Weight Watchers Points Tracker

Apr 15, 2008

I'm trying to make a points calculator and tracker for a diet.

I have the forumla from wikipedia and it calculates the point now I want to record the date, food, meal & Points on a second sheet.

I enter that data in

E1 =Date
E2 = Point (calculated)
E3 = Meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Etc)
E4 Food (text)
E6 Calories (number)
E7 Saturated Fat (number)

I want to add a button that records this data to another work sheet and clears the inputs I have made.

The following Date should be carried across
E1, E2, E3 & E4 into A2, B2, C2 & D2 (or the next available row)

The following Cells should be cleared (E1, E3, E4, E6 & E7)

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Points Property Select Multiple Points

May 2, 2007

Is there a way of amending the following line of code so that it selects multiple data points in a data series in a chart (e.g points 14,15,16)?


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3 Month Tracker

Apr 7, 2009

I am trying to track a 3 month sliding window i.e jan feb mar. If I put mar in A1 then B1 needs to show +1 in the month of jan, in feb B2 should show a +1 and in Mar B3 should show a +1. As each month progresses I need to show the additions and subtractions of the three month deadline?

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Project Supplies Tracker

Apr 11, 2014

Shee1 , sheet2 raw data from system extract.

I need the supplies of each code to fall into boxes sup1 sup2 and so.

While I also need when they were supplied created below the qty supplies table.

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Date Function, For A Tracker

Sep 18, 2008

I've entered there name in column A, and the expiry date in column B. How do i then get column C to show how many days or months are remaining? Ideally i would have the guys with 3months or more left in green 1-2months amber and <1month in red.

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Data Validation On Tracker?

May 23, 2014

I have a problem on column I (Date Schedule Interview) and column N (Date Showed Up). the user can only enter dates on column I and N if column H (Status) is equal only to "SCHEDULED", and it will automatically blank if Status is not equal to SCHEDULED. Below is my code:


Attached File : test.xlsb‎

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Automatic Time Tracker

Mar 26, 2009

I was curious if there is any way to have time automatically tracked in excel. I will have a few colums, first will be the time, second will be notes, when a note is inputed is there a function available to automatically fill in the time?

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To Create Tracker Sheet

Jan 28, 2009

in creating a macro to automatically have the start time and end time recorded in a cell of the same workbook after opening and closing the excel workbook.

Also, is there any way were we can also record the time if the system has been locked while going for a break.

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Fantasy Football Draft Tracker

Aug 8, 2014

I'm having trouble writing a forumla that will grab a second player from a list.

For example, there are 3 possible QB spots. I need a formula that will grab the 1st QB, the second QB if a 1st has already been selected and a 3rd if a 2nd has already been selected. This is what I have but it's not working right.


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How To Exclude Dates From Metrics Tracker

Mar 26, 2013

I have a Formula that someone else had built that is very simple, the start date is entered manually and then it calculates when each step of the process should be complete based on another cell that has time each process takes.

So for example

A1 = 3/4/2013 (manually entered) B1 = A1+B2 (B2 would have the amount of time for a process) and this goes on for 12 cells. The problem is that it does not exclude weekends/holidays. Is there a way to do this? I already have a table of off-days (weekends, off fridays, and Holidays.)

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Break Tracker Program Using Excel Vba

Jul 28, 2008

i am creating a break track program using excel with vba. My excel file contains the data for all employees. I have a Userform where the user will enter his employee ID which will pull up his data. I have 3 option button in which the user choose what time he would start his break. Once the user click the start button, the time he started his break will be placed in a cell and a dialog box will appear stating the time the user needs to be back. Once the user click the end button, the time he ended his break will be place on a cell as well and then it will show a message "on time" if the user came on time else if the user was overbreak, the overbreak amount of time will be displayed. I have attached my sample file together with some vba code.

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Box Weight Average

Feb 14, 2013


et Boxes
Gross Weight
Ice Weight
Box Weight
Net Weight

Box 1

[Code] .......

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Weight Chart

Aug 31, 2007

I am trying to create a weight chart, which works in stones, pounds and ounces. My first query is that each time I enter the weight in for each day, I need it to deduct 1ib 4oz from the weight I enter. At present I have seperate columns for stones, pounds and ounces. However, if I try to do a simple lbs minus 4 it doesn't work, because sometimes the pounds are less than four - so instead of taking the stone column down by one and then deducting the remaining pounds, it just puts the pounds columns to -3 or similar.

Also, I would like my table to work out weight lost over a period of time - so, I have my starting weight at the top and then I want my most recent weight to be taken from the starting weight, leaving weight lost - I can't get this to work either. Is there a way to make it so that the calculation uses the most recent weight entry and does so automatically?

If anyone has any solutions to these queries, I would be very grateful...as I have to caculate this for a number of people and it would be much quicker if it did it all automatically upon entering the most recent weight.

