Combining Workbooks Into One Master By Worksheet

Jul 6, 2009

I have several workbooks (called Cons_age0, Cons_age3, Cons_age6 and Cons_age12) that I would like to combine into one workbook called Cons. Each of the previous workbooks should now be a worksheet within Cons by their name.

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Combining Sheets From Multiple Workbooks Into Master

Sep 17, 2009

I have several workbooks that supervisors in a call center use to grade calls for quality.

Each supervisor has a seperate workbook, and after scoring the call, the supervisor runs a vb script that copies all of the data from the worksheet "observation" onto "sheet1" for storing the data.

So now I want to use another workbook to:

1. Copy each sheet1 from all of the supervisor workbooks onto a sheet named "cumulative" in a different workbook.

In a perfect world it would also:
2. Keep a count of how many observations were done by each supervisor each day
3. Keep a count of how many have been done week to date
4. Keep a count how many have been done total since January 1, 2009

Each workbook is kept on a network drive at s:supervisorsqadata and named - for example QAformMelissa.xls

I'm okay with keeping the master sheet in the same directory if that makes it easier to accomplish this.

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Merging 1 Worksheet From Multiple Workbooks Into Master Workbook?

Apr 8, 2014

I'm trying to take a single worksheet from a workbook and merge them all into one workbook. In that master workbook I'm looking to have each of the worksheets on different tabs and the tab names as the original workbook name.

So if I have Workbook1, Workbook2, Workbook3, Workbook4 in a folder. I want to open a new spreadsheet, run this macro, select the folder with the Workbooks in, and have it take the range selected from the worksheet 'other' from each of the workbooks and generate a 'master' Spreasheet where each tab would be called Workbook1, Workbook2, Workbook3, Workbook4 and the contents would be from the 'other' tab

I found some of Ron de Bruin's code online which I've tried to customise.

Currently this takes a range from the tab specified, puts it into an array and then pastes it all into different columns on one worksheet. change this so that it creates a new worksheet for each original workbook, and names it after that workbook.

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Copy Specific Worksheet From Multiple Workbooks Into Master

Nov 14, 2008

Objective: use VB to copy the first sheet (tab) from every Excel file in a specific folder to a new sheet/tab (for each) in a master spreadsheet. I will then aggregate this data into a summary table.

Following the advice of an old thread (Access: VBA combining multiple excel files to 1 new sheet), one time for each file in the folder. So with three excel files in the folder, I get 3 new tabs in my master spreadsheet but all are copies of the first tab in the master spreadsheet.

I'm wondering if maybe the code, which was in a post from 5 years ago, needs to be "modernized" for Excel 2007. Thanks for any help.

This is the code I'm using:

Sub Combine()

Fpath = "C: emp2" ' change to suit your directory
Fname = Dir(FilePth & "*.xls")

Do While Fname <> ""
Workbooks.Open Fpath & Fname
Sheets(1).Copy After:=Workbooks("Master.xlsm").Sheets(Workbooks("Master.xlsm").Sheets.Count)
Workbooks(Fname).Close SaveChanges:=False
Fname = Dir

End Sub

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Combining Data Onto A Master Spreadsheet

Jan 15, 2009

i just want a macro to run over 4 sheets and combine onto one. I found this code -

Sub masterer()

if sheets(1).name "Master" Then
Sheets.Add before:=Sheets(1)
ActiveSheet.Name = "Master"
end if
For i = 2 To Worksheets.Count
Cells(1, (i - 2) * 7 + 1).Select

End Sub
This places all data in a line in row 1. Can the code be easily changed so
it puts each line from each worksheet onto a new row. So i have one big list of data ranging from columns A:G

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Combining Worksheets Into One Master Sheet

Jul 24, 2009

I've been looking through code online, but i'm still not understanding how I can combine data from multiple worksheets into one master worksheet.

I have 16 worksheets, with identical column formatting (6 columns), but with different amounts of rows.

The master sheet is called Master Holdings. The first worksheet's data should be placed stating on row 2, and the second sheet's data should follow right after sheet 1's data, etc...

