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Assigning Listbox Members To Variable

I would like to assign listbox members to a public variable (quite the opposite of what you normally do). I receive the error message "type mismatch".

Public MemberLB as Variant
Public Sub ListBoxTest()
n = ListBox_target.ListCount
For iCnt = 1 To n
MemberLB(iCnt) = ListBox_target.List(iCnt - 1)
Next iCnt
End Sub

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Assigning A Variable And Pasting Variable To Last Unused Column
to assign a variable to equal a Constant variable, then I need to find the last unused row on the worksheet, then paste that variable down the column (1-12200 or so rows). I also need to assign Strings for the first two Rows in the target column.

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Variable Not Assigning Correctly
The relevant code is below. I can post it all if necessary -- it's about 30 lines though. Can anyone recognize what the problem might be?

MsgBox "vSh " & vSh & " vOp " & vOp & "vCash " & vCash
vCash = vSh * vOp
MsgBox "vCash " & vCash

The MsgBox's are merely for debugging. When the code above runs, the first MsgBox I receive states similar to:
"vSh 14.238964 vOp 45.23 vCash 1000"
The second MsgBox, from after the multiplication, states:
"vCash 1000"

For some reason the vCash variable just will not set. At the beginning of the code, I declared each variable as Dim var, meaning as a variant, and whenever I debug by halting during a MsgBox display, each of the variables appear to be the same types: Variant/Double.

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Assigning A Formula To A Variable
G:G contains a list of integars, though some cells are blank; lets say 75 of the 100 cells in data range are < 0. I want a macro which copies a range where the number of rows = the number of values in G:G. my Macro:

Sub myMacro()
Dim rowRange As Integer
rowRange = Count("G:G")
End Sub

This, as you guessed, comes back with an error. Sub or Function not defined. Anyone the proper syntax for assigning a formula to a variable?

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Assigning A Variable To An Unknown Cell
I'm attempting to create a macro that will look at the total in column (K) and send an e-mail to two different addresses, depending on the amount. If the amount is over $10,000 then one address ( if under, then the other (

My main problem is that I never know what cell the total is going to be in.

I currently have all quotes going back to the person that sent in the request, no matter what the amount. Their e-mail is in the sheet.

So what I think I need to do, is find the last cell in column K with data and assign it a variable. If that variable is over $10,000 then I can send the e-mail to a hard coded address. If it's over, I just use my original code.

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Assigning A Variant Variable To An Integer
I am assigning the result of a vlookup to a variable that is defined as Variant. I then need to use that variable in a calculation.

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Assigning Current Region To A Variable
Im attempting designate the cell which will then determine the start of the current region, to be copied and pasted to another sheet. Im receiving an ERROR 1004 , Method Range of object_ Worksheet Failed.

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Assigning Variable Values To Letters In A Table
I have a formula which assigns a points score to letters in a range and adds them up. In the example below F=0, P=6, M=12 & D=18. =IF( COUNTIF(AT5:BE5,"="""),"",SUM(COUNTIF(AT5:BE5,"=F")*0,COUNTIF(AT5:BE5,"=P")*6,COUNTIF(AT5:BE5,"=M")*12,COUNTIF(AT5:BE5,"=D")*18)). Thus if F, P, M & D were in cells A1:D1 the result would be 0+6+12+18=36.

My aim is to be able to customise the values of F, P, M & D, using a table and a cell value. See the table below, where the first number in each row represents a cell value which the user enters into BH1, the second, third, fourth and fifth numbers represents the values assigned to the letters F, P, M & D.

10 0 1 2 3
30 0 3 6 9
60 0 6 12 18
90 0 9 18 27
120 0 12 24 36

Some examples of expected output: user enters 10 into BH1 and then enters F, P, M & D in cells A1:D1 the result would be 0+1+2+3=6. user enters 90 into BH1 and then enters F, P, M & D in cells A1:D1 the result would be 0+9+18+27=54.

