VLookup - Convert Links To Hyperlink Clickable And Be Sent To Webpage?

Jan 5, 2012

I had someone look up a price on a website, for a list of part numbers, and copy the link to the website page into my spreadsheet.

Now I want to transfer the price and link to my main spreadsheet.

I know how to use VLookup to get the info to my main spreadsheet but when I transfer the link using VLookup it does not come as a hyperlink that I can click on and be sent to the webpage. It is just text.

How do I convert the links to a hyperlink that I can click on and be sent to the webpage?

I have 1200 records.

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Convert Links Into Hyperlink Format?

Mar 8, 2013

I have the following code, which translates the url into hyperlinks updating this code, so it displays the links in hyperlink format.

Sub Extract_URLs()Dim Hyli As Hyperlink
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Range(Range("K2"), Range("K" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))


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Hyperlink In Cell Have Email CODE But Hyperlink Is Not Clickable

Jul 2, 2009

I have this code that looks through my worksheet once the conditions are met it will email, and in column "M" I put a hyperlink to where the document is stored. All works as far as the email format, even grabs the hyperlink but itís not clickable in the email.

Here is the code.

I am outlook 07 and vista 07.

Option Explicit
Const Startingrow = 11 'Data starts on row ##
Const AlarmDelay = 183 'send warning
Sub CheckTimeLeftFac()
'References needed :
'Microsoft Outlook Object Library

Dim i As Long
Dim j As Long
Dim msg As Long
Dim Lastrow As Long
Dim WhoTo As String
Dim SubjectLine As String
Dim MessageBody As String
Dim olMail As Outlook.MailItem
Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
Dim strLink As String

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Create A List Of Files With Clickable Links

Mar 17, 2006

I've found countless, very useful macros that do 1/3 of what i need. My needs:

1) A macro to look in a set network folder, and generate a list of Excel files, and display them (1 per row, just the file name if possible)

2) Each file name is a hyperlink to open that sheet

3) A macro to look at the file listed above, then list in the column B a value from a set cell. So it would ideally output:

1| RH0018.xls A1CellValue
2| RH0019.xls A1CellValue
3| RH0020.xls A1CellValue

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Close Down Webpage Opened Via Hyperlink?

Jun 19, 2013

I have a list of hyperlinks.

I want to open each one, grab the web address, close page, move onto next link.

I am stuck on the closing part.

This is what I have so far.

Dim rng As Range
Dim LastRow As Long
Dim cl


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Use HYPERLINK Function When Two Different Types Of Links Can Occur.

Jul 24, 2009

Basically my sheet links may appear as a cell in another tab or it might be to an http address... Here is my formula I have setup up right now.. Only problem is, no matter what I put into the logical test to get a "true" result for the http addresses it still says false..

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How To Convert Links Into Values

Jul 29, 2012

I have some cells in Column I which are linked to the respective cells in Column J, i.e. I17 is linked to the J17, I21 has a link to J21. Now what I want is to convert every cell in column I which has a link to column J into values so that when I delete the column J, the values in column I should not change.

Simply selecting the entire column I, copying it and then pasting as values is not required, as there are some cells in column I which has some functions, and there are other cells which has links to other areas of worksheet and workbook. I just want to convert the cells in column I which has any link to column J. Is there a way to achieve this?

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Hyperlink Function: Links To A1 Of Sheet 1 To A1 Of Sheet 2

Nov 15, 2009

I created this hyperlink function. It links to a1 of sheet 1 to a1 of sheet 2. However, when I click on the a1 cell in sheet 1. an error message appears. I have attached the spreadsheet...

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How To Add Hyperlink To VLookup

Jul 24, 2014

I'm having a problem getting a hyperlink to work when adding it to a vlookup. The vlookup is looking at a page number and returning the named drawing from an Auto Desk Inventor File. I'm trying to get the returned drawing name to become a hyperlink to open the drawing. I would rather have this added to the formula so if a page number ever changes the hyperlink will change to the correct drawing also. Here is what I have so far but it is just returning an error of " cannot open the specified file". =HYPERLINK(IF(E5="","",(VLOOKUP(E5,'Inventor Import'!$A$2:$E$200,5,FALSE))))

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Hyperlink Using VLookup Value

Jan 30, 2013

In cell A1, I have contents extracted from a vlookup formula. eg 64021

I would like to add a hyperlink to this value, so that the user can click on it to get additional information by accessing an outside document.

