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Select A Row Based On The Text Value Of A Cell

How can I select a whole row based on the text value of a cell.

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Select Row Based On Cell Criteria
I am trying to create a macro that selects an entire row based on a date criteria. The explanation is as follows: I have fields in an excel sheet such as: Name, Date, Place, Time, Country etc….. There are many rows with data in them…. I require a prompt box that asks for a date range and then selects all the contents matching that criteria and copies into another excel sheet called Export.xls.

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Macro To Select Rows Based On Value In Cell A Of Last Row
What would a macro look like that would find the value in the cell of the last row in the A column, then set that as the selection criteria so macro could copy all rows that match that to another workbook?

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Move Rows To Worksheets Based On Cell Text In Row
I download our monthly bank transactions (.csv). I have a workbook with sheets named for each creditor or expense.

I would like move each row, based on the specific word in a cell row, to the specific worksheet.

Here are some typical transactions in the Description column:

Some are specific:
“Moved to the Vonage worksheet.”

Others are not so obvious:
“Moved to the Eat Out worksheet.”

“Moved to the ASPCAPS worksheet.”

“Moved to the Grocery worksheet.”

I was able to find the following while during a Search:

Move Cells Containing Specific Word In Column To New Sheet

The question was answered, in addition to Dave Hawley, by Bill Rockenbach who inserted the following code - “Sub FindWord()”

Option Explicit
Sub FindWord()
Dim Sentences
Dim Word As String
Dim i As Long
Dim iWordPos As Integer
Dim lRow As Long
Dim sWord As String

If this is a possibility for what I'm looking for, I’m not sure how to implement it into my situation.

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Select Specific Cell Then Select The Row
I have column A with various values in cells.

For instance, DG, GS, HG etc

I wanna do if a cell in column A is equal to DG then select the entire row that contains the cell. then call other sub.

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Select Range Based On Last Row And Last Column Used
I have defined my last row and column by using:

lr = Sheets("week1").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
LC = Sheets("week1").Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column

Now how do I select the range starting at A2 through the last used column ( LC ) through the last row ( LR )?

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Search Row For Text & Select Column`
Is there a way to search the header of a file or specific row for a specific string of text, then select the entire column below that string?

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Using VBA To Select A Row And Colour Code It Based On Conditions
I've had a look through the forum and can't see an answer, so apologies if I'm duplicating something!

I have a spreadsheet where column O has five conditions:
1 PO in
2 High Probability
3 Medium Probability
4 Low Probability

I need to colour code the whole row based on the value in the cells; if there were four conditions, I could do this with conditional formatting, but with five (with white as the fifth condition), I need to look at VBA.

However, I'm having difficulty colouring the whole row; how do I do this?

e.g. what I need to do is:
If O2 = "1 PO in"; Select A2:T2; Colour green

In addition, I need to ensure that if there is no data in column D, but column O is "1 PO in", it is highlighted in a separate colour. I have a macro for that, but don't know whether in needs to be put into the code before or after the macro needed above...

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Programming A Macro To Select Row Ranges Based On A Formula
I'm building a macro thats copying 4 rows of data at a time from a spreadsheet (has 1500 rows of data total) and transposing it to a master spread sheet. There are blank rows in between each entry (the data source I'm using isn't clean), so how can I either have the macro jump to the first row it finds with a value, copy rows until it stops finding a value, paste+transpose into a new document and then repeat the process throughout the document.

If thats too complicated, a macro that finds rows based on a formula would work as well. E.g. Start at row 5, copy+paste+transpose 5-8, start at row 11 (5+6), copy + paste+transpose 11-14, start at row 17 (x+6) ...etc... Here's the code I have developed thus far:

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Select Row Where Only 1 Cell Is Selected
I need to delete part of the row where one cell is selected. If more than 1 cell is selected, I want a msgbox. Example: I have any cell selected on row 26. I want to select all cells in this row including column C thru column AD. Column A & B are not to be deleted. After the selection is made, I want the row deleted and the below cells moved up.

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Select Row For Active Cell
I need to select the row for the active cell without using an explicit RC address. I don't seem to be able to make the syntax work.

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Select Range Based On A Cell Value
I have a worksheet with a block of data. The size of this block changes.

