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Auto Select Cells

I Have a sheet with many ranges, when i push the commandbutton I need it to insert the selected cell in textbox 1 witch works but it needs to insert the full range into textbox 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I have attached an example.

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Auto Select Cell Value
I have 3 columns, A1, A2 and A3

I would like A3 to show me the value of A1 unless there is a value in A2 then it would show the value of A2 instead.

I would also like to change the text color to reflect which cell the value comes from.

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Auto Select Next Cell
I have a macro that unhides the next row when I enter someting into the row above. I need help with my code to get it to automatically select the cell in column C of the newly unhidden row. I will need this to happen each time a new row is unhidden (up to 50 times).

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Range("A24")

If rng.Value "" Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
Rows("25:75").EntireRow.Hidden = True
Rows("25:" & rng.Value + 24).Hidden = False
Application.EnableEvents = True
End If
End Sub

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Auto Select New Data By Month
I am trying to write a code that runs on a worksheet/workbook activation that will copy data from one sheet to another based on which month it currently is. I can easily do this with a Command Button. Here is an example of what I'm looking to copy from sheet to sheet.

Sub Jan_Button()
' UnProtect
' Deactivate Screenupdating
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

'Rolling Month From Pool to PVT Calc
With Sheets("Pool")
.Visible = True
. Range("V2:W11").Copy
.Visible = False
End With

I will be pasting to the same location each month but I will be copying from another range of cells as my targets change every month. This is where my autoupdate idea is coming in. I hoped that for example this month is August so it would automatically paste over Augusts Data and when September came around it would automatically update to the new data set.

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Auto Select 1st Non-Hidden Sheet/Worksheet
I use "ActiveWindow.ScrollWorkbookTabs Position:=xlFirst" to display all available sheets in a workbook. But can the worksheet of the first tab (i.e. at the far left) be automatically selected after the workbook is opened?

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Auto Select ListBox By Letter Typed
From VBA code - I need to be able to populate a list box with a assortment of city names, (>200 entries), and be able to start the city selection with an alphanumeric “hot” key in the pick box – i.e. – when the user enters an “S” – the list box data jumps down to the start of all of the cities beginning with “S” – etc.
(I can populate the list box) – it is the alpha selection code that is kicking my butt.

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ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(xlSrcRange, Range("$A$1:$L$1900"), , xlYes).Name = _
ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table1").TableStyle = "TableStyleDark5"
End Sub

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How Do You Select A Range Of Cells On Another Worksheet Using The Cells Property
I seem to be going round and round in circles with this, but I'm sure it should be easy.

I'm just trying to select a range of cells in Sheet2 of my workbook.
I've tried many different bits of code, including:

Dim namesTotal As Integer

namesTotal = 2500

ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(namesTotal, 8)).Select

(According to the Microsoft website, this is supposed to be the way to do it?)

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Auto-populate Cells With Data From Other Cells
My sheet goes from monday to friday on the coulombs. On the rows i have various data sections for each day. I would like the data on the last day (any day after monday) that there is data for a sheet to input that data into the monday slot when the "master date" is changed on the cheese sheet. The idea here being that the script will take the last entered data for a given sheet, and put it into the monday coulomb on the same sheet when the date is changed. This is kind of hard to explain so if you need clarification let me know. Attached is the sheet i'm working with.

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accessing certain objects when you use other objects like Sheets?
I was writing some code to select all cells in the sheet:


While this worked in the 'This Workbook' segment of vba, this didn't work in the 'Sheet1' section of the code. I get a 'Range' error.

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Vba Select Only Cells With Value
With the code below I select all the cells (with a value) in the column G.

Range("g2", Range("g2").End(xlDown)).Select

But this selection also includes blank cells with a formula.

Is it possible to select only the cells with a real (visible) value

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Select Cells By Value
this is selecting a range of cells which are Blank. How do I select the range of cells by certain value as an option (example, cells that only have zero, not 10, 20, that only have 99, etc)? I couldnt find similar answers in internet and seemingly in this forum.


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Select * From Cells
I would like to make a select statement based on cells.

Goal is to recalculate each time the values of some comboboxes: for example when I choose Company A, I know that it has only departments 1 and 2.

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Auto Highlight Cells
If I click on cell A1 is there a way to make Cells A12 and A13 highlight in yellow?

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Auto Update The Cells
I have been tasked with coming up with a solution to an excel issue my boss has. I'll try to explain it as simply as I can but it might get confusing.

