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Counting Occurrences ...

I have aspreadsheet detailing stores issues.

The columns are: Item, Qty, Date. I need to find out for each item; what is the most common issue qty and how many times that occurred and what was the largets issue qty and how many times that occurs.

I have a highly conveluted way of finding this out but theremust be a quicker way.

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Counting Occurrences Of Particular Digit
I have a slight problem...I have a range of values..


I need to count the occurance of a a particular no. from 0-9.. So i want to know how many times say 0 appears in that range of values etc so on till 9. I tried using CountIF but the problem i face is lets say in my cell 0903 there are 2 0s inside, it doesnt count this 2 zero..

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Counting Unique Occurrences
We've got a column of names. A single name might appear once or two hundred times. The column is over 25,000 lines long, so we don't want to have to count how many different users there are (besides the likelihood of doing it wrong!). Is there some way to make Excel count the number of unique entries in the list, ignoring multiple repetitions of the same name?

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Macro :: Counting Occurrences Of A Name
I have 3 columns of data that contain horses names and these are sorted by a race time.

See attached txt file for example....

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Counting Number Of Occurrences Of A Date
I am running Excel 2007 at work in compatibility mode. My company is in the process of switching to Excel 2007, but not everyone has it, so I save my files in Excel 97-2003 format, so they can be viewed by everyone.

I am trying to count the number of occurrences of "dates" between a starting date and an ending date. (e.g., cells B16:B1000 contain dates when a test at work was performed. I want to count all tests that occurred between 12/30/2007 and 1/9/2007.) Please note that the dates cross the new year

More Info:
I have searched this board, found a similar post, and tried the different formulas listed but get a result of "0" (zero). If I try the same formulas at home using Excel 2000, they work. The formula types I've tried include regular and array styles I am led to believe that this is either an Excel 2007 bug (bug??? - Nah, not from Microsoft!), or one of the cute changes between the new and old versions that I keep running across. The last possibility is that I am doing something wrong, which a smart betting man wouldn't rule out either!

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Counting Occurrences Of Text String
I have a spreadsheet which consists of Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.

In Sheet 1, Column I there is a list of country names which indicate who visited our website at a certain time. So for example England may be listed multiple times.

In Sheet 2 I have a table showing January through to December in a column and the different country names across the top in one row.

I want the Table in Sheet 2 to count how many times England (for example) occurs in Column I and to indicate that as a numeric value.

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Counting Multiple Occurrences With Various Arrays
what I'm looking at doing is counting the number of reccuring unauthorised absences in a list. We have the persons name in column B, the absence type in column C and the date in column E. Basically I need to send out an AWOL notice when 5 days of unauthorised absence for the person in column B has occurred, so I need some sort of indication that this has happened in order for me to stick some conditional formatting in there to flag it.

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Counting Matching Occurrences From Multiple Columns
I have a sheet with data which is all sorted by columns.

What I want to be able to count the occurrence of an instance when 2 cells in the same row (but in different columns) match my given criteria.

Ive been using 'countif' to count the instances in a single column and I am now aware that this is about all it can be used for.

An example of my data is:

1 a
1 a
1 c
2 d
2 c
3 b
3 b
3 c
3 d

What I want to be able to count for example is how many times '3' & 'b' occur on the same row (in this case the answer would be 2).

Im not very good with pivot tables and have tried but have not managed to find an answer. I really hope that someone can help as Ive been working on this probelm for days and quite frankly its doing my head in :-)

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Counting Occurrences Based On Uniqueness Of Value In Another Column
I want to count the number of times a certain value is found in columnB, only for unique values in columnA.

I have made a simple example file, attached. Column B shows Status which can be Active, Current, Dormant. Column A holds Item names. I want to know how many Active Items I have, but an Item can appear more than once in ColA, so I want it only to include in the count the unique ColA values.

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Counting Occurrences In One Column Based On An Occurrence In Other
I have one column with names and another with date ranges (JAN06) etc. I
want to count the number of times a name occurs within a given date range.

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Find All Occurrences Of Value
I've got the code to change all the relevant cells, but cannot get it to stop looping. The data is a converted text to Excel document, so cannot filter on it.

Sub FindIt()

Dim rngFound As Range
Dim n As Range
Dim o As Range
Dim ProjName As String

ProjName = 0

With Selection.Columns("D:D").Activate

Set rngFound = Cells. Find(what:="Do Not Use", after:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, _
lookat:=xlPart, searchorder:=xlByColumns, searchdirection:=xlNext, _
MatchCase:=False) .....................

