VLookup (or HLookup) Cell With Reference Rather Than Actual Number

Oct 13, 2011

I am doing a vlookup on a cell range where the value I'm trying to lookup (a date) exists, but it's not an actual number in the cell...it's a reference to another cell with that value (somewhere completely different).

So, I'm trying to vlookup(date(1/1/2011),A1:A12,2,false) to get the B column value.

1/1/2011 #
2/1/2011 #
12/1/2011 #

However, the A column is not the actual date. It is a reference to another cell somewhere completely different that has the actual date 1/1/2011.

When I do a vlookup trying to find 1/1/2011, it can't see it there unless I overwrite the reference in A1 (for instance) with the actual date.

Can I do a vlookup and keep my cell references?

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Can Vlookup To Sum Same Reference Number

Feb 3, 2010

I am working on a data with a range of same customer number but different sales figure. If there any way I can search for a duplicate cusomer number and then summing up the sales? I tried to use vlookup but it only recognise the first reference number. I have attached the excel for your reference.

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Reference Actual Output Of Formula?

Sep 19, 2012

I have a column A with date formatted as dd/mm/yyyy. I then have a column B which is =A, and I reformat the date formats to a custom format DDDD which gives me the day of the week that the date relates to.

I then try and write an if statement

e.g. =If(b1="Friday",1,0)

B1 always references the date which is stored as 40118, when I need it to reference the actual formatted value that I see in the cell e.g. Friday?

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Oct 23, 2007

I have some experience with programming, so I understand the theory behing things like loops, arrays and functions etc...Only problem is, I need to make a program at work to ease workloads and I'm afraid I have no idea where to begin.

Basically, I need something similar to a lookup, but thanks to the limit of IF statements available in the formula bar, I can't write what I need.

The program I need to write wouldbe similar to an autofill function.
On Sheet1 of my spreadsheet, there are fields:
Name, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, Postcode, Area, Rep....
(The last three are the most important)
On sheet two, Postcode, Area, Rep already have data entered in thier respective columns. (D3, E3, F3).

What I need done on Sheet1 is when the user enters the first two characters of a postcode, the 'program' will lookup the entire row respective to the postcode that is entered. when enter is pressed, the Postcode will copy itself from the other sheet as well as the Area number and the Rep into the empty fields in Sheet1. The other way to do this is look through a long list until the right postcode for an Area is found then assign the Rep the Contact details (Add. 1, Add. 2, Add. 3...).

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Hlookup + Vlookup Togethor

Jan 8, 2009

I have the following spreadsheet lets say.

I would like to match the name and the date and get the relavent figure from the "range" name

how can i do this?

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Combine VLookup And HLookup

Jan 10, 2012

I have an Excel workbook containing a number of worksheets. My problem is that on one sheet(BlkPick) I have Rows containing headings(Location Names)and a column containing Product names. I wish to lookup the corresponding value contained at the matching intersection on another worksheet. I have searched this forum along with google and found that INDEX & MATCH are what I should be combining with Vlookup and these work when used on the same worksheet but when I test using say MATCH alone I get an error when attempting to MATCH my result from a different worksheet.

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Hlookup Embeded Within Vlookup

Oct 21, 2009

I have a Broad table of data that I would like to be able to pull data from. Within my spreadsheet I have two cells that can be used to identify the column and row within the table.

the formula that I've been trying to use is:

The trouble I"m having is that sometimes my formula seems to work just fine, and other times the formula gives me a #N/A value, and I'm not sure why. When I run the "evaluate formula" It appears that the correct value is obtained from the Hlookup function, but the Vlookup produces #N/A.

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Combine HLOOKUP And VLOOKUP To Return One Value

Jan 2, 2014

I need a formula that will combine hlookup and vlookup to return one value.

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VLOOKUP Or HLOOKUP With Multiple Criteria

Jul 17, 2012

I am looking to pull out an outcome based on the user inputting two criteria, below is an example:



So if the user inputted P1 into cell H2 and inputted 9 in I2, J2 would show Pass, but if they inputted P5 into cell H2 and inputted 9 in I2, J2 would show Fail.

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Feb 14, 2010

I don't want VB code but a worksheet formula.

I have a table full of names and cars sold. The table tracks the person's progress. It is like a diary. It's a simplied version of the DB I am currently working with.

Is it possible to do the following things? I have basically 2 types of questions.

1)When was the last red car sold?

2)When was a car sold irrespective of color?

The answer to each question will be put in separate columns.
I have only included January but I will do this for the entire year of 2010 and also I will do this for all of the names in my database. I think there are about 300.

When was the last time ANDY sold a RED car?
The answer should be 1/12/2010
The answer will be put in ROW A COLUMN I

When was the last time ANDY sold a car irrespective of color?
The answer should be 1/12/2010
The answer will be put in ROW A COLUMN J

When was the last time BILL sold a RED car?
The answer should be 1/10/2010.
The answer will be put in ROW B COLUMN I

When was the last time BILL sold a car irrespective of color
The answer should be 1/11/2010
The answer will be put in ROW B COLUMN J

I have attached a thumbnail of a sample Database

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Perform VLookup And Hlookup At The Same Time

Jun 30, 2006

I was wondering is it possible to perform a VLOOKUP AND HLOOKUP in the same formulae or is there another way to perform this task. the attached example

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HLookup Find Minimum Number In Row Then Return Left Most Number?

