Vlookup Formula Only Returns Ref# Or N/A

Oct 21, 2008

How to make vlookup work right? I have tried it once and it worked but I can't get it ot work again.

I changed the format to text for the data I using and the data I looking in to see if that would fix the ref# or N/a error.

Is the formatting one possible issue?

I am slow to vlookup but I used the formula as

1. the lookup value is the serial #

2. the table_array is the entire worksheet that I am searching in - or should I just use the column that hold the values I am looking for?

3. the column_index_num is ??

4. [range_lookup] is FALSE.

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Vlookup In Cell With Formula Returns #n/a

Aug 18, 2009

I have a VLOOKUP formula in a cell that refers to another cell that has a formula in it.

When I type the actual numerical result (rather than the formula) in the formula cell, the vlookup works. When the formula (that equals the same number) is in there, the vlookup cell is returning #n/a.

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VLOOKUP Inconsistently Returns Formula Calculated Cells

Nov 6, 2009

I'm having a real problem with the Vlookup formula in that I have used it in a spreadsheet to search, using approximate, rather than exact values, several tables where I have inserted raw data with no calculations and it works fine. But with one crucial series of cells where I am trying to return results from columns of fields that are the results of calculations, it sometimes returns the correct result and other times returns an empty field with seemingly no consistency at all.

I've been careful to make sure the data in the cells in the lookup column are in ascending order, as required. I've checked the formatting (all the lookup cells are numbers, no zeros with the thousands commas inserted, and all the return cells are currency with two zeros and the $sign) and the formatting is consistent.

Does anyone have a clue whether the calculations in the cells might be the problem or if it might be something else and, whatever the case, how I can workaround the problem?

I'm a relative novice with Excel. I'm using Version 2007 but I'm saving the file as an .xls.

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Vlookup Returns ###

Mar 18, 2009

I am using the formula =VLOOKUP(F4,Scoring!$B$3:$C$66,2,FALSE) in column 'G' to return values from another sheet, 'Scoring', if column 'F' has a name in it the value is returned. The problem is if column 'F' is blank the formula returns ### and I cannot SUM column 'G'.

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VLookup Returns #N/A :: How To Get Rid?

Apr 18, 2009

I have a vlookup formula for a table (attached), where for some reason, I cannot get rid of the #N/A value that is returned. I am referencing on the first sheet the 'No." column, and in checking for that number in the second column, am wanting to put the value in the 'moldules' column. I have tried converting the reference cells to text, numbers, have done =LEN to look at character counts, etc etc. I have also tried to build a simple dummy vlookup on a different set of data. The file is in Excel 07.

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VLOOKUP Returns Value From Different Row.

Feb 3, 2010

I want the A column to find it's match in the G column and place the corresponding number from the H column in the the B column. See attachment. formula is so basic: =VLOOKUP($A2,G1:H8806,2)

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VLOOKUP (returns A N/A Instead Of The Value Itself)

Feb 5, 2010

I have a problem with a spreadsheet that has three tabs. In Sheet1 is the first set of values and in Sheet2 is the second set of values. My boss wants me to make a third tab which pulls items from both sheets. He wants is so that any items from Sheet2 that AREN'T on Sheet1 are listed in the 3rd sheet. If they ARE listed on Sheet1, it returns a blank space. I can get it to return a blank space but every other value it pulls (In other words, values that are not on both sheets) returns a N/A instead of the value itself. Attached is the spreadsheet with just the values. Here is the formula I use in the 3rd tab to pull the info:

=IF(VLOOKUP(Sheet2!$A3,Sheet1!$A$1:$A$1044,1,FALSE),"",Sheet2!$A3). Do I just use regular lookup or MATCH instead of VLOOKUP.

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VLookup Returns #N/A

Apr 28, 2006

Using the following formula, =VLOOKUP(A232,'[HEALTHLINK SPIFF 4-27-06.xls]Rep Total'!$A$2:$D$279,4,FALSE). returns #N/A in some cases - I would like it to return the value of Zero since I need to total the results column

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Vlookup Returns Zero

Jul 24, 2007

I am attempting to use Vlookup to reference data in another file. if I use the vlookup function it works just fine UNTIL i add data to the referenced file. Then the vlookup never finds the new data. example in the file "TOLA" which references the file "INVENTORY MASTER":

Formula entry:
=IF($B25="","",VLOOKUP($B25,'[INVENTORY MASTER.xls]INVENTORY'!$A$4:$L$3356,3))

Now, if the data 031110 is entered in B25 of the current sheet, and 031110 is in the A column of sheet INVENTORY MASTER.xls, the proper data appears. (Data from a couple of columns to the right as expected)

Now then, I have closed both INVENTORY MASTER and NOLA. Now I reopen INVENTORY MASTER and make additions to the sheet, save it and close it. Lets say I added items up to 03318, and there is valid data in the columns to the right (B through J). I save and close INVENTORY MASTER....

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Vlookup Returns #N/A :: Not The Correct Value

Nov 12, 2008

I use a lot of VLOOKUP formulae in the sheets i put together and, despite both the lookup value and table array being in the same format (usually text format), i often get an #N/A being returned.

