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Turn The List Into A Table

I have a long list (almost 17,000 rows) with two columns (ID and Code). There are about 1400 IDs, each with multiple codes:

ID Code
1 ab
1 mn
1 hh
2 mn
2 hh
3 ab


I need to turn the list into a table that looks like this:

ID Code Code Code ...
1 ab mn hh
2 mn hh
3 ab

Each ID has a different number of codes (anywhere from 1 to 89).

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Turn #DIV//0!” To “0” Or Even Turn It To A Blank Cell
I have a workbook which is set up to take an average heart rate of a participant from a series of data points. I have set the spreadsheet up before I have collected some of the data. (so I can review the project at the 3 months period and its an ongoing project).

The problem is that if there is no data in a participants column then excel correctly gives you readout of “#DIV//0!”. On my results page this #DIV//0!” makes it hard to read the spreadsheet. Is it possible to get excel to turn #DIV//0!” to “0” or even turn it to a blank cell?

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Using A List In A Pivot Table To Generate A List On Another Sheet
I have a set of accounts (general ledger accounts) that the accounting group posts expenses to. every once in awhile a new account is added. This is captured through a pivot that i have built (sheet A).

on another sheet (sheetB) i want to display the accounts that are shown in the pivot so that i can forecast their future activity.

What i am trying to figure out is how can i make the list on Sheet B change when new accounts are added to the pivot on Sheet A (without simply referencing the pivot table making one cell equal the other)? I am not looking for a data validation pull down, i want a full list of the accounts.

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Conditional Properties: If A Number In A Different Cell Is Above A Certain Number It Will Turn Green And Another Cell To Turn Red
can I set a cell in excel so that if a number in a different cell is above a certain number it will turn green and another cell to turn red. I have attached the file.

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Convert From Table To A List
I need to convert this kind of table to a list (like in below example)
Can someone give me an instruction or macro to do this ?

A 3 5 7
B 2 4 6
C 8 9 10

Column1 Column2 Column3
A X 3
A Y 5
A Z 7
B X 2
B Y 4
B Z 6
C X 8
C Y 9
C Z 10

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Converting Table To List
I am wanting to manage my inventory and need to convert spread sheets with tables specifying style, size color to lists with skus specifying style, size color. please see attached spread sheet with one sheet with table and second sheet with list.

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List Data Into Table
I have data in a list of sales people and dates of their sales calls. What I want to do is transform the list into a table as shown in the attachment. Then I want to calculate the number of days between the first and last sales call. This part is easy using date formatting and min/max I guess. What I can't do is get the table arranged. I have used a pivot table to count the number of calls per sales person but pivot table wont just display the dates in a table format, it will only sum or count etc.

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Create List From Pivot Table
I'm trying to create what is essentially a report card for our staff. I have all the data in a pivot table and then I am using 'GETPIVOTDATA's in the report template to extract the information, linking the sheets via a cell that contains the staff members name. Easy enough. However for reasons of efficiency and practicality I would like to be able to select the names from a drop down list on the sheet rather than having to type it in manually or maintaining a separate sheet for everyone. The operators will change from month to month and there are approximately 90 staff at any given point in time that will need to be reported on so it really needs to be sourced from the pivot data.

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Security In Table/list Database
Is there any lock/security option in excel sheets, suppose we make some table/list and after entering one data when the cursor goes to second raw, the previous raw data automatically lock. the user cannot edit or delete that record.

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Reversal Of A Crosstab Table To A List
I am trying to convert the table below into a 3 column list that I can then import into SQL Server from a .XLS file, using ODBC .



The table supplied, starting at B8 demonstrates one of 8 worksheets in the spreadsheet... of which I would like all exported to 8 named worksheets in a new spreadsheet in the list format as:

Asset | Date | Value

I need to ignore the Totals column and row,
The table can grow or reduce the assets and
grow the days of the month, starting again at the begining of each month. I have to run a report each day of the month.

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Pivot Table Field List
on the pivot table field list-enable on the right hand side of the screen, only after that the needed fields can be dropped in.

Is there any other method to draw the pivot table?

