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Skip The Rows

I have 2 worksheets. On worksheet 1, I want to copy every 8th row in Column A. I want to copy the data from these cells onto worksheet 2. I want the data to appear on every other row on worksheet 2. To summarize, I'm trying to copy the data from every 8th row in one column BUT I want it to appear on every other row in another column.

I tried hiding the cells I don't need but then I can't sum.

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Move All Rows 1 Down But Skip Row 26
I've got a pretty nice Worklist setup in Excel that enables you to organize all the work you need to do in a month. However i end up with little holes in the list whenever i finish a task because what my macroes does is whenever a job is marked as done on the list it moves that job to sheet2, which contains completed jobs. I'd like to have a macro that shifts all the rows 1 down whenever a job is completed(ill just call it from the job complete macro) but it needs to jump over(skip) row 26 because that row contains some images that my macros use. Altso i would like to, if possible avoid inserting any rows or cells or hiding them because that will totally mess up my macros :p I know i know, im not dynamic enough.

I've included a sample of the worksheet so you can see what i want.

By the way, I've altso got some trouble with a public function.

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Insert Values And Skip Blank Rows
I want my macro to consider the # of rows of data on a spreadsheet and insert values into columns for those rows but then stop when it hits a blank one. For simplified example below, I have 3 columns in my spreadsheet. Row 1 has headers of Location, Status, and Effective Date. The first 5 rows of data under the headers have a value in the Location column (San Jose, Oakland, etc). When I run the macro, I want it to insert a value of "ACTIVE" in the Status column for each row that has a value in the Location column. Also, a single Effective Date value is stored in a cell elsewere in the spreadsheet, and I want the macro to insert that value in the Effective Date column for each row that has a value in the Location column. When it hits a blank row - row 7 in this spreadsheet - I want it to stop.

Location| Status | Effective Date
San Jose

I currently am using an IF statement in the Status column fields to say if Location = blank, then blank, else "ACTIVE". That works, except that the # of rows populated in Location column could be 5 or 1,000, and inserting the formula that many times seems to quickly increase the file size.

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IF Formula - Skip Rows That Dont Meet Criteria
I have a spreadsheet which contains data for crime incidents occurring in a month. I have created a worksheet which uses "IF" statements to pull in data that occurred within the last 24 hours only. I would like to create a report that can be printed which has a crime category and lists all the incidents for that category below that occurred during the day. The issue I am having is that all "IF" and "LOOKUP" statements are line for line and I want to be able to skip blanks or where it is not the category in the title.

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Skip Blanks
I have this code that checks for cells that "" and then transfers a range to a separate sheet. I am running into problems if in the specified range all cells are "". How can I update this code to allow for all cells in the range to be "" without giving an error?

Sub Search_Notes_Main()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Analyst Main").Select
Dim ConstantCells As Range, Cell As Range
Set ConstantCells = Range("B11:CX11").SpecialCells(xlConstants)
For Each Cell In ConstantCells
If Cell.Value "" Then Cell.Select
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Notes & Ticklers Upload").Select

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End Right Skip Blanks
I have a range I would like to select but this includes blanks. I would like the VB to skip these blanks and find the last value / text in this row and then select that entire row.

Here is part of the code I have:-

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Skip Loop
I'd like to miss out a loop in my For/Next code. Basically I've written the code below which inserts a few rows above the object cell if it doesn't match the previous cell (to seperate my data). In light of the fact that I've inserted rows, the object cell is now a blank cell, so when my For/Next statement continues it insert some more rows thinking that the previous cell doesn't match the object cell. I wondered if it was possible to skip the object cell forward so the For/Next statement can continue in the place it left off (in effect, it would be like going to "Next" twice without doing any of the code in between).

Sub insertrows()

Set SubAss = Range("A11:A10000")
Cr = 0
prevcell = Range("A11")

For Each cell In SubAss
If cell.Value <> prevcell Then
prevcell = cell.Value
cell.Offset(-2, 1) = " Total"
cell.Offset(-2, 1).Font.Bold = True
r = 6

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Skip A Blank Row
I have code to highlight the min price in each row of a range of cells. However some rows are left blank as seperators between different types of products. These rows are being completely highlighted. Is there some way to skip blank rows?