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Sumif But Only Last 6 Occurrences
I have this sumif function,
but this will sum about 50 occurrences of data in E329,
how do i adapt formula to just sumif last 6 occurrences??


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Allocate Look Up Value To Many Occurrences
My Vlookup result may relate to a number of occurances of the same source product code. I want to allocate the result so that the last occurance gets the balance. See attached file.

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Return Multiple Occurrences On Same Row
My question is presented, in details, inside the WB.

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Count Number Of Occurrences
I have a somewhat large spreadsheet that is imported from an AS/400 database which shows the number of times something is being used. It lists the object in a row for each use. For instance, if the object is being used 4 times, there would be four rows of this object's name as well as a 0, 1, 2, 3 next to the correct row. Where it is being used is listed in the H Column.

I'm just trying to count the number of times each object is used and where it is used and list it out in another worksheet. Like this:

Object 1, 4 uses, Place 1 2 3 and 4.

Can someone point me in the right direction in terms of where to start with this? I don't mind giving it a shot in terms of the coding but I'm somewhat at a loss in terms of the general "how to".

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Find Occurrences And Offset
I want to find a string Variables via Find Method . Once this string is found, it will output the offset cell string. For example, in the attached file. i would want to find the string "ggg", once found the code will output the string "xxx"

I tried using the below code but it didn;t seem to work.

If Cells.Find(What:="ggg", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt _
:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:= _
False).Activate Then
File_array(1,1,1) = Cells.Offset(0, -3)
End If


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Check For Pairs Occurrences
I am looking for a code which will check and display the Maximum Occurrences of pairs of 2 Characters.

In the attached file I tried to write some code but it seems to be wrong.

For your convinience, I entered the reuslts in a table (hopefully not mistaken).
The code should display a MsgBox saying that "The pair 'ab' was found 6 times in A1.

The string, in A1, can be any string in any length.

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Count Occurrences Of Names
I have a small sample sheet attached..I need a formula in column c which identifies how often the name in column B hass occurred already in the sheet. Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;File attached

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Number Of Occurrences Of Each Letter
I need to figure out the number of occurrance of a letter in a word written in a cell. For Example i am writing "pattern" in a Excel cell. I want to know the marco/vba code that will give me the number of occurrance of each letter. The output should be:


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Return Nth Largest Of Last Occurrences
In the attached sheet there is a list of horse runs in time order with the latest at the bottom..col C contains the rating for each run. I need a formula to fill down col d and e. Col d is to contain the rating of its previous run and column e the rating of its second last run. for example row 21 ..I have filled in manually Autumn charms last run had a rating of 116 and its second last run was 122..filled in in cell e21. if a horse has not ran(is now shown previously..above in column e..just leave the cols d and e blank...

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Count SUM Occurrences By Month
I've set up a trial sample register to monitor progress.

Column A contains date of receipt
Column B contains data of report
Column C contains deadline
Column D contains a formula to indicate whether the deadline was achieved, or force the cell to be blank if no date was entered,

Columns E to P contain other information.

So far ok.

I want to create a summary by month., giving the number of samples received each month, which I did by extracting the month from column A =month(A2), but i also want the number which met the deadline.

How do I count the number of Yes for each month?

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Count Most Occurrences Of Value In Range
I have a table of values, each of which can occur multiple times on multiple rows. I need to figure out the maximum number of times a specific value appears in a row. I could do it quite easily with VBA, running countif on each row and tracking the maximum, but I would like to do it with builtin formulae if at all possibl

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Unpredictability Random Occurrences Of The Same Variable
I am trying to find the best values which will reduce the unpredictability of a certain process. To do this I need to analyze random occurrences of the same variable when it is controlled by a constraint. I included a workbook with example calculations. As you will see, the values in Results column are controlled to some extent by the value in cell E2. When you press F9 a brand new sequence of results in calculated in column Results. I wonder if it is possible to make a macro which will store side-by-side ALL the 50 values generated in the Results column per one F9 press on a separate sheet (e.g. “output”) for, say, 100 or 500 computer-generated F9 button presses.

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Count The Number Of Occurrences In Cell

I need to count the number of occurrences in cell AA3. I need only to count the occurrences of AA3, that also have the contents of A20 and G2 in them.

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Count The Number Of Consecutive Occurrences
I have an excel spreadsheet to record employee holiday and sickness figures.

