Highlight 5 Of The Lowest Values In A Column

Jan 24, 2010

I'm using the code described down below to highlight 5 of the lowest values in a column. The problem; If at a certain moment the column contains less then 5 values the code errors, so I've to put in a lot of error handlers to fix the problem.

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Highlight The Lowest Number In Each Column

Sep 16, 2005

I have 18 columns of numbers, I need to figure out how to highlight the lowest number in each column, only if it is a unique value... in other words, only if it doesn't match any other number in that column. I'd also like that number somehow paired up with it's row's indentifier and put somewhere in a report.

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Highlight Highest And Lowest Number In Range Of Cells Several Times In Same Column?

Jul 28, 2014

need to understand the easiest way of highlighting the highest and lowest number in a range of cells several times in the same column.

As I said the cell range will be in the same column. So highlight the highest number green and lowest number red in cells a3 to a9 and then repeat the same process again in cells a11 to a17 and so on.the cell references are an example.

So I have several separate sets of numbers in the same column.

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Find Lowest 5 Numbers In Column A With Highest Values In Column B

Oct 5, 2013

I am looking for a formula that will find the lowest 5 number group in column A with a total value from column B under $100 in the below table.

1 $28.75
2 $28.00
3 $27.75
4 $24.75
5 $25.50
6 $25.25
7 $25.25
8 $16.50
9 $24.75
10 $26.50
11 $24.50
12 $27.00
13 $26.50
14 $23.50
15 $23.00
16 $19.25
17 $20.75
18 $25.00
19 $20.50
20 $20.50
21 $17.75
22 $22.50
23 $20.50
24 $19.75
25 $20.00
26 $10.75
27 $11.25
28 $5.25
29 $13.00
30 $9.00

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Subtract Column Values With Lowest Number Among Them?

May 22, 2013

I have an excel with column value as below(sample)

empty cell
empty cell
empty cell
and more...

Actually i want it to reduce others with lowest number among them.. and after every empty cell, it should find the lowest number again and reduce it from others.. this should repeat until the column data completes. after processing it should find as below

empty cell
empty cell
empty cell

Any macro or excel formula for processing such a kind of excel. Empty cell works like a delimiter..

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Arrange Numerical Values In Order From Lowest To Highest In Column

Jun 19, 2014

Trying to arrange numerical values in order from lowest to highest in a column i have a code to do that but i need it to be able to but to a range in the column so it only sorts the values in rows 3 - 60 not all of the rows in the column

Sub Testsort()
Selection.Sort Key1:=Range("A3"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlGuess, _
OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _
End Sub

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Copy Rows Where Column Of Numbers In Between Highest & Lowest Values

May 30, 2008

I have imported and filtered a .csv. to specified sheet names. I have rows that have been sorted by a specific column's cell contents. i.e.

xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 1 xxxx xxx xxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 1 xxxx xxx xxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 2 xxxx xxx xxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 2 xxxx xxx xxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx 2 xxxx xxx xxx

I need to be able to select all the rows or ranges that contain a common value 1's and then loop back and select the next group 2's of rows until the row or column contains "".

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Highlight Lowest Cell Value

Aug 31, 2009

I am new to excel and have to create a comparison chart that shows the lowest cell result in each row ie

23 25 28 13 42 16 13
21 34 25 17 21 23 17

I will have 36 rows by 20 columns I also need the lowest in each row to appear at the end of the row in the total column. I would like to highlight the cell by a cell colour rather than text colour.

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Highlight X Lowest Times

Sep 6, 2007

Is it possible to highlight the three lowest cells with different colors within a given range. Example: I have a range of value( times from a 100 meter dash race)from cell B4 to cell B14, how can I highlight the fastest time in red, the second fastest in blue and third in yellow.

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Finding The Lowest Value And Highlight With Condition?

Feb 3, 2014

question 1 : In the below sheet, is there a way to use the condition highlighting the quantity for each item which has the lowest (prices/pcs) value?

for example : comparing the ITEM 1 -> $8/10 , $6/8, $9/20, $11/20
and highlight the 8pcs for item 1, indicates item 1, seller bill has the best offer.

