Tally Report Of X: Count On Column B (project $) Depending On The Criteria On Column A (project Description)

Aug 28, 2007

I need to write a couple of functions. Firstly I want to do a count on column B (project $) depending on the criteria on column A (project description). For example a total count of all values in col B if project description is "P" or "A". [I can do sumif functions but this is a countif and I cannot get this right].

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Multi Criteria Counting; Count The Number Of Instances That "Project" Appears In Column O AND "TS" In Column N

Nov 21, 2007

Im trying to construct a nested Countif statement. I need to count the number of instances that "Project" appears in Column O AND "TS" in Column N. The range is in another in Sheet2. and the summary in Sheet 1 where I want to have the Countif(AND...??? statement Example Counif(Sheet 1 Column 0 contains "Project" AND if Column N Contains "TS"

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Generating List Of Project Parts Based On Project Duration And Time Window

Aug 4, 2014

I have a table of projects with 1) duration in year, 2) time window (number of years of our planning cycle), and 3) start year of the project. I want to generate a list of project parts of all projects where they may take place. This will serve as an input to an optimization program.

So a project of 2-year duration should have 2 parts over any year within the time window. I am including the "impossible" ones for my developer to tag them as "0" when we run it through his code.

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Consolidate 4 Excel Project Lists (Workbooks) To New Master Project List Using VBA

Sep 5, 2013

My task is to consolidate 4 Excel Project Lists (Workbooks) to a Master Workbook. The Project Lists has a different structure and almost different content. The relevant information is always on Sheet1 but it has completely different ranges. The only constant is the Project Number, which should be used to sort the information. Every Project should be listed only once with all the existing information.

I found a code written by Ron de Bruin which has already some components that I want to have in my VBA but I think there are still a lot of necessary adjustments to do.

Sub MergeSelectedWorkbooks()
Dim SummarySheet As Worksheet
Dim FolderPath As String
Dim SelectedFiles() As Variant
Dim NRow As Long
Dim FileName As String
Dim NFile As Long
Dim WorkBk As Workbook


The Master Project List should has the headers in Row1 and the information listed below. The Macro should automatically places the correct information to the correct column. Some of the information are in 2 or more of the lists but they should be listed only once in the Master List.

Project Number

Project Description


I guess a problem is that the structures of the Lists are quite different so there must be a kind of sorting process.

In the end I want to have an Excel File with the Macro and a Command Button and by clicking the Macro creates a new Workbook with the Master List.

It would be better if there is a variable range instead of a defined. Like the Macro searches the last row and starts at this row and column.

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Get Excel To Open MS Project File And Then Run Project Macro On It

Jul 30, 2013

I am trying to get excel to open a MS Project file and then run a project macro on it.

What is happen is that when I run my code it works, and then excels VBA window freezes up and the run arrow goes away, and if I try to open project I just get a chiming noise and it won't open.

For now I have to select the MS Project file from a directory, but in the future I would like it to go through the folder and open all of the file in the folder

Sub ImportMSProject()
Dim FileToOpen
Dim mpApp As MSProject.Application
Dim prjmacro As Object
'Identify the File to Open - START
FileToOpen = Application.GetOpenFilename("Microsoft Project Files (*.mpp), *.mpp")
If FileToOpen = False Then
Exit Sub
End If
'Identify the File to Open - END


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Employee's Project Report

Jan 26, 2010

I have created a spreadsheet in Excel where it gives me a report of how many hours my employees do per week and it seperate them in different categories.

What I would like to do is find a way to match the cell's description with the amount of total hours that were spend on certain project.

So here is the scenario.

In my department there 6 employees that are assigned to work on certain projects in daily basis. These projects are called CRs and to identify them I've added a number after them.
So we will have CR0001, CR0002, ect. These are unique projects.More that one employee that could woork at the same project as well on other sections but I am only interested on the projects.

To help you understand what I am trying to do I will give you an example.

John is working on project CR0005, CR0006, CR0001. He has been working on them three projects for the last week.

Here is the summary of the hours:

- 5 hours on CR0005
- 10 hours on CR0006
- 5 hours on CR0001

This information is inputed in Excel spreadsheet Week 1 .....

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Protect VBA Project Or Lock Project For Viewing By VBA

Apr 27, 2007

I have tried to record macro to protect VBAProject / lock project for viewing. But can not success by that way.

