Vba Formula Automatically Inserts Into The MS Project Box

Jan 9, 2009

i'm using a macro in excel 2007 that will open a Microsoft Project file, and go to the filtering menu. This is working fine however i have come to a deadend as i need the answer from a Data validated menu to be inserted into a box that project creates. Basically i need to copy the text from my excel (worksheet 2, cell c2), into my vba formula so that it automatically inserts into the MS project box. I hope this all makes sense and would be massively gratefull if you could point me in the right direction.

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Inserts New Row And Also Inserts New Sheet With The Rows Name That Was Inputted

Jan 8, 2007

(1) My main tab I have a macro button that inserts a new row and also inserts a new sheet with the rows name that was inputted. But on the main tab in cell A1 that is named, I can not get it to hyperlink to the new tab.

(2) When the button is hit to insert a new row and sheet I copy over previous tabs information and then I want to change two fields A1 and B1, A1 works fine but my B1 I can not get the formula to work correctly. My cell in B1 I need it to say 'DESCRIPTION: ' and then take the value of main tab 'Test Case Summaries' cell D?, it would be the new line and copy it here. See below... rname is the new tab name and lrow is the new row that was added when the macro button is hit.

t = Sheets.Count
Sheets(t).Copy after:=Sheets(t)
ActiveSheet.Name = rname

Sheets(t + 1).Range("a1") = ("Test Nbr " & rname)

Sheets(t + 1).Range("b1").Formula = "DESCRIPTION: " & "!$D$" & lrow

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HLookup Formula: Inserts A Row Within The Range

Oct 26, 2008

Following is an example of an HLOOKUP formula I'm using:


The problem I'm having is that if a user inserts a row within the range B2:E5, then it throws my lookup formula out, because the formula should now be looking at row 5 and not row 4. How do I get the number 4 in the formula to be a variable that always selects the last row of the specified (variable) range?

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For Next Loop: Selects The Cell And Inserts The Formula

Feb 4, 2009

i am trying to do something along the lines of. a For Next Loop that selects the cell N6 and inserts the formula.

then fill down to the cell N754
then selects O6 and inserts the formula
then fill down to cell O754. repeating this until there are no more values in either the K or L column. in the attatched spreadsheet i have deleted the values from 50 something down to 754 but the idea is still the same.

so that each formula inserted keeps the cell from column K and L constant when filled down but F changes, then when the next column is used(ie. from column N to O), the next row in the K and L is used but F starts from F6 and changes as it is filled down again.

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Distribute Project Hours Automatically Across Weeks

Mar 27, 2013

How to achieve the same as in the linked thread below, but in weeks instead of months? I'm very insecure about how excel deals with weeks.

[URL] .....

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IF/VLOOKUP (set Up A Spreadsheet Which Automatically Calculates The Start And End Dates Of Project Tasks)

Feb 1, 2009

I am trying to set up a spreadsheet which automatically calculates the start and end dates of project tasks, by looking at the order in which tasks need to be completed. I have attached a spreadsheet to show what I am trying to do.

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Generating List Of Project Parts Based On Project Duration And Time Window

Aug 4, 2014

I have a table of projects with 1) duration in year, 2) time window (number of years of our planning cycle), and 3) start year of the project. I want to generate a list of project parts of all projects where they may take place. This will serve as an input to an optimization program.

So a project of 2-year duration should have 2 parts over any year within the time window. I am including the "impossible" ones for my developer to tag them as "0" when we run it through his code.

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Consolidate 4 Excel Project Lists (Workbooks) To New Master Project List Using VBA

Sep 5, 2013

My task is to consolidate 4 Excel Project Lists (Workbooks) to a Master Workbook. The Project Lists has a different structure and almost different content. The relevant information is always on Sheet1 but it has completely different ranges. The only constant is the Project Number, which should be used to sort the information. Every Project should be listed only once with all the existing information.

I found a code written by Ron de Bruin which has already some components that I want to have in my VBA but I think there are still a lot of necessary adjustments to do.