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Linking A Choice Made In The Listbox To A Variable
In my interface, I have a listbox with the numbers 1 to 100. In my macro, I need to link the selection made in the listbox (from 1 to 100) to a variable. With that variable I perform simple calculations. Also, do I need to declare a variable for both the selection made in the listbox and the listbox itself?

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Fill UserForm ComboBox / ListBox With Variable List
i want to use a listbox or combobox on a userform with the values coming from column A in the MAIN sheet. what i need is if the colour i want is not there i type the new colour in it then adds the value to the end of values in coloumn A and too the list for the next time i use the userform. is it possible to do this and how?

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Track Crew Members Daily Time
I am trying to make a workbook to track crew members daily time.

I would like to be able to track time by Tag # and by W/O # for daily hour totals.

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Custom Function With Auto List Members
I have created a UDF which determines what the name of the day is.

Public Function Dagnaam(daydate As Date, Optional Language As String = "Dutch")
weeknl = Array("Maandag", "Dinsdag", "Woensdag", "Donderdag", "Vrijdag", "Zaterdag", "Zondag")
weeken = Array("Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday")
dayno = Application.WorksheetFunction.Weekday(daydate, 2) - 1
Select Case Language
Case "Dutch"
Dagnaam = weeknl(dayno)
Case "English"
Dagnaam = weeken(dayno)
End Select
End Function

What i would like is when the user uses this function in the worksheet the field Language holds a dropdown list with predefined languages.

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Activate VBA Auto List Members Or Intellisense
How do I activate the little box in VBA that appears after e.g. '.' (which enables me more quickly to see if I'm writing the correct code)?

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Counting And Lookups (count The Number Of Team Members Listed Under That Supervisor)
I have roster that has 12 teams on it, each team has their own column with the supervisors name in the first row. I want to look up the supervisor and count the number of team members listed under that supervisor.

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Reference Function: Pickup Groups And Members Of Each Group From A Phone System
I have the following worksheet, which lists the pickup groups and members of each group from a phone system. Another worksheet lists all the exts and I want to have some sort of VLOOKUP, MATCH function that will look at the ext number and come back with the pickup group number.

I've attached a copy of the spreadsheet to show you what I'm talking about. So looking at the spreadsheet if I have an ext number of 8001 I want to return the value of 2 as ext 8001 is a member of pickup group 2. Also of an ext is not a member of any group, then I want to return nothing.

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Move Listbox Line To Another Listbox With A Command Button
I have two sheets and two listbox's(ColumnCount8) and one command button.

lstInYard rowsource is set to sheet1
lstMilled rowsorce is set to sheet3

Iam trying to cut and paste the selections in lstInYard to lstMilled as well as the corrosponding row values in sheet1 to sheet3 by using cmdMoveSelected click event.

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Assigning Macros
I have created an add in for excel with all the macros that will be used for a particular workbook. I have some buttons in the workbook that I have macros assigned to them. I assigned them to the xls workbook before I saved it as an add in. Now, when one of the buttons is pressed, it opens the xls workbook.

how to assign the macros from the add in to the buttons.

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Assigning A 0 Value To Text
I've been doing a very simple table for my father's bass club. The club has one tournament a month and the 2 lowest weights are dropped. The table has a column of names on the left hand side, beside the name is 12 columns for one weight per month, right of that is a sum of the fisherman's catch weight in column O and to the far right is an equation that removes the 2 lowest weights =O4-(SMALL(C4:N4,1)+SMALL(C4:N4,2))

In the past I have put a 0 if someone didn't fish. He has asked me if it's possible to put DNF for Did Not Fish in lieu of a 0. This way they have that information and know how many people fished and caught nothing versus how many didn't fish. I need to know how to assign DNF a value of 0 for the whole table so that I can still drop the 2 lowest weights

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Assigning Rows To Row Numbers
I need a macro/script that will allow me to move rows based on cell values, i.e.: ....

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Checkboxes -- Assigning Macros
I use Excel 2003. Can I assign different macros to a checkbox depending on whether the box is CHECKED or UNCHECKED? In other words, if I link the box to A1 and the value there is TRUE, can I run a macro based on that value? Then, if the value is FALSE, can I run a different macro based on the FALSE value?

