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Track Changes Disabled On Network Workbook

when i put a file across a network, it should be shared among all the users, but it appears as read only file and the option of track changes in the tools function is disabled. However, when i open an excel file in a stand alone pc, and use the track changes option, i get the file as (shared) as the header. what is the significane or meaning of this word "shared" in a stand alone pc?

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Macros Disabled In A Shared Workbook
My macros don't work when the workbook is shared. They are not stored in my personal workbook and so are available to all users. What's going on?

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Automatically Close Workbook If Macros Are Disabled
If a user disables macros when opening a file, is there a way to have the excel file automatically close?

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Disabled "Delete" For One Workbook Turned Out To Be Applied To Every Workbook...
I wanted to disable the function "Delete" when right-clicking on worksheets.

I copy paste the following VBA code in every sheet code :

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VBA - Opening A Workbook On A Network
As above i have a macro which opens a workbook which is on a network drive. This works fine for my multiple users...however i have discovered that if they do not have the drived mapped with the same drive letter at the will throw up an error advsing that the file does not exist. Is there any way to by pass this.

Ex - "TestFile.xls"

File is stored in "E:NetworkTeam1Testfile.xls"

However, some users have access to this file and it is mapped as E:, but some users have been mapped as F: The advisors who have been mapped as F: cannot access the file. Is the VBA/Macro smart enough to bypass the drive letter and just search the rest of the past...NetworkTeam1Testfile.xls".

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Slow Workbook When Connected To Local Network
I have Excel 2003 SP3 on Vista Home Basic fully patched. My code runs very slowly until I pull out the ethernet cable then it runs quickly.

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Track Changes In Workbook By User Name
I am unable to add which user made the change to the specific cell. The code used is:

Dim vOldVal 'Must be at top of module
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim bBold As Boolean
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
On Error Resume Next
With Application
. ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
End With
If IsEmpty(vOldVal) Then vOldVal = "Empty Cell"
bBold = Target.HasFormula
With Sheet1
. Unprotect Password:="Secret"
If .Range("A1") = vbNullString Then
.Range("A1:E1") = Array("CELL CHANGED", "OLD VALUE", _
End If..................................................

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Force Links To Reference Linked Workbook Network Folder
The situation is that I have created a workbook in a network folder: xprojectsexcelclientAApril

The workbook links to a few other workbooks on the same network, but in the parent folder: xprojectsexcelclientAApril

The problem occurs when my colleagues have to updates the links in the main workbook, because they have not mapped the network drive in the same way as I have. The problem is NOT the prefix, but the fact that they have a more direct link to the network folder. My collages have mapped the folder like: xclientAApril
Is there a way where I can make the links in the workbook, so they don't depend on the entire string, but only on the fact that it is in the parent folder?

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Track Number Between Two Tabs On Same Workbook
I'm trying to see if the same numbers exists in two different spreasheets on the same workbook. Both "asset tags" columns are sorted ascending. If the number appears on both table I would like my formula to add a "Y" (for yes) on the proper cell. Not sure if I should use Vlookup, sumproduct or sumif formula. Here is the main table where I want that "Y" to appear in Column D .....

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Track Changes Without Switching To A Shared Workbook
Which version of excel allows you to do a Track Changes without switching to a shared workbook? I am awared the Excel 2002 version allows Track Changes on the conditioned that the workbook is switch to shared mode.

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Share Workbook Option Disabled – Can’t Share Workbook
I have a large worksheet that for some reason I can’t share.

-It does not have any lists, that I know of, do not know how to see if there are any
-It does have validation, but I have other workbooks with listed validation that are shareable
-It is not protected
-Does not have any named ranges
-Is not read only
-I have saved it as another file name and no luck there
-I have copied the one sheet I really need into a separate file to try that it did not work,

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Disabled Tools
Just discovered the drawing tools on my quick access tool bar are disabled. All were enabled and working fine just yesterday. I'm running 07 on xp. I've shut down and rebooted, no change. Need to know how this could have happened but mostly, how to enable.

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Warning When Macros Are Disabled
How can I write a "warning" in the form of a message box that will appear if the user does not enable macros?

Also, can I have one of the buttons on this message box turn on macros?

