Applying Function Arguments As A Control/class Name

Mar 16, 2007

I'm not sure what verbage to use in order to describe what I'm trying to accomplish.

Let me give you a piece of code and the question will be clear.

Function addValuesToComboBox(arg1)
End Function

I would like to use this function later in the code in the form of:


VBA will error out with "Run-time error '424': Object required". I know I need to declare the variable arg1 as a type in order to use it in this form, but I don't know the correct data type.

I also ran across a similar issue like this where the advice was to use the Set function in the form of:

Function addValuesToComboBox(arg1)
Set arg1 = arg1.AddItem("one")
Set arg1 = arg1.AddItem("two")
Set arg1 = arg1.AddItem("three")
End Function

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Nested IF Function Error (entered Too Many Arguments For This Function)

Nov 25, 2008

I keep getting the "You've entered too many arguments for this function" error.

Here is the formula:

=IF(B15=D40,E40,"",IF(B15=D41,E41,"",IF(B15=D42,E42,"","Invalid Shipping option")))

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Control Order Of Class Object Events

Aug 19, 2008

Split from Determine Order Of Event Procedures

I realise that there's no set order for different types of event, because, as you say, it basically depends on what the user does. But what I'd like to control is what order like events fire in.

So let's say that object_1 handles the aplApp_WorkbookNewSheet event (an application-wide event).

Let's say that object_2 is an object of the same type as object_1, and therefore also handles the aplApp_WorkbookNewSheet event.

The objects are entirely independent; they know nothing about each other. However, I would like to be able to control whether the aplApp_WorkbookNewSheet event is fired first in object_1 or first in object_2 when the user triggers this event by adding a new worksheet somewhere.

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Too Many Arguments With If Function

Jan 2, 2007

when i use =IF(C5<250,C5*15%,IF(C5>=500,C5*25%),IF(C5>=500,C5*25%)). It says i got to many arguments how can i fix this

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Too Many Arguments In IF Function

Feb 15, 2008

i have 18 arguements that i want to enter using the "if" formula. however, after entering the data i get a message stating that i have too many arguments.

here is the data that i'm trying to enter:

i start the formula as follows:
i drop the letters from column "b" because i stopped getting error messages when i took them out.

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Arguments In A SUMIF Function

Sep 4, 2009

Iím using a SUMIF function to evaulate some date. The second argument in the function, the criteria, is that the numbers to be summed are greater than 25 but less than 50.

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You've Entered Too Many Arguments For This Function

Mar 28, 2008

I have this formula in cell Q34;


"You've entered too many arguments for this function" Logically I can follow this message but I was under the impression that you could get a maximum of 64 arguments in an "IF" condition.

The actual value of Cell P34 is DKK1938.22 so I expect it to return £203.68 in cell Q34.

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Limiting Numbers Of Arguments In A Function?

Jul 26, 2009

there is limit of argument in a function that can i put. for example i am not able to figure out why this function does not work

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IF Function Nesting In Excel, Allows Only 7 Arguments?

Nov 22, 2007

=IF(E18>760,(">760"),(IF(E18>550,("550-760"),(IF(E18>365,("365-550"),(IF(E18>210,("210-365"),(IF(E18>120,("120-210"),(IF(E18>90,("90-120"),(IF(E18>60,("60-90"),(if (E18>30, ("1-30"), (0))))))))))))))))

If you try to use this it will not work, as excel takes only 7 arguments
can someone help me with this. Do any one know macro for the same.

if you use this formule it will work

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Userform Like Function Arguments Dialog

Sep 19, 2006

I want to create a modalless userform with a textbox on it. While running, if user select a range on the active worksheet, the textbox will display selection address (example $A:$B,$A1:$C2...). Now I can do this with Application SheetSelectionChange Event. But I dont know how to make my userform like a Function Arguments dialog.

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Average Function: Multiple Arguments

Nov 19, 2006

I need some assistance in using an array formula which averages based on multiple arguments. The relevent range names in my input data are:

Col A - Manager Col B - Report Type Col C - Days taken to Complete

and I have used Validation Lists to include several different Managers and 5 Report Types which I'll call A - E, with Days taken to Complete an input. Each Manager may have 0 to numerous instances of each report during each period.

I'm trying to build a table which includes each manager and the average number of days taken to complete each report. The complication is that, while Report A & B are separate reports, for this purpose I need to get an average for A & B together.

For C, D & E, I have used the following:

For A&B, I have tried:


but this doesn't work. Could someone please advise me the correct formula if either of two states in a named range are to be used to average a second named range?

