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Auto Insert And Resize Picture

I have a sheet where I would like to have a picture inserted in a particular cell range and auto resized into that range. What I'm looking for is, if I type the name of a picture (meathead4uu.jpg) in a cell (Say, B3) then the picture should appear in range D14 to E28.

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Insert Picture & Auto Size To Active Cell Dimmensions
What I am trying to do is to give the user the ability to insert a photo and have it autosize into a range of cells--so far I can only get it to work with a single cell and a predefined file. Can this be refined so that rng references a group of cells and pic somehow lets the user input a file name or pick its name and location?

Sub test()
On Error Resume Next
Set pic = ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert("C:
On Error Goto 0
If Not pic Is Nothing Then 'Found it!'
Set rng = ActiveCell
With pic
.Height = rng.Height
.Width = rng.Width
.Left = rng.Left
.Top = rng.Top
End With
End If
End Sub

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Resize And Delete Picture
1.My macro code to insert picture from C:pictures to worksheet in colum B,but the insert pictue are very big. how can it is automatic resize with autofit in the height of the column B when i click the insert button.

2.I need some code for the delete button. if I need to delete some picture,when the delete button is clicked , the input box prompt for key in the picture name to delete. if i key in the pictue name , eg.pictue2 , so the name of pictue2 in the column A and the pictue2 in the column B is deleted.

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Resize Picture Size On UserForm
open the attachment & click the button. I'd like you to please help me in reducing both the height & width of the picture. So that when the button is clicked the pic. overall size will appear smaller.

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Copy A Picture From One Worksheet To Another And Then Resize
I'm trying to copy a picture from one Worksheet to another and then resize it, when i select the picture after pasting it into the other worksheet i use the code ActiveSheet.Shapes("Picture 6").Select, the problem here is that i don't know the name of the picture because i use a loop that copys alot of pictures.

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Insert Picture From File Increases File Size More Than The Picture You Inserting
I am putting together a price list in excel and using images and hyperlinks to jazz it up a bit - what I am finding is that if I insert a 25KB GIF image, the excel file grows in size by over 100KB

why is this disproportionate growth happening and is there a way around it - I dont want my Price List growing too large but need the images....?

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Insert A Word Object, Type, Then Resize
insert a word object, type... and resize...

Dim objX As OLEObject
Set objX = ActiveSheet.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Word.Document.8", Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False)
objX.Border.Color = RGB(255, 255, 255)
objX.Height = 200
objX.Width = 600
objX.Top = 300
objX.Left = 100
'-------make active
Set objX = Nothing

i would like to place the object in a worksheet and have all the rows of data move down below the word object (i.e., below the word object--i do this resizing manually now...)...?

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Insert Picture
I'm trying to insert a bmp file- small picture into an excel file (sheet 4) in vba.

how do I select the picture and copy it into the excel file.

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Insert A Picture-2007
I record a macro in Excel 2007 to insert a picture from a file in the active sheet, but when I stop recording it and I went so see the code and there was no code!!!

I did the same in Excel 2003 and the code was like this:

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Insert Picture From Folder
I am using the code below to insert and resize images in excel. I was wondering is it possible to set up this macro so that I can just provide the directory and then have it so that just a random image is inserted rather than specifying an jpg number. The reason i need this is because the numbers in the folder range from 00000 to upto 20000 however not every folder has the full range of images i.e. Z:SingaporeSingapore TurfSingapore Turf Club 2QEII Cup 2006QEII Cup 2006_VDMillenium Copthorne InternationalTVGI Race Name Text may just contain one image and that would be image number 03965.

The other thing I would like to do is to have the name of the las 2 subfolders inserted into the cell above the image so for the example below you would have:

Millenium Copthorne InternationalTVGI Race Name Text

Millenium Copthorne InternationalTVGI Race Name Logo

Sub TestInsertPictureInRange()
InsertPictureInRange "Z:SingaporeSingapore TurfSingapore Turf Club 2QEII Cup 2006QEII Cup 2006_VDMillenium Copthorne InternationalTVGI Race Name Text3965.jpg", _ .........................

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Insert Picture In Merged Cells
I have multiple merged cells (all same size). But not all in the same place.

I'm looking for a macro that can insert a picture in a selected merged cells and also size it to the merged cells.

I want to be able to choose a different picture from a location, for examle to network map P:.