I'm building a time sheet. Some of the time I keep track of is billable per hour, some is billable as a complete job. I'd like to use a checkbox to indicate if the time in a particular row is billable as a complete job. If it is, the time would not only be included in the total time for the column, it would also be accounted for in a separate worksheet. I'm thinking macros are the way to go here but maybe there's something better?

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Assigning The Range Of A Cell A Value
I have a number of cells which are connected to various formulas. EX. A1 = 7. Well I want a formula in A2 which can look at A1 and if A1 = 5-6, then A2 = 1, if A1 = 7-8, then A2 =2, if A1 = 9-10, then A2 = 3, if A1 = 11-12, then A2 = 4. And so on.

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Assigning Points To Rankings
I have ranked the times of races for 30 participants. The results are in a
column. I want to display the points given in the next column. The only
points given are for 1st through 6th place. 1st=6pts, 2nd=5pts, 3rd=4pts,
4th=3pts, 5th=2pts, 6th=1pt, 7th place through 30th place =0. Times,
therefore ranks, will change with each race, so this information needs to be
in every cell in that column.

Joe 12.05 2 5
Mary 13.00 3 4
Sue 10.57 1 6
Sam 15.04 8 0

I figured out the rank formula, but I can't figure out how to assign the

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Assigning Serial Numbers
I have a dynamic list of items which I have to assign serial numbers to.
If the serial numbers go in sequence, it would have been easy.
But the problem is, they don't.

They go from A1 - A9, B1 - B10, C1 - C10 ....
Is there a way I can assign an array to ensure that once the macro hits A9, it starts from B1, and once it hits B10, start from C1?

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Assigning A String As Range
I have the following string which I want to assign to my rngTAddress (dim as range) variable.

='M:1 - Schedules & Spreadsheets[04 Subcontractor Cumulative Billing Tracker.xls]LCD'!$AZ$79

This string is current stored in the strTargetRange variable.

How do I get rngTAddress to refer to this cell in another workbook by assigning this string as the range?

Ultimately I want to use rngTAddress.offset(-2,0) in a formula.

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Assigning Variables In A Formula
I think I'm using the correct terminology with the term "variable", but to explain what I'm trying to do, I want to get RAND() to hold the first returned variable so I can compare it to other places RAND() has been used & if the returned value is the same as the other place, then run RAND() again.

Here is my basic formula (where $B$2 is 50):

=IF(ROUND(RAND()*$B$2, 0)+1=A4, ROUND(RAND()*$B$2, 0)+1, ROUND(RAND()*$B$2, 0)+1)

I'm trying to say in the formula above that if rand = what was already in A4 then run random again -- but this doesn't keep if from returning the same value as A4 on the second pass.

What would work is something like (where X is the assigned variable):

=IF(X=ROUND(RAND()*$B$2, 0)+1=A4, ROUND(RAND()*$B$2, 0)+1, X)

But it doesn't appear you can use X in a formula (only in a macro which I don't want to use) --

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Assigning Numbers To Letters
I have a word, for example ROCK. I asigned numbers to the word. R=1,O=2,C=3,K=4. My Question: If I type in ROC it must return 123. If I type in KR it must return 41, etc. Is there a basic formula I can use to solve this?

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Assigning Strings To An Array
My question is about assigning strings to an array.

The following code searches a cell for three strings (said, told, asked):

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Assigning 3 Macros To One Button...
How would i go about assigning three sub routines to one button so that they all activate when a command button is clicked.

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Assigning Points For Placing
i have a spred sheet that i am trying to give them scores from highest 10 down to 6 then anyone under will get 5

However if there is a tie for first they will each get 10 then the next will only get 8


a1 b2( this would be there score

3.45 10
3.45 10
3.40 8
3.20 7
2 6
1.99 5
1.89 5
1.5 5
1 5

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Assigning Shortcut To A Macro
when we record a macro it gives us a option to assign a shortcut key to that macro how ever that is only in combination of "Ctrl" my question is that is there a way by which we can use any other combination like "Ctrl"+"Shift"+ <key>

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Assigning Macro Shortcut
I have a workbook that when I open it opens a toolbar that was designed for it. I have been asked to make changes to this toolbar. One of the changes is to allow shortcut keys to run these modules. I have tried recording a macro and viewing the code, I tried applying this code there but it does not using the shortcut key. note that this toolbar is only available to this workbook, so these macros are not available to the personal workbook.

