Transfer Info From One Worksheet To Another

Jun 20, 2007

Im trying to take information and have it copy to a different worsheet when a certain selection or type is put into a column.

On worksheet "Alpha"...
Column "A" will have "Maintenance, Supplies, or Payroll" in it.
Column "B" will have a currency.

On Worksheet "Bravo"...
I would like to have everything from Column "B" on "Alpha" to be placed here that has "Maintenance" in Column "A"

On Worksheet "Charlie"...
I would like to have everything from Column "B" on "Alpha" to be placed here that has "Supplies" in Column "A"

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Unable To Transfer Info From Main Tab Using Two Variables?

Dec 9, 2013

I have an extensive excel spreadsheet in which the user adds information to the tab labelled "Input here". I then want the information to transfer to the 6 tabs (Boss 1, Boss 2, Boss 3, Boss 4, Boss 5, 2013) based on the information in column C and column G. (It also auto sorts alphabetically.)

I can get the info to transfer to 5 of the tabs without an issue (using column C) but have been unable to transfer to the tab labelled "2013" in which I need to use column G. I have tried changing my formula and replacing all the C's with G's but that did not work. In essence, I want anything that states we were notified in 2013 to transfer to the "2013" tab. I added an additional colum (Date Notified (Data)"

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Transfer Info From One Sheet To Another Depending On Cell Input

Jun 26, 2012

I am wanting to transfer data from one sheet to another depending on cell input


If I enter "2" in sheet1 cell B1, then I want a macro to take A1 to sheet2 but place it in A1 & A2.
Then say I enter "1" in sheet1 cell B2 goto sheet2 and put A2 into A3 and so on.

Depending on the number entered on sheet1 column B, the Macro duplicates the info from Column A in that row into column A on sheet2. ??

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Excel 2003 :: Selection Column To Transfer Info To Another Workbook

Sep 14, 2012

I have a workbook that has multiple functions. One of these function is that when the user select a key word from a drop down validation list, a VB code transfer all information from that row from Column A to column W to the next available row on another tab.

If Not Intersect(Target, Range("X:X")) Is Nothing And Target.Cells.Count = 1 Then
Application.EnableEvents = False

If LCase(Trim(Target.Value)) = "yes" Then

[Code] ....

Is there a possibility to transfer this information into another workbook. Instead of transferring the info to a tab name "Archives" to transfer in another workbook. This workbook will only have one tab called "Archives".

This will minimize the information within my Initial workbook in project.

The path in the new workbook where the information should be transfer should be in:

"C:Documents and Settings"username"My DocumentsMy Data Sources" to an excel workbook that will be named Archives.

I know that the "Archives" workbook need to open then close after the information has been inserted...

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Creating Macros To Transfer Data From Worksheet To Worksheet?

Mar 26, 2014

transferring data from a worksheet (Passdown Report) to another worksheet (Data Base) located in the same workbook. In the source worksheet (Passdown Report) there are 2 cells (B2 and D2) in which I would like the data to be transferred along with the data from B4 to AQ33. All the cells contain a formula which I want to stay after the information is transferred to the target worksheet (Data Base). This will be a daily transfer to the target worksheet (Data Base), so the macros should also identify the next available open row to transfer the data to.

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Transfer Data From Master Worksheet To Individual Worksheet

Oct 7, 2009

I receive a monthly download of individuals call-logs in one "Master File." For internal reasons, I need to separate every person's monthly call-log into individual worksheets. Unfortunately, the file is very large and copy/paste is very time consuming. I am operating on MS Excel 2007.

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Display- Info On Different Worksheet

Sep 7, 2009

using VBA, I created a simple problem that I can't figure out how to solve in worksheet 2, I have 3 worksheets.

1. Players - Complete info of players

2. Members - When I select the team name, I'd like to display the info First Name, Last Name and Team only for the team name I've chosen. This should automatically change whenever I select a team name.

3. Team Codes - Tables I used for my vlookup and drop down list.

I have attached my file for your reference.

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Move Info From A Worksheet To Another

Nov 2, 2008

i need to get certain info from one worksheet to another is there any way to do this automatically

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Drop Down Box Info To Another Worksheet

Jul 31, 2007

I am working on a product quote pricing worksheet. I have several products and on my one worksheet I have about 5 different columns with drop down boxes with several different choices. I want to know if there is a way to select something from the drop down list and once something is chosen information on that particular product can populate a cell on another worksheet.

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Transfer Data From One Worksheet To Another?

Jan 20, 2012

I have 3 worksheets- Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 will have data from the customer that I need to transfer in Sheet 3 as a summary. So if 5 rows are filled in Sheet 1 and 6 rows in sheet 2, VBA code that can transfer data from sheet 1 and sheet 2 to sheet 3 all one after other (i.e. have 11 rows total). The current code formula i have just replaces data that was filled in from sheet 1 to sheet 2.

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Every Row Data Transfer To Another Worksheet?