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Create A List From A Large Table
I am trying to do is create a list from a large table (see attached). I have 2 columns (A and B) listing 'Asset' and 'Area' and then 2 rows (1 and 2) listing 'type of task' and 'task'. This forms a table with entries in the cells (from C3 onwards) denoting frequency of each task at each location, i.e. daily, monthly, 6 monthly and annual. This gives me quite a large table which is quite confusing. Can I create a formula to sort all the daily activities which will give me a list of the 4 corresponding properties 'country', 'location' (in columns A and B) and 'type of task', 'task' (in Rows 1 and 2)? Then do the same for the different frequencies populated in the table, 'monthly', '6 monthly' and 'annual' ???

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Unique String List Into New Table
I have a list of location names that may be repeated within the list. I also have possible blank cells within the list. I would like to filter them automatically into another table without having to use the autofilter or any macros to keep things simple.

How could i do this by removing blank cells in the new table and having only uniquely listed names ie get rid of any duplicates.

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Pivot Table Page List
I've a Pivot Table which i would like to get a list of it.

It is from an OLAP cube from Oracle

Based on the image below, every month i refresh this PT, there will be an additional WK. Lets say WK22.

How do i export the whole list from WK08 to WK21 everytime after i refresh my PT?

How do i select the last item in the Page field? If there is WK22, den it will auto select WK22. If not WK21.

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Tranferring From A List To A Two Parameter Table
I need a two parameters table deriving data from a list in another sheet. The vertical column of the two parameters table will be the names of the personnel, and the horizontal one will be the dates, in weeks form. The list contains the names, flight departure, flight arrival and no. of working days spent in the foreign country. What I need to do is to tranferr the data from that list onto the table.

For eg, if john flew overseas on 20-Dec to 15-Jan, the list will show john on column A, 20-Dec in column B, 15-Jan in column C and 20 working days on column D.

This list of personnel and their data should go into the two parameters table, where it will be identified when the personnel will be overseas according to the calendar of the project. Since the vertical heading is the dates of every week, a date that corresponds to period where the personnel is overseas will reflect a number in the cell. The number will be the number of working days the personnel spent on the foreign country, therefore the max will be a 5 and minimum is a 0. I need a formula that will fill every cell within the area of the tables.

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Pivot Table Source List
I'm trying to create a Pivot table with various columns comparing information of executives from various Private Equity Firms. Some of the additional columns are Industry Specialty, Harvard Grad Year, My companies contact, etc . . .

The goal is to allow me to then query this information so if I wanted to see all Bain Capital employees who graduated with an MBA in 1990 and their specialty.

My question comes in trying to set up my source list for the data under Industry Specialty and my companies Contact. Is there a way I can set a value for these cells and mark them as an "AND" in the source if there are multiple contacts or industries that one of the Private equity executives is linked too, that would then allow them to be displayed as so when I create the pivot table?

Attached is .zip for further clarification.

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Create Sheet For Each Name In Table List
I am copying info from a program into the "Input" worksheet - It is from my phone switch of logins and logouts of my employees. I have 11 supervisors and my end goal is to have each one of their coordinators show up in their specific tab automatically with all of their login information, ids, logins, and logouts. I can do the other math for the Marks and break lengths but I am having a hard time with this. I have been trying vlookup, but cannot figure out a way to bring all of the different rows... It only brings over one row.

I have tried to use some of the code from other posts on this sight, but have not had any luck.

What I am looking for it to do is on the Alis worksheet - the light blue sections. I am also finding it difficult in the light purple section also. I am trying to figure out how much time they were on the clock.

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Convert Table To Concatenated List
I would like to convert the data by VBA macro from a table format into a list format. The convention of the TABLE data is as follows:

First row is Header Titles
[SITE],[LOC],[PROD], [MTH1], [MTH2], to ->[MTH12]
North, Office, Cooling, 100, 125, 85

I would like the data to be provided into a list format for each month.
For example:

Row 1: North, Office, Cooling, Month 1, Value
Row 2: North, Office, Heating, Month 1, Value
Row 3: North, Office, Electricity, Month 1, Value
Row 4: North, Retail, Cooling, Month 1, Value
Row 5: North, Retail, Heating, Month 1, Value
Row 6: North, Retail, Electricity, Month 1, Value

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Break Down List Of Pivot Table
Originally I considered posting in the Excel / Email area but I know how to automate the email part of this already once I get the data collection I'm looking for. Let me explain. I have a pivot table that consists of reps, accounts, items, and sales data in that order.

