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Resize Picture Size On UserForm

open the attachment & click the button. I'd like you to please help me in reducing both the height & width of the picture. So that when the button is clicked the pic. overall size will appear smaller.

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Resize And Delete Picture
1.My macro code to insert picture from C:pictures to worksheet in colum B,but the insert pictue are very big. how can it is automatic resize with autofit in the height of the column B when i click the insert button.

2.I need some code for the delete button. if I need to delete some picture,when the delete button is clicked , the input box prompt for key in the picture name to delete. if i key in the pictue name , eg.pictue2 , so the name of pictue2 in the column A and the pictue2 in the column B is deleted.

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Auto Insert And Resize Picture
I have a sheet where I would like to have a picture inserted in a particular cell range and auto resized into that range. What I'm looking for is, if I type the name of a picture (meathead4uu.jpg) in a cell (Say, B3) then the picture should appear in range D14 to E28.

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Copy A Picture From One Worksheet To Another And Then Resize
I'm trying to copy a picture from one Worksheet to another and then resize it, when i select the picture after pasting it into the other worksheet i use the code ActiveSheet.Shapes("Picture 6").Select, the problem here is that i don't know the name of the picture because i use a loop that copys alot of pictures.

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Resize The Comment Box To The Size Of The Text I Put In?
when i use a macro to add a comment to one of my cells, if i put in too much text the box doesn't resize itself and you can only read part of the comment. how to resize the comment box to the size of the text i put in?

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Insert Picture From File Increases File Size More Than The Picture You Inserting
I am putting together a price list in excel and using images and hyperlinks to jazz it up a bit - what I am finding is that if I insert a 25KB GIF image, the excel file grows in size by over 100KB

why is this disproportionate growth happening and is there a way around it - I dont want my Price List growing too large but need the images....?

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Different Types Of Picture Size Handles
How do you convert all the picture files in a worksheet so they can be processed the same? Half my pictures have eight white adjustment circles framing them when they are selected, the other half have four blue circles and four blue squares.

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Browse To Insert Picture & Size It
I Have Inspection Reports To Do
And They Come In With One Big Text Srting
I Haveused Formuee To Seperate Them And A Macro To Put Them On Seperate Sheets.but...

I Want To Insert A Picture (for More Indepth Reports)
Rather Than Inserting A Picture Can I Do A Macro That When It Is Run It Opens Up A Browser, Similar To The One In Insert Picture And Then Insert A Picture After The Bottom Cell And Resize It So It Will Be The Same Every Time? But At The Bottom Of The Last Line Of Data.

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Insert Picture & Auto Size To Active Cell Dimmensions
What I am trying to do is to give the user the ability to insert a photo and have it autosize into a range of cells--so far I can only get it to work with a single cell and a predefined file. Can this be refined so that rng references a group of cells and pic somehow lets the user input a file name or pick its name and location?

Sub test()
On Error Resume Next
Set pic = ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert("C:
On Error Goto 0
If Not pic Is Nothing Then 'Found it!'
Set rng = ActiveCell
With pic
.Height = rng.Height
.Width = rng.Width
.Left = rng.Left
.Top = rng.Top
End With
End If
End Sub

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Picture In Userform From Sheet
is it possible to have an image control in a userform to reference a picture inserted on a worksheet?

i have a number of pictures i want to load depending on certain events that happen in my sheet. i would like to be able to have this on multiple computers, and i would prefer to not to have to copy over the workbook AND a picture folder. i would like this to be as self contained as possible.

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Unload Userform Picture
Using VBA I have used "LoadPicture" to load a picture to a picture frame on my userform. The actual file name is driven from a label. I now want to unload it so the value is None.


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UserForm Picture Select
I am trying to get my Userform to open the Insert Picture Dialog

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

at a set Path

fPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "Pics" & "*.jpg"

where the user selects the Picture to LoadPicture in Image1 control. No matter what I try I keep getting errors.

