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Tell VBA To Deselect

I have a macro that is copies and pastes data from one area to another. When it is finished it currently leaves the cell range on sheet it copied from selected. I would like to have it deselect that range of cells and return the sheet to cell A1. Basicaly what i want is for it to perform the same operation as hitting Esc.

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Deselect Rows
Is there a way to desselect one specific row from a selection that include 2 or 3 rows?

For example: I have selected rows nș 2,3 and 8, and then I want to deselect row nș 3. Is this possible?

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Deselect Items In Listbox
I can't seem to get my listbox to deselect an item. When the user clicks on a day of the week in the listbox, they are given a yes/no option to print the sheets for the day selected. If they select no and change their mind, they cannot click on the same day of the week without first cancelling the listbox and re-opening it.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim myarray As Variant
myarray = Split("Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|Friday|Saturday|Sunday", "|")
ListBox1.List = myarray
End Sub

Private Sub ListBox1_Click()
Call PrintRoutine(ListBox1.Value)
End Sub....................

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Code To Deselect Checkbox
Can code be written to deselect a checkbox.

Something like:
Deselect.checkbox1 = TRUE
Or maybe execute code using code

If Range("C1").value = TRUE then
I have the MakeWide Macro attached to checkbox1

Will this actually physically change the checkbox? to select/deselect?

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Deselect Sheet After Copy
I've got this simple code which copies an entire sheet to another sheet. What can I do so the sheet being copied will not stay selected after the copy has been done.

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Deselect ListView Item
I have a userform that has a listview in it. In the listview i have bunch of icons with names. I have it where if you double click on the icon, you will see a msg. box which you need to press ok and the box will go away. After you press ok the icon is still selected. I would like to be able to deselect the icon when you click on the listview box (in the white space away from the icon). I tried everything and no matter what i do, I cant deselect the icon. It is either highlighted or has a outline around it (little dots around the icon). This means that i can double click anywhere in the listview box and the and the msg. box will pop up.

All I want is when i double click the item, the msg. box should come up and when I click away from the icon (click in the white space) the icon should be completely deselected.

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Deselect ListBox Item In Code
I think this should be simple to answer. I have a userform that has multiple listboxes on it. When the user makes a selection in Listbox1 it highlights the item selected then when the user makes a selection in Listbox2 it highlights that next item and the selection in listbox1 remains highlighted. What I want is to deselect the selection in Listbox1 when Listbox2 is selected. I have tried things like below:

Sub Listbox2_Click ()
End Sub

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Deselect Selected Items In MultiSelect ListBox
When i tranfer my listbox content to sheet the selected item remain selected in listbox

Dim i As Long, j As Long
For i = 0 To Me.ListBox2.ListCount - 1
If Me.ListBox2.Selected(i) Then
j = j + 1
Worksheets("Workings"). Range("AA" & i + 2).Resize(1, 1).Copy Worksheets("Print").Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
ListBox1.Selected(i) = False
End If
Next i

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