Cannot Complete This Task With Available Resources.....

Nov 26, 2008

Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications. My file is only about 3mb in size, made up of 17 worksheets. These sheets are calculated by referencing to another file that contains all of the background data. The data file is also about 3mb, made up of 13 worksheets.

There are probably about 2 - 3 thousand formulas in the file in total, ranging including vlookups, sumifs, sumproducts, etc. When the data was contained within the file there was no problem. I moved each data sheet into a new workbook to trim the size of my file and also stop the incessant calculation and this is when the problem started. Now, when I open the file and am prompted to update, it will update to about half way and then throw up the error message!

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Cannot Complete The Task With Available Resources

Dec 22, 2006

I need to work with a spreadsheet with 15000 rows of data. By the time I link this file with my final file and add formulas, my file has reached a massive size and the following pop up error message appears.

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Excel 2007 :: Cannot Complete Task With Available Resources

Feb 3, 2011

Excel 2007

Trying to insert a row and window popped out -Large Operation. " The operation you are about to perform effects a large number of cells and may take a significant amount of time to complete. Are you sure you want to continue?" I pressed ok , then, says "Excel cannot complete thsi task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications. "

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Excel 2007 :: (Cannot Complete Task With Available Resources) When Trying To Delete Rows

Jul 11, 2012

I have VBA code that attempts to delete an entire row from my worksheet:


This works fine on small data sets, but on larger data sets it gives me the error message, "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources". This happens even when I try to do the deletion manually (without VBA code). Clearly, the code itself is not the problem.

My document has about 250,000 rows and 2,500 columns. While this is big, it is significantly smaller than Excel's documented limit of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns.

I am using Excel 2007. My computer has 2GB of RAM but even when I try it on a computer which has 8GB of RAM it gives me the same error. If I "ClearContents" instead of "Delete" it works fine. For my purposes, however, deletion is entirely necessary.

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Resource Error Message "cannot Complete This Task With Available Resources" When Changing Charts Thru VBA

Apr 19, 2006

I have the following code for a sheet in my workbook that has 3 charts:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("RdteObs").Chart.SetSourceData ThisWorkbook.Names("GSumRdteObs").RefersToRange
ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("RdteWip").Chart.SetSourceData ThisWorkbook.Names("GSumRdteWip").RefersToRange
ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("RdteExp").Chart.SetSourceData ThisWorkbook.Names("GSumRdteExp").RefersToRange
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic
End Sub

but whenever the sub runs, I get this error message: "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications." Does anyone have an idea what's going on?

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Average Time Taken To Complete A Task

May 22, 2014



These represent time it takes for a fax to send. I'm trying to find the average time it takes for these faxes to send. Using the built in @AVERAGE option does produce a number albeit an incorrect number. Wondered if I could convert these to decimal numbers then covert the result back to time - when trying that I don't get an average but rather a time of day - say 5:55:30PM.

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User Has To Click Button To Mark Task As Complete....

Jan 22, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that users update which I then want them to perform a number of checks on. At the bottom will be a button for them to click stating "Click here to confirm checks completed". When they click it I want it to put a flag somewhere that I can then use to prevent them from saving if they haven't clicked the button. I know how to do the saving but, but how do I get the button to put a flag somewhere?

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Date And Time - Finding Time Taken To Complete A Task

Jun 5, 2012

What I am looking to do is find the time it has taking to complete a task - So the work sheet has four cells (See below) and return the total time with cell E

Cell A Cell B Cell C Cell D Cell E
June 5 10:00 AM June 6 12:30PM ????

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Excel With Low Available Resources

Apr 7, 2012

I create excel file to collect and process huge data , it contains a lot of macros , when i run it for more than 2 times error message appears " Excel cannot complete this task with available resources , Choose less data or close other applications''

And after i press ok it continue working but charts not updated until i restart excel , and if i restart excel every time i run this macro this error not appears.

How I can release excel resources when my macro finish it's work.

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Lacks Resources ......

Jul 2, 2007

I currently have a macro that opens up a specific workbook, copies data from that workbook, and then pastes the data into the control workbook. I am using this macro for a few workbooks but for this specific file I am getting the "Excel lacks resources..." error. Even when I don't run the file and just try to open both files up at the same time I get this error. I realize the best solution would be to split up the file I am copying from but I don't wish to turn to that yet.

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Available Resources Error

Mar 10, 2008

I'm having a few issues with a macro I have written (something I am relatively new to, I might add). Whenever I run it, I get an error message of "cannot complete this task with available resources" - I am currently using Excel 2003

What I am trying to do is cycle though a list of 401 vehicle numbers (the WBSs), using each individual WBS to filter data in another worksheet (sheet "MC01"), and then copy a range of this filtered data into a separate, vehicle specific worksheet (starting at sheet "P1" and continuing to sheet "P401").

The code would run fine when I kept the Field 9 Filter Criteria1 value a constant WBS number, but when I introduced the phrase to use the different values on the WBS sheet (Criteria1:="=" & WBS.Value), the macro would run perfectly for half the vehicles before giving the error message and bugging out.

