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VBA To Automatically Answer Pop Up On Open.

I have a few 2007 workbooks that are set up to track and compare individual budgets over time. The majority of the cells are referencing workbooks that have yet to be created.

On opening these workbooks the users are confronted with an informational window informing them that "This workbook contains one or more links that cannot be updated", to which they are instructed to choose "Continue". Is there code I can add to these workbooks that would automatically choose "Continue" once a user enables the security warning for Automatic updates of links? I believe this would be the same as an On Open event.

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Open PoP Up With Answer
i just wanted to know if we can open a pop up which will give us answers. i have attached a example work sheet of what i require

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Automatically Answer YES To Alert
My macro cuts and pastes a section of one sheet over the top of each remaining sheet in the workbook. It pauses before each paste and presents a message box (relating to copying over a named range) requiring the user to manually click on "Yes" in response to the question before continuing on. How can I modify my macro so that it finishes without requiring the user to click on "yes" for each sheet. In other words, how do I get the macro to automatically answer "Yes" to the message box ??

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How Can I Skip Or Automatically Answer Of Message?
I have a workbook that contains a macro that when executed creates a copy (duplicate) of one its sheets and places it in itself (the same workbook). The macro then prints the newly created sheet. After printing, the macro then erases the newly created sheet so that it is no longer a part of the workbook. My problem is that I get the Excel message "Data may exist in the sheet(s) selected for deletion. To permanently delete the data, press Delete". I would like add to my macro so that 1) the message is skipped or 2) the macro answers the message box (with Delete) so that no user input is required. I would like it if the user did not have to respond to this message.

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Opening My Spreadsheet Which Will Only Open If The Correct Answer/ Password Is Typed
upon opening my spreadsheet which will only open if the correct answer/ password is typed.

I’d need to store the questions, passwords/ answers somewhere for VB to look up I guess??

Capital of England – London
Capital of France – Paris
Capital of Italy – Rome

Etc etc

And then I need coding which will open one of the random questions, which will only grant access to the spreadsheet if the correct answer is typed.

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Getting Started (does Not Open Automatically)
Every time I open my excel spreadsheets the "Getting Started" window opens automatically. How do I turn it off so it does not open automatically

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Files Open Automatically
The background is that I only use macros for a few limited files to save me some time spent on monotonous clicking. Well, yesterday I made three little macros that clear the info in three weekly files and save each with a new date (in preparation for me adding the new info). When I left yesterday, the macros worked as intended. I come in to work this morning, and each of those files now open automatically whenever I open any other file in Excel (just for the first one, nothing happens if I open a second).

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Automatically Open A New Worksheet Every 1st Of The Month
I have been trying for the past four months now to get my workbook to automatically open a new worksheet every 1st of the month.

but I have failed each and every month. I have asked others to assist but to no avail.

this is the code in my workbook as it looks now.

Dim strValue As String
Dim Sht As Worksheets, foundSheet As Boolean, TEMPLATE As String
Dim rng As Range
Dim irow As Long
Dim myDate As Date, newDate As Date, oldSheet As String, newSheet As String
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim strName As String
Dim wsh As Worksheet

i keep getting an error on the activesheet=newsheet.

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Schedule Workbook Open Automatically
Is there anyway I can schedule an excel workbook to open up at a certain time; I have some code attached to the Workbook Open function; so when the workbook is opened the code will run; but I need the workbook to automatically open at say 17:00 everyday so the code can run.

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Code To Open Comments Box Automatically
Does anyone know code to bring up a comments box automatically when a certain word is entered into a cell? I have an If statement but I just don’t know how to open a comments box in the same cell.

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Automatically Open New Workbook After 1st Workbook Open 4 Seconds
I have a presentation that I open from a short-cut. After the "Welcome Page" is opened, I want to open a second workbook in a new instance of Excel after 4 seconds.

I think that I can open the new instance of excel, but I don't know how to activate the macro after 4 seconds.

I'm sure there is a function someplace for this that can be used in a macro.

Then, after the second Workbook is opened, I want the Welcome Page "Workbook" closed, leaving the second Worbook open.

