Automatic Updating Of Master Worbook From Slave Workbooks

Sep 2, 2008

I have basically read all the posts on similar subjects and have tried for a few days to make it work but my solution is far from good enough. So now I am asking for you help.

My project: I have a Master workbook that contains the complete sales for the entire business. This is based on input from three different departments. These three departments have their own Excel workbook that they enter information into. The four files are all located in the same directory on a network folder.

What I want to do is to automatically gather all the entries from the three slave workbooks to the master workbook whenever the macro I am trying to create is run. There is no way of knowing how many new entries each workbook will contain and they have to be added so that that they don't overwrite eachother and so that they are put in sequence after the last row in the master workbook.

Now the information to be gathered is located on the first worksheet in all the three workbooks. The destination sheet in the Master workbook is also the first worksheet in the workbook. The structure of the information that I want to copy is equal on all the worksheets meaning that one sale is entered as a new row in the sheet. It is this row that I want to copy to the mastersheet.

What makes it a bit more complicated is that I want to extract certain information from one sheet and different information from other sheets. From one sheet i want to copy the entire row and from another sheet I just want to copy certain figures like Order Number, Customer, Price and so on. Meaning that I will have a different set of what I want to copy depending on what workbook I am copying from.

Here is what I have so far, it is not working by far and I tried to aim for something simple to start with since my vba experience is limited. So far I cannot copy anything into my Destination master file...

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Master And Slave Workbooks

Mar 11, 2009

I have a Master workbook that contains the complete sales for the entire business. This is based on input from 12 different departments. These 12departments have their own slave Excel workbook that they enter information into. The 13 files are all located in the same directory on a network folder.

What I want to do is to automatically gather all the entries from the 12 slave workbooks to the master workbook whenever the macro I am trying to create is run. There is no way of knowing how many new entries each workbook will contain and they have to be added so that that they don't overwrite eachother and so that they are put in sequence after the last row in the master workbook.

Now the information to be gathered is located on the first worksheet in all the three workbooks. The destination sheet in the Master workbook is also the first worksheet in the workbook. The structure of the information that I want to copy is equal on all the worksheets. How would I go about doing so?

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Pass Protection From A Master To A Slave Workbook

May 7, 2009

I have a master workbook with which I can produce slaves from but I am looking at keeping certain cells protected to stop deletion (dates etc). What I require is for the top 5 rows to be protected on each of the 4 week sheets where the dates etc are. I had played with protecting all the sheets and with unprotect then protect on the master but it did not carry over to the newly created slave, could someone point me in the right direction . SOLVED: The code is not pretty but functional.

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Automatic Updating Of Numbers In Formula?

Jul 29, 2014

I thought I could update formulas dynamically by dragging into new cells but it's not working.

Problem: I have a time series of input from a device that samples at 40Hz. The output I get from this device in Excel consists of 40 columns in row 1 (representing the first second) and then it creates a new row - row 2 - which also consists of 40 columns of values (representing second 2) - and it does this until the end of the response period which for me is 10 seconds. When I do a quick filter I end up with 10 rows, each consisting of 40 columns of data and all of this represents 1 trial. This then repeats for 32 trials.

I want to have all of my data for each trial in the same row. So I want the first 10 rows essentially collapsed into 1 row so instead of a 10x40 matrix representing one trial I have a 1x400 matrix representing that trial.

It starts out well enough - I make a row for my first trial and, if trial 1 second 1 = H2:AV2 and I'm typing in cell AY2, I just write =H2 in cell AY2 and drag across for 40 cells until I get to CK2 which will have =AV2 in it because of the automatic updating from dragging. Then I move one cell over - to CL2 - and type in =H3 and start the whole process again until I have all my 400 values in one row. I know this is a tedious way to do this but I figured once I did this it would be a simple matter of formulas and dragging to fill in the rest.

