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Time Allocation Calendar

I am creating a time allocation / holiday tracking calendar. 150 employes (1 per column) and then using rows (10 - 375) as a daily track. I am having trouble with two aspects and would value your assistance.

1. i have locked the top 9 rows and would like row10 to jump automatically to todays date. i.e current info directly below the titles block

2. How do i make the calendar wrap around i.e. if someone puts in for a week holiday starting dec 31st 2007, how do i make the calendar roll round to 2008.

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Time Difference With Specific Calendar
I am looking to calculate the time difference between 2 date time fields using a specific calendar.

I work in an engineering company and am having problems calculating machine utilization efficiencies.

Job 1: Start date 06/01/2009 10:00:00
Job 1: End date 06/02/2009 12:00:00

Dayshift: Monday - Thursday 07:15:00 - 16:15:00, Friday 07:15:00 - 12:15:00
Nightshift: Monday - Wednesday 21:00:00 - 07:45:00, Thursday 21:00:00 - 05:45:00

Using the specified calendar I am trying to calculate the time difference between the start and end date of job 1.

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VBA For Stock Allocation
Let say I have 5 shops: A, B, C, D, and E

They request for stock replenishment from warehouse as follows:
A: 4 pieces
B:2 pieces
C:3 pieces
D:3 piece
E:3 piece

But since the warehouse only have 12 pieces of this product so need to allocate to the shops in rounds that is:
Round 1: one piece is allocated to each shops (Stock left=12-5=7)
Round 2: one piece is allocated to each shops (Stock left=7-5=2)
Round 3: one piece each is allocated to A and C (the priority should be B but since B just requested for 2 pieces only which has been fulfilled) since there are no more stock

how to write the scripts to do this allocation.

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Random Distribution/Allocation
I have a spreadsheet which has a list of staff (column B) and work categories (row 3).

Row 4 is updated each day with a count of the incoming work for each work category.

I want to be able to randomly distribute (as evenly as possible) the no of work items in Row 4 between the doers (B7:B13). Each item of work also has to be checked so I would also like to randomly distribute the checking between the checkers (B16:B18)....

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Fill Vehicle Allocation Table
I am reposting this as my previous post was deleted.. i dont know the real reason for the same...

The raw data in the attachment contains:

•C1 to AI1 refers to vehicle numbers.
•Column A refers to Shift Time
•Column B refers to Number of vehicles required in that particulars Shift time

The output:

•As you can see in the Sheet “Output Required”, fields marked in the color “light green” are manually allocated vehicles numbers available and required according to shift time

•The logic used behind allocation is the same vehicle should not be used before or after within the span of 3 hrs, the gap between the vehicle usage before and after should be minimum 3 hrs. And the maximum time gap can be any value.

•Vehicle usage can be maximum (ie. You can use the same vehicle by rotating within 24 hrs but keeping in mind that it is not used before 3 hrs).

• all the available vehicles must be used before the same used vehicle is used in the new shift... ie. You should utilize all the vehicles before one is duplicated

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Allocation By Daterange - Single Cell
I m creating a single cell formula in 'report'B3 that would allocate 'data'D3 appropriately by month heading if copied across. A few other threads on this topic only acheive this by creating an addtional row, not in a single cell. Since I'm going to use this on a report in Access, I just need the calculation. Is it not possible to acheive this in a single cell?

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Summarise Data After Applying Allocation Split
The task involves summarising about 10,000 lines of data into months by Plant by Process. I can achieve it by stepping through a couple of schedules but I'm sure it can be done using one formula (but I can't find it!).

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Revenue Allocation Using Combined/Nested IF Statements
I have been asked to go through some information which has over 200 000 lines, what I need to do is as follows:

where order number is unique, revenue source = "Unique"
where order number appears more than once, check division to see if it appears in more than one division, if it does revenue source = "Cross Selling", if it does not then revenue source = "Divisional Package"

I need all of the above in formula line which will be inserted in the revenue source column

I have attached the file with a sample of the information I am using.

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Calendar Control 11: Selected On The Calendar Is Greater Than 12 The Date Is Entered Correctly Onto The Sheet
I have a program where I can update the calibration due date of an item. I have attached a cut down version of my program showing the relevant areas. There is usually password protection on the worksheet so it can only be edited via the form (the vba coding removes the password protection before editing, then re-enables the password protection after editing). The "Update Calibration" button is usually on a "Menu" sheet.

Once the form is opened a serial number is typed in the textbox. The calendar button is then clicked, which brings up another form with the calendar on. The due date is selected on the calendar. When "OK" is clicked, the date label caption is then changed to the selected calendar date. When "Submit" is clicked, the spreadsheet will search for the Serial Number, once found, the label caption (being the date selected) will be entered into the cell to the right of the serial.

