Rowfilter Reads Wrong Values

Mar 12, 2007

I have a rowfilter on the location (so i can view who took the test by location nad whether or not they passed) - the only problem is that when it selects by location - it chooses the correct name, personellnum, location row but it then picks the test values ABOVE that row - not below it - so It is choosing the complete wrong values to go with the associated person -

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Copied Values Are In Wrong Format?

Mar 31, 2014

My problem is that i am copying values from one sheet like: 1355,588846 and 456,23589 and storing them in a array. When i want to display the array in another sheet the values come out like 1355588846 and 45623589. So in the first sheet excel recorgnises the comma as a decimal number and in the other sheet as a thousand separator. How can i change this?

My code is:

[Code] .....

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Macro Deleting Values On Wrong Sheet

Jun 6, 2009

The below code is supposed to delete data on the last sheet of the workbook HeadsetOutTimeMay.xls however for some reason it is deleting the data on HeadsetOutTime.xls What am I doing wrong?

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Wrong Result Adding Values Of Textboxes In Userform?

Jun 27, 2014

I have 4 text boxes in a user form where user type numbers. At the end i have another text box(yellow one) that adds these numbers using this code.


In another text box(grey one) user types another number. Then using this code

[Code] .....

I try to add the values of the two previous text boxes. I get wrong result when i use decimals numbers and i can not understand what is wrong.

Attached File : add text boxes.xlsm

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Writing Sub That Reads All Cells In Matrix?

Apr 11, 2013

How to write a sub that read all cells in the matrix ( a block of cells let's say: A5:F15).in two dimensionals. This is what I've done so far, but i got nothing:

Sub myarray()
Dim myarray() As Variant
myarray = Range("A5:f15").Value
End Sub

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Report Spreadsheet, That Reads Several Other Spreadsheets

Jul 11, 2007

Linking is what I am having trouble with... I can establish the link but when I copy down a cloumn, Excel wants me to establish the link each and every time.

I purchased Link Hacker and it tells me Error 52. Bad file name or number

I have tried the mapped drive as well as the entire directory listing.

Is there anyway to force Excel to perform the formula without having to manually tell the link where to go?

I want to type a formula and it tells itself where to find the data.

If not is there another way to accomplish the reading of the spreadsheets?

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Create Function That Reads Cell Of Different Sheet

Feb 4, 2014

I want to create a formula that reads cell B6 of a different sheet. The sheet name is in cell A1, and I want to get the results in B1.

Later I will change A1, and I want to get in B1 the cell B6 from the different sheet. What is the formula in B1.

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VBA UserForm That Searches And Reads Open Worksheets?

Dec 24, 2013

Develop one system that can search and make changes on the user form. I already find the solution on my first worksheet(USER PROFILE) but when i used the same coding on my second worksheet(INVENTORY&RET), it doesnt work. Here is the example of my INVENTORY&RET worksheet example.xlsm

Hit MAKE CHANGE button to see the problem.

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Moving Row When Column Reads (Yes) And Button Is Pressed

Mar 13, 2014

I have a situation with a spreadsheet i'm working on.

Basically, when a button is pressed I want it to search for all rows which have a "yes" in an offload column (Column AS, on the sheet "Active") (So it can be yes or no).

If it finds a yes, I need it to move the whole row in to a new sheet called "inactive", then move the remaining results up.

I have taken and played about with a different VBA code, but i'm not sure it's even the right line!

Here is what I have :

Sub Refresh() ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column = 45 Then
If UCase(Target.Value) = "Yes" Then
Target.EntireRow.Copy Destination:=Sheets("Inactive"). _
Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
End If
End If
End Sub

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Formula That Reads Off A Single Cell At The Moment

Sep 17, 2009

i have a formula that reads off a single cell at the moment.

=IF(N38="MB","KL","MB") this works fine. I need the this to read off a range of cells from N38 to N43.