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How To Weight An Average

Nov 21, 2008

I have some aged data, as follows

325days - $225
20days - $2,725
16days - $27,250
11days - $8,175

Now, if I just take the average number of days ((365 + 20 + 16 + 11) /4) I get 93.0days

However, I want to high value days to carry more weight, than the lower value days.

I gave each set of data a weighted score by dividing the value by the total value, i.e.
$225 / $38,375 = 0.006
$2725 / $38,375 = 0.071
$27,250 / $38375 = 0.710
$8175 / $38375 = 0.213

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Multiple Bonus Options On Sales Tracker

Aug 1, 2013

I am a bit of a novice with excel. I have created my own sales tracker where I get two forms of bonus.

Sheet 1 I have with all my sales. Based on the amount of sales I do I get a set bonus for each amount.
Sheet 2 I have for all the sales that progress.

They also are on a value basis- for every sale I get a certain amount of bonus. I have 2 cells calculating the amount of points. I was wondering if there was a way to have the cells calculate from the bonus table what i would get without me adding it up manually.

Sheet1 is booked leads.H3 calculates the total amount of points.
Sheet 2 is the paid occurences. F2 of that sheet is total points.
Sheet 3 is the bonus structure.

I am looking to put all the information in sheet 1:

Booked Bonus
Occurred Bonus
Total Bonus

Bonus structure is as follows:

Booked Payout Table
Occurred Payout Table
Net Points
Total Bonus

Net Points
Total Bonus
GBP 250

[Code] .....

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Expense Tracker By Month For Multiple Inputs Then Add Together?

May 14, 2014

I am looking to take the data off of a "detail" sheet and put it to a summary page. I want the summary page to find the capital and expense from "details" sheet by the month on the "details" sheet. Then for every month add all the expenses and capital and put as 2 values per month, Capital and expense, on the summary page. I am not really sure where to begin but have added my excel workbook that I have started.

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Copy Data From CSV Into Next Empty Row In Binary Tracker

Jul 9, 2014

I have a lot of outputs being spat out in csv files.

I need to get some of the data from set columns and copy this over into a master tracker. Columns are not sequencial and may need to copy change at a later date. Example attached.

Some data fields will have letters in them as well. Some are varying in length in terms of the amount of data within a cell. eg. "AB389238923589Y234HI" or just "A-GT6"

I don't know where to start VBA wise but it must be possible rather than open copy paste.

The tracker has a set name but will change quaterly.

The Output CSV files are new files with a number (no date) for titles.

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Action Tracker - Moving Rows To Another Sheet

Aug 3, 2014

I have an action tracker which works almost as I want it to. The actions are on the first sheet and once the status column changes to complete then it copies the row to he complete sheet and clears out the action sheet. I have two problems. The first is that I want column 2 to be the entry date but this comes up with an error so I masked out this part of the VBA as below. The second problem is that if I change the state to say "on Going" and then change to complete then it does not copy but if I close down and reopen, it shows complete but when I change to complete again then this time it copies and removes. Is there a way to make it loop so as soon as it says complete then it processes.

I have attached the sample workbook : Actions list_v2.xlsm‎

[Code] .....

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Time Utilization Tracker For Small Company

Jun 27, 2012

I wanted to create a Time utilisation tracker which should record time, taken for each task to complete.

when the employee clicks on Start button, the start time should show up on the sheet and when he completes the task he will manualy click on "Task Completed button " then the end time should show up in the sheet and the task details along with the start time and end time should reflect in 2 workbook.

when he clicks on Task complete button the data should reflect in workbook 2 and the current sheet should become empty for the next task.

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Dimensional Weight Formula

Mar 17, 2009

I have attached a sheet that contains a pretty simple formula that helps me figure out the dimensional weight of a shipment. It is just a simple vlookup that returns the proper rate (Column H) depending on DIM Weight and Zone. It works great.

The issue I'm running into is with various exceptions that I need to put into the formula. The criterias that I need to put into the rate formula (Column H) are:

1-If the one of the Length (Column A), Width (Column B), and Height (Column C) is greater than 60 I need to add 7.50 to the the returned lookup value in Column H.

2-The second longest side the Length (Column A), Width (Column B), and Height (Column C) is greater than 30 I need to add 7.50 to the the returned lookup value in Column H.

3-If the grith (2x Column C + 2x Column B) is greater than 130 I need to add 45 to the the returned lookup value in Column H.

I'm working with a few IF formulas but I can't seem to get all of them to work at the same time. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Dimensional Weight Formula II

Mar 18, 2009

calculate dimensional weight (below).

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Automating % Weight Calculation

Mar 16, 2008

I have 1 spreadsheet in which I need to calculate the % weight of some numbers. Columns A to G have data I do not need for the calculation.