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Excel 2010 :: Project Status Report

Nov 24, 2013

Uses excel 2010 to track the project in the form of project status report. Basically it has to look simple yet tracking should be in the form of progress bar etc.. Our aim is to track a 3month project.

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Match Project Number And Generate Report?

Dec 27, 2011

I recently showed my supervisor (again) how to double click on a pivot table to generate a worksheet that shows the records that were used to calculate the pivot table information. He's finally impressed and now wants me to perform the following miracle:

Workbook 1 contains multiple pivot tables showing completed project costs. The tables are broken down by various topics such as designer, worktype, project number, and amount of overrun or underrun. I update this report each month with completed projects.

Workbook 2 is a new report recently developed which contains contract modifications for ongoing and completed projects. It is updated weekly but may be updated monthly in the future.

He would like to click on a project number in Workbook 1 and have it generate a report with Data from Workbook 2 showing all the contract modifications that were written for the project. I told him this would probably work better in Access but he gave me "that look" because he does not want to use Access. This will be shared with other members of management who also do not want to use Access.

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Using IF Commands To Create Status Column For Project Statuses?

May 21, 2014

I'm having difficulties setting up a spread sheet which needs to be reported to my management weekly.

We follow a 6-stage buy off procedure and within a spreadsheet I have smiley face icons in each of the stages as they're reached.

For example, someone could be at the second stage of the buy off and all going according to schedule, I've got 3 emoticons through Wingdings text - J, K & L (paste in windings to see icons if you wish). There are several projects with this 6 stage buy off procedure and as lots of people access this shared document to edit weekly there are lots of different statuses.

I'm wanting to have a custom view with all the 6 stages hidden and then a separate column with "Status" as the header - this cell needs to display the most up-to-date emoticon of each project but using a normal IF/OR combined command only gets me to control 1 column. I have attached a spread sheet example with most content removed due to beingTEST IF COMMAND.xls strictly confidential material.

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Detail Of Each Project - Delete Auxiliary Column In Main Sheet?

Mar 21, 2014

This file contains 2 sheet Main M and Detail D.

In Sheet Detail D, When I choose Code, month of Project, it will be shown the result.

By the way, tell me how to delete the Auxiliary column in Main sheet.

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Tally Count Of Values In Column

Dec 15, 2007

I have a list of varying IP addresses in a column. I need to create a formula that will tell me how many times an IP address appears in the column so that I can ultimately determine the most common IP address listed.

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Count Of Cells In Column Based On Criteria On That Line In Different Column?

Mar 10, 2014

I have two columns. Column A had numbers and column B has names. I need a count from column A for each name in column B.

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Formula To Count Two Criteria In One Column If There Is Third Criteria In Another Column

Aug 21, 2013

formula to count two criteria in the one column if there is a third criteria in another column. i.e. if column B = either "A" or "B" and column C="D". I have tried the countifs function without success.

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Array Of Columns / SUMIF A Particular Column / Depending On A Certain Criteria

Jul 24, 2014

I have a download from an accounting general ledger which has the following:

Column A: Category Description
Column B: Country
Column C: Department
Row 1: Months
Note: Each row contains the last 12 months worth of costs

As the categories/criteria can appear multiple times, and there are thousands of lines, I have been using SUMIFS to calculate totals my required combinations (eg. Travel expense, Germany, Sales department)

Every month, the information refreshes to show the most recent 12 months worth of data. And this means I need to manually update my formulas to correct the month column headings, as everything moves by 1 month.

Would something like a SUMIF with a SUMPRODUCT work? Eg. if current month = July, then it would sum everything from the July column automatically?

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Cell Lookup - Calculation Depending On Criteria Column?

Jun 29, 2013

Column B




[Code] ..

This is my table. What formula should I use so that Column B shows the calculation depending on the Criteria column?

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How To Link 1 Master Log To 4 Regional Logs Depending On Criteria From Column

Mar 20, 2013

I have a large Master Log (One Log to Rule Them All.xlsx) with data from 4 regions that I want to link to 4 Regional Logs (Region 2 03-22-13.xlsx, Region 3 03-22-13.xlsx, etc) and populate based on criteria found in column B, titled "County." Let's assume the county names are "Alpha," "Bravo," "Charlie," etc. So if the county is "Alpha," that row should only be linked to Region 2, if it's "Bravo" or "Charlie," it should only be linked to Region 3, etc.

