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Protect The Workbook

Excel 2007. I have the workbook structure protected with a password. When I open the file, the worksheets are sized to file the normal Excel window space. When I email the spreadsheet to a customer who also has Excel 2007, the worksheets are small and she has to use the arrows to navigate.

We tried changing her view and that didn't work. She does not have the arrows available to resize the window. The only way I could fix it for her was to remove the workbook structure protection. I'm nervous about leaving it this way for our entire customer base as they could unhide hidden sheets and even delete them. Has anyone else experienced this? One more thing, customers that have an earlier version of Excel have not had this problem. This workbook is save as an .xls to be backward compatible.

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Locking Workbook :: Tools >protection > Protect Workbook
I have a workbook with 8 sheets. I have hidden two of the sheets and want to lock the rest from people editing, and stop them from unhiding the hidden sheets

I go to tools>protection > protect workbook

After typing in the password this doesnt protect the workbook as i am still able to edit the cells.

how to lock the all sheets and stop them from being edited?

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Protect The VBA Of Workbook
I have created an Excel workbook and protected the sheet. However, it still allows me go into the VBA section (Alt+F11) and edit away to their heart's content.

How can I protect my spreadsheet, as well as the VBA associated with it?

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Protect Workbook
Is there a button to protect a workbook in the same way that you can protect sheets? For example, I don't want a user to be able to touch any locked cells and there's multiple worksheets in this workbook. Do I have to go to each worksheet and protect them or is there a button to protect all worksheets at once?

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Protect Workbook From Ex-employees
How can I protect by workbook from ex-employees and the competition from using (I am aware of the weak security measures Excel offers, but something is better than nothing)? Each worksheet is password protected to slow down novice Excel users. However, ex-employees know the password. I was thinking if there was a way to have a changing password (which only a couple people would know) or have the worksheet look for a hidden file on our network, that one of these methods (or another) might work.

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How Do I Protect An Entire Workbook
How do I protect an entire workbook, rather than each worksheet, individually?

Also, I have several worksheets in this workbook. When info is entered in b8, I want this info automatically inserted in all other worksheets within that workbook.

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Protect Workbook No Password
I have a workbook that contains a series of macros designed to compare various reports and spit out a report. I don't want my users to have to insert a password, but I want to keep my workbook protected. I've already protected the macros in the VBA Properties, so those are pretty safe, but the worksheets in the workbook are susceptible to changes that will hose my macros.

Setting the workbook to "Read Only" in Properties on our shared drive helps, but any user can change that at will. Within Excel, going to Options, Security, I can set a password so no-one can modify that workbook, but that pops up a password box when they open the workbook. I'd like to NOT have the password box pop up unless I need to make changes. Is there a way to do that? I've looked on the internet but can't find a solution on this one.

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Unprotect A Workbook With VBA And Re-protect It When Saved
I want the excel spreadsheet to "BE Protected" in standard form, and only be "Unprotected" when macros are enabled -- BUT DONT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, hear me out, it gets deeper than that

If the user does not enable macros, I want the book to be protected. If they do enable macros, it becomes unprotected.... (On load is good enough, no need to be real-time)..... But, they can save the book, so it would no longer be protected , which is where my question comes in ...

I could use the -unprotect "password"- on load when macros are enabled but this will only work if the spreadsheet was originally protected and is never saved again. This is a problem because this workbook will be given to others and will be saved time and time again.

So, I had a vision :-) .... function 'before save' , protect the sheet using -protect "password"- , allow the sheet to save, and then unprotect back using 'unprotect "password"' so you can continue using - BUT, the problem with this is now I have created an endless loop in theory, because after it unprotects it would want to re-save again because it changed

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VBA Code To Password Protect Workbook
I am trying to add a command button that will set a custom view, password protect all worksheets, and finally password protect the entire workbook structure. The code I am using will correctly set the view and add the password to the worksheets, but it will not apply the password to the workbook structure. What do I need to add?

