Stop #N/A Showing On A Spreadsheet

Sep 29, 2008

I have a spreadsheet gathering information on vehicles. One of the pieces of information is a 'Date Off Strength'. For the vehicles still on strength I have the symbol '#N/A' showing,, this is linked to a sheet using a VLOOKUP formula, is there a way to stop this symbol showing

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Stop Pages Showing

Jan 3, 2009

i want it to stay on working sheet asit prints out the selected sheets below.
is there anyway to stop this from showing the sheets? ie stay on working sheet

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How Do You Stop 0's From Showing Up On A Chart

Dec 5, 2008

I have data that has values showing 0 and I don't want them showing up on the chart. I have excel 2003 and 2007 that I need it to work for.

This is what I am using for excel 2007 and it works fine.

=IF(COUNTIF('Closed Transaction'!I6:I38,"Friends")=0,NA(),COUNTIF('Closed Transaction'!I6:I38,"Friends"))

I need a forumla for excel 2003. The one above still shows the 0's on the chart.

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Stop Zero Showing In Formulas

Nov 13, 2006

when I apply an = 'Worksheet1'!A1. formula to a cell, the respective cell will contain a zero. Is there any way that the cell can be shown as completely blank and still hold this formula?

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Stop / Start Characters And Showing 0s

Sep 19, 2013

I'm currently creating an inventory tracking spreadsheet for my restaurant.

I'm using ="*"&A(x)&"*" to create the necessary barcodes. Some of my inventory numbers have leadings zeros that need to be included. The formula above is eliminating the 0's and how to get them to show. I've tried a custom number formatting but that isn't working for me.

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Stop Row/Column Heading Showing

Aug 3, 2006

I am building a small accounts package and need certain work books to open with no toolbars or row and colum headings showing.

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Stop 01/00/1900 Showing In Cell

Dec 20, 2006

I have a cell that has a formula in it and is also Excel Dates & Times coded. Hence when the repsective cells are empty and there is no values to be calculated the date "00-jan-00" shows. how to prevent this from showing up allowing for a blank cell to only show?

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Stop Macros Showing In Macro Dialog

Dec 9, 2006

I've forgotten how to prevent the macros from showing in the macro dialogue box.

I'm sure it's got to be something with the VBA editor, but I can't figure it out.

I've got some files where the macro list is hidden and I'd like to do the same again, but for the life of me....I'm stumped. I'm sure it's something very simple.

I've protected the Worksheet & Workbook.

I've done some searching...."macro hide", "hide dialogue" etc. but can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

It's been a while since I had to amend code, as everythings been running very smoothly.

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Spreadsheet Isn't Showing The Message?

Aug 29, 2013

You know when you go to open a spread sheet and someone else is in it you get the message saying "open read only" "Notify" etc.

I have a spread sheet that isn't showing that message. So users are opening it, editing away and then finding that they can't save it because it's opening in read-only. How do I get that message to show?

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Stop #REF! Occurring When Changing Spreadsheet

Jun 3, 2008

Is it possible to stop the #REF! error appearing in my formulae when I make a change to my spreadsheet? I have some complicated spreadsheets that take a lot of re-building whenever I need to make changes because of the #REF! error. I tried turning off automatic calculation and that seems to work, until you calculate, then the errors appear. I find myself copying formulae into a text file and then re-pasting back into the spreadsheet after making the changes - there's gotta be a better way! (Using Excel 2003).

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VBA Code Won't Stop Users Using Spreadsheet After Certain Date?

Jul 28, 2014

The code that I'm using is supposedly not allow spreadsheet to be opened after a certain date, or does not allow a user to press any of the command buttons and comes up with a message saying the spreadsheet is closed for new entries.But is not working for me.

I placed the Code in the ThisWorkbook module.


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Formulas Stop Working When Put The Rows Of Data To Test My Spreadsheet

Mar 17, 2009

I am inputting rows of data to test my spreadsheet and all of the sudden the formulas stop working??

Can someone take a peak at it and see if they can tell why its no longer working at I19?

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Stop Macro: Button To Hit Or Better Just Some Keys To Hit To Stop It Without Using The Ctrl+alt+del Which Closes Everything

Dec 13, 2006

my excel sheet runs through a lot of calculations, opens Flowmaster, a simulations program, passes on data, receivs data and so on. Is there any way to have a user input to stop the whole simulation. During the first tries I had a lot of break point in my debugger. But now I want to have a button to hit or better just some keys to hit to stop it without using the ctrl+alt+del which closes everything.

