Trying To Change A Text Box In Module

Dec 25, 2008

I have a project with many forms and textboxes. I am trying to create a module that will add a "." (Chr45) in the value.

this is the code on the userform. the textbox name changes throughout the project

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How To Change The Default Module Name

Jan 14, 2007

When I open Visual Basic Editor and insert a module,the default name

is "Module1",How can I change the default as "Mymod1" or others ,and if

I insert another module later,it can be named as "Mymod2" by default?

I have searched the registry and found nothing about the item.

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Class Module Change Event For Controls

Nov 20, 2006

I have a class module (MyCtrlEvents) with a sub (TxtGroup_Change) which I want to handle on a change event for some specific textboxes.

When the form is opening I don't get the correct sum for the textbox "TBSum601". It should be 200 but I get 14464

When I then also change a number in the form for any control like "TB7%", the change trigger event doesn't seem to occur....

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Keeping Track Of Which Macro Is In Which Module Since You Can't Rename The Module?

Mar 27, 2009

After all the awesome macros I've obtained with the help of all of you, I now have over 30 macros, each in its own module. I have tried without success to re-name the modules with no luck. How is everyone organizing these?

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Copy Codes Of Module 1 And Transfer To Module 2?

Jan 24, 2013

Let's say i have 2 Modules on my VBA forms, is it possible to Copy all the Codes in Module 1 and Paste it to Module 2 by using a Command Button?

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Making Msgbox In One Module With (Yes) Linking To Different Module

Jan 19, 2012

i got a question how i can make a msgbox in one module with 'Yes' linking to a different module.

such as: this is located in module2

If MsgBox("Do you want to activate module1?" & vbCr & _
"" _
, vbYesNo, "Choose") = vbNo Then Exit Sub

i want that vbYesNo different

No as in Exit Sub

yes as in activate Module1

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Make Text Proper / Sentence Case In VBA Module

Jul 29, 2003

Some handy code that I can put in a VBA module that will convert all text within a Spreadsheet to Proper or Sentence like this ---> Hello Everyone, Hope You Are All Happy.

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Worksheet Change Event :: (ByVal Target As Range) Event In Module After Creating A Sheet

Mar 27, 2009

Is there a way to write a Worksheet_SelectionChange (ByVal Target As Range) event in module after creating a sheet in VBA? I constantly delete a sheet, then repopulate it with a new one that is empty, but I need to add some code that happens if they should change a particular cell. It worked when I ran it on a worksheet without refreshing, but as soon as I cleared and repopulated the sheet, it was gone. Is there a way to preserve this?

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Calling Module In Module With Variables

Oct 25, 2011

What i have at the moment is a module that contains code where i call a different module that i use as a procedure.


If Sheet1.Range("C4").Value < Sheet1.Range("A2").Value Then
If Sheet1.Range("K4") = "" Then
MsgBox "Please check 06:00 tasks not done yet!"
Cell = "Range(" & Chr(34) & "F4" & Chr(34) & ")"
If Sheet1.Range("C4") + 0.042 < Sheet1.Range("A2") Then
Run "EmailProSheet"
End If
End If
End If

EmailProSheet is what i call but now i want to use the variable "Cell" in the procedure as well?


MsgBox Cell
Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)
On Error Resume Next


As it is now everything is working fine but does not return a value in "Cell" if the procedure is called. Is there another way?

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Run-time Error '50289' :: Project Protection / Module Protection / Module Visibility

Aug 18, 2004

I recieve an error :

Run-time error '50289':
Can't perform operation since the project is protected.

When i try and run my code.

The code does add parts to modules and workbook events, but I need the code to be protected.

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Worksheet Change To Function To Add Text To Cell Which Initially Triggered Change

Jan 10, 2014

i have some existing code which is trigerred when anything is input into column c. The code then adds various information in another three columns. One of which pastes a vlookup formulae, and i would like this forumlae pasted into the column c cell which i initialy edited, in order to remove the requirement for one additional column.

The existing code i have is:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
Dim MyText As String
MyText = Environ("username")
If Target.Cells.Column = 3 Then
With Target
If .Value "" Then
.Offset(0, 2).Formula = "=VLOOKUP(D:D,'P:TAOffshoreTAOffshoreTreasuryRecsGeneralCommit ID''s for control Sheet - Do not move or delete[commit ids - DO NOT DELETE OR MOVE.xls]Sheet1'!$A$1:$B$65536,2,0)"


I have tried changing the offset to (0,0) or changing the offset to 'target = ', which does add in the vlookup but then the macro debugs at the 'If .Value "" Then' code?

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Correlation Between Colour Brightness And The Auto Change From Black Text To White Text?

Aug 16, 2013

So I have been playing around with the tab colors on my workbook and am trying to figure out the correlation between color brightness and the auto change from black text to white text. I've noticed that if the Green color value is higher, excel is more likely to use the black text. If Blue is high, white. Green takes precedence over Blue and Red is just kind of in its own excel calculates this?

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Excel 2010 :: Macro For Replacing Text In HTM Document - Text To Change Different Every Time

Mar 18, 2014

I am my excel worksheet (excel 2010) I have one cell that changes every day (number). I want this number to open my htm document and replace the same number in a string in the htm and save/close this.