Not so. Is there a way to dynamically update references? So for example, cell AY2 has the formula =H2 in it. Now I KNOW that in AY3 I want to have the formula =H12 (because the beginning of the next trial is 10 rows down from H2) and I know I want AY4 to have =H22 etc. but when I drag the reference to H2 down it just changes it to H3, which makes sense but having a formula like =AY2+10 returns the value in AY2+10 instead of the reference, which again makes sense but I'm totally blanking on how else to do this. I've tried using offset and indirect and offset, for example, will work if I hard code in the numbers (e.g. =offset(H2, 10, 0)) but if I drag this formula down neither the 10 nor the 0 changes so I get the same formula in every which is obviously not what I want (and I guess if it did change, it would just change the 10 to 11 anyway, which again, is not the increment I'm looking for). I've also played around with adding constants of 10 and got nowhere, probably because I'm doing it wrong because I'm fairly sure I'll have to add a constant of 10 somewhere.

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Updating A Master Spreadsheet From Other Spreadsheets

Jul 19, 2009

I'm on a BTEC in college and my tutor wants me to create 3 spreadsheets, one of them is a Master spreadsheet which shows each pupils grade for each module, their over all end year grade and how many UCAS points that grade will earn them. The other two sheets are for the modules which will have the grades of the pupils in that lesson, Pass, Merit, Destinction or Fail. I hope you're still with me... I've attached an example of one of the 'Slave' spreadsheets as I call them.

My problem is that I can't seem to find a way of doing all this without constant nesting of COUNTIF. The code I have for my 'Unit1' spreadsheet's grade is:

"=IF(COUNTIF(B3:G3,"x")=6,IF(COUNTIF(H3:J3, "x")=3, IF(COUNTIF(K3:M3, "x")=3, "Distinction", "Merit"), "Pass"), "Fail")"

It works, but it's very messy. If this sounds confusing I apologise, the attached documents should clear some of the confusion up. Once the smaller spreadsheets work, the Master needs to use them to update it's cells. If someone has a Merit grade in 'Unit 1', the Master needs to show it too by somehow linking the 'Grade' cell from 'Unit1' to the 'Grade' cell in the Master spreadsheet.

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VBA Updating For Manual Cell Entries But Not Automatic Ones

Jun 4, 2013

I have in cell A2 a number, and my VBA is as follows;

If Target.Address(0, 0) = "A2" Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
Range("a" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)(2).Value = Target.Value
Application.EnableEvents = True
End If

This basically adds any new number typed into cell A2 into a list which starts in A3 then continues down through column A.

I also have another part of my VBA which says;

If Target.Column = 1 Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
Cells(Target.Row, 2).Value = Date + Time
Application.EnableEvents = True
End If

This part works fine and adds a date stamp to my blank cells in column B whenever I manually type anything into column A, however, when the first part of the VBA works the date stamp is updated into cell B2 and I want it to update next to the new entry that has just been added into column A by the first VBA doing its job.

I think I need to change;

Cells(Target.Row, 2)

To something that refers to a Range of cells (would be B3-B5000 for example) but my knowledge on how to change that part of the VBA has now ran out!!

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Automatic Updating Web Site Status In Cell

May 6, 2007

Cell A1 value is: B1 Value should automatically show "Possible"
Cell A1 value is: B1 Value should automatically show "Possible"
Cell A1 value is: www.jigarparekh.html B1 Value should automatically show "notvalid"

I need a formula which can automatically see the status of the website address and updated in B column. which means that one dose not need to go to the website page to see if it is correct or not.

I have lot of website in the one sheet and i don't want to go all this website and check if they are correct. I want the status of this website in b column once when i have the website name already in the A column.

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Updating Hidden Sheet From Closed Master

Aug 4, 2006

Whilst my question is partially answered in other threads, I don't seem to be able to get enough info to piece together a complete solution for my required task.

I have a "master" workbook that contains worksheets that are simply lists to be referred to by other workbooks...
IE; one worksheet is a list of customer names, another is a list of products, etc, etc...
The idea is that I only have to update the data in one place, and all the workbooks that use this information can draw the current data from a single source...

What I require; is some VBA code to import the require worksheet from the closed "master" workbook, and hide the imported worksheet so it's not seen by the user... this action would have to replace the previous copy of the hidden worksheet...
Ideally this would happen automatically when the user workbook was opened...