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Formula That Reads Grade And Then Ranks These By 1st-5th Place According To Score

Feb 10, 2014

I'm creating a Speech and Debate calculater that presents winners names by place according to their score. If you look at Tab HSSE Results it will read the inputed information from HS Speech English. I want the names of the students to appear in the correct ranking order in the respected grade rankings chart. I currently have a countif formula which reads the grade, but I think I need to link that with an index formula which I'm having problems with.

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If Cell1 Reads Text1 Return The Value Of Adjacent Cell

Feb 25, 2014

A workbook containing 2 sheets. Sheet1 is a data entry sheet containing 8 columns and many 10s of rows of client data. The columns are (in this order) Client, Date, Code, Duration, CaseNo, Description, Staff. I also have a second sheet. Sheet2 takes the data from Sheet1 and displays the results of certain calculations, such as amt of cases a particular Staff person has and of what Code type.

- Total amt of P02 cases = 25
- # of cases Homer Simpson has = 10

So here's what I'm trying to accomplish:
Is it possible to have Excel return the total amt of time spent on a particular Code type? It would have to search through the Code column for a particular Code type (let's say "P03") and return the SUM of the Duration which resides in a different column.

Calculate by Billing Code.xlsx

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Excel 2007 :: Chart That Reads Results Of Multiple Dropdown Boxes?

May 25, 2012

Using Excel 2007

I have six colums (Date; Skill; ST Hrs; OT hrs: Area; Type). I copied and pasted below a small portion of info from the spreadsheet. I know when I copy and paste into a post the information under the headers don't line up appears offset, so basically "Date" is of course the date you see..."Skill"'s columns has the first item as nb-mech b..."ST Hrs" first item will be 0.00..."OT Hrs" will be 1.50...."Area"'s first item is "Log FM NO"....and "Type"'s first item is MX07

And there are 17,000 rows of this info and forever growing...a lot of repeated items in each column such as you can see "blaster" has multiple entries on 4/1/2012.

What I am attempting to do which I have not firgured out yet (i have tried array formulas but they bog down the pc forver and couldn't figure out exactly how to make it give me the results I needed...and I also tried sumproducts but that didnt get me what I wanted....and it is being requested of me to NOT make a pivot table but a chart.

What I am trying to create is is the following:

1 - cells to plug in a date range for example cell A1 I plug 4/1/2012 and cell A2 plug 4/30/2012
2 - drop down boxes for columns Skill; Area: Type, which show only unique records in each column

Once I have that, I could then filter all 3 itmes and have only items show in the date ranges I picked and present ONLY the SUMS of columns ST Hrs and OT hrs.

Once the SUMS show up, I can then have cells off to the side that will give a percent break down of what percent of the total hours (for the chose criteria) are ST Hrs and what percent of the total are OT Hrs....and this percentage break down will show up in a Bar Chart, per day chosen in my date ranges....I'm thinking one simple stacked bar per day in the chart.

So say, based on the info below, I wanted to see the total ST Hrs and OT Hrs from 4-1-12 to 4-2-12 for a nb-blaster in LOG FM NO and type result would be 0.00 ST Hrs...23 OT Hrs.....and my bar chart would be one simple bar peaked out at 23 on day 4-1-12.....and within the bar it would be 0.00% ST Hrs and 100% OT Hrs and maybe the total hours for each showing also..don't need that but it may be useful.. ..and no bar for 4-2-12 (because the criteria picked had no hours for 4-2-12)

I have been messign witht is all week and just can't nail it.. I do remember a while ago I would have been able to load the spreadsheet into the post and people could see it in that option to do that no longer on this site?

DateSkillST HrsOT HrsAreaType
4/1/2012nb - mech b0.00 1.50 Log FM NOMX07
4/1/2012nb - scaffolding0.00 8.50 Bogs NOMX02
4/1/2012nb - coatings mech b0.00 3.00 Log FM NOMX07


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Record Greater Than 50 In A Cell So It Reads As Greater Than 50

Aug 25, 2009

I have to make a table that shows that a if someone purchases

less than 5 items they receive no discount
5-10 items they receive 2% discount
11-20 items they receive 5% discount
21-50 items they receive 8% discount
over 50 items they receive 10%

and it has to be done in a way that the discount rate can be calculated using Vlookup I am struggling to find the best way to write this table. i tried numbering 1 to 50 and writing the corresponding discount rate in the second column but this looks untidy and can't calculate greater than 50 as i am not sure how to write it in the cell so it reads as >50 and not just 50.