Private Sub cmdReset_Click()

ActiveWorkbook.Unprotect Password:="test"
ActiveWorkbook.Protect Password:="test"
ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="test"

ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=False, Contents:=True, Scenarios:= _
ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="test"

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Protect Workbook From Editing / Viewing
I have placed a workbook on a network drive. This workbook contains sensitive information and I would like to protect it to a "feasible" degree. I have written the following code

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim userid As String, valid_userid As String
Dim i As Integer
valid_userid = "MISI01/"
userid = GetUserName()
userid = UCase(userid) & "/"
i = InStr(1, userid, valid_userid)
If i = 0 Then
MsgBox ("You are not authorised to use this workbook")
ActiveWorkbook.Close False
Exit Sub
End If
'create menu when workbook opens
Call Module1.CreateMenu("")
Call Modul1.check_filedate("")
' This will disable the user from moving, renaming etc the sheets
ActiveWorkbook.Protect Structure:=True, Windows:=False
End Sub

As can be seen from the above code, I check if the current userid is one of those that are valid to open the workbook. If not the idea is to tell them and close the workbook immediately (this bit isn't tested yet). This code is not supposed to be hacker proof, but to prohibit the casual user from reviewing the the data.

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Protect Worksheet & Save Workbook
I want to find a code to lock all the cells with data once a button is pressed and with the same button click i want the workbook to be saved.

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Protect Workbook From Opening Without Password
protect all the sheets. I would want the password box to popup whenever, the excel file is opened unless the proper password is entered the sheets file should remain deactivated and when the password is entered it should be displayed as "*".

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Workbook Password Protect 2 Levels
On opening a workbook (XL2003) I want users to enter a password which will give them read Only permissions or access to the whole book. I do not want use the "save as" option it is not suitable for my needs & here is why. I have about 10 staff who need to fill in timesheets using XL SS on a public folder on the server. The staff need full access to file & management such as myself only need to view (read only) the timesheet without the ability to change data. Using the "save as" function the staff need to input 2 passwords.

The staff (in general) are not overly computer literate so I was hoping to be able to write code so that on Workbook_Open event only one password is entered and depending on the password gives the user full access or readonly access. This will also save management having to remember different passwords for read only access to different staff timesheet files & will give crude protection to the files.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim Message, Title, Default, Password As String
Message = "Enter your password" ' Set prompt.
Title = "Password" ' Set title.
Default = " " ' Set default.
' Display message, title, and default value.
Password = InputBox(Message, Title, Default)
If Password = "test" Then
Workbook.ReadOnly = True
Workbook.ReadOnly = False
End If

End Sub

Error occur on "Workbook.ReadOnly" lines . I also want to put an errorchecking code for invalid passwords. Again, I know I can use the "save as" option but that is not what I need.

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Workbook Enable Macro Protect / Unprotect The Sheet
I need a macro that I can have in any workbook enabling me to protect / unprotect the workbook that I have currently opened with a set password (let say "Password")

I would link this macro to a button in excel 2002. I have try the following but it doesnt work

Would it be possible that the button (first) works (second) understand whether or not protect / unprotected and do the opposite?

Sub Protect
Activeworkbook.protect password:="password", structure:=FALSE, Windows:=false
End Sub

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How To Protect Cells/columns In Multiple Sheets In A Workbook
I'm trying to protect the contents of columns in multiple sheets in a workbook. I've tried to group the columns ( - months, i.e. sept, oct, nov 09 through to march 10) but when I go to Protection options the 'sheet' protection option is not available, all I can do is protect or unprotect the entire workbook.

I've also tried to protect the workbook, but individually set the specific columns in each sheet to be protected (repetitious but seemingly unavoidable), but this doesn't work well either as there's now a mix of a protected workbook and protected columns, both with individually set passwords to unprotect... which seems a bit silly.

There must be a way around this? - the columns are H, J, K and L, and the entire contents of the summary sheet '2009-10 Financial Year'... basically I'd like to be able to protect all of the contents of all of the cells here, ideally just with one password.

