Vlookup: Col_index_num Based On Heading

Oct 9, 2007

In my spreadsheet there is a main table that has the following:

Name of Company ABC Fund XYZ Fund
Acme $8888 $9999
Joe Co. $9595 $5555

Now, on another sheet I enter in the company name in Cell A1 and then the Fund name in A2. I want A3 to then be equal to the appropriate amount (name of company and amount in fund). I have used vlookup before but that only returns half of the equation.

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Query On Col_index_num Of Vlookup()

Jul 22, 2009

With the vlookup function below, is there any way of naming the col_index-num instead of a number. Because i have many columns and i want to identify it distinctively. It is too dificult to look into column and count it until i got what kind of value i am "vlookingup" in a particular column...example the column index num value is 58, instead of 58 i want to name it as "Bonus" for example...


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Summing Cells Based On Heading Row

Aug 30, 2012

I've got a table with columns for each day of the month, the second row contains the days of the week (MON, TUE, WED, etc...). I want to have two cells at the end of each line, one for summing the numbers in the working days (mon-fri) and another - for the sum of the numbers in the weekend cells.

The idea is the change the content of the second row every month so that the days of the week correspond with the respective date.

what formulas should I employ to accomplish this task and how exactly to do that?

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Create Rolling 30 Day Average Based On Dates In Heading

Apr 16, 2014

I am trying to create a rolling 30 day average based on a date in a particular cell. I have 62 columns that I am looking at. We can call A1 7/1/14 and the 62nd column 8/31/14 for simplicity sake. I want to grab 30 values in row 2 as these columns are filled in daily so 8/1/14 takes the average of 7/2/14-8/31. On 8/5, I want 7/6-8/4 so on and so forth. The average that I need has to include at least one averageif stating that only nonzero "<>0" figures should be tabulated (just have business day transaction data but need all dates listed to tabulate 30 days). The range of dates will be fixed every month and info copied to tabulate on the first day.

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Move Whole Column To New Sheet Based On Heading Matching?

Jun 13, 2013

I am trying to move info from an unformatted sheet to a sheet ready to import into a program. I need to look at the source sheet and if a column heading matches the heading on the destination sheet I need it to move the entire column to the destination sheet.

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Naming Dynamic Range Of Cells Based On Heading

Apr 15, 2014

I need to name a dynamic range of cells. The only constant is the column - H, and the heading "MRC".

MRC column in a table represents an array formula. Unknown is the row where it is going to show up and the number of rows that this array formula will take. I need to name this range (active cells based on the array formula) but do not know what row does it start with and how many rows will it take.

It is not the last table in column H either but there are 2 empty rows before the next table.

Trying something like that...

Set aCell = Range("H:H").Find(What:="MRC", LookIn:=xlValues, _
LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, _
MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False)
If Not aCell Is Nothing Then

aCell.Offset(1, 0).Select

That's how I select the first cell in the range. Not sure how to select the whole range and name it ..
ActiveCell.End(1xDown) ?

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Macro For Multiple Search And Replace Based On Column Heading (First Row)

Oct 7, 2013

I am looking for a macro to replace the values in a range of cells with a specific array for each column heading

Here is what I have




[Code] ....

And here is the expected result of the macro



[Code] ........

Please note there is only one Active Sheet.

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Get Column Alphabet Based On Data It Contains Or Column Heading Using VBA?

Oct 28, 2011

How to get the Column Alphabet based on the Data it contains or the Column Heading using VBA?

Is it possible to get the Column Alphabet using any Macro or any function that within a Module it can always take the New Column Name during Execution..

Example: I have certain Columns where I have Yes and No Tick using the Wingdings P and Y..
Now these Columns are alternately Placed and there are six columns in all and they are spread over 12 Columns as the Alternate COlumns is reserved for Manual Entries.

Now I intend to increase the Manual Entry Columns but the problem is that every time I do that I need to make changes in my VBA Code.

Is it possible that even when the Columns are Inserted or Deleted in between before or after these columns I dont need to change the Explicit references by changing some approach.

I am not fuly conversant in VBA but use it whenever things are not completely feasible with Formulas AFTER GOOGLING.


Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("X3:X13")) Is Nothing Then ' You can Change the range here
Cancel = True


As you can see the Ranges are Alternately Placed and there are about 6 such Columns with the above TICKS..

Now, how do I keep it FLoating so that even after changing the COlumn Location it does not need to get Updated i.e. X and Z Column Alphabets..

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SUM Two Columns With The Same Heading

May 26, 2014

I am trying to find a formula that will sum the values of two columns with the same heading (in my case the heading is "GST"). Every month this info changes, so the GST may not be in the same column all the time. I have around 1000 rows I need to sum. Example data below:

Amount Total
Card Fee
Card Fee Total


Is there a formula when I can sum two columns based on the column NAME?

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Add Columns & Name As Heading

Jan 9, 2007

In a gradebook spreadsheet, there is code to add new columns to right of existing columns. Each new column should be included or appended to a particular Named Ranges--named with the same name as the column's heading. Here is existing

Sub mcrNotes()

' This adds a column for student notes, such as daily progress notes.
' The heading for the notes column is "Notes"
' The pre-formatted columns are being copied from a sheet named "Fields".
' The columns are inserted into a sheet named "Grades".after the last data column.
Dim Ndate As Range
Set Ndate = ActiveSheet.Range("E11")
Ndate.Value = Date
lastcolumn = ActiveSheet.Cells. Find(what:="*", SearchOrder:=xlByColumns, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious).Column.......

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Return Row Heading With Max Value In Table

Mar 23, 2014

I uploaded a simplified version of the workbook I'm manipulating for reference. I'm looking for a formula where I can get the ROW heading of a table to be returned based on the max value of a certain column. My column headings in the table are months. I have separate place in the workbook where I have the Months listed in a Column (A9:A......) and in Cells (B9:B....) I want to return the row heading name from the table. The tricky part is that the column headings don't always stay in same place, so Jan isn't always in A1, sometimes it is in B1 or C1 of the table.

Essentially from my months listed is separate part of the workbook. In the cell next to each month I want to match that month with column in the table. In that column find the max value and return the row heading.

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Get TEXT Heading From Several Sheets

Aug 23, 2009

I have several sheets (200) with each sheet having its own unique number e.g. 50505, 55005, 55010.... and I have one main sheet called MainSheet with all the sheet names in column A.. What i would like to achieve is to get cell I1 from each sheet to appear next to its sheet name reference.

expected result
50505 Health <-- Appearing from cell I1 of sheet 50505
55005 Pharma <-- Appearing from cell I1 of sheet 55005

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Finding Column / Row Heading?

Dec 20, 2011

I have a 70x70 table where I teased out the largest 20 values. I'd like to utilize a formula to deliver the column headings (as well as the row) headings for each of these 20 values. VLookup and HLookup don't seem to work for me, and Index/Match seems to only work for single columns.

It might be worth mentioning that is highly unlikely that any of the values in the table are repeated.

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Remove Heading Row In The Middle

Aug 19, 2012

I have code that copies data from one tab, called "Report" - to another tab called "Master". The data in the "Report" tab is actually 2 reports. Both reports have the exact same format but are separated by 1 or 2 blank rows and a Heading row. Before I run the code, I have to delete the blank rows and middle heading row.

I was wondering if there is code that could find these rows and delete them.

The row that I delete has the following values (which are headings): Col 1, 2, 3. The populated columns are A - L

Alrt Type
Alrt Dt

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How To Find Heading Of Value In Table

May 26, 2014

I have a pivot table that looks like this:Red Yellow OrangeApple .................12
Banana ......................10
Strawberry ..........8
Carrot ..................................2

I want to know the colour of each fruit, for example:

Apple Red
Banana Yellow
Strawberry Red
Carrot Orange

What formula should I have in the second column to find the colour of the fruits?

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A Go To Column Heading Widget

Nov 1, 2007

I'm really tired of searching manually for the column containing a heading, as I have many columns. Isn't there a "simple" way to make a dropdown containing all the column headings in row 1, and upon selecting the heading of interest, have excel "go to" that column (maybe using a Find macro)?

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Find Value In Row, Then Return Heading Above It

Jan 12, 2010

I have a 10x10 table. First row contains column titles (plain text, hardcoded). Each line below them has a 1 in *just one* cell. So, each line contains 9 zeros and one 1.

