Returning Boolean If A Cell Contains A String

Mar 25, 2013

Seems like this one should be pretty easy but I'm stuck... I just want to return a boolean based on whether the currently active cell contains the character "#". I've been trying to use the find method but I can't figure out how to convert a match or lack of a match to a boolean.

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Returning String From One Cell Based Upon Multiple Cells

May 22, 2013

I need to return the specific text of a cell based upon the text in multiple cells.

Worksheet as follows:

Asphalt Sub:
BLDG1-Backwash 1
BLDG1-Backwash 1 OverEx


I have three columns thus far. I need to add another column and search all items in Column A using the criteria in Columns B and C. For instance I need to search for BLDG1-Backwash Sub: and place it into column D using the criteria in Columns B and C.

If possible, I would also like to remove both the words, BLDG1 and Sub from the result so then it only shows "Backwash".

My spreadsheet is much larger than this and I have muliple buildings I am dealing with, sometimes 30-40.

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Boolean Based On Cell Value

Jan 22, 2010

I need help creating a code that does the following:

I want a Boolean variable (TheTD) to be True when and only when the value in cell A1 is "TwoOnly". Once it isn't then I want the Boolean to be immediately False. Once cell A1 is "TwoOnly" I want TheTD to be true immediately as well.

I am using a userform and the textbox1_Change macro can change the value of cell A1 while typing. So in other words The Boolean can be changed from True to False multiple times depending on what I type in textbox1.

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Returning Number From Text String

Jul 24, 2007

I have been trying a few formulas to return numbers from a string of text. The problem I am having is that there are more than one set of numbers that I need returned.

Here is an example of the text entered in F2

"K2PT bus structure [2 locations] & strain structure South West of L9L12-12 [1 location] / Use #4/0, std, cu conductor, connector Cat ID#10842 at structure leg & connector Cat ID#9655 at #4/0, std, cu gnd loop to connect #4/0, std, cu gnd loop to str leg."

What I need returned in a cell H2 is the numbers beside the Cat ID#

10842, 9655

I tried a Return Right Value formula, but I think because there are more than one possible value it isn't working properly.

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Returning A Number Of Characters From A Variable String

Jun 4, 2014

If for example, I have a set of IDs like:


How would I return just the first 4 characters after the second dash? The closest I can get is ALL the characters after the second dash.

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Excel VBA - Returning String Found In Regex Pattern

Jun 18, 2014

I have a string and a pattern. If a substring of the string is found in the pattern, the string is no longer valid. I would like to return a message stating which substring was found in the pattern.

String: K22+L09+P88+Q12+J56
Pattern: (N75|X02|A21|U67|L09|...)
Output Should Be: "J56 is an invalid code. Blah-Blah"

Code to test string against pattern:

Function Test_OPC(sCode, sPattern) As Boolean
Dim RegX As Object
Dim RegMC


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Referenced Cells Returning Zeros: Can These Be Made Blank Or String Data?

Aug 30, 2007

I have a summary worksheet consisting of columns that are referenced to other sheets within the same workbook.

If the cell in the 'referring' (original) sheet is blank then the forumula returns a zero instead of a blank in my summary worksheet, which is messing up some other calculations.

Is there a way to make these cells truly blank, or possibly into string variables instead, so that they do not interfere with my calculations?

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Returning Row Numbers Where One Word Contained In Text String - Multiple Occurrences

Oct 30, 2013

I am trying to identify the row(s) where a match occurs when there can be multiple occurrences of the match.


john brown

Cathy Smith

Brown excavating company

XYZ Corp

Brown Advisors Inc.

The first test I ran in cell C1 with the information above was to determine if "Brown" was located in the range of A1:A5 using formula:

In the case of the word "Brown" it occurs in the range of A1:A5 three times, so the result of the above formula would be "True"

Now what I would like to do is return the locations, in this case the row number(s), where the word brown is contained range of A1:A5 because in the case of the word Brown, it occurs three separate times in the range of A1:A5. I would like the resulting value of the formula in this case to be "1, 3, 5" indicating the word Brown occurs in rows 1, 3, and 5. The formula also needs to work in case there is only one match as well.

I tried using the below array formula:
={MATCH(FALSE,ISERROR(SEARCH(B1,'Working List of Vendors'!$A$1:$A$5)),0)}
But it would only return the first occurrence of the match which in this case would be row 1, or "1"

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Insert "True" In A Cell Without It Becoming Boolean

Apr 16, 2007

I'm trying to enter "True" in a cell without it being interpreted by Excel as a boolean value. Initially it was entered through VBA, but I've found I cannot type it in without Excel capitalizing and centering it.