It is set on as a grid e.g. column A stores all the dates and then employee names are used as column header.

One of the triggers I need to use is where, an employee has been absent 28 consecutive days. When an employee is absent I simply enter 'ABSENT' against there name.

Countif will count the number of time absent appears in the column however I need it to only recognise it if it is only 28 days in a row.

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Count Number Of Occurrences (not Incidents)
I am working on a spreadsheet that tracks employee attendence and I am hoping there is a formula that can count the number of occurrences (see below) not the number of incidents (total number of times it comes up).


incidents of v: 5
occurrences of v: 3

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List/Consolidate All Occurrences By Condition
Because file size is large therefore I have uploaded the file to megaupload. Click the weblink below:

Is there formula or UDF which I can use in Column W in Pivot by Week worksheet tab so that I can consolidate all jobs for machine based on shift by day?

Have look in Column W in Pivot by Week worksheet tab for a sample for desired solution.

For Instance, in cell W7 I have used manual formula to consolidate all jobs for G16 Day.

=C9&", "&C10&", "&C18&", "&C19&", "&C20&", "&C21&", "&C23&", "&C24&", "&C25&", "&C32&", "&C36&", "&C37

All job that have a count is greater than 0 is included in my formula.

I need to consolidate the same for other machines as follow: ....

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Count Occurrences Within Date Range
I need to count the number of occurrences of a range of dates in one column. These are not unique dates, but dates between two date periods i.e. number of dates falling between 02/07/07 and 09/07/07. I have tried using the COUNTIFS function and inserting the column range (e.g. B7-B57) and then searching for dates <=02/07/07. However, what I need is to search for the number of times any date in a given period occurs i.e. number of 03/07/07s in a period from 02/07/07 to 09/07/07.

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Count Word Occurrences In String
Lets say there is a string: " andy,andy,tom,amy,andy" and I would like to search the word "andy". The function would return 3.

How could I implement this using VBA?

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Count Number Of Non-repeated Occurrences
I am trying to find out if Sumproduct or Countif will provide me the answer but in vain. In the example of the 2 columns of data, how do I find out the number of one-time (or unique) combined occurences for data in column A and B? In my example the answer should be 5. I do not how to proceed with my Sumproduct formula which gives error. =SUMPRODUCT(($A$1:$A$17="A122")*$B$1:$B$17)

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Count The Number Of Occurrences From 2 Columns
Look at 2 columns and assess if certain criteria and then count the number of these certain criteria. I give an example below:

Column 1: Has a drop down box of possibilities from: "Red", "Amber", "Green", N/A

Column 2: Has a drop down box of possible choices of: "Significant", "Other".

What I would like to do is have a formula which will count the number of times you have "Red and Significant", "Red and Other", "Amber and Significant", "Amber and Other", "Green and Significant", "Green and Other" and "N/A and Significant" and "N/A and Other".

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Lookup & Return Multiple Occurrences
In Sheet1 are unique VM entries (Column A) which have a Group (Column B), Time (Column C) and a Reference (Column D) which can be same for other VM entries. In Sheet2 are the unique Reference Entries (Column A) which need Group (Column B) and Time (Column C) entries populated from Sheet 1. Multiple occureneces need to go in one cell, I realise this is not the best idea, but for this purpose they need to be and seperated by a comma or semi-colon.

In B2 I've used this formula:
Which partly works, but only returns the first occurrence of H1 on Sheet1. I need all occurrences (i.e G1;G4;G8) returning for B2.

I can only think that some VBA script may be needed but I'm not really an expert in this area. In the full spreadsheet there are hundreds of rows and multiple entries, where Group and Time need to be populated on the second sheet

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Formula To Count Occurrences In A Given Date Range
I am needing to count the number of calls in a call center between certain hours by date. Column A is the date, Column B is the time of the call. I am needing to know how many calls occurred on X date between the hours of y and z. I have tried various forms of the countif and sumproduct but can't seem to get any of them to work for me. Here is the graph I am trying to populate:

Date Hours
12a-4a 4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-12a

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Count Rows Between Occurrences In Multiples Columns
How do I create a code that record on row 1012, starting with column N, will count the number of rows between each "0" record in the range F7:F106. Perform the same function for number "0" in the range G7:G106 and recording in N1013.

Perform the same function for number "0" in the range H7:H106 and recording in N1014. Perform the same function for number "0" in the range F7:H106 and recording in N1015.