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Password Protect: Unlock The Worksheet, Autofilter It, Print It, Unfilter It, And Password Protect The Sheet Again?
I have a sheet that is password protected. I have this code attached to a command button. It will unlock the worksheet, autofilter it, print it, unfilter it, and password protect the sheet again. However it is protecting it without a password. I need to have it protected with the password so that someone will not be able to just go to tools to unprotect the sheet.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
ActiveSheet.Unprotect "rainforest"
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=">0", Operator:=xlAnd
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1
ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True _
, AllowSorting:=True, AllowFiltering:=True
End Sub

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Merits Of VBA Protect Vs Non-Protect
I would like to protect the intellectual property of an application and have read differing opinions of the merits of protecting VBA code. What are the opinions of the experts on this forum? Are the password breaker programs so advanced that protecting code is a waste of time and only a hinderance to debugging and troubleshooting?

I am using MS Excel 2003 (11.5612) on XP.

I apologize if this topic has already been covered on this forum. I searched but did not find exactly what I was looking for. I am happy to review an old post if one exists.

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Protect Sheet
My user form has a line of code that protects the sheets and does not allow any changes and selection of cells. It worked great on my personla computer.

Running the file on another computer the code does not protect the sheet. The strange thing is that if I go the Tools>Protection> the options is set to Unprotect. That measn that the code actually has protected the sheet but I am still able to make chages. If I manually unprotect and again protect the sheet, it is protected till the time close the file and open it again.

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Protect Call
I can protect my all sheet in excel but How to protect single cell or column, row? Is there any code for protect.

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Protect A Particular Cell
I want to protect to cell in a worksheet. what i want is whenever i going to change the content of edit the cell it ask for password the two columns are
H2 & I2

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Protect Buttons ...
Dear sirs,with best regards,i have in attached example file some cells i have protected them by ( tools-protect ) which is the general way for protection,for special purpose i ask you kindly to help me by:

creating a buttons with macros to protect and unprotect the ( cells,columns,rows,and all the sheet) that i need to protect them, when i want to (protect or unprotect) i have to click these buttons.

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Password Protect A Tab
is it possible to password protect a tab (worksheet) within a multiple worksheet file.

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Protect The Range
i have a sheet that i write the date in Column D ,

A B c D
code name amount date
1 123 nasser 12.333 01-04-2007
2 123 nasser 122.333 02-04-2007
3 123 nasser 122.333 03-04-2007
4 123 nasser 122.333 04-04-2007
5 123 nasser 122.333 05-04-2007

what i try to do is to protect the range from A1 to D4 , which means to not edit any data in the day that before today , and to do it automaticaly every time i open the sheet
how to make that micro

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Protect On Close
I've been given this before but unfortunately i lost a hard drive so all the codes i was given from folk on here have been lost.

I had one in particular, where it would protect my workbook when closing so when it was reopened the user had to use a password in order to change protected cells. This was because certain colleagues would forget to protect the workbook and left it open to accidental damage.

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Protect By PC Serial
is there a VBA that can protect the workbook by the computer serial Number .. so it won't work on another pc than this?

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Protect The Sheet
Excel file 1 has:
Sheet 1: Account numbers and balances
Sheet 2: Mapping information detailing what account in file 1 is to go to a different account number in file 2.

Excel file 2 has:
Lots of sheets where information is to be keyed in.

This is a very manual process with lots of data entry to input into accounting forms I send to our head office. The "file 2" has sheet protection on all sheets so that formats, data, columns etc etc cannot be altered and only certain fields updated.

I think I have successfuly written my scripts to loop through the account values and map those to all spots in all sheets they are referenced to on the mapping document, however I am getting an error message that the "cell or chart you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only".

Basically I look through the sheet and look for my mapping code, if that matches, I add the balance to the exisitng value of the cell, in the next column.
i.e. if B2 has the corresponding code I will add the balance to the current value of cell C2.

