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VBA To Automatically Answer Pop Up On Open.

I have a few 2007 workbooks that are set up to track and compare individual budgets over time. The majority of the cells are referencing workbooks that have yet to be created.

On opening these workbooks the users are confronted with an informational window informing them that "This workbook contains one or more links that cannot be updated", to which they are instructed to choose "Continue". Is there code I can add to these workbooks that would automatically choose "Continue" once a user enables the security warning for Automatic updates of links? I believe this would be the same as an On Open event.

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Open PoP Up With Answer
i just wanted to know if we can open a pop up which will give us answers. i have attached a example work sheet of what i require

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Automatically Answer YES To Alert
My macro cuts and pastes a section of one sheet over the top of each remaining sheet in the workbook. It pauses before each paste and presents a message box (relating to copying over a named range) requiring the user to manually click on "Yes" in response to the question before continuing on. How can I modify my macro so that it finishes without requiring the user to click on "yes" for each sheet. In other words, how do I get the macro to automatically answer "Yes" to the message box ??

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How Can I Skip Or Automatically Answer Of Message?
I have a workbook that contains a macro that when executed creates a copy (duplicate) of one its sheets and places it in itself (the same workbook). The macro then prints the newly created sheet. After printing, the macro then erases the newly created sheet so that it is no longer a part of the workbook. My problem is that I get the Excel message "Data may exist in the sheet(s) selected for deletion. To permanently delete the data, press Delete". I would like add to my macro so that 1) the message is skipped or 2) the macro answers the message box (with Delete) so that no user input is required. I would like it if the user did not have to respond to this message.

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Opening My Spreadsheet Which Will Only Open If The Correct Answer/ Password Is Typed
upon opening my spreadsheet which will only open if the correct answer/ password is typed.

Id need to store the questions, passwords/ answers somewhere for VB to look up I guess??

Capital of England London
Capital of France Paris
Capital of Italy Rome

Etc etc

And then I need coding which will open one of the random questions, which will only grant access to the spreadsheet if the correct answer is typed.

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Form Pop-up, When I Open An XL Workbook
I kindly would like to have a form pop-up, when I open an XL workbook.

Once, then the user clicks OK, and all sheets are shown.

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Conditional Format (vba Loop Is The Answer)
i have 3 columns and hundreds of rows.... i first applied conditional format to the first row (A1, B1, C1) only. no problems so far as A1 has value '0' which is minimum and B1 is the highest value '200' and C1 is variable value between 200' and 0'. Im using icon sets in this one.... now i want the below rows to have the same conditional format.... how do i do that because when i select them all rows and columns and try to apply conditioanl formatting the outcome is not the same as i got previously in the first somehow combines all the values rather working only on the individual row. i hope u get wat im tryin to say....

i come across a solution in my mind to give a loop in vba to do the conditional formatting each row seperately untill empty cell of column no. 4.... but doing this will obviously eat lot of memory in excel cause of each row will have a seperate conditional format.....

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Nested IF - Is VBA The Answer: Combine The Formulas Into One?
I need to combine the following formulas into one but obviously it won't work due to the limitations. Would the following be better using VBA? If yes. At the moment, they are in 3 separate columns and working but indepenantly. It basically says, if the agreement is older than todays date, write expired, if not if its for 12 months, then calculate the percantage according to number of days. and so on for 24 months and 36 months...................

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VBA How Can I Pop These Into An Array
i have 3 columns of data... i want to populate an array from anything in column 1 that has an 'N' in column 3...

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Message Pop Up Using VBA
I ve a formula in cell A2 of Sheet1. Say now formula value is 10,000,002 (this will change based on other calculation).

What I need is, whenever cell A2's formula value will become greater than 10 M, following pop up message will be shown: ....

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Created A Pop Up Calendar Using VBA
I have created a pop up calendar using VBA with the help of VBA Tips at and it works very well. However it has the default date of 12 March, In the tutorial that i used there was some code to use todays date if the cell (in which i was going to put a date) is empty. Which is as follows

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
If IsDate(ActiveCell.Value) Then
Calendar1.Value = DateValue(ActiveCell.Value)
Calendar1.Value = Date
End If
End Sub

yet when the calendar does pop up, the date remains at 12 March (the calendar in the visual basic editor reflects the date correctly). I've tried to change numerous amounts of properties, without success

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VBA: Pop-up Calendar Disappears When Script Stops
My Workbook contains the following macro in Sheet 1, which displays a pop-up calendar in L15 when that cell is selected:

Private Sub Calendar1_Click()
ActiveCell.Value = CDbl(Calendar1.Value)
Calendar1.Visible = False
End Sub
Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Application.Intersect(Range("L15"), Target) Is Nothing Then
Calendar1.Left = Target.Left + Target.Width - Calendar1.Width
Calendar1.Top = Target.Top + Target.Height
Calendar1.Visible = True
' select Today's date in the Calendar
Calendar1.Value = Date
ElseIf Calendar1.Visible Then Calendar1.Visible = False
End If
End Sub.........