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Applying A Mid Function To Many Rows

Jun 14, 2007

I need to cut off addresses by 30 characters. I am doing this using the MID function. However, being a newb, how can I apply this function to say D4, D5 all the way to D899, without copy and pasting for 800 times? I did search this first, and couldn't find a resolution.

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VBA Join Function For Unknown Number Of Arguments

Feb 13, 2012

have a function that takes an unknown number of ranges (worksheet cells) as arguments that can then be joined with the provided delimiter.

It should ignore null values.

I saw that someone posted the following line of code:
Replace(WorksheetFunction.Trim(Join(myArray)), " ", ",")

So I guess my real question is how to pass an unknown number of arguments into a function and put the values in an array.

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Use Sumifs Function Applying 2 Criteria?

Aug 21, 2013


Attached is the example of the data, I am trying to sum the amount applying 2 criteria, within a particular month and other category. The formula tried is


However it is giving a value of zero only. I have tried other combinations as well.

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Applying Function To Certain Cells Only Based On Another Column

Aug 17, 2014

Supposing you would like to find the median of numbers in column D, but only for rows that have the word "Jones" in column A? Is there a way to do this? Obviously I know I could do a sort and simply specify the range myself, but we're dealing with nearly 2000 rows and a LOT of different values in column A

It occurs to me that it would be even better if I could ask excel, in effect, to identify every separate text string in column a and then find the median of the corresponding numbers in column D. In other words I wouldn't have to type any strings from column A at all.

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Extracting Consecutive Letters From Cell And Applying IF Function

Mar 8, 2013

I'm working on an email database and am looking to sort them into type. I am trying (without success) to use the IF function as follows.

If A1 contains the letters "isd" consecutively, then B1=TRUE

If A1 contains the letters "google", "yahoo", "hotmail", or "austin.rr" consecutively, then B2=true

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How To Use COUNTIFS Function Only For Visible Data After Applying Filter

May 27, 2014

How to use COUNTIFS Function only for the visible Data after applying filter.

Ex:=COUNTIFS(A:A,"Ret",P:P,"M")-COUNTIFS(A:A,"Ret",P:P,"M",B:B,"") it gives d result including hidden data, but i want it only for visible data after applying filter.

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Referencing Userform Control From Another Userform / Class Via Variable

May 3, 2012

I have several non-modal userforms in my App, some of them have date-fields that require manual entry typing of dd/mm/yy etc (No single userform has more than one date-box in it, this I think may be pivotally useful)

Now the Userform 'Calendar' that is built on the class of the same (cCalendar) name, has the write value line 'ActiveCell.value = theCal.value'

I'm looking to change this to refer to the correct userform.Textbox value, depending on which form is open.

I would imagine I could simply have a global string, whose value is set (or re-set) whenever a Userform is initialized (some sort of 'ActiveUF.value = Me.Name), where I get lost is referring to the components by name, so as to have a case statement by where I go:


Private Sub theCal_AfterUpdate()
Select Case ActiveUF
Case "AddForm"
application.vbe.components("AddForm").controls("AddFormDatePicker").value = theCal.value
Case "EditForm"
'.... etc
end select
end sub

better way of doing this (instead of passing around the userform name as a variable) - or proper syntax for referring to controls outside of the 'active' userform (but an open userform nonetheless)?

Every time I have to do this particular thing with userforms, I completely forget how, and the object browser always leads me on an infinite loop of

PS - there may be one slight complication to the process - one of the forms, has a 2-tab page in it, each page having similar (but named differently) fields. So I may need to be able to throw in 'Activepage' or whatnot

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Sum Property Of The Worksheet Function Class

Oct 16, 2008

work around the sum error?

Runtime Error '1004'
unable to locate the sum property of the worksheetfunction class

Public Function CalcSheet()
Dim NoSales(0 To 11) As Range
Dim DriveOffs(0 To 11) As Range
Dim Voids(0 To 11) As Range
Dim Shortages(0 To 11) As Range
Dim tNoSales As Integer
Dim tDriveOffs As Currency
Dim tVoids As Currency
Dim tShortages As Currency
Dim X As Integer
Dim NSc As Integer
Dim DOc As Integer
Dim VOc As Integer
Dim SHc As Integer
Dim aNoSales As Integer
Dim aDriveOffs As Currency
Dim aVoids As Currency
Dim aShortages As Currency

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Average Property Of Worksheet Function Class?

Sep 10, 2012

I have some code that works just fine until I add another For statement to cycle through a list of part numbers.