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VBA - What Is Wrong With My For Each Next

Feb 17, 2009

I am using a For Each Next to cycle through a list of names, check certain conditions and then will be adding a further lookup (instead of Result = Result+1), but all I get is #Value!

Function maxbarometer(Name As String, Round As Integer, NameList As Variant, RoundRange As Range, RoundRangeTwo As Range)
Dim Roundname As String
Dim Result As Double
Dim NameColRound As Integer
Dim ListObject As Variant

Roundname = "Round " & Round
NameColRound = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(Name, RoundRange, 0)
For Each ListObject In NameList
If ListObject.Value = Name Then
Result = Result
ElseIf Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(ListObject.Value, RoundRange2, NameColRound, False) = Roundname Then
Result = Result + 1
End If
maxbarometer = Result
End Function

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Getting Wrong FinalRow

Mar 19, 2007

when i try to get the final row witht the following:

KROGrow = Cells(65536, 1).End(xlUp).Row

i am getting a row that is consistently 27 rows off of when i manually do control up? i am pasting data from and existing workbook into a newly created workbook in the sub. i would assume that since the destination is new that they would never be any data in this?

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VLOOKUP Returning Wrong Value?

Jul 3, 2013

I am trying to use the Vlookup function to return State name based on the corresponding state code.

I have the list of State along with the Codes in adjacent sheet, arranged in ascending order. I am using the Vlookup function to list the State name based on the State code.

Vlookup function: Vlookup(A4,Sheet2.A2:B51,1)

This function returns me a wrong value. It gives "Arkansas" for the state code "AZ", when it should be Arkansas.

Also, if I add "FALSE" as a 4th argument, it returns "#N/A".

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IF Formula Evaluates To Wrong Value

Jan 29, 2014

I have the following formula: IF(SELL_INVESTMENT = "YES" , 1,2) It returns not 1 or 2 but 0. The worksheet contains over 1000 cells. Trace Precedents verifies that the formula evaluates the correct cell and that it contains "yes". I created a very simple worksheet to test the formula and here it correctly returns 1.

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Wrong Dates In Database

Apr 18, 2014

When copying data from a website to excel, excel recognizes the dates wrongly.

About half of the dates he sees as: DD/MM/YYYY, while it should be: nothing/MM/DD.

For example: The cell contains the date: 01/04/2029 (The first of April, 2029)

While it should actually be: 04/29 (The 29th of April, no year!)

For all dates it starts with the 1, followed by a month, followed by a year (which consists of the year 2000 + the actual day), which is totally wrong.

About the other half of the cells, it just contains text with the month and the day (which are correct), but excel doesn't recognize this as a day.

For example: The cell contains the text: June 12

When I set the cell format to date (or any other format for that matter), nothing happens, so excel does not see this as a date.

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IRR Function Is Returning The Wrong Value

Nov 7, 2008

I'm trying to figure out an Internal Rate of Return for a spreadsheet. The answer is supposed to be: 29.42% however I'm getting 25.94%. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong in my IRR function on the Profitability worksheet? I'm currently using Excel 2007 by the way.

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References Goes Wrong After Sorting

Feb 18, 2010

I have a problem with my references when sorting in excel. I have been searching for the problem, but did not found a useful solution.
I'm using excel 2003.

Let me try to explain my problem with a simple exampel.

I have a column with numbers and one with formulas pointing at these.
2 =A1
4 =A2
3 =A3

Now I want to sort column A, and the column B should keep pointing at the original number. So I want this:
2 =A1
3 =A3
4 =A2

But I get this:
2 =A1
3 =A2
4 =A3

This output is what I would expect if I used absolut reference($).