We have workbooks containing ledgers for a retail establisment. We create a new book for each year. Each book contains a sheet per month. We also have a comparison book/sheet. Currently we have the rolling total for each line item transfer over to the comparison sheet and then manually workout and enter the data for the same day from the previous year. What we would like to do is have the data from 2008 automatically update as we update the 2009 data.

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Auto-populate Corresponding Cells With Each
I have a database in the form of a spreadsheet with the following column headings:
A=DATE (3 letter abbreviation for the month...jan, feb, mar, etc)
F=Contract number

Is there a formula that I can enter in another worksheet (which is being used as a report), that will "grab" the monthly data for all entries for a given month (i.e. "mar"), and auto-populate corresponding cells with each?

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Auto Populate Cells
I have a workbook with three sheets:

'Activity' 'Expenses' and 'Income'

On the 'Activity' sheet I:
select the date,
select the description, and
select the category (dependent on the description using indirect)
and enter a value. ($ dollar amount)

How do I make the entered values appear automatically :

- on the correct Sheet for the Description - 'EXPENSES' or 'INCOME'

- in the correct columns (matching) the category

- and in the correct row (matching) the date,

- "add to" - if a value already exists in the cell (more than one transaction on a date)

after they have been hand entered on the 'Activity' sheet?

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>>> Auto Numbering Cells?
Is there some feature that lets you auto number cells? IE (1-20) Instead of me having to manually type in 1-20 in each cell or making my own formula up to do it.

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Auto Fill Cells...
Working with 2 worksheets in the same spreadsheet. In worksheet A cell F6 is a solution (hex2dec) these solutions are staggered consistently in column F (F6, F9, F12, F15 etc) In worksheet B cell A2 displays workshop A cell F6 details (=ATR!F6)
Worksheet B cell A3 Autofil uses (=ATR!F7) I want (=ATR!F9) Worksheet B cell A4 I want (=ATR!F12) How do I condition autofil to follow my chosen sequence ie F6,F9,F12,F15 etc...

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Auto Highlighting Cells
Is there a way to automaticaly highlight multiple cells if there is data in two other cells else were? What kind of programming will I have to use. I.E. highlight cells D1:E15 only if there is data in cells A:2 & B2

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How Do I Select A Range Of Cells Using Vb
How can I select a range of cells dynamically, not know how many cells down for two columns that I will need to select, there will be a blank cell at the end of the needed range.

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Select Non-adjacent Cells
I've always been able to select non-adjacent cells in spreadsheets, but today noticed that I can't. I need to be able to do so to collect data from one spreadsheet to another for my monthly accounting reports. It makes collection of specific data fast and simple. Without this function, it takes far longer to do reporting and is very un-reliable. With the function working, I click on the cell ranges which are black, leaving the cell ranges which are red alone. We use black and red to identify charges which appear or do not yet appear on our monthly VISA statement.

I select all the black charges along with their corresponding account codes, then double-check the page before copying the non-adjacent ranges to make certain that all of the charge amounts and account numbers which are black on the page are selected and no red ones; then copy and paste the data into another sheet. It often makes collection very quick and easy.

When there are lines interspersed throughout a sheet with black and red charges strewn here and there, it is very easy to select only the black data and skip the red. Doing so by copying the entire range then deleting the red is laborious, and time-consuming.

What has happened to Excel's ability to select non-adjacent cells? Today, I can't select even two separate cells, using Excel's ability to do so by holding down the CTRL key, as I have in the past.

I'm using Excel 2007, on Windows Vista 64 bit; and I've made sure that my Insert function is turned off (thought that might change things?) and my Scroll Lock is turned off (I've bumped that many times in the past and found Excel doing weird things when trying to navigate a spreadsheet with the arrow keys).

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Select Cells Where Date =NOW()
I have a column with various dates (dd/mm/yyy, UK Format). What I want to do is select all cells in that columns where date =NOW().

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Select A Couple Of Cells In A Row
I would like to write part of the code that select a couple of cells in a row (for example : Range("A1:A10).select) than:
-find a text which is in one of these cells (for example "HP") - and gives me back column in which this text is input

texts in selected cells will always be the same (for example : HP, CH, SD, .... ect.)

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Select Cells Equal To Zero
How can I select all rows where certain cells are equal to zero?

(i.e. in Column A

1 Bob
2 Joe
3 Smith
4 0
5 0
6 0

I want to select rows 4, 5 & 6.

