VB Border Color Code

Nov 6, 2007

part of my code looks like this. Instead of it being if c.interior.colorindex i want it to be if top border color = 4.

How do i syntax this?

For Each c In Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("B7:DE7").Cells
If c.Interior.ColorIndex = 4 Then Range("DH7").Value = Range("DH7").Value + c.Value
Also, is there a way to specify Range("DH") and make the row be the current row, not hard coded to 7

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Add A Textbox At The Current Position (selected Cell) With A Set Size, Fill Color, And Border Color

Nov 2, 2008

I'm trying to add a textbox at the current position (selected cell) with a set size, fill color, and border color. I found this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...8(VS.80).aspx:

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Format Border Color Based On Value

Nov 1, 2007

I found this code (compliments of Andy Pope) which fills a background color based on its corresponding cell value. (then offsets all uniformly)

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Default Border Color Index

Jun 18, 2009

When I launch excel 2007, i have cells with a grey border. I'm not sure what the colorindex is of this border.

Through a macro, when I format cells, I use

Cells(x,y).BorderAround ColorIndex:=xlAutomatic

xlAutomatic points to BLACK by default. Could someone tell me how I could reference the actual default colorindex (the grey one which seems to border all other cells, while not being xlAutomatic)?

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Background Color And Border Around Macro

Aug 6, 2008

I am trying to develop an Excel spread- sheet by using some macros. In detail, in my first worksheet, I have something like -

Exp1 ....
Exp2 ....
Exp3 ....
Expn ....

This rows are coming from another worksheet and I have used a macro (developed by me) to populate these rows. Even the number of rows to be populated is not fixed.
However, I would like to add one row with text - " Total Expense" after those rows. This row will have some background color - say Tan - and font color - say Green - and also a border around its own - in nature, the border will be thick, Double and with color Rose. I have tried the following code in macro but not working properly -

Sub Include_Fields_n_Format(loc As String)
tot_exp_scell = loc & f_scell
tot_exp_ecell = loc & (f_scell + 1)
Range(tot_exp_scell, tot_exp_ecell). Merge
Range(tot_exp_scell, tot_exp_ecell).WrapText = True

Range(tot_exp_scell, tot_exp_ecell).Interior.Color = RGB(150, 150, 150)
With Range(tot_exp_scell, tot_exp_ecell).Font...................

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Border Color Issue In Excel 2003

Jan 6, 2009

I am trying to assign a border and fill to cells, of identical colors, using VBA. Simple enough, yes? I am using the same RGB value for both the fill and the border, but in Excel 2003, they are assigned two different colors: the fill is the correct shade, but the border is not, which makes absolutely no sense to me. I could understand if both colors were slightly off from the shade I'm getting in 2007, but to have one be correct and the other not? I can manually assign the border to be the proper color, but this doesn't help.

The code is:

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Change Line Border Color Of Shape

Sep 21, 2007

I have this simple code which sets the objects format as default.

Private Sub FormatTextBox()
End Sub

Is there a way to set an objects shape to the default format...not as default?

ie: if the default line color is blue. what code could i use to set an object with a black line color, to the default blue?

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Change Textbox Border Color - Visible Or Hidden

Mar 8, 2012

What command I would use to change the text box border color, and set text border to visible or hidden?

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Find Specific Phrase In A Column And Change The Row Color And Its Border

Mar 27, 2014

I have the table, as shown on left in the appended image, and the final result should be the right one.

The steps are written as 1, 2, 3 and 4.


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Change Columns Fill Or Border Color Based On Current Date

Aug 21, 2014

I have a simple spreadsheet. A column for a persons name and 31 columns, one for each day of the month. I want to apply conditional formatting, either fill color or border color, to the date column of the current date when the spreadsheet is opened.