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Assigning Values To An Array
I am trying to assign a range of values with different types( date,time,integer) to an array. I am using the following command which works fine.

Dim vArr() As Variant
vArr=range("A1"). currentregion.value

However when I try to print the "time formatted" values in the second column of the range I can't. I can't use timevalue function as well cause it doesn't treat the values as string but integers. Why is this happening even when I declare the array as variant?

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Assigning Values To Array
I am trying to assign a range of values with different types( date, time,integer) to an array. I am using the following command which works fine.

Dim vArr() As Variant
vArr=range("A1"). currentregion.value

However when I try to print the "time formatted" values in the second column of the range I can't. I can't use timevalue function as well cause it doesn't treat the values as string but integers. Why is this happening even when I declare the array as variant?

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Assigning Destination Range
I am trying to do is when a certain criteria is met I want to pull some information from the net using a web query, and then pasting it into a variable location. I have this code -

Sub Check_Matches()
Dim XLoop As Integer, XPlay_Row As Integer, Loop_Length As Integer
Dim Match_Ref As String, Team_Addr As String, Match_ID As String, Import_Addr As String
XLoop = 1
XPlay_Row = 5
Loop_Length = Range("j1").Value + 1
Do While XLoop < Loop_Length
Team_Addr = "S" & XPlay_Row 'A variable that stores the reference to the cell containing the team ID.....................

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Assigning UDFs To Catergories
I have a addin that contains user defined functions. I am using the MacroOptions command to assign the functions to categories. The addin loads without any problem in Excel 2003. In Excel 2002 and Excel 2007 Beta, if I open Excel and load the addin using the menu the addin loads OK. But when I try to open Excel with the addin already installed I get the following error message: Run-time error '1004':
Method 'MacroOptions' of object'_Application' failed. how to aviod this error message in Excel 2002 and Excel 2007 Beta?

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Assigning Macro To Shape In 2007
I posted similar yesterday. No one helped...sniff sniff (where's the crying smily)

Now verified to be occur on other machines running various versions of Office 2007...

In Excel 2007, write this simple macro and assign it to a shape:

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Assigning A Number To A Particular Piece Of Data?
How do I go about assigning a number to a particular piece of data? To give a simple example of what I'm trying to do, and what I envision, I'll pretend I'm building a sandwich.

5=roast beef

So, someone could come along and build their sandwich, ham/turkey/tomato/mayo on white bread. Excel would then recognize that 1+3+4+7+8=23
23=The American (the name of the sandwich, which I've already assigned a variable to)

I'm using the sandwich model because its a lot simpler than what I'm attempting to do.

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Assigning A Macro To A Command Button
i have created a very simple macro and wish to assign it to a command button i have placed on my worksheet.

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Assigning Macro To Command Button
Using workbook A, I have created a new workbook (let's call it workbook B), and have copied a module over to workbook B using macros.

My question is, is there a way to assign the module to a command button using vba?

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Assigning Text Numerical Values
Is it possible once you have assigned text a numerical value (example: Adam = 12) to add them together? (example: adam =12 and bob = 8, therefore adam + bob = 20)

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Assigning A Value From The Option Selected From The Drop Box.
I have a spread sheet where i have created a drop box in Cell i4. There are 56 choices in the drop box. These choices come from cells B160:B215.

There are dollar values in cells C160:C215 correspond with B160:B215. I am trying to find a formula for G16 that will look at i4 and find the corresponding dollar value from C160:C215.

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VB: Incorrect Syntax For Assigning Variables
I know that I cannot automatically assign UniqueCount the value of that formula. How would I format the line such that I can indeed assign UniqueCount the row value of that line?