I've used Go To>Special:Errors to write a macro to hide all rows with errors, but I also want to hide all rows that have zero values

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Select All Cells With Data?
make a code that will select all cells with data?

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VBA To Select Cells Of Certain Colour
I need a fast procedure to create a range variable which comprises of non-adjacent cells which have an interior color of yellow say, within one sheet.

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Select Only Cells With Content
select only cells with content. Is it possible to use the next

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Run Macro To Select Cells With Value =1
I have a need and thanks in advance to everyone who can help me with this: Run a macro to copy from cell B2 in worksheet2, then paste that into every cell that has the value = 1 in worksheet1.Range("B2:Z40"). Cells in range B2:Z40 will be updated each week with the value varied from 1 to 10.

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Select Non Empty Cells
How do I select all the NON EMPTY CELLS in a column?


How do I select all the NON EMPTY CELLS in a range?

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Select All Used Cells In Column
I have found and selected the very last cell in a column (Say column A). What code do I select all the cells from A1 to that last cell?

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Select Last X Used Cells In Column
I would like to select the last few cells in a column, however the number of rows is not fixed, it changes. This can only select the fifth last cell:

Sheets("ABC").Range( 'A1:A150').End(xlDown).Offset(-5, 0).Select

Ultimately, i want to select the 5 cells from the fifth last to the last:
from this: Sheets("ABC").Range( 'A1:A150').End(xlDown).Offset(-5, 0).Select

to this: Sheets("ABC").Range( 'A1:A150').End(xlDown).Offset(0, 0).Select

If possible, with the cells selected, can i do something similar to this:

Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("B62:B114"), Type:=xlFillDefault

The underlined parts is the part which make me headache. How do i solve this?

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Sum According To Auto Filter Non Visible Cells
I tried using SUBTOTATL but no luck.

As always, I prefer without helper column(s) and/or VBA - but If not - I will, probably, have to compromise.

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Auto-Populate Cells In A Table
I have my projection formulas that use the date and age to estimate production on each farm. Basically the age is calculated first and then the production rate is estimated. I have been trying to figure out if, instead of having a formula in each cell, can I use VBA to populate the ages and then the production.

Here is an example:


FarmAge8/22/09Age8/29/09Age9/5/09Age9/12/09Age9/19/09Age9/26/09Age10/3/09Farm 1
34181351813617937179381793917940177Farm 2
All the functions I have created work, I just can't have the worksheet auto-calculate due to the total number of cells with functions. Calculating the worksheet takes approx 1 min...

I should be able to adjust any code to the ranges needed, but this example shows the basic layout.

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Anyway To Auto Capitalization On Certian Cells
I'm making an order form and I want specific cells to ALWAYS display their contents in caps regardless of how text is entered, is there a way to do this? I looked all through formatting and could not find the option, I found the command for =Upper but that doesn't work if you put it in that same cell then type over it obviously.

is there a way to use an =upper command that'll make an entire block always print in caps?

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Auto Move Cells To Another Sheet
In Sheet1 is 11 headings.
In column I, titled 'complete?' the user simply puts an x to show that the order is complete.

Once this happens, I would like the information in the row containing the x from columns A to I (but not J and K) to be copied to the next empty row in Sheet2. Then to clear the information from the cells in the row of Sheet1 from columns C to I, but have the data in columns A,B,J,K remain for the next order.

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Auto Separating Groups Of Like Cells
I am working on this project for work that is pretty large (about 13500 rows) that is filled with items that I currently have sorted alphebetically. What I need to do is if there is a group of cells that have the same code, I need to insert a row at the very end of that group and autosum the quantity. It is becoming very time consuming doing it all by hand so I am trying to find out: is there a function that will automatically insert a row after each group of codes?

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Auto Filter To Specific Cells
I have recorded the following macros but need to fine tune them. In Field 1, I would like to be able to have criteria 1 be “=>” the value in cell “D9” instead of “160”. Likewise criteria 2 needs to be “<=” the value in cell “D10” instead of “170”. Fields 2 and 3 refer to columns “E & F” so they would be respective cell values.

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Auto Jump To Pre-defined Cells
I have designed a form in excel so that it can be filled up and printed out. Have attached a sample sheet with a few fields for more detail.

Is there a possibility that when I enter a character in a cell, it automatically jumps to the next pre-defined cell (because not all cells have to be jumped immediately to the next one). Right now I am using protected/unprotected cells so that I can either use Enter or Tab to jump. If there is a macro that can do the trick, entering data would be a lot more faster and easier.