If the day selected on the calendar is greater than 12 the date is entered correctly onto the sheet. example: calendar date selected = 15/01/2010. shown on sheet as 15/01/2010. However, if the day selected on the calendar is 12 or less, the date is for some reason entered incorrectly onto the sheet. example: calendar date selected = 08/12/2010. shown on sheet as 12/08/2010???? What is going on here? how come the day and month are swapped around if the day is less than 12????

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Excel 2007 Calendar Control - Select Date From Calendar In A Field
Using Excel 2007 Calendar Control:

I want to select a date of choice from a calendar in a field within an Excel spreadsheet.

I do not know how to do userforms and so that is why I wonder if I can add this in just a spreadsheet.

This is how far I have gotten so far: After doing the following, I have a static calendar setting in my spreadsheet like a text box showing the current date.

More Controls
Calendar Control 12.0

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Phil Johnson's Calendar - Pop Up Calendar Without ActiveX
I am using a great pop up calendar without ActiveX made by a guy called Phil Johnson. When you click a specified cell the calendar appears. The only problem is that the calendar doesn't default to today's date when it opens.

I have the original file Calendar source code if anyone needs it.

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Display End Time Automatically Upon Entering Start Time And Time Usage
I have a worksheet which contains START TIME in column A, then TIME USAGE in column B and END TIME in column C. User enters start time, followed by the number of time usage in minutes, how could i possibly display the end time automatically in this scenario? how do you add the entered time usage to the start time to display the end time? Say if I enter 1:00 AM at start time and 00:15 minutes on time usage, how can 1:15 AM be displayed on the end time automatically?

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Can I Add A Calendar
I have a spread sheet that requires people to put dates in certain cells. I was wondering if it is possible to have a small calendar pop up when the cell that requires a date is clicked on. The calendar would need to show the current month, and future months for the calendar year. I’ve seen this feature in OneNote 2007, and wasn’t sure if this same feature could be created for excel. I’m not sure if this can be done by a macro or not.

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Calendar Formula
I'm trying to make a calendar to log the following throughout the month:

Steps =SUM(C6:G34)
Aerobic Steps =SUM(C7:G35)
kcal =SUM(C8:G36)
Miles =SUM(C9:G37)
Caloric Intake =SUM(C10:G38)

Now the above would be entered on each corresponding day throughout the month and I would like to keep a running total at the bottom. I thought I had gotten the formula worked out, but in the slots at the bottom there is a total of 152 but there aren't any numbers entered for it to total so what I did was place a -152 after the above formula which brought it to 0 then started to enter my numbers but they were off by 30 I think it was.

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Calendar Popup
Borowed This Code From The Site And Indeed It Comes In Very Handy .....

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Better Calendar Control
I'm trying to make it so that when a user clicks on a certain cell, a calendar pops up so they can pick a date. This seems like a pretty common thing to want; I hope Microsoft puts it into the next release.

Anyway, I've read the tutorial found at [url]which tells you how to create a userform, add the calendar control to it, etc.

I've also modified it so that the calendar comes up when the user clicks on a certain cell, and so that the form closes when they choose a date.

I had to use the selection_changed subroutine to tell if someone clicked on the cell, but there are some flaws.

First, moving over to the cell with the keyboard arrows brings up the calendar (undesired result; I only want it to come up with clicking)

Second, if the cell is already selected, clicking it doesn't bring up the calendar since the selection didn't change (also undesired; I would like the form to come up whether the cell was previously selected or not).

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Calendar Pop Up In 2000
I created a calendar control pop-up in Excel 2003.

To create, I did the following:

First: I went to Insert>Object>Calendar Control.

Second: I inserted following code

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Automatic Calendar Using VBA
provide an input (1,12, or 123 would be the only input selections), then the vba needs to hide all rows that are not equal to the input

I have developed a type of calendar in excel with the following setup. There are five key headers and each header has a code it pertains to, either 1,12, or 123. The spreadsheet is set-up like so....

Key Project

12 A
1 B
123 C
12 D
12 E
123 F
1 G

So basically vba code that will produce a pop up and ask for a key then after the key is entered it will display rows that have an equal key in column A and hide all other rows.

Fromt he above ex. if "12" was entered the spreadsheet would show:

12 A
12 D
12 E

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Calendar Output
attached spreadsheet. Notice cells A11 through B23.

Is there any third-party extensions, Macros or other functions that can output the dates and corresponding text (in column A) to a nice looking calendar, or even better yet to Outlook, or both?

I tried creating a pie chart or graph function, but non contain a calendar scheme.

Notice cell B7 is an input cell. This would determine the number of days the calendar would show in full. The begin date of the calendar would be in B11, and the last date on the calendar would be in B23. It could be a 30 day calendar, or more or less depending on the input.