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Hyperlink From Vlookup

Aug 14, 2008

I have dropdown lists across the top of my sheet that contain possible links (in text from defining multiple lists) from another sheet, and I want the cell below the dropdown list to return the active hyperlink from what the user has selected right above it. I have a another sheet (kind of a master data sheet) that has the text version of the links in column A and then the active working link (what I want) in column B and other info in the rest of the columns. I tried =hyperlink(vlookup(~~..etc)) and it returns the link but when clicked, gives me an error.

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Jun 23, 2014

I am using vlookup to return data that i have hyperlinked in another sheet. But when it returns the data, the hyperlink has gone.


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Showing Hyperlink When Using VLookup?

Jun 19, 2013

I have developed a spread sheet that when I click on a dropdown list I can picka certain item and it will show several colums of information. I want to include a hyperlink that is stored in the vlookup range in one of those colums. It will show the text in the link when i use the vlookup to see data however i cant access the link from this cell.

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Multiple VLOOKUP With Hyperlink

Oct 20, 2013

I have Data as give below in Sheet 1

model name
total scope

HP 50BB/10.54

[Code] .......

In sheet 2 i want to create a hyperlink such as "HP". If I click on HP it should extract all Model Names which start from HP and give me all corresponding results. Similarly for CM or SM

Note: HP / SM / CM are my Standard Names.

Result e.g.
Sheet 2 cell A1 contains HP
If i click on Hp it should return this table.

model name
total scope

HP 50BB/10.54

[Code] .......

This should be my result if i click on HP.

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VBA - Preserve Hyperlink When Using VLOOKUP?

May 26, 2014

I am having when trying to preserve a hyperlink when using VLOOKUP. I have two worksheets within the same workbook. Worksheet 1 contains a lot of information for internal use(many of the cells in all of the columns contain hyperlinks to web addresses), and Worksheet 2 should be a version identical to this, showing only the selected columns suitable for external use. This is to avoid using two different 'work trackers'; so, when info in Worksheet 1 is updated, Worksheet 2 should automatically be updated and reflect this.

I am currently using the following code:

Function GetHyperLink(r As Range) As String
If r.Hyperlinks.Count Then
GetHyperLink = r.Hyperlinks(1).Address
End If


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Hyperlink And Vlookup Function

Jun 21, 2007

I am performing a vlookup in a worksheet and want to retrieve a hyperlink displayed on another worksheet in the same workbook.

The Vlookup finds the item I am looking for, but the hyperlink comes in as text. Do I need to perform the vlookup differently when trying to retrieve a hyperlink?

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Clickable Timestamp

Jan 23, 2009

I would like to set up an Excel spreadsheet for conducting a time and motion study in a workplace setting where someone follows an employee around to document how much time is spent on a variety of activities. Since the person would have a mobile tablet PC to walk around with and track the data, I would like to capture 3 fields of information:

1) Category of function being performed
2) Start date/time of function
3) Stop date/time of function

For #1, I would like to have a drop down box that appears in each row of Column A with a predefined list (i.e. Activity A, Activity B, Activity C, etc.). For #2 and #3, I would like to create a macro that "timestamps" the current date/time when a blank cell is "clicked".

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Hyperlink To Another Sheet Using VLookup Results

Apr 22, 2013

I have a Sheet named Main, Juz and another called wordforword.

Currently on Main sheet I have a vlookup that displays the results from wordforword. Instead of showing the result, I would like the user to be directed to the wordforword sheet result, with the click of a hyperlink.

I do prefer formulas over macro if possible.

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VLookup To Hyperlink To Cell On Same Worksheet

Jun 27, 2014

I simply want to perform a vlookup which can hyperlink to an adjacent cell.

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Password On A Clickable Button

Apr 15, 2009

I am trying to create a password on a clickable button in Excel. I have put the following code in:

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Combo Box With Clickable Different Sheets

May 31, 2009

I have joined here with a great expectation. I used the Forum MR Excel , i posted my question there but no one replied . I hope i will get the answer to my question here. My question is

I Have Combo box

When i click on it i get three Things which i have inputed in the list .

1 ) Machine
2 ) Car
3 ) Bike

With each list , a seperate sheet is assign with complete details like machine for machine sheet , car for car sheet and bike for bike sheet .

Now what i want is when i click on the machine i want the Machine sheet to popup within the same workbook , and when i click car i want the car sheet to popup and same for Bike .

