, and only returns the names that have not attended the training.

I have tried a few test formulas using COUNTIF function, but with no luck.

I have attached an example. Use the worksheet labeled April 2014 A (2nd shift)

New Six Point Safety with Attendance Sheet Barcode Scanning.xlsx‎

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Print Unique Values By Comparing Two Columns

Feb 24, 2014

Am looking for a technique to print unique values by comparing 2 columns

Below is example

Col A
Col B
Col C (Output expected)



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Comparing 2 Columns With Numbers / Letters And Alphanumeric Values

May 13, 2014

I have 2 columns i want to find out which items match in each column and put the matching value in column c. I have tried Vlookup and continue to get an N/A .. I tried countif and I get either an N/A or a value error. I have tried turning the cells into text but that is not working either..

column A has about 1700 rows and column B has about 4000

MOST CELLS ARE 6-7 VARIABLES.. satrting with either 01, 02, 03 with 4-5 letters following or have a 6 digit number or 6 letter value.

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Comparing Two Columns On Different Worksheets And Adding Rows Where Matches Occur

Jan 18, 2014

Essentially what I want to automate is a check through one list on the Sheets("Notes") in column A, with another column B on Sheets(template). If there is a match I want to insert a part of the row that the match occurred on Sheet("Notes"), and insert it above the row where the match occurred on Sheets(template).

Here is my code so far, currently I keep getting a "Application-defined or object defined error" on the line

Sheets("Notes").Range(Cells(i, 2), Cells(i, 11)).Copy
Sub add_notes(template As String)
Dim Rng As Range
Dim i As Integer


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Hiding Particular Rows By Comparing Values In Array?

Mar 25, 2013

I need to hide the rows in an excel whose value is equal to the array list that has been already hardcoded...How to do this...

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Comparing Cell Values And Moving Whole Rows?

Jul 2, 2014

I'm trying to compare the values of columns B and G and if any of the cells are G < B, I would like to move the whole row into the second worksheet. And only if possible, it would be awesome if the macro could check column A for duplicates before the value comparison and sum up the column B if there are duplicates. In my example row 6 and 7 on column A have the same suppliers code and the amount totals to 2.

In this case for example, the value of the third row of G is lower than B, and therefore I would like the whole row 3 to be cut out from worksheet 1 and moved to worksheet 2.

Original view of sheet 1:


And then cut out the rows in which G

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Comparing Two Columns And Returning Number Of Cells In One Column With Higher Values?

Apr 8, 2014

I have two Columns C and E that have dollar amounts in them. I want to compare each row in those columns and then total the number in column C that are higher that column E.

So basically C6>E6, C7<E7, C8=E8,C9>E9 should return the result of 2. There are two instances where the price in C is higher than the price in E.

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Comparing Values In One Column And Inserting Multiple Blank Rows

Oct 13, 2006

I am working on formatting a spreadsheet report where the values will change in column A. Here is what I would like to do via a Macro. Compare the cells in column A (e.g., compare A2 to A3, compare A3 to A4, and so on). If the values between the two cells in column A are different, insert three blank rows and set the active cell to the next cell following the blank lines. Example:

if cell A5 is different from A6, insert three blank rows below row 5 and new active cell is now A9 and the comparison would start again. I have been trying to code the macro for this but with no success. Here is the macro I have been working on.

Sub Macro1()
Const NumRow As Integer = 3
Dim StartCell As Range
Dim RowNR, NewCnt As Long
Dim RowCount As Long
Dim Count As Long
Dim intRow As Integer
Dim bFmtComplete As Boolean
RowCount = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA _
(Range("A1", Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)))
bFmtComplete = False
RowNR = 2
' Rows("1:1").Select

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Replacing References In Two Columns

Oct 29, 2009

I have 2 colums like this. And I want whenever there is a reference like this . "some word" in column 2, to have the macro look up some word entry in column 1, find the text in the same row in column 2 and replace the . "some word" reference with the text found in column 2. (See attached, sheet 1 as it is, sheet 2 as I want it to be).

Sheet 1

another word. "some word"
bword. "aword"
some word

Sheet 2

another word
some word

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Replacing Multiple Numbers In Columns Vba

Feb 13, 2007

I have a column titled PA that has several cells with numbers, like 141, 151, 161, 242, 251, 382 etc. Is there a way that I can replace all these numbers in the column using a vba code. For example, replacing all the numbers beginning with 1** to 1 and 2** to 2.