For each rep I want to create an email of affected accounts and items with thier respective sales data. Because each rep has a variable number of lines I'm having trouble defining the exact range. I've used a few pieces of code taken from various posts from this forum to start me off but nothing seems to be working, else I'd post what I already have.

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Creating A Drop Down List From Another Table Of Data
I want to put a drop down list in Cell D3 with the list of names from column B. There are 14 different names, but when i try and create the list it gives everyname from Column B.

Also once the drop down list works i would like the table to be populated with the managers supplier, so if Dan was chosen in D5, Suppliers 1 to 9 would appear below D3.

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Pivot Table Field List Doesn't Appear
The field list does not appear when I create a pivot table in Excel 2007. It works properly if I start Excel in safe mode. I have toggled the field list button in the PivotTable Tools show/hide ribbon and I tried repairing Office 2007 from the control panel.

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Lookup In Table Based On List Choice
I have a way of getting a cell value from having a data validation linked to a row of cells containing lookup formulas.. which in turn are looing at a table.

I have attached a small example.

The problem is the spreadsheet is a large one and i was hoping I could shrink the size of this by removing the vlookup formulas by having some kind of index/match/lookup formula inserted directly in the data validation.

I got this to work using nested IF formulas but its not very practicable!

The attached example has data validation in column A that selects the task type. Choosing this then changes the values in the vlookup area.. which then becomes the validation list for cell in column B.

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Down The List On The Largest Table Returns No Data
I have created a monitoring spreadsheet for a public School system. It pulls data from 5 seperate excell files. however when a lookup value that is further down the list on the largest table it returns no data. other cells can lookup that same number and return correct information but from a different table.

The table that has issues is A1 - Y12430.. if the lookup value is low in the first few thosand rows it works.. but if thye value is in say row 9,000 it can not locate it..

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Macro To Sort Dynamic List Into Table
I have a list of letting agents that I need to sort into a table to import into Access. The list is dynamic in that not all the fields are present for every record. I will have over 4000 records to sort out, so I would really like to automate this. If possible the macro should read rows from the data worksheet and write to columns and rows on the Table worksheet. I have attached a small example of the data and output required. To make it a little more challenging the column header name is part of the data and will need stripping out as well.

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List Names For Cells With Greater Value In A Table...
I'm trying to List names for cells w/greater value in a table w/ 5 columns.
name that has greatest value for each row should show in column B. See example booklet.

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Find Each List Value In Table & Copy Corresponding Range
Hopefully someone can help me and understand what I am trying to do. I'm almost finished my project and stuck on one last part! If I have missed a similiar example on the forum could someone point me to it

I have a list of Lines (a,b...) which start at point i and end at point j.
Line i j Point x y
a 1 2 1 6 10
b 2 3 2 7 4
3 2 3

I have have a seperate list of the points. Each i point and j point have x and y coordinates.
I want to find the i point value in my list of points and copy the following two columns (the x and y values) to Sheet2. On sheet2 I want to paste the i values in row 1 and the j values in row 2, skip two lines and move onto Line b.

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Pivot Table List From Multiple Columns
I am trying to round a number to the next half penny. The mround function would seem to work but does not work for fractions.

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Using VBA To Return CurrentPage List In Pivot Table
I am trying to write code so I can control the PivotFields on a PivotTable from another sheet in the book. I cannot figure out how to get Excel to return a list of the fields in each page field. If I record code to change the Animal PivotField to show dogs, i get the following:

ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("Animal").CurrentPage = _"dogs"

I can also choose cat, birds, and beavers, but I do not know how to get excel to return a list of the option in the PivotField.

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Pivot Table Formula Dependant On List Selection
Im trying to create a 'drill-down' interface with the GETPIVOTDATA command.