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VBA Code To Add A Border

Oct 4, 2011

The below code adds a line to the next blank row. I would like to add a border to this row that the values are going into. Columns "A:G"


Private Sub CMD_Add_Click()
Dim rNextCl As Range
Set rNextCl = Worksheets("Main").Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Offset(2, 0)
Dim iRow As Long


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Code For Cell Border Styling

Jun 1, 2008

I have an excel sheet that is pulling data from other sheet based on some cretaria...i want a macro that when ran on this excel fixes column width , makes cell border as "dotted" and outline the area with Thick Outline.

This is what a macro code should do ; Hope this makes sense...thanks.
1. Finds numeric values in rows falling in colum B,C,D,E , than border those cells as dotted (i.e. right click on cell - format column - Border - Style - 3rs on top left row).

2. After filling cell border style as mentioned above , macro should do a THICK BOX BORDER around a cells falling above dotted cells.. i.e. one big sqaure outlined contaiing dotted cells with numeric values.

3. Trick part , my sheet is divided into 2 parts , INTERNAL and EXTERNAL. So i have writen "INTERNAL" in A1 cell and EXTERNAL in 'A' row in last row after INTERNAL lines. So the THICK BOX BORDER as requested in pt 2 shud be separted ones for INTERNAL and sep from EXTERNAL.

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VBA Code To Create Border Around Used Cells In Worksheet

Nov 20, 2013

I'm writing/recording a macro and would like some VBA code. I'm trying to make a border around all used cells in my sheet. When I use the macro there will be a variable number of used cells.

I'd like code that says:

If cell A2 has text then format cells A2:CL2 with an outline border Repeat for each row in the sheet until there there is no more text in column A.

Also, not sure if it matters, but I'm working on a mac.

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Code Adjustment To Copy And Paste Bold Text And Border?

Aug 13, 2014

Is it possible to modify the attached code so that it will copy bold text and border as shown in attachment sample1 and paste in sheet Shop. Currently the code just copy's and pastes without bold text and borders.


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Excel 2010 :: Changing Cell Color And Border By Clicking A Cell

Apr 25, 2014

I would like to accomplish 2 things in my Excel 2010 spreadsheet by click a cell which already has a number and formatting in it.

1. How do I change the color of the cell, the color of the number in it, and the border around it. (Make it look like I just pressed a button by clicking it.)

2. At the same time have the text in different cell and the number in the selected cell appear in another different cell. (Text in a different cell = A , and the number in the selected cell = 23, the value in the resulting cell be "A 23") Everything I would like to happen at the same time by clicking the selected cell. I would also like this to be done several times by clicking different cells and not changing the previously selected cells.

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Using Code To Set Color

Nov 11, 2009

I use the code below to automatically set a black dot in cell
A11. I would like to add code which would color that dot
the same color as a manually placed checkmark in column C11 which
is symbol .

In other words, in addition to the code printed below, I would
like to color the dot the same color as the color of the arrow
symbol in column C11.

Is that possible? Thanks

=IF(AND(B11="",D11="X"),CHAR(108)," ")

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Color Code After Adding

Sep 22, 2009

I was wondering if there's a way to make the numbers in a column over 50 (as an example) green and numbers less than 50 red. (The numbers in this column are the sums of other cells, but I guess that doesn't really matter.)

This way when there's a lot of things going on you can see what's what without filtering or rearranging.

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Print VBA Code In Color?

Jan 13, 2012

Is there a way to Print VBA code in color, like how it appears on the screen?

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VBA Code For Not Filling In Color?

Jan 20, 2012

Is there VBA color to change ".Fill.ForeColor.SchemeColor =" into NO FILL? In other words, keeping the existing Foreground color prior to the macro being activated.

I'm in a chart.

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Code Color Cells

Aug 21, 2007

I have a code that updates data from one file to another.....esentially, i run this code daily and it updates to a compiled daily log of all of the previous days data.

Currently, i am manually coloring the cells to visually assist in grouping what data has been uploaded for each day.