I looked around but couldn't fins a code for this.

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Insert Picture Sub Fails In '07
The code below will enable you to browse for a picture and insert it at cell location O9. It works great in excel '03 but when sub is ran in '07 it places the picture at about cell D5 and not really even lined up perfectly with that cell. Does any one have any idea why this is happening and how to make the sub work correctly in '07?

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Insert/format Picture From Folder
I am using the code below to insert and resize images in excel. I was wondering is it possible to set up this macro so that I can just provide the directory and then have it so that just a random image is inserted rather than specifying an jpg number. The reason i need this is because the numbers in the folder range from 00000 to upto 20000 however not every folder has the full range of images i.e. Z:SingaporeSingapore TurfSingapore Turf Club 2QEII Cup 2006QEII Cup 2006_VDMillenium Copthorne InternationalTVGI Race Name Text may just contain one image and that would be image number 03965.

The other thing I would like to do is to have the name of the las 2 subfolders inserted into the cell above the image so for the example below you would have:

Millenium Copthorne InternationalTVGI Race Name Text

Millenium Copthorne InternationalTVGI Race Name Logo

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Insert A Picture In The Word File?
I had copied a macro from this forum [it was posted by either shg or NBVC], and I modified it to fit my needs. The macro creates a new word document and sends a series of cells from an excel worksheet column to this word file. Everything works fine, but now I need to insert a picture after row 14. I have inserted the code [colored red], but I am sure the syntax or something isn't right. That part doesn't work.

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Insert Picture Code Not Working In 2007
I have used the following code behind a projects Command button for some time, and works well in Excel 2002/2003.
It's used to look for and insert a Picture file, located on the users PC, select cell C2, re-size it to fit inside a bordered cell area and then nudge it over, off the border line.

Sub Load_Image()
Dim oPict, PictObj
Dim sImgFileFormat As String
'Open file
oPict = Application.GetOpenFilename("All Pictures (*.tif; *.bmp; *.jpg; *.gif; *.jpeg; *.png; *.cpt; *.tiff),*.tif; *.bmp; *.jpg; *.gif; *.jpeg; *.png; *.cpt; *.tiff")
If oPict = False Then End
Set PictObj = ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(oPict)
With PictObj
.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = msoFalse
.ShapeRange.Width = 712#
.ShapeRange.Height = 510#
End With
With PictObj
Selection.ShapeRange.IncrementLeft 1#
Selection.ShapeRange.IncrementTop 1#
End With

End Sub

Unfortunately, Excel 2007 doesn't seem to identify the Cell reference "C2".
It modifies the Picture size OK but does not position the picture in the correct position.
I've tried re-recording it but 2007 misses most of actions.???
Despite my efforts looking on other forums, I don't seem to find a code that works on both version of Excel.

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Insert Picture (cannot View The Object Properties.)
The error I am getting (highlighted in red) is that it cannot view the object properties. So the picture is put in, but it's emplacement cannot be set and the picture cannot be renamed (which must occur for other macros to see it).
Pages are not protected. The only self automated macro is on workbook open, and it only resizes to view the area depending on the persons resolution.
Microsoft Excel 2003

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Coding File Path To Insert Picture
Explored a few posts on my topic, but didn't quite find what I needed.

I need to open the Insert Picture dialog with it pointed at C:My DocumentsTemp. (Users will be required to save their images files to this location only).

Attempted to run a macro to get the code, but the dialog box forces you to select a file. I only need to get some low skilled users to the folder and let them select the image to insert.

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Protected Sheet - Insert Picture File
Workbook Password Protect 2 Levels. I have managed to write simple but effective code that allows only one password to be enetered to open a SS & offers 3 levels of protection, limited permission to enter data, read-only & data completely hidden. This is excellent for my needs however I want the user who has limited rw to be able to insert a pic file which is their signature but because the sheet has protected cells it won't allow user to insert picture jpg file.

I have just thought of a creative solution tho. What if the picture file is already saved in the workbook and by using code to ask to insert pic file it copies from one location in SS to the appropriate cell in the worksheets?

The scenario is that I have fortnightly timesheets in 12 calendar months in 12 separate sheets. When staff member fills in timesheet I want them to insert signature for that f/night indicating thatthey have filled it in & it is correct but because of protection it won't allow me to.