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Find All Occurrences Of Value & Copy Relative Cells
The code is supposed to find HEQL in column G in BOOKED.XLS ( attached) and then do a series of copy pastes into two other workbooks. For some reason, it is only finding one instance of HEQL and there should be 255.

Sub COF1()

Dim lastrow As Long
Dim x As Long

Worksheets("Sheet1"). Range("B:B").NumberFormat = "0.0000000000000000"

Range("A65536") = "100"
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteAll, Operation:=xlDivide, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
Range("A1").Select .....................

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Count Occurrences Of Adjacent Cells By Condition
I am attaching a sheet in which Data can be entered in cells C5 & D5 in "Calculation " sheet, depending upon the value of C5 it will count all the Occurrence of data of D5 in adjacent cell i.e. (one up & and one below of data of C5) . data will search in "PCM_PLAN" sheet in column " I ".
count will be given in E5 in "calculation sheet"

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Lookup All Occurrences Across Multiple Sheets & Report
I came across a code on your website that looks across numerous sheets and stops at the first match. I have a similar need but only i do not want the code to stop when it has found the first match. I want the code to lookup from 1 column in 1 sheet to another workbook with 20 odd sheets, then want it to return a findings report or show all matches.

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Find TextBox Value Occurrences On Sheet & Offset
i've got two textboxes and a command button on a userform.

Textbox1's value is "A" Textbox2's value is "B".

On commandbutton_click, i'd like to search down column P for textbox1's value.

then offset -5 to column J and insert textbox2's value.

Then Next search for the next textbox1's value and replace the offset again until all values have been replaced.

I've done the searches and not sure exactly how to go about it, it seems so easy but i'm getting tired of looking at this project.

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Lookup All Occurrences & Return Results To 1 Cell
My task is that I have several documents exported in excel. The requirements in them were mapped to another document. The IDs were populated in a certain column but are now no longer needed. I have to convert those old Ids to the current ones. In my example I have populated Sheet one with the lookup table. In column A are the old IDs. In Column B are the new ones they map to. The old ones can map to several which is why there are more than one ID in some of the cells. In column D of Sheet 2 I have populated it with the old Ids. In Column A I'd like to have the lookup return the appropriate maps to the new Ids. For example for the first map in cell A2 it should return:

all in one cell.

Vlookup can return the first hit (abc_18 and abc_43 for cell D2), but ignores the other two IDs in cell D2. I was able to work around this combining the find, mid, and vlookup to return all values. The problem with that is that the formula gets monstrously big after just having it return 4. In the actual files it can be up to 30 IDs which would make that formula literally pages long since. I have pretty much no experience with macros, but it seems like the only solution since I have to send this off to various people so they can use it.

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Find Values From Column In Another & Copy All Occurrences
I have created (pieced) together a macro to search through a list and paste the results in another worksheet it works fine but i can't get it to loop through the list.

Sub Findall()
Dim y As Long
Dim starta As String
Dim tr As Long, tc As Long
Dim sr As Long, sc As Long
Dim s As Worksheet, t As Worksheet
Dim SourceCell As Range
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Set t = Sheets("Target Sheet")
Set s = Sheets("Search sheet")
Set SourceCell = ActiveCell
Do While IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False
Counter = 1
'Get last used row in Target Sheet

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Formula To Count Occurrences Of Multiple Elements Within A String
I have a number of records that have in one cell a string of the form 1,2,3 etc (up to 10) representing conditions that have been met. There are a number of options available for producing reports on all of the other attributes in a record but now we wish to add this element as well.

The reports I can produce using VBA and the INSTR function, however on the summary page where, a total of all records matching available criteria is shown, depending upon drop down items being selected, I need to add this element to the equation as well. The existing conditions are counted using SUMPRODUCT and a combination of IF statements and work fine.

As there is an option to create a report for both AND and OR, e.g. if condition 1 and 2 and 3 apply include in the report, or if condition 1 or 2 or 3 apply include in the report

The conditions are selected using a check box and a drop down list to select the AND/OR condition.

I have been trying various combinations of database functions, countif, find and cannot get them to evaluate. I suspect that it may be beyond my reach to use a formula and I will need to use VBA with a Worksheet_Change macro to achieve what I want, or alternatively redesign the layout to store the conditions differently, however if anyone has any ideas for a formula I would much appreciate hearing from you.

A sample worksheet illustrates how the data is currently shown. The string in the record column is created using VBA and then inserted into the actual record.