Jun 6, 2014

How can I move every row data to another sheet, when the print(moving) button will shown i every row. Problem is that i need write a code and insert button for every row, how to automate this proces. So the main key is that, i can chouse wich row i want to transfer to another sheet.

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Pull Certain Info From One Worksheet To Another Only Containing Certain Values?

Jun 11, 2013

I don't really know how to search this question but what I am trying to do is pull information from one worksheet to another only containing numbers greater than 0. For example, i have an order sheet containing everything that is in stock, then I go down the list and put in the number of items being sold (1,2,3, etc). Some items will have a value of zero.

Then the items that have numbers (the ones that are being sold) I want to be able to pull these numbers along with the item description onto another worksheet which will be the invoice. Then excel will add up the prices of only the items being sold and give me a total value on the invoice. Is this doable?

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Pull Info From 1 Worksheet Into Another - Not A One-to-one Relationship

Mar 5, 2009

I have one worksheet with 238 rows and another with 163 rows. I want to pull information into the sheet with 238 rows whenever there is a match to a record in the 163 rows. I tried VLookup, but as soon as it gets to a record in the 238 that doesn't exist in the 163 it gives errrors and stops. I've looked at =offset and =offset(match) but I'm not finding anything that deals with the situation of not always being a one-to-one (or even one-to many) relationship. Ultimately I want to pull the Category & Project fields into the records matching on IDNumb in Sheet 1 but Sheet 1 has more records than Sheet2. example......

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Display Needed Info On Different Worksheet

Sep 29, 2009

The worksheet perfectly performs as expected, big thanks to JBeaucaire again. Now, as am looking around of the file and doing some exploration on the array, as I was trying to make this applicable to real life application, I noticed the following mysteries...

1. When I tried to delete some rows, The Members Sheet output went wrong and displaying #N/A. I noticed it's because the formula range have change. But it would be hard for a new user to re-arrange it over and over again everytime when a row is deleted.

2. I've been trying to solve this problem to no avail. I found this link that gives me an idea how my worksheet should work, this was already solved but I can't apply it on my worksheet...

3. I would like to add another column on A to put the 0 and 1 on, but I don't need to delete this column after the resort so that next time if I need to delete another row existing row i'll just replace the existing 0 with 1 on column A.

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Macro To Sort Info On Worksheet

Nov 4, 2009

I need a macro to clear data on 2 worksheets that i can add to a button. lets say sheet1 B55:Y55 and sheet2 b102:y102

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Info From One Worksheet To Others For Hockey Draft?

Feb 16, 2012

I've got an excel master roster sheet filled with youth hockey player info and stats. Fields are in columns, and a couple hundred rows of players. What I'm planning to do use this info for a spring teams draft. I've got a blank field/column ready to write in the team names to which each player will be drafted.

What I'd like to do is have several other 'team pages' in the excel workbook that first look through the master roster sheet, checking for a matching team name. Next, those team pages would populate themselves with all the player information on the master sheet, provided the team name matches. Basically I want to have the rosters created automatically rather than doing any autofiltering after.

I did try a VLookup function, but it would only pull the first matching record, and nothing after.

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Macro Gets Info From Wrong Worksheet

Jul 11, 2008

I have a userform which is designed to get and enter data into one worksheet.

When I call the userform up from a different worksheet it doesnt refer back to the data source worksheet?? How can I do this?

I have used

in the user form initialise event but this still doesnt work.

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Transfer Information From Database To Worksheet?

Feb 22, 2013

I'm trying to find the coding to be able to do the following.

If Manufacture = Dimond in Cell C3 then in C5 show list from database Worksheet, of A4-A9, if C3= Steel & Tube then show list for A13-A18

Cell C3 is a Data Validation List

I keep getting name errors etc.

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Transfer Checkbox Caption To Different Worksheet?

Jul 1, 2014

I have 71 checkboxes that I want to transfer the Checkbox Caption if true. If the checkbox is false I want to transfer a value of "0". The captions are being transferred to a different worksheet. Below are a few entries if I was to enter them all separately, but I assume there is a way to do all at once?

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Cannot Transfer Data From 1 Worksheet To Another In Same Workbook

Mar 27, 2014

I have the following "if" statement

=IF('Audit Blank'!H53=2,SUM('Audit Blank'!I12:M12),"")

but it is not doing what i want and think i need some vba coding which i am not up to speed with. Basically i have an excel workbook containing a number of worksheets and what i want to do is enter data on the 1st worksheet which then populates the summed data into a second worksheet into a specific column dependant on the week no. that appears in a cell on the 1st worksheet. eg. the week number will appear in cell H53 the details in the sum of H12:L12 would then appear in cell I4 under the column heading Week 1 in the second worksheet, the sum of H13:L13 would then appear in cell I5 and so on. Where my "if" statement falls down is when the week number changes to "2" all the data under the column heading week 1 disappears but i need it to remain and the data for week 2 to be placed under the column heading week 2 in the second worksheet.

