Auto Select Cells

Jan 19, 2010

I Have a sheet with many ranges, when i push the commandbutton I need it to insert the selected cell in textbox 1 witch works but it needs to insert the full range into textbox 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I have attached an example.

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Auto Tracking Number From Select Cells

Jul 3, 2014

I have a formula I am using to try create an auto Tacking Number system.


[Code] .....

I want the number to appear as the data is logged into "C5"

The end product I am looking for will be "TS-July14-001", Where "M5" is the given month, "N2" is 2014 so I used the right formula to get 14

The last bit is where I am having problems, I would like the last number "001" to have a fill series effect.

Ultimately if this is possible i would then like the fill series to reset to 001 when the month in "M5" changes.

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Auto Select Populated Cells For Chart

Dec 26, 2011

Seeking a way to automatically select just the populated range of cells in Cols A, B and C starting with row 2. In this sample there are 48 however this changes.

ActiveChart.ChartType = xlBarStacked
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Name = "=Sheet1!$C$1"
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Values = "=Sheet1!$C$2:$C$48"
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(2).Name = "=Sheet1!$D$1"
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(2).Values = "=Sheet1!$D$2:$D$48"
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(2).XValues = "=Sheet1!$A$2:$A$48"

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Auto Select Next Cell In A Row

May 14, 2014

Ok, how to select next cell to right (2) after input (1). not down as default.



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Auto Select Cell Value

Nov 17, 2008

I have 3 columns, A1, A2 and A3

I would like A3 to show me the value of A1 unless there is a value in A2 then it would show the value of A2 instead.

I would also like to change the text color to reflect which cell the value comes from.

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Auto Select First Row To Last Row With Data

May 6, 2014

I have a range c10:c300, i want to select the range where i have data.

E.g. I have data in c10:c50, then select the range c10:c50

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How To Auto Select Next Name In A List

Jan 3, 2012

Let's say you have a list of names:

4 McDonald, Ronald
5 McCheese, Mayor
6 Burglar, Ham
7 King, Fakehead
8 Hut, Pizza

and you had "McCheese, Mayor" typed in AK23.

NOW, because you have that name in AK23, you want the next cell (AK31) to automatically select "Burglar, Ham". How?

So forth, and so on, for 2 more names....

When you get to the bottom of the list, and "Hut, Pizza" has been placed, how would you get it to start back at the top?

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Auto Select Next Cell

Feb 22, 2007

I have a macro that unhides the next row when I enter someting into the row above. I need help with my code to get it to automatically select the cell in column C of the newly unhidden row. I will need this to happen each time a new row is unhidden (up to 50 times).

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Range("A24")

If rng.Value "" Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
Rows("25:75").EntireRow.Hidden = True
Rows("25:" & rng.Value + 24).Hidden = False
Application.EnableEvents = True
End If
End Sub

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Auto Size Cells On Visible Columns Not Auto-sizing Correctly?

May 27, 2014

I have the following code:

[Code] ....

When I run the macro, some columns are already hidden. The macro doesn't seem to autosize cells correctly. For instance, one cell in a row appears to have some contents hidden (or below the reading area of the cell). In other instances, the rows are auto-size to huge heights and widths.

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Auto Select New Data By Month

Aug 9, 2006

I am trying to write a code that runs on a worksheet/workbook activation that will copy data from one sheet to another based on which month it currently is. I can easily do this with a Command Button. Here is an example of what I'm looking to copy from sheet to sheet.

Sub Jan_Button()
' UnProtect
' Deactivate Screenupdating
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

'Rolling Month From Pool to PVT Calc
With Sheets("Pool")
.Visible = True
. Range("V2:W11").Copy
.Visible = False
End With

I will be pasting to the same location each month but I will be copying from another range of cells as my targets change every month. This is where my autoupdate idea is coming in. I hoped that for example this month is August so it would automatically paste over Augusts Data and when September came around it would automatically update to the new data set.

