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Spell A Number (not Currency)

I am using Excel 2003 and have a column within my spreadsheet that, through a formula, inserts a decimal that has formatting to show as a percent. I would like to know who to convert that number to words. I saw spellnumber (and love it!) but don't know how to edit it so that it converts properly.

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Currency To Normal Number
I have a value say £11.50 what i need is for this to be turn in to 1150 no point.
When i try on excel i get it to 115

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Place Currency And Number In Middle
I have a problem here with the currency style, when I put the number in the cell and clicked the currency style button, the currency is placed in the left side and the number is in right side. How can I make it both in the middle?

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How To Separate The Currency Sign From The Number
I have a file contains thousands of rows of purchasing order. the purchasing value is in different local currency,the data(number) format is "Accounting" .

Is there a way to separate the currency sign and the number into different column?

I need to the currency sign to be able to convert data to desired currency. But Excel read the data as number. so I was doing it row by row. Such a pain and not efficient.

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Convert Textbox Currency To Number
I have a Userform where i have the user in put a dollar amount in a text box. Im having difficulty getting this assigned to a variable as an integer. I get a "type mismatch" error. I have tried declaring the variable as an integer, and tried the cint() function, but i get the same error.

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How Convert A Number Into Seperate Currency Amounts
I would like to create a formula that would break a number into seperate currencies as follows:

Any amount that is >0 would be flagged as "gp"

Any amount that is .1 would be flagged as "sp"

Any amount that is

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Currency Additions (show The Total Of Each Currency Separtely)
I have several rows which lists different currencies - USD, GBP, EURO, JPY etc.,

A1 usd 5000
A2 GBP 7000
A3 USD 3400
A4 EUR 12000
A5 JPY 89000
A6 EUR 1000

At the bottom I want to show the total of each currency separtely.

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Spell Check Via VBA
I have is that the code does call the spell-check up and it goes through the motions.

However, when you perform this manually (as in from the toolbar), the spell-check accepts the items as you put in the text bar at the top if you change it.

When doing it via the VBA macro code, it will not accept the user amended-suggestions unless you highlight the (top) text bar area/row/cell to get it to accept some things - otherwise it just accepts the suggestion the checker gives n the section below - not the text you have amended.

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Spell Check - VBA Vs. Manual
I have initiated a spell-check in VBA using:

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Macro To Spell Numbers
why I would be having trouble using the following formula in excel. Its purpose is to spell a number in english with dollars and cents. I have used the formula before and it has worked just fine, but now the formula will only give me " NAME".

Option Explicit
'Main Function
Function SpellNumber(ByVal MyNumber)
Dim Dollars, Cents, Temp
Dim DecimalPlace, Count
Redim Place(9) As String
Place(2) = " Thousand "
Place(3) = " Million "
Place(4) = " Billion "
Place(5) = " Trillion "
' String representation of amount.
MyNumber = Trim(Str(MyNumber))
' Position of decimal place 0 if none.
DecimalPlace = InStr(MyNumber, ".")
' Convert cents and set MyNumber to dollar amount.
If DecimalPlace > 0 Then
Cents = GetTens(Left(Mid(MyNumber, DecimalPlace + 1) & _
"00", 2))
MyNumber = Trim(Left(MyNumber, DecimalPlace - 1))
End If

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Spell Check When Close
How can I get excel to always perform a spell check before I close the document. I've tried using VBA but it won't execute. (I'm really bad at VBA.) This is what I tried but it wouldn't work:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)

Cells.CheckSpelling SpellLang:=1033

End Sub

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VBA Code Spell Error
I was modifying some code in a script and now every piece of code that was like this:

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Spell Numbers Function
I had entered a spellnumber function in Excel 2007 and it was working fine but then all the sudden it disappeared. I would prefer a function to convert numbers to text without doing visual basic code.

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Conditional Formating: Spell Check
I am working on code breaking, and am working on trying multiple letter combinations, and was wondering if I could spell check the results and have that identify letter combinations that ARE words.

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Use Spell Check On A Protected Sheet?
Is it possible to use spell check on a protected sheet?

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SUM According To Currency
shown in the attached picture.

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Currency Sign
I have a very frustrating problem with my business plan i am writing in Excel. every so often it crashes and when I open it again all the £ signs have turned to $ signs and i have to go through and painstakingly change them all. This also happens even if I just close the file carefully and open it up again. I have tried looking in preferences to see if there is a default setting but can't seem to work it out. can anyone help me with this tiresome issue?