This is an extract of the code where I am looking up the sheet:

Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In Sheets
If Left(ws.Name, 2) "OP" Then
Dim rg As Range
Dim cl As Range
Set rg = Range("A1:IV65536")
For Each cl In rg
If ActiveCell.Locked = False Then
If cl = kessanid Then
cl.Offset(0, 1).Value = acctvalue
End If
End If
Next cl
End If
Exit For
Next ws

It may be that because the sheet is protected as a whole nothing can be done but I was hoping that because I am going to the specific cell which allows input I should be able to do this.

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Protect The Particular Cells
How can i protect the particular cells

All the column g

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Protect A Worksheet From Changes
how to protect a worksheet from changes so that I am still able to change one cell on the worksheet but not any other cells.

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Protect My Stuff
my worry now is to protect my program from being played with as a lot of people ,some not so bright ,have access to my sheet can i protect my sheet and still have the macros function.

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Protect An Addin
I am trying to protect an addin I have. I can protect the shared woorkbook, but when I save it as an addin the code is visible to the addin.

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Protect Message
I have the excel file where I have one protect sheet. But I need hide Message box which shows when I press key on cell, which is locked.

I tried set

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

in procedure Workbook_Open(), but it isn't solution.

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Protect The Macro
How can I protect a macro from other people changing it?

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Protect Some Ranges Only
I have a single row with 52 columns. On single entry on each of these cells in the the row, the content of the cell has to be made uneditable. The data entered should be visiable for review.

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You Cannot Use This Command On A Protect Sheet....
I have a very hidden Worsheet called DropList. On open all worksheets are protected.

When I run a Macro that calls on a value from DropList or adds a value to it I get an error message:

"Run time Error '1004"
You cannot use this command on a protect sheet.... "

In the DropList worksheet I have selected all cells and have unlocked them.

I need to keep this workbook very hidden,

How can I unprotect it, whilst keeping it very hidden, so that users can still add data via a combo list?

any suggestions.

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Protect Formula But Allow Input
I was wondering how you can protect a formula but still allow editing in the cell. Right now I have certain columns locked while allowing others to be edited. I have a formula in one column that needs to be edited if need be but if they make a mistake and hit delete then my formula disappears and it throws the whole sheet off. Is there a way to protect your formula maybe by putting it in a different cell that can be locked and referencing the cell where they can input?

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Conditonally Protect Cell
There are two columns A and B - both are data lists. If I select a certain value in a cell in A, I want to protect the corresponding cell in B.

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Protect Worksheet Before Emailing
I found this link in numerous places on this forum to email just a single worksheet from a workbook using one macro.

HTML Code: ....

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Password Protect Worksheets
I am seeking a method of password protecting worksheets in a workbook. The users would all start on a sheet that has their names (A1 - A10) next to their names would be where they type in their password (B1 - B10). If their password is correct their assigned worksheet (Worksheet2) would be unlocked for editing.

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Protect Cells / Columns
we are using a shared excel file in a network. Is there a way to protect cells/columns from updating by other users, and i can only update them.

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Code To Protect Formulas
is there any hard code out there that protects formulas in a cell

i have a sheet with formulas down a column
that used once disappear
is there any way to code this so they are always there?

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Macro To Protect All But One Sheet
Greetings I have a workbook with many sheets and i want a macro to protect all the worksheets with certain settings except for one sheet, sheet 3.

I have borrowed some code from this page that I cannot get to work and I would appreciate any help. the code should also have an if statement that unprotects sheet 3 but i don't know how to do that either. I just get syntax errors

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Dim wSheet As Worksheet

For Each wSheet In Worksheets

wSheet.Protect Password:="secret", DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:= _
False, AllowFormattingCells:=True, AllowFormattingColumns:=True, _
AllowFormattingRows:=True, AllowInsertingRows:=True, AllowDeletingRows:= _
True _

.EnableSelection = xlUnlockedCells
.EnableOutlining = True
Next wSheet
End Sub

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Protect Worksheet On Paste
I want to copy a protected cell from one file to another, and still preserve the protected properties. Currently, the copied cell will be unprotected.

