Automatic Updating Web Site Status In Cell

May 6, 2007

Cell A1 value is: B1 Value should automatically show "Possible"
Cell A1 value is: B1 Value should automatically show "Possible"
Cell A1 value is: www.jigarparekh.html B1 Value should automatically show "notvalid"

I need a formula which can automatically see the status of the website address and updated in B column. which means that one dose not need to go to the website page to see if it is correct or not.

I have lot of website in the one sheet and i don't want to go all this website and check if they are correct. I want the status of this website in b column once when i have the website name already in the A column.

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VBA Updating For Manual Cell Entries But Not Automatic Ones

Jun 4, 2013

I have in cell A2 a number, and my VBA is as follows;

If Target.Address(0, 0) = "A2" Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
Range("a" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)(2).Value = Target.Value
Application.EnableEvents = True
End If

This basically adds any new number typed into cell A2 into a list which starts in A3 then continues down through column A.

I also have another part of my VBA which says;

If Target.Column = 1 Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
Cells(Target.Row, 2).Value = Date + Time
Application.EnableEvents = True
End If

This part works fine and adds a date stamp to my blank cells in column B whenever I manually type anything into column A, however, when the first part of the VBA works the date stamp is updated into cell B2 and I want it to update next to the new entry that has just been added into column A by the first VBA doing its job.

I think I need to change;

Cells(Target.Row, 2)

To something that refers to a Range of cells (would be B3-B5000 for example) but my knowledge on how to change that part of the VBA has now ran out!!

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Automatic Updating Of Numbers In Formula?

Jul 29, 2014

I thought I could update formulas dynamically by dragging into new cells but it's not working.

Problem: I have a time series of input from a device that samples at 40Hz. The output I get from this device in Excel consists of 40 columns in row 1 (representing the first second) and then it creates a new row - row 2 - which also consists of 40 columns of values (representing second 2) - and it does this until the end of the response period which for me is 10 seconds. When I do a quick filter I end up with 10 rows, each consisting of 40 columns of data and all of this represents 1 trial. This then repeats for 32 trials.

I want to have all of my data for each trial in the same row. So I want the first 10 rows essentially collapsed into 1 row so instead of a 10x40 matrix representing one trial I have a 1x400 matrix representing that trial.

It starts out well enough - I make a row for my first trial and, if trial 1 second 1 = H2:AV2 and I'm typing in cell AY2, I just write =H2 in cell AY2 and drag across for 40 cells until I get to CK2 which will have =AV2 in it because of the automatic updating from dragging. Then I move one cell over - to CL2 - and type in =H3 and start the whole process again until I have all my 400 values in one row. I know this is a tedious way to do this but I figured once I did this it would be a simple matter of formulas and dragging to fill in the rest.

Not so. Is there a way to dynamically update references? So for example, cell AY2 has the formula =H2 in it. Now I KNOW that in AY3 I want to have the formula =H12 (because the beginning of the next trial is 10 rows down from H2) and I know I want AY4 to have =H22 etc. but when I drag the reference to H2 down it just changes it to H3, which makes sense but having a formula like =AY2+10 returns the value in AY2+10 instead of the reference, which again makes sense but I'm totally blanking on how else to do this. I've tried using offset and indirect and offset, for example, will work if I hard code in the numbers (e.g. =offset(H2, 10, 0)) but if I drag this formula down neither the 10 nor the 0 changes so I get the same formula in every which is obviously not what I want (and I guess if it did change, it would just change the 10 to 11 anyway, which again, is not the increment I'm looking for). I've also played around with adding constants of 10 and got nowhere, probably because I'm doing it wrong because I'm fairly sure I'll have to add a constant of 10 somewhere.

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Automatic Updating Of Master Worbook From Slave Workbooks

Sep 2, 2008

I have basically read all the posts on similar subjects and have tried for a few days to make it work but my solution is far from good enough. So now I am asking for you help.

My project: I have a Master workbook that contains the complete sales for the entire business. This is based on input from three different departments. These three departments have their own Excel workbook that they enter information into. The four files are all located in the same directory on a network folder.