Mar 1, 2012

Items in Column A1 are calculated by (B2/4+5)*1.4 Items located under the columns 2000, 3000, 4000, etc... 10,000 are calculated by taking the top number, eg 2000/(A1 cell value)+the column B number. 2000/7+0 = 286 (rounded numbers)

I need to find an way to look up for x number (2000,3000,4000, etc...) find the smallest number in that column and then return the value in column A1.

A1 Number >2000300040005000600070008000900010000
70 2864295717148571000114312861429
84 24236148059971883795610751194


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Use HLOOKUP AND VLOOKUP - Or Macro (drop Down The Cells In B4 And D4 )

Oct 13, 2009

I would like to drop down the cells in B4 and D4 so that if throws up a result in D6 which looks at Sheet 2 and throws back that score? So it will look for Neil in Column A and October in Row 1 and throw back that figure.

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Dependent Values With HLookup / VLookup / Indirect

Nov 23, 2012

I want to extract/generate data from a database (same as like we can do with filter or pivot method) with H/VLookup or any other method.

Sheet 1 (Database)- 23-column & 690-Rows having record of 9 Different Groups)

Sheet 2 (Report)- A2 contains List of 9 Different Groups, If I select Group 3 from that list then I want to show all relevant data of Group 3(23-Column) in this sheet.

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Combining HLOOKUP AND VLOOKUP To Find Solutions In A Matrix Using 2 Variables

Oct 28, 2009

This was a snap in Lotus. Unfortunately, the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP formulas don't translate to Excel on conversion. I need to estimate the weight of reinforcing steel in concrete based on 7 different sizes of rebar and spacing of the bar between 1" and 24".

I have created a matrix(lookup table) with the bar spacing listed in decimal equivilents in feet on the top row.Inthe row below, I have numbered the columns from 1 to 24. the next row is blank. Along the left side of the matrix, I have listed the bar sizes 3 thru 10. Within the table I have listed all the bar weights/SF of concrete. IE if the slab has 1 mat of #5 rebar spaced 6" oc. If you look in row 7, under column 6, the weight of weight of the bar in that sf of concrete is found. In the part of the worksheet where the caculations are performed set up as follows:.....

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Get Actual Number From 2 Cells?

Mar 25, 2014

I need to find a number (1, 2 or 3) and I am looking in two different cells for it. Now, Cell 1 might have the information; Cell 2 might have the information or BOTH Cells A AND B might have the information, or either cell (or both) might have different information. I can't do an IF/OR because I don't know which cell will have it, nor can I do an IF/AND for the same reason. I can't assume that they will both have the information -- so I can't just use a solution that includes a "divided by."

for example:

1 2
2 0

or maybe

1 3
2 3


1 4
2 1

If A1 or A2 is > 0, but <4, then that number

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HLOOKUP; HLookup To Find An Adjusted Midterm Grade

Oct 30, 2007

i'm trying to use HLookup to find an adjusted midterm grade that's given. but i have some conditions:

If student missed exam and has a zero keep zero.
If student has a grade of 1-119 points, increase their grade 40 points.
If student has a grade of 120-125 points, increase their grade 35 points.
If student has a grade of 126-131 points, increase their grade 31 points.
If student has a grade of 132-139 points, increase their grade 27 points.

with these conditions, if my midterms grade is 120, how would i calculate it using HLookup? i worked on it but i keep getting the #NA! error.

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HLOOKUP In HLOOKUP, Base Estimate Table In Excel

Jul 10, 2009

I am trying to import a BASE ESTIMATE table into EXCEL.

I have problems with most of the formulas, especially this one:

=VLOOKUP($E$2,$B$24:$P$604,HLOOKUP($E$3,$D$22:$L$604,1)+2)*HLOOKUP(HLOOKUP($E$3,$D$22:$L$604,1),$D$2 2:$L$23,2)

and this one


I am not sure if EXCEL allows a HLOOKUP within an HLOOKUP. If not, how can I get around this?

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Count The Actual Number Of Days Between 2 Dates?

Jan 23, 2014

I need to count the actual number of days between 2 dates but excluding Sunday...

For example,

Start Date-----End Date-------# of Days
01/Jan/14-----23/Jan/14-------20 days (excluding Sunday)

In some cases, Holiday also to be removed i.e. 01-Jan-2014 is holiday, then the # of days should be 19 days.

If I use Networkdays formula, then system results excluding both Saturday and Sunday. But I want to remove only Sunday.

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Convert Number (YYMMDD) To Actual Date Indicated

Jun 3, 2013

Down loading data I receive dates as a number that indicates YYMMDD (ex. 130603 is 03 JUN 13). Is there an easy way to convert these number strings to the actual date indicated other than typing it in?