Here's the fun part... if i then do something simple like access the lookup value cell (either by double clicking or pressing F2) and then hit return, then the vlookup calculation suddenly returns the correct value.

I'm convinced it's something to do with the way the cells are formatted but can't work out what.

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Average From Vlookup Returns

Mar 11, 2009

I have an issue using the average formula (example attached). I need to calculate the average grade of a group of students. I have used VLOOKUP to convert grades to numbers. Then averaged these results and converted back. It appears to work for most results, but some are not working. I have messed about with cell formatting etc, but cannot seem to figure out why its not working for some rows but does for other rows?

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One Vlookup Returns Correct Value, Next Does Not

Mar 26, 2009

Looking for some help to figure out what is causing our problem. My friend has created the attached excel sheet in Excel 2003. The issue is that the a vlookup does not seem to be finding the correct line for the value from the lookup table when it is returned twice.

Let me explain - The details are contained in the attached workbook. There are three sheets in the workbook - NH3Curve, Samples and Qvalue table.

On the Samples sheet, in cell C12 and C13 you can enter varying values. Go across to F12 and F13 and you will see that they both have the value 22.1. This is where the issue occurs - in cells G12 and G13 the lookup value should be the same - but it is not. G12 is actually returning the value for 22.0 not 22.1. (lines 173 and 174 on the Qvalue sheet). We cannot ferret out why this is happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes when you look at something you can't see the obvious, so I hope it is that simple.

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Multiple Returns With Vlookup

Mar 1, 2008

In this sample below, I need to extract all matches for my look up value. Where I extract the data to is not important because it will be used as informational data in user forms. Basically, I have 670 rows that make up this table...this table is static (never changes). Each row represents a unique combination for achieving the value on the left.

To take it a step further, I would like the ability to deviate from the lookup return...in other words, force the return to be one row down, or one row up (this would satisfy my first requirement as well). I tried offset with vlookup, but I cannot make that do anything useful. I used match to get the row number of the return, but I don't know what to do with that row value now that I have it sitting in a cell in order to accomplish this. I was thinking I could use an offset formula with the cell's value to get this done, but I could not figure out how without doing it in VBA.

In the end, I will present this data on a userform...first will be the actual vlookup returns, then the user will have an option to select the next row down if they want (same look up value if one exists) or up (next higher value).

If possible, I would like the data lookups to be accomplished without VBA.

This is an extremely large working application, (about 17MB so far), lots of VBA coding and logic applied. This problem is a result of a request from the users of this application.

Here is a sample of what I am looking at.....

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Sumproduct+ Vlookup, Returns #N/A

Apr 29, 2009

this formula works but returns #N/A when the result is false, how can i get rid of N/A but replace with 0.00 even though i have 0.00 as false


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Vlookup Returns 0's When Blank

Apr 2, 2003


I would like this/a formula to return nothing when the cell in "HistoryTable" is blank. Right now it is returning a zero.

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VLOOKUP Returns #N/A! Error

Oct 28, 2006

I have a sheet that uses vlookup when the lookup returns #na error how can i conditional format these cells to so text is same as background

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Vlookup Returns 0 When Blank

Feb 16, 2007

I have a formula that references another worksheet. Using the VLOOKUP function, it works great, except if the data on the other worksheet has a blank cell, it then returns a 0 (zero). Within the formula below, cell E10 is my "unique key" and is the only raw data within this spreadsheet. All other cells are strictly formulas. This formula I am using below works perfectly if there is complete data, but that is not always the case. =IF($E10="","",IF($E10="~ None ~","",VLOOKUP($E10,Projects!$F$3:$T$226,5,FALSE)))

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Vlookup Returns Row Number

Apr 26, 2007

I'm used to using the VLOOKUP Function a lot, and up to now it has always worked fine.

Instead of returning the value of the looked up cell (text) as it usually does it seems to be returning a number, which has something to do with the row number of said cell.

I copy and paste a formula between sheets and it does the same so I'm pretty sure it's not something in the formula.

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VLOOKUP Returns A Incorrect Match

Aug 30, 2007

In the attached spreadsheet I'm using VLOOKUP to create a cross reference between worksheets JS and ITEM. If you will look at the ITEM worksheet cell reference H13 & H14. The correct value for H13 should be AMC, not 729. Is there a way to use the value in the Class column and Item ID column in combination to get the value AMC? Would MATCH & INDEX work? I'm not familiar with Match & Index. I'd appreciate some help here. I've got 15,404 records to evaluate this way.

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VLookup (Value Using Active Row) Multiple Returns

Feb 12, 2013

Let's say I have a standard Vlookup formula entered in cell C2


For that formula there may be 100 matches found in Sheet2, each with a different return option and obviously the above formula only returns data from the first found match.

Is there some way to drastically change that simple formula in VBA script to ...

1. Auto fill formula down 100 rows & return all possible return options upon match and not just the first return given upon the first found match
2. Make the lookup value be the A cell in the active row

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VLOOKUP (LEFT) Returns Result Off By One Row

Jan 31, 2014

Code: =VLOOKUP((LEFT(C4,6)),'Data from 7500'!$B$16:$G$195,6,TRUE)

And it works great, except that the data returned is off by one row. For example, the correct value for the sample name in B107 is located in G107, but the formula returns the value in cell G106. I've tried changing the TRUE to FALSE and that returns #N/A.