In the 11th column I want to check which column has the 1 in it and return the column's title. So, if the 5th row has a 1 in cell E5 I should get, in K5, the value of E1 (the title of the E column that is).

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Copy Text To Certain Heading

Aug 26, 2006

method to copy some data to a variable place in the worksheet.

Column A has team names with data in columns B,C,D and E.

I would like to group together the data for each teamname - so have the team names in Cells H5,H10,H15 and H20.

I have attached some sample data

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Macro: Name Columns As Per Row 1 Heading

Nov 27, 2006

Is there any formula out there that will loop through columns and automatically define name ranges. I need some code that will automatically assign Names to the first row of the individual columns and then automatically define the range ie with an offset command.

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Lookup Row In Column & Heading In Row

Dec 7, 2006

I'm trying to enter info in a cell based on what is entered in two other cells.

So I have a dropdown box for the species on another sheet as well as a dropdown box for rail sizes. Then I have to crossreference them to come up with an upcharge number. Sorry for my basic lingo. I hope it's understandable.

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Formatting The Heading Of A Sheet In Vba

Feb 15, 2007

is there any way of shortening this code below , i am just formatting the heading of a sheet

Selection.Font.Bold = True
With Selection.Font
.Name = "Calibri"
.Size = 14
.Strikethrough = False
.Superscript = False
.Subscript = False
.OutlineFont = False
.Shadow = False
.Underline = xlUnderlineStyleNone.............

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Insert Column At Specified Heading

Oct 23, 2007

I have a row of Headers A1 thru AO18. What I'm trying to do is have a small macro to go out and find "template" whichever column it may be in and insert a column to the left. I can make Excel insert the column to the left but obviously I can't have a fixed column designation because it will keep moving to the right of it and it won't work anylonger or I should say it doesn't put the column where I want it.

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Get Column Number Of A Heading

Nov 23, 2007

My problem is that the sequence of Colunms in my worksheet, with the similar data, keep changing. For example, an "Employee Name" may appear in column 3 or 5 etc.
For this reason, I want to select a cell within any column by its heading rather than "A", "B", "C" etc. For example, I want to select a cell as below:

Cells(5, "SN").Select

- which of course is not accepted by Excel

Similarly, I want to use Range with a column by its heading.


I will like to know the Column number for the column with the heading "SN", for example.

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Summary Report By Heading

Jan 3, 2008

I have the following example:

Math Science Biology
A Dave Pete John
B Mary Cate Dave
C Jack Dave Bob

How can I have excel give me all the subjects as well as classes that Dave teaches ie. Math(A), Biology(C) and Science(B)

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Variable Not Defined In Sub Heading

Jun 13, 2008

Sub addInterestingDataPoints(myChart As chart)
'code goes here
End Sub

The above code is causing a Compile Error: variable not defined (highlights the sub heading line).

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Max Function That Returns A Column Heading

Mar 27, 2014

Let's say I have data that looks like this grid below. Each color represents a column heading and each number is a data point within that column.

Blue Red Green Yellow
18 27 15 36
56 41 3 22

Can I write a formula that would do the following 2 things with the data in this format:

1. Find the max of the data...simple =Max(...) formula
2. Use the max to return the column heading. In this case the max is 56 so the value I want to return is "Blue"

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Find The Heading Matching With Range?

Apr 19, 2014

I have a Meeting Place and Cities Table(too large).An example attached as a file and explained waht is wanted.

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Lookup Value - Return Column Heading

Apr 14, 2010

I want to lookup the max value within a group of columns and return the column heading (specified a cell) that corresponds to the max value.

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Delete Empty Column With Heading VBA?

Nov 29, 2011

I am am wanting to delete the entire column if there are no entires below the heading in Row 1.

So in image below, Col C, E & G are to be delete including the heading.

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Can Add Heading To Hide Tool Bars?

Mar 9, 2012

I use this code to hide the tool bars in a workbook, the code works but when I go to a new sheet the row and column headings are visible. I tried several things that didn't work.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
On Error Resume Next
With Application
.DisplayFullScreen = True

[Code] ..........

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