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Formula Not Updating: Using Tools, Options, Calculation, Automatic

Oct 27, 2006

I have a table with rows that keep growing. But I have place formula in the whole of column F, i.e. F2:F66565. When I import information from MS Access into column A to E, the formula in F does not work, until I copy from F2 to the end manually. I have tried using Tools, Options, Calculation, Automatic. That doesn't work, I have also tried F9, that doesn't work and I have also tried checking Precision as Displayed under the calculation tax in Tools-Options, that doesn't work either.

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Updating Master Sheet With Data From Multiple Sheets

Oct 10, 2013

I have multiple data sheets with tables and I want to create a master sheet table that automaticly will update when now rows/data is added in to the sheets in any of the data sheets.

Master sheet will look like this (the first 3 letters is the data sheet name), this is just the first column there a a lot more columns to be added


[Code] .......

So when let's say in sheet AAB I add another row AAD13 I want the master sheet to update automaticly so it looks like this


[Code] ......

Is this possible?

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Automatic Update From Multiple Sheets To Master Sheet

Apr 7, 2011

I have multiple sheets all of which are identical except for the number of rows containing data. I have been trying to create a macro to update these sheets into one 'Master' sheet but I'm having great difficulties due to me needing to leave Column A and Row 1 blank.

I have uploaded example data of what I am after, sheets 2 - 6 need to be automatically updated to the 'Master' sheet when the macro is run.

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Automatic Copying Cells Of Sheet To A Master One According Dates Of Month

Jan 17, 2013

I have a workbook with so many sheets as the working days of a month. I also have a Master sheet.

The sheets are named as the dates. Example: 020113 , 020113, 030113......etc

In the Master sheet, first column has ALL working dates of the month(i don't care about Holidays).

First row of this sheet are headers.

My goal is from the sheet of the certain date of the month automatic copied certain cells values(same in eatch sheet) to certain cells in Master Sheet.

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Automatic Timesheet Creation For Individual Employee From One Master Sheet

Apr 26, 2014

How to come up with solution for preparing monthly time sheet for each employee from master sheet automatically by entering details in master sheet (Master sheet is all employees attendance sheet).

Just by entering data in master sheet it need to copy data to individual employee sheet. If I enter new employee name in master sheet can it creates one new sheet with same format by itself?

Data are
Project, Emp Name, Position, Date, Day, Time In, Time out, Overtime or under time (if any)

I have total 30 employees and it is increasing day by day

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Automatic Closing Of Workbooks

Aug 15, 2008

1. I am opening several Excel Workbooks and copy ( consolidate) this one into one worksheet in a separate workbook.

2. I want to close those workbooks automatically that I opened once it was copied and pasted to the Target worksheet.

3. The workbook that should remain opened should be the target workbook.

4. The codes below allowed me to open multiple workbooks at the same time and copy them to target workbook but I do not know how to close them automatically.

Sub OpenFilesOnNetworkDrive()
Dim i As Integer
Dim Filt
Dim FiltIndex
Dim Title
Title = "Select files: Hold Ctrl to select multiple files."
Filt = "Excel Files (*.xls),*.xls," & "Text Files (*.txt),*.txt," & "All Files (*.*),*.*"
FiltIndex = 1

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Merging XLS Workbooks Into One Master Workbook?

Sep 15, 2014

Is it a good idea to merge xls workbooks in to one master workbook?

I have read online that some say it is ok and nothing will happen and others say it isn't a good idea because macros and formulas will not work right once merge in to one workbook.

So I have many workbooks with 2 - 4 worksheets in them. All have formulas as well as macro's and everything is working fine just as it is. But I would like to have 1 Master workbook with all workbook/worksheets combined in to 1, so that I can stop opening so many workbooks.

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Get Data From Several Workbooks In One Master Workbook

Jul 1, 2014

I wish to be able to get data from several workbooks (.xls), and gather all the data in one master workbook.

As I said, I've got a number of workbooks with data I wish to copy and merge into one master worksheet. Each workbook contains a sheet called "MILESTONES" (project) in which I want to pick up data. The data ranges from A5:J88, but I think this can be expanded by the users (more rows). There is no guarantee that the users will enter data in all the columns. Columns A and B occur frequently blank, so the users usually starts entering in information in column C (heading = description).

