Roulette Wheel Sequencing

Jun 1, 2014

I do not have any information about exel but there is an urgent need to program.The numbers on a roulette wheel automatically want to calculate the distance between. There are 37 numbers on the roulette wheel and Sequences matter of form

0 26 3 35 12 28 7 29 18 22 9 31 14 20 1 33 16 24 5 10 23 8 30 11 36 13 27 6 34 17 25 2 21 4 19 15 32 0


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Roulette Data

Aug 24, 2008

I have a simple roulette simulator which generates 10,000 spins in excel using random generate between 0 and 36.

I have been trying to quantify some of the results, such as finding out throughout the 10,000 spins, how many times a black number or red number shows up 5 times in a row. And the same again for 6 times, 7 times and so on.

So basically i would like another part of the spreadsheet to read, for example:
No. of spins: 10,000
No. of times there were 5 of same colour in a row: 48
No. of times there were 6 of same colour in a row: 27
No. of times there were 7 of same colour in a row: 13
No. of times there were 8 of same colour in a row: 6
No. of times there were 9 of same colour in a row: 4
No. of times there were 10 of same colour in a row: 3

I was wondering if any of you may be able to help me figure out how to do this.
PS. i've attached the file, and just so you know reds and blacks are not assigned to even and odd numbers they are:
Red (1,3,5,7,9,12,14,16,18,19,21,23,25,27,30,32,34,36)
Black (2,4,6,8,10,11,13,15,17,20,22,24,26,28,29,31,33,35)

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Roulette Simulator

Mar 30, 2009

I would like to have a list of student names, and a command button, that when pressed, begins highlighting the names one at a time ( starting at the top, moving down through the list, then starting at the top again, moving down through the list again, etc etc) each time the time that each name is highlighted gets longer and longer, effectively like a roulette wheel.

Eventually, one of the names would remain highlighted.

When the command button is pressed again, the 'roulette' highlighting process starts again, and eventually another name would be highlighted.

I already have a 'random student selector' program operating that returns a student name randomly and without ever returning a name twice, but it lacks the drama and suspense this 'roulette' method might provide.

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Roulette Data Sorting

Aug 10, 2009

Im playing European Roulette, 37 numbers 0-36.

I making an analysis sheet that shows me which numbers and sectors of the wheel has hit most or not.

I just want to type the spun numbers and see them distributed and also see a Pie Chart of the wheel sectors.

How do I attach my excel sheet here? I don't see any attachment options. I cannot even seem to attach even an image!

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Countif Sequencing Of Titles?

Jul 24, 2014

I need a column to autopopulate based on quantities of title entered by a user.

Each row has a Type (Column A) and a Sequence # (Column B), and I can get as far validating if a given row has same Type and Sequence# <= the sum of the quantities.

Now I'm struggling with counting down through the quantity of each title.

Each title should exhaust itself before moving on.


COUNTIF Sequencing.xlsx‎

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Sequencing Numbers In A Formula.

Jun 9, 2009

I'm trying to sequence some information in column(E). However if a cell is blank(B) then a blank cell appears and the sequenced number is placed in the following row of the column. e.g:.........

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Sequencing Unique Records

Feb 18, 2008

I am working on a data integration and have transactional data sets with multiple columns of data. In reviewing the data, I can see that based on values in 2 different columns, I can identify unique transaction records. The data is already sorder by transaction # and date. Creating a pivot table gives me back summary info for header records (I can get unique header records based on a concatenation of the trx # and Date), but I am having a difficulty obtaining uniqueness for the line items. The id that I created for purposes of header record summation means nothing from a user standpoint and I need to come up with more meaningful info.

What I have and what I want is...:

Tranaction#DateWhat I want is15801911/23/2005015801911/23/2005015801911/23/2005015801911/22/2005115801911/22/2005115801911/22/2005115801911/22/2005115801911/22/2005115801912/12/2005215801912/12/20052

If I can get the data defined like that, then I can concatenate the trx# and the increment to block out the transactions into individual transactions.

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Column Sequencing Using Microsoft Query?

Sep 7, 2004

I used the Get External Data function within Excel and the query returned the fields in alphabetical order. I went back into the query and rearranged the fields into a more logical order, but when refreshed the query continues to return the fields to Excel in the original alphabetical order.

Am I missing something, or do you only get one shot at the order of the fields being returned?

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Saving And Launching Program Sequencing

Mar 3, 2014

I have a non Microsoft program file that I can open in excel. I usually make changes to the file; save it to its native format, then open up the non Microsoft program and open that file that I just edited in excel.

