Vlookup Two Columns

Jul 3, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with the following data:

18500 Eggs 4 6 9
18500 Bread 2 0 1
18500 Cheese 3 8 4
71200 Eggs 9 6 3
71200 Bread 2 8 4
71200 Milk 1 0 8

I need a formula to check column A, then B and return a result from C:E.

Column A is 18500 or 71200
Column B is Eggs, Bread, Milk or Cheese
Column C, D E are sales figures.

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VLookup In 2 Columns

Aug 20, 2014

I'm looking for a vlookup that will look in 2 columns of the array table and output an answer based on them.

See the attached example : Example.xlsx

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VLookup - How To Sum Two Different Columns

Jan 13, 2014

I have the following concern as i'm not able to solve it alone:

Ex: =vlookup(c11;flyingprogram;2+5;false)

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VLookup In Different Columns

Feb 21, 2013


1 2801 2 2816 1
2 2802 2 2815 0
3 2803 3 2814 88
4 2804 4 2813 99
5 2805 5 2812 2
6 2806 6 2811 6
7 2807 4 2810 1
8 2808 3 2809 4

I'm new here and I saw that many people actually have excellent knowledge in excel.

Well, I'm trying to use vlookup on my sheet, but the data I have comes with the code and your score his side.

In a standard vlookup would be: = vlookup (value, range, 2, false).

This is the problem, I would like that when he could not find the value in column A or B, were to column C or D and so on.

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VLOOKUP On Multiple Columns?

Jun 10, 2014

I've used VLOOKUP based on matching one column and returning one result. No problem. Now I need to return one result based on 3 columns matching.

Assume this range of columns is named: TravelDays

What I'm trying to accomplish is if these columns match:

My result should be: Lookup!TravelDays,4

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VLookup Using Two Values In Two Columns

Aug 11, 2014

I am creating a payroll spreadsheet that will look up tax deductions from a spreadsheet I pulled from the IRS website. The first two columns represent a range of values the employee's pay would fall between. The first column is "paid at least" and the second column is "but paid less than".

Once I locate which row the employee's wages fall between, I would then need to match their number of withholdings with the corresponding column. Columns 3, 4 and 5 have headings to represent 0, 1 or 2 withholdings.

The value I need returned would be the intersection of wages paid and withholdings. For my spreadsheet example, if the employee's wages are 1,023 and they have 1 withholding, I need the formula to return 147. I was able to find a vlookup/match formula but it worked only without a range of wages paid.

For example, if the employee was paid exactly 1,030 and had 1 withholding, it would vlookup/match to return 147. Obviously, this won't work with me needing to find the correct row based on where their wage falls in the ranges.

I've attached a picture of the spreadsheet example below. payroll example.jpg

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Vlookup - Compare Two Columns

Oct 26, 2009

I need a Vlookup to look at two columns when searching. here is an example:

Sheet 1 is my report grid to hand out to the employees, A1 has a drop-down list with my employees names and A2 one for the month, when you click an employee name the vlookup formula fills in the information from sheet 2 (data sheet).

Sheet 2 has data like: Col 1= Month, col 2=employee L-name, col 3= production etc...

currently the vlookup formula messes up because the employee name is in there multiple times because of the months column, i have to delete all months except the one i need. formula is: =vlookup(A1,'sheet2'!,B:C,2,false)

this formula will pull the data in sheet two column 3 (production) for the employee that matches.

how can i make it compare first to col 1 (month) and then col 2 (employee).

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VLOOKUP Across Multiple Columns?

Dec 16, 2012

I have a list of names I need to look up against another list. My problem is that the second list has a mixed formatting of Firstname Lastname and Lastname Firstname. What I did so far is create a second column that reverses the first and last names in the column.



Name (reversed)

John Smith
Smith John

Jackson Laura
Laura Jackson

Maxwell Ted
Ted Maxwell

Chris Hansen
Hansen Chris



Currently employed?

