UserForm - Automation Error

Aug 5, 2008

I created a UserForm (userform1) and added a label to it which essentially just says: "Pick a Colour"...

The other UF controls are added on the fly using the below code...however when I try to add the event to each button I get the Automation Error but I don't really understand how / why... the events are actually added to the VB project ok...

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim NewButton As MSForms.CommandButton
Dim ws_i, line As Integer
Dim clr_str As String
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

I added a dummy routine for test purposes which is to be invoked on click of UF button control (I have tried placing this code in a standard module, within UF module etc to no avail):

Sub HIDE_WS(clr_id As Long)
MsgBox clr_id
End Sub

So to reiterate -- when I invoke the initialisation of the UF I get the following error:

Automation Error
The object invoked has disonnected from its clients

All events are added for each control.

If I remove the adding of the events I know the UF populates with the correct controls etc...

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Automation Error After Some Iterations?

Jun 11, 2014

Creating a spreadsheet to inventory cups each day. When a macro was invoked do the following:

-unprotect the worksheet

-cut/paste the completed sheet below the current

-bring in the values form the previous day's inventory

-set protection on new spreadsheet to lock the cells

-blank out old values

-reprotect the worksheet

Pretty straightforward and seems to work fine for a few iterations, then crashes with "Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)': Automation error. The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.".

As FYI, this code was mostly generated using a record macro session, so no variables involved.

Here is a screenshot of the spreadsheet as it sits now:


Here is the code:
Sub NewDay()
' NewDay Macro

' Create new day and copy cup count from previous day[code]....

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Automation Error The Debugger Is Marking The Line With N =...

Jun 10, 2009

I receive an automation error, when using this code, the debugger is marking the line with n =...

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Automation Error With Userforms InVBA Code

Jun 25, 2009

So I haven't seen this error before. It says "Automation error: the object invoked has disconnected from its clients."
I think I know what's causing it but am not sure how to go about solving the problem.
Barring any inefficiences that the code below contains, can someone please tell me what code I should used to fix this error?

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Automation Error: Object Has Disconnected From Its Client

Jan 18, 2008

I developed an Excel application for some users. Everything used to wrok very well until recently. When the click some buttons, the error "Automation Error: Object has disconnected from its clients" appears. Problem is, everything works very well on my PC. We run the same Excel version, same OS but I can't seem to find a solution to this problem. I'd have posted the code I'm running here but I don't know how to use the code tags and I don't want to be banned from this forum.

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Create Checkboxes Out Of Tab Names In Workbook - Getting Automation Error?

Aug 31, 2012

I am getting an automation error

The project is the create checkboxes out of the tab names in a workbook. After that, create a new workbook with the selections made. It is at the point where I pass the array of sheets to be copied that the error occurs. The only thing I can figure is that my variable curWB is not what I think but I declare it to be the original workbook before that point. All of the code is below.

Another possibility is that this code with some other code sits in the worksheet called index. This sheet is being copied to the new workbook also.

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
Dim oleObj As OLEObject, ole As Object
Dim sheetSelection() As String


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Automation Error - The Object Invoked Has Disconnected From Its Clients

May 21, 2014

I get this error on clicking a button in userform1 to display the userform2 ( , i checked with another form and it works .

if i click on button to show userform2 second time , it displays outline of form and on third time it displays the form correctly .

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Excel 2013 :: Automation Error Exception Occurred?

Mar 25, 2014

why a macro that works without a problem in Excel 2010 now crashes Excel 2013. The error produced says 'Automation Error Exception Occurred'. If I place a stop in the code and hold the F8 key down, the code runs perfectly (Excel 2013) but if I run it, it will crash. The code is copying a worksheet into a new workbook, adding 2 more worksheets, saving then emailing the workbook before closing. It goes through the routine about 7 times before crashing (sending only 7 email out). It's something to do with the email because I can bypass that code and it runs that part without a problem.

Our office just upgraded all the computers to Office 2013 and I've got to get this macro running again. I had to email 100 reports one-by-one today and I didn't like it.