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Combining All Data Tables Into One Master Table

Apr 10, 2014

I have 10 workbooks that each contain a table of data. Each table is consistent in format and headings.

I need to group all 10 tables into one big table. I do not want to merge or combine data just simply have all the data in one master table.

Previously I have used named ranges and arrays to copy them in but this seems cumbersome and thought there must be an easier way to do it.

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Combining Data From Different Workbooks

Dec 13, 2013

I recieve a data file on a monthly basis. Is there a way to take all of the monthly worksheets and combine into one workbook without doing a copy paste every month?

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Combining Information From Two Workbooks?

Jan 29, 2014

I have a workbook with two different tabs. On one tab, I have a spreadsheet that lists business names on first column, address # on second column, address street on third column.

On the second spreadsheet, I have address # on first column, address street on second column.

What I want to do is create a column before the first on the second spreadsheet, titled business names, and then have Excel find and match the address # and address names that are the same on the first and second workbook, and for those that are common, insert the business name into the new column on the second spreadsheet.


Spreadsheet 1 -
Joe's Pizza | 67 | Smith Street

I want it to find 67 Smith Street, and insert Joe's Pizza in second spreadsheet.

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Combining Sheets From Various Workbooks

Jul 17, 2008

I had a Costs file which had a sheet per product (about 30) and a totals sheet with a basic 3D sum in each cell.

Columns A:E held the cost codes and descriptions and then column F onwards were a column per month showing any associated costs for a six year plan.

This file was cumbersome and not user-friendly, as they then linked into the 30 different product files, so I've effectively moved every sheet from this file into the relevant product file, so the cumbersome Costs file no longer exists.

This works much better. However, I still want a summary page to show me the total costs of all of these products.

Can I do some kind of SUMPRODUCT, or INDEX MATCH to take the cost for Code 13011234 for Jan 08 from each of the 30 files, without having to make a copy of each sheet or write a long winded suma+sumb etc?

NOTE: Not all sheets contain all codes (although they did for the previous 3D sums). My master list does, but I don't want any errors if code 13011234 is not found on one of the sheets.

Also, all of the sheets are now called COSTS within each of the individual files.

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Combining From Multiple Workbooks

Mar 9, 2009

I have multiple WB's all with the same format in a single folder. I need a button to copy all the text from each WB into a single Master WB that has the same format. There are 3 sheets in each client WB corresponding to three sheets in the Master WB. Each client WB has a number of rows (or none) on each sheet and when they are copied to the Master they need to paste consecutively and into the corresponding Master sheet.

Something like this:

Copy rows from [WB1].Sheets 1, 2 and 3 (starting at a:4, columns A-Q). Then paste to corresponding [MasterWB].Sheets 1, 2 and 3 (at a:4, columns A-Q) then repeat with Next Book.

I hope thats clear enough. The Client WB's are all named "stats [name].xls" with 1 hidden sheet (to populate lists) and 3 sheets named "POC", "ISS" and "ECS" repectively. The Master WB is named Stats.xls with the same sheet names as the Client WB's.

The following code was written for me by a helpful member of this forum but it only copies the first sheet of each Client WB. When i tried to duplicate and modify it to copy the second and third sheets I could not get it to copy from the second/third sheets and it meant 3 buttons/3 steps/3 times the confusion.

Sub Report()
a = 1:
If Sheets(5).Cells(a, 1) = "" Then GoTo endd
Path = Sheets(5).Cells(a, 1).Text
If Dir(Path) = "" Then
w = MsgBox(Path + " Is Not A Valid Path / File", , "REPORT")
a = a + 1: GoTo st
End If

If there is anyone who could help me with this I would very much appreciate it. I am only a basic user of Excel and VBA is still new to me. Adding modules and understanding basic commands is as much as I know at the moment.

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Combining Data From Two Workbooks Using A Table

Feb 13, 2009

I'm not sure if what I am trying to accomplish is best done using the LOOKUP function. It occurred to me that a table might be the best way to go but I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. The LOOKUP function I am using contains way too many variables and thus has not yet been correct in displaying the proper info.