John Smith
=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP([A1; Table1!A:A;1;FALSE));"NO"; "YES")

Laura Jackson

Ted Maxwell

Chris Hansen

The VLOOKUP formula works great but I need it to look for a matching name across Table1:A:B not just Table1:A:A. How would I do this?

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Vlookup Match The Columns

Sep 23, 2008

I have two columns with names on it. and Column A has about 600 names and column B has about 447 names. I want to match these two columns and get the names which do not match on Column C.

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Vlookup Test Against 2 Columns

May 21, 2009

=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(70036,PositionDataBuy!$D$2:$U$505,17,FALSE)),"Not Found", VLOOKUP(70036,PositionDataBuy!$D$2:$U$505,17,FALSE))

To remove the error if Vlookup can't find a match - the formula above uses the ISERROR.
If vlookup produces an error (can't find a match) the Excel cell returns "Not Found", otherwise, it returns a valid Amount from column 17.

This formula is inserted into an Excel specific location using Access VBA based on a set returned from a SQL Server Query.

An Excel Worksheet PositionDataBuy is created in sort order of Contract numbers.

The problem came a few days later when a condition of 3 of the same Contract numbers for the same day had different buy Amounts.

So the Vlookup found the first contract number (e.g. 70036) and the value associate with the first instance in PositionDataBuy three times)

The challange is now to use Vlookup for the contract number, then (if it matches) look over at the Amounts column and determines that from each contract record (assuming a duplicate)
it also matches the volume.

So, if Vlookup's error message is False (found first value), another nested if (with the ISERROR) will check the second required column.

But, what if the valid column is on the second record with 70036? I suspect if an error was generated the Vlookup is done and it won't continue.

The data below is fudged, lets assume that no two volumes would be the same for now.

Example: 70036 also needs to be tested against volume and then return the Amount
Contract Volume Amount
70035 5 100
70036 7 120
70036 3 33
70036 6 22
70037 1 11

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How To Get VLOOKUP Over Multiple Columns

Jul 20, 2011

i am trying to get a VLOOKUP to work over a number of different columns. An example the problem:



1 10
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 50

Sheet1 is the sheet i want to lookup the values and i want to place the results into column B


1 10 40 50
2 20
3 30

Sheet2 contains all the infromation that i want to look for to make the comparison.

I know that the expression used for the VLOOKUP is:


The issue i have is "col_index_num" as i want to look over multipule columns. I have been using this expression:


How do i change the "col_index_num" to look over all 3 columns and not just the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd?

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VLOOKUP Across Rows And Columns

Apr 10, 2012

The row in blue is a successfully created result from my VLOOKUP formula:

The row in red is unsuccessful.


The above formula lives in the blue "Pottery" cell (cell B11 in my spreadsheet).

How can I get this VLOOKUP formula to work in rows below it?

When I just copy and paste the formula into row 12 (in red text), the formula still refers to row 11 (in blue text), and I get the same exact results no matter what unique signifier I put in (see the red row for unsuccessful results).

It's strange because in the successful blue row, I simply copied and pasted from cell B11 through G11, and everything came out fine due to the relative(??) identifiers, but no luck transferring that formula to rows.

My unique identifiers seem to be off the page, but they are just 1 (starting at Old Masters) through 6 (at Impressionist).

When I type 6 (for the red row), I get the same results as for when I type 5 (for the blue row), so my unique identifiers aren't registering somehow.

Item Code

In stock
Line Total

Old Masters

New Masters

[Code] ........

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VLOOKUP Across Multiple Columns?

Aug 19, 2013

Basically, I have an array of data (let's say A2:D20). I then want to do a VLOOKUP across the columns A:D, and return the corresponding value in column G, if VLOOKUP can find a particular value from column F, say.

So, I need a VLOOKUP function written in G2, that finds the value E2 in EITHER A2,B2,C2 or D2 (and return what is in E2, say).