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Automatically Open Comment Box When Data Is Entered.
I have a spreadsheet where we calculate lost time of machinery and how much money is lost. Every day someone enters the hours that the machines were down and then enters comment in that cell stating what happened or what the resolve was. So for example Machine A runs 24 hours a day, but 12-19-08 it had mechanical issues and was down for 2 hours, so the entrant will enter 22 in that cell, then have to right click back in that cell, go to insert comment and enter "need to change belts." Then if he finds out later that they were down another two hours he would have to change the hours, right click in the cell and edit comment. What we have been coming across is that after awhile he just enters the hours and not the comment. Besides firing a lazy operator I would like to make it more user friendly and ensure that the data entry person is entering the comment.

I would like after the hours are entered in the cell for the comment box to automatically open. I figured there has to be a formula to do it, but i am not at an advanced level. Can you help me?

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Automatically Open File When Another Workbook Opens
I am trying exactly the same things stated in here Open two workbooks at the same time as stated in the other thread's answer I would love to "just use the Workbook name IF both Workbooks are in the same folder." both files are in the same folder and this is the code that I am trying to use

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Workbooks.Open ("toto1234.xls")

and it does not work any one explain me what I am doing wrong?

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Show Page Breaks Automatically When I Open A New File.
I want to make Excel show page breaks automatically when I open a new file. Please tell me how to do that. I tried changing the book.xlt and sheet.xlt files, but to no avail. I am using Excel 2003.

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Automatically Open, Copy, And Close Multiple Workbooks
I have 77 excel workbooks that are created each week, they are all in the same directory. I have to open each one and copy the data into a single workbook. The file names change slightly each week.

example: DIST_91124_GROWTH_PRODUCT XXX _07072006.xls The 07072006 is the week ending date and will change. Each of the 77 files has a different DIST_number.

Is there a way to automate this process, it takes me about 4 hours to do it manually.

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Edit Macro To Open Specific File Automatically
I am using this code to get me to a path then I click on the file I want and it opens it and makes it a .csv file. Then my code does stuff with it and closes it. My question is, do I even have to click on it? Can I get the macro to automatically open the file. Note the "NewestFolderInThePath" is a function that open me up to the "newest" created folder in the path. From there I double click file.

NewestFolderInThePath = ReturnNewestFolder("\datawhse
Path = "\datawhse

TheFile = Path & NewestFolderInThePath
CreateObject("WScript.Shell").CurrentDirectory = TheFile

TheFile = Application.GetOpenFilename("Excel Files (*.*), *.*", , "Open Balance Sheet File FRPMBSDTL")
If TheFile = "False" Then
continue = MsgBox("Do you want to Continue to IS Download?", _................

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Listbox Automatically Reduces In Size Each Time I Open It
I have a problem with one of my files. Each time I open it up, the listboxes keep getting smaller and smaller. I have no idea what is causing it.

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Automatically Check For Existence Of Hidden Sheet Upon Open
I use the code below to check and see if a sheet exists or not when a workbook is opened. If it does not, continue. If it does I need to run a different sub on it.
Twist, I need to check for a hidden sheet. How would I chg the code to do this?

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
'Also need to check the code in the userform. Has On.Time command.
Sub Sheet_Test_1()
Dim sh As Worksheet
On Error Resume Next
Set sh = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(" total")
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
MsgBox "The sheet doesn't exist"
On Error Goto 0
MsgBox "The sheet exist"
End If
End Sub

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Automatically Copy Column To Last Cell In Another Column Upon Open
I have this code that I have been using fine until today when it just stop working for me... It's a simple copy and paste using VBA Code. The code finds the last row in Column A and copies the cell to L1. Below you will find the code I'm using and the line in yellow is where I'm getting the error.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Application.CutCopyMode = False

End Sub

This codes runs as soon as the worksheet opens and it has worked for over a year. I'm using MS Excel 2007. Please let me know what you guys think I have tried pretty much everything I can think of but i dont really know what i'm doing when it comes to VBA.

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Text Box For Other Answer
I have to following code. I have an issue now where I have to Pop a textbox from based on the answer to one of my questions.

If cboProjOffset = "Other" Then

Problem is I actually want the text box to populate on the same line of the range answer in column m. At present it doesnt seem to be doing this. Can anyone help?

Public gintEditMode As Boolean
Public gintTotalEntries As Integer
Public gintLineNumber As Integer
Private Sub cboProjOffset_Change()
If cboProjOffset = "Other" Then
End If
End Sub

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IF Argument Need With Yes/no Answer
I have a sheet that has 2 fields that i need a yes/no answer from. Basically if b = "P1" then a should be less than or equal to 4 to reply good otherwise it should reply no. but if b isnt "P1" but instead is P2 P3 or P4 then it should => 10, 30, 40 respectively.