Question 2 : Since I will have at least 50 items, is there a way to just copy the formula and apple to each row ?

question 3 : I would also like to apply a formula that can calculate the price and quantity of each item. for example : on the I column, for Item 1, i would love to order 3 orders, since bill has the best offer, so I will have 24pcs on column I3. And i would love to apply such formula to each item for each row.

Question 4 : For the cell J3, I would like to know if bill has the best offer for the item 1, order 3 orders, the price for item 1 will be $18. And I would like to apply such formula to each row for each item.

I do not want to create another column for each seller: such as ($/pcs) to find out the best offer, since i will have at least 35suppliers , and try to make the sheet look as nest as possible.

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Sum Columns And Highlight Lowest Three Of Sums

Oct 27, 2009


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Conditional Formatting: Highlight The Lowest Number

Jan 12, 2008

I have in a range B10:B110 formulae that returns a number. When I try and use CF to highlight the lowest number, it does not trigger. Is it not possible to have both a formula and CF in the same cell, that triggers the CF.

The formula to return a number is


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Highlight Column Values

Dec 17, 2007

In Excel 2003, I need to be able to format one column (ie Lead Source) so that if the value in that column is not x,y, or z, it is highlighted or is otherwise visually marked as being out of compliance.

For example, if I have a column that is titled Month, I need to format it such that if the value entered does not match one of the 12 months of the year, it is highlighted.

It is also important to be able to apply this formatting to already existing data, as opposed to as it is being entered (as in list validation). And that is can be easily applied to large sets of data.

I have used conditional formatting in the past to highlight repeated cells, and had tried something similar with this, but am not familiar enough with excel syntax and can't seem to make it fly.

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How To Highlight The Duplicate Values In Column

Oct 26, 2013

find the attached Sheet, where some values are entered in column A with repeated action. What I need that through an excel function the repeated values should get red colour like in the Column C.

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Highlight Duplicate Values In A Single Column

Mar 6, 2013

I created a spreadsheet for use by the shipping department where I work. We are trying to prevent pulling and shipping the incorrect item to the customer. This is how it works. The employee downloads a CSV file containing items that have been purchased from our website and imports the file into the excel. Then the item is pulled and the employee scans the item's barcode into the spreadsheet named "SCAN." Formulas and code on the "reference" sheet look for the SKU number in the list from the CSV file while others create a consolidated list of SKUs that have been scanned, SKUs that have a problem and need to go to customer service, and SKUs from the CSV file that have yet to be scanned. Some of the formulas in this workbook have been borrowed from forums like this and altered to fit my needs - I'll admit I'm not even entirely sure how they work.

Occasionally a SKU is scanned in twice and not always sequentially which will effect the total item count. It can be very difficult to find the duplicates in the list.

I would like for any value that appears more than once in column B of the 'SCAN' sheet to be highlighted. I have tried to do this, but to no avail.

Scan Below
If FWD: CS, state reason below:



[Code] ......

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Highlight Values In Column B That Are Same As Values In A

Feb 28, 2012

I have 100,000 lines of data and an trying to highlight values in column B based on those in column A.

For example if 1 appears in A then several times in B then it should highlight each instance in B where it appears in B. However is 2 appears twice in B - but not in A - then it should not highlight any cel.

Column A is the criteria list I think there are 140 unique values.

Column B is the data I need highlighted there are around 100,000 rows. In there values from column A appear multiple times. I need all of the multiples in B - where they match a value from column A - highlighted.

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Highlight And Message Box Duplicate Values Over All Worksheets Within Same Column

Dec 4, 2013

I've been looking for a solution to highlight all duplicates within a certain column across all worksheets in the workbook as the entry is made, no button to search for them. I have found bits and pieces, but can't seem to stitch them together to create what I am looking for, still very green with vba.

My workbook is a loading schedule at a warehouse, so there is a tab for each day (the date being the tab name, ex. '12.04.13'.) Tabs are continually added and removed to progress the calendar, and minimize file size. The column I am searching for duplicates in, is column L (or 12, however you wish to identify it.) If a duplicate value is entered, I want at the very least to highlight the value just entered, and the value elsewhere on the workbook, and if possible, have a msg box pop up stating the location of the other duplicate (or at least the tab (date) the duplicate is on.) The message box is more so for an in your face error check, with a built in GPS. Would it also be possible to only search from row 2 to 100, and ignore any further rows on each sheet?