So far, I've tried formatting it as Text and General.

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Boolean Value For Each Worksheet

Jun 15, 2008

I have a timecard spreadsheet which im working on, each employee is represented by a single worksheet in the workbook, and the worksheet is named after the employees name. New employees are added by filling in a form which dynamically creates the timecard based on a template. Im trying to impliment a 'Fire Employee' button which sits on each employees sheet and can be clicked to set an employees working status to false by changing a boolean variable called 'fired' to true.

Ive been looking around the forum but I cant figure out if i should be using public variables or where exactly i should be placing them, so that each employees 'fired' status is set to false when the worksheet is first created, but can be set to true when the 'Fire Employee' button is clicked, this must only set true for that specific employee, and not all employees. If your wondering why i need this, the employees work status will be used on other forms to toggle views etc so thats why a boolean approach is best (at least i think it is if its not to difficult to do)

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Using Boolean To Compile Knowledge...

May 29, 2009

I have minimal excel knowledge, but enough to get by. I have 2 years in C++ programming.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

I'm trying to create a workbook to keep track of flags we send out, and receive back. We have a lot going and coming, so I figured the best way to do this would be to break down each region on different sheets. But I need to create a check box that says something like, "Yes/No" or "Here/Gone" or something like that. THEN, I need to take that information, and put it on the front sheet of the workbook so I know how many we have in/out total. Does this make sense? I know how I would program this in C++, but excel is a bit different.

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Defining A Boolean Without It Having An Actual Value

Aug 23, 2007

once bTest is declared as a Boolean, it becomes equal to FALSE (I checked this after much head scratching). How does one assign a value to a boolean variable only after you make your test.

Sub foo()

Dim bTest As Boolean

If Range("a20").Value = False Then bTest = False '

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VBA Combinatorial Boolean Arrays

Jan 28, 2010

I would like to construct in VBA "n choose r" Boolean arrays of length n which will give all possible combinations of these variables as you scroll through the arrays.

Typical values of n and r would be 40 and 5 respectively and I'm looking to get the fastest possible output on these 660,000 or so arrays.

I have been playing around with various "for, to" statements but haven't managed to turn out anything meaningful thus far.

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Color Formatting Boolean Cells

Jun 24, 2009

I have cells in my Excel sheet that contains boolean values, ie. the values TRUE or FALSE. Is it possible to format these cells so that FALSE is written with red color?

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Passing Boolean Variable To A Function

Nov 25, 2008

This might be a dumb question but is it possible to pass a boolean variable as a parameter to another function?

I have the following code that produces some compile error ("expected ="):

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Boolean Variable Initial State

Jul 15, 2009

Are Boolean variables ALWAYS initialised as FALSE when they are created?

I am wanting to leave a 'marker' in a function so that I know whether it is the first time it has been used or not. Something similar to this:

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Partial Match Boolean Type

Nov 24, 2009

I have strings in cell a1. I will put a formula in a3 if string "xyz" is found inside a1, it will show value from a2, else shows nothing.

i tried simple formula cell a3
here it is exact match, i need partial match, or multiple partial match in a single cell. How to do it?

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Change Current Cell Value If Number String NOT Letter String?

Apr 7, 2014

In sheet1 I have a simple database consisting of 5 columns of data

Column A : Name ie James Jones
Column B : payroll number ie 123456
Column C : shift times ie 1245-2124
Column D : job title ie floor
Column E : comments ie A/L or 0600-1500

what I would like is some code that will go down Column E and if a 'time string' ie 1300-2130 is found then copy this string and paste into corresponding value in column C. If a text string is found ie A/L or Sick or anything like this then ignore and move onto next cell, loop this until all cells in column E have been checked.

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Boolean Function To Return Whether PC Is Connected To Internet?

Jun 6, 2013

I want a boolean function to return whether the PC is connected to the Internet. How to start creating this.


I have code that checks an online database and downloads data after the user presses a button.If the host computer is not currently connected to the net, I would like to display a message of my choice instead of trying to run the code.To determine whether to run my message or not, I need a function that will return TRUE/FALSE if the host PC is net connected or not.

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Boolean Logically: Post Data On The Right Pages

Nov 11, 2008

i need someone that can think through this boolean logically. its been a long day at work and now I'm trying to walk through this boolean thing to make sure my data will post on the right pages.