Sub MergeSelectedWorkbooks()
Dim SummarySheet As Worksheet
Dim FolderPath As String
Dim SelectedFiles() As Variant
Dim NRow As Long
Dim FileName As String
Dim NFile As Long
Dim WorkBk As Workbook


The Master Project List should has the headers in Row1 and the information listed below. The Macro should automatically places the correct information to the correct column. Some of the information are in 2 or more of the lists but they should be listed only once in the Master List.

Project Number

Project Description


I guess a problem is that the structures of the Lists are quite different so there must be a kind of sorting process.

In the end I want to have an Excel File with the Macro and a Command Button and by clicking the Macro creates a new Workbook with the Master List.

It would be better if there is a variable range instead of a defined. Like the Macro searches the last row and starts at this row and column.

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Get Excel To Open MS Project File And Then Run Project Macro On It

Jul 30, 2013

I am trying to get excel to open a MS Project file and then run a project macro on it.

What is happen is that when I run my code it works, and then excels VBA window freezes up and the run arrow goes away, and if I try to open project I just get a chiming noise and it won't open.

For now I have to select the MS Project file from a directory, but in the future I would like it to go through the folder and open all of the file in the folder

Sub ImportMSProject()
Dim FileToOpen
Dim mpApp As MSProject.Application
Dim prjmacro As Object
'Identify the File to Open - START
FileToOpen = Application.GetOpenFilename("Microsoft Project Files (*.mpp), *.mpp")
If FileToOpen = False Then
Exit Sub
End If
'Identify the File to Open - END


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Protect VBA Project Or Lock Project For Viewing By VBA

Apr 27, 2007

I have tried to record macro to protect VBAProject / lock project for viewing. But can not success by that way.

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Formula- Making A 'sports Day' Spreadsheet For A Project

Aug 28, 2007

I am making a 'sports day' spreadsheet for a project and i have one problem, the spread sheet is meant to have the possiblitlity of mistakes reduced to a minimum.

I have 6 teams in the sports day and under each i put 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th.


basically i need the rows to only accept 1st 2nd 3rd..... only once. I need something like an error message to come up if a value is entered twice on a row.

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Tally Report Of X: Count On Column B (project $) Depending On The Criteria On Column A (project Description)

Aug 28, 2007

I need to write a couple of functions. Firstly I want to do a count on column B (project $) depending on the criteria on column A (project description). For example a total count of all values in col B if project description is "P" or "A". [I can do sumif functions but this is a countif and I cannot get this right].

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Converting Excel Formula To MS Project Custom Field?

Mar 20, 2014

A coworker is setting up an MS Project...project, and adding a custom field that would convert the Start date field into our Fiscal Quarter Fiscal Week schema, to display as FQFW, e.g. Q1W1. I've written the formula in excel, but I've never even touched Project until this week. Apparently it doesn't take formulas quite the same way as Excel does. I tried using the ''Switch" function in Project, and it worked, but it only accepts 14 arguments, and there are obviously 52 weeks we're dealing with. Would there be a way to do this using VBA? (I know next to nothing here as well.)

Formula where A1 is the Start Date:


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Formula To Show Project Size Based On Number Of Hours

Jul 8, 2009

I need to show the size of a project in a cell based on it's number of hours, e.g.

Between 5-80 hours = SMALL
Between 80-200 hours = MEDIUM
Over 200 hours = LARGE

How can I do this? I can't get the IF function to work like this (unless I'm doing something wrong) and I thought about using a pivot table but think there must be an easy formula to use?

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When User Inserts New Row Copy Formulas / Formatting From Row Above

Jan 29, 2014

If the user inserts a row, I want all formatting/formulas/data validation from the row above to be inherited in the newly inserted row. I want this to occur on sheet1.

When you insert a new row, although the entire new row is selected, the active cell is the cell in column A. So I figured I could base a routine off of the active cell. Here is what I tried:

[Code] .....