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VBA: Vlookup And Return Cell Reference

Nov 11, 2008

i am trying to write some code to analyse a weightlifting movement that occurs 3 times. In particular there is a part of the macro where the user will input the start and end time of the movement using input boxes (to only select relevant data).

I want to then use a vlookup function to search for the start and end times in a range (1 column) in the time range and return the cell reference of these so i can select only these values and either create a graph or do more analysis. My code for this particular part so far looks like:

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Using A Vlookup And Returning A Cell Reference

Nov 14, 2008

I have a sheet which uses a vlookup to find the data on a large sheet. normally to get the cell reference of the data i would use cell("address",......

However this appears not to work with a vlookup.

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Vlookup, Using A Cell That Contains The Table Reference

Dec 12, 2008

I have a worksheet that uses a lot of vlookups and I have to update the filenames and locations quite often. I would like to update a single cell rather than updating every single formula.

However I am getting the #VALUE error when trying this.

Simplified Example:
I have: =VLOOKUP(A3,[Table.xls]Sheet1!$A$1:$B$4,2,FALSE)
I would like to place [Table.xls]Sheet1!$A$1:$B$4 into a cell (D1) for example.

And have my vlookup function as =VLOOKUP(A3,$D$1,2,FALSE)
This way I only have to update D1 when I want to change the filename instead of a whole lot of functions.

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Finding Cell Reference Using VLookup

Nov 15, 2013

I am currently having real problem using the formula below:


What i am trying to do with this formula is return the cell address of an item that is in a different sheet.

The reference the for search is in Cell B7 which is a date, it then looks at a different sheet "Data" for this date which is in Column A. It then returns the Cell Reference of Column C of the same row.

Currently it is just returning the value of column C and not the cell reference.

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Vlookup On A Cell That Reference Another File

Jan 9, 2009

I'm using a spreadsheet to assimilate data from a number of different files. Now I need to vlookup on this compiled data, but the vlookup cannot find the value because it is not looking at the value of the data in the cell, but rather the formula. How do I get vlookup to search a column by the value displayed in that cell, rather than the reference to some other file?

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VLOOKUP Where Reference MATCH Cell Has A Formula Behind It

Jan 11, 2014

I am trying to create a lookup formula where the cell value to match has a formula behind it.

For example: =INDEX(AR7:AR371,MATCH(G28,AE7:AE371,0))

The trouble I'm having is that the value in G28 is derived from a formula and the Index Match formula then gives a #N/A result. If I change the value in G28 (a date) manually, so directly enter a date, the Index Match formula works ok.

Is there any way of getting the Index Match formula to work, or Vlookup would also do although that at the moment that has the same problem with G28 having a formula behind it.

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Vlookup Displays, If Reference Cell Is Blank?

Jan 22, 2009

I am trying to use vlookup so that when each site name is selected the relevant comments for that site are displayed.

I have a formula that is working, but it displays "0" if there is nothing in the cell. How do i get it to display a blank cell if thre is nothing in the reference cell.

this is the formula that i am using:

=IF($C$4="", "", IF($C$4="No Match", "", (VLOOKUP($C$4,Comments!$A$2:$U$295, 5,0))))

The site name appears in C4, and is selected from another sheet in the workbook.

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Vlookup:keep Cell Reference As Lookup Criteria

Jan 7, 2010

See attached a sample from a larger workbook I am working on. What i would like to do is in the Rec tab column G, keep the references from columns L & M as the Table Array and Column Index Number. I have =VLOOKUP(F:F,L:L,M:M,0), I would like to have =VLOOKUP(F:F,whatever tab reference is in column L as table array,whatever number is in column M as index number,0). I have included what I would like the data to look like in coulmn H.

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Reference A Cell For Tab Name In VLOOKUP Table Array

May 27, 2009

Sheet 1 contains:

Item Sheet 2
ABC =vlookup(A2,'Sheet 2'!$A:$B,2,false)

Sheet 2 contains:

Item Data

I'm trying to get the vlookup to return the value "2"

Right now, I'm manually entering the tab name in the vlookup function, even though it's contained in cell B1.

The tabs are contained in the same workbook if that matters. Since this workbook is growing rather quickly, this is a painful process and doesn't feel very scalable. Since I'm using a mac, I need to do this with functions vs. macros. Does anybody know how I can reference a cell for the name of a tab in the vlookup function?

I was thinking I could maybe somehow do this with the INDIRECT function but I'm stumped.

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Using VLookup (But Reference A Cell As Column Index)

Aug 10, 2012

How can I do the following....if for example I have the following vlookup;

=vlookup(A12, 'sheet 2 $A$2:$ID50$, 3, false

How can I change the column index i.e. the 3, to reference to a cell.

=vlookup(A12, 'sheet 2 $A$2:$ID50$, H1, false

The above example doesn't work but I'm sure something can be done using TEXT or VALUE

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