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There Must Be More Currency Symbols
I need to display the currency symbols for all European & Asia Pacific countries. The only ones available that I could find in excel help are €, ¥, £. Does anyone know if there are more available? This seems limiting.

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Currency Conversion
I am working on a sheet that logs sales enquiries and quotations. The quotations may be made in either Dollars, Euros or Pounds. However, I want the 'reporting' column to be Pounds. I would appreciate any advice on the simplest way of achieving this.

Imagine column A is dollars, column B is Euros and column C is pounds. Most of the time the quotations are done in pounds and the other two columns will be blank. Also, there will only ever be one figure quoted per row. Would it be easier to create a fourth column (D) to consolidate the three separate figures together? We are using fixed exchange rates for the year, so to convert to pounds we will multiply any dollar quotations by 0.5 and any euro quotations will be multiplied by 0.69.

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Format Currency In IF Statement
I am having a problem defining a currency format based on an IF statement. My statement looks like this......... =IF(E22=1,"USD",IF(E22=2,"CAD",IF(E22=3,"EURO","USD")))

What I want is to show $ when USD or CAD is returned and € when EURO is returned.

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Format Textbox For Currency
I need to be able to format a textbox as curancy. Simple enough, right?

The problem is that this box is loaded from two sources. The first is automatic using the change event, this works well. The second is to enter directly into the textbox, which requires using the exit event, this also works.

The problem comes when I try to use both events. The change event interfers with the direct entry (the format keeps changing the entered value and will not allow the user to finish entering).

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()

TextBox1.Text = Format(TextBox1.Text, "$ #,##0.00")

End Sub

Private Sub TextBox1_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)

TextBox1.Text = Format(TextBox1.Text, "$ #,##0.00")

End Sub

How can this be changed to work for both aut load and direct load?

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Live Currency Rates
I know that Excel has a function to import currnecy rates from the MSN Money web site. But MSN Money doesn't support all currencies. I would like to build an excel sheet where a user can maintain the currency codes and the currency rate is being fetched from the internet. Does anybody have a suggestion from where I could get currency rates into Excel?

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Automatic Currency Conversion
I'm using excel 2000

Is there anyway to format cells such that I can enter values as Euros and they automatically convert to £

eg If I enter 14.60 (Euros) it automatically displays as £10.00, my conversion rate of 1.46 is constant throughout

I know I can do the copy paste special divide thing but the above would be a much nicer solution

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Currency Conversion: Convert In GBP
i have an order book which lists the value of each order against the currency it was ordered in. So in column A i have a list of currencies (THB, GBP, AUD, USD, the user clicks the appropriate one) and in column B i have the figure (23.50). I want a formula that can convert all these in GBP so that i can report the order totals in one currency in column C. =(IF A1="THB", B1/50, "") can i adapt this to include all variables? I will add a table with the currency conversion rates.

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Text Representing A Currency Value
I am a complete newbie at Excel, but trying to set up a simple worksheet that I can use to save a lot of time. I have a list of names and each has a paper delivered each day.

Can I set it up to treat the name of the paper ie. Tel as a value ie. 0.35? and then have it total etc?

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AutoFilter Currency Values
I am trying to filter data using VB. I have a bunch of data that has currency. Some of the currency contains cents such as "32.50". I would like a user to be able to enter "32" and have everthing that is 32 dollars pop up even though there is a decimil point with cents in it. In the code below I tried using different variations of the "*" I tried putting it before, after, and both and it still dosen't work. I also tried using Range("Search!D17") as a Value and a Text. My code works filtering when I put the exact amount in for the currency but for some reason I can't get it to work when I only put in a partial amount

If Range("Search!D17").Value = "" Then Goto 14 Else: Goto 13
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=13, Criteria1:= "*" & Range("Search!D17").Value "*", Operator:=xlAnd

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Identifying Currency Format
When using the formula '= CELL("format",G3)' the result is ',2' for Euros, US and Canadian Dollars. As you can see in my spreadsheet this does not enable me to calculate sums (ie. Total Canadian Dollars) using the currency format. Is there something other than "format" that would get a more precise result that would differentiate between currencies?

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Currency Conversion By Dropdown
I have a sheet of prices in USD, and want to be able to convert those numbers to Euro. I realize there is no formula to do this...

I was going to list USD prices in cell A (which I was going to hide), and then in B have a formula to multiple the contents of cell A with the exchange rate.