Sub UpdatePOQntyReducDB()
Dim lookupfilename As String

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Color Code Tweak

Mar 18, 2009

I am using the following code to change colors in set of autoshapes (Thanks Colin_L and Norie) and it works fine for the first autoshape but has it has no effect on the subsequent autoshapes. I plan on using the code for about 200 autoshapes, I thought I could just copy the first code and keep adding it on for each autoshape... I am guessing that the code is stopping after the first set and not continuing?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = "$C$46" Then

'Change autoshape color to red depending upon cell value, or blank of no value is entered.
With ActiveSheet.Shapes("Rectangle 1").Fill.ForeColor
If Target.Value = "" Then
.SchemeColor = 1
ElseIf Target.Value >= 422 Then
.SchemeColor = 50
ElseIf Target.Value >= 1 Then
.SchemeColor = 10
'it must be less than 1
End If
End With
End If......

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Text Color Code

Aug 12, 2009

Is it possible to have a code that says if I have a range of cells....say a1:d1 with d1 having a date in it....have that code say that if that date in d1 is greater than 30 days from today, make that whole range of cells (a1:d1) change color like to red.

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Color Code List Box Items?

Feb 1, 2014

I am looking to color code items in a list box called lbActiveItemList, is this possible? If so I would like it to color code based on the value in the 3rd column as follows:

If the value = 'Receive' Color code the item line as Black
If the value = 'Return' Color code the item line as Blue
If the value = 'Relocate' Color code the item line as Green
If the value = 'Lost' or 'Damaged' color code the item line as Red

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Changing Color Of All Comboboxes With VB Code

Jan 28, 2012

Is there some code to change the fill color of all the combo boxes I have on a spreadsheet.

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VBA Code For Cell Color Change

Sep 24, 2013

VBA code to do the following.

In F147 will go a value

Then if the value of F147 is greater than 20 the color of D144 would turn green.

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Color Cell - Code Not Working

Apr 25, 2007

I am trying to a macro that allows me to change the backgroud color and font color depending of the value of the cell.

For example is cell A1 is having the value between 1 to 3 the background color of the cell will the light turqoise, if the value is between 4 to 20 the cell background color will be green and so on.

I have based on certain posted example and adapt to my code but somehow it is not working.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
Select Case Target.Value
Case Is = 1, 2, 3
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 34
Case Is = 4, 5, 10, 20
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 43
Case Is = 30, 40, 50

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Vba Code To Change The Cell Color ..

Jan 22, 2008

I would like to have a vba code that changes the cell color so that if there is number 1 (just number 1) in some cell the background of the cell changes in to shade of grey and cell that has number 2 changes into darker shade of grey and so on. I have numbers 1-10 in random order in my sheet. I mean there is many cells that has the same number and the sheet is quite large so vba code would be ideal choise to do it quickly.

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Color Different Peoples Source Code

Jan 25, 2009

I am wondering if there is any good way of coloring different sections of the source code in excel to show what different programmers have added?

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Color Code Mistakes From Macro

Apr 19, 2009

I am trying to color code mistakes I find when running formulas in a macro. Right now I have it set up to color code mistakes red using the following code after the formula has been inserted in column E.

Selection.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlCellValue, Operator:=xlEqual, _
Selection.FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex = 3

My issue is, some of my checks have more than one variable as a wrong answer. For example, one check may include Check and Bad as possible outcomes of the formula in the cell.

the code required to allow two different variables to cause the cells to change color.

I tried a second set of the code for the same column and changed the formulas word to Bad but it did not highlight the cells that came out with Bad as the outcome of the formula.

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VBA Code - Color Changing Cells

Apr 29, 2009

I am trying to create a model that has a mixture of conditional formatting and data validation formulas within it, but have run into a problem in one area. Essentially, cell E10 is a Validation which pulls a drop down list of names. One of the options in this list is "Other".

I want to create a VBA code to make sure that cell E12 will get rid of any input, turn grey (color index = 15), and potentially lock (if possible!) if the "Other" is chosen by the user in cell E10. If any other value is chosen for cell E10, Cell E12 needs to remain unlocked and white (color index=2).

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