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Browse To Insert Picture & Size It
I Have Inspection Reports To Do
And They Come In With One Big Text Srting
I Haveused Formuee To Seperate Them And A Macro To Put Them On Seperate Sheets.but...

I Want To Insert A Picture (for More Indepth Reports)
Rather Than Inserting A Picture Can I Do A Macro That When It Is Run It Opens Up A Browser, Similar To The One In Insert Picture And Then Insert A Picture After The Bottom Cell And Resize It So It Will Be The Same Every Time? But At The Bottom Of The Last Line Of Data.

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Insert Row Syntax - Resize Row VBA Error
I need to insert rows in row A44 depending how many cells exits in a range i named "ALL_C"

I saw this code that inserts 10 rows on A44 so i thought by modifying it the way i did would work but it didn't. I'm still new at this stuff. What am i doing wrong?


Sub Insertinrow43()
Range("A44").Resize(10, 1).EntireRow.Insert
End Sub
Modified (doesn't work)

Sub Insertinrow43()
Range("A44").Resize(Count(All_C), 1).EntireRow.Insert
End Sub
Thank you!

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Insert Picture Macro Doesn't Work In 2007
I just upgraded to Excel 2007 and my macro from Excel 2003 for inserting a picture doesn't work correctly in 2007. I have a command button that states insert picture and when you click it, it will let you insert a picture into the cell and hide the command button. In 2007 it will let you insert the picture, but it isn't centered and expands into other cells and the command button is still visible. The picture appears to be the correct size it just doesn't center itself in the cell and the command button is still visible. Below is the

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Auto Date Insert
if I add data into C2 then the current date will appear in A2. I also don't want the date to change every time the project is opened.


If I enter $32,500 into C2 - The current date (4-Dec) would appear in A2.

then if I close excel and I open it tomorrow, A2 would still read as 4-Dec, while if I enter $23.52 into C3, the current date (5-Dec) would appear in A3.

- would need to be able to enter multiple entries on one day as well.

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Auto Insert Value In A Column
I have an excel sheet where I gather information about companies. There are two columns involved in my problem. Column "D" and column "E". In column "D" I put the country code (example: DE for Germany, GB for England and so on..) In column "E" I put a number (for example: 45786521). What I would like Excel to do is to autoinsert the value of the column "D" before the numbers I have written in column "E". For example if in Row 12 column "D" is GB. And then I write the number 555888777 in column "E", then after the number is written and I hit Enter I would like column "E" to look this way: GB555888777. So the GB (value of the column "D") is inserted at the beginnig of the number I just wrote in column "E". How can that be done?

P.S.:I know that there is a possibility to add the values of these two columns in another column, but as there are far too many columns in the worksheet I would not like to add an extra column just for this.

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Auto Insert A Date
I want a bit of code so that when I insert data into column 'C', it inserts today's date into column 'H' - in the same row. (So when I insert data into C22, the code inserts the date in H22). I want to do it with VBA code rather than an in cell function.

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Put Chosen Picture In Comment & Retrieve Picture On Other Sheet
I want to have a sample file in excel which store picture of student in comment, I did this, but when I want to insert picture the file dialog appears, and if I click cancel, then there is an error, why? If some one optimise the code it would be very nice

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Auto Insert Invoice Number
I've created an Invoice Template in excel. Each time I open it I'd like a certian cell "D3" to increase by one number starting at 2000. Each time this is opened a new customer information is input and then saved to their file. Please give me the very basicis on how to do this. I've already gone into other forums which have provided a code, but I have had any luck getting ti too work.

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Auto-insert Date In A Cell
I would like the current date inserted automatically into a blank cell when I click on it. It will always be in the same column, but a different date on each row for that particular entry. I used to use datepicker.xla--loved it, worked great. But now I get an erroe message when I installed and tried to run it on a new pc. Does excel come with a drop-down calendar you can pick a date?

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Auto Insert Comment Based On Value Entered
Is there a way to auto insert a cell Comment when a particular value is entered and then have the Comment copied to a cell in another worksheet in the same workbook?

The value entered into the cells i want this function to work with is from a Validation list. If the cell's value was to change, for instance the user going back to a cell to change the value for whatever reason, I would like the previous comments to remain and then give the user the choice to edit comment or not.

I've had a look in the Forums using search but nothing close seems to be forthcoming.