Is there a way I can create a dropdown cell and based on the contents of the dropdown change the currency items in cell B?

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Vba Currency Formatting With Range().value
I've got an Excel VBA Macro that takes data from a UserForm and TextBox and inputs a value into a cell on a spreadsheet.

I'm having issues when this value is input into a cell that's formatted for "Accounting". I've tried all the tricks I can think of to get the value to display correctly, but the correct currency formatting is only displayed when I manually select the cell and hit the ENTER button.

The value of PriceBox is derived from a TextBox input by the user (9000 for example).

Range("D16").Value = PriceBox

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Updating Only Cells Formatted As Currency
I am trying to write some code that will loop through the workbook (selecting all cells formatted as currency), updating the cell value and rounding to 2 decimal places. The updated price must be rounded as these prices are used in calculations.
The prices are not in a contiguous range and are in different cells on each sheet, but all within the range (“B1:V200”)
I need the user to enter the required increase I,e 1.05 (5%) in Price update sheet, cell “F6”, then run the code from this sheet (which will be the only sheet I do not want to run the code on, which will be the active Sheet)
This is the code I have so far
I don’t know if it will work yet as it errors out (Type mismatch) on this line.
cell = cell.Value * Sheets("PriceUpdate").Range("F6").Value

Sub UpdatePrices2()

For Each Ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If Ws.Name ActiveSheet.Name Then
For Each cell In Ws.Range("B1:V200")
If cell.NumberFormat = "$#,##0.00" Then
cell = cell.Value * Sheets("PriceUpdate").Range("F6").Value
cell = WorksheetFunction.Round(cell, 2)
End If
Next cell
End If
Next Ws
End Sub

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Automatically Change Currency Format
AutoLinked keywords will cause extra spaces before keywords. Extra spacing is NOT transferred when copy/pasting, but IS if the keyword uses "quotes".

USD 100
EURO 100

Is it possible to automatically make it:

USD $100
EURO €100

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Convert Multiple Currency To USD With Filter
The FOB PRICE in sheet JAN09SEA is in any of three currencies, HKD EUR or USD.
The output on sheet CONSOLIDATE should only be USD.
Also, you can see that some countries send their freight in two or even three different currencies. This would need to be accounted for.
Additionally to the currency issue, I need to sort the output to RM or FG. For that, on sheet CONSOLIDATE, we have a button located in G1 to switch types.
E.G. if presses for FG, the formula should only check for the values where the row is marked with FG in column X.

The freight charge is always in HKD and needs to be converted to USD as well. Also it should be FREIGHT = FREIGHT CHARGE + SURCHARGE converted to USD.

This is quite a lot of information. I hope someone can think of a solution for the problems.
If you need more information.

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Convert Currency With Paste Special
how can i convert the currency with macro from EUR to Slovak Crowns.

I have this, but this works only for one cell, but mostly i need to convert range of cells.

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Sumif Based On Currency Format
I have a list of sales made during a certain period. They are either in £ or $ and are in a list. Essentially like this (but with lots more info):

sale1 £300
sale2 $450
sale3 £150

What I would like to do is to have two cells at the top which sum only the £ values and a cell whcih sums only the $ values. Is this possible?

My idea to was do a sumif formula based on the cell format of the sales value, but I can't see a way of doing this. The only other way I can see is to have a simple addition formula selecting only the certain cells i want, but this would be labour intensive to maintain, as the formula would need to be updated eachtime a new line is added.

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Formatted Currency Text In Formula
I am in need of a formula.
I am subtracting one number from the other and if the result is negative, “Short” otherwise “Add”, I want to use subtracting result in the formula. So for example A1 has 50,000 and A2 has 40000 so the formula in cell A3, should say add $10,000.

Or something like this, =IF(A1-A2>0,”ADD”,”SUBTRACT”,”&TEXT(A1-A2,”$#,##0.00”)

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Textbox Currency Cannot Enter Figures Less Than 1.00?
I have a userform with several texboxes formatted as currency. The problem I have is that I cannot enter figures less than £1.00 i.e. (.90) whicch should format as £0.90
Here is the code I am using so far! As I have said it works perfectly apart from this ...

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Currency Format With 4 Decimal Places
I have a problem with the currency format with 4 decimal places.