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VBA Excel Macro Generates (Automation Error) Randomly Using Office 365

Apr 10, 2014

I have a VBA macro for automatically create a word report using data in Access and Excel. The macro is hosted within a Excel document but are using both Word-, Excel and Access objects/dataTtemplates for the creation.

The errors appears what it seems randomly. The macro iterates the same code a few times even in Office 365 but then it crashes. The most common error messages are:

Error 1:

Run-time error '-2147417851 (80010105)':

Automation error : The server threw an exception.

Error 2:

Run-time error '462':

The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable

Error 3:

This action cannot be completed because the application () is busy. Choose Switch To to activate and correct the problem.

(no options are working, this hang the application)

If I debug usually the error originates from the code where I ether close the workbook template I'm using:

excelWorkbook.Close False

... or when I paste a chart from Excel to the Word report:


Even more strange are that sometimes if I continue to run the macro its all working again. This ONLY happens when the client office installation is O365. Office 2013 works just fine. I thought O365 and Office 2013 was fairly equal?

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Excel 2010 :: Automation Error - Object Disconnected From Its Client

Jun 17, 2013

Ever since I updated to excel 2010 I am getting this error "Automation error: the object invoked has disconnected from its client" for this line

Sheets("Data-History").Range("E" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues

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Excel 2010 :: Automation Error When Click On Button That Executes Macro

Aug 22, 2012

I keep getting an automation error in excel 2010 when I click on the button that executes the macro. Excel crashes when the box appears. There is no code in the error box. Why I get this error message.

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"Const StrURI As String" Issue * Now * Automation Error

Sep 9, 2009

I have some code that I am using to import the source code of multiple websites, or at least that is the end goal. I currently can make it import one website but i can't find a way to change the website as i loop the line i need to change is this

*The website link won't work, it is a log in only site, but i think there should be an easy fix but since i am only self taught i don't think i understand the basics behind why thimngs work

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UserForm: File/Path Access Error & I/O Error

Dec 19, 2006

the spreadsheet needs to be copied to a directory called "C:downloads" as it contains a ODBC query to itself (In reality, this is a query to an External Oracle Database)

On loading, it should pop up a simple userform, with a combo and two command buttons, which when pressed takes you to a (hidden) tab that displays a pivottable.

All works well until I try to close /save when 60% of the time, Excel encounters problems and closes and will not load up the file the next time until either quit excel or disable macros. Messages include "file/path access error", "I/O Error" or get restarts excel.

On a casual run through, I expect you might report back that "All worked ok for me". Please can you give it a bit of a thrashing, comment out the userform show, save the file (frequently) becuase i assure you it will break ultimately!

This is a brand-new file and I've tried it on about 5 different PC running different versions of Excel and generally get the same result.

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Userform Run Error

May 9, 2008

have a look at this and tell me why i cant even give it a trail run without getting an error


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VBA Userform Error 424

May 11, 2009

I keep getting an Run-time error '424': Object required error whenever I try to run a macro with a rather involved user form. I know the code for the form is what is keeping it from running properly. Here is the code for the form:

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UserForm As Add-In (Getting Error 9 On .show)

Sep 2, 2009

I have a userform that is working perfectly, but when I try to make it an add-in I can't even get it to load. When loading the userform as an add-in I get the error "Run error nr. '9'.: The Index is out of the interval" (freely translated from Swedish to English). The code I'm using to load the userform is

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Userform On Top Of Another -> Runtime Error 402

Oct 20, 2011

I have an application using two userforms. Following sequence is used:

1. Open Userform1 (with
2. click on a commandbutton in userform1 opens a second userform on top of userform1.
3. Close userform2 with commandbutton on userform2 (userform2.hide)
(I did not want the user to close the UF via the "X" )

Runtime error 402 : Must close or hide topmost modal form first

So, I changed my code so when the user clicks the commandbutton in userform2

userform1.hide (which is the topmost)

But again I get the same error.