If I had to simplify it, using notepad as an example.

I open the TXT in excel and make changes.

Then Save the TXT in a folder location.

Open Notepad.

Browse to the folder Location.

Open the edited file.

I did not know if there was a quick VBA that I could use to get this to work?

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Mouse Scroll Wheel In VBA

Jul 29, 2005

how to enable the mouse scroll wheel in VBA?

I'm talking about the little wheel in the middle of the two mouse buttons, the one that you can use to scroll up and down through documents etc.

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Scroll With Wheel Mouse In ListBox?

Sep 16, 2012

Scroll with Wheel Mouse in ListBox?

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ComboBox Scrolling With Mouse Wheel

Aug 29, 2006

Is there a way to scroll down the list of entries in a combobox using the mouse wheel instead of clicking on the box to scroll up and down?

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Worksheet Scrolling With Scroll Wheel Is Broken

Oct 22, 2008

I have a workbook with 8 sheets, one of which is the "main" sheet that holds all of my user data for logins at my job (I'm in IT). There are about 4300 users and 23 fields for each user, so there are 4300 rows in the sheet. Other sheets in the book are important, but not as much as this one.

The workbook has a total of over 1000 lines of VBA code right now, as I'm building a tool that finds users, adds users, modifies users, etc. (I know, Access would be smarter for this, but for some reason they want me to use an xls). Most of this code works with the sheet that I'm having the problem on.

This ONE sheet has seemed to disable the functionality of the scroll wheel, and I can't use Page Up or Page Down while in the sheet either. Also, if I select cells with VBA (Sheet2.Range(<range>).Select), it will select the cell, but it will not draw focus to that cell on screen (the sheet will not move at all). The other 7 sheets in the workbook have all regular functionality.

This just started happening a couple days ago, and I've been building the code for about a week, so I'm wondering if it's something in the code...?

Does anyone have any idea what might cause this?

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How To Make Scroll Sideways With A Mouse Wheel

Jul 18, 2008

How can i make my mouse wheel scroll an excel sheet sideways instead of up and down?

my sheets are only 5 rows big, but some 20 columns and its a pain to move around the sheet efficiently!

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Excel 2013 :: Disable Ctrl+Mouse Wheel?

Apr 8, 2014

Is there any method to disable Ctrl + mouse wheel function in excel 2013, actually I want to disable zoom in and out functionality but don't want to disable normal scrolling.

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Mouse Wheel Scroll In A Combobox On Userform (Lots Of Code)

Sep 16, 2007

I have seen some code around that allows scrolling in listboxes using the mousewheel. I have also seen some code here on the forums about scrolling through a combobox embedded in a workbook. I have tried adapting both of these to suit a combobox on a userform but I cannot get either to work.

Here is the code that I used for the embedded combobox; I added it to the base code for the userform

I then added the following code to a standard module as stated in the forum post;

In the first section of the code there is a msgbox that never gets shown so I don't think code is recognizing the mouse wheel at all.

The second set of code that I used was set up to work with a listbox and it works perfectly with a listbox control. The problem is I cannot adapt it to suit a combobox and if I use a breakpoint to see what is happening Excel freezes.
The following code is added to the userforms code;

Then in a standard module I added the following code;

I added this section of the code;

I think this should only work on a Combobox but a Combobox does not appear to support the TopIndex value. Is there a way this can be setup to work with a userform combobox?
Sorry about the huge amount of code.

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Worksheet Listbox Causing Crash With Mouse Wheel Scroll

Aug 21, 2008

I am having problems with an Excel workbook I am working on. I have a sheet that has a number of controls added to the top of it. Two of these controls are listboxes. My problem is, if I am in the listbox navigating through it, and I accidently move the Mouse Wheel, Excel crashes and I get the usual, "Send Error Report" form.

I have seen that there are other people having this problem and that there are a number of solutions out there but my problem is a bit different. I have a few forms with listboxes on them, and while mouse wheel scrolling doesn't work, it certainly doesn't crash Excel. It only seems to happen when I have a control permanently added to the sheet. Is there any event handler for mouse wheel scrolls or anyway to disable them through VB?

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Excel 2007 :: Mouse Wheel Scroll Function Doesn't Work

Feb 8, 2012

I'm using Excel 2007. When I try to scroll with the mouse wheel, it doesn't do anything. If I hold down the control key and scroll with the mouse, it zooms in and out. So that works fine, but I can't do the basic scrolling up and down the document with the mouse wheel. There is no "Tools, Options" menu in 2007 so I don't even know where to find this type of option. The options available from the Office button are completely different.

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