For ex, I can just type out MIRACLEZ, and the macro helps me jump cell to cell as I type.

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VBA Code To Auto Populate Different Cells
I am trying to add some code that will auto populate cells based on entries and list selections. In the attached spreadsheet, when information is added to cells in column 'A', the date should auto populate the cells in column 'C'. When a status of "Complete" is selected from the dropdown box in cell 'B', the date should auto populate in the cell in column "D".

The code partially works in that it will auto populate columns "C" and "D", but the code errors out every time and I have to cancel the error to continue to the next entry.

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Auto Colouring Cells Containing Formulas
auto colouring cells containing formulas

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Select Random Cells In The Selection
I'm trying to select an x number of random selections within the selection.

Basically, lets say A1:A100 is selected, im going to have a inputbox asking how many to select, you put 10 in the inputbox, and then it randomly chooses 10 from A1:A100 and highlights them

This seems easy enough, i can do the input box and know the random function. just not sure how to set the beginning point and the ending point with Cell locations and then have it highlight those selections... a for loop I'm guessing?

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Select A Range Of Non-adjacent Cells
I have a series of data values in non-adjacent columns in an excel spreadsheet.

In the following example, assume the | (vertical bar) refers to the start of
a new cell:


Using the SUMIF formula, I want to add all numbers which are preceded by a
cell containing the letter F.


What I need to do is specify a range of every second cell in the row (starting with Cell A1) for validating they equal F, and a range of the alternating cells (starting in column B1) for the range containing the data to add. How can I specify these ranges (I can't name each cell individually as I have more than 30 cells to add up in my real life situation and the IF function allows selection of no more than 30 values)?

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Automatically Select Next Group Of Cells
I have a workbook that contains part numbers and their components listed like below. There is always one empty row between the part number and the components, and then 3 empty rows between the last component and the next part number.

The number of components varies from sometimes only 1 up to 25. Currently, I select a part number and its components like B1:C5 and then I have a macro that copies it to another workbook. What I would like to do is somehow get the macro to automatically select the next set down, in this case, B9:C14, so I could copy every set over to its proper place with only one click of the button.

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Select Locked Cells In 2000
I've created quite a few workbook/worksheets in excel 2007 compatibility mode that are data entry intensive. When protecting these worksheets, you have the option of allowing the user to "select locked cells". I invariably uncheck this option because the user doesn't need to interact with these cells.

However, several of my users are running Excel 2000 and the same option is not available when one protects a worksheet in Excel 2000. Is there a way to do that in VBA for these Excel 2000 users such that when they click on a locked cell, the cursor will not respond to that cell?

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Select Defined Cells And Stack
I have 65,000 rows of numerical data in column A. In column B are selected values from A. I need to put values from non empty cells in column B to C and "stack" them in a contiguous column with no empty cells. (Please see attached).

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Macro That Will Select A Range Of Cells In A Given Row
I am looking for a macro that will allow me to select the range of A5 to the last column with data in row 5

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Autofind & Sum (select The Respective Cells And SUM)
To fill in the ??? in attached file, I select the respective cells and SUM. Would there be a way to automate as:

For each entry in column D, Excel picks out itself the names in column-A where-ever they come, picks the corresponding values from column-B, sums them and reproduces the summation in column E.

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Multiple Select Cells With Formula Only
Is it possible to select cells with conditions below using formula only?

Yes, VBA is easier, but I want to know if this is possible using formula.

1. selected cells (requested): A1, A3, A6, A10, A15 .... total 20 cells.

2. the increasement between them are: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,,,,

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Select All Unlocked Cells On Sheet
I am trying to select all unlock cells in the active sheet. However, my method checks through each cell in the sheet and it takes too long.

Sub SelectUnlockedCells()
Dim rng As Range

If IsNull(Cells.Locked) Then
'if null then there is unlocked cells
For Each c In cells
If c.Locked = False Then
If rng Is Nothing Then
Set rng = c
Set rng = Union(rng, c)
End If
End If
Next c
End If

If rng Is Nothing Then Exit Sub


End Sub

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Select The Lowest Of Three Values In Cells
I want to select the lowest of three values in cells I21, I22 & I23. Another condition is that the formula should not select the lowest if it happens to be a zero. If i have 0, 100 & 200 I need the formula to select the 100 value.

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