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Clicking On UserForm Gives An Error 13

Jan 20, 2010

When I click on the userform that opens when the workbook does I get this error:

Run-time error '13':
Type Mismatch

This is the code highlighted


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UserForm Initialize Error 13

Feb 17, 2010

The initialization code of a userform I'm using has started causing me 'Runtime Error 13, Type Missmatch' and I can't figure out why. Can anyone see a reason why I may be experiencing this,

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
'Get Last Entry
Dim countnonblank As Integer, myRange As Range
Dim SDate As Date, SDateRange As String, EDate As Date
Dim SDateString As String, EDateString As String, DirString As String

'count cells with data in them
Set myRange = Sheets("textfilemerger").Range("A:A")
countnonblank = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(myRange)
'decide if data is present or not
If countnonblank = 1 Then.............................

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Error When Initializing UserForm

Jul 4, 2006

I am populating a UserForm from some ranges on my workbook. All is well EXCEPT for the third guy down- "lstCheckDep". The only difference I can figure out is that the cell it is drawing from has a date format. How can I adjust for this so that it's contents can go on the UserForm, without getting hung up on the formatting?

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
lblCandidate.Caption = Range("Rcandnam").Value & " - #" & Range("ID").Value
lstCheckCntry = Range("RCountry").Value
lstCheckDep = Range("RDeparture").Value
lstCheckTrack = Range("rTrack").Value
lstCheckLang = Range("Lang").Value
End Sub

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UserForm Show Causes Error On 1 PC

Feb 20, 2008

I've created a userform on one computer which launchs when I open the excel workbook. The userform contains comboboxs and a picture. But when i saved it on another computer and tried to open it and it errors. (Run-Time error 9). (Still works fine on the computer that created it). All references are to this workbook only. Userform is contained within the Forms folder of this workbook(not personal.xls) and the userform name is PDM_SPLASH1. Also, if i go into VBA I can see the form, but it wont launch when i try to play in manually. (Run-Time error 9)

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Worksheets("Launch Page").Select
Worksheets("Instructions").Visible = False
Worksheets("SelectDB2").Visible = False
Worksheets("REPALIGNMENT").Visible = False
Worksheets("PDM").Visible = False
Worksheets("TABLES").Visible = False
Worksheets("DISPENSING").Visible = False
Worksheets("DISPENSED").Visible = False
Worksheets("OpportunityAnalysis").Visible = False
Worksheets("ENGINE1").Visible = False
Worksheets("POTENTIALCONTRACTLOSS").Visible = False
End Sub

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Runtime Error 424 When Trying To Show Userform

Jul 25, 2014

Ive created a userform that I want to have input data into specific cells in my worksheet. I have the userform created, and some of the other VB stuff written, but it is far from being functional. I have come across the first of what to is to be many problems (Im pretty rusty at VB).

I have a button on my spreadsheet that is supposed to show the userform using this macro

[Code] .....

When I click the button, it breaks at "Form1.Show" giving me "Run-time error 424 : Object Required".

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Runtime Error Command In Userform

Feb 17, 2012

I am experiencing a run time error with my command in a UserForm.

Run time error '9':
Subscript out of range.

Error occurs on the following row:
With Worksheets("Math Lineup").Range("D3")

Below is the code I am using:

PHP Code:

Private Sub CmdAddWrestler_Click()Dim RowCount As LongIf Me.txtWrestler.Value 
= "" ThenMsgBox "Please enter a name", vbExclamation, "Wrestler Name"Me.txtWrestler.SetFocusEnd IfRange ("D4") 
= txtWrestler.TextRowCount 
= Worksheets("Match Lineup").Range("D3").CurrentRegion.Rows.CountWith Worksheets("Math Lineup").Range("D3")    
.Offset(RowCount, 0) = Me.txtWrestler.Value End With txtWrestler = "" End Sub 

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UserForm (Variable Not Defined) Error

Jul 15, 2013

I am creating a UserForm to get macro running options from the user. The Workbook__Open calls the macro which shows the UserForm right after the variables are defined. Is there a way to avoid the compile error?