What I would like to do is create a workbook with a table, say column "A" is the Style/Model product, column "B" would be the pricing information, and column "C" would be the Product Identifier......

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Master And Slave Workbooks

Mar 11, 2009

I have a Master workbook that contains the complete sales for the entire business. This is based on input from 12 different departments. These 12departments have their own slave Excel workbook that they enter information into. The 13 files are all located in the same directory on a network folder.

What I want to do is to automatically gather all the entries from the 12 slave workbooks to the master workbook whenever the macro I am trying to create is run. There is no way of knowing how many new entries each workbook will contain and they have to be added so that that they don't overwrite eachother and so that they are put in sequence after the last row in the master workbook.

Now the information to be gathered is located on the first worksheet in all the three workbooks. The destination sheet in the Master workbook is also the first worksheet in the workbook. The structure of the information that I want to copy is equal on all the worksheets. How would I go about doing so?

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Combining And Expanding Workbooks With Similar Data?

Jul 13, 2012

I have to compare and combine data from multiple files and combine it into 1 master spreadsheet. I have attached a sample file. It is in bulgarian, but the language is of no importance. An example of the file: it contains data about repair maid on a truck. First column is just the number of the repair type and shall be filled upon completion of the table. the second column is the name of the repair itself. the 3rd column is the date the repair was made. the 4th column - the total work hours the repair was made. Some repairs were made more than once and thus the merged cells 3 to 9 in column B. I have 30 trucks which have more or less the same repairs, just a different number of each repair. A sample file of 1 truck is attached, called 1truck.

The master spreadsheet should be of the same type as the example, however showing data for all trucks (from different files) next to each other. (the attached "alltrucks") As you can see there are repairs done only on some trucks, and others are done multiple times. The master sheet should have all possible repairs from all trucks. So far I've been doing it manually, but takes way too much time...

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Combining Two Workbooks Into New Book On Select Criteria

Nov 11, 2013

I want to take Book 1 & Book 2 then combine them into one new book (Book 1 & 2 combined) only if data matches. So in the this example if columns A,B,C,D match Columns H,I,J,K then append the matching row from Book2 to the end of the matching row in Book1 and then save in Book 1 & 2 combined. So if I opened Book 1 & 2 combined and then started a macro that did it automatically. i have tried several times but got know where.

Book 1 & 2 combined.xlsxBook1.xlsxBook2.xlsx

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Combining A Data Range From Multiple Workbooks?

Jun 16, 2014

I am trying to create a macro to gather a data range from multiple files placed a folder and combine them into a single worksheet which can be easily totaled. I've used some similar code I did for another project to gather the data. It starts by listing the file name and then the data set (About 40 cells) below the file title. However, the data sets from each spreadsheet are filling themselves into a single column one after the other, whereas I would like to have them populate one worksheet's data in each column.



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Merging XLS Workbooks Into One Master Workbook?

Sep 15, 2014

Is it a good idea to merge xls workbooks in to one master workbook?

I have read online that some say it is ok and nothing will happen and others say it isn't a good idea because macros and formulas will not work right once merge in to one workbook.

So I have many workbooks with 2 - 4 worksheets in them. All have formulas as well as macro's and everything is working fine just as it is. But I would like to have 1 Master workbook with all workbook/worksheets combined in to 1, so that I can stop opening so many workbooks.

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Get Data From Several Workbooks In One Master Workbook

Jul 1, 2014

I wish to be able to get data from several workbooks (.xls), and gather all the data in one master workbook.

As I said, I've got a number of workbooks with data I wish to copy and merge into one master worksheet. Each workbook contains a sheet called "MILESTONES" (project) in which I want to pick up data. The data ranges from A5:J88, but I think this can be expanded by the users (more rows). There is no guarantee that the users will enter data in all the columns. Columns A and B occur frequently blank, so the users usually starts entering in information in column C (heading = description).