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Replacing Values Between Xls Files?

Apr 14, 2009

I have a file with some statistics on how agents at work performed. This file gets sent to all of them, but before we send it we change the names for a number, so that they don't know how the other agents are doing (avoiding comparisons). People had been doing this manually, but it's getting really complex as the number of agents is increasing. I know that this can be automatized, but I have no idea on how to do it. A simple formula with an IF statement wouldn't be sufficient. Here's an example of the data. The file that is to be modified to be sent to all the agents looks like this:

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Matching Rows And Replacing Numbers Associated With Them

Jan 5, 2010

I have 4 Columns. Column A has a master list of inventory numbers(about 3000 of them). Column B has dollar figures associated with them. Column C has some inventory numbers in it(800 of them), all of which are also in the master list in Column A. Column D has dollar figures that are associated with the inventory numbers in Column C.

My question is how can I make it so that if an inventory number in Column C equals one in Column A that the dollar figure associated with the inventory number in Column C gets put into its own column on the same row as the inventory number it was equal to in Column A.

I've tried basic IF functions and I can't get it to work because the inventory numbers aren't lined up on the same row. So one may be on row 300 but the other maybe located in row 12. Maybe if a double sort was possible or if someone knows how to make the row in the IF statement a variable.

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Finding And Replacing Multiple Values?

Jun 14, 2014

I'm currently doing a project which requires me to find and replace a large number of values.

ie. Column A Row 1 = 80099, Column A Row 2 = 554441, Column A Row 3 = Z5478, CAR4 = B89877 etc...

I need to replace these numbers with meaningful values and I have a reference table to tell me what these codes mean ie. 80099 = apple juice, 554441 = orange puree, Z5478 = pumpkin soup, B89877 = banana smoothie. The reference table is in a separate excel spreadsheet and is tabulated in two columns ie. Column A = "the code", Column B = "the value".

There are like 1000+ codes I need to find and replace which I know is going to kill me if I did it manually. How do I find and replace all the values?

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Replacing Matched Cell Values

Jun 8, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with around 1000 rows on data. in each row of data there is a number e.g. 2673 (all in their own cells) so in column A you would have a list of just numbers in another workbook, the number thats in each row corresponds to another value e.g. 2673 = CE103. So this workbook has 2 columns. In column "A" you have the numbers(2673) and in column "B" you have what that number matches with (CE103) i need a way of replacing all the numbers with what they equal
Workbook 1
2673 XXX XXX
5107 XXX XXX

Workbook 2
2673 CE107
513 CDR57
5107 QV906
604 MNT57

There is an example of what i have (hope its understandable) and what i need is, the data from workbook 2 put in to workbook 1. So instead of having 2673 in workbook1, i would have CE107. And the same for the others e.g 513 would be CDR57.

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Replacing Text With Cell Values?

Nov 8, 2012

I have a data starting from column D. And the list goes like below:

D1: TO
E1: CC
G1: Body
H1: Text1
I1: Text2
J1: Text3

I would like to obtain the final body in column K after replacing the text with column H, I, J.

Below is how my data looks and How i would like to obtain the final body.
Final Body

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Formula For Finding / Replacing Values?

Jan 14, 2013

I have two pairs of columns, A B and E F.

Column A contains one numeric value in each row. Column B lists one person's name in each row.

Column E contains a distinct list of the names found in column B (no repeats), with one name in each row. Each row of column F contains one alpha ID that belongs to the adjacent name in column E.

I need to replace each name in column B with its respective alpha ID from column F, effectively pairing each numeric value in column A with an alpha ID from column F.

Have I stated my goal clearly enough? I could Find/Replace a few hundred times, but I thought there might be a better way using an Excel formula. I'm a beginner-intermediate user, and I clearly don't know enough about Excel to even ask about specific functions for this task.

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Replacing XML Values With Cell Values?

May 2, 2012

So I have sheet with various values.

I have a rather big XML type column where I want to replace values (in green) with thier corresponding cell values. Im pretty sure this can be done but have tried with no success!

item>TEST POST StuffCan Be ListedLike ThisOkay StuffCan Be ListedLike This
Bad StuffCan Be ListedLike This]]> 102011-07-07 19:41:16 2011-07-07 19:41:16openopengrand-canyonpublish 00post0
_edit_lastkeya:6:{s:4:"zoom";s:2:"14";s:8:"latitude";s:8:"36.34313";s:9:"longitude";s:10:"-112.51339";s:11:"address_one";s:12:"Grand Canyon";s:11:"address_two";s:12:"Williams, AZ";s:6:"bg_img";s:0:"";}]]>_thumbnail_id

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Replacing List Of Values In Just One Column With Certain Text?

