Summing Cells Based On Heading Row

Aug 30, 2012

I've got a table with columns for each day of the month, the second row contains the days of the week (MON, TUE, WED, etc...). I want to have two cells at the end of each line, one for summing the numbers in the working days (mon-fri) and another - for the sum of the numbers in the weekend cells.

The idea is the change the content of the second row every month so that the days of the week correspond with the respective date.

what formulas should I employ to accomplish this task and how exactly to do that?

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Naming Dynamic Range Of Cells Based On Heading

Apr 15, 2014

I need to name a dynamic range of cells. The only constant is the column - H, and the heading "MRC".

MRC column in a table represents an array formula. Unknown is the row where it is going to show up and the number of rows that this array formula will take. I need to name this range (active cells based on the array formula) but do not know what row does it start with and how many rows will it take.

It is not the last table in column H either but there are 2 empty rows before the next table.

Trying something like that...

Set aCell = Range("H:H").Find(What:="MRC", LookIn:=xlValues, _
LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, _
MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False)
If Not aCell Is Nothing Then

aCell.Offset(1, 0).Select

That's how I select the first cell in the range. Not sure how to select the whole range and name it ..
ActiveCell.End(1xDown) ?

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Summing Up Cells Based On Values Of Other Cells

Oct 25, 2008

I am working on a sheet which calculates payroll. I have a list of people in column A, and in column B, i have their different professionnal status. Their wages vary according to their professionnal status and are in another column C. How can i sum up the wages of only certain people, based on their common professionnal status in column B?

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SUMIF - Summing Data From Several Specified Cells Based On Data Of Corresponding Cells?

Aug 6, 2014

On the "CurrentCustomer" worksheet tab I am trying to accomplish the following:

When the merged cells in the F column (F3, F25, F47...F443) equal the word "Contract", I need the corresponding total cells in the E column (E23, E45, E67...E463) to add up, if and only if the corresponding F column merged cell equals "Contract".

For example, using the first three ranges, if F3, F25, & F47 all equal "Contract", I need the corresponding E23, E45, & E67 to add up. If F3 & F47 equal "Contract", but F25 equals anything other than contract I need E23 & E67 to add up only.

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Vlookup: Col_index_num Based On Heading

Oct 9, 2007

In my spreadsheet there is a main table that has the following:

Name of Company ABC Fund XYZ Fund
Acme $8888 $9999
Joe Co. $9595 $5555

Now, on another sheet I enter in the company name in Cell A1 and then the Fund name in A2. I want A3 to then be equal to the appropriate amount (name of company and amount in fund). I have used vlookup before but that only returns half of the equation.

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Summing Cells In Column Based On Data In Another Column?

Feb 27, 2012

I have a statement from an account (which happens to be the government) in which they list every invoice they are paying and each item on that invoice. But they don't have an invoice total. I'd like a way to add up the item totals for each invoice and put the total in column D. Each invoice could have 1 to 10 different items on it.

A(invoice#) B(Item) C(total) D(invoice total)
111 widget 1 $5
111 widget 2 $10
111 widget 3 $8 XXXXX
222 widget 1 $5
222 widget 5 $15 XXXXX
333 widget 2 $10 XXXXX
444 widget 5 $15 XXXXX

I had thought an IF formula would be the way to go.

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Create Rolling 30 Day Average Based On Dates In Heading

Apr 16, 2014

I am trying to create a rolling 30 day average based on a date in a particular cell. I have 62 columns that I am looking at. We can call A1 7/1/14 and the 62nd column 8/31/14 for simplicity sake. I want to grab 30 values in row 2 as these columns are filled in daily so 8/1/14 takes the average of 7/2/14-8/31. On 8/5, I want 7/6-8/4 so on and so forth. The average that I need has to include at least one averageif stating that only nonzero "<>0" figures should be tabulated (just have business day transaction data but need all dates listed to tabulate 30 days). The range of dates will be fixed every month and info copied to tabulate on the first day.

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Move Whole Column To New Sheet Based On Heading Matching?

Jun 13, 2013

I am trying to move info from an unformatted sheet to a sheet ready to import into a program. I need to look at the source sheet and if a column heading matches the heading on the destination sheet I need it to move the entire column to the destination sheet.

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Macro For Multiple Search And Replace Based On Column Heading (First Row)

Oct 7, 2013

I am looking for a macro to replace the values in a range of cells with a specific array for each column heading

Here is what I have




[Code] ....

And here is the expected result of the macro



[Code] ........

Please note there is only one Active Sheet.

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Remove Filter Arrows In Some Column Heading Cells?

May 2, 2014

I have a table with a filter applied. I don't want all of the column headers to be filtered because the data in those column is not suitable filter criteria. Is there anyway I can remove the individual arrows on the right hand side of the cells in question?

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Summing Variable Number Of Cells And Parts Of Cells

Mar 18, 2014

In my financial modelling I often have a calculated number of months of inventory. This number varies. I need to use this number to calculate the actual inventory value. For eg. it may be 3.2 months of inventory; in this case I need to sum 3 cells (current month, current month -1, current month -2) plus 0.2 of the fourth cell (current month -3)

But I may need to change the number of months of inventory to, for example, 4.2. In this case I would need the sum of four cells plus 0.2 of the fifth cell etc etc.