I thought this could be solved by dumping the memory on each loop by using Set WBS = Nothing but this doesn't make any difference.

Code is as follows:

Sub Update_MC01()

Dim I As Integer
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Set WBS = ActiveCell

I understand that 401+ worksheets is a lot for any workbook to handle, but the fact that if I set Criteria1 as being a static WBS vehicle number Excel has no issues with it, and everything cycles fine. It is the addition of the phrase "=" & WBS.Value that causes the hiccoughs. From my very basic knowledge of VB, all I can assume is that Excel is storing this "WBS.Value" in it's memory on each loop. Am I right in thinking that the phrase Set WBS = Nothing is the right thing to use to empty this memory?

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Vlookup And Lack Of Resources

Feb 26, 2009

I have a (few) spreadsheets that I am using to gather data. One spreadsheet has over 9000 entries with 20 items for each entry (9000 rows, 20 columns). I use this as my source. In another spreadsheet I have the same column headers but, except for the one column that I enter manually, the rest of the columns are loaded from the source spreadsheet via a VLOOKUP function. As you can see there is a lot of data and a lot of action going on. Needless to say I have run into a conflect with the amount of resources I have available. I keep getting the message "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications."

Since I have no other applications open, and I can't use less data, how can I increase my resources. I have been told that Excel allocates resources to a set limit regardless of the amount of ram or other memory you have. Is there any way to increase this?

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Consolidate Data From 3 Different Resources?

Mar 19, 2013

I need to pull a data from 3 different SharePoint lists and present it in a new data sheet. So far I know how to create data connections and I am able to see everything in 3 different worksheets but in the same workbook. Also if we have the same Project and IT number we should pull information just from the SharePoint 1 list.

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Need Learning Resources For VBA Syntax

Mar 24, 2009

I would like to know where can I find a good resource to learn about VBA syntax. I have VBA books and there are some examples of code in there but when I'm trying to read someoneelse's code I just get into commands or syntax I don't understand. For example I would like to be able to go some site and decifer what this line (or it's parts) means: If(cnt < MAXTEST, sDigSep & String(MAXTEST - cnt, "9"), "")

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Macro Charting Resources

Nov 9, 2006

i would like to find out about:The different essential building elements for different chart types (like 3DBubble requires XValue, Value, Name and BubbleSize, for example, but what about clusteredColumn and the others?)How to address the building elementsThe optional building elements (changing background color and stuff)

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Insufficient Resources To Show All

Sep 11, 2007

A pop-up window with the next message: "insufficient resources to show all" is displayed when I try to use a combobox in a worksheet.


I have been using excel 2003 in a Pentium IV 1 GB Ram to run a large workbook (at least 40 worksheets) that uses a combobox to find a price from a database. The workbook contains lot of images and some single macros.

The error appears after I opened the workbook and I tried to use the combobox. Finally, after various clicks, I get the value requested but the pop-up window doesn’t disappear.

If I do not use the combobox I do not receive the error.


I have done unsuccessfully all the suggestion that I found on the web (Google, msn and AltaVista), and of course the Microsoft forums. I tried to clean memory, erase temporary files, increase memory values and so on.. but nothing seems to fix the issue.
I also tried to run the workbook in 3 different PCs – and 3 different RAM sizes - getting the same error.

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Not Enough System Resources To Display Completely?

Sep 29, 2003

I've been working with links the past few days and have been experiencing the subject error message. What do I need to do to avoid the error?

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LOOKUP() Errors Links And Available Resources

Jun 21, 2006

I have a large spreadsheet that uses the lookup() to return data from two other large sheets.

The exact formula I am using is:

=IF(B1<>"",IF(ISERROR(MATCH(B1,'X:Store Users Data FilesPMMJim.FosterDATA[shop sheet data.xls]shop sheet data'!$A$1:$A$16374,0)),"NA",LOOKUP(B1,'X:Store Users Data FilesPMMJim.FosterDATA[shop sheet data.xls]shop sheet data'!$A$1:$A$16374,'X:Store Users Data FilesPMMJim.FosterDATA[shop sheet data.xls]shop sheet data'!$C$1:$C$16374)),"")

I have this same (or very similar) formula repeated about 3300 times in my main workbook. When I try to update links I get the following error. "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications." If I "Open Source" it will update the links but when I close the "Source" I get the same error..."Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications." The source will close eventually and my links have updated but I can not save the work book. Much smaller versions of the same sheet work fine. What is the limit number of such links?

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Copy Picture - System Resources Error

Jul 10, 2007

I am trying to copy 8 adjacent cells in a sheet and paste them on another sheet as a picture (using copy picture method). I could do that 3/4 times, but after that I started getting the insufficient system resources error.