For those "visual" people, a calendar format would be amazing, but I can't write a single peice of VB code, so I wouldn't know how to write a Macro.

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Calendar Into Log For Many Things
I have a few excel calendars.

I was wondering can I take a calendar and then put hyperlinks or vba to make a sheet if clicked on.

So If I click on an icon on a date, it will copy a certain template sheet, then link it to that date and that icon.

See an excel calendar, I have a few others to play with aw well.

But this one gets updated on the same the page and not sure how the links/icon would follow the dates. I was hoping for maybe 3-4 different icons on a date.

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Calendar Macro
I have the following Calendar Macro. I want this to pop up when cell A5 is active vs assigning a Macro Button.

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Created A Pop Up Calendar Using VBA
I have created a pop up calendar using VBA with the help of VBA Tips at and it works very well. However it has the default date of 12 March, In the tutorial that i used there was some code to use todays date if the cell (in which i was going to put a date) is empty. Which is as follows

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
If IsDate(ActiveCell.Value) Then
Calendar1.Value = DateValue(ActiveCell.Value)
Calendar1.Value = Date
End If
End Sub

yet when the calendar does pop up, the date remains at 12 March (the calendar in the visual basic editor reflects the date correctly). I've tried to change numerous amounts of properties, without success

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Drop-Down Box With A Calendar
Is there a way to set up a designated cell in a spreadsheet with a drop-down box that will have a calendar, so that when you click on a date in the calendar it puts that date in the cell?

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Add Popup Calendar
Is it hard too add a popup calendar too my date box. Can it go too year 2075?
When you open the calendar you could click on date too install.

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Incorporate Calendar
I have the following worksheet ,named "Calendar", to make an annual calendar and I'm wondering if there's a way to use it to make a calendar in worksheet named "NovemberDaily". On the worksheet named "NovemberDaily" I want to put in cells C14, G14, K14, O14, S14, W14, and AA14 "11/1/2007" if the weekday of the week matches the date"11/1/2007". Is this possible or is there an easier way of accomplishing this. I'm needing the date (e.g. 11/1/2007) in the cells mentioned because it ties into another formula that I'm using later in the worksheet.

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Scheduling For UAE Calendar
Attached is the file wherein I am trying to make the scheduling gantt for UAE calendar where the weekends are Friday and Saturday. I am not able to format sundays as workdays some how through my conditions.

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Run An Outlook Calendar
Is there a possibility to run an Outlook Calendar in Excel via code? and share it between users.?

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Calendar Not Visible
I have a userform which has a calendar in it (created in another userform).

When a user opens the userform, the calendar doesn't show up. But it works fine in my system.

I have already copied the MSCAL.OCX file in the user's system. But still the calendar doesn't show up. What other file do I need to give the user so that the calendar works.

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Make A Calendar
Is there any simple way to build a calendar in Excel? Ideally, all events will be listed on one sheet by date and the calendar will display the events on their respective dates. Is this possible?

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First Day Of Each Calendar Week
I have some keys in a file that are of the form WK05, meaning that it refers to the 5th calendar week (of this year). I would like to write a function that gives me the first day of this particular week, in this case it would be 28/1/2008

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Calendar Value Using Data From A TextBox
I have a Userform that has a TextBox named TextBox5 when double click, it opens a calendar form. When the calendar closes it places its value into TextBox5.

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Indicate Specific Date On Calendar
Donwloaded a yearly calendar from the Vortex website. Wanted to know if you can have a list of dates highlighted on this calendar.

I have tried the countif function as well as various code from this forum but to no avail.

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Export To Outlook Calendar
i am using the attached sheet to export data from excel to outlook calendar from last 2-3 months. Now suddenly it stopped working for me (I didn't amend the code)

All the data i have filled in is in the correct format but the code doesn't export the data after ROW 72.

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Macro Calendar Command
What I want to do is be able to make a command on a range of cells. Every cell you would click would make a calendar box pop up. Then you select the date from the box and it enters the date into the cell. I found a easy way to go about doing this on a dropdown box but the boss didn't want that.

I have been trying to figure this out all morning.

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Calendar Date In Textbox
I have a form where i need to enter date in a textbox from a calendar.

I have created a calendar which opens on clicking a button adjuscent to the textbox.

Now I am not able to enter the selected date from the calendar into the textbox.

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Calendar Event Notifications
I have a calendar created as an excel workbook that currently has no functionality other than writing notes for specific dates. How can I get excel to show a message/popup/notification when the calender is opened up each time for what has been input as a note for the date today? The calendar has a year to view on one worksheet and then a month to view on subsequent tabs. please note i am a relative novice with excel.

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Userform - Calendar Drop Down Box
I am working in a userform and I need to find out how I could set a field for date and have a calendar drop down in it?