What I want to do is to automatically gather all the entries from the three slave workbooks to the master workbook whenever the macro I am trying to create is run. There is no way of knowing how many new entries each workbook will contain and they have to be added so that that they don't overwrite eachother and so that they are put in sequence after the last row in the master workbook.

Now the information to be gathered is located on the first worksheet in all the three workbooks. The destination sheet in the Master workbook is also the first worksheet in the workbook. The structure of the information that I want to copy is equal on all the worksheets meaning that one sale is entered as a new row in the sheet. It is this row that I want to copy to the mastersheet.

What makes it a bit more complicated is that I want to extract certain information from one sheet and different information from other sheets. From one sheet i want to copy the entire row and from another sheet I just want to copy certain figures like Order Number, Customer, Price and so on. Meaning that I will have a different set of what I want to copy depending on what workbook I am copying from.

Here is what I have so far, it is not working by far and I tried to aim for something simple to start with since my vba experience is limited. So far I cannot copy anything into my Destination master file...

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Formula Not Updating: Using Tools, Options, Calculation, Automatic

Oct 27, 2006

I have a table with rows that keep growing. But I have place formula in the whole of column F, i.e. F2:F66565. When I import information from MS Access into column A to E, the formula in F does not work, until I copy from F2 to the end manually. I have tried using Tools, Options, Calculation, Automatic. That doesn't work, I have also tried F9, that doesn't work and I have also tried checking Precision as Displayed under the calculation tax in Tools-Options, that doesn't work either.

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How To Select Range In VBA For Excel Status Email Where Status Not Equal To

May 12, 2014

I have some vba code that currently copies a status table out of a worksheet, into a temp file for an email. The status table in excel has a column D which can have different status. I want to select everything in the table except rows that are 'Descoped'. Currently my code looks like:

Set rng2 = Sheets("Execution Status").Range("B2:F420")

This picks up everything without looking at the status. I want to change it so it doesn't pick up the rows where Column D contains 'Descoped'.

In pseudo code I would describe it as:

Set rng2 = Sheets("Execution Status").Range("B2:F420") where value in D5:D420 is not equal to 'Descoped'.

I have tried:

Set rng2 = Sheets("Execution Status").Range("B2:F420").Value "Descoped" and nothing gets selected.

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Import Data From A Single Cell In A Table On A Site

Jul 19, 2013

We have a list of around 800 clients containing client id, name and e-mail and i need to add contract number. I can only get the contract number by accessing the admin (password-protected) using a URL that looks like this admin/index.php?client=id.


1. if i use the From Web option in excel's data tab, i get the entire table not just the needed cell
2. if i get the data using the above mentioned option, i can only do it from one client at a time

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Change Status Cell Via Form

Apr 7, 2014

I have a company and I try to keep a record of all my clients in Excel. Below, you can find a simplified example:


Now, I have so many clients that my Excel file is quite large. So when I want to change the status of a contract, I have to manually look up the file number and change the status manually.

What I ideally would like, is a form that says:

Change status to paid: xxxxxxxx

Where the x's are, I would have to enter the file number, press enter and the corresponding status should change to "paid". I have about 30 contracts a day that change status.
I tried to "draw" what I mean:


Is this possible in Excel? And how is it done then?

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Combobox Values Depends On Cell Status?

Oct 2, 2013

I have a worksheet with three columns in it. the first column is the "channel column", the second column is the "status column"; which indicates the status of the channel column wheter it is active or not, the third column is the "circuit name" column which indicates the circuit name for each channel. now, the status of the channel depends on the value of the circuit name column.. if the cell in the circuit name column is blank, the status column has an if formula that automatically changes it to vacant status, otherwise active.

i added command buttons namely "active" and "vacant". this buttons correspons to active userform and vacant useform when clicked. in each userform there is a combobox. My problem is how would i fill the combobox in the active userform with the active channels only , and same in the vacant userform with vacant channels only. the comboboxes list should correspond to changes in the status column, that is if one channel gets an active status it would be deleted from the vacant userform and be added to the active userform

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Change Cell Based On Status Of Another Cell

May 25, 2013


We are looking to have the unit number yellow box (A1) change to match the unit status box color (I15:I19) with RED being first priority then ORANGE, YELLOW and final GREEN. If any-one box is say 'Inspect" ORNAGE and the others are all GREEN, the unit number should go ORANGE; and so on. If we can get this working then we want to do a MASTER that matches in the same way that would just have unit numbers. There will be several hundred by the time we're done!