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Same Formula, Why Can't Get The Same Answer??
in the "Order for EMS" and "Order for FEDEX" there have 1 product exist, now the customer need to type the country in the "F35", and the Price of weight will look back to the sheet "EMS Weight" and "FEDEX Weight" but for example, if i type Japan in both sheet, the EMS that one is correct 1kg to Japan is $168 but in FEDEX that one is not correct 1kg to Japan is $169 but now show $342, the formula in "G36" should be correct, what's wrong of my formula????

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Get An Answer Based On A Value?
I want to tell Excel that, if a cell value is between 1 and 100, to enter one result in another cell. If the value is between 101 and 250, enter another result in that same cell. If the value is between 251 and 500 enter another result in that same cell and so on about another 12 times.

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AutoSum: The Answer Should Be 8
I have a formula that is in ColF Row4, and it is copied down to ColF Row 13. But trouble is that when I autosum this column I get 6, but the answer should be 8.
The data in Rows A-E are extracted from an external data source. I've attached the spreadsheet. =IF((AND(A4=7,D4="")),1,(IF((OR(A4=7,D4>=2)),D4,0)))

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Vlookup Or ? (Get Answer In B Column)
I have data in A column.

I want to Get anser in B Column.

Sheet1  ABC1S.NoCountryCode2E8481234567CroatiaE8483E8351234568SloveniaE835472123456900Ireland725JM123457000LuxembourgJM Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

Answer Based on C Column....

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Return Answer Dependant On /
in cell d1 i have


in cell i1 i need to return whatever is before the "/"
in this case hk

and in cell i2 i need to return the number after the q
in this case 46559

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Determine MsgBox Answer
The macro I am working on will ask the user if they wish to transfer data to one of two Forms, held in two separate worksheets. The worksheet names are Record Form Games 3583 & Record Form PE 3581. The msgbox will ask "Is the data being transferred to Record Form 3583?" If Yes the sheet "Record Form Games 3583" will be set as the sheet as the one to transfer data to. If no "Record Form PE 3581" will be the destination sheet. This is what I have so far:

Sub Do_Admin()
Dim Record_Form As Worksheet
Msg = "Is the data being transferred to Record Form 3583?"
ans = MsgBox(Msg, vbYesNo)
If ans = vbYes Then Set Record_Form =
Sheets(Sheet"Record Form Games 3583")
End Sub

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Remove All Bracket & Data.answer
i need to remove this all bracket & data.answer should like this.

column "A"

column "A"

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Not Havin Negative Values In Answer
I have a formula where I am taking a fixed amount away from a cell (i.e. dragging it to the right) until it reaches zero. I do not want the answer to be negative and when it gets to that stage I want it give the remainder. For example:
100 - 35 = 65 30 5

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Is A Dynamic Named Range The Answer
I have a sheet containing three drop down boxes which gives me a count of data in a table matching the criteria. (Between 2 dates and equals a depot name).

I am trying to create a chart to only show this data, but I don't want to do it using a pivot table as the end user has no understanding of them and just wants to fill in drop down boxes.

I am beginning to think that using a Dynamic Named Range might be the answer. I believe I am able to achieve what I want with this process but I am not entirely sure how to do it.

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Compare Four Columns, Give Yes Or & No Answer
I have the attached worksheet with clients' names in four columns (A-D). The first names and last names must remain separate. I need one additional column that shows whether a full name (first and last) in C and D also appears in A and B.

Then one more column that shows how many times the name in C and D shows up, but only if it is also in A and B.

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Conditional Format (vba Loop Is The Answer)
i have 3 columns and hundreds of rows.... i first applied conditional format to the first row (A1, B1, C1) only. no problems so far as A1 has value '0' which is minimum and B1 is the highest value '200' and C1 is variable value between 200' and 0'. Im using icon sets in this one.... now i want the below rows to have the same conditional format.... how do i do that because when i select them all rows and columns and try to apply conditioanl formatting the outcome is not the same as i got previously in the first somehow combines all the values rather working only on the individual row. i hope u get wat im tryin to say....

i come across a solution in my mind to give a loop in vba to do the conditional formatting each row seperately untill empty cell of column no. 4.... but doing this will obviously eat lot of memory in excel cause of each row will have a seperate conditional format.....