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For Each .... In Selection --- Skip To Next If Not Found
I am using a statement to step through a list of filenames in a list using the following syntax:

For Each filename In selection


Occasionally, the filenames I add to the selection range do not appear in the source folder. When this happens, the macro throws up an error message and stops. If no match is found, I want it to automatically skip to the next filename in the list. I know there is a way to do this, I just do not know the syntax for achieving this.

This is how I think part of it is done, using the .Find statement:

For Each filename In selection

Workbooks.Find filename: = "...blah blah .."


If no match is found, the statement is False, and I then need to add another statement to tell the code to skip to the next in the list if the filename does not appear anywhere in the selection range/list.

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VLOOKUP, If Zero Skip To Next Result
Below is the data I have.

Say I need to get values from Column C. VLOOKUP'ed values return the first value, but i need it to move on to the next result if the first one = 0.
so I will get

123 - not 0, but 0.22
234 - 0.1
345 - 0.....

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Vlookup Using Skip Column
I have two excel sheets. One is databank & second is list. Our data in databank sheet.

sheet : databank
column a is : name
column b is : address1
column b is : address2
column c is : city
column d is : district

sheet : list

column a is : name
column b is : city
column c is : district

Now i want in list sheet : name match with city & district respectively relevent name.

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Skip Cell In Vba Macro
Sub BlankGcolumn()
Dim cl As Range
For Each cl In Range("B8", Range("B15").End(xlUp))
If cl.Value = "" Then
cl.Offset(0, 0) = cl.Offset(0, -1) & " " & cl.Offset(1, -1)
End If
Next cl
End Sub

in the "Next cl" part, i want it to skip the next cell and do the one after it.
Ive tired: ....

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Drag Formula But Skip Every Other Row
I am trying to link the cells up in a new workbook the problem is the data I need is setup in a way the formula needs to skip every other row.
For example:

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Skip To Next Macro, If Read Only Is Available
I have been using various bits of information from all sorts of threads and made a somewhat nifty little Macro program for the company i work for.

The following threads may have my answer in them, but I can't see it or figure out how it could be restructured to my needs.

Disable Read-only Message Box

looks as if the file is set as readonly then to close it without saving


contains a msgbox I would like to add in, specifying that the file is read only therefore to abort current macro for particular file

concerns very much the problem I am having.

Basically what it boils down to is,

My Program Manager runs a daily report, then uses my program to update up to 7 different workbooks. Each having their own Sub program.

Some of the Supervisors or leads gets in to early and thus makes the file as a Read-Only, which of course stops my program and can not continue.

What I would like to learn is.. (from the countless threads I have looked through, I can't seem to find the answer)

Bring up a msgbox, informing the PM that a specified file is already open and therefore this particular process has been aborted.

Then it will move on to the next Sub, and so forth...

I want to thank everyone for their help directly or indirectly, (been reading threads for about 9 months now) and any future help as well.

And if it's not to difficult, could it be close to layman terms? I try to understand alot of these codes and I get lost with some of the wording. I am just pratically piecing pieces together with my "eyes closed" and somehow come out with a working VB codes.

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Using Count If But Skip Columns
I use the formula below to sum hours in a spreadsheet:

=((((SUM(B6:AP6)+(COUNTIF(B6:AP6,"x")*12.5))+(COUNTIF(B6:AP6,"d")*12.5))+(COUNTIF(B6:AP6,"m")*12.5)) +(COUNTIF(B6:AP6,"e")*6))

I would like to be able to change the range from "B6:AP6" to something which will start with B6 but only count every 6th cell up to AP 6. I could probably place a symbol at the top of each column I wish to count if needed. If I try to simply choose every sixth cell I get an error about too many arguments for the countif function The above formula is used to add hours for various shifts (symbolized by letters). For my current need I do not need the multiplier i just need to count how many of each letter appear in every sixth cell of a row.

This may be too fancy but if one formula would work to count every 6th cell starting with B6 and give me a sum , then automatically do the same starting with B7 and count every 6th cell etc...that would be great. I am trying to sum the number of each occurrences of each shift at each of 6 locations.