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Data Validation - Auto Select From List

Jan 17, 2014

I have data validation in a cell that says only options from a list are allowed. i.e. =indirect(A1)

If this refers to a list where there is only 1 option available is there a way to display that value automatically without the user having to click the dropdown to select it?

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VBA To Auto Select Last Populated Print Page

Feb 19, 2014

I have a sheet that already has page breaks set at specific intervals to ensure the data is displayed in a certain way on print, I can only have whole pages. The variable is how many pages are printed on each project, which can be anything between 1 and 20 or more. I have a few columns that contain line numbers, and formulae down the entire length of the sheet, so a basic last populated cell search won't work, but the column I'd like to focus on is Col F, which only has blank/empty cells below the last used one in use. Is it possible to have a BeforePrint code find the last populated cell in Col F and simply capture which print page number it is in, and set that as the number of pages to print?

So in summary, I'd like to be able to just hit Print, and the code will automatically set the number of pages to print based on which page contains the last populated cell in Col F.

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Auto Select 1st Non-Hidden Sheet/Worksheet

Oct 22, 2006

I use "ActiveWindow.ScrollWorkbookTabs Position:=xlFirst" to display all available sheets in a workbook. But can the worksheet of the first tab (i.e. at the far left) be automatically selected after the workbook is opened?

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Auto Select ListBox By Letter Typed

Jan 10, 2007

From VBA code - I need to be able to populate a list box with a assortment of city names, (>200 entries), and be able to start the city selection with an alphanumeric “hot” key in the pick box – i.e. – when the user enters an “S” – the list box data jumps down to the start of all of the cities beginning with “S” – etc.
(I can populate the list box) – it is the alpha selection code that is kicking my butt.

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VBA Auto Filter To Select Field Based On Certain Criteria?

Feb 5, 2014

I'm currently using the following:

[Code] .........

However, i'd like it select the field ie 2-17 based on a year in a cell on another sheet "x" in cell E3.

At the moment i have a row of numbers 1-17 above the corresponding field cell so for example the number 15 is attached to the year 2013 (although this is dynamic).

I just cant work out how to get the autofilter to select the number that matches the cell in "x" E3 with the same value in T2:AJ2 on filter sheet and then filter the column that matches.

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Macro To Auto Select Image To Occupy ActiveX Box?

Sep 2, 2012

Is there a way to store two pictures in a hidden sheet (Sheet1) and have an Image ActiveX box in all visible sheets, and use a macro to auto select an image to occupy that ActiveX box?

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Mar 23, 2009


ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(xlSrcRange, Range("$A$1:$L$1900"), , xlYes).Name = _
ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table1").TableStyle = "TableStyleDark5"
End Sub

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Offset And CountA To Auto Select Data Range For Charting Purposes?

Dec 12, 2013

how to play with data ranges and define names for charts to automatically update them by using the formula offset + counta. An example would be: =OFFSET(Sheet1!$B$7,0,0,COUNTA(Sheet1!$B$6:$B$37)-1).

So, the problem comes when there is a need to select a data range which is not that well defined like $B$6:$B$37. So, I need to import data regularly into my workbook, this data will be imported right below of the last cell with values.

Now, how would I manage to automatically select the data range from this new import for my chart? See attached example. I have highlighted in Yellow a potential import... there is no data in there so feel freel to fill it with any numbers you like.

I have tried to use a vlookup to find Country+Programme+Year (cat1 in the example) in the 'counta' part of the formula above. But I get lost,as a vlookup would retrieve a value and would not be useful for the data range?

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How To Auto-Sort Cells Base On Values In Other Cells

Nov 26, 2012

What is the formula for results in C?

A | B | C
Jane |3|Frank
Lisa |5|Jane
John |4|Lisa
Abby |6|Abby

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How Do You Select A Range Of Cells On Another Worksheet Using The Cells Property

Apr 19, 2007

I seem to be going round and round in circles with this, but I'm sure it should be easy.