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Return Answer Based On Cell Value
im looking to return an answer in cell c28. in b28 it will say "best goalkeeper"
in c28 i need a formula to look in range d2:d6 then return the highest answer and correspond that to whats in b2: b6. so we could say

(b2)shilton(d2) 33
(b3)corrigan (d3) 55
(b4)parkes (d4) 66
(b5)schmeichel (d5) 100
(b6)cudicini (d6) 14

in c28 it will return the answer schmeichel because he is the highest
and in d28 it would return the points he has.

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Parenthesis - Formula Give An Answer Of 178
The following formula shoud give an answer of 178. I think I am placing the
parenthesis in the wrong position.

The answer I get is 308669


Cell-F22 number is 1826
71449 is a constant number
0.4 is a constant number
16147 is a constant number
Cell-C22 is 10.8

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Can IF Function Result In Its Answer In A Different Cell?
Can this Formula work? Where if c2<e5 then its value is a number. The formula below is what i tried but it didnt work


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“Reply To All” With Standard Answer In Outlook
I’m currently writing a code, which will enable me to run a code, which will reply to a selected email with standard text in the cc, subject, body, and so on.

The code that I managed to write creates a new email message, instead I want the code to select "reply to all" to the email that I’ve selected, and then fill in the cc, subject, body, and so on.

Sub test()
Dim msg As Outlook.MailItem
Set msg = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
msg.CC = ""
msg.Subject = "testing!"
msg.Body = "hello all" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & "We agree to your call..."

End Sub

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Next Question To Be Based On Previous Answer
I am trying to write an excel sheet that has multiple questions but need to be answered in order and the next question in the series answers should appear based on the answer to the previous question.


Question 1: Steel or Aluminum
Question 2: (If the answer was Aluminum) 3000psi or 3300psi
(If the answer was Steel) 2640psi or 3442psi or 3500psi
Question 3: If the answer to #2 was 3000psi: 50,63,80
If the answer to #2 was 3300psi: 100
If the answer to #2 was 2640psi: 66,85,95,98,104,112,125
If the answer to #2 was 3443psi: 80,100,120
If the answer to #2 was 3500psi: 65,80,100,120

I want the choices for the next question to be hidden before the previous question is answered and the choices based on the answer to the previous question. Would love to be able to use a drop down box to do this with.

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Nested IF - Is VBA The Answer: Combine The Formulas Into One?
I need to combine the following formulas into one but obviously it won't work due to the limitations. Would the following be better using VBA? If yes. At the moment, they are in 3 separate columns and working but indepenantly. It basically says, if the agreement is older than todays date, write expired, if not if its for 12 months, then calculate the percantage according to number of days. and so on for 24 months and 36 months...................

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How Can I Get This To Read Each, (if (and Statement) And Give The Correct Answer
How can I get this to read each, (if (and statement) and give the correct answer. And not give me the 1st underlined statement answer in cell D10. If that also equals true.
But if any other cells G11 thru G14 equals OUT. It still will give the 1st statement.
I need the answer to be the only one of them correctly that’s equal true.

I know that the 1st underlined statement = true. Because G15= OUT .....

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Msgbox That Will Prompt For Answer Before Running Code
I need a MsgBox that will prompt for a Yes or No response. If you answer Yes run the code below if you answer no just stop and leave me in the current sheet.

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Call Log Tracking Issues With NOW() Looking For Answer ASAP
The employees have 3 chances to contact the customer before sending out written notification. The goal is to only have the employees enter an "x" in an attempt cell which will cause the date and time attempt was made to autopopulate in another cell. I've been using an IF formula to do this [=if(A1="","",NOW()], but each time a move down to another customer it adjusts the date and time for all other fields as well. How do I lock in the date and time they marked the cell without it affecting others. This is basically how the attempts are set up. The only unprotected cells would be those under A2-C2. Example would be employee places and x in cell A3 and D3 autopopulates the date and time A3 was modified. The problem I am running into is when A4 is modified, it not only autopopulated D4, but it changes D3 to the time A4 was modified as well.
1 Attempt Attempt1 Attempt2 Attempt3
2 1 2 3 Date/Time Date/Time Date/Time

(A-C are over the word attempt, A2=1 B2=2 C2=3, D is over Attempt1, E is over Attempt2, F is over Attempt3)

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Worsheet Cell Does Not Show Correct Answer
I have 2 worksheets (worksheet 2 is Slicing and Worksheet 1 is Production).