I am trying to reference a range. The first cell in the range is above the active cell. The second cell in the Range is above, the active cell, then to the right of the range, then down one. By referring to this Range, I am then trying to use the FillDown method. This code isn't doing anything.

Also, I need Excel to automatically run this code when the user inserts a new cell on sheet1. Would I need an event handler or just put this code inside of the Sheet1 code window?

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Inserts A Blank Record In The Third Row Of The Sales History Worksheet

Oct 21, 2007

#17. Create a macro named "AddSale" that perform the following tasks:
-Switches to the Sales History worksheet, and then inserts a blank record in the third row of the Sales History worksheet, shift the rest of the records down.

i did create the Addsale to the macro i use Tools-Macro-record a new macro (is that right?) and i switch to the sales history worksheet insert a blank row. (am i right?) it state inserts a black record, i can't find record anywhere so i assume its blank row.

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Code That Inserts A SUMIF Function To A Given Range Of Cells

Dec 10, 2008

I'm trying to write some code that inserts a SUMIF function to a given range of cells:

In simplified form, the code runs as follows: ...

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Create A Tally Sheet To Keep Track Of My Inventory Of Inserts

Aug 22, 2009

I am trying to make a tally sheet to keep track of my inventory of inserts. I am trying to make it as user friendly as possible as my operators do not have much experience working with computers. I will attach what I have made so far. The only math functions so far are: C4=B15-C15.

Right now the operator has to look at C4 to see current total, type that number into B15, then in C15 type the number of inserts thrown out to show a new current inventory total in C4. Is there a way I can set this up so that all an operator has to do is type in only the number of inserts thrown out in C15 to give current total in C4. Is there a way to make B15 know what is in C4 without the operator having to type it in. If so is there also a way to make C15 the only cell that can be edited.

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Create Order Form That Inserts Rows Based On Value In Column

Apr 11, 2014

I'm trying to make an order form that is based off of a price list. Basically there will be 200 items or so someone can just enter the quantity they want into a column. I would then like another sheet on the workbook to auto-populate all of the fields available. The thing I'm having trouble with is I don't want the finished form to be as long as the price list with blank rows in-between. I've been reading up to make a macro work for this, but have had no success.

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User Form Field Inserts Wrong Date Format

Mar 26, 2009

I have cobbled together (borrowing from examples I have found online because I don't know VBA) a form which inserts a date into a spreadsheet.

The trouble I have is that this date field is in USA date format and I need UK.

If I enter 03/01/2009 into the form, it appears in the spreadsheet as 01/03/2009. I have formatted these cells to display the month only and because of the way it was entered, the next column displays MAR instead of JAN.

Can I validate the input value in a form?

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Macro Addin That Inserts / Runs And Removes Module In Active Workbook

Mar 24, 2013

I have a macro that copies data from several workbooks saved in a particular folder to a master workbook.

The problem is that this macro only works when it is included as a module in the master workbook. Unfortunately, I cannot ask the users of this macro to insert a module, copy the code and run it each time they want to consolidate the master workbook. Therefore, I wanted to use this code by including it in a Add-In that I already prepared. The problem is that this consolidation macro does not run when it is in an add-in. Create a code that I can include in a macro add in that would insert a module in the master file, include the code that I already have, run it and then delete the module? The add-in would be password protected.

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Copy Sheet 1 Including Any Changes -inserts/deletes To Sheet 2?

Feb 1, 2009

How do I get some columns in sheet 2 to be a 'Live' copy of some colums in sheet 1? - 'Live' as in they include any changes to sheet 1, i.e. insertion/deletion of rows?...

I have set up a very basic shared workbook for me & four colleagues so we can all see what each others work loads are like and establish who has capacity for new work. We each have a sheet and record the work data in rows which details Name of case, Case ref no., age in days,etc... This then feeds a summary sheet displaying the totals of the relevant info and has pretty charts etc which we can print off for our manager.