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Picture On Click In Userform
Is there any way to have a picture pop up when a label or textbox is clicked in a userform? I need the userform to stay open and usable while the picture is open. Basically the picture is supposed to assist the user of how to fill out the section.

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Clickable Hotspots On Picture In Userform
I have a userform which takes a large amount of sequential geographical data and builds a theoretical model of my layout whithin excel. However I would now like to incorperate an interactive aspect to this userform. I have written code which draws a line diagram whithin a seperate CAD app and imports it as a picture to the excel userform each time the user updates the data, but I would like to be able to select different areas whithin the data by clicking in the appropriate place on the picture in the form. I know this kind of interactivity is a bit beyond visual basics line of duty but my model MUST stay whithin the confines of excel thereforwe my front end must remain VBA for the time being.

My other option is to build up a diagram out of smaller components (boxes etc) whithin the userform. This would be entirely acceptable, however I'm not too sure if its possible to 'create' new pictures on the form from whithin the code.

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Load Picture From Worksheet Into UserForm
I have tried a couple things to get this image to show up on my userform and i keep erroring out.

Run-time Error '404' Object required

If i hover over the "userpic" in debug it has the correct referance, its just not doing anything.

Any help or suggestions would be great.
-LightData = Userform
-Pictures all held on sheet5 of wookbook

(I've search and looked at all the threads, which actually lead to what i have below)

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
Dim RowOffset As Integer
RowOffset = ComboBox1.ListIndex
userpic = ComboBox1.Text
LightDate.Image1.picture = Sheets("sheet5").Shapes(userpic)
TextBox1.Text = Sheet1. Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 35)
CheckBox1.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 37)
CheckBox2.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 38)
CheckBox3.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 39)
CheckBox4.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 40)
CheckBox5.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 41)
CheckBox6.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 42)
CheckBox7.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 43)
CheckBox8.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 44)
CheckBox9.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 45)
CheckBox10.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 46)
CheckBox11.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 47)
End Sub

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Size UserForm For Different Computers
I've created a userform that will be used by multiple users. I'm not finished coding it yet but when I tried to work on it on my computer at home it did not look the same as it did at work. I tried it on several other computers and experienced the same problem.

It appears that the inserted company logo is zoomed in and the some of the label text has wrapped and is not visible.

I've attached a screen shot of the form on my work computer and the way it looks on other computers.

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Load Worksheet Picture Into UserForm Image Control
I have an image box on a userform in Excel VB. Is there ANY WAY to load an image into this image box from an object that I have loaded into an excel worksheet something like

If userform1.checkbox1=True Then
userform1.image.picture = loadpicture (Worksheets("Sheet1").shapes("Object 1"))
ElseIf userform1.checkbox2=True Then
userform1.image.picture = loadpicture (Worksheets("Sheet1").shapes("Object 2"))
msgbox "No image"

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Display Array In Variable Size Userform
I am trying to figure out how to make a userform to display the contents of a 2-D array which has a variable number of rows. I want the userform to height of the userform to correspond with the number of rows of data to display.

I don't have much experience with userforms, but here's what I was thinking:
VBA code which would find the # of rows of data and then adjust the height of the userform and the length of the lable (which the data would go in).

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Create UserForm TextBox At Run-Time & Auto Size To Fit Text
I have a user form on which I need to create a textbox every time the user clicks a button. There are too many to create them all in advance and make them visible when needed. The sample attached, from this forum, is good, except, the numbers in the text box just scroll along and I need to see all the text typed into my textboxes. I would like the textboxes to be multiline, wordwrap and have them resize according to the amount of text.

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Put Chosen Picture In Comment & Retrieve Picture On Other Sheet
I want to have a sample file in excel which store picture of student in comment, I did this, but when I want to insert picture the file dialog appears, and if I click cancel, then there is an error, why? If some one optimise the code it would be very nice

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Write The Picture Name In Cell The Picture Will Appear
i have saved some pictures in my excel sheet.
in the next sheet i want that when i write the picture name the picture will appear as vlookup helps in the getting text and nos. can i do this with pictures or i tried to get to much from excel.