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How Can I Create A Pop Up User Fill In Form Using Vba Coding
Is it possible to use vba coding to create a pop up user form by clicking on a button in excel?

I want to create a pop up form that a user can fill out with fields for name and address information. Then click a button to save and close the form based on the last name field box.

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Automatically Open New Workbook After 1st Workbook Open 4 Seconds
I have a presentation that I open from a short-cut. After the "Welcome Page" is opened, I want to open a second workbook in a new instance of Excel after 4 seconds.

I think that I can open the new instance of excel, but I don't know how to activate the macro after 4 seconds.

I'm sure there is a function someplace for this that can be used in a macro.

Then, after the second Workbook is opened, I want the Welcome Page "Workbook" closed, leaving the second Worbook open.

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Getting Started (does Not Open Automatically)
Every time I open my excel spreadsheets the "Getting Started" window opens automatically. How do I turn it off so it does not open automatically

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Files Open Automatically
The background is that I only use macros for a few limited files to save me some time spent on monotonous clicking. Well, yesterday I made three little macros that clear the info in three weekly files and save each with a new date (in preparation for me adding the new info). When I left yesterday, the macros worked as intended. I come in to work this morning, and each of those files now open automatically whenever I open any other file in Excel (just for the first one, nothing happens if I open a second).

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Schedule Workbook Open Automatically
Is there anyway I can schedule an excel workbook to open up at a certain time; I have some code attached to the Workbook Open function; so when the workbook is opened the code will run; but I need the workbook to automatically open at say 17:00 everyday so the code can run.

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Automatically Open A New Worksheet Every 1st Of The Month
I have been trying for the past four months now to get my workbook to automatically open a new worksheet every 1st of the month.

but I have failed each and every month. I have asked others to assist but to no avail.

this is the code in my workbook as it looks now.

Dim strValue As String
Dim Sht As Worksheets, foundSheet As Boolean, TEMPLATE As String
Dim rng As Range
Dim irow As Long
Dim myDate As Date, newDate As Date, oldSheet As String, newSheet As String
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim strName As String
Dim wsh As Worksheet

i keep getting an error on the activesheet=newsheet.

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Automatically Open File When Another Workbook Opens
I am trying exactly the same things stated in here Open two workbooks at the same time as stated in the other thread's answer I would love to "just use the Workbook name IF both Workbooks are in the same folder." both files are in the same folder and this is the code that I am trying to use

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Workbooks.Open ("toto1234.xls")

and it does not work any one explain me what I am doing wrong?

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Code To Open Comments Box Automatically
Does anyone know code to bring up a comments box automatically when a certain word is entered into a cell? I have an If statement but I just dont know how to open a comments box in the same cell.

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Automatically Open Comment Box When Data Is Entered.
I have a spreadsheet where we calculate lost time of machinery and how much money is lost. Every day someone enters the hours that the machines were down and then enters comment in that cell stating what happened or what the resolve was. So for example Machine A runs 24 hours a day, but 12-19-08 it had mechanical issues and was down for 2 hours, so the entrant will enter 22 in that cell, then have to right click back in that cell, go to insert comment and enter "need to change belts." Then if he finds out later that they were down another two hours he would have to change the hours, right click in the cell and edit comment. What we have been coming across is that after awhile he just enters the hours and not the comment. Besides firing a lazy operator I would like to make it more user friendly and ensure that the data entry person is entering the comment.

I would like after the hours are entered in the cell for the comment box to automatically open. I figured there has to be a formula to do it, but i am not at an advanced level. Can you help me?

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Show Page Breaks Automatically When I Open A New File.
I want to make Excel show page breaks automatically when I open a new file. Please tell me how to do that. I tried changing the book.xlt and sheet.xlt files, but to no avail. I am using Excel 2003.

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Automatically Open, Copy, And Close Multiple Workbooks
I have 77 excel workbooks that are created each week, they are all in the same directory. I have to open each one and copy the data into a single workbook. The file names change slightly each week.

example: DIST_91124_GROWTH_PRODUCT XXX _07072006.xls The 07072006 is the week ending date and will change. Each of the 77 files has a different DIST_number.

Is there a way to automate this process, it takes me about 4 hours to do it manually.

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Edit Macro To Open Specific File Automatically
I am using this code to get me to a path then I click on the file I want and it opens it and makes it a .csv file. Then my code does stuff with it and closes it. My question is, do I even have to click on it? Can I get the macro to automatically open the file. Note the "NewestFolderInThePath" is a function that open me up to the "newest" created folder in the path. From there I double click file.