I have an Excel Macro that will capture inputted customer/vehicle data from an input screen, at the end, based on questions answered, i need to place that data on 1 of 4 sheets in my excel document.

The questions are:
Is this a Nationwide claim? (Y.N) (boolean = nw)
Is the vehicle here? (Y/N) (boolean = vh)

So here's what i got
if NW = true and VH = True then place data on "sheet1"
if NW = true and VH = False then place data on "Sheet2"
if NW = False and VH = true then place data on "sheet 3"
if NW = false and VH = False then place data on "sheet4"

I can't think of how to write this IF statement for this to happen. can't get the logic going.

OR IS THERE A BETTER WAY?? i'm sure there is.

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Deleting Rows Of Data The With Use Of Boolean Logic

Feb 6, 2009

I've got a worksheet with five columns of data. The headings run from a1:e1

The number of rows can be anything up to 200,000 rows (I'm using Excel 2007).....

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Move Data Based On Boolean Operators

Mar 26, 2008

I'm trying to figure out how to reorganize data based on boolean values in two different columns. My goal is to write something in VBA that will look to see if the boolean in the first cloumn is true then procede to check if the boolean in the next column, same row is true. If that is the case, it will take several values from the row and move them to another worksheet. If the boolean in the first column is true, but the second column is not, it will look down the rows of the second column until it finds true then move several values from rows it has passed through. Here is an example of the sample data I will be dealing with.

Date Time Duration Boolean1 Boolean2
6/22/200723:001 FALSETRUE

Based on the example data my goal is to move the data in a new worksheet that would look something like this

Date Start End Duration
6/22/2007 15:28 16:00 32
6/22/2007 18:02 23:01 299

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Capture The Cancel Property (Boolean, True Or False?)

Oct 8, 2009

This macro adds a comment to a cell and some text from an input box. I store the last value entered in the input box via the registry, it is recalled as the default input box value. How do I capture the cancel property (Boolean, true or false?) so the ActiveCell.Value remains and comment is not added? When a user selects Cancel/X the macro deletes the value in the cell and add's a comment. This overwrites existing data with "" (nothing).

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Excel 2007 :: How To Pass Boolean Variable Between Two Macros

Feb 10, 2012

I am attempting to pass a boolean variable between two macros. The SUBMIT macro calls the STATUS macro to do some verifications and the STATUS macro should return the boolean variable RDY back to the SUBMIT macro, but does not.

I am using Excel 2007. Both macros are in the same Module. The STATUS macro is called from several places in the code.

Public Rdy As Boolean
Sub Submit()
Call Status
If Rdy=True then msgbox("You have completed your form") else msgbox ("Not ready")
end sub


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Excel 2007 :: Use Dates As Argument In Boolean Arithmetic?

Nov 22, 2013

Can I use dates as argument in Boolean arithmetic? I have a list of name with their date of birth and I would like to tell who is between 18 and 25. It's easy enough with number but with dates? Excel 2007

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Folder Exist- Check If True W/ Boolean Response

Jan 24, 2007

I have a function that works well for checking if a specified file exist within a specified path. I realized I do not know how to just check if the folder exist!

Example: I want to see if the following folder exist with boolean response...


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Insert String And String Variable Into Cell

Feb 18, 2014

I'm using a userform to create a new sheet. The form already creates the sheet and names it what was typed into the userform. Now I want it to place that variable in a cell along with a string. the following code will place the variable from the form (tbname) into cell b5.

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Cell Returning #n/a

Mar 29, 2008

i have this formula in cell e28 =IF(B28<>"",LOOKUP(B28,STOCK!A1:A500,STOCK!B1:B500),"") and when its empty it returns a blank cell

but in cell e29 i have exactly the same formula =IF(B29<>"",LOOKUP(B29,STOCK!A1:A500,STOCK!B1:B500),"") but i returns #n/a

why is this and how do i stop it i want the cell to be empty unless there is a code entered in b29 in which case it will look up the relevant info for me

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Looking For Value In Column Then Returning Value From Different Cell In That Row

Apr 23, 2014

Basically, I want to use look in one cell to get a value then in a table look in a coloum to find the same value then return a value from a different column in that row.

This is to organize groups of children participating in an event.

See the attached spreadsheet for details.

Groups example.xls‎

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Returning The Value Of The Larger Cell

Feb 5, 2009

I am looking to return the larger value of 2 cells into a seperate cell.

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