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Resize The Name Box
Is there a way to resize the name box, the box directly to the left of the formula bar?

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Resize Every Second Row
I am trying to write a code to resize every second row between the range of A5 and A500 (Starting at A5) to 12.75 but am unable to find a simple loop to do this.

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Offset And Resize
I have 3 workbooks, the first one contains the data and the second is the “Table1” containing "Normal records" and the third is the “Table 2” containing only "900 Records". Tables 1 and 2 will be linked to Access…..

Here’s my issue….

From workbook 1, I would like to copy data from certain cells that contain data to Table 1

From workbook 1, I would like to copy data from certain cells that contain 900 service records data to Table 2

In workbook 1, I have identified which information i want to keep by using the following formula,

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Resize A Range
I have the following

Cells(c,r) = Range("fa:" & "fa.Offset(0,5)").value

Fa is a code that searches, once it's found something, it then puts that one cell.value into Cells(c,r). it then moves on until the next cell found with the required contence. I need it to put that one cell, and the next 4 columns along side it starting in Cells(r.c)

The problem is, I keep getting a global error. I am sure I have done something like this before, but cannot find it, or remember how i did it.

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Resize Range - Macro
Macro to CHANGE number of rows “3” to a variable range
(end.xlDown) on the macro below.

Sub GotToRangeResizeCopyPaste()

Application.Goto Reference:="MyRange"
ActiveCell.Resize(3, 10).Select

End Sub

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Resize The Range Of A Formula
Before I will hand in my proposal I have to check if my ideas are achieveable in excel. To keep it simple, the idea is to use different moving averages and the Min/Max(t-1, t-n).

For example, a buy signal is given when a fast MA crosses the slow MA from below. Or a buy-signal is given when the price on t is greater than MAX(t-1:t-n). Due to the scientific aspect I have to analyse a lot of variations of these moving averages and breakouts.

My question: How can I change the range of a formula with an other cell.

For example: Range: B1=20


How can I program it such that when I change the value in A1, the range of the formula will change with that value?

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Range.Resize To An Entire Row?
Range.Resize to an entire row? I have a range variable:

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Image File Resize
i m sending image files via EMail attachment with VBA code. Though the images are 5Mb+ each and when sending 20+ on a 128k upload connection that takes a while. Is there a way that the images can be resized through vba and saved as a new folder. Or send the images to another program and pause the code until the resizing has been done.

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Resize Print Range To Fit A 4
I am trying to print a range that falls just outside of a normal A4 size. Is there a way of scaling this range to fit the page. Withough changing the column sizes before printing(each column is diffrent size). Or will i need to load the column sizes into a array and resize for the print then back to original size from array.

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Programatically Resize A Comment Box
I use comments to supply various detail information on the value in the cell. This might take 10-12 lines of comments, but only the first five appear when you hover over the cell. In order to see the entire comment you have to right click and edit then manually resize.

Any tips on how to resize at the time the comment is loaded so no manual intervention is required?

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Resize Named Ranges
I have to refer to a named range in a macro, but in the beginning I don't know what size it will be. So, in the beginning myRange will always consist of a single cell, which later on will be the 1st cell of the correctly sized range. While the macro runs, the correct size of the range is calculated, and at that point the range has to be resized, say to 'n' rows by 'm' columns, with the original cell as 1st cell.

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Listbox Resize Itself Automatically
I have a listbox filled automatically from some cells. I have to choose an item from this listbox, click a button, and then my macro will summarize some data. All it´s running, but a little problem, the size of the listbox is changing itself after some actions. For example, when i change the value of the cells from where i fill this listbox.

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Automatically Resize Entire Workbook
I have a 40+ page workbook that I'm working and I need to print every sheet in the workbook on legal size paper, and each sheet can not be > one legal piece of paper

The macro will cycle thru all the sheets in the workbook, yet it will only adjust the current active sheet. I highlighted where I think my error is in red....