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Find # Put 1 Then Skip Rest
I am trying to find a formula as follows: Go down a column When you find a number put a 1 in the column to the right. Keep going down, if you find the same number skip it until you find a different number and put a 1 there. Keep going in that manner skipping any number you have already seen. I have attached a sample file of what I'm trying to achieve.

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Exit Or Skip Loop
I have a For Each...Next loop to read and write data from one workbook to another. Now, it's possible but unlikely that a certain "wellindex" (as defined by the Column A value) occurs more than once in the source spreadsheet, and only the most recent value should be used. And now to the actual question. Currently my macro runs a check to see if the current cell's wellindex has already been used, and if so, then it warns the user of potential double-entry. What I'd like to have it do is have it check whether the current cell's wellindex has duplicates further down (e.g., using a "findnext" method), and if so, then skip to the next cell in the loop. I know that I can exit a loop with "Exit For" but I don't know how to have it go straight to "Next c" without embedding everything in an If statement.

Sub DataImport()
'Define variables
Dim sourcedata, sourcename, originname, sourcedate As String 'filename variables
Dim wellindex, ch4, co2, o2, bal, adj, com As String 'data variables
Dim cor, owp, owp2 As String, overwrite As Integer 'prompting variables
overwrite = 0
'Set up the data source
originname = ActiveWorkbook.Name
sourcedata = Application. GetOpenFilename("Data Output Files (*.csv), *.csv", , "Open the source file").........................

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Skip Code Lines & Go To Another
My excel program on my home computer has a default number format so that when I type in a number such as "1", the spreadsheet displays 1E-20. If I enter the number as "1.0", the display will show correctly. I have tried changing the formats for the spreadsheet, but I still cannot get the program to work correctly. I tried reinstalling office, but nothing changed.

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Concatenate A Range Skip Blanks
I have copied the following codes to create a Function of "Concatenate a Range Skip Blanks". However, I humbly seek help to add "," in between every word and also take away the empty space when there is only 2 words are concatenated. Pls refer to my attachement for easy understanding.

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Skip Any Blanks Rather Than Count Them In The Average
I want to figure a class average for a test, but I have students that have moved. My Excel is automatically counting them as a zero. How can I program/tell Excel to skip any blanks rather than count them in the average?

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Skip Blanks Or Zeroo Cells
how can i skip blanks or zero cells

I have a column with data like this: ....

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Can (xlUp) Skip Blanks And Zeros
Is it possible to run Range("A64000").End(xlUp).Select and have it skip the blanks and zeros until it hits an actual number?

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How Can I Skip Or Automatically Answer Of Message?
I have a workbook that contains a macro that when executed creates a copy (duplicate) of one its sheets and places it in itself (the same workbook). The macro then prints the newly created sheet. After printing, the macro then erases the newly created sheet so that it is no longer a part of the workbook. My problem is that I get the Excel message "Data may exist in the sheet(s) selected for deletion. To permanently delete the data, press Delete". I would like add to my macro so that 1) the message is skipped or 2) the macro answers the message box (with Delete) so that no user input is required. I would like it if the user did not have to respond to this message.

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Paste Special - Skip Blank
i am trying to use Skib blank in paste special
but it pastes the value with the same blank cell

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Macro To Skip Delete Sheet.
macro to skip delete sheet question. i have this as part of my code

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Skip Column In Select Case
I've been through the forum and I've got my VBA to check that columns 37, 38
and 40 are entered if column 2 = 'O'. However I just can't get it to exclude column 39 from the check! Is there a way of getting Case Else to do this or should I use an Array?

Dim rCell As Range
Dim strMessage As String
Dim RowCounter As Integer
Dim ColumnsChecked As Integer

For Each rCell In Range("B14:B5000")
RowCounter = rCell.Row
If rCell = "O" Then
For ColumnsChecked = 37 To 40
If Cells(RowCounter, ColumnsChecked).value = "" Then
Select Case ColumnsChecked
Case 37
strMessage = "COMMENTS"
Case 38
strMessage = "INVOICE NUMBER"
Case 40............................

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Skip Blank Cells Paste
I have a range that I need to copy to a new worksheet. It basically looks like steps going across the sheet. Whenever I skip blank cells during the paste to the new sheet Excel does not skip anything. Any ideas on how I would shift all data to be on the left side of the without copying the blank cells.