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Look At Two Sheets And Auto Insert Content From One Sheet Another
I have two sheets

One is the master and the othere sheet which has the raw data.

On each sheet you have a unique code for the product which is the same on both sheets.

From the raw data sheet i want to the weight for that product to be inserted onto the master sheet.

(the problem is that both sheets are not in order so you cannot just copy and paste the column)

the unique code on the master sheet is G9 and the unique code on sheet 2 is A27 the weight on sheet 2 is r27 and want the corresponding weight for the product to appear on the master sheet in column BI9.

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Insert An Auto Number Into Invoice Template
I have a template of an invoice (in excel) but I need it to automatically
generate a different invoice number every time I open it. Such as 001 the
1st time, 002 the 2nd time etc.

I have no knowledge of macros & do not want to uses Acess.

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Macro - Auto Insert And Create A Worksheet
Is that possibe to use the "templeate" sheet and lookup the "Master" sheet to create a new worksheet called "result"

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Auto Insert System Date & Time
I am currently using Excel 2007 and I am looking for an easier way to enter the system date and time into a cell. I am aware of the MS-Excel shortcuts but work in an environment where data capturers still often get it wrong.

Is it possible to use a Excel function/button to auto insert the system date and time by clicking on a cell/button or Alternatively use a calendar to do so.

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Retain Auto Number Sequence After Row Insert
I'm using a simple auto numbering command.

eg: cell A1: 1
cell A2: =(A1+1)

then shift, copy/paste cell A2 until A600,

This creates a sequential number column from 1-600. My problem lies when a new row is inserted, which is left blank. How can i maintain this auto function upon a new Row insertion?

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Insert Row At Specific Location And Auto Fill Formulas From Above
What I need is to insert a row at row 59 and autofill the formulas including drop down list from the above row. This is what I have so far (Thanks to Reafidy and shg).

Sub ChkDates()
Dim c As Range
Dim DelRng As Range
Dim ArcRng As Range
Dim i As Long
Dim l As Integer
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
For i = 60 To 8 Step -1
Set c = Cells(i, 33)
If IsDate(c) Then ..............

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Macro To Insert Auto Sum Function In Various Rows With A Column
I have to create a spreasheet monthly that has perhaps 60 transactions. The data is in columns A - G, with columns E and F having the costs figures. I need to sum the value in column E and also in Column F every few rows. The problem is that sometimes there are two rows per transaction and other times it could be 30 rows per transaction. Where I will be lucky is that there are two rows between transactions, and the sum goes in the first empty row.

Basically what I would need it to do, from a macro point of view is to go down column E, and every time it finds the first empty row, insert an auto sum. It would then need to ignore the next row, because it too, is empty.

Just Column E - I need an autosum in the "empty row 1's)

empty row 1
empty row 2
empty row 1
empty row 2

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Insert A Picture That Is On Worksheet Into Another Worksheet
I have written a vba program that creates a report in excel. Most of the pages of the report are created at runtime. I have an image on a hidden worksheet that I need to place into one of the worksheets that is created at runtime. The image is an excel chart that I copied and pasted as a picture. I did this so that I could resize it easily and all of the elements of the chart would maintain their relative sizes. I have tried:

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VBA Macro To Delete Rows/Columns, Insert Formulas & Auto Fill
I'm running a macro that opens another workbook and read data from it.How can I incorporate this code into my macro.Sorry i don't knwo VBA.

Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:Documents and SettingsmsimantbDesktopINFRACHEM_POLYMERS - DON''T DELETE.xls]Sheet1"

UserGRP_MAcro Macro
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Existing userGroup"............................

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Write The Picture Name In Cell The Picture Will Appear
i have saved some pictures in my excel sheet.
in the next sheet i want that when i write the picture name the picture will appear as vlookup helps in the getting text and nos. can i do this with pictures or i tried to get to much from excel.

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Auto Insert A Row With Info Populated From The Row Above
to be able to do is have a stock control sheet that tells me how much of 1 item we have in stock which is easy, the hard part comes when this stock is sold as this stock can be sold to a number of different customers e.g.

We have 10,000 X Pens

Customer 1 buys 1,000
Customer 2 buys 6,000
Customer 3 buys 3,000

i need a way of saying that we have 10,000 pens but if we sold 1,000 then we can click a button (macro maybe) and that will automatically see that we have 10,000 for that line and we have only sold 1,000 so we need a line inserting saying that we have 9,000 remaing and so on.... The sheet needs to record who these goes to though, that the reason i was thinking of adding a row

If this doesnt make sense then i am happy to answer your questions?

i can upload an example excel sheet if required if someone can explain how i do this?