The line error is:

WsStock.Cells(StartRow + Avg, j + 8) = Application.WorksheetFunction.Average(WsStock.Range("H" & StartRow & ":H" & EndRow).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible))
With a message code of "Unable to get the Average property of the WorksheetFunction class".

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Unable To Get The Sum Property Of The Worksheet Function Class

Jan 19, 2009

Here is the code that generates the error:

Set rng = Range("I:I")
LR = ActiveSheet.Cells(Rows.count, "I").End(xlUp).Row + 2
Range("I" & LR).Value = Application.WorksheetFunction.Sum(rng)
Range("I" & LR).NumberFormat = "#,##0"

and from what I've read on google the .SUM(rng) need to be set to a range, but isn't it already a range? I tried plugging in there Range("I:I") for rng and that didn't work either.

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Call Public Function From Class Module

May 25, 2006

I have written a public function inside a class module. Is there anyway I could call the public function in Excel? What is the exact syntax to do it?

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Nested IF(AND Formula Error Message) "You've Entered Too Many Arguments For This Function"

Jan 27, 2010

I am entering the following Nested IF(AND statement into a cell and getting a message stating "You've entered too many arguments for this function." Any idea on what formula I can use to get the needed information into this cell based on the fact that there are different inputs that can be entered into the related cell that will trigger the needed respons in the working cell?

=IF(AND(K1051="Down",L1051<2),"Yes","",IF(AND(K1051="Partially Down",L1051<2),"Yes",""))

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Unable To Get VLookup Property Of Worksheet Function Class

Feb 1, 2012

The vlookup worked earlier but now it doesn't and everything looks OK to me. Scroll down a little bit in the code view to see the error line.

HTML Code:
Sub Email_Executed()
Dim OutlookApp As Outlook.Application
Dim MItem As Outlook.MailItem


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Unable To Get The Find Property Of The Worksheet Function Class

Feb 16, 2009

I am using the "Find" in VBA and wanted to test if the value searched for could not be found.

So I get the
error = "Unable to get the find property of the worksheet function class"
When the text cannot be found.

Dim zz As Variant
zz = Application.WorksheetFunction.Find("xx", "Hello", 1)

I also tried
Dim xx as boolean
xx = Application.WorksheetFunction.IsError(Application.WorksheetFunction.Find("xx", "Hello", 10))

But this produced the same error.

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Error 1004 Dget Property From Worksheet Function Class

Jul 18, 2007

I've noticed error 1004 is very broad and switches its name depending on what you're working with. But I have no idea what it means.

This is the line w/ probs:

Sheeti.Cells(y, 2).Value = WorksheetFunction.DGet(InventoryRange, 3, CriteriaRange)

I looked at protection and Macro security and checked my definitions (that work in other contexts).

Does DGET need to have criteria and database in the same worksheet? My project is working between two workbooks.

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Unable To Set Formula Array Property Of Range Class - Using Replace Function

Mar 3, 2014

I'm looking to loop a comparison code. I'm using dynamic referencing (using x and y) to find maximum values for specific time intervals. The code works on a cell to cell basis, meaning if I input the formula and change the cell referencing manually then the equation will give the desired results. However when I attempted to create a VBA code to speed up the process I kept getting a 1004 Unable to set FormulaArray Property of the Range Class error, I later figured out that the Formula Array function is limited to a certain number of characters so I split up my function into 3 different string formulas. I still get the same error.

[Code] ............

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Formatting Control Box By Use Of Function?

Mar 4, 2013

So I've designed a data capture sheet that is full of control boxes including text boxes.

Following some googling I found this, it does exactly what I want (checks the date input to the box is a valid date and then formats it appropriately)

Private Sub TextBox7_LostFocus()
If IsDate(TextBox7.Text) Then
TextBox7.Text = Format(TextBox7.Text, "mm/dd/yyyy")


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Class Modules: Class Object Can I Visually See It

Jul 23, 2009

i've reached a point where i would like to learn more about class modules but i have no resources. When i create a Class object can i visually see it? i want to know as i'm looking to use them within userforms if possible

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Disabling The Control Drag And Fill Function

Mar 29, 2007

the function I'm referring to is when you have a value in a cell and you hover your mouse cursor over the edge and get the black cross with arrows on all corners. Once you drag the cell into another location, it copies the the data into the other cell.

I need a way to stop this from happening, because this causes reference errors on other sheets when users do this by accident. However, I still need to allow the user to be able to type in that cell, use the autofill option, and the Ctrl+C option. Is there a way to program a macro that can be put in the sheets to do this for specified cells or ranges?

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