I believe (but im not sure) that this will require several different formulas.

e.g., assuming this formula resides in A1, this returns all data in the pivot $A$6 for Monday of 6/1/2009:

=GETPIVOTDATA("Sum of Mon",$A$6,"Week", DATE(2009,6,1))

however for cell A1, if the user wants to drill down, then the required formula expands to the this case we are drilling down to Name=Baby Becket/Ball, Stage=Infant..and so on..

=GETPIVOTDATA("Sum of Mon",$A$6,"Name","Baby Becket/Ball","Week",DATE(2009,6,1),"Stage","Infant","B/L","B","WL",)

Essentially, without writing a bunch of IF's in the formula for there a way to put these formulas in a lookup table, and then depending on what the user chooses on how they want to analyze the data (e.g., they may select Name, Stage, etc from a drop down list elsewhere on the sheet), the appropriate formula is populate in A1?

In a nutshell: Can the formula of a cell be changed depending on what the selection value is of another cell or list value?

This could probably been done easily via VBA, but if there is a formula or vlookup based solution that would be easier..

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List Values From Excel Pivot Table Field
I have a Pivot Table with pivot fields and data. I would like, through VBA, to get the list of values that can be chosen from a given pivot field.

For example, a list would be Product1 / Product2 / Product3 .... I would like to read that list and put it into a drop down list in a form.

GOAL: I have several Pivot tables on the same sheet with similar fields and I want through macro to allow the user to update them all with one click.

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Reverse Pivot Table :: Recreate The List It Was Derived From
I am trying, starting from a list that has the same structure as a Pivot Table, to recreate the list it was derived from.

I added a sample to show what I mean.

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Fill Table Using Drop Down List Data Selections
I have a couple of drop down lists of data created from lists as well as fields next to it.

What I want it to do is take that data, which is name, start time, end time, days worked, queue (or work type), and fill the table next to it which is just a 30 minute by 30 minute schedule sheet with days of week 1 and week 2 on top.

I figure it would be easier to have a GO button to do this.

I will attach an example of what I mean, but please, if you guys find that there is an easier way to do this, just let me know, I feel this might involve some code/macros instead of excel functions

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Listing Pivot Table Field List Fields
Is there any code or way to generate the compete list of fields that are selectable from the " PivotTable Field list"?

I have various cubes I need to check and compile the list of fields for each.

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Convert Table Into List With Column & Row Headings Appended
I have a table with unsorted Time Data and Headings for each Row and Column (See attachment). I need to display this data in another worksheet as a scrollable list.

Then when I click on any list item, it displays only that data in the following format:

A1 = Time. A2 = Row Heading. A3 = Column Heading.

Easier to understand if you view the simple spreadsheet attached.

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Count In Filtered List And Display Results In Table On Right Of Data
I have a long list of delegates attending functions on different dates and need help with 2 problems:

A) List has filters by date/venue etc but I will want the table to be visible even when list is filtered.

B) I am using the following formula to count "=SUMPRODUCT(--($E$3:$E$728="Thursday 3rd September 2009"),SUBTOTAL(3,OFFSET($E$3,ROW($E$3:$E728)-MIN(ROW($E$3:$E$728)),,1)))" and this works but if I filter to another date then 3rd September shows 0.

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True/false With Lookup List/pivot Table Data
I want to compare a hand entered data sheet to my system data. System data is exported in. Then that data is used to populate a pivot table. I use a lookup list that fills in matching data from my hand typed sheet. From there I want to use true/false to see if the data matches. However, the formula will not copy down. I am sure it has to do with the formula holding a value, but I can’t seem to correct it.

1.System data populates sheet
2.Pivot table pulls info I need.
3.Lookup list cross references hand entered data sheet and puts value next to pivot table.
4.I need to do a true false to see if data matches but can’t get it to work

Example worksheet: On the worksheet you can see that the true false statements are incorrect. The system data and the hand entered data match two times not once.

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List Values In Pivot Table Page Field Dropdown
I want to print one sheet for each of the values in a page field drop-down. I can do this by supplying the values individually (code below) but would rather determine the list of values dynamically. Can this be done?