The Master workbook contains of exactly the same headings, except that the columns has been expanded by 1. Column A1 has the heading "Workpack" which is the name of the workbook the information has been gathered from (description is in column D1). This name can be found in a sheet called "REPORT" in all of the workbooks, and I want this to be copied over, row by row so it matches the data. I don't know if it can cause any trouble, but the names are merged through C to J in row 12 in all of the workbooks.

The workbooks (or workpacks) and the master workbook (summary) are placed in the same folder. Let's say C:Project. The workbooks also changes names frequently (each month). Lastly, if there is a way to automatically update the master workbook every time it is opened.

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Update Master File From Different Workbooks

Feb 11, 2014

I have master file (workbook) and 20 workbooks for 20 employes. All have the same columns excepte the master have the column (employe name),i want update master file from all 20 workbooks.

Master file

Column 1 = Employes name column 2 = Requisition number column 3 = amount of the requisition

Employee workbooks

column 1 = Requisition number column 2 = amount of the requisition

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Merge Workbooks To Master Workbook

Sep 24, 2013

at the moment I'm trying to consolidate four Workbooks to a Master Workbook.

The four Workbooks I want to merge have the same table structure but except the "Project Number" they have almost different data in their columns.

What I want to do is creating a Master Workbook in which all the Projects are listed once with the information of all four Lists.

While consolidating the data should be checked whether it is already in the Master Workbook or not:

If yes the Macro should copy the to adding data in the existing Project row and there in the correct column.

If not the Macro should create a new row for the Project.

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Collage Multiple Workbooks Into Master

May 27, 2014

I have a folder containing about 56 workbooks each uniquely named with a tab just called "Worksheet". What I'd like to do is make a master file that creates 56 tabs, each tab being from 1 of the 56 workbooks.

I tried creating a macro but it is bugging out on me after the first workbook and I'm not that strong in VBA. Below is the macro I've been working on (I've excluded the folder path for obvious reasons):

Sub Merge()
Path = "--------"
Filename = Dir(Path & "*.xlsx")
Do While Filename ""
Workbooks.Open Filename:=Path & Filename, ReadOnly:=True
For Each Sheet In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
Sheet.Copy After:=ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1)
Next Sheet
Filename = Dir()
End Sub

I could manually do it but this will be a recurring event where the file names will not be similar, so I'd like to build a process to handle that scenario.

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Multiple Workbooks To A Master Sheet

Mar 21, 2009

I have a folder that contains many workbooks that contain the same layout of information just with different workbook names. Im looking to copy certain customer information from each WB to a master sheet, such as name, adress, city, ect.

-Folder to lookin for all WB's information - D:Documents and SettingsRonMy DocumentsNew Folder (3)

-The sheet to copy the info from in each WB is named "Quote"

-The ranges to copy are B5:D5, B6:D6, F6:I6, K6:M6

-I want to use a command button to trigger the code and copy the info to the open WB on Sheet12.

-The info going into in sheet12 is layed out across each column.

Example of Sheet12:

A1 = B5:D5, B1 = B6:D6, C1= F6:I6, D1 = K6:M6, so each copied WB will used the same layout and just copy to the next line.
Example :
A1 = B5:D5, B1 = B6:D6, C1= F6:I6, D1 = K6:M6 (Ea. WB information)
A2 = B5:D5, B1 = B6:D6, C1= F6:I6, D1 = K6:M6 (Ea. WB information)
A3 = B5:D5, B1 = B6:D6, C1= F6:I6, D1 = K6:M6 (Ea. WB information)

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Copy From Many Workbooks To Master Workbook

Aug 18, 2006

I have 600+ variations of the same workbook. Contained within each workbook is a worksheet, from which I need to copy and paste a range of cells into one "master" workbook. For example, in workbook 1 I need to copy rows 2:5 and paste that into the master workbook in cells 2:5. Then I need to open workbook 2, copy rows 2:5 and paste them into the master workbook starting at row 6. I have fumbled my way through everything except the pasting part into the Master workbook.