The Master workbook contains of exactly the same headings, except that the columns has been expanded by 1. Column A1 has the heading "Workpack" which is the name of the workbook the information has been gathered from (description is in column D1). This name can be found in a sheet called "REPORT" in all of the workbooks, and I want this to be copied over, row by row so it matches the data. I don't know if it can cause any trouble, but the names are merged through C to J in row 12 in all of the workbooks.

The workbooks (or workpacks) and the master workbook (summary) are placed in the same folder. Let's say C:Project. The workbooks also changes names frequently (each month). Lastly, if there is a way to automatically update the master workbook every time it is opened.

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Update Master File From Different Workbooks

Feb 11, 2014

I have master file (workbook) and 20 workbooks for 20 employes. All have the same columns excepte the master have the column (employe name),i want update master file from all 20 workbooks.

Master file

Column 1 = Employes name column 2 = Requisition number column 3 = amount of the requisition

Employee workbooks

column 1 = Requisition number column 2 = amount of the requisition

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Combining Workbooks Into One Master By Worksheet

Jul 6, 2009

I have several workbooks (called Cons_age0, Cons_age3, Cons_age6 and Cons_age12) that I would like to combine into one workbook called Cons. Each of the previous workbooks should now be a worksheet within Cons by their name.

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Merge Workbooks To Master Workbook

Sep 24, 2013

at the moment I'm trying to consolidate four Workbooks to a Master Workbook.

The four Workbooks I want to merge have the same table structure but except the "Project Number" they have almost different data in their columns.

What I want to do is creating a Master Workbook in which all the Projects are listed once with the information of all four Lists.

While consolidating the data should be checked whether it is already in the Master Workbook or not:

If yes the Macro should copy the to adding data in the existing Project row and there in the correct column.

If not the Macro should create a new row for the Project.

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Collage Multiple Workbooks Into Master

May 27, 2014

I have a folder containing about 56 workbooks each uniquely named with a tab just called "Worksheet". What I'd like to do is make a master file that creates 56 tabs, each tab being from 1 of the 56 workbooks.

I tried creating a macro but it is bugging out on me after the first workbook and I'm not that strong in VBA. Below is the macro I've been working on (I've excluded the folder path for obvious reasons):

Sub Merge()
Path = "--------"
Filename = Dir(Path & "*.xlsx")
Do While Filename ""
Workbooks.Open Filename:=Path & Filename, ReadOnly:=True
For Each Sheet In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
Sheet.Copy After:=ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1)
Next Sheet
Filename = Dir()
End Sub

I could manually do it but this will be a recurring event where the file names will not be similar, so I'd like to build a process to handle that scenario.

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Multiple Workbooks To A Master Sheet

Mar 21, 2009

I have a folder that contains many workbooks that contain the same layout of information just with different workbook names. Im looking to copy certain customer information from each WB to a master sheet, such as name, adress, city, ect.

-Folder to lookin for all WB's information - D:Documents and SettingsRonMy DocumentsNew Folder (3)

-The sheet to copy the info from in each WB is named "Quote"

-The ranges to copy are B5:D5, B6:D6, F6:I6, K6:M6

-I want to use a command button to trigger the code and copy the info to the open WB on Sheet12.

-The info going into in sheet12 is layed out across each column.

Example of Sheet12:

A1 = B5:D5, B1 = B6:D6, C1= F6:I6, D1 = K6:M6, so each copied WB will used the same layout and just copy to the next line.
Example :
A1 = B5:D5, B1 = B6:D6, C1= F6:I6, D1 = K6:M6 (Ea. WB information)
A2 = B5:D5, B1 = B6:D6, C1= F6:I6, D1 = K6:M6 (Ea. WB information)
A3 = B5:D5, B1 = B6:D6, C1= F6:I6, D1 = K6:M6 (Ea. WB information)

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Copy From Many Workbooks To Master Workbook

Aug 18, 2006

I have 600+ variations of the same workbook. Contained within each workbook is a worksheet, from which I need to copy and paste a range of cells into one "master" workbook. For example, in workbook 1 I need to copy rows 2:5 and paste that into the master workbook in cells 2:5. Then I need to open workbook 2, copy rows 2:5 and paste them into the master workbook starting at row 6. I have fumbled my way through everything except the pasting part into the Master workbook.