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Skip To Close Workbook And Loop
am using excel to go to a web site and download a series of pages

However, if the requested page doesn't exist I just want excel to ignore that and carry on. So I have...

For f = 60000 To 100000
mtch = f
gp = Left(f, 2)
With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _
"URL;" & gp & "/" & mtch & ".html", _
Destination:= Range("A1"))
.Name = f
.FieldNames = True
.RowNumbers = False
.FillAdjacentFormulas = False
.PreserveFormatting = True..........................

but excel still returns a message box saying it couldn't open the requested page when i just want it to skip to close workbook and loop. i have to hit 'debug' and move next line to where i want.

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Disable/skip Workbook_open Function
i have a workbook iam using as a template.(workbook "template") the user opens which then requests a job number which will then saves the workbook as the enterd job number. this workbook also contains all the material data. eg: price and type which is on sheet "data". I am hopin to get to the sheet "data" from another workbooks command button by bypassing the job enter request by the workbook_open sub. basically i need some code that disables a workbook_open sub

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Skip Empty Cells When Pasting
I`m trying to do is paste a formula accross multiple columns whilst skipping the empty cells. I tried using the "skip blanks" tick box but it still filled in the empty cells??

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Skip Blank Row When Export To Text File
I have macro that exports certain range to text file. It goes through first to last row and exports it to Text file. Here is the part of the
For Each myRecord In Range("A2:A" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)
With myRecord
For Each myField In Range(.Cells, Cells(.Row, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft))
sOut = sOut & DELIMITER & DEL & myField.Text
Next myField
Print #nFileNum, Mid(sOut, 2)
sOut = Empty
End With
Next myRecord
The problem is that sheets might by empty. I would like to add something to this code ( I guess some IF condition) so that all blank rows are skipped and not exported to text file.

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Sign Flip Macro To Skip Blanks
I have been using this macro, which works perfect:

Sub Signflip()
Dim cell As Range
For Each cell In Selection
If IsNumeric(cell.Value) Then cell.Value = -cell.Value
Next cell
End Sub

It allows me to select cells and flip from neg to pos, pos to neg, and it won't error out on text cells. Great little macro.

However, I don't like how it puts a zero in blank cells. It slows down the macro when I select large areas. Is there a way to make this macro work the same way but skip over empty or blank cells and not enter a zero.

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Skip Blanks & Copy To Next Empty Cell
Have the marco (see Code below)that I am trying to pull only records that have a "y" in a column. The problem I am haivng is that I also get cells that are blank and rows are skipped if the cell is blank or not "y".

Have tried searching for an answer or example for what I want to do. Looked at autofilter but had no luck.

Sub Macro1()
Set rd = Sheets("ActiveHerd") 'set read data sheet as rd
Set wd = Sheets("SaleSheet") 'set write data sheet as wd

For i = 12 To Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row ' set i to the last row in column A
If UCase(Cells(i, 1)) = "Y" Then Range("A" & i & ":c" & i).Copy Destination:=wd.Range("AA" & i)
Next i

End Sub

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Skip SpecialCells Action If There Are No Blank Cells
I am trying to run an action on a series of cells that inserts rows whenever there are blank cells (resulting from the formula) in column.

The problem: When I have a situation where there are not blank cells, the the .SpecialCells action does not work. I have tried the On Error Goto, but I have multiple equations that can have this occur and I have only been able to use that feature once in a macro.

LR = ActiveSheet.Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Row
Set Rng = Range("A2:A" & LR)
With Rng
.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(OR(AND(RC[16]="""",R[-1]C[16]=1),AND(R[1]C[16]="""",RC[16]=1)),"""",1)"
End With
Set Rng = Range("A:A")
With Rng
.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas, 2).EntireRow.Insert 'stopped here
End With

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IF Skip (test If Any Cell In AZ 2:2000 Is Greater Than 200)
In column AX2:AX2000 there is a value(alpha numeric) MB60176685 and in column AX2:AX2000 there are various values.

I would like to test if any cell in AZ 2:2000 is greater than 200. If yes then blank AZ in that row. If less than 200 go to the next row. The value of AX will remain the same in that row.