Sub go()
Range("C5") = Range("C5") + Range("C4")
End Sub
as you can see it adds the conecnt of "R4" to what is in "R5"

If works fine when the calls are formatted as number with 4 decimal places.
example if R4 is 0.1111 and R5 is 0.2222 after running the macro R5 becomes 0.3333

But if the cells are formatted as currency and 4 decimal places the then excel returns $0.3300

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Covert My Currency (Rupee) In To Million
Will some one guide me, How can i covert my currency (Rupee) in to Million?
(2700000 Rs Into Million with formula/automatically)

Can i make in a specific cell 4 colums & 2 rows ? Is it possible. ?

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Remove European Currency Sign
I have column with thousand of line with european currency sign at the end. The excel wont add em cuz these sign are not $ sign. How can I eliminate the sign at the end so that I able to add up?

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Find Minimum Currency Amount In A Row
I want to find out the minimum $ amount in a row with multiple columns but some columns will also have numbers that cannot be converted to string.

What formula could I use to only find the lowest $ amount?

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Japanese Currency Custom Format
I would like to set the format of a cell to the Japanese currency format. This means that the comma separator occurs at 4-digit interval instead of 3 (ten-thousand separator instead of thousand separator) like this:

1,000 -> 1000
10,000 -> 1,0000
1,000,000 ->100,0000
1,000,000,000 -> 10,0000,0000

and so on...

There are some rules with the decimals, but I will leave that out for now.

how to achieve this with either custom format or VBA, instead of initiating system changes?

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If Currency Amount Is Less Than $500,000 In Column I, Delete The Whole Row
If Currency amount is less than $500,000 in column I, delete the whole row. I would like a formula to do the following...

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Assign Currency To Textbox Property
how I might assign the $ Currency property to one of my textboxes in my user form. I was hoping I could set the property in the spreadsheet and the form would inherit what properties the cell in the spreadsheet had but that did not work. Here is the line of code I tried to use to assign the property to the cell (TextBox 16 is the one I am trying to change)

Set c = Worksheets("database").Range("a65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0)
Application.ScreenUpdating = False ' speed up, hide task
'write userform entries to database
c.Value = Me.TextBox1.Value
c.Offset(0, 1).Value = Me.TextBox2.Value
c.Offset(0, 2).Value = Me.TextBox3.Value
c.Offset(0, 3).Value = Me.TextBox4.Value
c.Offset(0, 4).Value = Me.TextBox5.Value
c.Offset(0, 5).Value = Me.TextBox6.Value
c.Offset(0, 6).Value = Me.TextBox7.Value
c.Offset(0, 7).Value = Me.TextBox8.Value
c.Offset(0, 8).Value = Me.TextBox9.Value

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Currency Convertor ($ Sign Doesn Not Appear)
I have a spreadsheet with cells defined as Euro & Dollars. I want to add an automatic conversion so for example, if a cell is defined as $ the formula will return the sum X 4 and if it is Euro than sum X 5.

I tried to use "if" combined with "search" (so if the cell contains "$" multiply by 4) but since the cell is defined as currency the $ sign does not appear and cannot be searched…

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Resetting A Currency Field Column
I have a column (L8 down) of cells formatted as $'s

At the end of the column is a sum formula.

At the end of each month the client wants to 'reset' all the $ amounts back to $0.00

Is there a macro that would reset the column of $'s back to $0.00 without removing the formulas like ClearContents does?

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Format Currency In Thousands,lakhs
i want to know how to numberformat numbers (Currency) into thousands,lakhs.
For example i m having amount in colmun D like 1239.00 i want to format the numbers in this column as Currency with thousand seperator and lakh seperator. like1,239.00 or 1,23,900.0

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HTML Exporting As Text, Needs To Be Currency
I'm using Microsoft Office 2003 and have tried everything I can think of to strip the formatting from data I exported into Excel from the internet. I've tried DATA / TEXT TO COLUMNS, Formatting, LEFT, RIGHT, exporting to NotePad and back again... nothing works?

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Scale Currency In Multiple Cells
I have a spreed sheet with multiple cells with currency values. I would like to be able to scale all the values by given percentage if possible.

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Rounding Currency To The Nearest .x9 Cents
I need to round, up or down, dollar figures to the nearest .x9 cents. Examples:

$4.32 = $4.29
$5.55 = $5.59
$3.07 = $3.09
$5.00 = $4.99

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Change Currency Symbol From List
I have attached a file: I want to select the currency in Data!F7 and based upon the selection I want the number formats in Prices!D17:D19 to dispaly the relevant currency symbol.

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