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Partially Summing Row Based On A Value Another Row

Dec 29, 2012

I have a sheet with ascending week-ending dates in the row at the top.

Next row is the man-hours worked for each week.

Next row is the # of First Aids for each week.

Not every week has a first aid and I want to sum the number of hours worked since (not including) the week of the the last First Aid.

There is a summary sheet which pulls the data from any selected week via a HLOOKUP function. So, I'm thinking I'll add a hidden row with the new "Hours since last FA" under the # of FAs row and insert the magical formula into each cell in that row.

The dilemma is I can't come up with a formula/function to calculate the "hours since" data.

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Summing Based On Criteria

Jul 20, 2006

I am currently trying to reconfigure a dataset into something more managable for our regression needs. The issue I am having is trying to automate as much of the data transfer as possible. The data set is set up as follows (for example):

Yr Tag Value
0 2 #
1 2 #
2 3 #
3 3 #

0 1 #
1 1 #
2 1 #
3 1 #

etc. where tag is a special code we have developed based on the number 1, 2, 3, and 4

What I would like to do is develop a summing formula so in year 0 I can sum all the values if the tag is equal to 1 and then I would do that for the numbers 1 through 4 in my "compilation" worksheet.

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Summing Based On Dates

Mar 21, 2014

I'm looking for a way to have a formula that adds to a number based on whether or not it's past a certain date.

So the starting number is in cell D1. A1:B4 contains dates and numbers to add to D on a certain date. In column F I want the formula to look at the date in column E and then make any additions to the number in D1 based on the date and the numbers from in columns A and B.

So as an example, 03/02/15 would be 90, since since we're adding 20 from 01/15/15 and 02/15/15.




[Code] ....

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Summing Rows Based On Name

May 29, 2008

I have a chart with multiple bundles of rows....

Variable $500
Fixed $400
Step $500
Total $1400

Variable $500
Fixed $400
Step $500
Total $1400

Variable $500
Fixed $400
Step $500
Total $1400

Total Variable $________
Total Fixed $________
Total Step $________

Is there a formula that can help me sum up a total value for the Variable amounts? IE. Variable, Fixed, Step in column A; Dollar amounts in column B

Is there a formula that can recognize the word "Variable" in column A and then pull the number from the adjacent cell in column b?

Want to avoid having to Ctrl+click the hundreds of cells that I would have to in order to do a simple calc =sum(b1, b4, b7, b10) etc. if you know what i mean.

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Summing Based On Multiple Conditions

Feb 11, 2010

I have been trying to search an array and cannot find the correct combination of functions to get the information I want. I might need a macro to do this but I will try anything. Here is an example:

1 A 1
1 B 2
2 A 3
2 B 4
3 A 5
3 B 6

I want to search for 3 and A and return the value in the 3rd column. I have tried several functions but cant figure out how to make sure I get the correct value in the 2nd column that corresponds to the value in the 1st column.

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Summing 1 Or 2 Columns Based On Criteria?

Apr 30, 2012

I'm making a spreadsheet that tracks instances when something goes above or below a threshold. Anytime it goes below, a column populates with the number 1, and if it happens to go below a threshold on a Friday, a separate column populates with the number 2. If its doesnt go below, the column with 1 does not populate, however, every Friday populates with a two.

I need a column that adds the 1 and the 2 when the threshold is broken on a Friday, but only shows the 1 when the threshold is broken on a non friday and shows 0 when the threshold isn't broken, but happens to be a Friday.

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Summing Values Based On Another Column

Feb 15, 2010

Attempting to sum Book Values for Units.
Unit numbers in one column, Book values in adjacent column
Some Units have one occurence, others have multiple.
Some Book Values will sum up to 0 while most will have a positive value.
Attached shows small portion of data that presents range of issues I'm working with.

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Summing Based On Single Criteria

Aug 10, 2006

I am not sure my title is accurate so I will explain what I am trying to do. I would like to total the numbers from each row which has "Monthly Totals" in column A. There are currently only two of these but there will be more added over the year. Rather then have to edit the formula to include the new cell I want added to the total, is there a way to create a formula which will automatically scan Column A for "Monthly Total" then add the cell from that row to the running total at the top? Basically, If any cell in Column A has "Monthly Total" add the cell from column B (from the same row) to the running total in cell B1. This way I could add as many "Monthly Totals" as needed and I wouldn't have to edit the formula in cell B1.

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Display And Summing Value Based On 3 Criteria Month

Mar 31, 2014

I am looking sum formula to display my data with 3 criteria (display by this month, until this month & until last month) based on header column/correspondents, then in cell L3 as selected month display..

For further information, check workbook attached...


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Summing Ranges Based On Two (or More) Conditions/criteria

Jul 7, 2009

I have a cell that I need to make a calculation if certain other cells =Y, or to show "0" if the other cells =N. I can do the calculation for the Y part but how do I add the N part of it? Here is what I have:


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Create A Summing Up Report Based On Three Columns

Nov 14, 2009

I need to create a report based on three columns. I have explained in detail about my requirement in the attached sample workbook.