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Print Dialog Seems To Resize A Text Box
I have a (semi-inherited) macro that prints different pages of a workbook, based on whether and what their entries are. One of the pages contains a text box, where users will enter different lengths of text. When the macro runs, it prints right the first time but also "resizes" the text box so that future print attempts only print part of it.

I put "resize" in quotes because the text box does not appear to change shape. However, when I look at its properties it suddenly says it is much smaller than it was before (and still appears to be).

FWIW, I'm using Excel 2003.

Here's the code in question (the problem is on the "narrative" page):

Sub CLCMprintall()
' prints all pages (with data) on the CLCM spreadsheet
Dim x, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i As String
Dim y, z, q As Integer

ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="***"

'notes active cells on each sheet to return cursor there afterwards.
x = ActiveSheet.Name
Sheets("page 1").Select
a = ActiveCell.Address(True, True)
d = ActiveCell.Address(True, True)
'(repeat for other worksheets - also sets values for Loan2Amt, Q & Z,
'which govern whether other unrelated sheets need to be printed.)
'tests whether there is text in Overflow sheet and sets print area if there is
If q 0 Then
Call OverflowPrintArea.............

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Insert Row Syntax - Resize Row VBA Error
I need to insert rows in row A44 depending how many cells exits in a range i named "ALL_C"

I saw this code that inserts 10 rows on A44 so i thought by modifying it the way i did would work but it didn't. I'm still new at this stuff. What am i doing wrong?


Sub Insertinrow43()
Range("A44").Resize(10, 1).EntireRow.Insert
End Sub
Modified (doesn't work)

Sub Insertinrow43()
Range("A44").Resize(Count(All_C), 1).EntireRow.Insert
End Sub
Thank you!

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Type Mismatch Error :: On Resize
This piece of code gives me Type Mismatch Error:

txt1NegShunt = txt1NegShunt & Join(.Transpose(.Transpose(myRecord.Resize(, 1).Value)), Chr(44)

Basicaly, I am trying to resize myRecord to only one column. The problem is Resize(, 1).

If I put 2 instead of 1 so that it looks like Resize(, 2) everything works fine. However in that case I get two columns selected.

How to select only one?

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Resize From Active Cell To Range?
how can I resize a from my active cell to a specific cell (eg. L1) and select all the cells in between? I am using this code to select the last cell after my data (active cell is in column A).

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Print Dialog Seems To Resize A Text Box - ?
I have a (semi-inherited) macro that prints different pages of a workbook, based on whether and what their entries are. One of the pages contains a text box, where users will enter different lengths of text. When the macro runs, it prints right the first time but also "resizes" the text box so that future print attempts only print part of it.

I put "resize" in quotes because the text box does not appear to change shape. However, when I look at its properties it suddenly says it is much smaller than it was before (and still appears to be).

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Keyboard Shortcut To Resize Columns
I am looking for is a keyboard shortcut to resize a column to fit the largest text entry in that column. Currently I am using the mouse and double-clicking between columns.

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Resize Run-time Error 1004
I want to paste data from a table without the header row from one workbook (Test1) into another (Test2), from Test2. Test1 is closed before this operation starts. I'm using the following

Sub Macro2()
Dim myTable As Range
Set myTable = Range("A1").CurrentRegion
Workbooks.Open "C:ExcelTest1"
myTable.Offset(1).Resize(myTable.Rows.Count - 1).Select
End Sub

When I have both workbooks open, comment out the line that opens Test1 and step through the code, it works fine but when I close workbook Test1, and run the macro, it generates the following error message: Run-time error 1004 Application defined or object defined error. When I click 'Debug' it has highlighted the row that has the offset instruction so there is no trouble with opening the workbook Test1.

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Error W/Code To Resize Named Range
If I omit the column arguement in resize I get error.