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Count The Percentage Of Occurrences Where Products Are Chosen Togather
What I have is a table (far larger than this example) which details a reference, and then and products under that unique reference. What I need to be able to do is count the percentage of occurrences where product 1 and 2 are chosen together and product 1 and 3 together and so on. So basically I need to be able to see which product options are the most popular choice as a bundle. but have no idea where to begin.

This is an example of my table, but mine has 16,000 rows, so not possible just to count myself.

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Count Occurrences Based Condition In 2 Dynamic Columns
I have been trying the whole day to create a formula to solve this but I just can't get it. To make it simple, let's say I have column A filled with different people names, column B filled with Level of Complexity and column C with the Activity (work task) title. This table is fed dynamically, so the number of rows can vary from 2 to 2000.

What I want to do is count how many times a single name appears related to the same complexity, so I can tell how many "simple, medium or complex" tasks each person has in their work queue.

A simple table example would be:
colA colB colC
Dan Complex Build House
Dan Complex Build Shopping center
Dan Simple Take dog to walk
Jose Simple Clean desk
Maria Medium Paint office roof

Then, on another cell I'd like to have a formula automatically telling me that Dan has 2 Complex tasks and 1 Simple, and so on - considering number rows is not a fixed number. What I have so far is this: =SUMPRODUCT((Data!$I$2:$I$457="Dan")*(Data!$L$2:$L$457="Complex"))
But I need to tell a specific last row, and if the data worksheet gets updated with less data (say 450 rows) the formula breaks...

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Lookup Query - Occurrences: Create Another Worksheet With The Months Of The Years Listed Down Column
I have a table that lists the months of the year down from cell A2:A13, and days of the week along row from cell B1:H1. The data in between (cell B2:H13) is pulled through from elsewhere in the workbook and is in number format.

What I basically want to do is create another worksheet with the months of the years listed down column A, and in column B, for each month, I want the first day of the week where the value in the original table is more than zero, and in column C the second day of the week where the value is more than zero. I really hope that makes sense, was quite difficult to explain!

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Count The Number Of Occurrences Of A Number In A Range
I would like to count the number of occurence of a user given number in a range through VBA code. Have attached a sample with this.

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Counting 0 In A Row
i use a excel sheet to count the points gaint in an competition with model sail boats ...

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Day ## Of ## Counting
I am looking for a formula that will count days in increments of 1 through 40. I need it to look like this: DAY 1 of 40

Whereas only the "1" counts up to 40 every 24 hours. And maybe a button to reset the counter back to "1" ...

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Counting Unique ID's
I've got a list that's about 15,000 rows long. Column A has a date and column B has an alpha numeric ID. The list is sorted in order of oldest date at the top, most recent at the bottom. The range of dates is from 1/1/2007 through 3/23/2009. Both the same date and ID show up multiple time throughout the list.

I need to figure out how many unique ID's show up on the list in each given calendar month. I could manually break up the list into months, use an advanced filter and then run a count formula, but it seems like there must be an easier approach.

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Sumproduct.... But Counting?
I have a working SUMPRODUCT forumla, which sums the numbers in column B that are between two dates (column A) that I specify.

Is there a simple way to turn this into a count? I thought maybe a COUNTIFS formula, but that can't get the count between the dates, as only one criteria is applied to each range.

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Counting Formula
I have the following formula

=IF(B8>='Credit Details'!$C$12,IF(SUM($D$8:D8)>=$I$2,"TRUE","FALSE"),"FALSE")

What this does is the date in referenece 'Credit Details'!$C$12
Is equal or greater then Reference B8 then complete the main formula


But the problem being the formula always counts from D8 but I need it
to start counting from what the date is B is => then 'Credit Details'!$C$12

Is there anything you can think of?

Example, if I want the formula to count all the numbers in row D after the date is above 01/11/06 and the date is in row B. Before I counted $D$8:D8 so every time the formula repeating it always started from D8

But the date might not go above 01/11/06 til cell D20 but changes each time

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Counting Characters
I have 62,000 lines - and some of the cells contain 4 numbers, and some of the cells contain a sequence with two letters followed by 8 numbers

I want to count how many cells have the sequence of two letters and 8 numbers.

Everything Ive read so far has led me to using the LEN function, but that doesn't seem to be working too well for me.

Example: In D5 if I have AB00011111

Basically =LEN(D5) will tell me there is 10 characters in the cell - How do I get it to count the cells with only 10 characters and post the number of cells with 10 characters in column E1 for me.

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