I first thought I could CONCATENATE the strings in A2, B2, C2 and D2 and use some sort of VLOOKUP that finds a string within another string.

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Vlookup To Return One Value From Multiple Columns?

Sep 21, 2013

I have two separate worksheets, and I am trying to create a Vlookup or Index and Match formula. Here is the example:

Sheet 1
Cell A1= Employee ID: 123-D.

Vlookup A1 from Sheet 1, and match the first five characters to Column A, Column I and Column P. If a match, return name (e.g. John Doe) in Sheet 1, cell B1.

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Match To Columns To Each Other Before Returning VLookup

Apr 10, 2014

Not sure where to start with this one, an IF statement or vlookup? Basically I have 3 columns A, B, C (original sheet) and A, B, C in my working sheet. A contains car registrations, B contains a date and C contains a weight. I need to return C from my original sheet into my working sheet only when A and B BOTH match from my working sheet (there are scenarios where the same car registration has a different date next to it). So I want to return the weight only when the car registration and the date match in a specific instance from my working sheet.

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Vlookup From Multiple Columns With Only One Return

Dec 19, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with twenty columns. Column A has an item number (say "Clutch"), and the remainder of the columns have values. However, there only be one column in the range B:T which will have a value on the same row as "Clutch" (say "Black" in column "N").

How I can I return "Black" using a vlookup or should I be using something else?

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Vlookup: Month Loads Into The Columns To The Right

Jan 24, 2009

i have a drop down menu listing all the months (as displayed) and once I pick a month, anyone that has an anniversary OR birthday during that month loads into the columns to the right.

I have tried various ways of doing it but for some reason It just wont pull the info right. The previous posts have shown me scripts for Vlookups and a variety of other things. But the end result was not exact.

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VLookup In Different Sheets Comparing Columns

Jun 25, 2014

Is it possible to use multiple Vlookups in one macro?

Currently running a vlookup of computer names between multiple sheets, i need to be able to match product name and computer name between sheets.

For example (Sheet 2 column B) compare it to (sheet1 column B and C)
if it gets a match then vlookup to (sheet 2 column A) to (sheet 1 column A)

Spreadsheet attached : excelhelp.xls‎

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Vlookup Multiple Items Using Two Columns

Sep 14, 2009

I have two columns of data each with repeats. I want to be able to look up the third column of data and then list the multiple results attaching to the first two columns.

I have attached a dummy spreadsheet of what I am trying to achieve.

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VLOOKUP Where LOOKUP Range Is Two Columns?

Oct 27, 2011

I need to make a VLOOKUP in a sheet which I do not own or control the layout of. Therefore I cannot add any columns in the source to assist me in my lookup.

My VLOOKUP needs to look at two values/columns since the value in one column is not a unique identifier. This is easy in the value I want to lookup but not so easy in the lookup range in the source sheet. Ideally I would like to write my formula something like this:


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VLOOKUP Selecting Multiple Columns?

Sep 11, 2012

i have the following table, i want my Vlookup not only get the description from Column K but to get column K , L , M City and Country as well and put them in Columns D for Description, E for City and F for Country. would this be possible with Vlookup formula or any other formula?

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Using VLookup To Compare 2 Columns Of Data

Oct 26, 2012

I'm having difficulties using vlookup to compare two columns of TEXT data. My goal is find out how many of items in the "Eligible Serial Numbers" list have been ordered for destruction. The items listed for destruction are listed in the "Serial Numbers (destroyed).

Whenever I put in a VLOOKUP, I get a serial number that doesn't make sense to me. For example, if I want to find out if "362351581" from the Eligible List appears on the destroyed list. What do you suggest?


Destroyed? (i.e. Vlookup formula in this column)
Eligible Serial Numbers
Serial Numbers (destroyed)


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Vlookup Conditional On Data In Two Columns?