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Macro To Transfer Subtotals From Worksheet Into Another

Jul 12, 2013

I'm having trouble with this macro I'm trying to write. I have a worksheet that's subtotaled like this:

Cash 100,000
Land 65,000
Equipment 104,000
Kroger Foods Total 269,000

Cash 200,000
Buildings 25,000
Equipment 25,000
Prepaid Rent 50,000
Whole Foods Total 300,000

The data is obviously just an example, but that's how it's set up (a subtotaled worksheet with three columns). My issue is that I need to write a macro to copy these numbers in column 2 (ex. land - $65,000) and paste them in a cell in another worksheet that finds the particular cell to paste it in based off column 1 and column 2.

For instance:

Cash Equipment Land Prepaid Rent
Whole Foods

Essentially, I'm trying to find a way to copy the totals in column three and paste them into a cell in a certain row (based on column 1), and column (based on column 2). I'm pretty lost, and I just need some guidance as to how to tackle this. So far my code sets column 1 and 2 as strings and sets the columns in the second worksheet to these strings, and from there I'm lost

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Transfer Sorted Data To Another Worksheet

Jul 23, 2006

I Currently have some VBA sourced through here which adds to the end of the first instance of a value in column A the values in column's B and C and repeats adding values in new cells for B and C until the value in column A changes.

Now I need to transfer this sorted data to another worksheet (destination.xls) and add it by the reference number in column A to the end of the row with the same reference number.

I have experimented with vlookup with limited success and am looking for a more robust solution.

The data from the spreadsheet called source.xls appears starting in column EE. This will be the same starting position for all rows I have coloured the data for ease of recognition purposes only.

I have attached 2 sheets as examples of what I am trying to achieve.

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Transfer Data To Worksheet From Form

Jul 17, 2007

My goal is to create a tracker for my work. This tracker would have the data collection in a seperate excel worksheet using forms (embedded), where all of the information initially goes, then with the click of an "Add" button, it formats the information in the cells in the appropriate worksheet (ie: good data goes to the worksheet called "Good" and vice versa for "Bad"), clearing the data from the forms, and preparing for the next bit of information.

Type (2 radio buttons that categorize the )
Completed tasks (checkboxes stating "Did I do this", "Did I do that", etc.)

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Hidden Info When Copy A Worksheet From One Workbook To Another?

Aug 8, 2014

I need to create a new excel template for work. I was planning to copy a few worksheets from an old workbook over into the new workbook, mostly just for formatting for some graphs/tables that I would then link to the new workbook. A coworker said I cannot do this as copying from an old workbook will bring in "hidden" data that could some way impact the integrity of the new workbook and that the copied/old worksheet would FOREVER be linked to the new workbook no matter what I do. Is this true? If so, are there things I can do to remove any reliance to the old workbook.

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Create Formula That Transfer Data From Each Worksheet Tab?

Jan 12, 2014

I need a temporary database. What I need to do is to transfer data from each tab to a Masterfile tab. For example. I have Jan 1, Jan 2, Jan 3 tabs I need this to automatic transfer to Masterfile tab. I know I can copy/paste this BUT I have a LOT of data's like way back to June 2013 to present so I really need a way to do this easier.

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Data Transfer From One Worksheet To Another Using Dropdown Menu?

Sep 29, 2013

I have a table with 150 or so Job Titles down the first column. Across the top row, I have 25 or so courses listed. There are Xs in the table indicating which courses are required for each job title.

This worksheet is intended to be used by individuals who will look up their job title to see which courses they must take. My goal is to simplify this process. I would like to create a worksheet in this workbook which has a drop down list of job titles. When the title is selected the data will transfer to a table on this new worksheet.

I've attached the spreadsheet I have and it's pretty self explanatory.

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Transfer Data From Database To Old Worksheet And Create It With New Name

Jul 22, 2014

I already transfer my data from database (excel.xlsm) to an old worksheet (excel.xlsx) with a table by using VBA. Now I want to make this old worksheet become a new file with new file name like yyyy/mm/dd/where. Is that possible?

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VBA To Search Headers And Transfer Data To Another Worksheet

Jan 23, 2014

I have uploaded a worksheet that has a macro attached to button 4,

I want the macro to search the header in "All Data" worksheet and transfer the data under them to under the same headers in "Quote" worksheet.

The data in "All Data" could be upto 60 rows of data.

quote test 1.xlsx‎

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Transfer Data From Master Copy To New Worksheet

Oct 9, 2012

I have a large data ... my problem is that I want the data is segregated automatically without manual filtering. in my data there are approximately 1000 individual name data, i need information about one person automatically segregated in one worksheet



for example; in the table we can see the red colour font in column D, that is the name person, what i want is data for one person automatically transfer to another sheet..example : Annamalai data to Sheet2, Koh Che Kuan to Sheet 3, Rashidah to Sheet 4..etc

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Data Transfer From One Worksheet To Multiple Worksheets

Mar 25, 2007

I want to transfer the data of one worksheet (to be added everyday) to multiple sheets.

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