I tried to Assign Macro , but for each list , i am getting the same / last result

here is the code

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Hyperlink To VLookup Result In Multiple Worksheets

Jan 31, 2014

I have a vlookup worksheet like described in this thread: [URL] .... This works perfect. I would like to be able to jump to the vlookup result using a hyperlink.

In the thread worksheet the formula in C2 is like

In cell D2 I placed the formula (font: webdings )

(Due to the Dutch Excel I use I replaced ";" to ",")

The link works because I hardcoded "Sheet2" into the formula where the result can be found. But it would be much nicer if I didn't had to put the sheetname into this formula.

Is it possible to use range G2:G8 like in the first formula to achieve this? I guess you have to use INDEX and/or INDIRECT but I barely understand the first formula ...

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Clickable Hotspots On Picture In Userform

Jan 22, 2008

I have a userform which takes a large amount of sequential geographical data and builds a theoretical model of my layout whithin excel. However I would now like to incorperate an interactive aspect to this userform. I have written code which draws a line diagram whithin a seperate CAD app and imports it as a picture to the excel userform each time the user updates the data, but I would like to be able to select different areas whithin the data by clicking in the appropriate place on the picture in the form. I know this kind of interactivity is a bit beyond visual basics line of duty but my model MUST stay whithin the confines of excel thereforwe my front end must remain VBA for the time being.

My other option is to build up a diagram out of smaller components (boxes etc) whithin the userform. This would be entirely acceptable, however I'm not too sure if its possible to 'create' new pictures on the form from whithin the code.

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Putting A Clickable Link In The Body Of Email Sent

Nov 18, 2008

I've managed to get the following macro working except for one small thing - the link to the folder where the spreadsheet (that will be attached to the email) resides (which I got to work fine in a macro to send out tasks) just ends up as plain text and is not clickable

Make this link clickable in the email so that when the recipient receives the email they can just click on the link and go straight to the relevant folder please? (I've highlighted the line with what I would like to work as a link in red)

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Excel 2007 :: User Friendly Clickable Button?

Sep 5, 2013

I have a file that contains detailed sales information for each sales person. It typically contains over 20k records and the managers find it difficult to look up their sales people.

Currently it is subtotaled for each sales person but there are about 450 sales people across the country and it's not easy to use.

I have seen other Excel files that use buttons and I am wondering if this might be the solution to this issue. In other words, can I create a button where the managers can just click it, key in their sales person's name and get at the records easier? If so, how does that work? How I could make this file more user friendly.

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Edit Links - Break Links Not Working?

Jun 22, 2012

I have an unwanted link and I can't remove it. I have tried through the Edit Links dialog box, searched for [ in formulas throughout the workbook and gone searching manually for the reference but to no avail.

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Convert This Line Into A Vlookup?

May 27, 2009

How could I convert this 'IF' into a VLOOKUP function? =IF(H20 is inbetween 12-14),1,IF(H20 is inbetween 15-17),2,IF(H20 is inbetween 18-19),3,IF(H20 is inbetween 20-21),4,IF(H20 is inbetween 22-23),5,IF(H20 is inbetween 24-25),6,IF(H20 is inbetween 26-27),7,IF(H20 is inbetween 28-30),8,IF(H20 is inbetween 31-32),9,IF(H20>33),10,"")

I know "is in between" is not part of any excel function, just wanted to spell it out for clarity of what it is I want to do.

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Aug 29, 2013

Im trying to convert the below code into VBA:


AreaOwner, Project_Name, ProjectCode are all defined variables

Sheets(A).Cells(6, 3).formula = VLookup(CONCATENATE(AreaOwner, Project_Name, ProjectCode), Sheets(b).Range("F1:Y10000"), 5, 0)

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Convert The Grade To A Number But VLOOKUP Not Getting The Difference Between A And A*

May 5, 2006

I'm putting together a mark book for school and have a problem with VLOOKUP distinguishing between what used to be a top grade, ie A, and the new top grade, A*.
I want to convert the grade to a number but VLOOKUP can't tell the difference between A and A*. I've attached a sample worksheet.

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Excel 2007 :: Convert VLookup To Match And Index Formula

Sep 21, 2012

HTML Code: VLOOKUP(M2,'FX Rates'!$A$1:$P$199,2,FALSE)

I have lots of vlookups in my spreadsheet. Match and Index is a better method and should speed up my spreadsheet (1000s of vlookups!).

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