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Macro/formula To Count Distinct Resources And Match To Location

Oct 8, 2009

i am looking to create a small table from the attached worksheet that will show how many users there are for 3 different locations, the user names are in column a and the locations in column c. the thing is, the actual worksheet i am using in work contains almost 1000 lines, and is being updated daily, there can be multiple entries for a person for projects etc.. and someone can even be in the availability and pto area's without being in the main project area. each resource can only be on one location so that will not change.

also, there can be blank cells for resource which should not be counted. i was wondering if there was a formula or a macro that would count the distinct number of names and reference them to the location and give a count of resources by location?

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Looking Up 2 Conditions Before Performing Another Task?

Jul 12, 2013

I'm a fairly new user to using VBA and I'm currently running into a little snag. I'm trying tu create userform which will let me know if a person already exists in my sheet by looking up the last name in "A", then looking up his first name in "B", if such entry exists then display a message saying " Yes". If entry user has not been entered in the sheet then use a combox, to select the reason , then choose a date ( i have a working date picker ). Then entry should be entered in sheet (Name, Surname, Reason, date).

Whats working, I can use all of the above to enter all the info into the sheet, what I need to do is verify if user is alread in there, if not, then add it. The so on and so forth

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Next Occurrence For Specific Task

Jan 11, 2012

I have 2 sheets with a formula in sheet 2 looking to pick up information from sheet 1. the formula in sheet 2 is:

=HLOOKUP(C8,'Cost-Effort'!$B$7:$AH$42,26, FALSE)

But C8 appears in W7 and X7 in sheet 1 and will only pick up the first Occurrence and I need it to pick up the second Occurrence for this specific task.

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VBA In Cloud With Task Scheduler

May 6, 2013

I have this excel workbook with VBA code that starts when the workbook is opened.

Every day at 12:00 the windows task scheduler opens the file (hidden). The problem is that my computer is not always turned on at 12:00 hence it would be better if I could store the file in the cloud and run task scheduler from there.

In an optimal world there also has to exist a dropbox connection.

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From PDF To Excel - Any Way To Automate This Task

Jun 6, 2013

I have a PDF sheet with info laid out like this:

Peter Paul Mary
Text Corporation
One two three street
Mars, New York 90000 USA
phone: (111) 555-2222

There are 10 names and addresses like this on each PDF page and the entire PDF file has 50 pages so to manually copy and paste each bit of info into separate cells on the spreadsheet's appropriate cells "Name, Company, Address, State, Phone, Email" e.t.c is too difficult.

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Perform Task Only If Cell Has Value

Jul 29, 2013

I have a large spreadsheet set up with multiple rows, I have the formula -

=a5&"repeated text"&c5

this brings back 2 results

test repeated text test
repeated text

In the instance this is the latter with no combined cell vale, how would I mass delete them?

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Repetitive Task - Different Output?

Nov 6, 2013

I need a macro in a excel for the below scenario:

1)i have merged cells from A1:B3

2)if i click on a macro the output in the above cells should be as follows"

"Login to database"

3)if i run the same macro for the 2nd time the output should be:

"Are you done with the reporting?"

4)if i run for 3rd time the output should be:

"Logoff from database"

5)Say example if i run the same macro for 1o times i should get 10 different outputs....if i run for the 11th time the output should get repeat from 1st....

6)Output need not be in order....random also fine...

If possible gimme 2 different codes:

1)Output should be in the order wise from 1-10 and get started from1 again

2)Output should be random....

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Calculating Task Time

Mar 18, 2007

I have a sheet to calculate Time Elapsed based on StartDT & EndDt taking into consideration the actual working hours in any working day and the function exclude the weekend. I am not a guru in excel but i found this formula in this website .

the formula works perfectly except for the fact that in our part of the world we have "Friday & Saturday" as the weekend days instead of Saturday and Sunday.

is there a way to get this formula or any similar formula to take different weekend days and do exactly what i need?

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Task Bar Buttons Moving

Jun 19, 2007

I am using code that creates a new workbook and then copies a number of sheets to the new workbook. I am using Application. ScreenUpdating = False but as the sheets are being copied over, the Excel task bar button jumps around.

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Monthly Task List

Sep 21, 2007

I am trying to create a task list from a master matrix of items to be completed. When fully populated the maters matrix should have approximately 200 items to be completed over the year. I want to create a monthly to do list in EXCEL based on the master matrix. Some reports will be due on various timeframes. The reports will also be assigned to different workers. I would also like to be able to provided brief instruction for each task. Items will be added and subtracted from the master list based on changing requirements. I would like each month to be a different tab in the workbook. Attached is a spreadsheet that better explains what I am looking to create.

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Run Macros In Scheduled Task

Nov 24, 2007

I've used Excel 2003 to write a macro to analyse some date from our internal proprietary database. I use some Perl to generate a bunch of csv files from the data, and the run the macro to generate graphs and statistics from that. What I would like to do now is run this entire operation as a scheduled task, so that, every week or so, the data is downloaded, the processing is done on the csv files, and the results are saved to a location to be viewed on our internal site.

I'm assuming that the best way to do this would be somehow run something from the command line (to be embedded in a script) which basically says "1) Open this csv file 2) run this macro 3) save the output to this location", but I can't figure out how this can be done.

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