Production worksheet D6 has a dropdown box for, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 4.4, 5.5, 6.6 and 7.7.

In the Production worksheet, I have in cell E6 =IF(D6=1,"ONE",IF(D6=2,"TWO",IF(D6=3,"THREE",IF(D6=4,"FOUR",IF(D6=5,"FIVE",IF(D6=6,"SIX",IF(D6=7,"SEVEN")))))))

In the Production worksheet, I have in cell F6 =IF(D6=1.1,"ONE",IF(D6=2.2,"TWO",IF(D6=3.3,"THREE",IF(D6=4.4,"FOUR",IF(D6=5.5,"FIVE",IF(D6=6.6,"SIX",IF(D6=7.7,"SEVEN")))))))

How do I show in Slicing worksheet cell B6, either 'ONE', 'TWO', 'THREE', 'FOUR', 'FIVE', 'SIX', 'SEVEN' as i have the formula =PRODUCTION!E6&PRODUCTION!F6 and the cell shows '

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Addition Calculation Not Giving Correct Answer
I have a workbook with calculations for a sale less the assorted fees and at the end giving the final amount from a sale.

I have noticed that some of the rows are not giving the correct amount in them.
In other words the addition of some columns in that row are not adding up correctly. It is only off by 1 cent (either over or under), but I can't figure out why.

I have the feeling that I am going to want to kick myself when someone explains this to me (I just know that I know the answer but for the life of me I can't right now).

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IF Statement- Created Based Off A Checkbox Answer
I am trying to get an IF Statement created based off a checkbox answer.

I have a cell reference C2 from Checkbox that is answer Y.

If "Y" I want to calculate *0.005+0,0.03),0)*C4.

I need to skip the 1st & 2nd quarter after C4 before the calcautaion starts.

Then continuing no greater than .03 till the date changes.

I have tried to rearange this formula every way I can think of to get it to work like I want it to.

a correct formula for me to get this to calculate?

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Mulitiplying In Formula Giving Incorrect Answer
I have a formula that is correct all the way up to adding the last *K9. here is an


C9 a number 4 then add 1 to it which makes it 2 now * it by D9 which is the number 384 and the answer is 768 now * that by K9 which is 6 and you get 4608 I'm getting 2310 using this formula... =IF( C9=0, 0, C9+1*D9)*K9.

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Solver Answer Report For Equilibrium Point
Im having trouble understanding how to get this solver add in to calculate the equilibrium point of my data. I have attached my excel document containing the data and graph.

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Two Criteria - Multipule Matches That Are The Same - 1 Answer To Be Return
I've been looking through past threads and I can't find what I need to do anywhere. There was one formula that came close: =SUMPRODUCT((A2:A100="Aimbry")*(B2:B100="LW")*(C2: C100)). but this adds up all the matching results.

What I need to do is match the info in columns A and B and return a number in column C. The problem is that there are multiple rows with identical entries and I just want to return one of them. So I was thinking a version of the above that produced a mode or average would give the desired result.

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Hiding Answer To Formula If One Cell Is Empty
Is there a way to have the answer to a formula display nothing if one of the cells have nothing. Example cell A3= A1*A2 ... it will naturally show 0.00 but even if both A1 and A2 are completely blank. Is it possible for A3 to show nothing if A1 or A2 or both contain nothing. I still want it to show 0.00 but only if that’s what is in the other cells.

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If FORMULA: If The Mark Is Less Than Or Equal To 20, The Answer Is AVERAGE
I would like to use IF function, to get the answer, if the mark is less than or equal to 20, the answer is AVERAGE, if the mark is between 21 and 25 the asnwer is GOOD, if the mark is between 26 and 30 the asnswe is VERY GOOD, if the mark is above 30 then the asnwer must be EXCELLENT.

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Formula To Enable A Letter To Provide A Word As Answer
I have the following letters in cells
D2= A
D4 =L

These represent Accomodation,Groceries, and Liquor.
Starting at E12 I want a formula , to drag down the column, which will show either Accomodation, Groceries or Liquor depending on the letter I put in cell D12,

Eventually I will possibly need help to summarise these costs on another sheet with other data such as fuel costs and fuel analysis but this will get me started.

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Formula To Show Combine Answer And Text In 1 Cell From 2 Different
i need t oknow if i can have text added into 1 cell with having a formula with a answer in it as well,,,i have attached a sheet with better examples of what i mean.

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