I am calculating and storing the upperleft and lower right cell position of the block in say cells AA3 and AB3 on the same worksheet.

So far I have everything working fine.

Now I want to create a button to trigger a macro to sort that block.

I can figure out the button and make it trigger a macro.

One of the lines in the macro is

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Select A Worksheet Based On Value Of Cell
I am trying to write a macro, in VBA, that would select the proper worksheet, based on the value of a cell.

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Select The Last Non-null Cell In A Row Or Column
I am finding that I am using the 'go to' option frequently in my macros, but I feel very limited by the options that I have (I need to learn VB-I know) I would like primarily to discover how to select the last cell containing anything (not including blanks like the 'last cell' option in the edit>go to) within a selected row. Ideally, I would like a formula to fill downward a given amount of rows so as to prevent myself from having to fill them all the way down to the end of the spreadsheet (therebye making the file to large). Also, If anyone could guide me to a resource at which I can find similar commands.

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Macro To Select Cell After Last Row In Column
the macro code to select the cell after the bottom of a column of data e.g. I have data in A1:A300 and I require the macro to automatically calculate the last row in the range (in this case A300) and then to select A301 (in this case)

(I know I can record a macro but the number of rows can potentially differ every time I run the macro)

N.B. Excel version 2003

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Macro To Select The Row That The Active Cell Is In
Using vba how do I tell a macro to select the row that the active cell is in?

I'm just using a basic delete Row macro but I'd like for the macro to automatically select the entire row when it's time to delete instead of me highlighting the section.

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Macro: Select Cell A Of Selected Row
Currently working on a project for university and still learning how to use macro.
Got a problem which im sure is an easy solution for all you experts out there. As shown in the picture; When the Sap number is entered (from A19 and onwards), it copies the value to cell B10. The general code is used below.

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Select Tabs Based On Cell Entry
i'm trying to basically use VBA, so that when a list of work tab names are entered into a column in say Sheet 1..these tabs are then selected.

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Select Multiple Worksheets Based On Cell
I have a column where each cell contains the names of a variable number of worksheets in the format ["sheet1", "sheet2", etc. ] without the brackets but with the quotation marks. I would like to have some code that will select all of the sheets mentioned in a given cell. I found lots of threads about selecting an individual sheet based on a cell, but none about selecting multiple sheets. If it is easier, I can change the format of of the cells, or break each cell out into multiple cells in a given row. The best code I could come up with was

Sub Selects()
Dim strSht As String
strSht = ActiveSheet.Range("L31")
Sheets( Array(strSht)).Select
End Sub

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Select Sheet Based On Cell Content
I am trying to do some thing simple, but i causes me a lot of problem in several areas. I am using the

sheets( range("c5")).select

to simply select the sheet that is named in cell c5 on the current sheet. can anyone give me a correct way to accomplish this that I can use in other applications that i come accross?

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VBA Code To Select Last Cell In Row With Data
I have a row of formulas that reference other sheets in my workbook (i.e. Cell A4=Sheet2!A1, Cell B4=Sheet2!B1, etc). I need to have VBA find the last cell in that row with data. I tried "End(xlToRight).Column" but it goes all the way to the end because all of the cells have formulas. I need to find the last cell that is empty of data or maybe >0 would work.

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Macro- Find Cell, Select That Row, And The One Beneath It
When recording a macro, how would I have it record me searching for a word in a cell, then select the two rows beneath it so that I can hide/unhide the hidden rows?

The reason it has to search for the word in the cell is that with changes above, the rows keep getting bumped further and further down (i.e., a moving target).

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How Do I Select & Use Contents Of First Non-blank Cell In Row
I've got 12 columns (headed Jan - Dec), each of which contains a combination
of numerical & blank cells. For each row, I want to select the first
non-blank cell and return the column header that it lies in e.g. Row 1, first
non-blank cell is in the Apr column, so I want the text "Apr" to be returned
to another cell.

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Find Next Empty Row And Select Cell In Column A
how i can go about finding the next empty row (and select the first cell of that row (column A))? edit: It probably should be noted that there are cells in Columns A through P. There are rows where all and/or just one cell contains data per row. So i cannot use a " lookup" based on a single column.

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Macro To Select Dates Based On Cell Values
I might be using something completely wrong here, but can anyone tell me if this code is possible or am I being very naive.