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VLOOKUP Returns Blank Cell

May 14, 2008

The following formula: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(C11,$D$139:$E$149,2,FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP(C11,$D$139:$E$149,2,FALSE)) (located in cell D11) looks in cell C11 Baseball Players Shirt Numbers then looks in the range $D$139:$E$149 to find the Players Name and place the Players Name in cell D11, but in this case cell D11 is blank. The table ($D$139:$E$149) is laid-out as follows; no headers, Players Names are in column 1 (Column D) and Baseball Players Shirt Numbers are in column 2 (Column E). The Baseball Players Shirt Numbers are formatted General in both the table and in cell C11. I can't figure out why cell D11 returns a blsnk answer?

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Vlookup Returns #N/A When Lookup Value Is Not Found

Oct 29, 2008

This formula works perfectly except when worksheet 2 has a code that is not on worksheet 1, then I get the error #N/A. I understand why I get the error, but not how to fix it. Obviously some sort of nesting - but what and how?

What I want on worksheet 2, column I - if there is a code on worksheet 2 but not on worksheet 1 - a return of "N/A"...

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Vlookup Returns #N/A! When Match Exists

Dec 8, 2006

On the attached spreadsheet A14 and B20 appear the same but VLOOKUP returns N/A. The CELL "FORMAT" function returns "G" for both cells, but the "EXACT" function returns FALSE. If somebody could explain what is causing them to be different I woud be extremely grateful.

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Vlookup Returns Correct Values But Adds Them As 0

Apr 7, 2014

People usually keep track of their own points, however an official would need to confirm that they are correct before approving a purchase. However 99% of the time, people have the incorrect point totals.

I am currently working on a book to automate the system. It means players wouldn't have to keep track of their own points and that the point totals are always up to date. The first sheet in this workbook is a summary page which has player names, points from posting, bonus points, level up costs, purchase costs etc. Then there is a database with all the costs, which I pulled from the site. Then there are numerous record sheets, which have the player name, the item bought/levelup purchased, and the cost, which is pulled from the database via vlookup. Here is where it gets irritating.

On the summary page I attempted to use SUMIF in the total fields (total cost of purchases, total cost of leel ups etc). It would basically search the record for any entries with the name matching that of the player, and add the amounts associated with that entry. However it would always return 0. After doing some playing around I came to the conclusion that whilst the VLookup returns the correct values, functions like sum see them as 0. So instead of it going 5+7+7+10=29, it says 0+0+0+0=0.

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An Array VLOOKUP That Returns A Value From A Random Position?

Dec 3, 2013

find a formula that would act as a vlookup but would look up and return a value even if it is not on the first position within the array. I have an SAP export that has on Column A the batch number and on column B the item description. The thing is that within the multiple batch number arrays it allocates on column B the item description only for one row and randomly (sometimes first, last or in the middle).

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VLOOKUP Returns N/A - Return Blank Cell

Apr 28, 2009

I have a normal VLOOKUP of this loookup range:

A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4


If the value in T14 is in the lookup range, I get the expected value returned. If the value exceeds the vlaues in the lookup range (e.g. I enter "E"), I get the last value in the range (4). How do I get it to return a blank cell if the entry in T14 is not found?

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Vlookup Returns Data From One Row Above The Desired Result

Mar 18, 2007

I have a three or four letter abbreviation of a last name in A1. Column C contains a list of Last Names; column D contains a list of corresponding First Names; and column E contains a formula concantenating the First Names and Last Names from columns C & D.

I have the following formula in B1:


I am attempting to match up the three or four letter abbreviation with the concatenated list to return the full name (First and Last) in cell B1, however, I'm not getting the desire result. I keep getting the name in the row just above the name I want.

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Dropdown VLookup Menu Returns Multiple Results?

Oct 11, 2011

I'm attempting something new, a dropdown menu using vlookup to find data . If i use the simple example below, using data from B-D on 1 worksheet, where i want to find people by county:

Search by County Name County Town
John Sussex Brighton
Eric Yorkshire York
Jim Cheshire Manchester
Liz Sussex Hove
Sarah Avon Bristol

I've created a dropdown menu on a second worksheet,A2, by county search, to return a persons name,county and town. The problem is if i select Sussex i will get 2 names who live in different towns within Sussex. I've created a simple vlookup which works fine, but because of Sussex having 2 results, i created a second vlookup for the second result to appear in the cell underneath.

The problem is that for the results that only have 1 result, the second vlookup returns a the same result as the first result, which i dont want.

Is there a way where multiple results will be shown if they exist, but for one result to appear if only one result exists?

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Vlookup Returns Error For Blank Cells In Gradebook

Jul 15, 2006

I've managed to set up a gradebook.

However, is there a way that I can get Vlookup not to return N/A when I have a blank cell on the report (not in the data table). I want to be able to calculate the progressive grade average of a stduent as the year progrsses.

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