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Can Page Tabs Be Disabled?
I am creating a workbook and need the user to stay on a single page of the workbook until certain circumstances have been met, specifically, a macro has been activated, thus confirming that certain data is now in place. Is there a code of function that I can introduce into the workbook so that clicking on the other tabs of the other sheets will not allow the user to leave the page they are on until that circumstance is met?

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Insert Functions Disabled
I have a worksheet that all of the icons that start a macro disappeared. The workbook will not let me insert a pic, or clipart. Nothing is locked.

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Disabled Not The File Close
I have this code that I've sourced from the internet, i have used to disable red "X" on the top right,

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
Cancel = Not bClose

If Cancel = True Then MsgBox "Please Save your data and select File - Close from the main menu"
End Sub

but when I select File and then close .... it runs the same macro? eh? i want x's disabled not the file close ....

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Some Sub-Menus Disabled - Greyed Out
I have noticed that the submenus for the following main menu items are disabled

Edit Insert Format Data

The submenus for the other main menu items are fine.

I have not run any macros that alter the menus.

I have tried Tools>Customise Reset Menu and Toolbar usage. I then exit the Excel session, but the problem still remains,

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Cancelling Events Disabled?
The boolean Cancel suddenly stopped working for me in all workbook and worksheet events. Consider a simple example:

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
Cancel = True
End Sub

does not cancel right click, like it has before. Same with BeforeDoubleClick. I can only assume it is some kind of a setting or similar, as there is absolutely no change in the code.

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Macro Disabled Depending On Cell Value
I was wondering if it is possible to prevent a macro from running depending on what value is in a specified cell.

I have a huge excel sheet and a commandbutton that runs a bunch of macros in order to generate a report.

I want to force the user to select a specific project before all the macros are run. Just making the report for a specific project only takes a few seconds but if no project is selected then it runs throught the whole database and it takes forever.

I have set up a cell that changes value depending on wether a project is selected or not. I have placed the cell in the -ForMacros- sheet. Now is it possible to write some code into the commandbutton that halts the report generation + displays a warning box telling the user to select a project first?

What values used to determine wether the macro runs or not doesnt matter to me. Whatever is easier for you

I have attached a sample workbook for you to work on.

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Disabled Properties Menu Option
I'm using excel 2003 and received a file that has the properties (file/Properties) menu option grayed out. I need to access the properties menu to identify file information.

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Security Warning (Macros Have Been Disabled)
I was playing around with Macros on an excel file. I created a few and ran them. In the end, I didn't like the way they ran, so I deleted them all. However since I ran them in the excel file, every time I open the file it gives me a warning saying
"Macros have been disabled."

Is there any way to remove the possible Macros ties/links from my file? I know I can disable the warning, but if I just want to remove the Macros ties to my file.

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Menu Items Disabled While In Formula Bar
How do I disable a custom menu item when a user is entering data in a cell?

For example... when the formula bar in Excel has focus, and a user tries to select Data > Sort, the Sort item is disabled. But when the focus is back to the worksheet, Data > Sort is enabled.

I need to do the same thing for my custom menu items.

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Edit Macro When Macros Disabled
I accidently put the Application.Quit command in the wrong place. Now Excel closes immediately when the macro executes. I can get into Excel if I disable the macro, but then it won't let me edit the macro. Is there a way to edit my macro without executing it?

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Can't Assign Shortcut To Macro: 'Options...' Button Disabled
I'm trying to assign a shortcut to a macro I wrote in VB. However, when I go to Tools->Macros->Macros, none of my macros (whether coded in VB or recorded) have the "Options..." button enabled, so I can't assign the macro. This happens whether I use Excel 2003 or Excel 2007. The file is not readonly and I have tried the various levels of macro security. I have VBA installed.

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Pivot Table :: The Query And External Data Source Is Disabled
In pivot table field Setting > Advanced > page field option, the selection for "the query and external data source is disabled. How do i enable it.

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If Macro Is Disabled: Place A Message On The Sheet Saying This Will Only Work With Macros Enabled
When you enable macros the sheets 2, 3, 4 ect are visible but if you disable macros, you only see sheet 1 and and you can place a message on the sheet saying this will only work with macros enabled.