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Link Employee Workbooks To Master

May 31, 2008

I am trying to put together a small rota/hours manager. I would like each employee to have their own workbook file and update it everyday. Then I would like to have a master workbook which reads each workbook and returns the data inside the workbooks when opened or on the press of a button. I have looked at paste special and other linking ways, but couldnt quite get them to work. Is it possible for the master workbook to keep the data retrieved in date order and then perform a calculation for each row/employee to calculate that days wages. (rate of pay stored in Pay_Rate sheet.) Finally, if there is an easy solution would it matter if the employee spreasheets were password protected?

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Combining Two Workbooks Into One (hiding Sheets, Password Protection, Etc.)

Aug 26, 2008


where # equals the exact cell in the other sheet I want to copy. I'm also starting to realize that with this formula, Senior Monkette and I could take Dingleberry and Bliddiboo and combine them into a more powerful and robust spreadsheet (called "Voltron!").

1. If we're going to be sending Voltron! to the client, all I would need to do is password protect, then hide the Dingleberry sheets so that the client doesn't look at them accidentally, right?

2. If I hide and protect the Dingleberry sheets, the cell information will still show up on the Bliddiboo sheet, right?

3. Since Senior Monkette isn't as Excel-savvy as I am, the entire process would have to be as painless as possible. What I was thinking of doing was having one master Voltron! where Senior Monkette could make her changes and updated. Then every week, save the entire thing, protect/hide the Dingleberry sheets, and then save a copy as a separate Voltron! file, marked by the date, which then gets shipped off to the client. Is there a macro I can run that will do that all with the press of one button? (And how do I install macros?)

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Merging One Sheet From Multiple Workbooks Into One Master

Apr 9, 2013

I will have about 100 files to merge together that are in one directory. Is it possible to merge all workSHEETS named "Bob" from each workBOOK and end up with just one master file?

I found this code on this web site (no proper reference!). It doesn't work for me. Yes, I changed the directory and it still didn't work. I will have 12 columns (A:L) and differing # of rows in each "Bob" worksheet.

Sub g_CombineMultWB_AllXLSFiles() ' This Will combine all EMALL XLS files located in the
' S:DMSMSPOMSMaster POMS NIIN DataMaster EMALL Data FilesEMALL Excel Folder
' into a single worksheet in a newly created (or previously existing) workbook


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Consolidate Multiple Workbooks Into The Master Workbook?

Jun 12, 2013

how to consolidate multiple workbooks into the master workbook? I need to consolidate 12 workbooks into the master workbook every month. The subsidiaries will report me their figures monthly. Hereby attached one of the subsi, "B Co" reporting package, and the master copy "XYZ Holding Co" how it look like. Hence, may I know how to write a macro so that it will auto update monthly when the subsidiaries return me their reporting package, so that I can auto update in my master copy for tab BS and tab PL.

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Create Master Workbook From Multiple Workbooks

Jul 3, 2013

I need to consolidate a lot of information from multiple workbooks all the workbooks are located in a folder, i am not bothered about running each one separately or a group at a time, each work book has ten sheets with each sheet in the workbook being different, it needs to add to the next blank row on each sheet.

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Merge And Sum Multiple Workbooks Into Master Workbook?

Jul 23, 2013

I would like to merge multiple workbooks into a master workbook. All the individual workbooks are identical and only have 1 sheet, and I would like to append them to the master as worksheets then sum them all together. The front sheet showing the totals from all the merged ones.

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Linking Multiple Workbooks To One Master Workbook

Dec 27, 2012

At our small firm, each staff member keeps a small excel spread sheet on the network that contains their "work in progress." This spreadsheet is roughly six columns wide and roughly twenty lines long.

What I am attempting to do is have one "master" spreadsheet with a tab for each staff member that links their "work in progress" so that partners and managers can easily see how much work each of the fifteen or so staff members have.

I can create fifteen different tabs and fifteen different files on the network and link =[Staff1.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$1:$G$25 =[Staff2.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$1:$G$25 =[Staff3.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$1:$G$25 and so on.

If I make a change to the layout of the work in progress sheet, I have to delete and copy the file fifteen times, then go back through and re-link fifteen tabs to fifteen workbooks in order to keep it uniform.

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