To further complicate things, the 4 Regional Logs get renamed every week, so I will have to re-do this process weekly, so I need it to be simple and quick, plus we email these regional logs weekly, so I need to be able to break any links, or do something else, so that people around the state will see information, even though they don't have the Master Log. I also need the Regional Logs' formatting, spacing, etc to be identical to the Master Log.

I want this so I can edit the Master Log, and when the individual Regional Logs are opened they are automatically updated with the information from the Master Log, regardless if the Master Log is opened or closed. But I also need the Master Log to reflect changes done individually to the Regional Logs, in case someone else edits things.

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Vba For Project

Jun 30, 2007

I am looking for a forum or where I can find advice on using VBA with MS Project.

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VB Project Protection

Feb 12, 2009

I'm trying to protect my project so that others can't unhide a sheet I have tagged as veryhidden within VB.

I followed these steps:
1. Select project in the projects window
2. choose Tools
3. Project Properties
4. Protection tab
5. checked lock porject for viewing
6. entered passwords twice
7. clicked ok and saved

On another file this has worked perfectly as I wanted it to.

However on another very large file with multiple VB projects it is not "taking" on the project I need it to.

I can open the file, the VB project and change the setting on any sheet I need to without entering a password.

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Add Project To 'database'

Mar 9, 2009

Add Project to 'database' I recorded my marco.

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Project Not Closing In VBE

May 7, 2008

I have a macro in a workbook (WB1) that opens another workbook (WB2). After performing several other macros through user invocation with buttons, I close WB2 with the following statement:

ActiveWorkbook.Close (False)

While the WB2 workbook closes okay, the WB2 project is still open in the VB editor. Does anybody know why this code isn't closing the project in the VBE?

The WB1 process can occur multiple times while Excel is open and each time a separate occurrence of the WB2 project is left open in VBE.

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Start And Name A New Project Using VBA

Nov 28, 2007

how to start and name a new project in Excel VBA. Will someone explain how to?

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Project Supplies Tracker

Apr 11, 2014

Shee1 , sheet2 raw data from system extract.

I need the supplies of each code to fall into boxes sup1 sup2 and so.

While I also need when they were supplied created below the qty supplies table.

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Make A Stand-alone Of Project?

Mar 30, 2009

I'm not close to done yet, but when it's complete I want to distribute the project to people that might not have Excel 2003 or 2007. So, can I package an Excel file with UserForms into a stand-alone tool?

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Working On A Real Project

Oct 5, 2009

Is there a place on the net where I can work on, or take part of real Excel
project ( for training purpose ). If not, do you think that is possible to make such a place were people can learn and practice excel working on simulation of a real Excel projects??????

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Project For Selecting Top 10 Items And Then Looking Up The Name

Sep 5, 2013

I have attached a sheet with a sample of how my spreadsheet will look. This might involve a number of steps. I have actuals, forecast, and prior year information (for rolling months) for a number of line items. To the right, I calculate a variance (in total and %). What I want to do is create a list to the right (not sure how to format it) that populates the 10 items from the left with the most variance (units, not %). I would like it to populate the line item from the right as well as the number of units for the variance (columns F and H). Lastly, and I'm not sure if this possible, I might want to just select the items that are greyed out. That is, I would want the line items with the most variance but just from the greyed out lines. If this is not possible without a macro, I don't want to do it.

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Lock Project From Viewing

Oct 22, 2008

I've done the following steps so far:

Checked the "Lock Project from Viewing"
Applied a password
and clicked Ok

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Can't Find Project Or Library ...

Nov 19, 2008

is if I F8 through the code it works fine. But when I run the code through the button on the spread sheet. It stops at the Format comand. And says "Can't Find Project or Library." Has anyone ran into this issue or know how to solve it.....

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Reset Project On Open

Mar 24, 2009

I'm a noob to programming in XL, and am teaching myself through a project for manipulating vectors. One thing that has me stumped is that when I open the file in which I'm working, I get a "This action will reset your project..." message.

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Protect VBE Project Using Code

Mar 31, 2009

Is there a way to protect a VBE project using a macro instead of going to the properties and manually typing in a password? I'm using a macro that emails just one worksheet in my workbook (creates a new temp file, emails, and deletes it) but when the new file gets to the recipient the VBE project is unlocked.

I found a way to protect the worksheet before saving the temp file, so the worksheet is protected as it should be, but the project explorer window is completely open. Then anybody can see the passwords I'm using to protect the sheet in the first place. So I need to somehow re-protect the project before it saves and emails.

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