MB400174444 10
MB400174444 155

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Autofill Weekdays/skip Weekends In A Month
I would like to be able to auto fill weekdays (skipping Saturday & Sunday) in a month. For example, my spreadsheet would look like this if cell A1 contains12/01/09:



The DATE column needs to return the date for WORKDAYS listed...Monday through Friday only. The first workday in Dec 2009 is 12/1, the fifth workday is 12/7, and so on.

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Count And Select Outcomes, Skip Duplicates
This code counts all cells with a value from column B1:B:10, C1:C10, D1:D10, E1:E10, F1:F10, G1:G10 and H1:H10. And then give the cells of the 3 lowest outcomes a blue backcolor. The problem is that the code also colors any duplicate outcomes. How can I let the code skip any following duplicate outcome(s)?

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Hlookup To Skip Past First Found 'lookup_value'
I'm using the following formula "=HLOOKUP($B$4,Arg!$D$10:$DA$50,5,FALSE)" With Cell $B$4 as the 'Lookup_value' I wish to pull the second instance of the 'lookup_vlaue' not the first from within the 'Table_Array'. Later on I'd like to skip to the 3rd column/instance etc. It's not practical for me to change the size of the 'Table_array'

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Drag/Fill Formula & Skip Some Row References
I have the following formulae in seperate cells were A1, A2 and A3 are the cells

A1 =MAX(Data!C2:C3)
A2 =MAX(Data!C4:C5)
A3 =MAX(Data!C6:C7)

I would like to drag the cells so that automatically the cells below A3 are updated as follows

A4 =MAX(Data!C8:C9)
A5 =MAX(Data!C10:C11)
etc up to 600 rows

Unfortunately it is not being updated in that order. Do you have any suggestions how it can be done.

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Skip Enable Macro On Open Workbook
I need my users to always enable macros when they open my workbook. Is there a way I can tell excel to enable macros and skip this initial question for users?

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Skip Column When Importing Text File
This question is mostly academic, but I do hope someone out there has an answer. I am using code to open a text file. Since the first column is always blank, I would like to start the import at column 2. I think this can be accomplished with the following

Workbooks.OpenText Filename:=sFileName, Origin:=437, StartRow:=1, DataType:=xlDelimited, _
FieldInfo:= Array(Array(1, 9))

However, according to VB help file,

If you specify that a column is to be skipped, you must explicitly state the type for all remaining columns or the data will not parse correctly.

I haven't seen any problems, but I hate to use code that isn't supposed to work, even if it does. Does anyone know what problems could be caused by not explicitly stating the type for the remaining columns? Question 2: (I know, one per thread, but they are very much related. I will move to new thread if need be). If I don't know the number of columns, how can I explicitly state their type? For example, if I knew I had 4 columns, I would use:

Workbooks.OpenText Filename:=sFileName, Origin:=437, StartRow:=1, DataType:=xlDelimited, _
FieldInfo:=Array(Array(1, 9), Array(2, 1), Array(3, 1), Array(4, 1))

What do I use for a variable number of columns?

The default type of 1 (xlGeneralFormat) is fine for all of my columns.

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Open Multiple Files, Skip Non Existent
I need to open 9 files in different worksheet. If the files is not present i want to get to the next available one. I don't understant the following code will work once, but not 2 times in arrow. The error handler routine works only once and then if the file is not present I will get a error 1004 (on this line Workbooks.Open Filename:="c:" & openfile). I know that the file is not present but the error gets trap the first time and not the second time.

Sub Main()
On Error Goto ErrHandler
Redim myfile(9) As String
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
myfile(1) = "DY01IPRB"
myfile(2) = "DY02IPRB"
myfile(3) = "ATDREXX1"
myfile(4) = "ATDREXX2"
myfile(5) = "ATDREXXW"
myfile(6) = "ATDUSER1"
myfile(7) = "ATDUSER2"
myfile(8) = "DY02BCH2"
myfile(9) = "R4ATD"
tdate = Format(Now(), "dd-mm-yyyy")

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Skip Code Depending On Cell Condition
I m trying to bypass some code if a certain condtion is meet. If Cell A1 has a zero in it I want to skip the following code and continue one with the rest of the macro. This is the code I have.

j = 0
RowCount = Cells(Cells.Rows.Count, "a").End(xlUp).Row
cell_a = Range("A1").Value
If Not cell_a = 0 Then
Rows("1:" & cell_a * 2).Select
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
For i = 1 To cell_a * 2
Range("a" & i).Select
ActiveCell.Value = j
j = j + 0.5
Next i

I put the If Not/Then statement in there to try and figure out what do. But I don't know what to put after the THEN statement. Basically I want run the code after the THEN statement if there isn't a zero in cell A1 and skip the code if A1 contains a zero.