Nov 26, 2012

I essentially want a worksheet level function equivalent to the following VBA function. When I try to use this function and copy it down 155,000 rows it takes far too long.

The function should check a second worksheet for both Prod Code and Client Number and where it finds both it should return the price of that product code specific to the client.

Function ClientPrice(x, y)
'x = Prod Code
'y = Client Number


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Essentially VLookup Off Multiple Columns

Oct 27, 2013

creating an equation that could essentially vlookup off multiple columns.

I get a report once a week with a list of employee ID numbers. I have a separate spreadsheet with employee names, ID 1, ID 2, ID 3, ID 4, in columns A,B,C,D,E , respectively.

I am trying to put a forumla in the report where it will take the employee ID number and reference it to my separate spreadsheet and give me back a name if it matches any of the 4 IDs that pertain to that employee.

I've tried index/match but I believe match only looks at one column.

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VLOOKUP Return All Columns In The Range

Aug 31, 2007

I wanted to lookup value A5, and return all columns in the range A1:D5, I could use the formula =vlookup(A5,$A$1:$D$5,2,false) and copy this formula 3 times changing the third parameter 2, to 3 , 4 and 5. i.e 4 VLOOKUP formulas.

I could, instead, convert the VLOOKUP into an array and enter it CSE i.e =vlookup(A5,$A$1:$D$5,{2,3,4,5},false). This returns the right answer but "appears" to have only used 1 VLOOKUP.

What if this was extended to say 26 columns so instead of "hard coding" the array constants I used =vlookup(A5,$A$1:$D$5,COLUMN(B:AA),false). Is this better than 26 indivisual VLOOKUP's in term of speed?

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Data Validation & VLookup Across 3 Columns

Apr 4, 2009

I have one column dedicated for the drop down list defined as 'Service_Level'. My second Columns is defined as 'Starter 1' which contains options that are included w/ the service level. My third column is defined as 'Starter2' which details the options that are in 'Starter1'. What I want to do is is have someone select from the 'Service_Level' drop down menu and then have it display Starter 1 and Starter2 data. I'm familar with Data validation and Vlookup, but I haven't been able to pull this off yet.

Another problem I've been running into is: since I have spaced in my first columns the drop down menu reflects this as well. Is there any way to filter the spaces for the drop down menu, yet keep them in the source field?

One other thing I should clairfy is that I want to be able to select 'starter, preferred, or extreme and have it reflect just the stats for those fields.

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Vlookup Search Of Multiple Columns

Feb 23, 2007

I have an XLS sheet filled with every zip code in the US... the zips are in multiple columns adjacent to columns with the corresponding county names.

Unfortunately, the there are up to EIGHTEEN columns of zip codes in each row describing the counties... not one zip per row. I'm assuming this was done to save space.

In another sheet, I have list of client zip codes and need to VLOOKUP the corresponding county from the first sheet. I'm certain I'm not using VLOOKUP right...I'm getting #N/A every time.

Is this because it's only checking the first column of zip codes? I need it to check all 18 columns of course... there are no repeated zips.

How do I do this without rebuilding the full zip database page?

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(UDF) MACRO To VLookup Duplicate Values To Columns

Apr 13, 2013

I need a User Defined Function (UDF) to Vlookup duplicate values in separate Columns.

I can't use an Array function as the data is huge and it takes lot of time to calculate.

I have attached a Input and the desired output in the file attached.


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Vlookup Returning Multiple Values In Different Columns

Apr 18, 2014

I have attached a file with an example of what i am looking for. The data in columns A and B are my original Data. There are multiple instances of e-mail address on the left but I need to bring in each data horizontally. I would like a formula to enter into E2:J6 to pull the information in.


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Vlookup And Concatenate Multiple Columns Of Date?

May 8, 2014

Say in L4 on form test i want to look for the value of A4 in Drill data range a2 to z1000 and retun a concatenated string of something like "sav 407 : 08-may to 11-may"

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