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Link Employee Workbooks To Master

May 31, 2008

I am trying to put together a small rota/hours manager. I would like each employee to have their own workbook file and update it everyday. Then I would like to have a master workbook which reads each workbook and returns the data inside the workbooks when opened or on the press of a button. I have looked at paste special and other linking ways, but couldnt quite get them to work. Is it possible for the master workbook to keep the data retrieved in date order and then perform a calculation for each row/employee to calculate that days wages. (rate of pay stored in Pay_Rate sheet.) Finally, if there is an easy solution would it matter if the employee spreasheets were password protected?

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Automatic Updated Cells That Are Linked To Other Workbooks

Nov 19, 2013

I have workbook 1 with information.
I have workbook 2 that contains cells that are linked to workbook1.
I have workbook 3 that contains cells that are linked to workbook2.

When I open workbook3 I would like it to be update without opening first workbooks 1 or 2.

Can it be done?

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Merging One Sheet From Multiple Workbooks Into One Master

Apr 9, 2013

I will have about 100 files to merge together that are in one directory. Is it possible to merge all workSHEETS named "Bob" from each workBOOK and end up with just one master file?

I found this code on this web site (no proper reference!). It doesn't work for me. Yes, I changed the directory and it still didn't work. I will have 12 columns (A:L) and differing # of rows in each "Bob" worksheet.

Sub g_CombineMultWB_AllXLSFiles() ' This Will combine all EMALL XLS files located in the
' S:DMSMSPOMSMaster POMS NIIN DataMaster EMALL Data FilesEMALL Excel Folder
' into a single worksheet in a newly created (or previously existing) workbook


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Consolidate Multiple Workbooks Into The Master Workbook?

Jun 12, 2013

how to consolidate multiple workbooks into the master workbook? I need to consolidate 12 workbooks into the master workbook every month. The subsidiaries will report me their figures monthly. Hereby attached one of the subsi, "B Co" reporting package, and the master copy "XYZ Holding Co" how it look like. Hence, may I know how to write a macro so that it will auto update monthly when the subsidiaries return me their reporting package, so that I can auto update in my master copy for tab BS and tab PL.

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Create Master Workbook From Multiple Workbooks

Jul 3, 2013

I need to consolidate a lot of information from multiple workbooks all the workbooks are located in a folder, i am not bothered about running each one separately or a group at a time, each work book has ten sheets with each sheet in the workbook being different, it needs to add to the next blank row on each sheet.

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Merge And Sum Multiple Workbooks Into Master Workbook?

Jul 23, 2013

I would like to merge multiple workbooks into a master workbook. All the individual workbooks are identical and only have 1 sheet, and I would like to append them to the master as worksheets then sum them all together. The front sheet showing the totals from all the merged ones.

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Linking Multiple Workbooks To One Master Workbook

Dec 27, 2012

At our small firm, each staff member keeps a small excel spread sheet on the network that contains their "work in progress." This spreadsheet is roughly six columns wide and roughly twenty lines long.

What I am attempting to do is have one "master" spreadsheet with a tab for each staff member that links their "work in progress" so that partners and managers can easily see how much work each of the fifteen or so staff members have.

I can create fifteen different tabs and fifteen different files on the network and link =[Staff1.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$1:$G$25 =[Staff2.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$1:$G$25 =[Staff3.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$1:$G$25 and so on.

If I make a change to the layout of the work in progress sheet, I have to delete and copy the file fifteen times, then go back through and re-link fifteen tabs to fifteen workbooks in order to keep it uniform.

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Loop Through Workbooks Copy Sheet To Master

Apr 21, 2008

I would like to loop through all spreadsheets in a folder, copy sheet "january" from each spreadsheet into a mastersheet. No idea how using vb all help appreciated.

i would like to change the name of the sheet to a cell reference before it gets pasted into the new sheet.

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