Using offset(B1;0;-1) will work, but I cannot use this, since I will add/delete rows and the reference is not neccessarily next to it. Plus it can be a rather large sheet.

I cannot use dynamically name definition either, because it is intended for other users, and this will be too much work for them. What I basically need is a simple formula they can enter.

My sorting is done via a VBA macro, so if there is anything I can do through macro/VBA that will be okay as well, since I can do this without the user seeing it.

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Copying To Wrong Column?

Oct 22, 2013

I have modified this micro I found in a forum. All I changed was the Range on Sheet 1.


It works fine except when it cuts to sheet 2 it starts at on column B I need it to start with Column C. What do I need to add ?

Attached File : Survey.xlsm‎

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Saving In Wrong Location

Sep 25, 2006

I have the following code which saves my worksheet with a name extracted from particular cells:

Public Sub SaveAsMaximoWO()
ThisFile = Range("AC5").Value
ThisFile2 = Range("E3").Value
saveName = ThisFile & " - " & ThisFile2
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=saveName

End Sub

This (for reasons I don't understand) saves the file to My Documents by default.

What I would like it to do is save to another folder within my documents as default.

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Decimal In Wrong Place

Mar 13, 2009

how to control this,it should be 0.55. is they a wat too round off too next highest hole number? Here is a example.

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Click On Wrong Button

Apr 18, 2009

I have this workbook with 10 sheets. Each sheet has macros that are called from a floating toolbar. What I am trying to do:

I want to create a msgbox that warns me when I click in a toolbar's button to call a macro that not runs in the activesheet. Something like: "This code (or macro) doesn't match (or run) with the active sheet.

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Wrong Week Number

May 4, 2006

as such Excel (2003) is putting in the wrong weeknumbers in my spreadsheet, for example 02/01/2006 is listed as week 0 when in fact it is week 1, how can I get it too correct this problem?

I am using the following formula, could someone explain this formula in


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Time Replying Wrong

Sep 16, 2007

Thers no easy way to explain this other than looking at the sheet (which is attached), but basically i have a load time start time and end time.
In the example in the sheet the load time is 01:00
The start time is 23:00
The end time is 23:35

Th eload took 35 mins and was not late as it is going 01:00 next morning, yet the answer it replies is 'N' which makes it show as late.
Does anyone have a formula to slove this issue

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VBA Adding Wrong Dates

Dec 22, 2011

The code is supposed to project review dates 1 month, 2 months and 3 months after the start date, but the first "cell offset" line on is projecting the next day instead of next month, its driving me nuts!!, the others are working fine

Sub reviews()
Dim cell As Range

For Each cell In Range("L1:L200")
If IsDate(cell) Then
cell.Offset(, 10).Value = DateAdd("m", 1, cell.Value)
cell.Offset(, 11).Value = DateAdd("m", 2, cell.Value)
cell.Offset(, 12).Value = DateAdd("m", 3, cell.Value)
cell.Resize(, 10).AutoFill cell.Resize(, 11)
End If
Next cell
End Sub

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Mod Function Works Wrong

Dec 28, 2006

I was trying to explain modulus to someone and they wanted to know why you can "flip" symbols mod(-6,7) = 1 in Excel. So I got to explaining that -6 Mod 7 is the same as -6-(|-6/7|)*7 which is how you get 1.

And that's when I realized... |-6/7| = 0 not -1. Then I looked in VBA and sure enough -6 mod 7 = -6. Apparently the problem boils down to the Integer conversion. Excel is performing the integer coversion by rounding down (INT) wheras VBA appears to be using CINT.

So here is how it work out in excel:

But in VBA you get

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LOOKUP Returns Wrong Or Odd Value

Mar 27, 2007

I have a very basic spreadsheet to calculate golfer handicaps based upon a course index. For some reason, my "LOOKUP" formula is not retrieving the data from the cell (column) next to the value I am searching...?

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