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Changing Colors In A Calendar Using
I have 2 cells (B2 and C2) with date format, showing dates from a calendar.
FYI, These cells are NOT in my Calendar.

Now, I need to write a formula for my calendar cells to check these two cells (B2 and C2) and change the color of the cells inside my calendar according to the date sindicated inthese two cells (B2 and C2).

I did this with numbers using conditional formating and it works perfect but doing this with dates is giving me a hard time. Is there a way to do this? below is a link to my excel file.

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Auto-Populating Calendar
I am looking for an excel calendar that will auto-populate content into it based on a spreadsheet that I fill in.

Maybe I would just need the formula that would be inserted into each calendar day? I'm not sure how you would set this up, but I'm open to suggestions!

I have attached the .xls file for your reference.

For example: The comment "Client 1 - KOM" would populate in a blank calendar in excel on the date 3/23/2009.

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Calendar Control On Click
I want to be able to show a calendar control, have the user select a date, and then fill a cell with that date. The range I would want the calendar to appear is B2:B100.

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Inserting Calendar Into A Sheet
I've got the calendar to work by right clicking in a cell and selecting insert date, however I'd like the calendar to pop up when a cell is clicked on.

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Pop Up Calendar To Choose Dates?
how I can make a calendar that pops up when the user mouse clicks or tabs/arrows over to a cell so they can choose a date instead of manually typing in the date?

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Construct A Calendar In Columns
I want to construct a calendar in 7 columns; all Mondays of the year to be in the first column headed "Monday", all Tuesdays of the year in the second column headed "Tuesday" and so on till the last column headed "Friday" containing all Fridays [ignoring the month titles].

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Linking Calendar To Worksheet
I was trying to develop an excel based calendar schdule for the material dispatches being done from our warehouse. have been able to cook up something using the vba, ingeniously from resources over net and some help from here, but it has not given the desired results. actually the code is not doing anything.

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Adding Dates Via A Calendar
I'm trying to limit the information people can put into my format and therefore to ensure they put in a the correct date etc i'm wondering if it is possible to have a calendar pop up to click on the date for a particular cell?

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Interactive 3 Month Calendar
I'm looking to have an interactive calendar created that when a specific date is entered in a cell,...example(A1)

The calendar at the top of the screen will reflect 3 months out (in a standard box looking format with the starting day highlighted in Bold. Imagine 3 calender boxes (always 3 months) and when you enter a date in cell 1,...(say 6/07/07, the calendars at the top adjust automatically so that the first box now reflects June and has the 7th day in Bold...the other two boxes now obviously reflect July, and August.

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Calendar Pop Up On Specific Cell
I have search through this forum and gotten all info necessary to set up a calender pop up except for one piece.

I am using excel 2003 with XP and would like to put got on a work sheet so if I select range K31:m37 my calendarfrm will show. I have seen code for it to work with a date formated field but I would prefer it work on a the range only.

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Add Sheet Calendar Macro
The issue: I have a macro to create a new wsheet with a tabname from a cell in a sheet called Data. The cell value (from Data), is a date which is inserted when a date is seleted from a popup calendar.This cell value then names the sheet tab and also appears in cell M1 in the sheet just created.

Now, when I select another date from the calendar (to create a new sheet), the macro works perfectly-(it creates and name the new sheet tab with the new date and copy the new date to M1 in same sheet)...but, any sheets previously created will now change all values in cell M1 to the most recent selected date but all tabnames remain correct?

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Spreadsheet That Incorporates A VBA Calendar
I have been trying to complete a excel spreadsheet that incorporates a VBA calendar. You will know the sort of thing that I mean, the user clicks on a cell and a calendar appears then the user clicks a date and the date is added to the active cell. The reason why I have to do this in VBA is because the finished file is going to be stored on my works server and it doesn't have the calendar activex add-in installed.

Well I have made a little progress. However, I have now become stuck. the link below will give you the file that I got so far. If you extract the file then click on cell A1 a calendar will appear. However, you will see that when you try to change the month it is stuck on January and I do not know how to cure the problem.

I should add that the code that is written within this spreadsheet was not written by me. It was originally written by another person whom I am no longer able to contact. Unfortunately my knowledge of VBA is not that of the original author.

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Exporting Sheet To Calendar
I have a a matrix table with Rows (A1:A65) and column (B1:F1) as headers containing events and the dates filling up the matrix.

So suppose A10 has "#1015"
and D1 has "Tax"
then D10 has the due date of Tax payment of #1015

How can i export this table to google calenders to let it remind me of all the coming due dates? All of these events/dates need to be recurring every year.

Want it to be specifically for google calender because i need to be able to forward those reminders to concerned people to take care of it. I only know google lets us import csv files of icalender but i dont have the format or the structure of the csv file...

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