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Adding Date To Cell If Another Cell Status Changes?

May 9, 2014

I have an excel file that we add data too for assignments and I want the date to auto popuate if the status is changed to Mitigated, Escalated, or offline. I wrote the below function which works but when i open it the next date the current date is written to those cells. creating a function that writes the date when the status is change and then leave the date alone unless the status is changed again.

[Code] .....

I have attached an example of what i have and below is the function


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Macro Code To Amend The Status Of Cell To Be Date?

Mar 31, 2014

I have a user form we are using to transfer data into an excel spread sheet. When transferring the date from a text field it is formatted as general, I need this to be a date format DDMMYYY. The cell needing formatting is N2

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Online Status - Conditional Cell (Connected / Unconnected)

Mar 4, 2012

I am seeking some code that will check that the PC / Laptop has an online ethernet connection via it's NIC (Network interface card). I want it to output to the spread sheet to a Conditional cell (Connected / unconnected).

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Excel 2007 :: Change Username In Mouseover Status Bar Message For Cell Comments?

May 30, 2012

I am having with Excel 2007.

When I hover the mouse over a cell with comments, the status bar displays a message; for example "Cell A12 commented by A satisfied Microsoft Office user".

I only get this message for one column. The cells in all other columns give my first and second name as the author of the cell comment.

Why it is only effecting one column. I have been unable to change the annoying "commented by A satisfied Microsoft Office user" to my own name.

Is there a macro that can do this? I tried two macros I found online, both from a few years back, but neither of them worked.

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Upload To FTP Site Within VBA

Aug 24, 2006

I have the following code, saving created files to a local network. I need to change the save location to an FTP site (with username and password). Is this possible/How do I do this?

Sub Filter()
Dim name As Object
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
ActiveSheet. Unprotect Password:="letmein"

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Counting Materials Used On Site

Jan 7, 2013

I have a master workbook called "BoM count" which I would like to have capture all the materials used on site. This info has already been captured on the workbook "Survey of materials used on site" (There are losts of these, 1 per site)

I want to open the survey within the BoM count workbook and pull out the relivant numbers of materials used and also list the site ID to show that, that survey has been completed.

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Connecting Between VBA Excel And Web Site

Dec 7, 2009

I have a some problem with connecting between VBA Excel and web site.

I wrote a macro to insert the data from excel but there is one problem with displaying the correct view.

I use this site to get the price of the bonds:

it is the site of russian exchange

First of all I write the ISIN code, for example RU000A0E6X12, in the "Quote Search" field and then press Enter for getting the data. After it I can choose the History information or Online from the last field in the left margin. I want to chose "History" and after it the dates from and till are appearing automatically. The automatization of it is my task. And I have only one problem in the end.

The program:

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Checking File From FTP Site

Mar 15, 2012

I have tried to search these forms for some information on how to have VBA code check a file saved in an FTP site. I am hoping to use this file to contain version information where the workbook code will compare the version of the workbook to the version log saved in a text file on an FTP server. If they are different, I would like a pop up window to appear that notifies the user that there is a new file available, and perhaps a prompt to save that new file to the user's computer (it does not need to update and replace current workbook).

Is it possible to have VBA check an FTP site for this if I put the username and password in the code?

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Count Days Not At Site

May 8, 2014

I have the vacation sheet so I can track my vacation hours used and available. The last thing I need is a way to count the number of days I'm not at my site. It doesn't matter why (Training, Holiday, Travel or Vacation) I need to track total days of site.

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Hits An External Site

Dec 18, 2006

I am working on a spreadsheet that hits an external site. My questions is, I need to hit the site about 80 times becuase I search for different info. It there a way to get the vba to go down a list 80 of names rather than me entering the vba code 80 times with the different names?

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Open A File On An FTP Site

Feb 11, 2009

Is it possible to open a file on an FTP site using VBA?

I've tried using the code below but it asks for a username and password even though it is in the code.