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Formula To Have Spreadsheet 2 Pick Items From Pass / Fail Column On Spreadsheet 1

Jan 23, 2012

Workbook 1 has 2 spreadsheets. Spreadsheet 1 contains Item and Pass/Fail Columns. under the item column is the serial number of the item tested. the Pass/fail column has the serial number duplicated if it failed tested. what is the formula is to have spreadsheet 2 pick the items from the pass/fail column on spreadsheet 1?

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Multi-Spreadsheet Formula Down To Populate The Other Cells In The Total Spreadsheet

Jan 4, 2010

I have attached a document paralleling a document I am working on. The dollar amount in each spreadsheet represent sales. I have entered in values into the candy, soda, and chips spreadsheet. I have also linked values for candy into the total spreadsheet. My question is can I somehow type something or drag the formula down to populate the other cells in the total spreadsheet?

The idea I am thinking but which I don't know how to implement is to list all the items (as in column G) and list all of the relevant cells (e.g. B1 in the Candy spreadsheet) as in columns H and I (Note that all items will have the same cells but the cells will have different values...e.g. all three items have a cell B1 and B2 in their spreadsheet but these cells contain different values). I then try and fail to create a formula in cell B3 of the Total spreadsheet. I am trying to create a formula of the following nature:

='(Spreadsheet Name From Column G)'!(Cell Name From Columns H and I)

The Second half of the formula doesn't really concern me (i.e. the cell name from column H and I). However I am perplexed as to how to achieve the goal in the first parentheses above.

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Select Data From Spreadsheet Column If Condition In 2nd Spreadsheet At Same Time Is Met

Aug 11, 2013

I have two spreadsheets, one gives me the beginning and end of civil twilight as a measure of day vs. night. The spreadsheet has Date/Time in the first column, and the value 45 in the 2nd column when it is night. The second spreadsheet has also 2 columns with date/time and body temperatures of a squirrel. I want to get basic statistics (mean and standard deviation) of the squirrel's nocturnal body temperature, that is for times when it is night (value 45). The tricky part is that Date/Time of both spreadsheets are different. The procedure has to recognize that the date/time of body temperature lies between the beginning and end of the value 45 blocks of the first spreadsheet.

files: twilight sheet squirrel temperature

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Spreadsheet That I Have A Lot Of Macros That Are Attached To A Customized Toolbar Saved In The Same Spreadsheet

Jun 26, 2008

I have a spreadsheet that I have a lot of macros that are attached to a customized toolbar saved in the same spreadsheet. I saved this is a read-only file. When I open as read-only and run my macros (testing), I save it as another file. When I then open the "template" to do the same thing, the toolbar/buttons now reference the file I previously saved as something else. Help please? Is there a macro that would delete all macros before saving the file as something else?

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Merge Files? (add Data From One Spreadsheet To The Appropriate Places On Another Spreadsheet)

Feb 6, 2009

Often I need to add data from one spreadsheet to the appropriate places on another spreadsheet. For example:

Sheet A has 10,000 records with these fields: id#, name, address, place of employment.

Sheet B has 5,000 records these fields: id#, GPA, college major, type of degree.

Some of the records in B contain information for the same id#'s as sheet A. I want to add this information together so that a Sheet C will have these fields: id#, name, address, place of employment, GPA, college major, type of degree.

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Copy Certain Cells From 1 Spreadsheet To Other Spreadsheet Depending On Condition

Jan 13, 2010

I have noticed that the basic problem I have is a common one on this forum with different varibles for different people. I have attached a dummy copy of the spreadsheet that I am using.

I need to copy cell information for one spreadsheet to one of 2 other spreadsheets depending on a dropbox condition. The master spreadsheet is the Issues spreadsheet, and depending on whether the user chooses Transferred Complaints or Transferred Offences (in Column K) I need to transfer certain cells to the Complaints or Offences spreadsheets.

The information I need to transfer from Issues is: .....

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Get Totals From One Sheet In Spreadsheet To Show On Another Spreadsheet?

Apr 7, 2014

I have 2 sheets in my excel spreadsheet. One tracks data for a number of projects five different employees are working on. The other sheet is where I want to total up the number of minutes each employee has worked on their individual projects. I tried writing an IF statement like below but I am only getting the total in the first field even if the employee's name is not Employee 1....