07.15.2013-14.15.54 - Bermex's library

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If / Then Statement Error Using UserForm Textbox

Oct 16, 2013

I have this line of code:

If Left(value.use_type, 1) = "D" Then

Where use_type is a field in a user form.

I am getting an "object required error"

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Getting Run Time Error 91 - Stuck With UserForm

Aug 2, 2014

I'm getting a 'Run Time Error 91' saying that 'Object Variable or With Block not set'.

Error lies here:

Me.lstCategpry.Column = CustRec.GetRows(Fields:=Array("name"))
Userform Initialize:
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()


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Stop Error If Userform Cancel

Jun 18, 2006

I've got the following code as part of a userform

Private Sub cmbPlant_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)
If cmbPlant.MatchFound = False Then
cmbPlant.BackColor = &HC0&
If MsgBox("Required!" & vbNewLine & "Please Select Correct Plant Number", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Plant Number") = vbCancel Then Exit Sub
Cancel = True
cmbPlant.BackColor = &H80000005
End If
End Sub

I also have a cancel button

Private Sub cmdCancel_Click()
If MsgBox(" Cancelling Will Clear This Form." & vbNewLine & " No Data Will Be Entered." & vbNewLine & "Are You Sure You Wish To Cancel?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "Cancel Data Entry") = vbNo Then Exit Sub
Unload Me
End Sub

If someone clicks the cancel button before using the plant # combo, the form closes, but the cmbplant_exit msgbox pops up too.

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Run Time Error When Calling Userform

Jan 16, 2007

I am getting a run time error # 9 when I run a macro that calls a Userform or when I try to run code in a Userform module. The code performs beautifully on my computer, but it did not work on a coworker's computer. It ended up working on 3 out of the 5 computers I have tried it on.

I have tried changing security settings to low, and a bunch of other stuff, but I cannot get the code to run on the computers that get the run time error on them when I try running the code on them.

I get the run time error when I try to load or show any userform in the workbook and I get it if I try to run code that is in the userform module. However, if I paste the code into a regular module and run it, the code runs fine.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? I don't think my code is causing the problem since it runs on some machines, I am guessing there is a setting that is preventing Excel from calling Userforms.

I have a button, Private Sub CommandButton1_Click, on a sheet that shows a userform. This is the bit of code that gets tagged with the run time error. The userform has a refedit control on it allows the user to select a cell and then hit ok to run the code or cancel to, well, cancel it.

Code for the button that gets tagged with the run time error:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
frmLoadTrade.Show 'calls userform
End Sub

Code in the Userform Module:

Private Sub cmdCancel_Click()

TradeTicketSpreadsheetName = ThisWorkbook.Name
Unload Me

End Sub

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Error Checking With Range Cell In Userform

Jul 29, 2014

I am trying to build a user form to find out the customers who purchase more than $1,000 during a certain period. The userform has two inputs:

One is to select the data range of customer information. Assume all customer information are in the cell A2: H10, how shall I write the error checking code if the user selects the range which is out of (A2:H10)? message box would be " You selection include invalid data, please check"..

The other input is called " Get data past this data", and I can enter a date in the following cell ( txtDate). Regarding the error checking, I am thinking to use IsDate() function to make sure it is a valid date. Will be there be any other error checking you will recommend?

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Error When Trying To Display Cell Value In Userform Textbox

Jul 25, 2014

I have two sheets. sheet2 is a lookup table. sheet1 is information sheet. i have created a userform where a user inputs data into 3 textboxes and clicks a button. i have the code for transferring the data from the textboxes into row after the last used row on sheet1, columns a,b,c. in columns d and e i have vlookup code that takes the value in column c and performs the lookup function to return values found in sheet2. this all works fine.

I am trying to display the vlookup results in a 4th textbox on my userform.

If I use this code:

[Code] ......

I receive a type mismatch error

if i use THIS code:

[Code] ..........

if works fine!?! what gives?

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