Dim ii As Range
EndRow = MyPL.Range("c" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

Set ii = Range("Data")
q = (EndRow - ii.Rows.Count)
Names("Data").RefersTo = "=" & ii.Resize(ii.rows.count+q, ).address

End Sub

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Posible To Resize The Tabs At The Bottom Of The Worksheets?
Does anyone know whether it is posible to resize the tabs at the bottom of the worksheets?

I am trying to make them bigger so they are more obvious.

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Insert A Word Object, Type, Then Resize
insert a word object, type... and resize...

Dim objX As OLEObject
Set objX = ActiveSheet.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Word.Document.8", Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False)
objX.Border.Color = RGB(255, 255, 255)
objX.Height = 200
objX.Width = 600
objX.Top = 300
objX.Left = 100
'-------make active
Set objX = Nothing

i would like to place the object in a worksheet and have all the rows of data move down below the word object (i.e., below the word object--i do this resizing manually now...)...?

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Resize Named Range Lists Simultaneously
There are 4 lists containing accounting data and within each list the data rows beneath the headers are named ranges.

The parent input list is on the Payments worksheet with headings in A3:R3 and the data rows underneath are a named range entitled Payments.

The child lists contain formulas to pull the required information from the parent Payments list. These lists are identically sized and headed with headers in A1:K1. The data rows underneath the headings are named ranges entited Debits, Credits and VAT. The worksheets on which each resides have the same names.

I am looking for a way to automatically contract / expand the child lists as each row is added / deleted from the parent Payments list, ie so each list always contains the same number of rows.

The formulas already within the child lists will then ensure that the apprpriate data is copies to them from the parent Payments list.

the named range Payments will always contain at least a single row to ensure the retention of the required formulas and validation.

Note also please that there is a macro which automatically resizes the range Payments to a single row when a command button is pressed.

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Listbox Resize Depending On The Number Of Tests
I have a form in which a user pastes test names into a certain column of a spreadsheet. I have a listbox (not an ActiveX control) where I want the tests to be displayed. I want to resize the listbox depending on the number of tests pasted in-depending on where the last row is in this column of test names. Is there a way to do this automatically when the user pastes a new test set in the spreadsheet?

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Inserting Pictures And Resize To Active Cell Shape
I now have this code that inserts a picture and then resizes it the active cell shape.

Sub InsertPicture()

Dim myPicture As String

myPicture = Application.GetOpenFilename _
("Pictures (*.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.tif),*.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.tif", , "Select Picture to Import")

If myPicture "" Then

ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert (myPicture)
With Selection

.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = msoFalse
.ShapeRange.Height = ActiveCell.RowHeight
.ShapeRange.Width = ActiveCell.Width
.Placement = xlMoveAndSize
End With
End If

End Sub

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Append Macro To Chart: Resize Plot By Click
I would like to click on my chart, which then gets resized automatically depending on its current size.


My main macro creates various charts, all of them I connect to the macro "chartMakro". After the main macro has finished successfully, I can click on such a chart and the macro "chartMakro" is launched, supposedly resizing the chart. unfortunately i do NOT know how to tell the macro which is the active sheet, therefore my macro fails to work.

When a click on a chart launches a macro, how can I tell the macro which chart called it?

'appending a macro to a chart
ActiveWindow.Visible = False
Selection.OnAction = "chartMakro"............

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If True Show Picture 1 Else Show Picture 2
i m working on a mechanical project , I need to do some modifications to my XLS file that i aint familair with.

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Resize Visible Rows Based Only On Visible Columns Text
Need to correct code to resize all visible rows on a sheet based only on the text in the visible columns. I have tried the below code but when it resizes it is using the largest amount of text in the rows including that in the hidden columns.

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Picture In A Picture
I have several pictures on a graph sheet (i.e. imported cliparts) which I am using as a key to describe outcomes. I also have a blank picture box which I want to show each of the key pictures depending on a certain value in a cell on another sheet.

In Picture1 i want: fx = If(sheet1!A1 = "Red",Picture2,Picture3)

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