[Code] .....

How I can write this so their totals show up in the correct row?

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How To Auto Populate From Main Spreadsheet To New Spreadsheet

Mar 11, 2012

I have a Main Customer Spreadsheet. I want to Auto Populate FROM the Main Customer Spreadsheet to a New Spreadsheet. I want to be able to key in a customer name on the New Spreadsheet and take the info for that customer from the MAIN Spreadsheet and fill in the blanks. I need to be able to do this several times a day.

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Spreadsheet To Note Book And Back To Spreadsheet

Apr 14, 2007

It also renames the CommanBarPopop with the new filename.This allows the user to open both Projectworkbooks/files (If required) and load each CommandBarPopup for different filenames .Therefor opening the Userforms and worksheets for the CommandBarPopup clicked ...

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Compare Before Spreadsheet Data To After Spreadsheet

Apr 2, 2014

Wondering if there is an easy way to compare 2 spreadsheets that should have identical data on them? The first spreadsheet (Before) has the output data from 'before' a code fix was applied. The second spreadsheet (After) has the output data from 'after' a code fix was applied. The spreadsheets have 7 columns of data and almost 500 rows.

I've already copied the data from the source datasets provided by my IT folks into Notepad (.txt) files and then used Excel to open them as fixed width spreadsheets. I have 1 workbook with 1 spreadsheet with 'before' data. And, I have 1 workbook with 1 spreadsheet 'after' data. And, I have another workbook that contains both worksheets. So, I'm ready to go whenever I get hints of what to do next. :-)

I need to be able to show my client that we did not impact the data with the code fix that was applied. I want to be able to show my client contacts (business folks) an end result via Excel that confirms that I actually compared the 2 sheets and there were no differences. In other words....I can't just show them a formula with '0' as it end result (even tho that's basically what I'm trying to prove).

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Importing Data From Spreadsheet To Spreadsheet

Apr 24, 2006

I need to write a macro that will import data contained in another spreadsheet, but am unsure how to do this. I have several (about 15) spreadsheets that contain data. I need to import key bits of this data into one central spreadsheet that will be used for reporting purposes. I only need 2 cells worth (values) from each source spreadsheet, to be pasted into the destination spreadsheet, into designated cells.

The source spreadsheets are usually closed down and kept on a file server, which my PC has access to. Ideally I want to activate this macro with a control button - i.e. I press the button once and the macro goes off and collects/updates each field with the latest data stored in each of the source spreadsheets.

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Showing Any Changes On Tab

Mar 10, 2009

I have a tab within a workbook where i want the user to copy a different spreadsheet into and then press a macro button to run some code, however after this button has been pressed i want this one tab to show any changes that have been made to it, i.e make the cell red or something just so i can keep track of manual adjustemnts.

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UDF Showing #Value

Dec 5, 2006

I am trying to write a UDF that uses the TRANSPOSE and MMULT functions, but I keep getting #VALUE! errors...

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Auto Copying Text (Not Data) From Cell In One Spreadsheet To Another Spreadsheet Cell?

Nov 4, 2012

I wish to Automatically copy the TEXT that is written from Spreadsheet 1 cells D5 to F5 to Spreadsheet 2 cells F5 to J5 .... a similar range of cells.

Is there a formula I can use or do I need to venture into the programming side of things.

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Showing 0 For The Min And Max Formulas

Apr 27, 2014

I am currently having an issue with the formula below showing a zero when there is no data, now i am referencing from this cell to another sheet but even with the IF(ISBLANK inside the formula on the other page it still shows a zero which is messing up what i am trying to do on another page.

This is what i am using


This is the cell number that has this formula which it is telling me the max number for the column - P938

I am referencing to another sheet like this =IF(ISBLANK('sheet 2'!P938),"",'sheet 2'!P938)

How i get this to stop showing a 0 if there are no data for it to search for the max?

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Showing New Worksheet

Dec 22, 2006

I have a cell that contains the =Day1!G4. It reveals what is on another worksheet, but I want to be able to have the next cell be: =Day2!G4. Is there any way that I can code this without having to physically type in every cell? I tried, =Day1+1!G4 but it didn't like that.

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#NUM! And #VALUE Showing As Result

Feb 2, 2010

The formula that I came up with perfectly works well with clear values. Everytime there's a #NUM!, #VALUE! in my array, the result I want wont show up.


When I tried average+if and it still gave me the same error!


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