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Saving To A Network Drive
We have a form that is completed by our employees and emailed to a central group email address that up to 8 employees within our team can access. When one of our 8 team members open the file sent they need to add comments to it and then save it in a central directory on one of our network drives.

Now the problem I have is that we all have the network drive mapped to a different letter.

Is there a way that I can have a macro (see below for current macro that does not work) save to a network path and not a drive letter.

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Call A Sub From An Xls File On The Network
I'm trying to call a sub in an exce. file that resides on our network drive so that multiple users can access the programs that I develop and I can get VBA to open the file but I can't get it to open the sub titled "DCU". I keep getting the following error.

Cannot run the macro DCU. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.

Here is my code that errors.

Option Explicit
Application.Visible = True
Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
Application.Run "DCU"
End Sub

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How To Get To A Computer On Our Network Using Code
I have code below that works well most of the time. One of the cases below will not work. It insists on requiring a name and password.

(note: it is the only Windows 2000 operating systems)

I want to enter this in my case line to automatically add the username and password.

Let's say the username is: "dave" and the password is: "happy"

How can I add this to this part of the code?

Case "DJ"
strfilename = "\DAVEJONESDavesProposals" & strfilename

Sub Save_and_SaveSalesman()

Dim strPath As String, strPath2 As String, CurrPath As String

Dim WB1 As Workbook
Dim WB2 As Workbook

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Changing Network Printers
I have a command button in a spreadsheet with the following code attached to it

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How Can I Identify A User Over A Network
I have written a function (with the help of the good folk on this wonderful message board) that is able to check whether a given spreadsheet is currently being used by someone at my work. There are potentially multiple users for the workbooks that my system needs to access. FYI, I work in a bank so we have a pretty good network.

The code for my function, as well as the TestOpen(-) function that it uses, is below.

Ideally, if a workbook my system needs is currently being used on someone else's computer (Case=1 in Select statement, then Err0) I would like to be able to have a userID returned to me so that I know who I need to call to shut the model.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Function Open_Selected_Drone__EXEC(fs, fileLocation, fileToOpen, testOnly)
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
myName = ActiveWorkbook.Name

Application.StatusBar = "Checking availability of " & fileToOpen
iOpen = TestOpen(fileLocation & "" & fileToOpen)

Select Case iOpen

Case 0: ' the file has been found and is not in use
rv = "not in use"
If Not testOnly Then Workbooks.Open Filename:=fileLocation & fileToOpen, WriteResPassword:="j"

The old version of this message board used to have an "insert code" button. I cant see it anymore. Am I simply meant to paste code into this message box now?

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Active Network Printer
Is there a way to test for an active default network printer?

In my module the code sets the paper size and a few other printer settings, if my default network printer is down or offline the code fails.

If I could test for active default printer I could remove this error.

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Is File Open On Network
when I open a file, called "A", I want it to automatically open another file, which is shared on the network, called "B". I've tried using the "IsFileOpen" routine and a few other sets of code that I've found on the internet but none of them solve my problem.

If "B" isn't open on any computer and I open "A", there is no problem, and if "B" is already open on my computer when I open "A" again, there is no problem, but if "B" isn't open on my computer and is open on somebody else computer, "B" won't open on mine when I open "A", the code assumes that because "B" is open on someone elses computer, "B" is already open on mine.

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Use Network Id To Unprotect Sheet
We have created a spreadsheet that needs to be protected as it is viewed by several users. We would like, if possible, to update this daily with as little human intervention as possible.

Can we use VBE and the on worksheet open event to unlock the password protection, update the sheet and then lock it again? I know that you can read who opens the sheet using code similar to the following but don't know whether the password protection can be "unlocked" utilising this method.

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Is File Open Over Network
I want to be able to check when workbook opens if a particular Excel file is open or not by having a true or false in a cell. This works fine if I have it open on same computer, but if I log on to another computer over a network and run same workbook it won't pick up if file open or not. I have tried various ways from this forum for file paths over network including eg. C:file or '\path on networkfile or N:pathlocfile etc. Nothing apears to work. If I check to see if file open from a different computer than the one the file is open on I receive standard message file already in use etc.