Column H has the numbers of whose % weight I need to calculate. The problem is that the no. of rows containing the numbers can change from week to week and I am trying to automate the calculation of the % weights.

So I want try to use column G (as a reference) (like go at the bottom of it so I can know how many rows of numbers there are) and then calculate the % weights.

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Adding Weight Major And Minor

Sep 15, 2014

I have two columns. One with the major weight(pounds and one with minor with ounces. The first column would have a 1 the second 8 for 1 lb 8 ounces which I need to combine to say 1.5 Every way I do it it is coming up with 10.5.

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Tracking Weight Loss In Excel

Aug 2, 2008

How do I track my total weight loss in excel? Here is an example of what I am trying to do.

8/1/2008 228lbs
8/2/2008 225lbs
8/3/2008 223lbs

Total 5lbs

I would like use a formula that would subtract my absolute weight loss total day by day in August. Basically, I want the total "cell" to equate to my total weight loss in August. For Example after 8/3/08 the "total cell" should equate to 5 lbs. What formula do I use to do this?

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Calculate The Total Weight Of Any Letter

Oct 18, 2009

I cut alphabet letters out of MDF. I need to calculate the total weight of any letter.
I have a program that will give me the area of any shape. In the picture below I have started with the letter A. B7 is the over all area. D7 is the small triangle. G7 is the total area minus the triangle D7. H7 is the thickness and I7 is the total volume.

The weight of my MDF I have set at is 850kg cubic meter. Thats set in A3.

I need the total weight of the letter in J7 to be in grams.
The idea is, I put in the areas and set the thickness and it gives me the total weight.

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Sum And Weight Average Variable Data

Dec 13, 2008

Hi there, been using this for a number of years now, but never had to post a question - I guess most things are already answered - but this one is a bit more tricky.

I want to calculate a totals and a weighted average based on months from a data set that has duplicate ID's and variable data (attached example).

I would like to calculate the total tonnes by month and the average grade of those tonnes. Using the 'month ID table' as a reference to the 'Raw Data table'.

Is this possible using if and vlookup functions or will require a higher level of programming knowledge?

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VBA Stuff- Weight Watcher Spreadsheet

Nov 4, 2008

I have a Weight Watcher spreadsheet. I enter the Calories, Fat and Fiber and I get the # of points for that food. Then I keep put those points into the lower part of the spreadsheet where I track what I eat, and Excel does my simple math for me. What I want to do is keep a list of my foods, and their point value in my spreadsheet. I would like to be able to put the food name in Cell A1, the WW points in BI, and then be able to click a button with a macro that takes those two pieces of data and add them to bottom of my food list. I don't have a food list yet, I would assume I can just put it on sheet 2. I then want to be able to use lists in my cells to choose the food in the future. I need to be reminded how to make "dynamic named ranges. Today, I just need to know how to write the macro to copy and paste those two cells in the first open row at the bottom of my food list.

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Exponential Weight Volatility Average

Jul 25, 2006

to write a function that will exponentially weight a series of returns by a certain decay factor.

I have excel spreadsheets that can do this over several columns, like this

series of returns... rtns squared
2.50% =2.50%*2.50%
3.50% =3.50%*3.50%
5.00% =5.00%*5.00%
1.01% =1.01%*1.01%
0.75% =0.75%*0.75%
4.01% =4.01%*4.01%
-2.78% =-2.78%*-2.78%

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Unable To Set Weight Property Of Border Class

Apr 22, 2010

I am using the following few lines of code:


Range("A3:L" & ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Row).Select
With Selection

.Borders(xlEdgeLeft).Weight = xlMedium
.Borders(xlEdgeTop).Weight = xlMedium
.Borders(xlEdgeBottom).Weight = xlMedium
.Borders(xlEdgeRight).Weight = xlMedium
.Borders(xlInsideVertical).Weight = xlThin
.Borders(xlInsideHorizontal).Weight = xlThin

End With

However am receiving an error: "Unable to set the Weight Property of the Border Class". The odd thing is, I only receive the error on the following 2 lines:


.Borders(xlEdgeBottom).Weight = xlMedium
.Borders(xlInsideHorizontal).Weight = xlThin

The sheet is not protected, events are disabled, and the range that gets selected changes dynamically based on the number of rows of data in the table, however in this example cells A3:L15 are selected.

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Use One Series To Color Weight Another In Pivot Chart

Jan 19, 2013

I have a data set that I'm trying to present in a pivot chart and am wanting to use one series to color code or weight another series in the chart. For instance, let's say I have different product categories and two metrics for each, a profit margin (expressed as a %) and a revenue figure (expressed as $s). I want the height of individual bars to represent the profit margin but have the level of opaqueness represent the revenue figures...ie the more revenue associated with a product the more opaque it becomes.

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