H4 and I4 are cells in which I want to enter dates, and then I want these dates to be used in a custom filter on another page.

Below is what my limited understanding of VB came up with.

Sub Date_Range()

Dim First As Date
Dim Last As Date
First = Range("H4").Value
Last = Range("I4").Value
Sheets("Graph Data").Select
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=">=First", Operator:=xlAnd _
, Criteria2:="

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Select A Range Based On Active Cell Location?
I'm trying to select a range of cells whereby the range is dependent on the currently active cell. I know you can use the "Activesheet.Range("A1:D2").select" method to select a range where the cells are always the same, but I'm after a dynamic selection where the values can be programmatically altered depending on some other result.

For example, let's say that I make a certain cell active (based on the result of some other formula), and I want to select the range of cells in the adjacent column that is X rows deep. Putting this into context, imagine the resultant active cell is B2, I then want to select the range C2:C10, but if the active cell is E10, the range selected would be F10:F18 (if active cell is X, then range would be Y:Z).

The Offset function would allow me to position the cell based on the current active one, but it doesn't let me select a range. The Range function only lets you choose either hard coded or index cells, e.g. "Range(cells(y,z), cells(y,z)).select", but this is still no good because I'd need to know the index value of the active cell (can this be done?).

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Select Range Based On Variable Cell Content
Based on if the value in col A contains the characters "TT" I want to select the range starting with this cell and ending at the end at the end of the row I'm using (.End(xlRight) and then merge these cells, change colors etc. And then looping this through a 'range' so that it only occurs where the values occur. I can amend various cells based on this idea, but am unable to identify the range and then merge the cells.

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Select An Item Of Data ( Or Update A Particular Cell ) Then I Loose The Highlighting For That Row
I have a big spreadsheet that has 30 columns. The data is downloaded from an SQL database from time to time. The row identifying data ( the record number/key ) is in the left most cell. I often have to move over 10 to 20 columns to view some other data in the same row. I can do this by selecting the preset Excel row number which higlights the whole row and then use the lower slider bar to go to the correct column to view the data.

However if I wish to select an item of data ( or update a particular cell ) then I loose the highlighting for that row and I can "loose" which row I am on. ( maybe I'm stupid but it does happen ) Can I use Conditional formatting to highlight a row whenever I alight on any data in that row and it sttays highlighted until I select another value on another row?

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Adding Data By Row Based On Typing In Cell Contained In Row
I've built (but not completed) a spreadsheet used to organize multiple Bill of Material lists. This list is a row-by row list of products with information relating to a specific part number including: Mfg, Part#, Qty Used, Cost Ea, Vendor, among many more.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish first. As this list grows, my intension is the be able to recall a row of data (or control what columns of the row are recalled) from this list and be able to easily add them to the list. I would like to be able to do this by typing in data in one cell in the row (like the Part#), and then have a macro or VB code that will automatically fill in a defined number of columns with the descriptive data like: Mfg, Cost Ea, Vendor, etc.

Currently, the data for the rows (if it already exists) would reside higher up in the list on the same worksheet but could also potentially be on another tab in the workbook.

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Repeat Row Based On Text Criteria
to run a macro or any other methods to repeat the same head rows in my database as followings:

Let's say the main head row is in row 1.

Item names such as Item A; Item B; Item C column A

What I want is to insert the same head row after the list of each item.

Item name (head row)
Book A
Book A
Book A
Item name (head row to be repeated)
Book B
Book B
Item name (head row to be repeated)
Book C
Book C

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Find The End Value In A Row (right Side) And Select The Empty Cell To Its Right To Paste Data In
i need a method to find the end value in a row (right side) and select the empty cell to its right to paste data in.

problem is the row where this data is may change so using

limit = (row, col).end(XlRight).Col

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Conditional Formatting Of A Row Based On A Value In A Cell Of That Row
I want to create a conditional formatting based on a cell in a row. If the value of that cell is greater than or equal to $20 the entire row would be highlighted with a color.

the main thing is that the cells in the rows have if formulas that supple the data for the cells. The cells will be blank if nothing is to be displayed but they will still contain the formula.

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Format Row Based On Single Cell Value In That Row
I have a macro that's supposed to see if cell 5 meets criteria and continue to all sheets in workbook, except " Total".