NewestFolderInThePath = ReturnNewestFolder("\datawhse
Path = "\datawhse

TheFile = Path & NewestFolderInThePath
CreateObject("WScript.Shell").CurrentDirectory = TheFile

TheFile = Application.GetOpenFilename("Excel Files (*.*), *.*", , "Open Balance Sheet File FRPMBSDTL")
If TheFile = "False" Then
continue = MsgBox("Do you want to Continue to IS Download?", _................

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Listbox Automatically Reduces In Size Each Time I Open It
I have a problem with one of my files. Each time I open it up, the listboxes keep getting smaller and smaller. I have no idea what is causing it.

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Automatically Check For Existence Of Hidden Sheet Upon Open
I use the code below to check and see if a sheet exists or not when a workbook is opened. If it does not, continue. If it does I need to run a different sub on it.
Twist, I need to check for a hidden sheet. How would I chg the code to do this?

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
'Also need to check the code in the userform. Has On.Time command.
Sub Sheet_Test_1()
Dim sh As Worksheet
On Error Resume Next
Set sh = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(" total")
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
MsgBox "The sheet doesn't exist"
On Error Goto 0
MsgBox "The sheet exist"
End If
End Sub

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Automatically Copy Column To Last Cell In Another Column Upon Open
I have this code that I have been using fine until today when it just stop working for me... It's a simple copy and paste using VBA Code. The code finds the last row in Column A and copies the cell to L1. Below you will find the code I'm using and the line in yellow is where I'm getting the error.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Application.CutCopyMode = False

End Sub

This codes runs as soon as the worksheet opens and it has worked for over a year. I'm using MS Excel 2007. Please let me know what you guys think I have tried pretty much everything I can think of but i dont really know what i'm doing when it comes to VBA.

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VBA - Open Workbook
I am trying to set up code to clear some cells on Sheet A when I open my workbook. For some reason the code keeps clearing the cells on Sheet B.

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VBA - Is Workbook Already Open
Can someone provide a IF Then code to verify if a workbook is already open.

I have a spreadsheet called "Test.xls" and i need to verify if its open.

Something like the following wil do

If Workbooks("Test.xls") 'is open Then
Msgbox "Workbook already open"
Else 'Otherwise it will execute the rest of the code
End If

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VBA To Open Add-in
When I try to record a macro to open a add-in It doesn't do anything? Is it possible to open one?

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Open Close VBA
Can I take

Workbooks.Open ("N:Data ManagementDashboardLOLTickler Codes.xls")
and do something like this?

Workbooks.Open ("N:Data ManagementDashboardLOLTickler Codes.xls") Not _
Workbooks.Open ("N:Data ManagementDashboardLOLTickler Codes.xls")

I have a userform that I would like with a click of a button to open the workbook and then click the same button to close the workbook after it has been viewed.

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How To Open Hiperlinks Through VBA
how to open Hiperlinks through VBA

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VBA To Open Another Application
understand the procedure for opening another application from Excel using VBA?

First check if open, if so, activate, if not, open and set to active?

Any help would be great! -even links to other posts or otherwise

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Using VBA To Delete Rows Automatically
What I need VBA to do is scan the data in a certain column (in this case column I entitled "Type") and if it picks up a certain letter (either a "C" "D" or "K") in a range starting from row 2 then Delete the whole row and condense them so I am only left with the data that corresponds to letters "E" and "R"...

Does there exist a macro that can accomplish this for me; the alternative doesn't even bare thinking about as the range can be anything up to row 6k

I have tried looking on the Net and have seen example of similiar macros, alas I'm completely new to this and cannot adapt it to my needs.

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Running Macro Automatically Using VBA
Is it possible to run the following macro automatically using VBA when cells B2 and C2 equals "Yes"? I don't want any manual intervention for this to happen.

Sub clearcells()
' clearcells Macro
' Macro recorded 14/10/2009
End Sub

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VBA To Automatically Generate The Next Number
I have build a form in Excel. I would like to make one field (ID) to automatically generate the next number.

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Automatically Updating Time + VBA
Based on the attached I want to make the time automatically count down in MS Excel using VBA.

The attached will give you a flavour for what I want to achieve.

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VBA Code Not Running Automatically
I have written some code intended to automatically clear a cell when data appears in it from an external source. In one spreadsheet, it seems to work exactly as expected, ie when the cell is polulated, it immediately clears the contents. In another spreadsheet, with exactly the same code, it will not automatically clear. If I put it in debug mode and step through it line by line, then it does do as expected but otherwise it won't.

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Open Excel File With VBA
I have a folder that contains many excel files. Each excel file is named as that date it was created, i.e. 02/18/09.xls

I would like to have some vba code that will open 'todays' file. Here is what I have so far:

An Excel file with the date founction in A1, =today(). I'd like to have a button that reads cell a1 and opens an excel file in a specific folder.