The point of this, is to locate duplicates to make sure an appt has not been double booked, and both entries can be located to verify which entry has the correct information (carrier, delivery appt, etc.)

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Find The Lowest Values ...

Jan 19, 2007

i have in the range (Ag1:an1)the names of the months from january- august)in the range (Ag2:An55) ihave numbers in every cell now in every row for example Ag2:An2 i want to find the values less than 50 then i want to write thier month's names in the cells from Ap2:Aw2 i want to do this with every row from row 2 to 55

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Rank The 5 Lowest Values

May 6, 2009

In a range of 27000 records I dlike to find the lowest 5 values excluding, div0, N/A and other error things like that

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Select The Lowest Of Three Values In Cells

May 18, 2009

I want to select the lowest of three values in cells I21, I22 & I23. Another condition is that the formula should not select the lowest if it happens to be a zero. If i have 0, 100 & 200 I need the formula to select the 100 value.

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Removing Lowest And Highest Values

May 13, 2009

what I need for excel to automatically remove the highest and lowest TOTAL POINTS and create an average "Speed Rating" of the remaining 3 scores.

Is it possible to get Excel to do this?

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How To Pick Lowest 15 Values In A List

Mar 4, 2012

Have column A which is list of names and column E which shows how much each name owes. I want to compile a list of names and amounts owed for the 15 biggest debts (ie. 15 lowest numbers as they are negative values).

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Highest To Lowest Values By Condition

Feb 6, 2008

I need a formula that will pull specified information from sheet2 (without having to sort) into sheet 1 by looking up the specified name. See attachd file.

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How To Find Top 10 / Lowest 10 Values Based On Month

Jun 18, 2014

I have 4 grids on the trending tab. I want to find the top 10 highest Color assets from Fleet Volume -Color tab under the correct month.

So for example, if the month is May as in cell G3 on the trending tab, then look at the data under the month of May on the Fleet Volume-Color tab and find the top 10 assets and drop in the City, Address, Model, Serial Number and then volume to the 1st grid on the trending tab, then repeat for Highest B&W

I want to the do the same for each of the other 3 grids on this tab. I want this to update based on the month on both tabs.

Of course, the data on the Fleet Volume tabs is a small range due to size, the data is a lot larger.

Is there are way to do this with a formula? I tried Large and small formula but not too sure how to bring over the other data like City, Model etc.

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Using Index / Match / Mini To Find Three Lowest Values In A Row

Apr 22, 2014

I've used the below formula to fill column D with the name of the cheapest supplier for the parts listed in each row.


Is there a way to fill columns E & F with the 2nd & 3rd cheapest suppliers?

My table is shown below:


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Monitoring Data: Record The Highest And Lowest Values

Jan 17, 2007

I have data in a worksheet coming from an external device that is updated via DDE. The values in the cell change every few seconds. I would like to record the highest and lowest values that these cells contain.

I want the peak values to be stored in other cells.

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Auto Sort Values From Highest To Lowest Based Off Of Value

Jul 7, 2008

I need the close% column to auto sort from highest to lowest so that I can see at a glance who the top sales person is. I have conditional formatting for the top three but I would rather them auto sort by close%, can anybody help me with this. I have attached the file,

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Finding Highest And Lowest Values In Dynamic Range?

Dec 28, 2011

I have a column that updates automatically by placing a value in in the next blank cell in the column. I am trying to write two formulas to identify the highest and lowest values in the preceding 10 cells of each update in the column but seem to be stuck in MIN/MAX/OFFSET hell.

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Display Lowest To Highest In List Where Values Are Duplicated

Sep 18, 2007

I am currently trying to display a number from a column of data, where the number is the smallest, then the second smallest (third, fourth and fifth where applicable). When using =small, I am able to display the second smallest number, but when the list contains duplicates, the second smallest figure often matches the smallest. I am having the same problem with =large. I have tried to combat this by using an IF statement, but am only able to place so many arguments into the formula before excel is unable to perform the formula. This is also proving quite lengthy :o(

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Find Lowest Value In Column

Mar 1, 2007

if it is possiable to do a find function to find the lowest value in a colum and then output that entire row. e.g a list of dates, I need to know what is the oldest date and what row that is for reference.

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