I have a lead that I might need to override ctrl-c function to my own VB script.

How do we override ctrl-c function? What lines to put in VB file?

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Protect Sheet Name From Being Changed
Can you protect a sheet name from being changed by a user?

Can you protect a sheet from being deleted by a user?

I have an Excel 2003 file available to all employees on a network. There are three sheets. Two sheets are protected with passwords and users can not enter any data on them. They are used to hold data needed by the third sheet.

The third sheet (named FORM) is for user input. FORM has a majority of the cells protected with a password. Users can enter information, save the file, print the sheet, or make duplicates of the sheet. The sheet contains data validations, conditional formatting, and formulas.

I have some VBA which acts on all the sheets (even those which users might have inserted) making them visible (very hidden) or not. When a user opens the file (whether for the first time or after adding sheets), I always want them to have FORM unhidden. I have VBA to do this but what if a user changes the name of the sheet? CRASH!

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Password Protect Tabs
I have one workbook with different Tabs that are tied to a master sheet. Different offices are respondable for entering their office information I was hoping instead of seperating the tabs into different workbooks and linking to the master, I could password protect each office tab. Can this be done?

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Protect The Worksheet With Password
I had the thought that maybe it would be possible to have a worksheet that is not protected when saved but when it is opened there would be a sub-routine under Sub_Workbook Open that would step through each sheet and assign a random password. And when the workbook is saved it is saved without passwords again.

In this way there would be nothing for a password cracker to pick at. The only flaw I see would be that the password to open the VBA module would need to be static and this would open up the programming to change and remove. But wouldn't this be effective against most users who would only know about the utilities to open the passwords and not the programming behind excel.

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Protect Sheets Even If They Are Group In A Doc
I wanted and the solution is on two sheet which I grouped, make copied and move into a new book. This is fine, but then I want my code to lock/protect all of my sheet in my program document, this can't be done with my current code because the sheets are group.

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Protect Sheets Using Macro ..
i use a macro to protect several sheets in a workbook.

When i protect the sheets, i only want to be able to cells and nothing else. How should i mdify the code below to do this? I tried record the macro and un checking the "select locked cells" box which is one of the only 2 boxes checked. It works, but then when i save the wb and re-open it it allows me to select locked cells.

Sheets("FF - WC").Select
ActiveSheet.PROTECT DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True

Sheets("FF - UR").Select
ActiveSheet.PROTECT DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True

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Is There A Way To Protect The Userform Fields
is there a way to protect the userform fields or the userform as whole from other people entering date accept the person who has been given the privilege to enter data?

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Protect Non Active Sheets
I have a workbook that has a sheet for every day of the month (1 to 31).

When it opens it automatically activates the sheet for the day corresponding today.

What I'm missing is how to enable users to only update that sheet.

Example today is the 1st, sheet 1 should be unprotected but all others protected and off course tomorrow it should be sheet 2.

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How To Protect The Worsksheet Name From Modification
I have an Excel template with 10 Worksheet(tabs). 8 of the sheets have predefined charts built based on the data in first 2 sheets. Through a web application user downloads data on the first 2 sheets. A macro is then executed (at the end of the download) to Update (through Macro) the charts in the remaining sheets and the sheets are password protected. The idea here is that user can generate predefined charts from the downloaded data but cannot modify any information. In addition to that user need an ability to add additional sheets to generate custom reports/charts.

So my requirement is to protect the 10 predefined sheets from modification including the modification of sheet name/deletion of sheet but allow user to add additional sheets. Protecting the workbook does not allow user to add additional sheets. Protecting individual sheets doesn't prevent user from renaming the sheet names.

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Protect - Unprotect The Sheet
I have a worksheet where the users need to enter time. I have a macro that captures the time when the user hits Ctrl + t

What I want now is a code which protects the cell after entering the time with Ctrl + t.

I tried to do it, but my macro only works when I don't set any passwords to protect the sheet. How can I pass the password to the code and protect the sheet after the code to capture the time is being executed.

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