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Assigning Macro To A Button Code
i wrote the program and created a button on the toolbar. what i did not know was other people outside of my location will be using this program. so when they get the file, they will have to reassign the macro to the button since the file location will be different. i have already written instructions with screen shots in case the boss wants to go that way. i would like to do this with code. they would run another program which would get the path and name of the file and assign it to the macr.

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Vba Listbox Lookup To Populate Another Listbox
I have 1 listbox (lisbox1) that retrieve it's list items from a worksheet range (imported/database query from access). This works fine.

I have a second listbox (listbox2) that should display results from clicking a value in listbox1.
Listbox1 contains companynames (1 column), listbox2 needs to be populated with quotes.

Range A3:D4800 contains company ID's, Company names, Quote Numbers. When I select a company name in listbox1, I need listbox2 to be populated with all quotes for that company.

I have tried (using vba) to do a vlookup using the listbox1 value, but I cannot seem to figure out how to populate listbox2 with "all" quotes. I get 1 quote and that's it. I realize I probably need to have the vlookup loop through each cell in the range to find the value, but when I try this, I get a type mismatch when using the .additem (only for the 2nd and subsequent passes).

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Populate 2nd Listbox With 1st Listbox Selection
I have the following sheet which functions as a table to store values for files that have been created using the application which this table is in. In this app., I have a form with 2 listboxes. When the form loads, I have the first listbox list values which each of these files are listed under (i.e. - "sub-directories"). With a selection of one of the list values and clicking of a button, I want the second list box to list the values of cells listed in a range directly below where the selected value in the first listbox came from.

I'd prefer, in the first listbox, to have only the values of the ranges that have a value in them in the listbox. However, this would cause my listbox.selected(array) not function properly. But since my current offsets (in the second sub) do not seem to be working anyway, maybe I am going about this totally wrong.

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Setting Listbox Value Doesn't Set Listbox Value
The following line highlights the first selection in the listbox visible and calls the listbox click event

myListbox.Selected(0) = True
myVal = myListbox.Value 'after this line executes, instead of being set to the actual first value in myListbox, myVal is ""

Why is myVal not set to the first selection in the listbox? After I execute the following code, myListbox.Value still equals "" and not "Counter 1".

myListbox.Value = "Counter 1"

Why can I not set myListbox.Value?

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Transfer Items From One Listbox To Another Listbox
I cannot find this information anywhere else in this forum...

Does anybody know how to transfer an item from one list box to another using code, on the click of a button.
The list box with the information in is called 'Team_ListBox'The list box i am wanting to transfer to is called 'Starting_Team_ListBox'The button to do this task is called 'AddPlayer_team_Btn'

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Assigning Macros To Control Toolbar Checkbox
I am an average user of excel and i am wanting some help with macros. I can record macros, that i do understand. Its the part where you can assign the macros to the Checkbox i have created.

The effect i am trying to create is that when the checkbox has a tick in it, certain properties happen to a cell. But when the checkbox has no tick in it something else happens to the cell. I have recorded 2 macros for what i want to happen its just getting it associated with the true/false of the checkbox.

I have no Visual Basic Experience and i have tried reading other posts, but the code just goes right over my head at the moment. Thanks in advance for anyhelp. I can attach the spreadsheet etc...

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Assigning/Retrieving Arrays Of Values To/from Listobjects
How can I add an array of values to a listobject, preferably in one big chunk? How can I read a chunk of values from a listobject into an array?

For the latter, I've tried:

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Assigning Macro/Module To Specific Sheet
I have a workbook that has 2 similar worksheets. One called "Wood Shafts" and the other called "Iron Shafts" I have the macros worked out for the sheet called "Wood Shafts" and I just realised I need to apply similar Macros to the sheet called "Iron Shafts" (same functions but different values from different columns). Some how I need the code to be able to tell the difference between the two sheets. I am at a loss.

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Assigning Data Range From 2 Strings Of Text
Im new to Macros. Im trying to find a string of text assign that to be the top of the data and then find a different string and assign that to be the bottom of the data. Then run a loop whilst inside that data range. Am i going about it the right way? Attached is a sample data file.

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