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Install Network Printer Via VBA
I have a new workbook that needs to be printed to a specific printer regardless of who the user is. I am happy with the method used for doing this using the PrintOut function, but am trying to work out what to do in the event that the user does not have this printer installed. The logic, not in true VBA syntax, is as follows;

' Check Printer
If <This Printer> Is installed Then
Printout using <This Printer>
Install <This Printer>
Printout using <This Printer>

I found a useful post about ascertaining whether or not a printer is installed, but can't find anything about actually installing a printer via VBA.

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Check If Connected To Network
I have created an application for users that requires the user be connected to the network. I wanted to do a check to see if they are connected, and if the user is not connected they would get a message box telling them that they need to be connected to the network, then the workbook would close. Below is the code I have, but when a user is not connected they do not get my messagebox, instead they get the excel error message "excel run-time error '52': bad file name or number", and the debugger line that gets highlighted is in the function DirExists that checks the length of the directory of the file path: Len(Dir(strpath))

Option Explicit
Function DirExists(strpath As String) As Boolean
If Len(Dir(strpath)) = 0 Then 'this is where the debugger highlights
DirExists = False
DirExists = True
End If
End Function

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim strpath As String
Dim strfile, strfile2 As String
strpath = "\n530fs1PCLFileSharespcl_repositPricing_ToolsPAT"
If Not DirExists(strpath) Then............................

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Template Read Only On Network
I have 2 workbooks, one containing one worksheet that acts as a Template a second that has some code attached to a button that uses the Template to create new worksheets based on the Template. The problem I have is that when I run the code over a network I always get a read only worksheet created. I need it to be readwrite. I have used sharing on the Folder where the 2 workbooks are located so it accessable over a network. There is no problem when I run the code on a standalone machine.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim tClient
Dim tAddress
Dim tPhone
Dim tItem
Dim cOriginalLoan
Dim cAgreedInst
tClient = Client
tAddress = Address
tPhone = Phone
tItem = Itm
cOriginalLoan = loan
cAgreedInst = Inst
PathName = Range("A196").Value 'Here is where the full path to the Template is found.................

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Macro Does Not Run On Different Computer In Same Network
I wrote a macro that runs perfect when started from my pc, but if started from a different ps which is logged into the same network it doesn't run, also the macro is stored on the server. I have a code in the private section of the workbook:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
End Sub

then the macro 'FINAL' is stored in the 'Modules' section and starts with:

'this part opens the Edit/Links dialog from which the user has to choose the relevant model
Dim Which_financial_model_contains_the_data As String
ActiveWorkbook.ChangeLink Name:= _
"T:DEALSSSalsa (Project)Financial modelsProject Salsa Model - BASED ON SPONSOR CASE - b - 20061214.xls" _
, NewName:= _
"Which_financial_model_contains_the_data" _
, Type:=xlExcelLinks

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Saving To A Network Drive Macro...
I currently have the following ...

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Call A Subroutine From An Xls File On The Network
I'm trying to put some visual basic out on the network drive at work so I created a book and called it Macro.xls. I then saved the code within that book and saved it out on my network. I'm now trying to run that code by calling the sub and don't know how to do that.

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Deleted Both Companies Cant Have Same Network IP Addresses
I have a spreadsheet with two worksheets, sheet 1 and sheet 2

Sheet one has the company 1 and company 2 with various networks address and that need to be deleted based on overlaps.

I am trying to mark on sheet 2 or even better sheet 3 on what can be deleted since both companies cant have same network IP addresses.

I have started it, but its to manual and will take some time to complete.

On Sheet 2 I have IP addresses that coincide with networks that overlap

So Sheet 2 needs to reference Sheet 1 based on what can be marked as deleted if they overlap

Sheet 1 contents;

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - QIP_Subnet_Overlap.xls___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutA1=ABCDEF1CompanySubnetMaskKeep/Delete/ResizeNotes 2Comp110.0.5.0255.255.255.0Delete  3Comp210.0.5.0255.255.255.0Keep  4Comp110.0.6.0255.255.255.0Delete  5Comp210.0.6.0255.255.255.0Keep  6Comp110.0.15.0255.255.255.0Delete  7Comp210.0.15.0255.255.255.0Keep  Sheet1 [HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name boxPLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS TABLE IMAGE ON SAME PAGE! OTHEWISE, ERROR OF JavaScript OCCUR.