An example:
My htm document is located at C:/ and named XX.htm

The number I want from excel is in cell A1 in sheet1, and the worksheet is located in D:/ named yy.xlsx

And the text(number) I want to replace is in the following string in the htm document, in this string it is 72, next day it can be 30:


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Change Text Color When Comparing 2 Text Fields

Aug 20, 2013

How would I compare two text fields (old and new) and change the font in the 3rd column (Difference)?

For example:

Old: I can not figure 3 things out.
New: I can't figure 2 things out.
Difference: can not can't figure 3 2 things out.

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Change Dates To Text

Nov 25, 2008

I have a spreadsheet here and in column A I have a list of names with the look I want however if you look at the name in the window it just shows the date.I want the format of this column to use text is there an easier way to change all those dates other than typing them all in again?

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Change Text In A Orderly Way

Dec 25, 2009

I have an amount of thousands of rows of text in a spreadsheet and would like to change it in an orderly way for further handling it. The text is as follows :

1This is the first row. 2This must come on the second, 3This text must come on another row. 12This text must come on the next row ....

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Change From Text To Numbers

Aug 16, 2007

how would i change this code to take in numbers instead of text?

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Text Box Change Using Listview

May 15, 2009

I created a form in which TextBox Value will change based on selection in ListBox.
Problem : I have YardNo in Colm 1 of List Box which is having duplicate value.Now when I select 1st value of duplicate Item it shows same value in TextBox. But When I select 2nd Instance of Duplicate Value it shows the 1st value in textbox. Means its not changing the values. Attached file will give you a clear idea.

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Change Number (1 And 0) To Text

Jun 7, 2012

I am writing a code which should generate the letters m or f (male/female) in A2:A21. I am able to generate random 1's and 0s, but now i can't convert them to the letters. Below is the code (note: i know it might not be the smartest way to do this, but to keep the same datastructure which i have in previous coding, i would like to keep it this way)

t = 1

Low = 1
High = 2


t = (t + 1)
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
value= Int((High - Low + 1) * Rnd() + Low)
ActiveCell.Value = value
Loop Until t = 20


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Change Number To Text Using VBA

Dec 9, 2012

I would like to change the number 0 in the following range T4:V123 to SS. I know I can do that with inserting another column and using formula =IF(U4=0,"SS",U4) but that would change references in another sheet (Awards) and necessitate redoing a lot of formulas. Would it be possible to insert a line of code in that sheet changing 0 to SS for that particular range?

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Change Text To Number

Aug 6, 2013

i have a sheet that has ratings from Low, Medium, Moderate, Critical.... and that's how we receive that sheet, so you cannot really know in what cell is the rating going to occur;

so my question is, is there a way to asign numbers to these texts so they can be easily pulled to access?

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To Change Text Color

Jan 3, 2007

I am in need of a way to change the color of text in a cell to red if that cell contains a dollar sign ($) and if it dosen't contain a dollar sign ($) for the text to be black. I want this to happen automatically without having to run a macro, is this possible?

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Change Case Of Text

Mar 22, 2008

I have the following text in B3

The Average of the last 6 items in column A is R112.50

I want a formula that will make the first letter of the sentence in proper case i.e "The average" as well as "R" before the value in proper case i.e R 112.50

See example below ...

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Text Box Has A Change Event

Jan 20, 2010

I have a userform with a text box.

The text box has a change event associated with it Depending on the circumstance I want to disable the change event for this textbox.

I have tried application enabled /disabled but this is only for work sheets

I have tried the following with no avail Public mbEvents As Boolean 'added this in so all the modules can accsess it

mbEvents = False
If mbEvents = False Then Exit Sub
do my code here

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Change Data To Text

Jan 10, 2007

I am trying to convert spreadsheet data (numbers) into text for use in a Fluke MetCal (automated calibration software) program. Does anyone have a short macro that will do the data to text conversion?

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Change Text In Column

Feb 21, 2007

I have a data something like this:......................

The script should notice a word "color" in the cell of the row B, copy it to row A and fill down until the next cell filled fith word "color". Important: It can be some other words afte word "color" comething like color 1, color 234q etc. But "color" always the first word in the cell

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Cell To Change From Text To Numbers

Jun 5, 2014

If I input "wd" to cell d4 I want it to look up say E4 to E20 find the highest and add 100 and change the wd to "1234"

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Change Text Colour If Value Is Calculated By SUM?

Jun 12, 2014

I need to see easily if my cell is giving a value by using a SUM. This is so I can see if the SUM has been taken off or overridden by typing in a number.

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Cell Value In Col B To Change Based On Text In Col A?

Apr 27, 2014

I need to include a prefix of +91 and +911 based on a text in column A. If any cell in column A has a specific text and when I enter a number in corresponding cell in column B it should add a prefix number as below.

If any cell in col A has text "STATE LINE OR MOBILE 1" then the corresponding cell in col B should add a prefix of +91 to whatever number I enter in that cell of col B.

If any cell in col A has text "MOBILE 2" then the corresponding cell in col B should add a prefix of +911 to whatever number I enter in that cell of col B.

If any cell in col A has any other text then the corresponding cell in col B should be the same number as I enter in that cell of col B.

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Change True Or False To Text

Jan 27, 2009

i have this formula and need to change true and false to text for both the expressions

what im trying to do is e23 has a static date (food sell by dates)and if that date gets within 3 month (J2) period of todays date (L2) i want it to say "warning" if e23 is equal to or older than todays date i want it to say out of date.

L2 has =today()
J2 has the number of months in it for the warning

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