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Offset And Resize
I have 3 workbooks, the first one contains the data and the second is the “Table1” containing "Normal records" and the third is the “Table 2” containing only "900 Records". Tables 1 and 2 will be linked to Access…..

Here’s my issue….

From workbook 1, I would like to copy data from certain cells that contain data to Table 1

From workbook 1, I would like to copy data from certain cells that contain 900 service records data to Table 2

In workbook 1, I have identified which information i want to keep by using the following formula,

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Resize A Range
I have the following

Cells(c,r) = Range("fa:" & "fa.Offset(0,5)").value

Fa is a code that searches, once it's found something, it then puts that one cell.value into Cells(c,r). it then moves on until the next cell found with the required contence. I need it to put that one cell, and the next 4 columns along side it starting in Cells(r.c)

The problem is, I keep getting a global error. I am sure I have done something like this before, but cannot find it, or remember how i did it.

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Resize The Name Box
Is there a way to resize the name box, the box directly to the left of the formula bar?

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Resize Every Second Row
I am trying to write a code to resize every second row between the range of A5 and A500 (Starting at A5) to 12.75 but am unable to find a simple loop to do this.

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Resize Range - Macro
Macro to CHANGE number of rows “3” to a variable range
(end.xlDown) on the macro below.

Sub GotToRangeResizeCopyPaste()

Application.Goto Reference:="MyRange"
ActiveCell.Resize(3, 10).Select

End Sub

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Resize The Range Of A Formula
Before I will hand in my proposal I have to check if my ideas are achieveable in excel. To keep it simple, the idea is to use different moving averages and the Min/Max(t-1, t-n).

For example, a buy signal is given when a fast MA crosses the slow MA from below. Or a buy-signal is given when the price on t is greater than MAX(t-1:t-n). Due to the scientific aspect I have to analyse a lot of variations of these moving averages and breakouts.

My question: How can I change the range of a formula with an other cell.

For example: Range: B1=20


How can I program it such that when I change the value in A1, the range of the formula will change with that value?

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Image File Resize
i m sending image files via EMail attachment with VBA code. Though the images are 5Mb+ each and when sending 20+ on a 128k upload connection that takes a while. Is there a way that the images can be resized through vba and saved as a new folder. Or send the images to another program and pause the code until the resizing has been done.

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Resize Named Ranges
I have to refer to a named range in a macro, but in the beginning I don't know what size it will be. So, in the beginning myRange will always consist of a single cell, which later on will be the 1st cell of the correctly sized range. While the macro runs, the correct size of the range is calculated, and at that point the range has to be resized, say to 'n' rows by 'm' columns, with the original cell as 1st cell.

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Listbox Resize Itself Automatically
I have a listbox filled automatically from some cells. I have to choose an item from this listbox, click a button, and then my macro will summarize some data. All it´s running, but a little problem, the size of the listbox is changing itself after some actions. For example, when i change the value of the cells from where i fill this listbox.

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Type The Product Id In The A Column Of The Orders Sheet(Sheet2) To Auto Insert The Product Name In The B Column
In the first sheet I have two columns, one for the product_id and one for the name of the product. So the Sheet1 is like a small database. The second sheet is for the orders.What I want is when I type the product id in the A column of the orders sheet(Sheet2) to auto insert the product name in the B column so i dont have to write it every time.

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Automatically Resize Entire Workbook
I have a 40+ page workbook that I'm working and I need to print every sheet in the workbook on legal size paper, and each sheet can not be > one legal piece of paper

The macro will cycle thru all the sheets in the workbook, yet it will only adjust the current active sheet. I highlighted where I think my error is in red....

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Type Mismatch Error :: On Resize
This piece of code gives me Type Mismatch Error:

txt1NegShunt = txt1NegShunt & Join(.Transpose(.Transpose(myRecord.Resize(, 1).Value)), Chr(44)

Basicaly, I am trying to resize myRecord to only one column. The problem is Resize(, 1).

If I put 2 instead of 1 so that it looks like Resize(, 2) everything works fine. However in that case I get two columns selected.

How to select only one?

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