Sheet 2 Contents:..................

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How To Open Xls File In A Network Drive
If you don't know what the drive letter will be, because on other people's computer it could be different than what you have.

I only have the folder address


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VBA Coping File Onto Network Diretory
I’ve tried the code below to copy a file onto an intranet directory, when I manually do its fine but with the code below I get the error message ‘Path Not Found’, I’ve copied the file path from the actual directory which is on ‘ My Network Place’,

Sub Output ()

Dim FS As Object
Dim F As Object

'Saves Copy of PPJ log In directoy

Set FS = CreateObject("Scripting.filesystemobject")
Set F = FS.getfile("S:Output FilesOutput.xls")
F.Copy [url]

End Sub

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Workday And Network Day Formula Challenge
I am trying to create a sheet for a project that will identify dates a project will conclude omitting weekends and holidays. I keep getting an error with the formula I have.

In my spreadsheet:
A1 is the start date
B1 is the number of days after the start date.

The formula I am using:
=WORKDAY(A1,NETWORKDAYS(A1,A1+B1),{""4/6/2007","5/28/2007", "7/4/2007","9/3/2007","11/22/2007","12/25/2007","1/1/2008","1/21/2008","3/21/2008","5/26/2008", "7/4/2008","9/1/2008","11/27/2008","12/25/2008"}"}+0)

The error I get is with the parens (A1,A1+B1). - at least the parens are highlighted in purple.

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Macro To Move Files Across A Network
I would like to include code to move or copy various csv files from one computer across a network to other computers.

To date the best I have come up with is a method of running a batch file that executes the action.

Sub moveTKRS()

Call Shell("C:MoveTKRS.bat", vbNormalFocus)

End Sub
I would rather a more direct code that does not require a batch file.

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Loop Through Mapped Network Folder
I have read your loop instructions under FAQ entitled; Loop through a folder of workbooks. It works very well on a local drive but I need to have it loop through a folder on a network drive. the drive is mapped as h:\computer name2008shareddocs

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Open Network Path On A Button
I have created a button on an excel form in the 2003 version and i want to create a macro that opens up a network path in windows explorer such as 'open W:
ew folder
ew share'

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Open Network Location Macro
In my macro I need to open to paths. the 1st path I I have working. Here is the

Dim OpenA As Workbook, OpenB As Workbook
Dim TheFile As String
Dim TheFile2 As String

ChDrive "H:"
ChDir "H:Treasury Project"

TheFile = Application. GetOpenFilename("Excel Files (*.xls), *.xls", , "Select the file and choose open.")
If TheFile = "False" Then
Exit Sub
End If ...............

The "????" are where I don't know what to do. I used a test path to make sure all code works and it does, but the real path is a network location. When I go to it manually with excel this is where it shows me to have gone: My Net Work Places, Entire Network, Microsoft Windows Network, Company2, datawhse, root, LAW81, Lawson, Print, Name. If I open a file and do =cell("filename") it gives me \datawhse
ootLAW81LAWSONprintNameanrvwfins111thSSFRPMOEDTL.csv. Is it possible to get excel to open me up to ...\datawhse ootLAW81LAWSONprintName.

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Error Log On Network For Multiple Users
I am creating an error log as a text file for my application. Since it is being used by many different users, I decided to keep it logged in a specific folder (that is protected) on our network.

I have tested the code and it works, even if I have the log file open when I run the module, it still writes to the log file and saves (as long as I don't save the opened log file after the module runs)

What I am worried about is when 2 or more users are trying to write to the log file at the same time. I wanted to add something that checks if the file is open, and if it is, wait a second or two and then try to write to it again. Maybe try it a few times?

Below is my sample code.
Note that I am using the log creation in another module.

Sub datatopass()

LogInformation Worksheets("Email"). Range("L2").Value & "|" & _
Application.UserName & "|" & _
Worksheets("Email").Range("M2").Value & "|" & _
Worksheets("Email").Range("N2").Value & "|" & _
"other things"

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Link Update Slow On Network
using excel 2003. trying to update file link to a new file, it takes forever. the file contains links to 50 tabs of other file. and both files are in the network drive. The formular is just refer to a cell in the other file, nothing complicated.

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