I'm just trying to select a range of cells in Sheet2 of my workbook.
I've tried many different bits of code, including:

Dim namesTotal As Integer

namesTotal = 2500

ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(namesTotal, 8)).Select

(According to the Microsoft website, this is supposed to be the way to do it?)

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Auto-populate Cells With Data From Other Cells

Sep 26, 2007

My sheet goes from monday to friday on the coulombs. On the rows i have various data sections for each day. I would like the data on the last day (any day after monday) that there is data for a sheet to input that data into the monday slot when the "master date" is changed on the cheese sheet. The idea here being that the script will take the last entered data for a given sheet, and put it into the monday coulomb on the same sheet when the date is changed. This is kind of hard to explain so if you need clarification let me know. Attached is the sheet i'm working with.

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Select Cells Between 2 Blank Cells In A Column

Mar 29, 2013

I have a huge excel file (who doesn't ) and would like to create a macro to select cells between 2 blanc cells in a column. (Then another macro will continue to select all in the table for that specific range and copy-paste to another sheet. But this part is not relevant)

The details

The table will be like below.

So the macro should select between F2:F6. (then another macro will copy F6:A3 and cut-copy this range to another sheet); and when I re-run this macro this time it will copy the range of Model B..



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Select * From Cells

Oct 12, 2009

I would like to make a select statement based on cells.

Goal is to recalculate each time the values of some comboboxes: for example when I choose Company A, I know that it has only departments 1 and 2.

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How To Select Cells Using VBA

May 9, 2014

How do i select cells using vba? I've a range of cells starting A1. However, the number of data in column A varies and some of the adjacent columns maybe empty. Please see the below.

For example, how do i use vba to select Range("a1:G5")?

Column A
Column B
Column C
Column D
Column E
Column F
Column G
Column H


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Feb 16, 2008

accessing certain objects when you use other objects like Sheets?
I was writing some code to select all cells in the sheet:


While this worked in the 'This Workbook' segment of vba, this didn't work in the 'Sheet1' section of the code. I get a 'Range' error.

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Vba Select Only Cells With Value

Nov 14, 2008

With the code below I select all the cells (with a value) in the column G.

Range("g2", Range("g2").End(xlDown)).Select

But this selection also includes blank cells with a formula.

Is it possible to select only the cells with a real (visible) value

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Select Cells By Value

Jun 30, 2007

this is selecting a range of cells which are Blank. How do I select the range of cells by certain value as an option (example, cells that only have zero, not 10, 20, that only have 99, etc)? I couldnt find similar answers in internet and seemingly in this forum.


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>>> Auto Numbering Cells?

Oct 24, 2007

Is there some feature that lets you auto number cells? IE (1-20) Instead of me having to manually type in 1-20 in each cell or making my own formula up to do it.

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Auto Fill Cells...

Jan 16, 2009

Working with 2 worksheets in the same spreadsheet. In worksheet A cell F6 is a solution (hex2dec) these solutions are staggered consistently in column F (F6, F9, F12, F15 etc) In worksheet B cell A2 displays workshop A cell F6 details (=ATR!F6)
Worksheet B cell A3 Autofil uses (=ATR!F7) I want (=ATR!F9) Worksheet B cell A4 I want (=ATR!F12) How do I condition autofil to follow my chosen sequence ie F6,F9,F12,F15 etc...

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Auto Update The Cells

Mar 31, 2009

I have been tasked with coming up with a solution to an excel issue my boss has. I'll try to explain it as simply as I can but it might get confusing.

We have workbooks containing ledgers for a retail establisment. We create a new book for each year. Each book contains a sheet per month. We also have a comparison book/sheet. Currently we have the rolling total for each line item transfer over to the comparison sheet and then manually workout and enter the data for the same day from the previous year. What we would like to do is have the data from 2008 automatically update as we update the 2009 data.

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