As our cases are concluded we simply delete the rows. When we get new cases they are either added as new rows or inserted between existing rows (when similar work/related work). What I would like to do is give each of us a second sheet where we could record more specific detail regards each case. I would like sheet 2 columns A&B (detailing name name & Ref No.) to be the same as Columns A&B Sheet 1 - I have done this with a simple =Sheet1!A1...etc, which is great until any deletions/insertion are made to sheet 1 which then throws out sheet 2. How do I make Columns A&B for sheet 2 'live' copies of Colimns A&B Sheet 1?

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Criteria / Formula To Automatically Replace Formula With Value

Oct 22, 2013

I'm looking for a formula or criteria within a formula to prevent a cell from recalculating or just causing it to revert to a value if another cell becomes populated. Something like =IF(NOT(ISBLANK(xx)),STOPCALC(xx),...

I'm trying to determine some weighted week to week projections and I want to be able to determine the accuracy of the projections without them being influenced by the actuals once they show up (the projections use historical actuals and related data which are all in the same range where the futures will come in). Also hoping for a shortcut to do what I described without having to manually go in and stop the (thousands of) cells from recalculating since the actuals for a given periodicity arrive staggered and not at one specific time.

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Link Formula / Update Formula Automatically

Jul 31, 2006

Iím working on quite huge spreadsheets. The same formula will be used on more than 30 sheets.

So far if I have to change the formula in one cell I have to go to each sheet and change it manually (which is quite boring and time consuming).

Iím wondering if itís possible to reference all the formulas on the sheet to one sheet (which some kind of a master sheet with all the formulas).

I can copy the formula with the ďPast SpecialĒ function but the function is not updating if I change the formula on the main sheet.

So is it possible to link it and that itíll be updated automatically when Iím changing the formula on the main sheet?

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Macro Inserts 3 Rows Below Each Existing Row Of Data And Copies And Pastes That Data Into Each Of The Empty Rows

Nov 30, 2009

need to create a macro that inserts 3 rows below each existing row of data and simply copies and pastes that data into each of the empty rows before moving on to the next unique row and doing the same thing again.

This is what I have so far, but I can't seem to get the loop right.

Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove

activecell.Offset(-1, 0).Select
Range(activecell, activecell.Offset(0, 5)).Copy
activecell.Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial
activecell.Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial
activecell.Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial
Selection.Offset(1, 0).EntireRow.Select

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Automatically Going To The Formula Source

Mar 17, 2014

Is there any way to directly go to a formula? Instead of searching it through all the sheets? For example, if I have a formula =SUM(Sheet1!A1:A5) is there any way for me to automatically go to the source?

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Sum Formula Keeps Changing Automatically?

Jan 22, 2014

How do I stop my sum formula from adding to it's range every time I type a number in? I have 12 columns of numbers by date and 4 quarter columns at the end totaling each of the 4 quarters. If I start typing directly across, the 1st quarter sum formula updates to include every number in the first 12 columns. The other quarter column sum totals stay the same.

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Replicate Formula Automatically

Oct 18, 2007

How can I continue to replicate this formula automatically?

Interest RateAmountM1M3Formula Required

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Formula: Automatically Updates

Jun 25, 2008

My issue is it automatically updates.

I have 4 collumns:
I want to enter in the location in a drop down list, which I know how to do. The thing I'm trying to do is when the Location says To S-1 for example, the date that it is changed "To S-1" the collumn under S-1 will post the date. When location changes to CSM, it will put that day in that collumn, etc.

My issue is that if I use the NOW() or TODAY() function in an IF() then it will update evertime I reopen the file. So the dates won't stay fixed. So if I change the Location to S-1 on the 12th, open it again on the 13th... it will say the 13th not the 12th.

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Copy Formula's Automatically

Nov 18, 2008

I have information been imported from another spread sheet into cell C1. but it will only display if i put data in to cell A1.

BUT, when i want to put data in A2, i want C2 to gather to formula info automatically.. I could drag it all down the screen but i dont want #N/A to be all over the page. Is there anyway i can get the formulas in the cells, without the #N/A all over it.

What can i do?

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