When I activate the macro on a specific page, it runs smoothly on that page. But when it's finished, it doesn't continue to the next sheet in the workbook.

Sub ColourBG()
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim line As Integer
endline = Range("A1000").End(xlUp).Row

For Each ws In Worksheets
If ws.Name <> "Total" Then
With ws
For line = 3 To endline
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
If (Cells(line, 5).Value = "0206") Then _
Cells(line, 1).EntireRow.Font.ColorIndex = 5 '*(Blue)
Next line
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End With
End If
Next ws
End Sub

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Color Row Range Based On Cell On Same Row
I have an excel sheet in which i have a cell A11 with drop down list values=YES/NO.
Now based on the value in this cell i want to fill color in the cells(B1 to B10) i.e for e.g. if i select YES in the cell A11 then the cells(B1 TO B10) should become green in color.

Attached is an sample of what i want.

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Text Search Returns Cell Text Contents Of Different Column In The Same Row
Search a worksheet for a user defined text string, and have excell return the contents of a predetermined column in the same row in which the text string was found.

A prepopulated worksheet has the text "gold" entered in cell T278.

1. user searches for "yellow_metal"
2. Excell finds "yellow_metal" in row 278, say in cell A278.
3. Excell then goes to predetermined column (programed as part of macro or VB), say "T", and returns the text contents of the cell in that column, T278 in this example.
4. Excell returns "gold"

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Hide Row Based On Part Text Match
what the formula is if I want to hide all rows that begin with: "FORCE-MATCH CANDIDATE" in a specif column. The text after that string varies based on user input.

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Insert Row Macro Based On Text String
I'd like to adapt my macro so that it would insert a blank row after it detects the the first 16 characters of text as "'Closing Balance"; or it could even detect "'Closing" as the first 8 characters if it would be simpler

The Data Begins in Row 5 of Column A

My Current Macro is as below which I have adapted from another one I used

It is not working since it is detecting for the exact text "'Closing Balance" whereas the data registry would write "'Closing Balance as at 31/10/2009" , of which the "as at dd/mm/yyyy" portion would change every time a report is exported, but the first part "'Closing Balance" or even just the word "'Closing" will always be the same.

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Add Text Based On Part Of Another Cell Text
I have been working on this worksheet part of which is attached herewith. I would like excel to automatically enter Updated/Inserted in column B against Individuals' names as per the instructions given in column A. For example: As per instruction in A9, B13:B16 should show Updated. I have tried to use the nested if function, but it does not work as I want it to. Also as I am not used to macros or VBA codes, could this problem be solved with formulas?

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Lookup Data In Row & Cell Based On Data In Row And Cell
I am looking for a way to do what i would call a dual vlookup.

i have some data in a number of sheets and need to do some consolidation into a summary sheet. problem is, not all the sheets have data in the same columns and rows but all the data is the same.

what i am trying to do is something like

vlookup("a",sheet2!A:M,***need to put the column of the data here***,0)

i cant just put in the column number because it changes on each sheet, need some way to do another lookup there, like an hlookup or something, so that i could lookup which column contained 'sales' and return that number so it can be put into the vlookup.

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LastRow Needs To Select Next VISIBLE Row (not Hidden Row)
I'm having a problem moving the cell cursor 2 rows down once I find my LastRow (see LastRow code below). My problem is I need to move down 2 VISIBLE Rows down and I'm running into it moving 2 Rows down whether they are Visible or Hidden? If Row 50 is my LastRow, and I have it move 2 rows down, if Row 52 is Hidden, it still moves to Row 52 which can't be seen by the user after I do my stuff to that row? I can't unhide any hidden rows for other reasons. Is there a way to have the cursor move down 2 VISIBLE Rows instead of 2 Rows regardless?

The code I use to select the LastRow is:

LastRow = Cells(4000, 8).End(xlUp).Row
I move down 2 more rows using:

Cells(LastRow + 2, 8).Select 'Then I do some stuff here for the user, so it can't be a hidden row

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Macro That Will Clear Contents Of Cell Based On Format Of Text In Adjacent Cell
Been racking brain, searching through the forum here, and my Excel 2003 Bible all day trying to figure out this problem to no avail. I would like to clear the contents of any cell in a given range if the cell immediately to the right of is formatted as bold.