I hope someone will help me to solve the problem through VBA because the items & expenses may vary at times. Hence, I feel a Macro will be the best solution.

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Summing A Pivot Table Based On For Criterias

Jan 16, 2009

I do not know if this is possible, I have a pivot table, however I would like to be able to sum a particular range based on start and end date. then by make and model as the second set of criteria, The sum would be displayed into a form on a different worksheet. attached is a file so I would like to know the total

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Summing Values Based On Multiple Categories

Jul 22, 2014

I am trying to create an inventory control system that keeps tracks of what's in bins based on additions and subtractions to the bin. I am hoping to generate a summary output of bin contents based on the transaction list. I know how to do this using pivot tables, but am looking for a VBA or excel function solution since I will have hundreds of bins and thousands of transactions.

Bin number
Product Code



[Code] ......

I want to have the following table auto generated.

Product Code
Sum Quantity



[Code] .......

I'm using an array formula right now, but it is proving to be extremely slow.

=IF(ISERROR(INDEX('Harvest Generator'!$E:$I,SMALL(IF(LEFT('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E,LEN('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E))=LEFT(B$3,LEN(B$3)),ROW('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E)),ROW(1:1)),B$2)),"",INDEX('Harvest Generator'!$E:$I,SMALL(IF(LEFT('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E,LEN('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E))=LEFT(B$3,LEN(B$3)),ROW('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E)),ROW(1:1)),B$2))

Where Harvest Generator is the sheet where my table is on.

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Summing Values Based On Date Ranges

Nov 6, 2008

summing monthly values based on different date ranges. For example if I have multiple contracts with different start and end dates and based on those date ranges, I want to sum the respective monthly production totals, how would I do that in a formula. I started to set up the table to include "start date month" and "# of months in contract". Is there a way to sum based on the start month and # of months in contract.

For example if hte contract started in Jan08 and ends in May08, the calculation would start with month "1" and sum over 4 months.

Here is an example: ....

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Summing Data Based On Multiple Criteria

Sep 22, 2009

I have a table of data: - In cell A1: to C7
A B C#Group Aug-091Merchant Bar2002Plate3Structural - HR1004RHS5Plate3006Structural - HR300

What I would like is a formula that sums up column C if Column B of that row is "Plate" for example

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Summing Hours Based On Matching Names

Apr 5, 2007

I have an excel sheet which displays the data in the following format:
(See image attachment). This is just an example of the way the master list is formatted. The master list has over 18,000 lines. Basically, there's a project name, resource name, and number of hours worked for the project within that work week. I've been trying to figure out a way to create a formula or macro to search all these names and add up the hours of the duplicates.

I need excel to search this list of names and total up all hours for each matching name and place each total value on another sheet. For example, Ken Craver has 8 occurances within the week of 1/21/2007 (from project 1 and 25) and his total hours = 31. So the value 31 should be calculated because all the hours associated with Ken Craver add up to 31. Then excel should scan another sheet which has a list of resource names and once it has found the matching name on the other sheet, it will place the value 31 in the column next to the name.

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Summing Up Cells That Have An #n/a

Oct 26, 2008

I am trying to sum up a list of cells that have formulas attached so if there is no number in the formula it shows up as #N/A how do I make it so wherever there is an #N/A it equals 0?

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Get Column Alphabet Based On Data It Contains Or Column Heading Using VBA?

Oct 28, 2011

How to get the Column Alphabet based on the Data it contains or the Column Heading using VBA?

Is it possible to get the Column Alphabet using any Macro or any function that within a Module it can always take the New Column Name during Execution..

Example: I have certain Columns where I have Yes and No Tick using the Wingdings P and Y..
Now these Columns are alternately Placed and there are six columns in all and they are spread over 12 Columns as the Alternate COlumns is reserved for Manual Entries.

Now I intend to increase the Manual Entry Columns but the problem is that every time I do that I need to make changes in my VBA Code.

Is it possible that even when the Columns are Inserted or Deleted in between before or after these columns I dont need to change the Explicit references by changing some approach.

I am not fuly conversant in VBA but use it whenever things are not completely feasible with Formulas AFTER GOOGLING.


Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("X3:X13")) Is Nothing Then ' You can Change the range here
Cancel = True


As you can see the Ranges are Alternately Placed and there are about 6 such Columns with the above TICKS..

Now, how do I keep it FLoating so that even after changing the COlumn Location it does not need to get Updated i.e. X and Z Column Alphabets..

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Summing Multiple Items Based On A String In A Cell?

Jan 24, 2014

I have columns (1-7) containing values of time these columns are labelled G,R,A,S,D,B,T by 850 rows (which are locations/jobs)

The next set of columns (1-7 determins what week the work takes place) so you will get a G in a cell or GR etc.

I would like a formula to work out the sum of the time columns by the code in the corresponding cell - I am stuck!

Seantc example.xlsx

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