May 18, 2014

I am creating a template for formatting data that I download from a wholesaler to upload to a platform. The large database of around 1300 records that comes with category and subcategory names, among all the rest of the data, that I download There are more column titles and information than I need, so my template will have blank headings that I will know to simply delete after I paste. Maybe there is a Macro for that too.

The category and subcategory names to appear in certain columns. I want those names to appear in multiple columns within the same records. How to create a formula/macro to copy all of the data in one column to a different column with a different heading and keep those headings different and save them within my template. I have a list of the 240 with CategoryID, ParentID, Category and Subcategory all corresponding. These always come and go in CSV format, so I cannot create additional sheets to save within my template without a hassle.

In two ID number value columns, I would like all of the text names replaced with corresponding numbers for upload to the platform that requires them. I have been trying to figure out the best way to create a macro to save within my template for daily use, but so far I have not been able to figure it out. I have been watching videos on vlookup, index & match, find & replace...I have not seen what I need just yet


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Macro To Give Count Of Unique Values After Comparing Comma Separated Values?

Mar 2, 2014

I need a Macro (not formula) which compares the comma separated values present in Column "I" with individual values present in Column "D" and generate the count of unique values in Column "J".

The sample sheet has been attached for reference.

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Transpose Values In Columns To Rows

Jun 23, 2014

I am having months JAN TO DEC In sheet 1 in columns A1,B1,C1, and so on

I want to transpose them to Rows in sheet 2 , how do i this using transpose function in vba code.

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Comparing Input Value From Set Of Values 1 And Output Data From Set Of Values 2

Sep 28, 2012

Got a road block on one of the trackers which I am trying to create which compares some of our agreements. Basically we need to compare current production with our contracts and then bring the tier level they are at in order to then calculate how much in overrides we receive. Belwo is an example:

Input Value = 140000
Out Should be = 1.5%

Set of Values 1


In a nut shell it will look for 14000 in set of values 1 and pick T3 to then go in set of values 2 and display corresponding T3 which will be 1.5% in above example as output.

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Excel 2013 :: Replacing Values In Existing Functions With Newly Defined Names

Jan 6, 2014

I'm trying to simplify a spreadsheet i've been given by defining names for certain values. I'm using Excel 2013. Is there any way to have all of the newly defined names I've created for cells automatically be inserted into all of the formulas that exist in the spreadsheet?


Old formula in one sheet of a workbook looks up a cell in another sheet with the value of ='sheet1!A1

I've given the value of cell A1 in Sheet1 a name of dgwd.

How do I get every formula in the workbook that references 'sheet1!A1 to change the value within that formula to dgwd?

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Vba Code To Paste Values To Only 100 Rows Of Columns A:F

Feb 15, 2014

I have a data sheet and I usually copy manually the values from different columns. I would like to paste them into another worksheet so that when I paste the values in Column A, I should not surpass Row100, and if so then the code should automatically shift to column B and start pasting. This should apply to all the columns till column F. Once column F is full till row100 then the procedure should start again from column A.

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VBA To Add One Column By All Values Of Adjacent 8 Columns And Three Rows Each

Mar 14, 2014

I have three rows of data (29-31) from columns D to Q.

I would like to take D29 and add each of the values in the adjacent columns exactly once and sum up the value D thru Q

For example I'd like to return not just Sum(D29:Q29) but also Sum(D29:R29)+Q30, Sum (D29:R29) +Q31.

Macro that would add these values?

That is D29 + E29 or E 30 or E31 + F 29 or F 30 or F 31 + G 29 or G 30 or G 31... and on?

Even though I wrote "or" above, i would need the other values to be added in a separate calculation, until all possible permutations of D and the following 8 columns and 3 rows of data are exhausted.

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Columns And Rows - Fill Values For All Data In CSV

Sep 18, 2012

I have a table = Columns A - E contain data in a variety of formats

Code 4
Code 5



What Column F (code 6) should contain is a csv of Columns A-E as shown.

What formula for Column F will automatically fill the values for all data within a row in a csv?

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