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Open Notepad Files In VBA
What is the code to oepn notepad files?

Get error if uses code below:

Dim noteApp As Object
Set noteApp = CreateObject("notepad.Application")

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VBA To Recognise If A Certain Report Is Already Open
How can I get VBA to recognise if a certain report is already open?

Basically, what I want to do is if the report is open then just copy the sheet across else if the report is not open the open the rpeort and copy the sheet across.

I'm only struggling with the first part, I can get it copying over fine but its the "if the report is already open" part I can't get my head around...

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Open Word Document From VBA
I'm trying to open a word document from excel using VBA. Here is my code.

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VBA To Open A File On ANY Desktop
I am sending this workbook out for several buyers to use. Part of the macro opens a workbook on their desktop named "Backorder List.xls" and copied data to it. The problem is, the way it is written, I have to go around to each buyers computer and edit it so the vba is looking in the right directory for the file. Is there any way to modify this so that it will open the file "Backorder List.xls" no matter who's desktop it is on?

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Closing A Workbook That Is Open Via VBA
Well I seem to be having an issue in a form i created. What happens is that when the user clicks a button it saves a worksheet of workbook as its own file, problem is that it will actually open the new worksheet as a workbook when I really just want it to save without opening a new instance. Here is the code

Dim IntWirefilename As String
IntWirefilename = "International Wires Database"
Worksheets("Intwires").SaveAs FileName:="File Path" & IntWirefilename & (".xls")
Workbooks("File PathInternational Wires Database.xls").Close
I think the problem lies in the last line or it could be from the select and copy part.

I do not want it to open a new file after it saves it. Also can anyone help create a part that will bypass the overwrite existing file thing so that this file will just continuously save as the same file name rather than prompting the user constantly to Overwrite the file.

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Using VBA To Open A File Name That Changes Slightly
I want to use vba to open a file where the name changes slightly each week it comes in. Let's say the file name is f:/Folder A 05212009

I can do this to open it:

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Open TEXT File In VBA...
I am trying to open a txt file, but I get an error message that says "Run-time error '52': Bad file name or number. The file name is correct. I tried two ways to pass the name -- as a variable and from Application.GetOpenFilename("Text Files (*.txt), *.txt"). The line where VBA complains is "Open fileToOpen For Input As #InFile"

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To Open Worksheets Without Macros From VBA
Does anyone know if it is possible to open an excel worksheet from excel VBA, without importing the macros from the worksheet being opened?

I have tried the following approach:

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VBA On Open/Close Conumdrum
I'm creating a template that will be opened by users and saved to a new name based on info provided by the user. I have macros triggered when opening and closing the workbook. The Before Closing sub does some data transfer between workseets. I'm running into a problem with the Open sub, however. I wanted to give the user a chance to abort the opening, giving a dialog that allows canceling. I wanted to just close the workbook.

However, if I include an Active.Workbook.Close line in the Open sub, it of course triggers the Before Close sub, but it leaves the On Open sub hanging. The workbook closes, but the next time I open it, the dialog in the Open sub doesn't come up. Close again, and it works ok or quit Excel between openings and it is ok. If I let the Open macro complete, bypassing the remainder of the macro if the user indcates canceling, how to I trigger closing within VBA? If the Open macro completes without an Activeworkbook.close statement things will just sit there until the user initiates closing.

Is there a way to terminate the Open sub from within the Before Closing sub if I create a flag to indicate closing started during the open sub or some other way around this problem?

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Open Web Browser Via Vba
Need a way to open a web page in VBA without using a function?

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VBA Code To Automatically Update Using A Vlookup
I'm trying to write a VBA code to automatically update using a vlookup but I seem to be running into trouble, partically with the lookup value part of my vlookup. I basically have a range of dates in column B and want the values to appear in column C. Yes, I know I just type the forumla in column C and drag it down, but I really need to do it in VBA, as I want this to update when additional dates are added.

This is what I have thus far. The code keeps looping at i = i +1 and doesn't stop unless interuppted.

Sub update()
Dim i As Integer, L() As Range, s As Integer, V As Double
s = Range("D:D").Select
On Error Resume Next
While s ""
i = i + 1
ReDim Preserve L(i To 1)
L(i) = s
If i = 0 Then
MsgBox "No dates found"
End If
Exit Sub

For i = 1 To UBound(L)
V = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(s, Range("Inputs"), 2, 0)
Next i
End Sub

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Automatically Insert Hyperlinks - VBA 2003
I have a column full of numbers e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc..

i need to run a program that automatically goes down the selected column and places a hyperlink based the number in EACH cell. e.g. if the cell number is 4, then the link should be

each cell has a unique number

basically i need a macro that can do the following:

for all cells selected in column
get first cells
get info from cell
insert hyperlink+info;
increment cell

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