Private Sub pbPrintAll_Click()
Dim cix As Integer
Dim Ctrct As String
cix = 3
While (Sheets("Database"). Range("B" + Trim(Str(cix))).Value <> "")
' Get value from database sheet
Ctrct = Sheets("Database").Range("B" + Trim(Str(cix))).Value
' Set CurrentPage value
Sheets("Customer P&L Pivot1"). PivotTables(1).PivotFields("Cust 1A_Name").CurrentPage = Ctrct
' Print formatted sheet
Sheets("Customer P&L").PrintOut
cix = cix + 1
' Reset Current Page value
Sheets("Customer P&L Pivot1").PivotTables(1).PivotFields("Cust 1A_Name").CurrentPage = "(All)"
MsgBox "Prints sent to printer."
End Sub

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Using VBA To Turn Off Sound
How can I silence the annoying beep heard whenever a msgbox pops up or an error box appears?

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Turn Off * As A Wildcard
The use of * as a wildcard in excel can be extremely useful, however, can it be turned off? I work in the education sector and am currently number crunching GCSE results. When it comes to calculating A* grades versus A grades, B grades, etc, I cannot seem to do it because of the wildcard.

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Turn Off Calculations
I have attached a sample file. All the data is inserted into this file via a text file, except one column "G". Someone in this forum was kind enough to help me in being able to include the city name 'G' to a parcel number 'A'. However, the page is constantly trying to complete 'Calculations' and won't let me do anything without first hitting 'Control Break'.

This is fine except that when I try to save the file into .txt, I don't have the option of 'Control Break' and I have to end up closing the file. As the 'real' file has over 100,000 rows, nothing happens very fast. I have tied changing the 'Calculation Options' but that doesn't seem to change anything.

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Turn The F1 Key Off In Spreadsheets
I'm going to turn the F1 key off in my spreadsheets so that I do not hit it by accident so manytimes, but how do I bring up help without it?

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Turn Off Control F4
I have a spreadsheet that is a timed test. One of the people taking the test accidently hit Control-F4 which closed the file and ended their test before the time was up. Is there a way I can turn off Control-F4 without turning off other keyboard functions?

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Turn Off Vlookup With A Checkbox
Not sure if this can be done. Here is a example of my project

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VBA Turn Off Auto-calculate
What line of code would I need to used to turn off the auto-calc upon opening a workbook?

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Calculate Turn Around Times
I need to calculate turn around time between two sets of data reflecting both a starting date and time and obviously an ending date and time. This should reflect work hours meaning a day that starts at 08:00 and end at 16:30.

That would be a start and would be great if someone can show me how to calculate this.

But obviously people don't work on Sundays and only work from 08:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays... Can't even imagine how one would take this into account.

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Can I Turn A Cell Into A Drop Down
I know I can right click in cell and choose from the items, but can I actually make the cell a drop-down box, like on websites? Meaning, can I choose which options/numbers/letters/choices I want in the drop down, and be able to right click and highlight one?

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Code To Turn Share On/off
Need code to disable and enable "Protect and Share Workbook"?

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Opening Files In Turn Using VBA
I have several text files in a folder which I wish to open one at a time in order to copy the data into a spreadsheet.

e.g. I want to open text file #1, copy the data, then close the file, open text file #2 copy the data and close the file, and so on for all of the files in the directory.

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Turn Dates Into Month
I have many dates 1/21/06,2/1/06,3/16/06,1/23/06 etc...I wish to convert into month only such as
1/21/06 ---> Jan
2/1/06 ---> Feb
3/16/06 ---> Mar etc...

I tried month(1/21/06) but it does not work. Is there a function to do this?

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Turn Off Conditional Formatting
I have a color change alert in a cell using Conditional Formatting. Is there a formula that will turn off the alert in that cell once a value, (any value), is entered into the cell?

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VBA Volume Turn Button
I would like to integrate a button on my spreadsheet that looks and works much like a round volume button on a stero that you can turn in order increase or decrease volume.

However, I would like the button to control the values of a cell. If the volume is turned down, it should display a 1. If the volume is turned up, it should display a 16545. In between you should be able to - more or less - tune in on any integer in between.

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