Workbooks.OpenText Filename:="ftp://username:password@ipaddress/ste1.txt", Origin:=xlWindows, StartRow:=1, DataType:=xlFixedWidth, FieldInfo:=Array(0, 1)

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List Of Web Site Queries

Apr 7, 2009

i have 306 web pages listed in sheet 1, A1:A306

how can i get a macro to open each and scrape a piece of info from each, and then store in a row in sheet 2?

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Calculating How Many Cars On Site

Mar 2, 2010

I am trying to create a spreadsheet to record the amount of cars in a car park at any one time.

I have created a basic sheet with columns for car/reg/visiting and a drop down box for time in and time out (both done using validation lists) and a duration column that calculates the time between in and out.

What I am looking to do is create something that tells me how many cars are onsite at any one time, taking into consideration what time cars come and go.

Then from this I am looking to produce a chart with axis of to time/cars.

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Macro: Log On To Secure Site

Oct 30, 2006

I've created a VBA-Form to import csv files into a spreadsheet.
Problem is IT have moved them to a secure server, and i've been given FTP Access to this server: \

I have a module which can locate a folder and count how many csv files are in that directory. Problem is if i put in the ftp address it doesnt connect because i need to login via the RUN window, by putting the FTp address then entering my userID and password.

Is there anyway i can bring up this dialog box without using the RUN window. i've attached a spreadsheet with a screen dump of the dialog box

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Sorting Data Into Type And Site Name?

Aug 13, 2014

I am trying to fine an easy way to sort the attached spread sheet. it is a down load from our supplier which has a lot af data that i am not interesed in the only ones i need are columns description (r) and units (o) and name (g).

I am wanting to split each waste i.e oil fitters, acid batteries etc and each site so that the total amount each site has returned can be tabled ,so that i can create graphs showing who has/ has not return their waste steams.

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Vlookup To Read A Score For A Site

Jan 19, 2009

I am using a vlookup formula to a series of data sets. I am trying to get something so that it will display the relevant score for that site. However the lists are not the same size, how do i get a vlookup to read a score for a site if it is the the array but display "0" if the site name is not in the array?

It is coming up with #N/A and I can't do anything with that.

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Transfer Data To Web Form From Framed Site

Sep 6, 2006

The following code works great:

Sub send_to_UCC()
Dim upcCode
Dim myTextField As Object

[Code] .....

But when the following code for a different page, does not work.

Sub send_to_UCC2()
Dim upcCode
Dim myTextField As Object

[Code] .....

Everything is the same except the URL and the textbox name.

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Sum Quantity And Show Total For Each Site In A Table?

Aug 15, 2014

I've attached a sample workbook. Data Table 2 on the Data Tables sheet is what I'm after. Basically I have a formula that sums up quantity 1 (Q1) and quantity 2 (Q2) for all widgets at a site name and month. So for example, go down through column site name and column month and add up all of Q1 for site1 in the month of Jun 2014 (all widgets). This works but it shows duplicate totals which makes sense as there are mutliple widget types at each site. I think the example workbook explains it better. Note the Pivot Table sheet is an example of what I'm showing currently and what I'd like to show. While I understand that depending on how I set up the Pivot Table I can get similar results using either Table 1 or Table 2 but the other thing is that my users like to do some filtering of the data sheet itself without regard to the Pivot Tables.

sum quantity and show total for each site.xlsx

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Import Data From Site Requiring Password?

Oct 19, 2012

import data from a website that requires a login/password (no login page, it pops up in a separate window like when trying to log onto an FTP).

I've got the login/password, and it's a simple call to the page to import it, but each time it asks me to authenticate when connecting (get the "Windows Security" popup asking me to authenticate).

Even when I select "Remember my credentials", it doesn't seem to, and so every time I end up having to manually hit enter to get by it.

Is there any way to pass the login/password information via VBA, or to get the "remember my credentials" to stick?

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Web Query - Import Just Specific Tables On Site?

Aug 17, 2013

I have a website (National Lacrosse League - 2013 Regular Season - Standings), that I want to pull information off and automatically into Excel.

I have been using web queries on other websites, and they have worked beautifully, however the tables that I want aren't recognised by the web query wizard (no yellow/black arrows). I can import the whole page through a query, however that's not really practical.

Is there a way I can import just specific tables on this site?? I'd like both the 'east' and 'west' tables.

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