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Skip X Lines Importing Text File
i try to input an txt into a excel spreadsheet, how do skip to certain lines or number? for example if the txt is like


and i want the excel sheet to start at the the third number


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Formula To Skip Over That Data Point In The LINEST Calculation
I have instances where my Y variables sometimes contain a zero in the data and i need a formula to skip over that data point in the LINEST calculation.

Y variables are in Row 1, Columns A:E
X variables are in Row 2, Columns A:E

The following formula is returning a #VALUE! error: .....

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Skip Saving The Code Everytime You Open The Workbook
I have a workbook with lots of code to automate several things that I do. It does a great job at doing things I need it to do, but it takes foreeeveeerrr to save the workbook. The code has made the workbook a large file, and it takes a few minutes to save it. Is there a way to skip saving the code everytime you open the workbook. I don't ever need to change to code so I don't need to save it every time.

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Paste Into Range But Skip Protected/Locked Cells
I've been trying to paste formula throughout a range of cells in the same column. Trouble is, I protect some sub- total cells and don't want the formula to paste over those sub-total formulas.

If I protect the sheet and paste the formula throughout the column including the protected cells, I would get an error message.

How can I paste the new formulas without getting into trouble of the protected cells?

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Add X Days To Dates, For Criteria Count, But Skip Weekends
I am trying to compile a count of dates using a numerical reference which adds x consecutive dates onto the initial start date based on the number in a cell.The dates added cannot fall on a weekend.

The start date for each calculation begins in D4 with the corresponding number of days to add onto this date in K4. In the example below 8/11/2007 -- 2 means that the 8th and 9th of Nov get one added to their count. As the next row also has 9th Nov as a start date one more is added to 9th Nov. As the 10th and 11th were a weekend they are skipped and the count starts again from the next Monday. I have enclosed a simplified worksheet with some sample data.


D4 --------- K4
8/11/2007 -- 2
9/11/2007 -- 3

Expected output:

8/11/2007 -- 1
9/11/2007 -- 2
12/11/2007 --1
13/11/2007 --1

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Catch An Error And Reset The Entire Code To The Very Beginning And Skip That Entire Entry
I want to catch an error and reset the entire code to the very beginning and skip that entire entry. When I use "Next fieldSheetName" I get "Next without For," error 1004. Searches tell me I have an open block somewhere, but that's not true. Removing that statement (and having the loop iterate as normal) has no error at all.

Dim employeeName As String
Dim fieldMax, x, y As Byte ' Counters mostly
Dim workedHours, fieldSheetName As Integer

fieldMax = 204 ' Row number to stop on in the field time sheet
row = 4 ' Row specification for field time sheet. Begin at row 4 to ignore headers
' and start on the first name. This should not be changed!
Col = 3 ' Start at column 3 then increase by one to start going to next time entry

For fieldSheetName = 4 To fieldMax Step 8 ' This is our MAIN loop. It iterates from 0 to fieldMax, which is 204...........

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Sort Column To Match Pair In Other Column, Skip Blank Spaces
Here's what I have.. (on a much smaller scale)

(notice how the lines that match are now even.)

[Edited by admin~ *Link* to large images, don't display them]

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Delete Chart Series Across Sheets But Skip Protected Sheets
I have received following macro from someone to delete series but the problem is that it gives error when some sheets are protected, and I want those sheets to protected. When run it will ignore/leave protected sheets but delete series only from unprotected sheets

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim Rng As Range, i As Long, r As Range, lVal, uVal
Dim DeleteCount As Double
Dim lRow As Long
Dim dr As Long
Dim dc As Long
dc = Sheets("Deleted Numbers").UsedRange.Columns.Count - 1
dr = Cells(Rows.Count, Sheets("Deleted Numbers").UsedRange.Columns.Count - 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
If dr = 60001 Then ................

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