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Find Last Cell In Range, And Changing Another Cell Based On Offset Text
If i have a range say E12:O12 and want to find the last cell before blank, lets say it finds m12 as the cell with the value before blank. then with m12 it needs to determine weather row 11 in the same column has Text either "S" or "F" if "S" then m12 = t if "F" then m12 offset(1,-1) = t. And just to make things more difficult i need the range E12:O12 to step 2 as well until it gets to E208:O208 .Noting that row 11 never changes and will always have either an "S" Or an "F"

and also t = time()

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Select Text Inside Text Box On VBA Form
I have a text box that has default text in it. When I mouse down on the box I would like it to select all of the text in the box automatically. Does anyone have any code to do this?

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If Cell Contains Chosen Text, Add Value From Another Cell In Same Row
I have a sheet with 65,000 rows. Column c contains text and numbers (phrases from search engine results seraches). Column G contains the number of times the phrase was searched. I am wanting to run a formula / macro which goes like;

If cell in column c contains variable then copy cell g out of same row to cell h. This way I can quickly sum up column h to see total number searches by variable. I have looked through forum for past half hour and could not find what i needed.

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Select Row Using Variable Row Number
I don't know how to concatenate a string within the Rows function. I want to be able to vary the row number with a variable, but I don't know how to construct the string, especially given that one of the delimiters within the function is ".

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Give Cell A Value Based On Length Of Row (variable Row Length)
My worksheet contains data with the reaction times on a psychological test. Each respondent in the test has 280 rows in my excel sheet.

The 'perfect' length of the row, is from A to M. When an error is made in the test, the length of the row will increase. So the error length can be A to AA.

For me it is important to analyse the error. So I would like to give a perfect row length, the value 1, and an error row length a value 2.

So, in conclusion:

Cell length = A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B Cof that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 1

Cell length >= A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B C of that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 2

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Identify Row Number Based On Value In A Cell And Use That Row Number In A Macro
I have Sheet with 40 employees who each proposes their work schedule, so I have to give each Employee access to the same sheet and want highlight and unlock only those cells that specific employee can use.

Each employee has to login from a drop-down (sourced from Sheet.Employee Master), so their unique Employee Number is in "A13" of Sheet.LOGIN

Can I identify the ROW number and then use that ROW number in a macro to highlight and unlock specific Range of Cells in Sheet.PROPOSED SCHEDULE?
---where "Sheet.LOGIN("A13") = (the value in the cell Col A:"row" of Sheet.PROPOSED SCHEDULE)

I have attached a scaled down version of the Workbook.

Following code is scaled down-- this is for Employee 02 who appears on ROW 16 of the sheet. (macro is same for each employee, just uses a different row)

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Restrict Cell Input Based On Text Of Another Cell
I have two coloumns on a worksheet. In the first column I have data validation drop down list. I want to be able to: if the first column "Other" is chosen then the next cell will allow text for description, if anything other is chosen in the first drop down list cell then I want the next ( text for descritption ) cell to be resticted.

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Copy Row Based On A Cell Value
I have a spreadsheet that contains office names (Brookside, Blairsville, New Castle, etc) in Column A.

The rows next to those show student names and test scores, etc.

I'd like a formula to take each office and copy the data belonging to that office and paste it to a sheet for that office.

For example:

Brookside Tom 82
Brookside Bill 90
New Castle Phil 80

I'd like to take Brookside's data and past it to a 'Brookside' sheet.

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Way To Hide Row Based On The Value Of A Particular Cell
I have a worksheet with an age row of 20 - 99 (and a bunch of other data)

A user enters the starting age, and then the sheet fills in the rest of the cells.

If the user enters 50, the age fills from 50 to 130.

Before printing, I manually hide the rows (using the hide row command) over age 99.

Is there an easy way to do this without macros? I am Excel impaired!

I tried using Auto filter - but I have to rerun the filter each time (it is not automatic).

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Hide Row Based On Cell Value ..
I would like a macro where I it will examine Cells A8 down to A27 to see if there is a value. If there isn't a value, I want that row hidden. I would like for it to always run (i.e. if a value is put into that cell, the row reappears, otherwise it is always hidden).

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